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とびらの単語 Chapter 7


51 entriesCreated by #45041 — Last modified: 2013-03-05 07:10:09
入る 【はいる】① to enter ② to break into ③ to join, to enroll ④ to contain, to hold, to accommodate ⑤ to have (an income of)
鼻 【はな】nose
鳴く 【なく】① to sing (bird) ② to bark, to purr, to make sound (animal)
丸い 【まるい】① round, circular, spherical ② harmonious, calm
医学 【いがく】medical science, medicine
開く 【ひらく】① to open (e.g. a bank-account, festival, etc.) ② to spread out, to open up (flower bud, umbrella, etc.), to widen (gap, distance, width) ③ to hold, to give (party, conference, etc.)
少年 【しょうねん】boys, juveniles
深い 【ふかい】deep, profound, thick, close
虫 【むし】insect, bug, cricket, moth, worm
放送 【ほうそう】broadcast, broadcasting
鳴る 【なる】to sound, to ring, to resound, to echo, to roar, to rumble
機会 【きかい】chance, opportunity
経済 【けいざい】economics, business, finance, economy
適当 【てきとう】① suitable, adequate, relevant, appropriate, fit ② random, halfhearted, on the spot, whatever works
亡くなる 【なくなる】to die
素晴らしい 【すばらしい】wonderful, splendid, magnificent
翻訳 【ほんやく】① translation ② de-encryption, deciphering ③ rendering
作品 【さくひん】work (e.g. book, film, composition, etc.), opus, performance, production
世の中 【よのなか】society, the world, the times
動作 【どうさ】action, movements, motions, bearing, behaviour, behavior, execution, actuation, operation, manners
年代 【ねんだい】age, era, period, date
少女 【しょうじょ】young lady, little girl, virgin, maiden, daughter
人物 【じんぶつ】character, personality, person, man, personage, talented man
人類 【じんるい】mankind, humanity
伝わる 【つたわる】to be handed down, to be introduced, to be transmitted, to be circulated, to go along, to walk along
命 【いのち】(mortal) life
様子 【ようす】① state, state of affairs, situation, circumstances ② appearance, look, aspect ③ sign, indication
様々 【さまざま】varied, various
愛情 【あいじょう】love, affection
傾向 【けいこう】tendency, trend, inclination
芸術 【げいじゅつ】(fine) art, the arts
出版 【しゅっぱん】publication
方法 【ほうほう】method, process, manner, way, means, technique
未来 【みらい】① the future (usually distant) ② future tense ③ the world to come
宇宙 【うちゅう】universe, cosmos, space
影響 【えいきょう】influence, effect
哲学 【てつがく】philosophy
魅力 【みりょく】charm, fascination, glamour, glamor, attraction, appeal
超える 【こえる】① to cross over, to cross, to pass through, to pass over (out of) ② to exceed
増やす 【ふやす】to increase, to add to, to augment
欧米 【おうべい】Europe and America, the West
家 【か】-ist (used after a noun indicating someone's occupation, pursuits, disposition, etc.), -er
読者 【どくしゃ】reader
広まる 【ひろまる】to spread, to be propagated
きっかけchance, start, cue, excuse, motive, impetus, occasion
テーマtopic, theme, project
元 【もと】① origin, source ② base, foundation ③ cause ④ ingredient ⑤ (somebody's) side, (somebody's) location ⑥ original cost (or capital, principal, etc.) ⑦ trunk ⑧ first section of a waka ⑨ counter for blades of grass, tree trunks, etc., and for falcons (in falconry)
世界一 【せかいいち】best in the world
第二次世界大戦 【だいにじせかいたいせん】World War II
例を挙げる 【れいをあげる】to cite an example