Learning to write your address in Japanese

Today, a detailed walkthrough on using KanjiBox‘s Learning Sets and KanjiDraw features together to make your life in Japan much easier. This tip focusses on learning to write your own address in Japanese, but work just the same for any other particular set of kanji.

If you are anything like me (and the vast majority of Japanese students out there), your reading skills are vastly superior to your writing skills. Which is just OK most of the time, since we live in the 21st century and nobody handwrites anymore.

Well, beside the fact that you should definitely reconsider (I know I have) and spend some time learning to write (yay: KanjiDraw!) in order to better read… There are also these pesky occasions where (hand)writing is mandatory. Usually, that’s when you are standing at the Kuyakusho/Shiyakusho, sweating bullets in front of a standard form asking to know who you are and where you live. Of course, you could always try filling it in romaji but 1) that’s not always an option 2) it would be no fun.

Fear not: with the tip below and a couple spare minutes during your morning train commute, you will soon be able to impress any bored local government employee with your amazing kanji-writing skills.

Note: click on any of the picture to see a slideshow with full-size versions.

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