Problems with the last version 2.1.4

I downloaded the last version and i have problem because i cant enter at Kanjibox on the IPad 2 IOS 5.0. Please, help.


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    KanjiBox 2.1.4 has a major incompatibility problem with Spanish language installs of iOS.

    This is due to the ongoing localisation project, some stupid oversight from my part, and some equally stupid bug in the way Apple's development tools work.

    Next update (2.2.1), which fixes the problem, is already in the App Store queue, awaiting approval and probably available in a week or less.

    In the meantime, there are unfortunately only two ways to work around the crash, neither of which is particularly simple:

    1. Restore your device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) to the last backup before you upgraded to KanjiBox 2.1.4

    You can find a step-by-step guide to restoring a backup from iTunes here.
    Restoring will re-install the previous version of KanjiBox (2.1.3), which should work fine with your device, until the bug-fix version comes out in a couple days.
    Of course: do not upgrade to KB 2.1.4 again after the restore.


    2. Switch your device to use non-Spanish language (English etc.) as first language

    This is obviously far from a solution and, if you have the possibility, restoring to a previous backup (described in 1) is a much better way to fix the problem.
    However, if for any reason you cannot restore to a previous backup or do not mind using your device in any language other than Spanish, switching the main language (in the Settings app, under 'International') will fix the problems with KanjiBox (unfortunately, the problem will come back if you switch back to Spanish).

    Once again: I am very sorry about this problem and hopefully it will all be sorted out in less than a week (very bad timing with JLPT coming: I know). As a small upside: a Spanish localisation (of the main UI) is underway and should be released in a couple more weeks.
  • the update is now available, just put it on my phone
  • @Kelly: the currently available update (2.1.4) is the one touched on by the announcement above: Spanish language users should not install it. For everybody else, there shouldn't be any problem...
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    @Dave I am now running 2.2 I am kinda anal about keeping my apps up to date, and the update I installed came out after all this was posted. Going into settings I am on build 212
  • @Kelly: ahem, yes. Sorry for the confusion: entirely my fault... The currently available version will show up as "2.2" in the credits (build 212) and "2.1.4" in the store. The "2.2" was a typo and should have been "2.1.4" (stupid iTunes store has two separate fields for version and does not mind them being different)...

    In any case, the next version will straighten that up by being "2.2.1" everywhere (build 214). It's still awaiting approval and should come out any day now.
  • lol ah, its all good, sorry to get our Spanish friends hopes up
  • Just bought the app, 2.1.4, trying to run on ipod touch 2g on 4.2.1 with english as main language and it crashes every time i try to start any sort of drill. does this sound at all related to the spanish language error?
  • There is also an (unrelated) issue with KanjiBox and older 2nd generation devices. After much bug-hunting, I was finally able to find the cause and fix it (short version: 100% Apple's fault, for once). Unfortunately it will still be another week or so until the fix is approved by Apple and released to the App Store. Sorry about that.
  • Dave - Does your last comment mean us 2nd generation users will have an app that will work with the next update?
  • @Rebecca: unfortunately, the bug on 2nd generation devices took a bit longer to fix (I finally found the cause this weekend). The bug-fix for it will be sent to Apple today, meaning it will be released to the App Store within a week or so (time for Apple to approve it).

    Sorry for the delay...
  • To all Spanish language users: the bug-fix is in the store and can be downloaded now. Sorry about the whole mess...

    2G users: update is sent and awaiting review by Apple... should make it to the store by next week.
  • @Rebecca (and all other 2G users): the bug-fixing 2.2.2 update has just hit the store. Download it and you should be able to run KanjiBox on your 2nd generation devices.
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