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After much struggling to find the source of a pesky bug that seemed to affect users at random when Sync'ing or Logging into the online site using their password, I was finally able to find the tricky condition that caused this.

On the upside: problem is fixed and, once your password has been reset (see below), you should never experience any of these strange log-in issues ever again (don't hesitate to contact me if you do).

On the (very big) downside: for security reasons, all passwords for online use had to be reset:

- If you are only using your account for KB Sync with the iPhone version, this does not affect you: keep sync'ing as usual with your regular password.

- If you want to log into the online version using email + password, you need to reset your password by one of the two following methods:

1) Log into your account using the 'Facebook' button. On the main page, use the 'Change password' button in the Settings section.

2) Browse to and follow the instructions to recover your password (your login email address needs to be valid).

Sorry for this (big) hiccup. Hopefully, this is the last you hear of login/sync issues... Don't hesitate to get in touch if you run into any problem.


  • Syncing is broken for me and all previously synced data has been deleted on the website (ipod still has all data).
  • Also- you can sign on through the forum page without login credentials.
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    Hello msu:

    1) It's very unlikely that your sync data have been deleted (no data deletion was caused by the problem mentioned above). But it is quite possible that you have two accounts without realising it and that only one has your data. Contact me at with your account details to to sort this out.

    2) The ability to log into the forum "without credentials" is actually a feature. You can log in because you are already logged into KanjiBox. The KanjiBox login works for both KB online and the forum. :-)

    Thanks for taking the time to report this!
  • Oooh I was wondering how I've been able to log in without issues the past few days.. I guess you solved my problem! Thanks!
  • Hey Dave,

    I've still been having problems with the sync feature. Every time I try to sync it I get a failed message from facebook, and a message asking me for my email address from the new Kanji Box via the iPad (with the newest upgrade, 5.~something). I've tried resetting the password on both ends, with no luck. Thanks for all your hard work!
  • @Angela

    I am not entirely sure what your exact situation is here (if possible, please tell me what the exact error message is and where it pops up), but there might be a slight confusion...

    On the assumption that you already have an online KanjBox account (linked to Facebook) and previously created a sync account on your device (by providing an email address, a password and clicking on 'Create with Facebook', then going through the FB login)... then things should be fine and you should be able to log in by using your login/pwd and the Sync button (not the 'create' pane).

    If for some reason, sync'ing on your device refuses to log you in with the password and email you used, there are two ways to solve this:

    1. Go through the same 'Create' (or 'Create with Facebook') procedure again, using the same email as the previous time and any password you want.


    2. Log in with your online account (either through Facebook or using the email/pwd, if that works) and check that both the email and password are correct, on the main page (to ensure the password is one you know, you may have to reset it). Go back to the device and enter the same login/pwd in the Sync screen: you should be able to sync normally.

    Please if the problem persist, contact me directly at with your login email (and a link to your Facebook account if possible) and I will look into it directly.

  • Hey again,
    There is no error message per say. Starting from the beginning, I cannot log in directly to Kanjibox, I have to use the 'connect through facebook' feature. From there I've changed my online password and tried to log into the online site again (is there a log off button?) and still nothing. So once again logging in through facebook I switched over to the Kanjibox app, and using the password I just set up, I tried to set up the sync using the 'sync with facebook' button, and it redirects me to the 'Add to Facebook' page. From there I tell it okay, where it then redirects me to Kanjibox, and then in the corner it tries to load for a minute before it says 'sync fail'. After that I'd flip to the login pannel just to be sure, but it still says log in fail. Also if I go back to the facebook page where I just clicked okay, and it sits at a blank screen with the url as: Sometimes after all of this I'll back out of Kanjibox's sync pannel onto the opening screen and it will display a message saying "Incomplete Form: Please enter your email address" and from there I give up because I'd rather drill kanji then keep at this. ^_^ I wouldn't even bother but I really do want my created sets to be on my iPad, as biking to school over here is a pain with my laptop in tow. If you know how to fix this that'd be fantastic! At any rate, thank you very much!
  • @Angela

    Hello again. I just made an important change to the login system: please try again with either of the above methods. It should work this time. If not, do contact me directly by mail:

    Once your login is set (and works), you should never have to use the 'create' pane. Only the 'Sync' button (or not at all if you set auto-sync).

    Also, please note that sets do not yet sync as of this version (this will hopefully come with the next major release).
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    Hey Dave,
    Thanks so much! I was finally able to sync my online and iPad accounts which is fantastic. Also, I look forward to syncing sets (though please take your time with it, you must be very busy!) As always, thanks for your hard work!
  • Still having problem with syncing. My online and mobile stats doesn't match. I've tried syncing from server and manual sync, still not the same. Help!
  • @Lorenz:

    First: are you sure you did a proper manual sync (shaking the Sync screen) with 'Use server' selected (and confirming the overwriting of local stats).

    If that is the case, could you give me a specific example of something that is not properly synced in your stats?

  • Yes, I did that several times now. It syncs all my stats fine except for N2 reading which I'm currently focusing on. also when I try to merge, online Kb properly show updated stats, but no changes in my device.
  • @Lorenz

    To fix a persistent sync problem, you should be setting the Manual Sync options to 'use server', not 'merge'... The former should definitely erase your local stats and download those from the server, so if you do not see any change, it would indicate a problem in the settings (or perhaps in the server stats).
    Could you possibly do the steps one last time (Manual Sync -> Use Server, for reading stats) and let me know exactly the content of the warning message before it does the syncing (telling you how many entries will be discarded). Ideally, a screenshot of your reading stats before and after would also help greatly...

    Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your help figuring this out!
  • I did manual sync -> User server. Here are the screenys as I do it.

    Reading stats Before.

    Manual syncing reading stats (only) using server:

    Reading stats after:

    Reading stats online:

    I love syncing feature. Hope this helps fix it. Let me know if you need further details.

  • @Lorenz

    Sorry that it took me a while, but I was finally able to find the bug and fix it. Syncing should now work normally on your account (and anybody else who might have experienced similar issues). Please let me know if it doesn't.
  • Syncing working properly now. Thanks a lot!
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