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WaniKani Kanji Level 26

Author (public: access, edit)

WaniKani Kanjji Level 26



33 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2014-09-18 04:58:54
ふで, ヒツwriting brush, writing, painting brush, handwriting
うらな.う, し.める, センfortune-telling, divining, forecasting, occupy, hold, have, get, take
しる.す, -じるし, しるし, インstamp, seal, mark, imprint, symbol, emblem, trademark, evidence, souvenir, India
あせ, カンsweat, perspire
ふたた.び, サ, サイagain, twice, second time
かわ, カriver
とげ, さし, さ.し, さ.さる, さ.す, シthorn, pierce, stab, prick, sting, calling card
つ.く, カ, トツstab, protruding, thrusting, thrust, pierce, prick
はり, シンneedle, pin, staple, stinger
-づく.り, つく.り, つく.る, ゾウcreate, make, structure, physique
candy, cakes, fruit
さず.かる, さず.ける, ジュimpart, instruct, grant, confer
つ.ぐ, ショウ, セツtouch, contact, adjoin, piece together
ユウmail, stagecoach stop
たくわ.える, た.める, チョsavings, store, lay in, keep, wear mustache
また, フクrestore, return to, revert, resume
わが-, わ.が-, わ, われ, ガego, I, selfish, our, oneself
はげ.ます, はげ.む, レイencourage, be diligent, inspire
ゆ.く, さき.に, いにしえ, い.く, オウjourney, chase away, let go, going, travel
あや.しむ, あや.しい, ケ, カイsuspicious, mystery, apparition
もと, ふる.い, ゆえ, コhappenstance, especially, intentionally, reason, cause, circumstances, the late, therefore, consequently
ひと.り, トク, ドクsingle, alone, spontaneously, Germany
より, したが.える, したが.う, ジュ, ショウ, ジュウaccompany, obey, submit to, comply, follow, secondary, incidental, subordinate
ふ.るう, -ぶ.り, ふ.り, ぶ.る, ふ.る, シンshake, wave, wag, swing
う.つ, トウchastise, attack, defeat, destroy, conquer
ぶた, トンpork, pig
けず.しける, きず, はじ.める, つく.る, ショウ, ソウgenesis, wound, injury, hurt, start, originate
なまり, エンlead
くら.べる, コウ, カクcontrast, compare
さわ.る, ショウhinder, hurt, harm
しるし, チ, チョウindications, sign, omen, symptom, collect, seek, refer to, question
はげ.しい, ゲキviolent, get excited, enraged, chafe, incite
けだもの, けもの, ジュウanimal, beast