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I, You, Me, Them, Us


16 entriesCreated by #40526 — Last modified: 2013-09-02 00:01:15
私たち 【わたしたち】we, us
自分 【じぶん】① myself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself ② I, me
君 【きみ】you, buddy, pal
彼 【かれ】① he, him ② boyfriend
彼ら 【かれら】they (usually male), them
彼女 【かのじょ】① she, her ② girl friend, girlfriend, sweetheart
貴方 【あなた】① you (referring to someone of equal or lower status) ② dear (what a wife calls a husband)
僕 【ぼく】① I, me ② you (used addressing young children) ③ manservant
私 【わたくし】① I, me ② private affairs, personal matter, secrecy ③ selfishness
先輩 【せんぱい】senior (at work or school), superior, elder, older graduate, progenitor, old-timer
お前 【おまえ】① you (masc) (formerly honorific, now sometimes derog. term referring to an equal or inferior) ② presence (of a god, nobleman, etc.)
私 【あたし】I, me
手前 【てまえ】① before, this side ② one's standpoint, one's appearance ③ we ④ you
彼女ら 【かのじょら】they (females), them
乃公 【おれ】(masc) I, me (rough or arrogant-sounding first-person pronoun, formerly also used by women)
こいつthis fellow, this guy, this person