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Ninokuni DS and PS3 game.


416 entriesCreated by Mario A. — Last modified: 2013-03-14 15:52:02
軽い 【かるい】① light (i.e. not heavy), feeling light (i.e. offering little resistance, moving easily) ② light (i.e. of foot), nimble, agile ③ non-serious, minor, unimportant, trivial ④ slight, small, gentle, soft ⑤ easy, simple ⑥ indiscriminate
借りる 【かりる】① to borrow, to have a loan ② to rent, to hire
冊 【さつ】counter for books
渡す 【わたす】① to ferry across (a river, etc.), to carry across, to traverse ② to lay across, to build across ③ to hand over, to hand in, to pass, to give, to transfer
並ぶ 【ならぶ】① to line up, to stand in a line ② to rival, to match, to equal
頼む 【たのむ】① to request, to beg, to ask ② to call, to order, to reserve ③ to entrust to ④ to rely on
運ぶ 【はこぶ】① to carry, to transport, to move, to convey ② to come, to go ③ to wield (a tool, etc.), to use ④ to go (well, etc.), to proceed, to progress
間に合う 【まにあう】① to be in time for ② to serve (suit, meet) the purpose, to be good enough, to be enough
集める 【あつめる】to collect, to assemble, to gather
世話 【せわ】looking after, help, aid, assistance
通り 【とおり】avenue, street, way
都合 【つごう】circumstances, condition, convenience
回る 【まわる】① to turn, to revolve ② to visit several places ③ to function well ④ to pass a certain time
参る 【まいる】① to go, to come, to call ② to be defeated, to collapse, to die ③ to be annoyed, to be nonplussed ④ to be madly in love ⑤ to visit (shrine, grave)
残る 【のこる】to remain, to be left
伝える 【つたえる】to convey, to report, to transmit, to communicate, to tell, to impart, to propagate, to teach, to bequeath
返事 【へんじ】reply, answer, response
役に立つ 【やくにたつ】to be helpful, to be useful
留守 【るす】① absence, being away from home ② house-sitting, house-sitter ③ being left unattended to (of one's studies, etc.), neglecting
落とす 【おとす】① to drop, to lose, to let fall ② to clean off (dirt, makeup, paint, etc.), to remove (e.g. stains) ③ to download
機会 【きかい】chance, opportunity
祈る 【いのる】to pray, to wish
捨てる 【すてる】to throw away, to cast aside, to abandon, to resign, to break up with (someone)
準備 【じゅんび】preparation, setup, arrangements, provision, reserve
盗む 【ぬすむ】to steal
治る 【なおる】to be cured, to get well, to be healed
見舞い 【みまい】① visiting ill or distressed people, writing get-well letters ② get-well gifts, get-well letters ③ expression of sympathy, expression of concern, enquiry, inquiry
飾る 【かざる】to decorate, to ornament, to adorn
騒ぐ 【さわぐ】① to make noise, to make racket, to be noisy ② to rustle, to swoosh ③ to make merry ④ to clamor, to clamour, to make a fuss, to kick up a fuss ⑤ to lose one's cool, to panic, to act flustered ⑥ to feel tense, to be uneasy, to be excited
そっくりall, altogether, entirely, just like, the spitting image of
のんびりcarefree, at leisure
本来 【ほんらい】① originally, primarily ② essentially, naturally, by nature, in (and of) itself ③ proper, legal
意外 【いがい】unexpected, surprising
運 【うん】fortune, luck
行動 【こうどう】action, conduct, behaviour, behavior, mobilization, mobilisation
親しい 【したしい】intimate, close (e.g. friend)
注目 【ちゅうもく】notice, attention, observation
土地 【とち】plot of land, lot, soil
味方 【みかた】friend, ally, supporter
広がる 【ひろがる】to spread (out), to extend, to stretch, to reach to, to get around, to fill (e.g. a space)
加える 【くわえる】to append, to sum up, to add (up), to include, to increase, to inflict
感心 【かんしん】admiration, Well done!
観光 【かんこう】sightseeing
期待 【きたい】expectation, anticipation, hope
記録 【きろく】① record, minutes, document ② a record (e.g. in sports), results, score ③ to record, to document ④ to set a record (e.g. in sports), to show a result, to reach a value
逆らう 【さからう】to go against, to oppose, to disobey, to defy
苦しい 【くるしい】painful, difficult
才能 【さいのう】talent, ability
試し 【ためし】trial, test
事情 【じじょう】circumstances, consideration, conditions, situation, reasons
実行 【じっこう】practice, practise, performance, execution (e.g. program) (programme), realization, realisation, implementation
受け取る 【うけとる】① to receive, to get, to accept ② to take, to interpret, to understand
勝負 【しょうぶ】victory or defeat, match, contest, game, bout
正式 【せいしき】due form, official, formality
全く 【まったく】① really, truly, entirely, completely, wholly, perfectly ② indeed ③ good grief (expression of exasperation)
相当 【そうとう】① befitting, becoming, worthy of, proportionate, in keeping with, suitable ② considerable, substantial ③ to be worthy of, to be proportionate to ④ to correspond to (in meaning, function, etc.), to be equivalent ⑤ extremely, considerably
断る 【ことわる】① to refuse, to reject, to dismiss, to turn down, to decline ② to inform, to give notice, to tell in advance ③ to ask leave, to excuse oneself (from)
的 【てき】-like, typical
伝わる 【つたわる】to be handed down, to be introduced, to be transmitted, to be circulated, to go along, to walk along
平気 【へいき】coolness, calmness, composure, unconcern
満足 【まんぞく】① satisfaction ② sufficiency
無事 【ぶじ】safety, peace, quietness
目指す 【めざす】to aim at, to have an eye on
友情 【ゆうじょう】friendship, fellowship, camaraderie
理想 【りそう】ideal, dream
谷 【たに】valley
引き受ける 【ひきうける】① to be responsible for ② to take over, to take up ③ to guarantee, to undertake ④ to contract (a disease)
満ちる 【みちる】① to be full ② to wax (e.g. moon) ③ to rise (e.g. tide) ④ to mature, to expire
感 【かん】feeling, sensation, emotion, admiration, impression
一般 【いっぱん】general, liberal, universal, ordinary, average
可能 【かのう】possible, practicable, feasible
解ける 【とける】① to be solved ② to loosen, to come untied ③ to be removed (e.g. restrictions), to be cleared (e.g. misunderstandings), to be broken (e.g. spells, curses) ④ to melt
解決 【かいけつ】settlement, solution, resolution
回復 【かいふく】recovery (from illness), improvement, rehabilitation, restoration, convalescence
完了 【かんりょう】① completion, conclusion ② perfective (form, aspect)
機能 【きのう】function, facility, faculty, feature
記念 【きねん】commemoration, memory
許す 【ゆるす】① to permit, to allow, to approve ② to exempt (from fine), to excuse (from), to pardon, to forgive, to release, to let off ③ to confide in ④ to give up, to yield
許可 【きょか】permission, approval, authorization
恐らく 【おそらく】perhaps, likely, probably, I dare say
恐ろしい 【おそろしい】terrible, dreadful
偶然 【ぐうぜん】(by) chance, unexpectedly, suddenly, accident, fortuity
現れる 【あらわれる】① to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise ② to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
限り 【かぎり】① limit, limits, bounds ② degree, extent, scope ③ as far as possible, as much as possible, to the best of one's ability ④ unless (after neg. verb) ⑤ the end, the last
限界 【げんかい】limit, bound
枯れる 【かれる】to wither (plant), to be blasted, to die
効果 【こうか】effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result
困難 【こんなん】difficulty, distress
再び 【ふたたび】again, once more, a second time
支える 【ささえる】① to support, to prop, to sustain, to underlay, to hold up ② to hold at bay, to stem, to check
失う 【うしなう】to lose, to part with
集団 【しゅうだん】group, mass
重要 【じゅうよう】important, momentous, essential, principal, major
述べる 【のべる】to state, to express, to mention
常識 【じょうしき】common knowledge, conventional wisdom, general knowledge, common sense
信用 【しんよう】confidence, dependence, credit, faith, reliance, belief, credence
神経 【しんけい】nerve, sensitivity
性 【せい】① nature (of a person) ② sex ③ gender ④ -ty (suffix indicating quality or condition), -ity, -ness
性質 【せいしつ】nature, property, disposition
政府 【せいふ】government, administration
精神 【せいしん】mind, soul, heart, spirit, intention
積もる 【つもる】① to pile up, to accumulate ② to estimate
絶対 【ぜったい】① absolutely, unconditionally ② absolute, unconditional, unmistakable ③ absoluteness
相変わらず 【あいかわらず】as ever, as usual, the same
程度 【ていど】degree, amount, grade, standard, of the order of (following a number)
倒す 【たおす】① to throw down, to bring down, to blow down, to fell, to knock down ② to kill, to defeat, to beat ③ to overthrow, to trip up, to ruin ④ to leave unpaid, to cheat
届く 【とどく】① to reach, to arrive, to get through, to get at ② to be attentive, to pay attention ③ to be delivered, to carry (e.g. sound)
認める 【みとめる】① to recognize, to recognise, to appreciate ② to observe, to notice ③ to admit, to approve
抜ける 【ぬける】① to come out, to fall out, to be omitted, to be missing, to escape ② to exit (a program loop)
判断 【はんだん】judgement, judgment, decision, adjudication, conclusion, decipherment, divination
不思議 【ふしぎ】wonder, miracle, strange, mystery, marvel, curiosity
浮かぶ 【うかぶ】① to float, to be suspended ② to rise to surface ③ to come to mind, to have inspiration
服装 【ふくそう】garments, attire
宝 【たから】treasure
命令 【めいれい】① order, command, decree, directive ② (software) instruction, statement
面接 【めんせつ】interview
有効 【ゆうこう】validity, legality, availability, effectiveness
余計 【よけい】too much, unnecessary, extraneous, abundance, surplus, excess, superfluity
与える 【あたえる】① to give (esp. to someone of lower status), to bestow, to grant, to confer, to present, to award ② to provide, to afford, to offer, to supply ③ to assign ④ to cause ⑤ to pass (a variable to a function)
預かる 【あずかる】① to look after, to take care of, to keep, to hold on to, to keep in custody ② to take charge of, to be entrusted with, to receive on deposit ③ to reserve (judgment), to leave undecided
頼る 【たよる】to rely on, to have recourse to, to depend on
扱う 【あつかう】to handle, to deal with, to treat
異常 【いじょう】strangeness, abnormality, disorder
隠す 【かくす】to hide, to conceal
隠れる 【かくれる】to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
穏やか 【おだやか】calm, gentle, quiet
覚悟 【かくご】resolution, resignation, readiness, preparedness
感謝 【かんしゃ】thanks, gratitude
基本 【きほん】foundation, basis, standard
機嫌 【きげん】humour, humor, temper, mood
貴重 【きちょう】precious, valuable
救う 【すくう】to rescue from, to help out of, to save
契約 【けいやく】contract, compact, agreement
結局 【けっきょく】after all, eventually, in the end
件 【けん】matter, case, item
健康 【けんこう】health, sound, wholesome
攻撃 【こうげき】attack, strike, offensive, criticism, censure
飼う 【かう】to keep, to raise, to feed
次第 【しだい】① dependent upon ② as soon as, immediately (upon) ③ circumstances ④ order, precedence, program, programme, agenda
主義 【しゅぎ】doctrine, rule, principle
収穫 【しゅうかく】harvest, crop, ingathering
瞬間 【しゅんかん】moment, second, instant
障害 【しょうがい】① obstacle, impediment, hindrance, difficulty, barrier ② handicap, impairment, disability, disorder, malfunction
誓う 【ちかう】to swear, to vow, to take an oath, to pledge
善 【ぜん】good, goodness, right, virtue
操作 【そうさ】① operation, management, processing ② manipulating to one's benefit ③ to operate ④ to manipulate, to fiddle (e.g. the books)
怠ける 【なまける】① to be idle, to slacken ② to neglect (e.g. one's work)
奪う 【うばう】to snatch away, to dispossess, to steal
知恵 【ちえ】① wisdom, wit, sagacity, sense, intelligence ② prajna (insight leading to enlightenment)
張る 【はる】① to stick, to paste, to affix ② to stretch, to spread, to strain, to tighten ③ to form (e.g. ice on a pond) ④ to fill, to swell ⑤ to stick out, to put, to slap ⑥ to be expensive
笛 【ふえ】flute, pipe, whistle
縛る 【しばる】to tie, to bind
冒険 【ぼうけん】risk, venture, adventure
霧 【きり】fog, mist
唯一 【ゆいいつ】only, sole, unique
敵 【てき】① opponent, rival, adversary ② menace, danger, threat, enemy
避ける 【さける】① to avoid (physical contact with) ② to avoid (situation) ③ to ward off, to avert
あらゆるall, every
影 【かげ】① shadow, silhouette ② reflection, image ③ presence, sign ④ light (stars, moon)
砂漠 【さばく】desert
我が 【わが】my, our, one's own
途端 【とたん】just (now, at the moment, etc.)
溢れる 【あふれる】to overflow, to brim over, to flood
蓋 【ふた】cover, lid, cap
まさかby no means, never!, well, I never!, you don't say!
かく① to scratch ② to perspire ③ to shovel, to paddle
諦める 【あきらめる】to give up, to abandon
とにかくanyhow, at any rate, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
溜まる 【たまる】to collect, to gather, to save, to accumulate, to pile up
つまりin short, in brief, in other words, that is to say, in the long run, after all, blockade, stuffing, ultimate
すっきり① clearly, refreshed ② shapely, neatly, refinedly ③ cleanly, without trouble ④ clearly, plainly, distinctly ⑤ completely, thoroughly ⑥ not at all (with negative sentence), not even slightly
下り 【くだり】① down-train (going away from Tokyo) ② down-slope, downward going
広める 【ひろめる】to broaden, to propagate
重ねる 【かさねる】to pile up, to put something on another, to heap up, to add, to repeat
気味 【ぎみ】-like, -looking, -looked
教わる 【おそわる】to be taught
苦情 【くじょう】complaint, troubles, objection, grievance
正面 【しょうめん】front, frontage, facade, main
早速 【さっそく】at once, immediately, without delay, promptly
直前 【ちょくぜん】just before
通勤 【つうきん】commuting to work
日常 【にちじょう】ordinary, regular, everyday, usual
放る 【ほうる】① to let go, to abandon, to leave undone ② to throw, to toss, to fling
当てはめる 【あてはめる】to apply, to adapt
打ち消す 【うちけす】① to deny, to contradict ② to negate (esp. a sound), to drown out
移転 【いてん】moving, transfer, demise
解説 【かいせつ】explanation, commentary, exposition, elucidation
改める 【あらためる】① to change, to alter, to revise, to replace ② to reform, to correct, to mend, to improve ③ to examine, to check, to inspect ④ to do properly, to do formally
甘やかす 【あまやかす】to pamper, to spoil
近寄る 【ちかよる】to approach, to draw near
照る 【てる】to shine
追い越す 【おいこす】to pass (e.g. car), to outdistance, to outstrip
暴れる 【あばれる】to act violently, to rage, to struggle, to be riotous
目印 【めじるし】mark, sign, landmark
乱暴 【らんぼう】rude, violent, rough, lawless, unreasonable, reckless
押さえる 【おさえる】① to pin something down, to hold something down, to hold something back, to stop, to restrain, to curb ② to seize, to grasp, to arrest ③ to gain control of something, to govern, to keep down (e.g. information), to suppress ④ to catch happening, to determine (important points), to find (proof), to understand
応援 【おうえん】aid, assistance, help, reinforcement, rooting, barracking, support, cheering
果たす 【はたす】to accomplish, to fulfill, to carry out, to achieve
勘違い 【かんちがい】misunderstanding, wrong guess
取り戻す 【とりもどす】to take back, to regain, to get back, to recover
純粋 【じゅんすい】pure, true, genuine, unmixed
素人 【しろうと】amateur, novice
素直 【すなお】① obedient, meek, docile, unaffected ② honest, frank
創作 【そうさく】production, literary creation, work
典型 【てんけい】type, pattern, archetypal
展開 【てんかい】① development ② expansion (opposite of compression)
透き通る 【すきとおる】to be(come) transparent
普及 【ふきゅう】diffusion, spread
本気 【ほんき】seriousness, truth, sanctity
脅かす 【おどかす】① to threaten, to menace ② to startle, to surprise
湧く 【わく】① to well (up), to gush forth (of water), to spring out, to surge ② to appear (esp. suddenly) (sweat, tears, etc.) ③ to hatch (esp. of parasitic insects, etc.)
錆びる 【さびる】to rust, to become rusty
なおfurthermore, still, yet, more, still more, in addition, greater, further
塵 【ちり】dust, dirt
かつて① once, before, formerly, ever, former, ex- ② never (with negative verb)
ひとまずfor the present, once, in outline
くっきりdistinctly, clearly, boldly
ちょくちょくoften, frequently, now and then, occasionally
はるto do
指示 【しじ】indication, instruction, designation, directions
意気込む 【いきごむ】to be enthusiastic about
英雄 【えいゆう】hero, great man
円満 【えんまん】perfection, harmony, peace, smoothness, completeness, satisfaction, integrity
解ける 【ほどける】to come untied, to come apart
回収 【かいしゅう】collection, recovery, withdrawal, retrieval
感染 【かんせん】infection, contagion
危害 【きがい】injury, harm, danger
技 【わざ】technique, art
義理 【ぎり】duty, sense of duty, honor, honour, decency, courtesy, debt of gratitude, social obligation
禁じる 【きんじる】to prohibit
愚痴 【ぐち】① idle complaint, grumble ② moha (ignorance, folly)
屈折 【くっせつ】① bending, indentation ② refraction ③ inflection ④ warping (e.g. of opinion, reasoning, etc.), distortion
故 【ゆえ】reason, cause, circumstances
栽培 【さいばい】cultivation
作戦 【さくせん】① tactics, strategy ② military or naval operations
司る 【つかさどる】to rule, to govern, to administer
思考 【しこう】thought, consideration, thinking
資格 【しかく】qualifications, requirements, capabilities
自立 【じりつ】independence, self-reliance
手元 【てもと】① (money) on hand or at home, one's purse (handbag) ② usual skill
授ける 【さずける】to grant, to award, to teach
襲う 【おそう】① to attack, to assail, to make an assault, to strike, to hunt down ② to succeed (someone in a post, role, etc.) ③ to make a sudden visit
盾 【たて】shield, buckler, escutcheon, pretext
勝手 【かって】① one's own convenience, one's way ② convenience or ease of use, knowledge of how to use ③ circumstances, situation (e.g. financial), environment ④ kitchen ⑤ arbitrary
勝利 【しょうり】victory, triumph, conquest, success, win
証拠 【しょうこ】evidence, proof
象徴 【しょうちょう】symbol
上位 【じょうい】① superior (rank not class) ② higher order (e.g. byte) ③ host computer (of connected device)
城下 【じょうか】land near the castle
神聖 【しんせい】holiness, sacredness, dignity
神殿 【しんでん】temple, sacred place
進化 【しんか】evolution, progress
推理 【すいり】reasoning, inference, mystery or detective genre (movie, novel, etc.)
衰える 【おとろえる】to become weak, to decline, to wear, to abate, to decay, to wither, to waste away
政策 【せいさく】political measures, policy
戦闘 【せんとう】battle, fight, combat
操る 【あやつる】to manipulate, to operate, to pull strings
争い 【あらそい】dispute, strife, quarrel, dissension, conflict, rivalry, contest
退治 【たいじ】extermination
旦那 【だんな】husband (informal), master (of house, shop, etc.), word used to address a male patron or customer (sir, boss, master, governor), patron of a mistress, geisha, bar or nightclub hostess
挑む 【いどむ】① to challenge, to throw down the gauntlet, to contend for, to tackle ② to pressure someone for sex, to woo, to make love to
調理 【ちょうり】cooking, food preparation
突破 【とっぱ】breaking through, breakthrough, penetration
内部 【ないぶ】interior, inside, internal
扉 【とびら】① door, gate, opening ② title page
保護 【ほご】care, protection, shelter, safeguard, guardianship, favor, favour, patronage
本格 【ほんかく】① original method or procedure ② serious, orthodox, classical, genuine
本能 【ほんのう】instinct
名残 【なごり】① remains, traces, vestiges, relics ② (the sorrow of) parting ③ end
目覚める 【めざめる】to wake up
幽霊 【ゆうれい】ghost, specter, spectre, apparition, phantom
予感 【よかん】presentiment, premonition
立ち寄る 【たちよる】to stop by, to drop in for a short visit
脅かす 【おびやかす】① to intimidate, to scare ② to jeopardize, to endanger, to imperil
魂 【たましい】soul, spirit
避ける 【よける】① to avoid (physical contact with) ② to avoid (situation) ③ to ward off, to avert
探検 【たんけん】exploration, expedition
見込み 【みこみ】forecast, prospects, expectation, hope
見通し 【みとおし】perspective, unobstructed view, outlook, forecast, prospect, insight, foresight, visibility
理屈 【りくつ】theory, reason
闇 【やみ】darkness, the dark, black-marketeering, dark, shady, illegal
杖 【つえ】cane, walking stick, staff
賭ける 【かける】to wager, to bet, to risk, to stake, to gamble
庇う 【かばう】to protect someone, to take under one's wing, to plead for, to stick up for, to cover up for someone
くじlottery, lot
なめる① to lick ② to taste ③ to experience (esp. a hardship) ④ to make fun of, to make light of, to put down, to treat with contempt
瞑る 【つぶる】to close the eyes
つぶらround, rotund
よっぽど① very, greatly, much, to a large extent, quite ② just about to
きびきびbrisk, lively, energetic
ばれるto leak out (a secret), to be exposed (a lie, improper behaviour, etc.) (behavior)
ぶるぶるshivering with cold or fear, shaking, trembling
一気に 【いっきに】at once, at a breath (stroke, sitting)
ひとまずfor the present, once, in outline
ひとまずfor the present, once, in outline
一人ぼっち 【ひとりぼっち】aloneness, loneliness, solitude
見かけ 【みかけ】outward appearance
食 【しょく】① meal, (one's) diet, food, foodstuff, foodstuffs ② eclipse (solar, lunar, etc.)
かいmarks yes-no question
仕業 【しわざ】act, action, deed
自体 【じたい】itself
手ごわい 【てごわい】difficult, tough, stubborn, redoubtable
住み着く 【すみつく】to settle (in a place), to settle down
着心地 【きごこち】(good or bad) feel when wearing something
通り 【どおり】① in accordance with ..., following ... ② .. Street, .. Avenue
店主 【てんしゅ】shopkeeper
発動 【はつどう】invoke (law), put into operation
不気味 【ぶきみ】weird, ominous, eerie, uncanny, ghastly
英知 【えいち】intelligence
持ち主 【もちぬし】owner, proprietor
見た目 【みため】appearance
主 【あるじ】head (of a household), proprietor (of a store), proprietress, landlord, landlady, master (of a servant)
黄 【き】yellow
画面 【がめん】terminal screen, scene, picture, the field (in TV), photo
試練 【しれん】test, trial, probation, ordeal, tribulation
回る 【めぐる】① to go around ② to return ③ to surround ④ to concern (usu. of disputes)
商会 【しょうかい】firm, company
真っ向 【まっこう】brow, front, helmet front
みずむし① athlete's foot ② water boatman (esp. species Hesperocorixa distanti) ③ Asellus hilgendorfi (species of aquatic sowbug)
生き返る 【いきかえる】to revive, to come to oneself, to be restored to life
前線 【ぜんせん】front line, (weather) front
足取り 【あしどり】① gait, manner of walking (swimming) ② trace (e.g. of route taken by hunted criminal)
体調 【たいちょう】physical condition
調合 【ちょうごう】mixing, compounding, dispensing (e.g. prescription)
通行人 【つうこうにん】passerby, pedestrian, foot passenger
白身 【しろみ】① white of egg ② white meat, sapwood ③ white-fleshed fish for sushi and sashimi (e.g. tai, hirame, karei)
平原 【へいげん】plain, moor, prairie
門番 【もんばん】gatekeeper
回る 【もとおる】to wander around
落着 【らくちゃく】being settled, coming to a conclusion
常 【つね】usual state of things
ちなみにby the way, in this connection, incidentally, in passing
温厚 【おんこう】gentle
気絶 【きぜつ】faint, swoon
共有 【きょうゆう】share, joint ownership, co-ownership
見込む 【みこむ】to anticipate, to estimate
賢者 【けんじゃ】wise man, sage
差し伸べる 【さしのべる】① to hold out, to extend (e.g. one's hands), to stretch, to reach out for ② to thrust (javelin) ③ to offer (e.g. aid, help, etc.)
雑草 【ざっそう】weed
取り付く 【とりつく】to cling to, to grapple with, to possess, to stick to
種族 【しゅぞく】race, tribe, family, species
除雪 【じょせつ】snow removal
小麦粉 【こむぎこ】wheat flour
のびのびfeeling at ease, carefree
制圧 【せいあつ】gaining total control (of people or counties), suppression, oppression, control, mastery, ascendancy, supremacy
正装 【せいそう】uniform, full dress
精進 【しょうじん】① concentration, diligence, devotion ② asceticism, zeal in one's quest for enlightenment ③ adherence to a vegetarian diet
絶望 【ぜつぼう】despair, hopelessness
先制 【せんせい】preempt, head-start (of several runs) (baseball)
長老 【ちょうろう】eldest, senior
殿 【どの】form of address used for official letters and business letters, and in letters to inferiors, Mr
敗れる 【やぶれる】to be defeated, to be unsuccessful
本性 【ほんしょう】true character, real nature
あずかる① to participate in, to take part in ② to receive, to enjoy, to be given
連れ出す 【つれだす】to take out
和菓子 【わがし】Japanese confectionery
愛想 【あいそ】civility, courtesy, compliments, sociability, graces
宝物 【ほうもつ】treasure, treasured item
切り替え 【きりかえ】exchange, conversion, replacement, switching (to), switchover
極める 【きわめる】① to carry to extremes, to go to the end of something ② to investigate thoroughly, to master
吹き出す 【ふきだす】to blow (smoke, etc.)
よっぽど① very, greatly, much, to a large extent, quite ② just about to
つまりin short, in brief, in other words, that is to say, in the long run, after all, blockade, stuffing, ultimate
見逃し 【みのがし】overlooking, letting a good ball go by
水差し 【みずさし】① pitcher, water jug, watering can ② container of fresh water for replenishing the kettle and rinsing bowls (tea ceremony)
絶品 【ぜっぴん】unique or superb article
置き忘れる 【おきわすれる】to leave behind, to misplace, to forget
抜き 【ぬき】① without, not including, dispensed with ② (beating) in succession
機 【き】① chance, opportunity ② machine ③ aircraft ④ counter for aircraft ⑤ counter for remaining lives (in video games)
たまoccasional, rare
遺伝子 【いでんし】gene, genetic
一筋縄 【ひとすじなわ】① (piece of) rope ② ordinary method
王宮 【おうきゅう】royal palace
回廊 【かいろう】corridor, gallery, hallway, cloister (i.e. covered walk typically circling a building or garden, esp. in a palace or place of worship)
怪しげ 【あやしげ】questionable, doubtful, suspicious
くつろぐto relax, to feel at home
頑強 【がんきょう】dogged, tenacious, stubborn
偽善 【ぎぜん】hypocrisy
救世主 【きゅうせいしゅ】saviour, messiah
拒む 【こばむ】to refuse, to reject, to decline
狂暴 【きょうぼう】rage, frenzy
健闘 【けんとう】① fighting bravely, strenuous efforts ② good luck!, good fight
自閉症 【じへいしょう】① autism ② autistic
うしなうto lose, to part with
獣 【じゅう】beast, brute
小僧 【こぞう】① youngster ② young Buddhist priest
なおfurthermore, still, yet, more, still more, in addition, greater, further
衝撃波 【しょうげきは】shock wave
振り払う 【ふりはらう】to shake off
奏でる 【かなでる】to play an instrument (esp. string instruments)
弾ける 【はじける】to burst open, to split open, to pop
暖炉 【だんろ】fireplace, hearth, stove
統轄 【とうかつ】control, supervision
踏み出す 【ふみだす】to step forward, to advance
波紋 【はもん】① ripple, ring on the water ② repercussions
縛り上げる 【しばりあげる】to bind (tie) up
撲滅 【ぼくめつ】extermination
免疫 【めんえき】immunity, immunization, immunisation
猛獣 【もうじゅう】wild animal, beast of prey
揚げ 【あげ】fried bean curd
輪郭 【りんかく】contours, outlines, features, border, silhouette
霊 【れい】soul, spirit, departed soul, ghost
駆け出す 【かけだす】to run off, to break into a run, to start running
見張り 【みはり】watch-keeping, guard, lookout
錠 【じょう】① lock, padlock ② tablet, lozenge, pill
揚げ足 【あげあし】① finding fault ② upturn (in the market)
かけるto suspend between two points, to build (a bridge, etc.), to put up on something (e.g. legs up on table)
たまるto bear (often adds emphasis), to endure
呪い 【のろい】curse, spell, malediction
洞窟 【どうくつ】cave
やたらat random, thoughtlessly, recklessly, excessively
妖精 【ようせい】fairy, sprite, elf
痙攣 【けいれん】convulsions, cramps
なめる① to lick ② to taste ③ to experience (esp. a hardship) ④ to make fun of, to make light of, to put down, to treat with contempt
儚い 【はかない】① fleeting, transient, short-lived, momentary, ephemeral, fickle, vain ② empty (dream, etc.), mere (hope), faint (possibility)