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KanjiBox is your one-stop iOS app to mastering Japanese.

It provides a complete set of simple, yet powerful, drill-based exercises to help you improve and evaluate your skills in nearly all aspects of Japanese studies: kanji, vocabulary, reading, kana, grammar etc.

Like most great teachers:
  • KanjiBox is Smart: it records all your answers (good and bad) and uses a special adaptive algorithm to decide which questions to ask you next, in such a way as to optimise your learning curve.
  • KanjiBox is Mean: choices are automatically selected to make guessing difficult. For example, kanji always come in pairs of closely (and often confusingly) similar characters.
  • KanjiBox is Engaging: live bar charts showing your skills in each area provide you with an incentive to keep studying until you get the coveted "Mastered Level" achievement. Timed quiz mode and highscores let you compete against yourself or your friends.

KanjiBox is particularly well suited for standardised test preparation (JLPT, Kanji Kentei, Ninja academy...) or in complement to a language study program (ready-made study sets are available for most major textbooks) but works perfectly well as a standalone self-study tool.

You can also try the free Online version of KanjiBox.

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