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WaniKani Kanji Level 14

Author (public: access, edit)

WaniKani Kanji Level 14



32 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2014-06-06 19:23:06
わたし, わたくし, シprivate, I, me
もと.める, グ, キュウrequest, want, wish for, require, demand
キョウco-, cooperation
みつ, まじわる, まい-, まい.る, シン, サンnonplussed, three, going, coming, visiting, visit, be defeated, die, be madly in love
まと, テキbull's eye, mark, target, object, adjective ending
たと.える, レイexample, custom, usage, precedent
のこ.り, そこな.う, のこ.す, のこ.る, サン, ザンremainder, leftover, balance
よ.く, ノウability, talent, skill, capacity
すべ, ジュツart, technique, skill, means, trick, resources, magic
もち, のぞ.む, モウ, ボウambition, full moon, hope, desire, aspire to, expect
かこ.い, かこ.う, かこ.む, イsurround, besiege, store, paling, enclosure, encircle, preserve, keep
カンperfect, completion, end
まれ, ケ, キhope, beg, request, pray, beseech, Greece, dilute (acid), rare, few, phenomenal
わざ, ギskill, art, craft, ability, feat, performance, vocation, arts
わざ, のり, う.える, ウン, ゲイtechnique, art, craft, performance, acting, trick, stunt
ザイlumber, log, timber, wood, talent
お.れる, -お.り, お.り, おり, お.る, セツfold, break, fracture, bend, yield, submit
つか.ねる, つか, たば.ねる, たば, ソクbundle, sheaf, ream, tie in bundles, govern, manage, control
かた.い, かた.まり, かた.まる, かた.める, コharden, set, clot, curdle
まわ.り, シュウcircumference, circuit, lap
さが, ショウ, セイsex, gender, nature
にわか, ついに, お.わる, お.える, そっ.する, シュツ, ソツgraduate, soldier, private, die
ネンwish, sense, idea, thought, feeling, desire, attention
ヤクpromise, approximately, shrink
ゴウ, キャク, コウ, カクstatus, rank, capacity, character, case (law, grammar)
ほね, コツskeleton, bone, remains, frame
gentle, peace, depravity
まつ, ショウpine tree
もとい, もと, キfundamentals, radical (chem), counter for machines, foundation
フンatmosphere, fog
かたく, ガンstubborn, foolish, firmly