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Kanji Master N2 (Chapter 7)

Kanji for high-intermediate level in 19 chapters


30 entriesCreated by Christian S. — Last modified: 2022-08-10 16:42:24
わ.ける, わか.れる, ベツseparate, branch off, diverge, fork, another, extra, specially
おか.す, ボン, ハンcrime, sin, offense
まよ.う, メイastray, be perplexed, in doubt, lost, err, illusion
しる.す, -じるし, しるし, インstamp, seal, mark, imprint, symbol, emblem, trademark, evidence, souvenir, India
さけ.ぶ, キョウshout, exclaim, yell
くだん, ケンaffair, case, matter, item
ドクpoison, virus, venom, germ, harm, injury, spite
おそ.れる, お.じる, こわ.がる, こわ.い, ホ, フdreadful, be frightened, fearful
のが.れる, のが.す, に.がす, に.げる, トウescape, flee, shirk, evade, set free
こわ.がる, こわ.い, おそ.ろしい, おそ.る, おそ.れる, キョウfear, dread, awe
そ.ぐ, -ごろ.し, ころ.す, セツ, サイ, サツkill, murder, butcher, slice off, split, diminish, reduce, spoil
は.ずかしい, は.じらう, はじ, は.じる, チshame, dishonor
やぶ.れる, やぶ.る, ハrend, rip, tear, break, destroy, defeat, frustrate
い.れる, ヨウcontain, form, looks
せ.める, セキblame, condemn, censure
ぬす.み, ぬす.む, トウsteal, rob, pilfer
さ.く, わ.れる, わ.り, わり, わ.る, カツproportion, comparatively, divide, cut, separate, split
かたど.る, ゾウ, ショウelephant, pattern after, imitate, image, shape, sign (of the times)
つみ, ザイguilt, sin, crime, fault, blame, offense
うたが.う, ギdoubt, distrust, be suspicious, question
にく.しみ, にく.らしい, にく.い, にく.む, ゾウhate, detest
あば.れる, あば.く, バク, ボウoutburst, rave, fret, force, violence, cruelty, outrage
き.る, やいば, は, ニン, ジンblade, sword, edge
なぐ.る, オウassault, hit, beat, thrash
-ば.り, -は.り, は.る, チョウlengthen, counter for bows & stringed instruments, stretch, spread, put up (tent)
すす.める, ケン, カンpersuade, recommend, advise, encourage, offer
いや, きら.い, きら.う, ゲン, ケンdislike, detest, hate
いざな.う, さそ.う, イウ, ユウentice, lead, tempt, invite, ask, call for, seduce, allure
キンtense, solid, hard, reliable, tight
はな.す, はな.れる, リdetach, separation, disjoin, digress