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All the vocabulary for chapter 34 of minna no nihongo book 2


70 entriesCreated by #46098 — Last modified: 2013-03-13 04:43:01
グラムgram, gramme
白 【しろ】① white ② good guy, 'white hat'
① indicates question (sentence end) ② indicates choice, doubt, etc.
黒 【くろ】① black ② dark ③ bad guy, 'black hat'
質問 【しつもん】question, inquiry, enquiry
青 【あお】① blue ② green ③ green light ④ black (horse coat color) ⑤ immature, unripe, young
太い 【ふとい】① fat, thick ② deep (of a voice) ③ daring, shameless, brazen
料理 【りょうり】① cooking, cookery, cuisine ② dealing with something, handling, administration, management
赤 【あか】① red, crimson, scarlet ② red-containing colour (e.g. brown, pink, orange) ③ red light ④ red ink (i.e. in finance or proof-reading), (in) the red ⑤ complete, total, perfect, obvious
細い 【ほそい】thin, slender, fine
黄色 【きいろ】yellow, amber
個 【こ】① counter for articles ② counter for military units ③ individual
磨く 【みがく】① to polish, to shine, to brush (e.g. teeth) ② to refine, to improve
塩 【しお】salt
砂糖 【さとう】sugar
醤油 【しょうゆ】soy sauce, shoyu
さっきsome time ago
見つかる 【みつかる】to be found, to be discovered
苦い 【にがい】bitter
焼く 【やく】① to bake, to grill ② to develop (photos) ③ to suntan ④ to burn (in flames, down, CD, DVD, etc.), to scorch ⑤ to be jealous, to be envious
線 【せん】line (also telephone, railway), wire, beam
折る 【おる】to break, to fold, to pick flowers
図 【ず】figure (e.g. Fig 1), drawing, picture, illustration
家具 【かぐ】furniture
組み立てる 【くみたてる】to assemble, to set up, to construct
板 【いた】① board, plank ② sheet (of metal), plate (of glass), pane, slab ③ cutting board, chopping board ④ stage (i.e. at a theatre)
油 【あぶら】oil
刻む 【きざむ】to mince, to carve, to engrave, to cut fine, to chop up, to hash, to chisel, to notch
材料 【ざいりょう】ingredients, material
揚げる 【あげる】① to deep-fry ② to raise, to elevate ③ to fly (a kite, etc.), to launch (fireworks, etc.), to surface (a submarine, etc.) ④ to land (a boat) ⑤ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑥ to earn (something desirable) ⑦ (of the tide) to come in
蓋 【ふた】cover, lid, cap
鍋 【なべ】saucepan, pot
茹でる 【ゆでる】to boil
分 【ぶん】① part, segment, share, ration ② rate ③ degree, one's lot, one's status, relation, duty, kind, lot ④ in proportion to, just as much as
調味料 【ちょうみりょう】flavoring (e.g. salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.), seasoning
鳥肉 【とりにく】chicken meat
夕 【ゆうべ】① evening ② last night
薬缶 【やかん】kettle
紺 【こん】navy blue, deep blue
煮える 【にえる】to boil, to cook, to be cooked
煮る 【にる】to boil, to cook
浸ける 【つける】to soak, to seep, to dip in
酢 【す】vinegar
炊飯器 【すいはんき】rice cooker
包丁 【ほうちょう】kitchen knife, carving knife
矢印 【やじるし】arrow (mark or symbol), directional marker or indicator
炊く 【たく】to cook (esp. grain, pulses, etc., such as rice or beans), to boil
載せる 【のせる】to load (luggage), to carry, to take on board
剥く 【むく】to peel, to skin, to pare, to hull
丼 【どんぶり】① porcelain bowl ② bowl of rice with food on top
蒸す 【むす】to steam, to poultice, to be sultry
先に 【さきに】before, earlier than, ahead, beyond, away, previously, recently
流し 【ながし】① sink ② cruising (e.g. taxi)
炒める 【いためる】to cook, to fry, to saute, to stir-fry
気がつく 【きがつく】① to notice, to become aware, to perceive, to realize, to realise ② to recover consciousness, to come to oneself
ちゃ色 【ちゃいろ】light brown, tawny
茶道 【さどう】tea ceremony, Way of Tea
玉ねぎ 【たまねぎ】onion (edible plant, Allium cepa)
台所用品 【だいどころようひん】kitchenware
かき混ぜる 【かきまぜる】to mix, to stir, to scramble, to churn
辛子 【からし】mustard
換気 【かんき】ventilation
缶切り 【かんきり】can opener
説明書 【せつめいしょ】(printed) instructions
粉 【こ】flour, meal, powder
わさびwasabi (Japanese horseradish)
唐辛子 【とうがらし】① capsicum (Capsicum annuum, esp. the cultivated chili peppers), chili pepper (chile, chilli), cayenne, red pepper ② Guinea pepper
かけるto suspend between two points, to build (a bridge, etc.), to put up on something (e.g. legs up on table)
お玉杓子 【おたまじゃくし】① tadpole ② ladle ③ musical note