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sleepyab - Scene

lyrics to the song Scene from sleepy.ab


33 entriesCreated by #45979 — Last modified: 2014-04-02 10:29:09
そう① so, really, seeming ② (after masu stem and adj-stem) appearing that, seeming that, looking like, having the appearance of
時 【とき】① time, hour ② occasion, moment
いるauxillary verb for continuing action or state
意味 【いみ】meaning, significance
自分 【じぶん】① myself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself ② I, me
君 【きみ】you, buddy, pal
言葉 【ことば】① language, dialect ② word, words, phrase, term, expression, remark ③ speech, (manner of) speaking
それ① that (indicating an item or person near the listener, the action of the listener, or something on their mind), it ② that time, then
心 【こころ】① mind, heart, spirit ② the meaning of a phrase (riddle, etc.)
壊れる 【こわれる】① to be broken, to break ② to fall through, to come to nothing
まま① as it is, as one likes, because, as ② condition, state
求める 【もとめる】to seek, to request, to demand, to want, to wish for, to search for, to pursue (pleasure), to hunt (a job), to buy
流れる 【ながれる】to stream, to flow (liquid, time, etc.), to run (ink), to be washed away
失う 【うしなう】to lose, to part with
通り過ぎる 【とおりすぎる】to pass, to pass through
届く 【とどく】① to reach, to arrive, to get through, to get at ② to be attentive, to pay attention ③ to be delivered, to carry (e.g. sound)
埋める 【うめる】① to bury (e.g. in the ground) ② to fill up (e.g. audience fills a hall), to fill (a seat, a vacant position) ③ to plug gaps, to stop a gap ④ to make amends, to cover up for something ⑤ to put cold water in a bath ⑥ to cover, to scatter something over
気付く 【きづく】to notice, to recognize, to recognise, to become aware of, to perceive, to realize, to realise
繰り返す 【くりかえす】to repeat, to do something over again
結ぶ 【むすぶ】① to tie, to bind, to link ② to bear (fruit)
縛る 【しばる】to tie, to bind
余裕 【よゆう】surplus, composure, margin, room, time, allowance, flexibility, scope, rope
ただ① ordinary, common, usual ② free of charge ③ unaffected, as is, safe ④ only, merely, just, simply ⑤ but, however, nevertheless
曖昧 【あいまい】① vague, ambiguous, unclear ② fuzzy
隙間 【すきま】crevice, crack, gap, opening
埋める 【うずめる】① to cover, to bury (e.g. one's face in hands), to submerge ② to fill (completely), to stuff, to pack, to cram, to fill up
イメージ① (one's) image ② (computer) image ③ artist's impression
それthere! (used to call someone's attention to something)
感性 【かんせい】sensitivity, sensitiveness, sense
互いに 【たがいに】mutually, with each other, reciprocally, together
浮かれる 【うかれる】to make merry, to be festive
まま① as it is, as one likes, because, as ② condition, state