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58 entriesCreated by Mariano B. — Last modified: 2022-03-28 17:31:50
お母さん 【おかあさん】mother
雨 【あめ】rain
外国人 【がいこくじん】foreigner
空 【そら】sky, the heavens
西 【にし】west
東 【ひがし】east
南 【みなみ】south
北 【きた】north
木 【き】tree, wood, timber
夏 【なつ】summer
海 【うみ】sea, beach
月 【つき】① moon ② month
ご主人 【ごしゅじん】your husband, her husband
自転車 【じてんしゃ】bicycle
質問 【しつもん】question, inquiry, enquiry
写真 【しゃしん】① photograph, photo ② movie
手紙 【てがみ】letter
秋 【あき】autumn, fall
春 【はる】① spring, springtime ② new year ③ prime (of one's life, etc.) ④ adolescence, puberty ⑤ sexuality
冬 【ふゆ】winter
洋服 【ようふく】Western-style clothes (cf traditional Japanese clothes)
旅行 【りょこう】travel, trip
色々 【いろいろ】various
飲み物 【のみもの】drink, beverage
赤 【あか】① red, crimson, scarlet ② red-containing colour (e.g. brown, pink, orange) ③ red light ④ red ink (i.e. in finance or proof-reading), (in) the red ⑤ complete, total, perfect, obvious
雪 【ゆき】snow
帽子 【ぼうし】hat, cap
字 【じ】① character (i.e. kanji) ② hand-writing, penmanship ③ the ... word (i.e. "the L word" = "love")
通り 【とおり】avenue, street, way
特に 【とくに】particularly, especially
別 【べつ】distinction, difference, different, another, particular, separate, extra, exception
真ん中 【まんなか】middle, centre, center, mid-way
お湯 【おゆ】① hot water ② hot bath
形 【かたち】① form, shape, figure ② visage
寺 【てら】temple (Buddhist)
昔 【むかし】olden days, former
島 【しま】① island ② territory (of a prostitute, organized crime gang, etc.), turf
米 【こめ】(husked grains of) rice
船 【ふね】① ship, boat, watercraft, vessel, steamship ② tank, tub, vat, trough ③ counter for boat-shaped containers (e.g. of sashimi)
関係 【かんけい】relation, connection
最後 【さいご】① last, end, conclusion ② (after -tara form or -ta form followed by "ga") no sooner than, right after (often having negative consequences)
最初 【さいしょ】beginning, outset, first, onset
受付 【うけつけ】reception (desk), information desk
的 【てき】-like, typical
一緒に 【いっしょに】together (with), at the same time, in a lump
肩 【かた】shoulder
成績 【せいせき】results, record, grades
孫 【まご】grandchild
砂漠 【さばく】desert
雌 【めす】female (animal)
時差 【じさ】time difference
恥 【はじ】shame, embarrassment
雄 【おす】male (animal)
何と 【なんと】what, how, whatever
作り方 【つくりかた】① style of building, construction, workmanship, way of making ② recipe ③ how to grow (something)
共通点 【きょうつうてん】common feature
昨晩 【さくばん】last night
樹 【き】tree, wood, timber