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All the vocabulary for chapter 39 of minna no nihongo book 2


46 entriesCreated by #46098 — Last modified: 2013-03-14 10:35:03
大人 【おとな】adult
楽しい 【たのしい】enjoyable, fun
死ぬ 【しぬ】to die
答える 【こたえる】to answer, to reply
洋服 【ようふく】Western-style clothes (cf traditional Japanese clothes)
大勢 【おおぜい】many, crowd, great number of people
面白い 【おもしろい】interesting, amusing
汚い 【きたない】dirty, unclean, filthy
並ぶ 【ならぶ】① to line up, to stand in a line ② to rival, to match, to equal
石鹸 【せっけん】soap
安心 【あんしん】relief, peace of mind
火事 【かじ】fire, conflagration
通る 【とおる】to pass (by), to go through, to walk along, to pass exams, to attend (e.g. school)
気持ち 【きもち】feeling, sensation, mood
台風 【たいふう】typhoon, hurricane
代 【だい】① charge, cost, price ② generation, age, reign ③ (geological) era ④ (after someone's name or title) a representative of, on behalf of, for (someone) ⑤ used after a phone number to indicate that it is a switchboard number ⑥ counter for decades of ages, eras, etc. ⑦ counter for generations (of inheritors to a throne, etc.) ⑧ proxy application company
焼ける 【やける】① to burn, to be roasted, to be heated, to be sunburnt, to fade (in the sun), to glow red (i.e. of the sky at sunset) ② to be jealous, to be envious
悲しい 【かなしい】sad, sorrowful
事故 【じこ】① accident, incident, trouble ② circumstances, reasons
地震 【じしん】earthquake
恥ずかしい 【はずかしい】shy, ashamed, embarrassed
倒れる 【たおれる】① to fall, to collapse, to drop, to fall senseless ② to be forced to bed (by illness, etc.) ③ to die ④ to go bankrupt, to be ruined, to have a bad debt ⑤ to be defeated (in a game) ⑥ to fall (of governments, dictators, etc.)
複雑 【ふくざつ】complex, complicated
嬉しい 【うれしい】happy, glad, pleasant
喧嘩 【けんか】quarrel, brawl, fight, squabble, scuffle
邪魔 【じゃま】hindrance, intrusion
寂しい 【さびしい】lonely, lonesome, solitary, desolate
びっくり① to be surprised, to be amazed, to be frightened, to be astonished ② surprise (e.g. surprise party) ③ surprise
がっかりfeel disappointed, dejected, lose heart, feel emotionally drained, feel let down
汗 【あせ】① sweat, perspiration ② moisture, condensation
伺う 【うかがう】① to visit, to ask, to inquire, to hear, to be told ② to implore (a god for an oracle), to seek direction (from your superior) ③ to visit ④ to speak to (a large crowd at a theatre, etc.)
遅刻 【ちこく】lateness, late coming
懐かしい 【なつかしい】dear, desired, missed
離婚 【りこん】divorce
ぶつかるto strike, to collide with, to bump into
羨ましい 【うらやましい】① envious (feeling, etc.), jealous ② enviable (position, etc.)
かく① to scratch ② to perspire ③ to shovel, to paddle
はらはら① heart going pit-a-pat, falling rapidly in big drops, fluttering down ② keeping on tenterhooks, suspense ③ exciting, thrilling
どきどきthrob, beat (fast)
わくわくtremble, get nervous, excitedly, thrilled
うっとりする① to be entranced, to be enraptured, to be transported, to be fascinated ② to be absentminded, to be miles away, to be in a world of one's own
見合い 【おみあい】formal marriage interview
号室 【ごうしつ】suffix for room numbers
早退 【そうたい】leave early
いらいらgetting nervous, irritation