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Below is a list of the 100 most recent reviews left on the App Store for KanjiBox, courtesy of App Annie's services. The list contains all recent reviews, even the negative ones (yes, even that guy who panned KanjiBox for not being a dictionnary).

Indispensable - Certainement l'une, si ce n'est la meilleure application, pour réviser et progresser en Japonais rapidement et partout !

大好きです - Great app for daily kana/kanji practice! アプリがありがとうございました!

Love it - What a fantastic application for studying kanji! Absolutely love it. Thanks so much.

Awesome - Great app. Helped me so much. Very handy time filler on trains and things also. I really think it has improved hugely with each version.

Writer - Really enjoy this method of studying on the train or coffee shop. Just wish that frigging Game Center won't rear it troublesome face.

Incredible app! - This app is absolutely unbelievable. The best possible way to study kanji and vocabulary and keep track of your overall progress in those aspects of the language. Fantastic! Being able to create your own learning sets and being so easily linked to "Imi wa" are GODLY features.Thanks guys!

Thanks for adding iPhone 5 support! - Only problem with this version I see is that the new individual statistics for study sets don't seem to be calculating correctly. Old sets I have created don't appear to be accumulating stats at all, and new sets have stats that don't make sense.Also - I use study sets almost exclusively - it would be nice to be able to use the Quiz for items in my sets. Drills being the only thing you can use them with is kinda limiting.

Japanese - The best kanji learning I bought so far. This app also work well with imiwa? Japanese dictionary. Quiz are very fun. Cons;Can't think of one!!!

Great app - Great way of teaching and encouraging learning. Shame there aren't more people on the multiplayer servers though

On the way to greatness - This app has the ability to become THE JLPT study app. The drill and quiz sections are excellent especially when you start playing around with the settings. For example, I removed all translations since there will not be english on the exam but for starters it's a great way to study.I am disappointed with the study section and am slowly giving up on it. Though the kanji list/cards are clear and clean, the list of 50 is just too little. There should be sections (time, people, places,etc.) and people can select which subject to study from the category. Also, there are some easy study methods they can incorporate like read,say,write,check which would make the section more interactive and useful.Personally, I prefer this on the iPad than iPhone but it's easy to use on either device.However, in one month my app has been updated several times and I am constantly seeing improvement. Definitely a worthy investment and a must for JLPT test takers.

Excellent - I am finding this to be a great tool for supplementing my study with vocabulary and kanji recognition drills.I used other tools to learn the kana first. Once I mastered that, it was really easy to start making progress learning the N5 level vocabulary, and I've been surprised at how well it has worked for me. My conversation partner is fluent, and she says this app is sufficiently challenging at her level to hold her interest too, so I have to give full marks.Now I wish I has tools this good for learning grammar and pronunciation.

Love it - I really like it. I'm studying Japanese now and it really helps

Full featured - Surprised at the amount of content. All JLPT organized. Fun quiz and interface. helpful hints that u can turn off. can set personal difficulty, there's user made set of kanji to study . For example I'm practicing kanjis 1 to 3 strokes. And keeping difficulty at JLPT at level 5. Love the custkmizability. Kanji draw is amazing. Makes it si much easier to remember kanji. Non buggy. Can't believe how good this app is for 5 bucks its a bloody steal. Best app outthere. Haven't tried multiplayer

Great app - Really the best app available that makes kanji "study" bearable. Really it's a game with benefits. One critique would be I wish it synced with my Japanese dictionary app Midori and allowed using my lists to study. Great app though!!

For the serious Kanji learner. - This is just the kanji app I have been searching for. It tests you on reading, recognising and meaning, uses a good SRS and has the excellent handwriting quiz addon that works just as you'd expect it to. I've downloaded (bought) a few kanji apps over the years but they've all been quickly deleted. Not so this one!Highly recommended.

Guuuud - It's guuuuud

Very well done - Excellent!

Useful for lower intermediate - I saw reviews from several beginning learners of Japanese. I can also testify this is useful for lower intermediate learners and probably intermediate and advanced as well. I use this in conjunction with StickyStudy which provides a slightly different method for kanji study. It is important to note these tools cannot be complete. You also need to practice listening, conversation, and reading in context but KanjiBox automates an important component of study very effectively. Wish I had this 20 years ago.

So worth the money! - I am taking Japanese 101. This app is fantastic! I have created learning sets to match the lessons in the textbook, and it is so much fun to do the KanjiDraw. It is well worth the in.app purchase. My nephew who spent two years in Japan also likes this to help refresh his memory.

Yup - Fantastic. I hope they add grammar someday.

Works great. - Don't have much to say. It has really help me remember a bunch if Kanji. I like the lay out of the app.

Yes - Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

Awesome - Love it

Cool App - Very nice App! It is really useful. If I can edit the cards too it will be perfect.

Really well done - The way the app repeats what you are finding challenging is especially well done. Very solid, wish I had had this twenty years ago when I was first studying Japanese.

More like a game - Kanji aren't easy to learn but this app makes a game of it and encourages the persistence you'll need to learn kanji. The KanjiDraw component is highly recommended.

Kanji box - A good application, very helpful but still has to upgrade to be better than now.

Wish I had this years ago... - I think this app is amazing. I wish I could give this 4.5 because one thing has begun to bother me as I've progressed and its that there doesn't seem to be a way to study just the joyo kanji. Even with "rare kanji" removed I feel like I get very obscure kanji popping up. I've basically made my goal to get my kanji stats to be completely green as I prepare for JLPT N1. (Obscure goal - yes) I think my studies would be more effective (this close to the test) if I could focus on the most commonly used kanji. There are just under 300 non joyo kanji in the N1 bucket that I wish I had the option to exclude or perhaps bucket with the "Sensei" level. After I take the jlpt and I'm not on a time crunch, it won't actually bother me. Definitely an app worth owning for the quizzes, stats, and the SRS like functionality without all the maintenance...

Ultra complet !!! Le top du top. - À acheter les yeux fermés. On peut travailler ses Kanjis un par un, dans des mots à trous ou par définition. Possibilité même d'écrire les Kanjis soi-même ! Avec reconnaissance de l'ordre et du sens du tracé avec une correction trait par trait ^^Et l'association ac "IMIWA", un dictionnaire génial, rend le tout sensationnel et ultra complet ! Voilà, c'est mon meilleur investissement sur le store sans aucun doute !

syncing problem - sync stats doesn't match with online KB even with manual sync from server. please fix.

Awesome app - I love KanjiBox! As a total beginner, kanji was very daunting at first and I didn't imagine that I'd ever learn it. However, this app takes the stress out of it and turns learning kanji into a game ... seriously, you'll find yourself addicted and trying to get your stats up! It's helpful, easy to use and fun - thanks!

😈 - Очень удобна, стоит своих денег! Правда чтобы писать по чертам, надо 1$ доплатить !

Excellent tool - Kanji box was super useful when I was just studying for the JLPT, but it's even more helpful now that I've started to take Japanese classes again. For me, it was totally worth it to buy the full version as well as KanjiDraw in-app add on, since it lets you practice writing the kanji out (in addition to being useful for memorizing kanji, I also need to know how to write kanji for class). Learning sets let you create (or find) specialized decks for either kanji or vocab, and keep it synced across multiple devices. It's also synced with imiwa? (formerly kotoba) which is nice, though there are still a few bugs I've had in going back and forth between the two. Imiwa? Is free though, which is nice. I'd love an option to hook into some of the other dictionaries though (since I primarily use Japanese, and I really love it)More suggestions:For kanji draw, I would love to see a fill in the missing kanji for vocab sets or something, and when doing kanji fill in the missing vocab, more flexibility to choose what vocab it uses.

Kanji box - Excellent logiciel de mémorisation des kanji et du vocabulaire . La possibilité de créer ses propres fiches complète à merveille cet outil simple d'utilisation . Dommage que la traduction ne soit pas toujours en français ...

Excelente - Esta muy buena la aplicación solo le falta la gramática.

Really impressive - I've been studying Japanese in fits and spurts for 20 years and this is the best program/book/approach I've ever seen for learning to read Japanese, especially kanji. I am truly blown away. Highly recommended for anyone trying to break through to the next level, regardless of what that next level may be.

大好きです - Great app for daily kana/kanji practice! このが一番好きだよ(^^)

Great for kanji - Excellent application for learning kanji, including how to actually draw them (with the kanji draw supplement). It is truly enjoyable to use and you end up learning without effort. Although it is also very good for learning vocabulary, the fact that you learn words out of context, makes it less suitable for that pupose. It would be a major improvement to add sentence examples in the vocab section, so that you can grasp thecmeaning and use of words in a more practical way.

Does it all! - Definitely worth the crazy low price. I also love the learning sets and enter the study words from each unit in my book. It has definitely increased my vocabulary retention and hey the draw function is the best. I am really getting my money's worth out of this app!

Fantastic JLPT review app - Great value, but would be willing to pay more for example sentences, face-paced multiple choice game...

Perfect app for learning kanji - Don't be mistaken. The choices are easy at first on purpose. The app exposes you to the same character several times with gradually more confusing choices so you accurately recognize it. It is based on the JLPT vocabulary lists and so an excellent resource for test prep. When it comes to Kanji Draw, you may want to pick up a stylus made for the iPhone/iPad. Writing with the tip of your finger is not very natural and, I believe, the skills learned that way wouldn't fully translate to writing with pen and paper. But that isn't an limitation of the app but rather how you choose to use it.

Best kanji learning app ever, by far. - .

All I needed was something to let me draw a kanji and have it defined - the description sounds like it does that, but I can't find it. Wish I hadn't bought. The app description should be more clear.

Compagnon d'apprentissage idéal - Une application qui simplifie le travail de tout étudiant(e) en japonais. Plus besoin de se tracasser à fabriquer des fiches de test dans tous les sens pendant des heures, cette application le fait pour vous! Elle s'adapte à votre niveau et vous suit dans votre progression au travers d'exercices variés, vous pouvez même personnaliser vos révisions selon vos besoin. merci de tout coeur!

Tres bonne appli - Top !!!

Excellent pour réviser ! - Excellent pour s'entraîner, réviser pour JLPT et Kanji Kentei.Des petites coquilles dans les traductions françaises du vocabulaire.

Compagnon d'apprentissage idéal - Une application qui simplifie le travail de tout étudiant(e) en japonais. Plus besoin de se tracasser à fabriquer des fiches de test dans tous les sens pendant des heures, cette application le fait pour vous! Elle s'adapte à votre niveau et vous suit dans votre progression au travers d'exercices variés, vous pouvez même personnaliser vos révisions selon vos besoin.Juste un point noir au niveau du manque de précision du traçage en mode KanjiDraw, le tracé se décale quelque peu de l'endroit où l'on touche l'écran, ce serait bien de corriger ce défaut si possible.Malgré ça une appli magistrale, merci de tout coeur!

Great app - Very customizable and with plenty of different modes. The kanji draw and multiplayer are still somewhat indifferent though.

Great App - Great app for studying! But i have a few suggestions:1. Add example sentences and grammar.2. Add text mode!3. Add a feature to review all our wrong answers after a quiz / drill and possibly add them to our learning set.4. See kanji / vocab details from statistics page.

Great App - Great app for studying! However, example sentences should be added. Also, how about adding grammar and text mode, as well as a feature to review all our wrong answers after a quiz and possibly add them to our learning set.

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