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Basic Kanji Book Lesson 12


51 entriesCreated by #44095 — Last modified: 2012-08-17 05:19:49
会社 【かいしゃ】① company, corporation ② workplace
今 【いま】now, the present time, just now, soon, immediately, (one) more
今月 【こんげつ】this month
電気 【でんき】① electricity ② (electric) light
電車 【でんしゃ】(electric) train
電話 【でんわ】telephone
買う 【かう】① to buy ② to value, to have a high opinion ③ to stir, to provoke
今日 【きょう】today, this day
今年 【ことし】this year
英語 【えいご】English (language)
家 【いえ】① house, residence, dwelling ② family, household ③ lineage, family name
家族 【かぞく】family, members of a family
会う 【あう】① to meet, to encounter ② to have an accident, to have a bad experience
売る 【うる】to sell
薬 【くすり】① medicine, pharmaceuticals, (legal) drugs ② efficacious chemical (i.e. gunpowder, pesticide, etc.) ③ (pottery) glaze ④ small bribe
雪 【ゆき】snow
家 【うち】① house, home (one's own) ② (one's) family, (one's) household
会話 【かいわ】conversation
研究室 【けんきゅうしつ】① laboratory ② seminar room ③ professor's office
売り場 【うりば】place where things are sold, point of sale, POS, sales floor, counter (in shop)
雲 【くも】cloud
客 【きゃく】① guest, visitor ② customer, client, shopper, spectator, audience, tourist, sightseer, passenger
お宅 【おたく】① your house, your home, your family ② your husband ③ your organization ④ you (referring to someone of equal status with whom one is not especially close)
英和辞典 【えいわじてん】English-Japanese dictionary
室 【しつ】① room ② Chinese "Encampment" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
大家 【おおや】landlord, landlady
乗客 【じょうきゃく】passenger
帰宅 【きたく】returning home
住宅 【じゅうたく】residence, housing, residential building
家 【け】house (e.g. of Tokugawa), family
売店 【ばいてん】shop, stand
薬局 【やっきょく】pharmacy, chemist (shop), drugstore
自宅 【じたく】one's home
宅 【たく】house, home, husband
家 【か】-ist (used after a noun indicating someone's occupation, pursuits, disposition, etc.), -er
家宅 【かたく】domicile, premises
今か今か 【いまかいまか】eagerly waiting
今ごろ 【いまごろ】about this time
今年 【こんねん】this year
英国 【えいこく】Great Britain, the United Kingdom
英国人 【えいこくじん】Briton, Englishman, (the) English
会社員 【かいしゃいん】company employee
今一度 【いまいちど】once more
今一歩 【いまいっぽ】① one more, another, the other, not quite ② close run, just falling short of success
暗雲 【あんうん】dark clouds
客員 【かくいん】guest (associate) member
客室 【きゃくしつ】drawing room, guest room
室内 【しつない】indoor, inside the room
雪国 【ゆきぐに】snow country
目薬 【めぐすり】eye drops, eyewash
薬屋 【くすりや】pharmacy, chemist, drug store