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Jirou Vocab


34 entriesCreated by #44732 — Last modified: 2013-03-16 14:13:28
仕事 【しごと】① work, job, business, occupation, employment, vocation, task ② work
心 【こころ】① mind, heart, spirit ② the meaning of a phrase (riddle, etc.)
線 【せん】line (also telephone, railway), wire, beam
遊び 【あそび】① playing ② play (margin between on and off, gap before pressing button or lever has an effect)
機会 【きかい】chance, opportunity
国際 【こくさい】international
腕 【うで】① arm ② skill
値段 【ねだん】price, cost
商売 【しょうばい】trade, business, commerce, transaction, occupation
理想 【りそう】ideal, dream
色 【しょく】counter for colours
記念 【きねん】commemoration, memory
豊か 【ゆたか】abundant, wealthy, plentiful, rich, affluent
条件 【じょうけん】condition, conditions, term, terms, requirement, requirements
真剣 【しんけん】① seriousness, earnestness ② real sword (as opposed to unsharpened or wooden practice weapon) (practise)
近頃 【ちかごろ】lately, recently, nowadays
欧米 【おうべい】Europe and America, the West
狙う 【ねらう】to aim at
開発 【かいはつ】development, exploitation
規模 【きぼ】scale, scope, plan, structure
経る 【へる】to pass, to elapse, to experience
継ぐ 【つぐ】to succeed (someone in a business or inheritance)
成り立つ 【なりたつ】① to consist of ② to be practical (logical, feasible, viable), to be concluded, to hold true
退職 【たいしょく】retirement (from office)
土俵 【どひょう】① arena, esp. in sumo ② forum (e.g. for discussion) ③ sandbag, gabion
理屈 【りくつ】theory, reason
面白 【おもしろ】amusing, interesting
甘え 【あまえ】depending on other's kindness
競い合う 【きそいあう】to compete with, to vie for
自腹を切る 【じばらをきる】to pay for with your own money
対称 【たいしょう】symmetry
飽食 【ほうしょく】gluttony, satiation, engorgement
修行 【しゅぎょう】pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training, ascetic practice, ascetic practise, discipline
興味津々 【きょうみしんしん】very interesting, of absorbing interest, having a keen interest (in), being immensely curious (about)