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シェアハウスの恋人 ep. 4-6

Author (public: access, edit)

New dialog vocabulary for episode 4 to 6 of 2013 NTV drama: シェアハウスの恋人 (Share House no Koibito).



640 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2014-11-17 07:32:48
スリッパslipper, slippers
一つ 【ひとつ】① one ② for one thing (often used in itemized lists) ③ (after a noun) only ④ (with a verb in negative form) (not) even ⑤ just (i.e. "just try it")
下手 【へた】① unskillful, poor, awkward ② imprudent, untactful
学校 【がっこう】school
学生 【がくせい】student (esp. a university student)
休み 【やすみ】① rest, recess, respite ② vacation, holiday, absence, suspension ③ dormancy (of a silkworm prior to moulting)
休む 【やすむ】① to be absent, to take a day off ② to rest, to have a break ③ to go to bed, to (lie down to) sleep, to turn in, to retire ④ to stop doing some ongoing activity for a time, to suspend business
空 【そら】sky, the heavens
今月 【こんげつ】this month
今週 【こんしゅう】this week
出来る 【できる】① to be able (in a position) to do, to be up to the task ② to be ready, to be completed ③ to be made, to be built ④ to be good at, to be permitted (to do) ⑤ to become intimate, to take up (with somebody) ⑥ to grow, to be raised
上 【うえ】① above, up, over ② top, summit ③ surface, on ④ before, previous ⑤ superiority, one's superior (i.e. one's elder) ⑥ on top of that, besides, what's more ⑦ upon (further inspection, etc.), based on (and occurring after) ⑧ matters concerning..., as concerns ... ⑨ since (i.e. "for that reason") ⑩ suffix indicating higher social standing
先週 【せんしゅう】last week, the week before
男の子 【おとこのこ】boy, male child, baby boy
電気 【でんき】① electricity ② (electric) light
今年 【ことし】this year
店 【みせ】store, shop, establishment
お茶 【おちゃ】① tea (usu. green) ② tea break (at work) ③ tea ceremony
暗い 【くらい】① dark, gloomy ② dark (in colour), dull ③ depressed, dispirited ④ sorrowful, bitter (as in a dark past) ⑤ unclear, unfamiliar, unknown
歌 【うた】① song ② classical Japanese poetry (esp. tanka) ③ modern poetry
漢字 【かんじ】Chinese characters, kanji
軽い 【かるい】① light (i.e. not heavy), feeling light (i.e. offering little resistance, moving easily) ② light (i.e. of foot), nimble, agile ③ non-serious, minor, unimportant, trivial ④ slight, small, gentle, soft ⑤ easy, simple ⑥ indiscriminate
広い 【ひろい】spacious, vast, wide
姉さん 【ねえさん】① elder sister ② (vocative) young lady ③ miss (referring to a waitress, etc.) ④ ma'am (used by geisha to refer to their superiors)
止まる 【とまる】① to stop, to halt ② to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place) ③ to come to a halt ④ to be limited to
重い 【おもい】① heavy, massive ② serious, important, severe, oppressed
色 【いろ】① colour, color ② complexion ③ appearance, look ④ love, lust, sensuality, love affair, lover ⑤ kind, type, variety
走る 【はしる】① to run ② to travel (movement of vehicles) ③ to hurry to ④ to retreat (from battle), to take flight ⑤ to run away from home ⑥ to elope ⑦ to tend heavily toward
太い 【ふとい】① fat, thick ② deep (of a voice) ③ daring, shameless, brazen
大きな 【おおきな】big, large, great
大切 【たいせつ】important, valuable, worthy of care
土曜日 【どようび】Saturday
冬 【ふゆ】winter
肉 【にく】① flesh ② meat ③ the physical body (as opposed to the spirit) ④ thickness ⑤ ink pad
日曜日 【にちようび】Sunday
病院 【びょういん】hospital
物 【もの】① thing, object ② the natural thing, a frequently done thing ③ used to express emotional involvement ④ used in giving a reason
薬 【くすり】① medicine, pharmaceuticals, (legal) drugs ② efficacious chemical (i.e. gunpowder, pesticide, etc.) ③ (pottery) glaze ④ small bribe
夕方 【ゆうがた】evening
歌う 【うたう】① to sing ② to sing (one's praises in a poem, etc.)
小さな 【ちいさな】small, little, tiny
横 【よこ】① horizontal (as opposed to vertical), lying down ② side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back), width, breadth ③ side (of a box, etc.) ④ beside, aside, next to ⑤ unconnected
戸 【と】door (esp. Japanese-style)
公園 【こうえん】(public) park
消える 【きえる】to go out, to vanish, to disappear
全部 【ぜんぶ】all, entire, whole, altogether
番号 【ばんごう】number, series of digits
返す 【かえす】① to return (something), to restore, to put back ② to pay back, to retaliate, to reciprocate
緑 【みどり】① green ② greenery (esp. fresh verdure)
練習 【れんしゅう】practice, practise
両親 【りょうしん】parents, both parents
番 【ばん】① number (in a series) ② (one's) turn ③ watch, guard, lookout ④ bout, match (sumo)
甘い 【あまい】① sweet, delicious ② fragrant (smelling), sweet (music) ③ lightly salted ④ naive, overly optimistic, soft on, generous, indulgent, easy-going ⑤ half-hearted, not finished properly ⑥ tempting (e.g. words), promising
個 【こ】① counter for articles ② counter for military units ③ individual
静か 【しずか】quiet, peaceful
洗濯 【せんたく】washing, laundry
掃除 【そうじ】cleaning, sweeping
遅い 【おそい】① slow ② late (e.g. "late at night") ③ too late
熱い 【あつい】hot (thing)
疲れる 【つかれる】① to get tired, to tire ② to be worn out (e.g. of well used objects)
卵 【たまご】① eggs, egg, spawn, roe ② hen egg ③ (an expert) in the making
ころ① (approximate) time, around, about, toward ② suitable time (or condition) ③ time of year, season
玄関 【げんかん】entranceway, entry hall, vestibule, foyer
隣 【となり】neighbor (neighbour), next to (esp. living next door to)
そしてand, and then, thus, and now
とても① very, awfully, exceedingly ② (before a negative form) (not) at all, by no means, simply (cannot)
どちら① which way, which direction, where ② which one (esp. of two alternatives) ③ who
もちろんof course, certainly, naturally
いかがhow, in what way, how about
かな① I wonder (sentence ending prt) ② should I? (question prt when thinking out loud), is it? ③ I wish that (with a negative), I hope that
すっかりall, completely, thoroughly
上がる 【あがる】① to rise, to go up, to come up, to ascend, to be raised ② to enter (esp. from outdoors), to come in, to go in ③ to enter (a school), to advance to the next grade ④ to get out (of water), to come ashore ⑤ to increase ⑥ to improve, to make progress ⑦ to be promoted, to advance ⑧ to be made (of profit, etc.) ⑨ to occur (esp. of a favourable result) ⑩ to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.) ⑪ to be finished, to be done, to be over ⑫ (of rain) to stop, to lift ⑬ to stop (working properly), to cut out, to give out, to die ⑭ to win (in a card game, etc.) ⑮ to be arrested ⑯ to turn up (of evidence, etc.) ⑰ to be deep fried ⑱ to be spoken loudly ⑲ to get stage fright ⑳ to be offered (to the gods, etc.) ○ to go, to visit ○ to eat, to drink ○ to be listed (as a candidate) ○ to serve (in one's master's home) ○ (in Kyoto) to go north ○ (after the -masu stem of a verb) indicates completion
タイプ① type, kind, sort, style ② typewriter, typing
屋上 【おくじょう】rooftop
下さる 【くださる】to give, to confer
会 【かい】① meeting, assembly, party ② association, club
起こす 【おこす】to raise, to cause, to wake someone
高校 【こうこう】senior high school
今夜 【こんや】this evening, tonight
始める 【はじめる】① to start, to begin, to commence, to initiate, to originate ② to open (e.g. a store), to start up, to establish (business. etc.) ③ to start (doing something), to begin to ...
時代 【じだい】① period, epoch, era, age ② the times, those days ③ oldness, ancientness, antiquity ④ antique, period piece
集める 【あつめる】to collect, to assemble, to gather
十分 【じゅうぶん】① plenty, enough, sufficient, satisfactory, adequate ② division into ten ③ perfectly, thoroughly, fully, in full
小学校 【しょうがっこう】primary school, elementary school, grade school
心 【こころ】① mind, heart, spirit ② the meaning of a phrase (riddle, etc.)
親 【おや】① parent, parents ② dealer (in cards) ③ founder ④ (pet) owner
世界 【せかい】the world, society, the universe
太る 【ふとる】to grow fat (stout, plump), to become fat, to gain weight
中学校 【ちゅうがっこう】junior high school, middle school, lower secondary school
日 【ひ】① day, days ② sun, sunshine, sunlight ③ case (esp. unfortunate), event
発音 【はつおん】pronunciation
用 【よう】① task, business ② use, duty, service ③ call of nature, excretion
立てる 【たてる】① to stand (something) up, to erect (something) ② to make (a noise, a sound) ③ to put (tooth, claw, pointed object) to ④ to set (a plan, etc.), to decide (objective, schedule)
一度 【いちど】① once, one time, on one occasion ② temporarily, for a moment ③ one degree, one tone, one musical interval
聞こえる 【きこえる】① to be heard, to be audible ② to be said to be, to be reputed
首 【くび】① neck ② head ③ unemployed person
仕方 【しかた】way, method, means, resource, course
引き出す 【ひきだす】to pull out, to take out, to draw out, to withdraw
別れる 【わかれる】to be divided, to part from, to separate, to bid farewell
血 【ち】blood, consanguinity
光 【ひかり】light
残る 【のこる】to remain, to be left
受ける 【うける】① to receive, to accept, to get, to inherit ② to catch (e.g. a ball), to parry (e.g. a blow), to take (lesson, test, damage), to sustain (damage), to incur (loss) ③ to become popular, to be well-received, to go down well
森 【もり】① forest ② shrine grove
申す 【もうす】to be called, to say
神社 【じんじゃ】Shinto shrine
点 【てん】① spot, mark ② point, dot ③ mark (e.g. in exam), score, points ④ counter for goods or items
伝える 【つたえる】to convey, to report, to transmit, to communicate, to tell, to impart, to propagate, to teach, to bequeath
湯 【ゆ】① hot water ② hot bath, hot spring
反対 【はんたい】opposition, resistance, antagonism, hostility, contrast, objection, dissension, reverse, opposite, vice versa
悲しい 【かなしい】sad, sorrowful
予定 【よてい】plans, arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate
落ちる 【おちる】① to fall down, to drop ② to fail (e.g. exam) ③ to crash, to degenerate, to degrade ④ to fade, to come out (e.g. a stain)
案内 【あんない】① information, guidance, leading ② to guide, to show (around), to conduct
慣れる 【なれる】① to grow accustomed to, to get too familiar with ② to become domesticated, to become tame
危険 【きけん】① danger, peril, hazard ② dangerous, hazardous
経験 【けいけん】experience
差し上げる 【さしあげる】① to give, to offer ② to lift up, to hold up, to raise
最初 【さいしょ】beginning, outset, first, onset
準備 【じゅんび】preparation, setup, arrangements, provision, reserve
女性 【じょせい】① woman, female ② feminine gender
将来 【しょうらい】future (usually near), prospects
赤ん坊 【あかんぼう】baby
戦争 【せんそう】war
珍しい 【めずらしい】① unusual, rare, curious ② new, novel ③ fine (e.g. gift)
逃げる 【にげる】to escape, to run away
熱 【ねつ】fever, temperature
髪 【かみ】hair (on the head)
比べる 【くらべる】① to compare, to make a comparison ② to compete, to vie
布団 【ふとん】① futon (quilted Japanese-style mattress laid out on the floor) ② round cushion used for Zen meditation (traditionally made of woven bulrush leaves)
夢 【ゆめ】dream
娘 【むすめ】① (my) daughter ② girl (i.e. a young, unmarried woman)
木綿 【もめん】① cotton (material) ② red silk-cotton tree (Bombax ceiba)
裏 【うら】① bottom (or another side that is hidden from view), undersurface, opposite side, reverse side ② rear, back, behind (the house) ③ lining, inside ④ out of sight, behind the scenes ⑤ proof ⑥ opposite (of a prediction, common sense, etc.) ⑦ inverse (of a hypothesis, etc.) ⑧ bottom (of an inning), last half (of an inning)
包む 【つつむ】① to wrap up, to tuck in, to pack, to do up, to cover with, to dress in ② to conceal, to hide, to be engulfed in, to be enveloped by
治る 【なおる】to be cured, to get well, to be healed
沸く 【わく】to grow hot (of water, etc.), to boil
滑る 【すべる】① to glide, to slide (e.g. on skis), to slip ② to bomb (when telling a joke)
興味 【きょうみ】interest (in something)
随分 【ずいぶん】① very, extremely, surprisingly, considerably ② contemptible, reprehensible
包む 【くるむ】to wrap up, to tuck in, to pack, to do up, to cover with, to dress in
なるほどI see, That's right!, Indeed
しつこいinsistent, obstinate
だらけ① implying (negatively) that something is full of (e.g. mistakes) ② covered all over (e.g. with blood)
どんどん① drumming (noise) ② rapidly, steadily
のんびりcarefree, at leisure
オーバー① overcoat ② over, exceeding, going beyond, exaggeration ③ ball hit over the head of an outfielder (baseball)
女子 【じょし】woman, girl
上 【じょう】① from the standpoint of, as a matter of (e.g. fact), in the field of, being of the type of ② aboard (a ship or vehicle), on top of, on, above ③ first volume (e.g. book) ④ superior quality, best, top, high class ⑤ going up ⑥ governmental, imperial ⑦ presenting, showing
人生 【じんせい】(human) life (i.e. conception to death)
生える 【はえる】① to grow, to spring up ② to cut (teeth)
大いに 【おおいに】very, much, greatly, a lot of
大して 【たいして】(not so) much, (not) very
中学 【ちゅうがく】middle school, junior high school
名 【な】name, reputation
友 【とも】friend, companion, pal
ばったりwith a clash (thud), with a bang, plump, flop, suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly
あんなにto that extent, to that degree
名 【めい】① counter for people (usu. seating, reservations and such) ② first name ③ famous, great
一体 【いったい】① ...the heck (e.g. "what the heck?"), ...in the world (e.g. "why in the world?"), ...on earth (e.g. "who on earth?") ② one object, one body, unity ③ one form, one style ④ one Buddhist image (or carving, etc.) ⑤ generally, in general
下がる 【さがる】to hang down, to abate, to retire, to fall, to step back
海外 【かいがい】foreign, abroad, overseas
去る 【さる】① to leave, to go away ② to pass, to elapse ③ to be distant ④ to send away, to drive off, to divorce ⑤ (after a -masu stem, esp. of a suru verb) ... completely ⑥ last ... (e.g. "last April")
行動 【こうどう】action, conduct, behaviour, behavior, mobilization, mobilisation
思わず 【おもわず】unintentionally, reflexively, spontaneously, involuntarily, instinctively
出会い 【であい】meeting, rendezvous, encounter
足る 【たる】to be sufficient, to be enough, to be worthy of
中止 【ちゅうし】suspension, stoppage, discontinuance, interruption
母親 【ははおや】mother
元 【もと】former, ex-
引退 【いんたい】retire
活動 【かつどう】action, activity
感じる 【かんじる】to feel, to sense, to experience
観客 【かんきゃく】audience, spectator, spectators
期待 【きたい】expectation, anticipation, hope
求める 【もとめる】to seek, to request, to demand, to want, to wish for, to search for, to pursue (pleasure), to hunt (a job), to buy
考え 【かんがえ】thinking, thought, ideas, intention
指導 【しどう】① leadership, guidance, coaching ② shido (disciplinary action for a minor infringement of the rules of judo)
事実 【じじつ】fact, truth, reality
事情 【じじょう】circumstances, consideration, conditions, situation, reasons
時期 【じき】time, season, period
手伝い 【てつだい】① helper, assistant ② help
受け取る 【うけとる】① to receive, to get, to accept ② to take, to interpret, to understand
ところで① by the way, incidentally ② even if, no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how)
助ける 【たすける】to help, to save, to rescue, to give relief to, to spare (life), to reinforce, to promote, to abet
新た 【あらた】① new, fresh, novel ② newly, freshly, re-
実に 【じつに】indeed, really, absolutely, truly, actually, very, quite
全く 【まったく】① really, truly, entirely, completely, wholly, perfectly ② indeed ③ good grief (expression of exasperation)
全力 【ぜんりょく】all one's power, whole energy
追う 【おう】① to chase, to run after, to pursue ② to follow (i.e. a set order, a trend) ③ to drive out, to oust, to expel ④ to drive (i.e. a herd) ⑤ (in passive voice) to be pressed (for time, etc.)
電池 【でんち】battery
当たり前 【あたりまえ】① natural, reasonable, obvious ② usual, common, ordinary
当てる 【あてる】① to hit ② to expose ③ to apply (e.g. patch) ④ to allot, to call on someone (e.g. in class) ⑤ to guess (an answer) ⑥ to make a hit (e.g. in a lottery)
日曜 【にちよう】Sunday
氷 【こおり】① ice ② shaved ice (usually served with flavored simple syrup)
平気 【へいき】coolness, calmness, composure, unconcern
辺り 【あたり】① on the bank of, by the side of (e.g. a river, pond) ② (in the) neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity, nearby
明らか 【あきらか】obvious, evident, clear, plain
目的 【もくてき】purpose, goal, aim, objective, intention
役 【やく】① use, service, role ② post, position ③ scoring combination (e.g. in mahjong, card games, etc.), hand
流行る 【はやる】① to be popular, to come into fashion ② to be prevalent, to spread widely (e.g. disease), to be endemic ③ to flourish, to thrive
話し合う 【はなしあう】to discuss, to talk together
明後日 【みょうごにち】day after tomorrow
例 【れい】① custom, practice, habit, usual ② said, aforementioned ③ instance, example, case, illustration, usage ④ precedent ⑤ annual
知り合い 【しりあい】acquaintance
色 【しょく】counter for colours
愛 【あい】love, affection
延期 【えんき】postponement, adjournment
可能 【かのう】possible, practicable, feasible
過ごす 【すごす】① to pass (time), to spend ② to overdo (esp. of one's alcohol consumption), to drink (alcohol) ③ to overdo, to do too much ④ to ... without acting on it
回復 【かいふく】recovery (from illness), improvement, rehabilitation, restoration, convalescence
割る 【わる】to divide, to cut, to break, to halve, to separate, to split, to rip, to crack, to smash, to dilute
巻く 【まく】to wind, to coil, to roll
完了 【かんりょう】① completion, conclusion ② perfective (form, aspect)
間違い 【まちがい】mistake
記念 【きねん】commemoration, memory
詰める 【つめる】① to pack, to fill, to plug, to stop up ② to shorten (length or distance), to move over, to make room (for someone) ③ to work out (details)
許す 【ゆるす】① to permit, to allow, to approve ② to exempt (from fine), to excuse (from), to pardon, to forgive, to release, to let off ③ to confide in ④ to give up, to yield
許可 【きょか】permission, approval, authorization
叫ぶ 【さけぶ】to shout, to cry
恐怖 【きょうふ】fear, dread, dismay, terror
胸 【むね】breast, chest
偶然 【ぐうぜん】(by) chance, unexpectedly, suddenly, accident, fortuity
券 【けん】ticket, coupon, bond, certificate
肩 【かた】shoulder
現れる 【あらわれる】① to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise ② to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
限る 【かぎる】to restrict, to limit, to confine
光景 【こうけい】scene, spectacle
婚約 【こんやく】engagement, betrothal
最高 【さいこう】highest, supreme, the most
支える 【ささえる】① to support, to prop, to sustain, to underlay, to hold up ② to hold at bay, to stem, to check
示す 【しめす】to denote, to show, to point out, to indicate, to exemplify
失う 【うしなう】to lose, to part with
署名 【しょめい】signature
笑い 【わらい】① laugh, laughter ② smile ③ sneer
常識 【じょうしき】common knowledge, conventional wisdom, general knowledge, common sense
状況 【じょうきょう】state of affairs (around you), situation, circumstances
食欲 【しょくよく】appetite (for food)
制度 【せいど】system, institution, organization, organisation
性 【せい】① nature (of a person) ② sex ③ gender ④ -ty (suffix indicating quality or condition), -ity, -ness
設計 【せっけい】plan, design, layout
単位 【たんい】① unit, denomination ② credit (in school)
仲直り 【なかなおり】reconciliation, make peace with
底 【そこ】bottom, sole
得意 【とくい】① triumph, prosperity ② pride ③ one's strong point, one's forte, one's specialty ④ frequent customer (client, etc.)
燃える 【もえる】to burn, to get fired up
抜く 【ぬく】① to extract, to omit, to surpass, to overtake, to draw out, to unplug ② to do something to the end
不思議 【ふしぎ】wonder, miracle, strange, mystery, marvel, curiosity
末 【すえ】end, close, future, finally, tip, top, trivialities, posterity, youngest child
預かる 【あずかる】① to look after, to take care of, to keep, to hold on to, to keep in custody ② to take charge of, to be entrusted with, to receive on deposit ③ to reserve (judgment), to leave undecided
預ける 【あずける】① to give into custody, to leave (a child) in the care of, to entrust, to deposit ② to lean on, to put one's weight on
涙 【なみだ】① tear, tears, lachrymal secretion ② sympathy
冷静 【れいせい】calm, composure, coolness, serenity
連続 【れんぞく】serial, consecutive, continuity, occurring in succession, continuing
夫婦 【ふうふ】married couple, spouses, husband and wife, couple, pair
位置 【いち】place, situation, position, location
効く 【きく】① to be effective, to show effect ② to do its work, to carry out its function well ③ to be possible to use
必死 【ひっし】① frantic, desperate ② inevitable death ③ brinkmate (inevitable checkmate) (shogi)
案 【あん】① idea, plan, thought ② draft plan, motion, rough copy ③ expectation
一瞬 【いっしゅん】moment, instant
猿 【さる】① monkey (esp. the Japanese macaque, Macaca fuscata) ② sly person ③ sliding wooden bolt (for holding a door or window shut) ④ clasp used to control the height of a pot-hook
応募 【おうぼ】subscription, application
穏やか 【おだやか】calm, gentle, quiet
感謝 【かんしゃ】thanks, gratitude
奇妙 【きみょう】strange, queer, curious
旗 【はた】① flag ② pataka (banner)
鬼 【おに】① ogre, demon ② spirit of a deceased person ③ ogre-like person (i.e. fierce, relentless, merciless, etc.) ④ it (i.e. in a game of tag) ⑤ Chinese "ghost" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
義務 【ぎむ】duty, obligation, responsibility
狂う 【くるう】① to go mad ② to get out of order, to go amiss
傑作 【けっさく】① masterpiece, best work ② blunder, boner
結局 【けっきょく】after all, eventually, in the end
件 【けん】matter, case, item
嫌う 【きらう】to hate, to dislike, to loathe
慌てる 【あわてる】① to become confused (disconcerted, disorganized, disorganised), to be flustered, to panic ② to be in a hurry, to rush
出張 【しゅっちょう】official tour, business trip
瞬間 【しゅんかん】moment, second, instant
証明 【しょうめい】proof, verification
詳しい 【くわしい】knowing very well, detailed, full, accurate
障害 【しょうがい】① obstacle, impediment, hindrance, difficulty, barrier ② handicap, impairment, disability, disorder, malfunction
挙げる 【あげる】① to raise, to elevate ② to show someone (into a room) ③ to send someone (away) ④ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑤ to praise ⑥ to give (an example, etc.), to cite ⑦ to summon up (all of one's energy, etc.) ⑧ to arrest ⑨ to nominate ⑩ to conduct (a ceremony, esp. a wedding)
真実 【しんじつ】truth, reality
推薦 【すいせん】recommendation
整理 【せいり】sorting, arrangement, organization, putting in order, adjustment, regulation, liquidation
喪失 【そうしつ】loss, forfeit
相撲 【すもう】① sumo wrestling ② sumo wrestler, rikishi
態度 【たいど】attitude, manner, behaviour
第 【だい】ordinal
奪う 【うばう】to snatch away, to dispossess, to steal
提案 【ていあん】proposal, proposition, suggestion
当然 【とうぜん】natural, as a matter of course
拍手 【はくしゅ】clapping hands, applause
範囲 【はんい】extent, scope, sphere, range, span
分析 【ぶんせき】analysis
雰囲気 【ふんいき】atmosphere (e.g. musical), mood, ambience, ambiance
訪れる 【おとずれる】to visit
無駄 【むだ】futility, uselessness, pointlessness
矛盾 【むじゅん】contradiction, inconsistency
目標 【もくひょう】mark, objective, target
厄介 【やっかい】trouble, burden, care, bother, worry, dependence, support, kindness, obligation
唯一 【ゆいいつ】only, sole, unique
離す 【はなす】to part, to divide, to separate, to release
刺激 【しげき】stimulus, impetus, incentive, encouragement, motivation, provocation
激しい 【はげしい】violent, vehement, intense, furious, tempestuous
途端 【とたん】just (now, at the moment, etc.)
ぶつかるto strike, to collide with, to bump into
ご覧 【ごらん】① (after the -te form of a verb) (please) try to ② (please) look ③ seeing, looking, watching
尻 【しり】① buttocks, behind, rump, bottom ② undersurface, bottom ③ last place, end ④ consequence
尻尾 【しっぽ】tail (animal)
ようやく① finally, at last ② barely, narrowly, hardly, only just ③ gradually, little by little, by degrees
謎 【なぞ】① riddle, puzzle, enigma, mystery ② enigmatic, mysterious
およそabout, roughly, as a rule, approximately
脇 【わき】① side, aside ② armpit ③ back-burner
嗅ぐ 【かぐ】to sniff, to smell
つまりin short, in brief, in other words, that is to say, in the long run, after all, blockade, stuffing, ultimate
おじさん① uncle ② old man, mister (vocative)
おやoh!, oh?, my!
すっきり① clearly, refreshed ② shapely, neatly, refinedly ③ cleanly, without trouble ④ clearly, plainly, distinctly ⑤ completely, thoroughly ⑥ not at all (with negative sentence), not even slightly
前 【ぜん】① the last (i.e. immediately preceding) (e.g. "the last mayor"), previous, one-time, former ② (before the name of an era) pre- (e.g. "premodern") ③ before, earlier
一時 【いちじ】one hour, short time, once, a time, temporarily, at one time, twelfth part of a day
何となく 【なんとなく】somehow or other, for some reason or another
小 【しょう】① smallness, small item ② short month (i.e. having fewer than 31 days) ③ elementary school ④ younger or inferior (of two items or people with the same name)
金魚 【きんぎょ】goldfish
とどまる① to stop, to halt ② to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place) ③ to come to a halt ④ to be limited to
集まる 【あつまる】to gather, to collect, to assemble
地味 【じみ】plain, simple, subdued, sober
電力 【でんりょく】electric power
日帰り 【ひがえり】day trip
飯 【めし】① meals, food ② cooked rice ③ one's livelihood
歩 【ほ】① step, stride ② counter for steps
別々 【べつべつ】separately, individually
光線 【こうせん】beam, light ray
口実 【こうじつ】excuse, pretext
校 【こう】① school ② proof (of a book, document, etc.), counter for proofs
主役 【しゅやく】leading part, leading actor (actress)
受験 【じゅけん】taking an examination
組 【くみ】① set (of items) ② group (of people), class (of students), company (esp. construction), family (i.e. mafia), team ③ typesetting, composition
定期 【ていき】① fixed term ② fixed-term commutation pass ③ fixed-term deposit
発想 【はっそう】expression (e.g. in music), idea, conception
飛行 【ひこう】aviation
集まり 【あつまり】gathering, meeting, assembly, collection
競馬 【けいば】horse racing
固まる 【かたまる】① to harden, to solidify ② to become firm, to become certain ③ to gather (together), to assemble, to huddle together
香水 【こうすい】perfume
散らかる 【ちらかる】to be in disorder, to lie scattered around
児童 【じどう】children, juvenile
終了 【しゅうりょう】end, close, termination
代名詞 【だいめいし】① pronoun ② synonym, classic example, pattern, byword, representative
突く 【つく】① to prick, to stab ② to poke, to prod, to push, to thrust, to nudge, to hit, to strike ③ to use (a cane), to prop oneself up with, to press against (the floor, etc.) ④ to attack ⑤ to brave (the rain, etc.)
乱暴 【らんぼう】rude, violent, rough, lawless, unreasonable, reckless
冷ます 【さます】to cool, to dampen, to let cool, to throw a damper on, to spoil
出掛ける 【でかける】to depart, to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing), to set out, to start, to be going out
挟む 【はさむ】to interpose, to hold between, to insert
省 【しょう】① ministry, department ② province (of China) ③ saving, conserving
案外 【あんがい】unexpectedly
応援 【おうえん】aid, assistance, help, reinforcement, rooting, barracking, support, cheering
看病 【かんびょう】nursing (a patient)
取り戻す 【とりもどす】to take back, to regain, to get back, to recover
あう① to meet, to encounter ② to have an accident, to have a bad experience
怒り 【いかり】anger, hatred, rage, wrath
透明 【とうめい】transparency, cleanness
派手 【はで】showy, loud, gay, flashy, gaudy
平凡 【へいぼん】common, commonplace, ordinary, mediocre
包丁 【ほうちょう】kitchen knife, carving knife
矢印 【やじるし】arrow (mark or symbol), directional marker or indicator
湧く 【わく】① to well (up), to gush forth (of water), to spring out, to surge ② to appear (esp. suddenly) (sweat, tears, etc.) ③ to hatch (esp. of parasitic insects, etc.)
いったん① once ② for a moment, temporarily
そば① buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) ② soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)
いきなりabruptly, suddenly, all of a sudden, without warning
揃う 【そろう】① to become complete, to be all present, to be a full set, to have everything at one's disposal ② to be equal, to be uniform ③ to gather, to assemble
便箋 【びんせん】writing paper, stationery
さすが① as one would expect ② still, all the same ③ even... (e.g. "even a genius...")
うどんudon (thick Japanese wheat noodles)
やけにawfully, frightfully, desperately, violently
持てる 【もてる】① to be able to possess (hold, get, etc.) ② to be well liked, to be popular, to be pampered (spoiled, doted upon, etc.), to be welcomed ③ to endure (the tests of time, the elements, etc.), to last ④ possessed ⑤ possessing riches, having wealth
引き取る 【ひきとる】to take charge of, to take over, to retire to a private place
悪化 【あっか】(suffer) deterioration, growing worse, aggravation, degeneration, corruption
異性 【いせい】the opposite sex
火花 【ひばな】spark
学芸 【がくげい】arts and sciences, liberal arts
叶う 【かなう】to come true (wish)
義理 【ぎり】duty, sense of duty, honor, honour, decency, courtesy, debt of gratitude, social obligation
距離 【きょり】distance, range
共働き 【ともばたらき】(husband and wife) both working, dual income
決行 【けっこう】doing (with resolve), carrying out (i.e. a plan)
構える 【かまえる】① to set up (e.g. a building) ② to prepare in advance (e.g. a meal), to prepare to use something (e.g. a camera) ③ to plan, to scheme ④ to fabricate in order to deceive ⑤ to stiffen, to become formal
高原 【こうげん】tableland, plateau
告白 【こくはく】① confession, acknowledgement, acknowledgment ② profession of love ③ confession of sins (e.g. the confessional)
込める 【こめる】to include, to put into
再現 【さいげん】reappearance, reproduction, return, revival
侍 【さむらい】warrior (esp. of military retainers of daimyos in the Edo period), samurai
出費 【しゅっぴ】expenses, disbursements
焦る 【あせる】to be in a hurry, to be impatient
嬢 【じょう】① unmarried woman ② (after a name) Miss ③ (after a line of work) -ess, -ette
親父 【おやじ】one's father, old man, one's boss
星座 【せいざ】constellation
盛り上がる 【もりあがる】① to swell, to rise, to bulge, to be piled up ② to rouse, to get excited
青春 【せいしゅん】youth, springtime of life, adolescent
宣言 【せんげん】declaration, proclamation, announcement
戦力 【せんりょく】war potential
阻止 【そし】obstruction, check, hindrance, prevention, interdiction
対応 【たいおう】① interaction, correspondence, coping with, dealing with, support ② software support, ability of a computer system to run specific software
退治 【たいじ】extermination
台本 【だいほん】script, libretto, scenario
達成 【たっせい】achievement
地元 【じもと】① home area, home town ② local
抽選 【ちゅうせん】lottery, raffle, drawing (of lots)
逃す 【のがす】to let loose, to set free, to let escape
同感 【どうかん】agreement, same opinion, same feeling, sympathy, concurrence
任す 【まかす】to entrust, to leave to a person
把握 【はあく】grasp, catch, understanding
匹敵 【ひってき】comparing with, match, rival, equal
票 【ひょう】label, ballot, ticket, sign
復活 【ふっかつ】① revival (e.g. musical), come-back ② restoration, rebirth, resurrection
沸騰 【ふっとう】boiling, seething
偏見 【へんけん】prejudice, narrow view
問い合わせる 【といあわせる】to enquire, to inquire, to seek information
幽霊 【ゆうれい】ghost, specter, spectre, apparition, phantom
要する 【ようする】to need, to demand, to take, to require
恋愛 【れんあい】love, love-making, passion, emotion, affections
言い訳 【いいわけ】① excuse ② explanation
添える 【そえる】① to garnish, to accompany (as a card does a gift) ② to add to as support, to prop up ③ to accompany (as an aid, guide, translator, etc.)
割 【わり】① rate, ratio, proportion, percentage ② profit ③ assignment ④ 10%, unit of ten percent ⑤ sumo match, schedule of sumo matches ⑥ diluted with (of drinks), mixed with
行ける 【いける】to look (taste, etc.) good
界 【かい】① (biological) kingdom ② erathem (rock layer corresponding to the era in which it was deposited) ③ partition of land ④ the world of (some category)
ついでopportunity, occasion
かさむto pile up, to increase
ちょうsuper-, ultra-, hyper-, very, really (conversational)
つつく① to poke (repeatedly, lightly), to nudge ② to peck at (one's food), to pick at ③ to peck at (someone's faults, etc.) ④ to egg on, to put up to
返る 【かえる】① to return, to come back, to go back ② (after the -masu stem of a verb) (to become) extremely, (to become) completely
むちゃくちゃconfused, jumbled, mixed up, unreasonable
わざわざexpressly, specially, doing something especially rather than incidentally
強がる 【つよがる】to cry sour grapes, to bluff, to whistle in the dark, to pretend to be tough
その後 【そのご】after that, afterwards, thereafter
ちょいちょいoften, frequently, now and then, occasionally
ぱっとsuddenly, in a flash, rapidly, nimbly, alertly
イコール① equal ② the equality sign (=)
カラフルcolorful, colourful
クール① cool (temperature, color, etc.) ② cool (i.e. calm and collected) ③ cool (i.e. fashionable, attractive, etc.) ④ course (of medical treatment) ⑤ season (series) of a television program (usu. 13 installments over a 3-month period)
ゴールインgoal reached, make the goal, hit the goal
スープ(Western) soup
スキー① skiing ② ski, skis
タイム① time ② thyme
ダイエット① diet ② losing weight by any method (e.g. exercise)
チーズ① cheese ② say cheese! (when taking photographs)
チャンスchance, opportunity
ドラマ① drama ② TV drama, teledrama, play
ドラム① drum ② dram, drachm
ハンバーグhamburger (meat, no bun), Hamburg steak
バレンタインデーValentine's Day
ビデオカメラvideo camera, video camcorder
ピーマンbell pepper, green pepper, pimento, capsicum
ピンpin, dowel
ファン① fan ② fun
フェア① fair ② fare ③ fear
フォロー① follow ② followup (e.g. netnews) ③ backing-up, covering for
フランス語French (language)
プリン① (custard) pudding ② purine
マンツーマンman-to-man, one-to-one
メール① email ② mail (usu. in phrases and compound words) ③ male
ランクrank, standing
リーダー① leader ② reader
リフト① lift ② rift
なんだかんだsomething or other, one thing or another, this or that
何と 【なんと】what, how, whatever
後 【のち】① later, afterwards, since ② future ③ after one's death
今さら 【いまさら】now (after such a long time), at this late hour (i.e. it is too late for something)
人前 【ひとまえ】the public, company
水上 【すいじょう】aquatic, on the water
長年 【ながねん】long time, many years
見え 【みえ】show, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
見かける 【みかける】to (happen to) see, to notice, to catch sight of
おいおい① Hey!, Wait a minute!, Whoa! ② boohoo, waaaa
そうねOh well
ふとしたimpulsive, unexpected, accidental, casual, inadvertent, on a whim
じゃうto do something completely
うむyea, uh huh;
どん① very, totally ② polite suffix used after a person's name (often of an apprentice; used much more broadly in southern Kyushu) ③ bang (e.g. of large drum, signal pistol, etc.), with a thud, sound when slamming something down
はむ① to eat (fodder, grass, etc.) ② to receive (a salary) ③ to receive a stipend from one's lord
パー① par ② paper (in rock-paper-scissors game) ③ apiece, each ④ percent
駅前 【えきまえ】in front of station
何者 【なにもの】who, what kind of person
会長 【かいちょう】president (of a society), chairman
近づく 【ちかづく】to approach, to get near, to get acquainted with, to get closer
元 【もと】① origin, source ② base, foundation ③ cause ④ ingredient ⑤ (somebody's) side, (somebody's) location ⑥ original cost (or capital, principal, etc.) ⑦ trunk ⑧ first section of a waka ⑨ counter for blades of grass, tree trunks, etc., and for falcons (in falconry)
古本屋 【ふるほんや】second hand bookstore (bookshop)
口下手 【くちべた】defective speech, slowness of speech, poor talker, tongue-tied person
思いっきり 【おもいっきり】with all one's strength, with all one's heart, resignation, resolution
自体 【じたい】itself
住人 【じゅうにん】dweller, inhabitant, resident
人気者 【にんきもの】popular person, favorite, favourite
切らす 【きらす】to be out of, to run out of, to be short of, to be out of stock
体質 【たいしつ】constitution (physical), genetic make-up, predisposition (to disease)
同時に 【どうじに】coincident with, while, simultaneously
発注 【はっちゅう】ordering (materials), placing an order, order
立ち 【たち】stand
目まい 【めまい】dizziness, giddiness, vertigo
手作り 【てづくり】handmade, homegrown, hand-crafted, homemade
使える 【つかえる】to be useful, to be serviceable
安らぐ 【やすらぐ】to feel at ease
味見 【あじみ】sampling, tasting
お待ち 【おまち】waiting, waiting time
知らず 【しらず】① not having, unaffected by ② aside, I don't know about ...
音声 【おんせい】voice, (the concept of) sound
漢方薬 【かんぽうやく】herbal medicine
元通り 【もとどおり】as before, as ever
仕打ち 【しうち】(poor) treatment, (bad) behavior, behaviour, action, act
所長 【しょちょう】chief, head
乗り 【のり】① riding, ride ② spread (of paints) ③ (two)-seater ④ mood (as in to pick up on and join in with someone's mood)
星空 【ほしぞら】starry sky
清算 【せいさん】liquidation, settlement
送り返す 【おくりかえす】to send back
大声 【おおごえ】large voice
断じて 【だんじて】absolutely, positively, decidedly
すぐさまimmediately, promptly
発声 【はっせい】utterance, speaking
本命 【ほんめい】① favorite, favourite, sure thing, likely winner, certainty ② one's heart's desire
曜日 【ようび】day of the week
落ち 【おち】① slip, omission ② outcome, final result, the end ③ punch line (of a joke)
悲しみ 【かなしみ】sadness, sorrow, grief
気合 【きあい】scream, yell, fighting spirit
情けない 【なさけない】miserable, pitiable, shameful, deplorable
軽はずみ 【かるはずみ】rashness
落ち着ける 【おちつける】to quiet, to calm down, to compose oneself, to settle down
身勝手 【みがって】selfishness, egoism, egotism
追試 【ついし】supplementary examination
数少ない 【かずすくない】few in number
悪夢 【あくむ】nightmare, bad dream
演歌 【えんか】① enka, traditional-style Japanese popular ballad ② troubadour
解明 【かいめい】clarification, elucidation, explication
開閉 【かいへい】opening and shutting
詰め込む 【つめこむ】to cram, to stuff, to jam, to squeeze, to compress, to pack, to crowd
泣き叫ぶ 【なきさけぶ】to cry and shout, to scream
叫び声 【さけびごえ】shout, yell, scream
高熱 【こうねつ】① high fever ② pyro-
座 【ざ】① seat, one's place, position ② attaches to the names of theatres and constellations
殺し 【ころし】a murder
支え 【ささえ】support, stay, prop
自信 【じしん】self-confidence
手違い 【てちがい】mistake, blunder
小麦粉 【こむぎこ】wheat flour
笑い声 【わらいごえ】laughter
神経質 【しんけいしつ】nervousness, (being) highly strung, sensitiveness, neurotic
成り下がる 【なりさがる】to be degraded, to come down in the world
担任 【たんにん】① in charge (of something) ② homeroom teacher
団子 【だんご】dumpling (sweet)
仲良く 【なかよく】making friends with, getting along well with, on cordial terms
入居 【にゅうきょ】moving into (house)
かなたbeyond, across, the other side, the distance
付け根 【つけね】root, joint, base, crotch
変身 【へんしん】metamorphosis, disguise, transformation
面倒くさい 【めんどうくさい】bother(some) to do, tiresome
戻り 【もどり】① return, reaction, recovery ② return (from a procedure)
粒子 【りゅうし】particle, grain
愛想 【あいそ】civility, courtesy, compliments, sociability, graces
つぎ込む 【つぎこむ】to invest in, to sink money into, to put into, to lay out (funds), to inject, to impregnate, to infuse, to instill, to implant, to imbue, to focus (attention, efforts)
暴言 【ぼうげん】reckless remark, rash remark, abusive language, thoughtless words
まれrare, seldom
見過ごす 【みすごす】to let go by, to let pass, to overlook, to miss
金棒 【かなぼう】metal rod
ついてるto be lucky, to be in luck
腹立つ 【はらだつ】to get angry
してやるto do for (someone)
炎上 【えんじょう】① blazing up ② destruction of a large building by fire ③ flood of comments to a blog, exceeding what the blog's owner can answer
歌舞伎 【かぶき】kabuki, Japanese classical drama
回避 【かいひ】evasion, avoidance
輝き 【かがやき】radiance
却下 【きゃっか】rejection, dismissal
救急 【きゅうきゅう】first-aid, emergency (aid)
興味深い 【きょうみぶかい】very interesting, of great interest
空洞 【くうどう】cave, hollow, cavity
激突 【げきとつ】crash into, clash
後援 【こうえん】support, backing
光り輝く 【ひかりかがやく】to shine, to glitter
甲斐 【かい】effect, result, worth, use, avail
剤 【ざい】medicine, agent, (chemical) substance, drug, dose
視線 【しせん】one's eyes, glance, look
執念 【しゅうねん】tenacity, implacability
射止める 【いとめる】to shoot dead, to make something one's own
煮詰まる 【につまる】to be boiled down
充満 【じゅうまん】being filled with, teeming with, pregnant with
重症 【じゅうしょう】serious illness
暑苦しい 【あつくるしい】sultry, sweltering
勝訴 【しょうそ】winning a lawsuit
衝動 【しょうどう】impulse, impetus, urge
繊細 【せんさい】delicate, dainty, fine, slim, sensitive, subtle
脚 【あし】① foot ② leg ③ gait ④ pace ⑤ bottom structural component (i.e. radical) of a kanji ⑥ means of transportation
多弁 【たべん】talkativeness, verbosity
隊長 【たいちょう】commanding officer
代償 【だいしょう】compensation, indemnification, reparation, consideration
大嫌い 【だいきらい】very dislikeable, hate, loathe, abhor
懲らしめる 【こらしめる】to chastise, to punish, to discipline
桃 【もも】peach, prunus persica (tree)
動脈 【どうみゃく】artery
同級生 【どうきゅうせい】classmate, classmates
特異 【とくい】unique, singular
豚 【ぶた】pig
熱弁 【ねつべん】fervent speech
迫力 【はくりょく】force, intensity, appeal, strength
無謀 【むぼう】reckless, thoughtless, recklessness
理不尽 【りふじん】unreasonable, irrational
力士 【りきし】① sumo wrestler, rikishi ② strong man
鉄砲玉 【てっぽうだま】gunshot, bullet, lost (truant) messenger, bull's-eye
よくもHow dare ...
ありったけall that one has, all that there is, the whole
お嬢様 【おじょうさま】(term of respect for) another's daughter, daughter of a high-class family
愚痴る 【ぐちる】to complain, to grumble
振る舞い 【ふるまい】behavior, behaviour, conduct
滑る 【ぬめる】① to be slippery, to be slimy ② to behave charmingly, to walk merrily
たまるto bear (often adds emphasis), to endure
同棲 【どうせい】cohabitation, living together
妖怪 【ようかい】ghost, apparition, phantom, spectre, specter, demon, monster, goblin
こいつthis fellow, this guy, this person
脇の下 【わきのした】armpit, axilla