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いちご -from ichigo- (1)

Vocabulary from いちご(1) (from ichigo) by 倉橋 燿子. (講談社青い鳥文庫―)


882 entriesCreated by #41631 — Last modified: 2011-11-22 22:25:50
さん① Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms ② honorific used with occupational titles
そう① so, really, seeming ② (after masu stem and adj-stem) appearing that, seeming that, looking like, having the appearance of
はい① yes ② OK (used to get attention prior to an utterance), okay ③ giddy-up, giddap
もう① already, anymore ② soon, shortly ③ more, further, other, again ④ interjection used to strengthen expression of an emotion (often exasperation)
より① from, out of, since, at ② than ③ other than, except, but ④ more
テレビtelevision, TV
くらい① approximately, about, around, or so ② to (about) the extent that, (almost) enough that, so ... that ..., at least ③ as ... as ..., like
一 【いち】① one ② best in, the most (...) in (where an adjective follows)
一つ 【ひとつ】① one ② for one thing (often used in itemized lists) ③ (after a noun) only ④ (with a verb in negative form) (not) even ⑤ just (i.e. "just try it")
花 【はな】① flower, blossom, bloom, petal ② blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms), cherry blossom ③ ikebana ④ Japanese playing cards ⑤ beauty ⑥ (the) best
午前 【ごぜん】morning, a.m.
口 【くち】① mouth ② opening, hole, gap, orifice ③ mouth (of a bottle), spout, nozzle, mouthpiece ④ gate, door, entrance, exit ⑤ speaking, speech, talk (i.e. gossip) ⑥ taste, palate ⑦ mouth (to feed) ⑧ opening (i.e. vacancy), available position ⑨ invitation, summons ⑩ kind, sort, type ⑪ opening (i.e. beginning) ⑫ counter for mouthfuls, shares (of money), and swords
出す 【だす】① to take out, to get out ② to put out, to reveal, to show ③ to submit (e.g. thesis), to turn in ④ to publish, to make public ⑤ to send (e.g. letter) ⑥ to produce (a sound), to start (fire) ⑦ to serve (food) ⑧ to begin
出る 【でる】① to go out, to exit, to leave ② to appear, to come forth, to be published ③ to answer (the phone or door)
少し 【すこし】① small quantity, little, few, something ② little while ③ short distance
千 【せん】1,000, thousand
大学 【だいがく】① post-secondary education institution, incl. university, college, etc. ② the Great Learning - one of the Four Books
二 【に】two
何 【なに】① what ② how many (some counter)
何 【なん】① what ② how many (some counter)
言う 【いう】① to say ② to call (i.e. to give a name)
聞く 【きく】① to hear ② to listen (e.g. to music) ③ to ask, to enquire, to query
目 【め】① eye, eyeball ② eyesight ③ look ④ experience ⑤ viewpoint ⑥ ordinal number suffix ⑦ somewhat, -ish
時 【じ】① hour, o'clock ② (specified) time, when ..., during ...
日 【にち】① Sunday ② day (of the month) ③ counter for days
いるauxillary verb for continuing action or state
人 【にん】① counter for people ② (usu. in compound words) person
帰る 【かえる】① to return, to come home, to go home, to go back ② (of a guest, customer, etc.) to leave ③ (of a baseball player rounding the bases) to get home
黒 【くろ】① black ② dark ③ bad guy, 'black hat'
走る 【はしる】① to run ② to travel (movement of vehicles) ③ to hurry to ④ to retreat (from battle), to take flight ⑤ to run away from home ⑥ to elope ⑦ to tend heavily toward
度 【ど】① degree (angle, temperature, scale, etc.) ② counter for occurrences and times ③ strength (of alcohol)
同じ 【おなじ】① same, identical, equal, uniform, equivalent, similar, common (origin), changeless, alike ② (usu. part of a 'nara' conditional) anyway, anyhow, in either case
服 【ふく】① clothes (esp. Western clothes) ② counter for doses of medicine, gulps of tea, drags of a cigarette, etc.
屋 【や】① (something) shop ② somebody who sells (something) or works as (something) ③ somebody with a (certain) personality trait ④ house ⑤ roof
横 【よこ】① horizontal (as opposed to vertical), lying down ② side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back), width, breadth ③ side (of a box, etc.) ④ beside, aside, next to ⑤ unconnected
飛ぶ 【とぶ】to fly, to soar
部屋 【へや】① room ② sumo stable
必要 【ひつよう】① necessary, needed, essential, indispensable ② necessity, need, requirement
枚 【まい】counter for flat objects (e.g. sheets of paper)
塩 【しお】salt
ごろ① (approximate) time, around, about, toward ② suitable time (or condition) ③ time of year, season
花瓶 【かびん】(flower) vase
掛かる 【かかる】① to take ② to hang ③ to come into view, to arrive ④ to come under (a contract, a tax) ⑤ to start (engines, motors) ⑥ to attend, to deal with, to handle ⑦ to have started to, to be on the verge of ⑧ to overlap (e.g. information in a manual), to cover ⑨ to (come) at ⑩ to be fastened ⑪ to be covered (e.g. with dust, a table-cloth, etc.) ⑫ to be caught in ⑬ to get a call ⑭ to depend on
立派 【りっぱ】splendid, fine, handsome, elegant, imposing, prominent, legal, legitimate
あのthat (someone or something distant from both speaker and listener, or situation unfamiliar to both speaker and listener)
こちら① this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker), this direction ② here (place close to the speaker or where the speaker is) ③ this one (something physically close to the speaker) ④ I, me ⑤ this person (someone physically close to the speaker and of equal or higher status)
それ① that (indicating an item or person near the listener, the action of the listener, or something on their mind), it ② that time, then
どうhow, in what way, how about
どれ① which (of three or more) ② whichever, any ③ well, now, let me see
やる① to do ② to have sexual intercourse ③ to kill ④ to give (to inferiors, animals, etc.) ⑤ to do for (inferiors) ⑥ to send (e.g. somebody somewhere), to dispatch (e.g. letter) (despatch) ⑦ to move (something to), to row (a boat) ⑧ (used in place of other verb) to have (eat, drink, smoke), to study, to run or operate (a restaurant)
する① to do ② to cause to become, to make (into), to turn (into) ③ to serve as, to act as, to work as ④ to wear (clothes, a facial expression, etc.) ⑤ to judge as being, to view as being, to think of as, to treat as, to use as ⑥ to decide on, to choose ⑦ to be sensed (of a smell, noise, etc.) ⑧ to be (in a state, condition, etc.) ⑨ to be worth, to cost ⑩ to pass (of time), to elapse ⑪ verbalizing suffix (applies to nouns noted in this dictionary with the part of speech "vs") ⑫ creates a humble verb (after a noun prefixed with "o" or "go") ⑬ to be just about to, to be just starting to, to try to, to attempt to
いつwhen, how soon
いくつ① how many? ② how old?
ある① to be (usu. of inanimate objects), to exist, to live ② to have ③ to be located ④ to be equipped with ⑤ to happen, to come about
ことthing, matter, fact, circumstances, business, reason, experience
なる① to become, to get, to grow, to be, to reach, to attain ② to result in, to prove to be ③ to consist of, to be composed of ④ to succeed, to be complete ⑤ to change into, to be exchanged for ⑥ to play a role ⑦ to be promoted (shogi)
あちら① that way (direction distant from both speaker and listener), over there, yonder ② that one (something physically distant from both speaker and listener, or something not visible but known by both speaker and listener), that ③ that person (someone physically distant from both speaker and listener, or someone not present but known by both speaker and listener) ④ there (place distant from both speaker and listener), over there, foreign country (esp. a Western nation)
またagain, and, also, still (doing something)
このthis (something or someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or ideas expressed by the speaker)
よう① (usu. after the -masu stem of a verb) appearing ..., looking ... ② (usu. after the -masu stem of a verb) way to ..., method of ...ing ③ (usu. after a noun) form, style, design ④ (usu. after a noun) like, similar to ⑤ thing (thought or spoken)
そこ① there (place relatively near listener) ② there (place just mentioned), that place ③ then (of some incident just spoken of), that (of point just raised)
これ① this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic) ② this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group) ③ now
すっかりall, completely, thoroughly
はっきりclearly, plainly, distinctly
意見 【いけん】opinion, view
気 【き】① spirit, mind, heart ② nature, disposition ③ motivation, intention ④ mood, feelings ⑤ atmosphere, essence
合う 【あう】① to come together, to merge, to unite, to meet ② to fit, to match, to suit, to agree with, to be correct ③ to be profitable, to be equitable ④ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to do ... to each other, to do ... together
場合 【ばあい】case, situation
足りる 【たりる】① to be sufficient, to be enough ② to be worth doing, to be worthy ③ to be sufficient, to answer, to do
用意 【ようい】preparation
回る 【まわる】① to turn, to revolve ② to visit several places ③ to function well ④ to pass a certain time
代 【だい】① charge, cost, price ② generation, age, reign ③ (geological) era ④ (after someone's name or title) a representative of, on behalf of, for (someone) ⑤ used after a phone number to indicate that it is a switchboard number ⑥ counter for decades of ages, eras, etc. ⑦ counter for generations (of inheritors to a throne, etc.) ⑧ proxy application company
泣く 【なく】to cry, to weep, to sob, to howl
決して 【けっして】never, by no means, decidedly, indisputably
決める 【きめる】to decide
交通 【こうつう】communication, transportation, traffic, intercourse
指 【ゆび】finger, toe, digit
自由 【じゆう】freedom, liberty, as it pleases you
線 【せん】line (also telephone, railway), wire, beam
相談 【そうだん】consultation, discussion
打つ 【うつ】① to hit (something inanimate), to strike, to beat (on something) ② to type, to tap (e.g. a key) ③ to inject ④ to indulge in gambling ⑤ to visit (on a pilgrimage)
毛 【け】hair, fur
予定 【よてい】plans, arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate
留守 【るす】① absence, being away from home ② house-sitting, house-sitter ③ being left unattended to (of one's studies, etc.), neglecting
具合 【ぐあい】condition, state, manner, health
湖 【こ】lake (in place names)
機会 【きかい】chance, opportunity
祈る 【いのる】to pray, to wish
規則 【きそく】rules, regulations, conventions
原因 【げんいん】cause, origin, source
枝 【えだ】branch, bow, bough, twig, limb
習慣 【しゅうかん】custom, habit, manners
承知 【しょうち】① acknowledgment, acknowledgement, awareness ② consent, acceptance, assent, admitting, compliance, agreement
席 【せき】① seat ② location (of a gathering, etc.), place ③ position, post
必ず 【かならず】always, without exception, necessarily, certainly, without fail, positively, invariably
付く 【つく】① to be attached, to be connected with, to adhere, to stick, to cling ② to remain imprinted, to scar, to stain, to dye ③ to bear (fruit, interest, etc.) ④ to be acquired (of a habit, ability, etc.), to increase (of strength, etc.) ⑤ to take root ⑥ to accompany, to attend, to follow, to study with ⑦ to side with, to belong to ⑧ to possess, to haunt ⑨ to be lit, to be lighted ⑩ to be settled, to be resolved, to be decided ⑪ to be given (of a name, price, etc.) ⑫ to be sensed, to be perceived ⑬ to be lucky ⑭ (after -masu stems, onomatopoeic and mimetic words) to become (a state, condition, etc.)
変わる 【かわる】to change, to be transformed, to vary, to be revised, to be different, to move location
約束 【やくそく】① arrangement, promise, appointment, pact, engagement ② convention, rule
裏 【うら】① bottom (or another side that is hidden from view), undersurface, opposite side, reverse side ② rear, back, behind (the house) ③ lining, inside ④ out of sight, behind the scenes ⑤ proof ⑥ opposite (of a prediction, common sense, etc.) ⑦ inverse (of a hypothesis, etc.) ⑧ bottom (of an inning), last half (of an inning)
連れる 【つれる】to lead, to take (a person)
腕 【うで】① arm ② skill
包む 【つつむ】① to wrap up, to tuck in, to pack, to do up, to cover with, to dress in ② to conceal, to hide, to be engulfed in, to be enveloped by
喧嘩 【けんか】quarrel, brawl, fight, squabble, scuffle
随分 【ずいぶん】① very, extremely, surprisingly, considerably ② contemptible, reprehensible
注射 【ちゅうしゃ】injection
丁寧 【ていねい】polite, courteous, careful, care, kind, close, thorough, conscientious
釣る 【つる】to fish
揺れる 【ゆれる】to shake, to sway
包む 【くるむ】to wrap up, to tuck in, to pack, to do up, to cover with, to dress in
辞典 【じてん】dictionary
こう① in this way (used for something or someone close to the speaker, including the speaker himself, or for the opinions of the speaker), thus, such ② uh... (interjection used as a verbal pause)
それほどto that degree, extent
ちっともnot at all (neg. verb)
いじめるto tease, to torment, to persecute, to chastise
honourable, honorable
なるべくas much as possible, wherever practicable
ぶつto hit (a person), to strike, to beat
とうとうfinally, at last, reaching a head
まま① as it is, as one likes, because, as ② condition, state
なかなか① very, considerably, easily, readily, fairly, quite, highly, rather ② by no means (with negative verb)
髭 【ひげ】① moustache, beard, whiskers ② extremely short pulse appearing on an electrical signal
がっかりfeel disappointed, dejected, lose heart, feel emotionally drained, feel let down
きちんとprecisely, accurately, neatly
こっそりstealthily, secretly
さっぱり① feeling refreshed, feeling relieved ② neat, trimmed ③ plain, simple ④ completely, entirely ⑤ not in the least (in sentence with negative verb), not at all ⑥ completely ignorant, not doing at all
じっと① motionlessly ② fixedly (e.g. of staring) ③ patiently ④ firmly (e.g. hold), restrained
そっくりall, altogether, entirely, just like, the spitting image of
そっとsoftly, gently, quietly, secretly
たっぷりfull, in plenty, ample
だらけ① implying (negatively) that something is full of (e.g. mistakes) ② covered all over (e.g. with blood)
どんどん① drumming (noise) ② rapidly, steadily
どんなにhow, how much
ぶつぶつ① grunt, grumble, complaint, mutter ② pimples, spots, eruption, rash ③ cutting into small pieces ④ simmering
ぼんやりabsent-minded, blockhead, dim, faint, vague
上 【じょう】① from the standpoint of, as a matter of (e.g. fact), in the field of, being of the type of ② aboard (a ship or vehicle), on top of, on, above ③ first volume (e.g. book) ④ superior quality, best, top, high class ⑤ going up ⑥ governmental, imperial ⑦ presenting, showing
人気 【にんき】popularity, popular feeling, business conditions
大いに 【おおいに】very, much, greatly, a lot of
大した 【たいした】considerable, great, important, significant, a big deal
本人 【ほんにん】the person himself
友人 【ゆうじん】friend
食う 【くう】① to eat ② to live, to make a living, to survive ③ to bite, to sting (as insects do) ④ to tease, to torment, to taunt, to make light of, to make fun of ⑤ to encroach on, to eat into, to consume ⑥ to defeat a superior, to threaten a position ⑦ to consume time and-or resources ⑧ to have sexual relations with a woman, esp. for the first time
生き生き 【いきいき】vividly, lively
中 【ちゅう】① medium, average, middle ② moderation ③ middle school ④ China ⑤ in, out of (e.g. three out of ten people) ⑥ during (a certain time when one did or is doing something), under (construction, etc.), while
にっこりsmile sweetly, smile, grin
大 【だい】① the large part of ② big, large, great ③ approximate size, no larger than ④ -university ⑤ large (e.g. serving size), loud (e.g. volume setting)
以前 【いぜん】ago, since, before, previous
以来 【いらい】since, henceforth
意外 【いがい】unexpected, surprising
一方 【いっぽう】① one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party ② on the one hand, on the other hand ③ whereas, although, but at the same time, meanwhile, in turn ④ (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing, only
家事 【かじ】① housework, domestic chores ② family affairs, household matters
楽 【らく】comfort, ease
広場 【ひろば】plaza
作業 【さぎょう】work, operation, manufacturing, fatigue duty
思わず 【おもわず】unintentionally, reflexively, spontaneously, involuntarily, instinctively
出来事 【できごと】incident, affair, happening, event
小屋 【こや】hut, cabin, shed, (animal) pen
地 【ち】① earth, ground, land, soil ② place ③ territory ④ bottom (of a package, book, etc.) ⑤ earth (one of the five elements)
土地 【とち】plot of land, lot, soil
不安 【ふあん】anxiety, uneasiness, insecurity, suspense
不足 【ふそく】insufficiency, shortage, deficiency, lack, dearth
別れ 【わかれ】parting, separation, farewell, (lateral) branch, fork, offshoot, division, section
味方 【みかた】friend, ally, supporter
用心 【ようじん】care, precaution, guarding, caution
話題 【わだい】topic, subject
言う 【ゆう】① to say ② to call (i.e. to give a name)
思い出 【おもいで】memories, recollections, reminiscence
少なくとも 【すくなくとも】at least
広がる 【ひろがる】to spread (out), to extend, to stretch, to reach to, to get around, to fill (e.g. a space)
不 【ふ】un-, non-, negative prefix
者 【しゃ】someone of that nature, someone doing that work
王子 【おうじ】prince
屋根 【やね】roof
確実 【かくじつ】certainty, reliability, soundness
学期 【がっき】school term, semester
活気 【かっき】energy, liveliness
感情 【かんじょう】emotion, feeling, feelings, sentiment
感心 【かんしん】admiration, Well done!
感動 【かんどう】being deeply moved emotionally, excitement, passion, deep emotion, impression
期待 【きたい】expectation, anticipation, hope
休息 【きゅうそく】rest, relief, relaxation
禁止 【きんし】prohibition, inhibition, ban
幸い 【さいわい】happiness, blessedness
根 【ね】① root (of a plant) ② root (of a tooth, hair, etc.), center (of a pimple, etc.) ③ root root (of all evil, etc.), source, origin, cause, basis ④ one's true nature ⑤ (fishing) reef
試し 【ためし】trial, test
自身 【じしん】by oneself, personally
自然 【しぜん】① nature, spontaneity ② naturally, spontaneously
式 【しき】① equation, formula, expression ② ceremony ③ style
集中 【しゅうちゅう】concentration, convergence, centralization, integration, gathering together
常に 【つねに】always, constantly
身 【み】① body ② oneself ③ one's place, one's position ④ main part, meat (as opposed to bone, skin, etc.), wood (as opposed to bark), blade (as opposed to its handle), container(as opposed to its lid)
人物 【じんぶつ】character, personality, person, man, personage, talented man
正直 【しょうじき】① honesty, integrity, frankness ② honestly, frankly
選手 【せんしゅ】player (in game), team member
相手 【あいて】① companion, partner, company ② other party, addressee ③ opponent (sports, etc.)
息 【いき】① breath, breathing ② tone, mood
速度 【そくど】speed, velocity, rate
単なる 【たんなる】mere, simple, sheer
単に 【たんに】simply, merely, only, solely
地面 【じめん】ground, earth's surface
中央 【ちゅうおう】centre, central, center, middle
通学 【つうがく】commuting to school, school commute
的 【てき】-like, typical
都会 【とかい】city
当たり前 【あたりまえ】① natural, reasonable, obvious ② usual, common, ordinary
表情 【ひょうじょう】facial expression
表面 【ひょうめん】surface, outside, face, appearance
方向 【ほうこう】① direction, orientation, bearing, way ② course (e.g. of action)
望み 【のぞみ】① wish, desire, hope ② prospect, expectation, (one's) hopes
満足 【まんぞく】① satisfaction ② sufficiency
明らか 【あきらか】obvious, evident, clear, plain
目的 【もくてき】purpose, goal, aim, objective, intention
様子 【ようす】① state, state of affairs, situation, circumstances ② appearance, look, aspect ③ sign, indication
数 【すう】① several, a number of ② number, numeral, figure ③ destiny, fate ④ law
様々 【さまざま】varied, various
次々 【つぎつぎ】in succession, one by one
他 【た】other (esp. people and abstract matters)
感 【かん】feeling, sensation, emotion, admiration, impression
無 【む】① nothing, naught, nought, nil, zero ② un-, non-
両 【りょう】① both (e.g. both shoulders, etc.) ② ryo (obsolete unit of currency) ③ 41-42 g (one sixteenth of a kin) ④ 2 tan (measure of fabric size) ⑤ counter for carriages (e.g. in a train)
内 【ない】inside, within
愛 【あい】love, affection
印 【しるし】① mark ② symbol ③ evidence
印象 【いんしょう】impression
煙 【けむり】smoke, fumes
奥 【おく】interior, inner part, inside
解く 【とく】① to solve, to answer ② to untie ③ to comb, to untangle (hair)
解決 【かいけつ】settlement, solution, resolution
確認 【かくにん】affirmation, confirmation, validation
割る 【わる】to divide, to cut, to break, to halve, to separate, to split, to rip, to crack, to smash, to dilute
完成 【かんせい】① complete, completion ② perfection, accomplishment
完全 【かんぜん】perfection, completeness
缶 【かん】can, tin
観察 【かんさつ】observation, survey
希望 【きぼう】hope, wish, aspiration
疑問 【ぎもん】question, problem, doubt, guess
居間 【いま】living room (western style)
恐怖 【きょうふ】fear, dread, dismay, terror
苦労 【くろう】troubles, hardships
警告 【けいこく】warning, advice
肩 【かた】shoulder
現実 【げんじつ】reality
現代 【げんだい】nowadays, modern era, modern times, present-day
光景 【こうけい】scene, spectacle
効果 【こうか】effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result
腰 【こし】① back, lower back, waist, hips, lumbar region ② body (of hair, noodle, paper, etc.), resilience, spring
混乱 【こんらん】disorder, chaos, confusion, mayhem
座席 【ざせき】seat
再び 【ふたたび】again, once more, a second time
賛成 【さんせい】approval, agreement, support, favour, favor
自殺 【じさつ】suicide
実現 【じつげん】implementation (e.g. of a system), materialization, materialisation, realization, realisation
実際 【じっさい】① practicality, practical ② reality, actuality, actual conditions ③ bhutakoti (limit of reality)
手段 【しゅだん】means, way, measure
種類 【しゅるい】① variety, kind, type, category ② counter for different sorts of things
順 【じゅん】order, turn
情報 【じょうほう】① news, gossip, (military) intelligence ② information (data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.)
心臓 【しんぞう】heart
深刻 【しんこく】serious
真似 【まね】mimicry, imitation, behavior, behaviour, pretense, pretence
神経 【しんけい】nerve, sensitivity
針 【はり】① needle, pin, hook ② stinger, thorn ③ hand (e.g. clock, etc.), pointer ④ staple (for a stapler) ⑤ needlework, sewing ⑥ malice ⑦ counter for stitches
性 【せい】① nature (of a person) ② sex ③ gender ④ -ty (suffix indicating quality or condition), -ity, -ness
性格 【せいかく】character, personality
精神 【せいしん】mind, soul, heart, spirit, intention
責任 【せきにん】① duty, responsibility (incl. supervision of staff) ② liability, onus
跡 【あと】① trace, tracks, mark, sign ② remains, ruins ③ scar
絶対 【ぜったい】① absolutely, unconditionally ② absolute, unconditional, unmistakable ③ absoluteness
想像 【そうぞう】imagination, guess
相変わらず 【あいかわらず】as ever, as usual, the same
存在 【そんざい】existence, being
尊敬 【そんけい】respect, esteem, reverence, honour, honor
仲間 【なかま】company, fellow, colleague, associate, comrade, mate, group, circle of friends, partner
直接 【ちょくせつ】direct, immediate, personal, firsthand
沈む 【しずむ】to sink, to feel depressed
底 【そこ】bottom, sole
努力 【どりょく】great effort, exertion, endeavour, endeavor, effort
到着 【とうちゃく】arrival
毒 【どく】poison, toxicant
熱心 【ねっしん】zeal, enthusiasm
肌 【はだ】① skin ② body (in the context of intimate bodily contact) ③ surface, grain (e.g. of wood), texture ④ disposition, temperament, character, type
皮膚 【ひふ】skin
婦人 【ふじん】woman, lady, adult female
普段 【ふだん】usual, habitual, ordinary, everyday, always
変化 【へんか】① change, variation, alteration, mutation, transition, transformation, transfiguration, metamorphosis ② variety, diversity ③ inflection, declension, conjugation ④ sidestepping (sumo)
暮らし 【くらし】living, livelihood, subsistence, circumstances
宝石 【ほうせき】gem, jewel
方針 【ほうしん】objective, plan, policy
方法 【ほうほう】method, process, manner, way, means, technique
棒 【ぼう】pole, rod, stick
役割 【やくわり】part, assigning (allotment of) parts, role, duties
余計 【よけい】too much, unnecessary, extraneous, abundance, surplus, excess, superfluity
必死 【ひっし】① frantic, desperate ② inevitable death ③ brinkmate (inevitable checkmate) (shogi)
一瞬 【いっしゅん】moment, instant
影響 【えいきょう】influence, effect
栄養 【えいよう】nutrition, nourishment
穏やか 【おだやか】calm, gentle, quiet
芽 【め】sprout
怪我 【けが】injury (to animate object), hurt
街 【がい】.. street, .. quarter, .. district
感謝 【かんしゃ】thanks, gratitude
奇妙 【きみょう】strange, queer, curious
機嫌 【きげん】humour, humor, temper, mood
結果 【けっか】① result, consequence, outcome, effect ② coming to fruition, bearing fruit
結局 【けっきょく】after all, eventually, in the end
懸命 【けんめい】eagerness, earnestness, risking one's life
誇り 【ほこり】pride, boast
克服 【こくふく】subjugation, conquest, victory
姿 【すがた】figure, shape, appearance
次第 【しだい】① dependent upon ② as soon as, immediately (upon) ③ circumstances ④ order, precedence, program, programme, agenda
種 【しゅ】① kind, variety ② (biological) species ③ (logical) species
状態 【じょうたい】current status, condition, situation, circumstances, state
新鮮 【しんせん】fresh
真剣 【しんけん】① seriousness, earnestness ② real sword (as opposed to unsharpened or wooden practice weapon) (practise)
睡眠 【すいみん】sleep
誓う 【ちかう】to swear, to vow, to take an oath, to pledge
説得 【せっとく】persuasion
訴える 【うったえる】① to sue (a person), to take someone to court ② to resort to (e.g. arms, violence) ③ to appeal to, to call for ④ to raise, to bring to (someone's attention) ⑤ to complain
騒ぎ 【さわぎ】uproar, disturbance
態度 【たいど】attitude, manner, behaviour
通訳 【つうやく】interpretation (i.e. oral translation)
抵抗 【ていこう】electrical resistance, resistance, opposition
提案 【ていあん】proposal, proposition, suggestion
当然 【とうぜん】natural, as a matter of course
憧れる 【あこがれる】to long for, to yearn after, to admire, to be attracted by
納得 【なっとく】consent, assent, understanding, agreement, comprehension, grasp
発揮 【はっき】exhibition, demonstration, show, display, manifestation
反抗 【はんこう】opposition, resistance, insubordination, defiance, hostility, rebellion
微笑む 【ほほえむ】to smile
魅力 【みりょく】charm, fascination, glamour, glamor, attraction, appeal
無視 【むし】disregard, ignore
無駄 【むだ】futility, uselessness, pointlessness
霧 【きり】fog, mist
厄介 【やっかい】trouble, burden, care, bother, worry, dependence, support, kindness, obligation
余裕 【よゆう】surplus, composure, margin, room, time, allowance, flexibility, scope, rope
離れる 【はなれる】to be separated from, to leave, to go away, to be a long way off
離婚 【りこん】divorce
傷 【きず】① wound, injury, cut, gash, bruise, scratch, scrape, scar ② chip, crack, scratch, nick ③ flaw, defect, weakness, weak point ④ stain (on one's reputation), disgrace, dishonor, dishonour ⑤ (emotional) hurt, hurt feelings
雷 【かみなり】thunder
覆う 【おおう】to cover, to hide, to conceal, to wrap, to disguise
退屈 【たいくつ】tedium, boredom
やがてbefore long, soon, at length
まるでquite, entirely, completely, at all, as if, as though, so to speak, just like
僅か 【わずか】only, merely, (a) little, small quantity
しかるto scold
まさに① exactly, surely, certainly ② just (about to), on the verge (of doing or happening) ③ duly, naturally
かく① to scratch ② to perspire ③ to shovel, to paddle
釘 【くぎ】nail (i.e. small metal spike)
とにかくanyhow, at any rate, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
ともかくanyhow, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case, be that as it may
謎 【なぞ】① riddle, puzzle, enigma, mystery ② enigmatic, mysterious
鍋 【なべ】saucepan, pot
どうしてもby all means, at any cost, no matter what, after all, in the long run, cravingly, at any rate, surely
膝 【ひざ】knee, lap
ふとsuddenly, casually, accidentally, incidentally, unexpectedly, unintentionally
しかもmoreover, furthermore, nevertheless, and yet
みょう① strange, unusual ② (something) superb, (something) excellent
ただ① ordinary, common, usual ② free of charge ③ unaffected, as is, safe ④ only, merely, just, simply ⑤ but, however, nevertheless
脇 【わき】① side, aside ② armpit ③ back-burner
嗅ぐ 【かぐ】to sniff, to smell
いやno, nay, well
頬 【ほお】cheek (of face)
あるa certain ..., some ...
かなりconsiderably, fairly, quite
せっかくwith trouble, at great pains, long-awaited
せいcause, reason, fault
つまりin short, in brief, in other words, that is to say, in the long run, after all, blockade, stuffing, ultimate
ふもとthe foot, the bottom, the base (of a mountain)
あれこれone thing or another, this and that, this or that
あらoh, ah
うろうろloiteringly, aimless wandering
ぎっしりtightly, fully
すっきり① clearly, refreshed ② shapely, neatly, refinedly ③ cleanly, without trouble ④ clearly, plainly, distinctly ⑤ completely, thoroughly ⑥ not at all (with negative sentence), not even slightly
せめてat least, at most
のろのろslowly, sluggishly
下り 【くだり】① down-train (going away from Tokyo) ② down-slope, downward going
何しろ 【なにしろ】at any rate, anyhow, anyway, in any case
何時の間にか 【いつのまにか】before one knows, before one becomes aware of, unnoticed, unawares
上り 【のぼり】① ascent, climbing, ascending (path), climb ② up-train (e.g. going to Tokyo) ③ northward (towards Tokyo)
分 【ぶん】① part, segment, share, ration ② rate ③ degree, one's lot, one's status, relation, duty, kind, lot ④ in proportion to, just as much as
がる① to feel (on adj-stem to represent a third party's apparent emotion) ② to behave as if one were
うんと① a great deal, very much, a lot ② with a great amount of effort
それなのにand yet, despite this, but even so, but even then, however, nevertheless, for all that, notwithstanding that
とくto do something in readiness for, to get something (needful) done
しばしばblinking repeatedly
手前 【てまえ】① before, this side ② one's standpoint, one's appearance ③ we ④ you
生意気 【なまいき】impertinent, saucy, cheeky, conceit, audacious, brazen
大工 【だいく】carpenter
田んぼ 【たんぼ】paddy field, farm
問い 【とい】question, query
気味 【ぎみ】-like, -looking, -looked
気配 【けはい】① indication, sign, hint, presence, trend ② quotation (esp. stock market)
原 【はら】field, plain, prairie, tundra, moor, wilderness
校庭 【こうてい】schoolyard, campus
算数 【さんすう】arithmetic
留める 【とめる】① to stop (something or someone), to turn off ② to concentrate on, to pay attention to ③ to remember, to bear in mind ④ to fix into place ⑤ to park, to leave somewhere for a time
商店 【しょうてん】shop, small store, business, firm
真っ暗 【まっくら】① total darkness, pitch dark ② bleak future, poor prospects
水面 【すいめん】water's surface
勢い 【いきおい】① force, vigor, vigour, energy, spirit, life ② influence, authority, power, might ③ impetus, momentum, course (of events) ④ naturally, necessarily
早速 【さっそく】at once, immediately, without delay, promptly
電波 【でんぱ】electro-magnetic wave, radio wave
登場 【とうじょう】① entry (on stage), appearance (on screen) ② entrance, introduction (into a market)
童話 【どうわ】fairy-tale
農薬 【のうやく】agricultural chemical (i.e. pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, etc.), agrochemical, agrichemical
畑 【はたけ】① field (for fruits, vegetables, etc.), cultivated land, vegetable plot, kitchen garden, plantation ② field (of specialization), sphere, area
負け 【まけ】defeat, loss, losing (a game)
風船 【ふうせん】balloon (esp. small, toy variety)
明け方 【あけがた】dawn
毛糸 【けいと】knitting wool
役目 【やくめ】duty, business, role
留守番 【るすばん】① care-taking, house-sitting, house-watching ② caretaker, house-sitter
植木 【うえき】garden shrubs, trees, potted plant
先頭 【せんとう】head, lead, vanguard, first
ため息 【ためいき】sigh
所々 【ところどころ】here and there, some parts (of something), several places
中身 【なかみ】contents, interior, substance, filling, (sword) blade
残らず 【のこらず】all, entirely, completely, without exception
解く 【ほどく】to unfasten, to untie, to unwrap (e.g. parcel)
改めて 【あらためて】another time, again, over again, anew, formally
境界 【きょうかい】boundary
工夫 【くふう】① scheme, device, scheming, devising, figuring out, coming up with, solving ingeniously ② dedication to spiritual improvement (esp. through Zen meditation)
湿る 【しめる】to be wet, to become wet, to be damp
寝坊 【ねぼう】sleeping in late
泉 【いずみ】spring, fountain
束 【たば】bundle, bunch, sheaf
用途 【ようと】use, usefulness, utility, service
裏口 【うらぐち】backdoor, rear entrance
粒 【つぶ】grain, bead
各々 【おのおの】each, every, either, respectively, severally
果たして 【はたして】① as was expected, just as one thought, sure enough, as a result ② really? (in questions), ever?
艶 【つや】gloss, glaze
応対 【おうたい】receiving, dealing with
確信 【かくしん】conviction, belief, confidence
感激 【かんげき】deep emotion, impression, inspiration
休養 【きゅうよう】rest, break, recreation
興奮 【こうふん】excitement, stimulation, agitation, arousal
あくびyawn, yawning (and stretching)
後悔 【こうかい】regret, repentance
校舎 【こうしゃ】school building
杉 【すぎ】Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica
染み 【しみ】stain, spot
爽やか 【さわやか】fresh, refreshing, invigorating, clear, fluent, eloquent
跳ぶ 【とぶ】① to jump, to leap, to spring, to bound, to hop ② to fly, to soar
怒り 【いかり】anger, hatred, rage, wrath
瞳 【ひとみ】① pupil (of eye) ② eye
膨らむ 【ふくらむ】to expand, to swell (out), to get big, to become inflated
只 【ただ】free of charge
塊 【かたまり】lump, mass, bundle, clump, clod, cluster
隙間 【すきま】crevice, crack, gap, opening
こするto rub, to scrub
とっくにlong ago, already, a long time ago
それならIf that's the case ..., If so ..., That being the case ...
揃う 【そろう】① to become complete, to be all present, to be a full set, to have everything at one's disposal ② to be equal, to be uniform ③ to gather, to assemble
這う 【はう】to creep, to crawl
もちsticky rice cake
もたれるto lean against, to lean on, to recline on, to lie heavy (on the stomach)
目眩 【めまい】dizziness, giddiness, vertigo
さてwell, now, then
いよいよ① more and more, all the more, increasingly ② at last, finally, beyond doubt ③ (at the) last moment, worst possible time
なるto bear fruit
うなずくto nod, to bow one's head in assent
いざnow, come (now), well
きっちり① punctually, on the dot, precisely ② closely, tightly, (fits) like a glove ③ without fail
きっぱりclearly, plainly, decisively, distinctly, flatly
ぐっとfirmly, fast, much, more
しょっちゅうalways, constantly, frequently, often
すんなりpass with no objection, slim, slender
ちょくちょくoften, frequently, now and then, occasionally
どうにかin some way or other, one way or another
どうやらit seems like, it appears that, somehow or other
ぶらぶらdangle heavily, swing, sway to and fro, aimlessly, idly, lazily, loiter, loaf, stroll idly
ぺこぺこ① fawning, being obsequious, cringing ② being very hungry ③ giving in, being dented
ほっとfeeling relieved, (sigh of) relief
なんだかんだsomething or other
はるto do
向き 【むき】direction, orientation, aspect, situation, exposure, suitability, tendency
お巡りさん 【おまわりさん】policeman (friendly term)
圧倒 【あっとう】overwhelm, overpower, overwhelming
扱い 【あつかい】treatment, service
意地 【いじ】disposition, spirit, willpower, obstinacy, backbone, appetite
一心 【いっしん】① one mind ② wholeheartedness, one's whole heart
一目 【いちもく】① (a) glance, (a) look, (a) glimpse ② (a) stone (in Go) ③ complete view, bird's-eye view
何だか 【なんだか】(a) little, somewhat, somehow
家来 【けらい】retainer, retinue, servant
果て 【はて】the end, the extremity, the limit, the limits, the result
寒気 【さむけ】① chill, the shivers, shivering fit ② cold, coldness, cold air
緩和 【かんわ】relief, mitigation, alleviation, relaxation, softening
拒絶 【きょぜつ】refusal, rejection
距離 【きょり】distance, range
境遇 【きょうぐう】environment, circumstances
脅す 【おどす】to threaten, to menace
極端 【きょくたん】extreme, extremity
決意 【けつい】decision, determination
厳か 【おごそか】austere, majestic, dignified, stately, awful, impressive
孤独 【こどく】isolation, loneliness, solitude
交互 【こうご】mutual, reciprocal, alternate
好評 【こうひょう】popularity, favorable reputation, favourable reputation
抗議 【こうぎ】protest, objection
最早 【もはや】already, now
使命 【しめい】mission, errand, message
始末 【しまつ】① management, dealing, settlement ② cleaning up, getting rid of ③ end result (usu. bad)
手元 【てもと】① (money) on hand or at home, one's purse (handbag) ② usual skill
塾 【じゅく】coaching school, cramming school, juku
盾 【たて】shield, buckler, escutcheon, pretext
尚更 【なおさら】all the more, still less
沼 【ぬま】swamp, bog, pond, lake
焦る 【あせる】to be in a hurry, to be impatient
証拠 【しょうこ】evidence, proof
親しむ 【したしむ】to be intimate with, to befriend
澄ます 【すます】to clear, to make clear, to be unruffled, to look unconcerned, to look demure, to look prim, to put on airs
勢力 【せいりょく】influence, power, might, strength, potency, force, energy
生まれつき 【うまれつき】by nature, by birth, native
生身 【なまみ】① living flesh, flesh and blood ② physical body of Buddha or a bodhisattva
切実 【せつじつ】compelling, serious, severe, acute, earnest, pressing, urgent
占領 【せんりょう】occupation, capture, possession, have a room to oneself
宣言 【せんげん】declaration, proclamation, announcement
鮮やか 【あざやか】vivid, clear, brilliant
素材 【そざい】raw materials, subject matter
体験 【たいけん】personal experience
対話 【たいわ】interactive, interaction, conversation, dialogue
台無し 【だいなし】mess, spoiled, spoilt, (come to) nothing
断言 【だんげん】assertion, declaration, affirmation
断然 【だんぜん】firmly, absolutely, definitely
中腹 【ちゅうふく】mountain side, halfway up
点検 【てんけん】inspection, examination, checking
登校 【とうこう】attendance (at school), going to school
同士 【どうし】fellow, mutual, companion, comrade, bonding
同志 【どうし】same mind, comrade, kindred soul
同情 【どうじょう】sympathy, compassion, sympathize, sympathise, pity, feel for
内心 【ないしん】innermost thoughts, real intention, inmost heart, one's mind, in the heart
念 【ねん】sense, idea, thought, feeling, desire, concern, attention, care
粘る 【ねばる】to be sticky, to be adhesive, to persevere, to persist, to stick to
悩み 【なやみ】trouble, troubles, worry, distress, sorrows, anguish, agony, problem
反応 【はんのう】reaction, response
反発 【はんぱつ】① to repel, to oppose, to revolt, to react sharply (against) ② opposition, rebellion, resistance, backlash ③ rally, recovery (e.g. in stock prices), rebound ④ to rally, to recover, to rebound
悲観 【ひかん】pessimism, disappointment
美術 【びじゅつ】art, fine arts
不意 【ふい】sudden, abrupt, unexpected, unforeseen
奮闘 【ふんとう】hard struggle, strenuous effort
弁解 【べんかい】justification, rationalization, pretext, explanation, exculpation, defence, defense, excuse
舗装 【ほそう】pavement, road surface
本音 【ほんね】real intention, motive
本格 【ほんかく】① original method or procedure ② serious, orthodox, classical, genuine
末 【まつ】① the end of ② powder
味わい 【あじわい】① flavour, flavor ② meaning, significance
無口 【むくち】reticence, taciturnity
無邪気 【むじゃき】innocence, simple-mindedness
無知 【むち】ignorance
無用 【むよう】useless, futility, needlessness, unnecessariness
夕暮れ 【ゆうぐれ】evening, (evening) twilight
遥か 【はるか】far, far away, distant, remote, far off
裏返し 【うらがえし】inside out, upside down
励ます 【はげます】to encourage, to cheer, to raise (the voice)
連休 【れんきゅう】consecutive holidays
微か 【かすか】faint, dim, weak, indistinct, hazy, poor, wretched
効き目 【ききめ】effect, virtue, efficacy, impression
心 【しん】① heart, mind ② spirit, vitality, inner strength ③ Chinese "Heart" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
擦る 【する】① to rub, to chafe, to strike (match), to file, to frost (glass) ② to lose (e.g. a match), to forfeit, to squander one's money (e.g. through gambling, Pachinko, etc.)
専用 【せんよう】① exclusive use, personal use, dedicated ② private (e.g. network)
時折 【ときおり】sometimes
理屈 【りくつ】theory, reason
割 【わり】① rate, ratio, proportion, percentage ② profit ③ assignment ④ 10%, unit of ten percent ⑤ sumo match, schedule of sumo matches ⑥ diluted with (of drinks), mixed with
密か 【ひそか】secret, private, surreptitious
書 【しょ】① document, book ② penmanship, handwriting, calligraphy (esp. Chinese)
意 【い】① feelings, thoughts ② meaning
さっと① quickly (esp. actions) ② suddenly (esp. wind, rain, etc.)
しばしばoften, again and again, frequently
しみじみ① earnestly, keenly, fully, deeply, heartily, seriously ② calmly
ひたすらnothing but, earnest, intent, determined, set on (something)
よしcommon reed (Phragmites australis)
闇 【やみ】darkness, the dark, black-marketeering, dark, shady, illegal
かつyet, moreover, and
今更 【いまさら】now (after such a long time), at this late hour (i.e. it is too late for something)
揃い 【そろい】set, suit, uniform
ちょうsuper-, ultra-, hyper-, very, really (conversational)
さえずるto sing, to chirp, to twitter
宛 【あて】addressed to
いやいやreluctantly, by no means, unwillingly
留める 【とどめる】① to stop, to stay (e.g. the night), to cease, to put an end to ② to contain, to keep (in position, in place), to limit ③ to record (e.g. a fact), to retain
憂鬱 【ゆううつ】depression, melancholy, dejection, gloom
わざわざexpressly, specially, doing something especially rather than incidentally
うずうずsorely tempted, itching to do something
おおい① hey!, oi! ② me
きらきらglitter, sparkle, glisten, twinkle
ぎゅっとhard, tight(ly)
くよくよworry about, mope, brood over
くるくるlike a small spinning object, winding up a long string, etc.
ぐったりcompletely exhausted, dead tired, limp, senseless
こちこちdry, hard, puritanical, frightened
さらさら① rustling, murmuring ② fluently ③ silky (hair)
しょんぼりbeing downhearted
ずきずきthrobbing pain, heartbreakingly
たったonly, merely, but, no more than
ちょっぴりvery little bit, just a smidgin, wee bit
つい① just (now) ② quite (near) ③ unintentionally, unconsciously, by mistake, against one's better judgement (judgment)
ときregular (stops at every station) Jouetsu-line Shinkansen
とぼとぼtotteringly, trudgingly
ニヤニヤgrinning, broad grin, smirk
のぞみextra-high-speed Toukai-line Shinkansen
はっとtaken aback
ひりひりprickling pain, smarting, stinging
ひんやりto feel (pleasantly) cool
むっつり① sullenly, taciturnly, morosely, gloomily, silently ② taciturn person, uncommunicative person
やれやれexclamation of relief or disappointment
わくわくtremble, get nervous, excitedly, thrilled
イン① in ② inn
テレビ局 【てれびきょく】television station
ピリオド① period, dot character ② period (era, amount of time) ③ period (sports)
レース① race ② lace ③ lathe
円やか 【まろやか】① round, circular, spherical ② mild (taste), mellow (voice)
なんだかんだsomething or other, one thing or another, this or that
外見 【がいけん】outward appearance
半月 【はんつき】① half-moon ② half month ③ semicircle
なかなか① very, considerably, easily, readily, fairly, quite, highly, rather ② by no means (with negative verb)
何もかも 【なにもかも】anything and everything, just about everything
一人ぼっち 【ひとりぼっち】aloneness, loneliness, solitude
日に日に 【ひにひに】day by day, by the day
ぐんとremarkably, noticeably
にこりsmile (sweetly), grin
ふん① hmm, well ..., humph, huh, pshaw, pish ② roughly, harshly, violently
かむto blow (one's nose)
ウンウンuh-huh, sound indicating agreement, grunting or groaning sound
がかる(after a noun, used as a godan verb) inclining to, leaning to
こんもりthickly, densely, luxuriantly
ごしごしscrubbing, rubbing briskly, rasping
しまいにat the end, finally
すべすべsmooth, silky
それにしてもnevertheless, at any rate, even so
ちらりとfleeting (glimpse, glance, etc.)
どぎまぎflurried, in a flutter, upset, nervous
ぽつり① isolated, standing alone ② falling in drops (e.g. rain) ③ sighing (when saying something)
たい① (after the -masu stem of a verb) want to ... do something, would like to ... ② (at sentence-end) indicates emphasis ③ (after a noun or the -masu stem of a verb) very ...
かいmarks yes-no question
ふんわりgently, airily, fluffily
チカチカ① flickering, flashing on and off (e.g. Christmas lights) ② prickling (pain)
ぴりっとtingling, stinging, pungently
ぽいtossing something out, throwing something away
かりかり① crisp, crunchy ② to be crisp, to eat a crisp ③ to have a chip on one's shoulder, to be grumpy, to be irritated, to be annoyed ④ with crunching sound or effect
だい① marks wh-question (what, where, who) ② strengthens one's judgment or conclusion
うむyea, uh huh;
ニヤリbroadly grinning
なる① who is called, that is called ② that is
ふむhmm, I see, hrm
これ(used to get the attention of one's equals or inferiors) hey, oi, yo
それthere! (used to call someone's attention to something)
つんと① prickly (attitude), aloof ② to look standoffish ③ acrid, sharp (smell) ④ popping (e.g. of ears, sinuses, etc.)
っ子 【っこ】someone with a liking or characteristic, a true representative of (place);
安らか 【やすらか】peaceful, tranquil, calm, restful
口ぶり 【くちぶり】way of speaking, intimation
ほくろdark mole, facial mole, beauty spot
作り 【づくり】① making, forming, cultivating, growing ② form, appearance
思い切る 【おもいきる】① to give up all thoughts of, to abandon, to despair of ② to make up one's mind, to take a momentous decision
持ち前 【もちまえ】one's nature, characteristic
住人 【じゅうにん】dweller, inhabitant, resident
ふり① pretence (pretense), show ② appearance, behaviour ③ swing, swinging ④ lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.) ⑤ unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
正 【せい】① (logical) true, regular ② 10^40 ③ original ④ positive, greater than zero
前方 【ぜんぽう】forward, frontward
早足 【はやあし】① quick pace, quick steps, quick march ② trot (horse gait)
走り 【はしり】the first (harvest, catch) of the season or year
朝食 【ちょうしょく】breakfast
朝方 【あさがた】early morning, early hours, toward morning
通り 【どおり】① in accordance with ..., following ... ② .. Street, .. Avenue
道のり 【みちのり】① distance, journey, itinerary ② way, process
買い出し 【かいだし】purchase, buying in quantity
旅立ち 【たびだち】setting off (on a trip)
黒白 【くろしろ】black and white, right and wrong
前足 【まえあし】forefoot, forefeet, foreleg, forelimb
口々 【くちぐち】each entrance, every mouth
木立 【こだち】grove of trees
早々 【そうそう】① early, all in good time ② quickly, promptly ③ just- (opened, started, etc.)
近道 【ちかみち】short way, shortcut
映り 【うつり】reflection, quality of a picture (film), match, harmony
あの手この手 【あのてこのて】this way and that, (by) various means, (by) every means
そんなふうにin that manner, like that
早め 【はやめ】early
たて① central, main, head, chief ② just (done), freshly (baked), indicates activity only just occurred ③ counter for consecutive losses
赤み 【あかみ】reddish tinge, tinge of red, slight redness, blush
一身 【いっしん】oneself, one's own interests, throughout the body
横目 【よこめ】sidelong glance
科 【か】① department, section ② (taxonomical) family
画面 【がめん】terminal screen, scene, picture, the field (in TV), photo
見当たる 【みあたる】to be found
口調 【くちょう】tone (e.g. of voice, etc.), (verbal) expression
細か 【こまか】small, fine, detailed, stingy
回る 【めぐる】① to go around ② to return ③ to surround ④ to concern (usu. of disputes)
新 【しん】① new, neo- ② Gregorian calendar ③ Xin (dynasty of China)
新緑 【しんりょく】fresh verdure, new green leaves
まとも① the front ② honesty, uprightness, directness ③ decency, normality
先決 【せんけつ】previous decision, predetermination, deciding in advance, first priority
前向き 【まえむき】facing forward, front-facing, forward-looking, positive, proactive
全速力 【ぜんそくりょく】full speed
草原 【そうげん】grass-covered plain, grasslands, meadows, savannah, prairie, steppe
足取り 【あしどり】① gait, manner of walking (swimming) ② trace (e.g. of route taken by hunted criminal)
大型 【おおがた】large, large scale, big, jumbo
大勢 【たいせい】general trend, current thought
田畑 【たはた】fields (of rice and other crops)
当たり 【あたり】hit, success, reaching the mark, per ..., vicinity, neighborhood, neighbourhood
反面 【はんめん】on the other hand
平然 【へいぜん】calm, composed, cool, quiet
放つ 【はなつ】① to fire (e.g. an arrow), to hit (e.g. baseball), to break wind ② to free, to release ③ to give off (e.g. a scent), to emit (e.g. light)
満開 【まんかい】full bloom
無残 【むざん】cruelty, atrocity, cold-bloodedness, tragedy, misery
無理やり 【むりやり】forcibly, against one's will
落書き 【らくがき】scrawl, scribble, graffiti
両手 【りょうて】① (with) both hands ② approvingly
夜中 【やちゅう】during the night, at night
悲しみ 【かなしみ】sadness, sorrow, grief
等々 【とうとう】and so on, at last, finally, after all
回る 【もとおる】to wander around
葉っぱ 【はっぱ】leaf
小声 【こごえ】low voice, whisper
身動き 【みうごき】moving about, stirring about
見様 【みよう】point of view, way of seeing
目配せ 【めくばせ】exchanging looks, winking, making an eye signal
追って 【おって】① later on, shortly, presently, afterwards, in due course, by and by ② P.S.
対地 【たいち】ground to ground
ぶつ① stock, products ② stolen goods, loot, spoils
さして(with negative sentence) not much
それどころかon the contrary
悪夢 【あくむ】nightmare, bad dream
延び延び 【のびのび】stretching, repeatedly put off, procrastinate
火照る 【ほてる】to feel hot, to flush, to burn
缶切り 【かんきり】can opener
許し 【ゆるし】pardon, forgiveness, exemption, permission
共 【ども】① first-person plural (or singular) ② second or third person plural (implies speaker is of higher status than those referred to)
互いに 【たがいに】mutually, with each other, reciprocally, together
罪悪 【ざいあく】crime, sin, vice
湿布 【しっぷ】fomentation, compress
若葉 【わかば】new leaves, fresh verdure
出窓 【でまど】bay window
初日 【しょにち】first or opening day
笑み 【えみ】smile
情景 【じょうけい】spectacle, sight, scene
のびのびfeeling at ease, carefree
深呼吸 【しんこきゅう】deep breath
なるべくas much as possible, wherever practicable
静けさ 【しずけさ】stillness, silence, hush, calm, serenity
雪解け 【ゆきどけ】snow thaw, thawing
絶望 【ぜつぼう】despair, hopelessness
洗面 【せんめん】wash up (one's face), have a wash
担任 【たんにん】① in charge (of something) ② homeroom teacher
仲良く 【なかよく】making friends with, getting along well with, on cordial terms
泥んこ 【どろんこ】morass of mud
突進 【とっしん】rush, charge
軟らか 【やわらか】soft, tender, limp, subdued (colour or light) (color), gentle, meek
肉刺 【まめ】blister, corn;
反論 【はんろん】objection, refutation, rebuttal
変人 【へんじん】eccentric, crank, oddball
放課後 【ほうかご】after school
またagain, and, also, still (doing something)
眠り 【ねむり】sleep
無意識 【むいしき】① unconsciousness ② the unconscious
木造 【もくぞう】wooden, made of wood
頼り 【たより】reliance, dependence
裏手 【うらて】back of house
裏目 【うらめ】① reverse side, opposite (of the expected), backfire ② purl stitch (knitting)
療法 【りょうほう】remedy, medical treatment
労 【ろう】labor, labour, toil, trouble, pains, work, effort, striving
うなずくto nod, to bow one's head in assent
うなずくto nod, to bow one's head in assent
奥地 【おくち】interior, backwoods, hinterland, back regions
いやいやreluctantly, by no means, unwillingly
かなりconsiderably, fairly, quite
散々 【さんざん】① severely, harshly, utterly, terrible ② scattered, disconnected
隅々 【すみずみ】every nook and corner
引き換え 【ひきかえ】① exchange, conversion ② on the contrary, on the other hand
冷や汗 【ひやあせ】cold sweat
よい① good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable ② sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), ready, prepared ③ profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial ④ OK
洗い物 【あらいもの】washing
つまりin short, in brief, in other words, that is to say, in the long run, after all, blockade, stuffing, ultimate
居場所 【いばしょ】whereabouts
絶え絶え 【たえだえ】feeble, faint
小刻み 【こきざみ】mincing, bit by bit
積み重ね 【つみかさね】pile, accumulation
屋根裏 【やねうら】attic, loft
ましてやmuch less, to say nothing of
長年の夢 【ながねんのゆめ】long-cherished dream
たまoccasional, rare
一欠片 【ひとかけら】fragment, piece
そそるto excite, to incite, to stimulate, to arouse, to tempt, to stir up
どよめきcommotion, stir
慰め 【なぐさめ】comfort, consolation, diversion
恩返し 【おんがえし】requital of a favour (favor), repayment (of an obligation, kindness, etc.)
ふぐpuffer fish, blow fish, fugu, globefish, swellfish
あく① lye ② harsh taste ③ scum (formed when cooking some foods) ④ (excessive) strength of will
外壁 【がいへき】outer wall
眼差し 【まなざし】(a) look, gaze
こぞってall, all together, unanimously
仰向け 【あおむけ】face up
血統 【けっとう】lineage, pedigree, family line, birth
健気 【けなげ】brave, gallant, courage, manly, heroic, praiseworthy, industrious, pure, lovable
兼 【けん】and, in addition, concurrently
幻想 【げんそう】illusions
鼓動 【こどう】beat, palpitation, pulsation, throbbing
口笛 【くちぶえ】whistle
黒焦げ 【くろこげ】something burnt black
擦る 【かする】to touch lightly, to take a percentage (from)
燦々 【さんさん】brilliant, bright
視界 【しかい】field of vision
視線 【しせん】one's eyes, glance, look
次第に 【しだいに】① gradually (progress into a state) ② in sequence, in order, in turn
瀬 【せ】① shallows, shoal ② rapids, current, torrent ③ position, place ④ chance, opportunity
なる① to become, to get, to grow, to be, to reach, to attain ② to result in, to prove to be ③ to consist of, to be composed of ④ to succeed, to be complete ⑤ to change into, to be exchanged for ⑥ to play a role ⑦ to be promoted (shogi)
宣告 【せんこく】sentence, verdict, pronouncement
専属 【せんぞく】exclusive, attached to, specialist
即座 【そくざ】immediate, right there on the spot, impromptu
太刀打ち 【たちうち】crossing swords, opposition, contention
たい① sea bream (Sparidae), porgy ② tai (species of reddish-brown Pacific sea bream, Pagrus major)
中途半端 【ちゅうとはんぱ】halfway, half measures, unfinished, incomplete, by halves, half-baked, half-cocked
同級生 【どうきゅうせい】classmate, classmates
忍ぶ 【しのぶ】① to conceal oneself, to hide ② to endure
またagain, and, also, still (doing something)
めったthoughtless, reckless, seldom (neg. verb), careless
模擬 【もぎ】① imitation, sham, mock ② simulation
木陰 【こかげ】shade of tree, bower
目撃 【もくげき】① to observe, to witness ② eye-witness
誘い 【さそい】① invitation, introduction ② temptation
嫌味 【いやみ】disagreeableness, disagreeability, gaudiness, sarcasm
餓死 【がし】(death from) starvation, starving to death
虚ろ 【うつろ】blank, cavity, hollow, empty (space)
よい① good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable ② sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), ready, prepared ③ profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial ④ OK
よい① good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable ② sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), ready, prepared ③ profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial ④ OK
よい① good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable ② sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), ready, prepared ③ profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial ④ OK
わざわざexpressly, specially, doing something especially rather than incidentally
あれこれone thing or another, this and that, this or that
愚 【ぐ】foolishness, silliness, stupidity, folly
これ① this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic) ② this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group) ③ now
これ① this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic) ② this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group) ③ now
これ① this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic) ② this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group) ③ now
これ① this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic) ② this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group) ③ now
頑として 【がんとして】firmly, stubbornly
道案内 【みちあんない】guidepost, guidance, guide, street map
投げ遣り 【なげやり】negligent, careless, slovenly, reckless, casual, irresponsible
ちょっとしたtrifling, petty
器 【き】① device, instrument ② vessel, container
たまるto bear (often adds emphasis), to endure
あのsay, well, errr ...
しおしおin low spirits, dejected, sad
しばしばoften, again and again, frequently
それだけthat much, as much, to that extent, only that, that alone, no more than that
ひび① crack, (skin) fissure, flaw or roughness (esp. in skin) ② chaps
あしcommon reed (Phragmites australis)
化膿 【かのう】suppuration, festering, coming to head
俄然 【がぜん】suddenly, all of a sudden, abruptly
つなぎstopgap measure, filler (i.e. time, space), patch
湿疹 【しっしん】eczema, rash
相槌 【あいづち】sounds given during a conversation to indicate comprehension, back-channeling
かじpaper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)
ちょうどjust, right, exactly
膿 【うみ】pus
復讐 【ふくしゅう】revenge
蜂 【はち】① bee ② wasp
ほとんどmostly, almost
ますtrout, sea trout
もたれるto lean against, to lean on, to recline on, to lie heavy (on the stomach)
ろくにwell, enough, sufficient
鮭 【さけ】① salmon (any fish of the family Salmonidae) ② chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta)
まま① as it is, as one likes, because, as ② condition, state
さてwell, now, then
さてwell, now, then
痣 【あざ】① birthmark, nevus ② bruise ③ tache de vin, envie
あるa certain ..., some ...
いよいよ① more and more, all the more, increasingly ② at last, finally, beyond doubt ③ (at the) last moment, worst possible time
いよいよ① more and more, all the more, increasingly ② at last, finally, beyond doubt ③ (at the) last moment, worst possible time
いらいらgetting nervous, irritation
瘡蓋 【かさぶた】crust, scab
こうしてthus, in this way
たけなわin full swing, at full height
ほとほとquite (usu. negative connotation), utterly, really