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みんなの日本語14 Core

みんなの日本語14 Core


24 entriesCreated by Robert . — Last modified: 2021-01-30 19:50:21
-な.げ, な.げる, トウthrow, discard, abandon, launch into, join, invest in, hurl, give up, sell at a loss
ビョウsecond (1/60 minute)
なさ.け, セイ, ジョウfeelings, emotion, passion, sympathy, circumstances, facts
み.たす, み.つ, み.ちる, バン, マンfull, enough, pride, satisfy
たぐ.い, ルイsort, kind, variety, class, genus
か.う, つか.える, ささ.える, シbranch, support, sustain
カンpublish, carve, engrave
キョgigantic, big, large, great
ゾン, ソンsuppose, be aware of, believe, feel
のり, フラン, ホッ, ハッ, ホウmethod, law, rule, principle, model, system
あか, あつ.い, コウthick, heavy, rich, kind, cordial, brazen, shameless
もっぱ.ら, センspecialty, exclusive, mainly, solely
い.ける, うず.まる, うず.める, う.もれる, う.まる, う.める, マイbury, be filled up, embedded
-ぐさ, たね, シュspecies, kind, class, variety, seed
ふ.やす, ふ.える, ま.し, ま.す, ゾウincrease, add, augment, gain, promote
-あ.み, あ.む, ヘンcompilation, knit, plait, braid, twist, editing, completed poem, part of a book
シュ, ユtransport, send, be inferior
あな, ケツhole, aperture, slit, cave, den
み.る, シinspection, regard as, see, look at
あま.る, あま.り, あまつさえ, ジョウsurplus, besides
か.く, えが.く, ビョウsketch, compose, write, draw, paint
あかし, ショウevidence, proof, certificate
たくわ.える, チクamass, keeping a concubine, phonograph
fascination, charm, bewitch