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Dragon Quest XI - Vocab

Vocab from Dragon Quest XI : Echoes of the Illusive Age. I will add more as I play the game.


69 entriesCreated by #56157 — Last modified: 2020-01-29 04:21:25
大人 【おとな】adult
道 【みち】① road, street, way, path, course, route, lane ② distance, ways (e.g. "a long ways") ③ the way (of proper conduct, etc.), one's way, morals ④ teachings (esp. Confucian or Buddhist), dogma ⑤ field (of medicine, etc.), subject ⑥ way, method, means
話 【はなし】① talk, speech, chat, story, conversation ② discussions, negotiation, argument
所 【ところ】① place, spot, scene, site ② address ③ district, area, locality ④ one's house ⑤ point ⑥ part ⑦ space, room ⑧ whereupon, as a result ⑨ (after present form of a verb) about to, on the verge of
早い 【はやい】① fast, quick, hasty, brisk ② early (in the day, etc.), premature ③ (too) soon, not yet, (too) early ④ easy, simple, quick
大切 【たいせつ】important, valuable, worthy of care
登る 【のぼる】① to ascend, to go up, to climb ② to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun), to rise ③ to go to (the capital) ④ to be promoted ⑤ to add up to ⑥ to advance (in price) ⑦ to swim up (a river), to sail up ⑧ to come up (on the agenda)
側 【がわ】① side (of something, or taking someone's side), part ② (watch) case
一緒 【いっしょ】① together ② at the same time ③ same, identical
押す 【おす】① to push, to press ② to apply pressure from above, to press down ③ to stamp (i.e. a passport), to apply a seal
過ぎ 【すぎ】① past, after ② too (much), over (e.g. eating)
階段 【かいだん】stairs, stairway, staircase
置く 【おく】① to put, to place ② to leave (behind) ③ to do something in advance (usu. following te-form verb)
便利 【べんり】convenient, handy, useful
大丈夫 【だいじょうぶ】safe, all right, OK, okay
誕生日 【たんじょうび】birthday
はっきりclearly, plainly, distinctly
村 【むら】village
用 【よう】① task, business ② use, duty, service ③ call of nature, excretion
場所 【ばしょ】① place, location, spot, position ② room, space ③ basho (sumo wrestling tournament)
心配 【しんぱい】① worry, concern, anxiety ② care, help, aid, assistance
調べる 【しらべる】to examine, to investigate, to check up, to sense, to study, to inquire, to search
反対 【はんたい】opposition, resistance, antagonism, hostility, contrast, objection, dissension, reverse, opposite, vice versa
確か 【たしか】① certain, sure, definite ② if I'm not mistaken, if I remember correctly
案内 【あんない】① information, guidance, leading ② to guide, to show (around), to conduct
赤ん坊 【あかんぼう】baby
壁 【かべ】① wall, barrier ② Chinese "Wall" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
使用 【しよう】use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
確かめる 【たしかめる】to ascertain, to check, to make sure
岩 【いわ】rock, crag
神 【かみ】god, deity, divinity, spirit, kami
無事 【ぶじ】safety, peace, quietness
迷う 【まよう】① to lose one's way ② to waver, to hesitate, to be of two minds over, to be puzzled, to be perplexed ③ to give into temptation, to lose control of oneself ④ to turn in one's grave
祝い 【いわい】congratulation, congratulations, celebration, festival, congratulatory gift
成人 【せいじん】① adult ② to grow up, to mature ③ to come of age
仲間 【なかま】company, fellow, colleague, associate, comrade, mate, group, circle of friends, partner
頂上 【ちょうじょう】top, summit, peak
感謝 【かんしゃ】thanks, gratitude
儀式 【ぎしき】ceremony, rite, ritual, service
冒険 【ぼうけん】risk, venture, adventure
描く 【えがく】to draw, to paint, to sketch, to depict, to describe
ふもとthe foot, the bottom, the base (of a mountain)
終了 【しゅうりょう】end, close, termination
祈り 【いのり】prayer, supplication
心細い 【こころぼそい】helpless, forlorn, hopeless, unpromising, lonely, discouraging, disheartening
設定 【せってい】① establishment, creation ② options or preference settings (in computer software), configuration, assignment, setup
調べ 【しらべ】① investigation, inspection, examination ② tune, note, melody
描く 【かく】to draw, to paint, to sketch, to depict, to describe
書 【しょ】① document, book ② penmanship, handwriting, calligraphy (esp. Chinese)
捧げる 【ささげる】to lift up, to give, to offer, to consecrate, to devote, to sacrifice, to dedicate
ドジblunder, bungle, clumsiness
もたもたinefficient, slow
大人 【だいにん】adult
長年 【ながねん】long time, many years
いかれる① to be beaten, to break down ② to be crazy, to be touched ③ to be infatuated with ④ to be outdone (by someone), to be beaten (in a contest)
大地 【だいち】ground, earth, the solid earth, the (vast) land
道中 【どうちゅう】along the way, journey
道 【どう】① road ② way ③ Buddhist teachings ④ Taoism ⑤ modern administrative region of Japan (Hokkaido) ⑥ historical administrative region of Japan (Tokaido, Tosando, etc.) ⑦ province (Tang-era administrative region of China) ⑧ province (modern administrative region of Korea)
求め 【もとめ】① request, appeal, claim, demand ② purchase
守り 【まもり】① protection, defense, defence ② providence ③ amulet, charm, talisman
反対側 【はんたいがわ】opposite side
確 【たしか】① certain, sure, definite ② if I'm not mistaken, if I remember correctly
言う通り 【いうとおり】as (somebody) says
押し 【おし】push, pressure, authority, audacity
仲間入り 【なかまいり】joining a group
話し掛ける 【はなしかける】to accost a person, to talk (to someone)
剣 【つるぎ】① sword (originally esp. a doubled-edged sword), sabre, saber, blade ② bayonet ③ swordsmanship ④ stinger, ovipositor, dart
我ら 【われら】we, us
いよいよ① more and more, all the more, increasingly ② at last, finally, beyond doubt ③ (at the) last moment, worst possible time