At the heart of KanjiBox is its Adaptive Algorithm, designed to seamlessly optimise your learning curve. »

All your answers are stored, and new questions are designed specifically to focus on your weak points (SRS).

JLPT N5 to N1 (plus one extra Sensei level): over 6,000 kanji and 35,000 vocabulary words»

KanjiBox covers all areas of written Japanese at all levels: kana to kanji, absolute beginners to near-native speakers... Just pick your level and start drilling!

Kanji Mode covers pronunciation (onyomi, kunyomi) and meaning of kanji, both on their own and within compound words. »

KanjiBox's algorithm often lays traps and makes you choose your answer from closely-resembling kanji, forcing you to pay attention to every part of it.

Vocab and Reading Modes help you build up your vocabulary, while making sure you avoid common spelling mistakes: long vowels, alternate kanji reading etc. »

Optional settings let you configure in detail the amount of furigana and other information that get displayed along with the questions.

Yes, it does Hiragana & Katakana too!
Even though kana is a tiny fraction of KanjiBox's features, it is covered along with its more advanced material. »

To learn kana even faster and better, combine with the KanaDraw module and you have the high-tech equivalent of a practice notebook (with automated corrections and evaluation).

Detailed graphical stats per level and per mode give you an instantaneous snapshot of your current study level and ongoing progress. »

KanjiBox automatically uses the data to build your drilling curriculum in a way that focuses on your weaker points.

Game-like Quiz mode for each area of studies lets you log scores and compete with your friend and all KanjiBox users worldwide for a top spot on the Global Leaderboard. »

Game Center ‘Achievements’ regularly reward completion of specific study goals (mastering N5 kanji, successfully completing quiz level N4...)

KanjiDraw and KanaDraw modules let you practice proper Japanese writing with a finger on your touchscreen. »

There too, KanjiBox is a merciless teacher who will point out any stroke mistake and make you do over until you get it right. KanjiDraw and KanaDraw come as paid add-ons with a 30-day free demo.

You can compile Study Sets with your own lists of vocabulary or kanji, selected from KanjiBox's database. »

KanjiBox will automatically use its adaptive algorithm to drill you on your study set and display your progress.

Additional sets of Grammar exercices can be added to drill specific grammar points. »

Each grammar set can be purchased for a small fee ($1) and contains on average 100 exercises that have been compiled and reviewed by native Japanese teachers.

You can also download from the Study Sets Repository, where KanjiBox users have shared their study sets for all major Japanese textbooks and more. »

In addition to textbooks and methods, KanjiBox's Public Set repository contains hundreds of sets covering specialised vocabulary, TV shows, films and manga.

The built-in Online Sync feature means that you can share your progress data and study sets between all your devices and even the online version of KanjiBox. »

Synchronised progress data mean that KanjiBox always know exactly where you are in your studies: your stats keep progressing and your drilling stays on-topic, regardless of whether you last practiced on your iPhone, iPad or on the website.

Multiplayer mode lets you compete against friends or strangers across the world. »

Organise your own Kanji mini-gameshow with friends: first one to answer gets the points!

And a lot more...

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Change log

2.5 [August 2013]: Sentence examples for vocabulary mode. Major UI/design overhaul. Grammar drill sets!

2.4 [December 2012]: Lots of bug-fixing and cosmetic improvements. German UI added. DB contents now available in 7 languages for at least one level (some languages cover full JLPT dataset).

2.3 [June 2012]: Major improvements to Study Sets section (previously "Learning Sets"). Animated strokes everywhere. Can now share, subscribe to and sync sets. UI now localised in French, Japanese and Spanish.

2.1 [October 2011]: Large database overhaul (from 17k words to 34k words, over 1000 corrections). Tentative multilingual support: contents in Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano...

2.0 [July 2011]: Sync feature, Custom Learning Sets for Kanji, online multiplayer quiz...

1.6 [March 2011]: KanjiBox and KanjiBox for iPad have been merged into a single app: now runs natively on all platforms, for the price of one app.

1.5 [November 2010]: KanaDraw, online scoreboard, custom study sets...

1.4 [August 2010]: KanjiDraw, stroke animation...

1.2 [March 2010]: Study mode (flashcards), Missing Kanji Drill...

1.1 [February 2010]: Reading Drill/Quiz, revamped Stats screen, Kotoba! integration, KB Online Upgrade code...

1.0 [February 2009]: Official 1.0 release. Data set cleanup (J4 and J3).

1.0 β1 [January 2009]: Major stability and UI improvements. Addition of Quiz mode with Scores.

0.5.6 [November 2009]: improved speed and compatibility with latest iPhone OS versions.

0.5.1 [July 6h, 2009]: much bug fixin' and memory-leak plugin'.

0.5 β4 [July 1st, 2009]: couples small bug fixes, major speed improvements, moved Settings pane inside the app. Release Candidate 1.

0.5 β1 [June 23rd, 2009]: first beta release.

Known Issues

  • None currently. Please contact me if you experience any issues with the latest version.

EDRDG License Acknowledgement

This application uses the EDICT and KANJIDIC dictionary files. These files are the property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, and are used in conformance with the Group's licence.

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