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Minna no Nihongo Intermediate II

Author (public: access, edit)

Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu Lesson 13-22



998 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2015-09-16 09:11:01
一 【いち】① one ② best in, the most (...) in (where an adjective follows)
飲む 【のむ】① to drink, to gulp, to swallow ② to smoke (tobacco) ③ to engulf, to overwhelm ④ to keep down, to suppress ⑤ to accept (e.g. demand, condition) ⑥ to make light of, to conceal
右 【みぎ】① right, right hand side ② afore-mentioned (esp. in vertical Japanese writing), foregoing, forgoing, above
円 【えん】① Yen, money ② circle
下さい 【ください】① please give me ② (after te-form of a verb or a noun prefixed with o- or go-) please do for me
外国 【がいこく】foreign country
語 【ご】① language ② word
耳 【みみ】① ear ② hearing ③ edge, crust ④ selvedge (non-fray machined edge of fabrics), selvage
手 【て】① hand, arm ② handle ③ hand, worker, help ④ trouble, care, effort ⑤ means, way, trick, move, technique, workmanship ⑥ hand, handwriting ⑦ kind, type, sort ⑧ one's hands, one's possession ⑨ ability to cope ⑩ hand (of cards) ⑪ direction
出す 【だす】① to take out, to get out ② to put out, to reveal, to show ③ to submit (e.g. thesis), to turn in ④ to publish, to make public ⑤ to send (e.g. letter) ⑥ to produce (a sound), to start (fire) ⑦ to serve (food) ⑧ to begin
出る 【でる】① to go out, to exit, to leave ② to appear, to come forth, to be published ③ to answer (the phone or door)
出口 【でぐち】exit, gateway, way out, outlet, leak, vent
上 【うえ】① above, up, over ② top, summit ③ surface, on ④ before, previous ⑤ superiority, one's superior (i.e. one's elder) ⑥ on top of that, besides, what's more ⑦ upon (further inspection, etc.), based on (and occurring after) ⑧ matters concerning..., as concerns ... ⑨ since (i.e. "for that reason") ⑩ suffix indicating higher social standing
上げる 【あげる】① to raise, to elevate ② to do up (one's hair) ③ to fly (a kite, etc.), to launch (fireworks, etc.), to surface (a submarine, etc.) ④ to land (a boat) ⑤ to show someone (into a room) ⑥ (uk) to summon (for geishas, etc.) ⑦ to send someone (away) ⑧ to enrol (one's child in school) (enroll) ⑨ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑩ to make (a loud sound), to raise (one's voice) ⑪ to earn (something desirable) ⑫ to praise ⑬ to give (an example, etc.), to cite ⑭ to summon up (all of one's energy, etc.) ⑮ to arrest ⑯ to nominate ⑰ to give ⑱ to offer up (incense, a prayer, etc.) to the gods (or Buddha, etc.) ⑲ to bear (a child) ⑳ to conduct (a ceremony, esp. a wedding) ○ (of the tide) to come in ○ to vomit ○ (after the -te form of a verb) to do for (the sake of someone else) ○ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to complete ○ used after the -masu stem of a humble verb to increase the level of humility
新聞 【しんぶん】newspaper
水 【みず】water (cold, fresh)
生まれる 【うまれる】to be born
先 【さき】① previous, prior, former, some time ago, preceding ② point (e.g. pencil), tip, end, nozzle ③ head (of a line), front ④ ahead, the other side ⑤ the future, hereafter ⑥ destination ⑦ the other party
大学 【だいがく】① post-secondary education institution, incl. university, college, etc. ② the Great Learning - one of the Four Books
大人 【おとな】adult
電気 【でんき】① electricity ② (electric) light
入る 【はいる】① to enter ② to break into ③ to join, to enroll ④ to contain, to hold, to accommodate ⑤ to have (an income of)
入れる 【いれる】① to put in, to let in, to take in, to bring in, to insert, to set (a jewel, etc.) ② to admit, to accept, to employ, to hire ③ to accept, to comply, to grant, to adopt (a policy, etc.), to take (advice, etc.), to listen to, to pay attention to ④ to include ⑤ to pay (one's rent, etc.) ⑥ to cast (a vote) ⑦ to make (tea, coffee, etc.) ⑧ to turn on (a switch, etc.) ⑨ to send (a fax), to call
悪い 【わるい】① bad, poor, inferior ② evil, sinful ③ unprofitable, unbeneficial ④ at fault, to blame, in the wrong ⑤ sorry
音楽 【おんがく】music, musical movement
夏 【なつ】summer
家族 【かぞく】family, members of a family
元気 【げんき】health(y), robust, vigor, vigour, energy, vitality, vim, stamina, spirit, courage, pep
使う 【つかう】① to use (a thing, method, etc.), to make use of, to put to use ② to use (a person, animal, puppet, etc.), to employ, to handle, to manage, to manipulate ③ to use (time, money, etc.), to spend, to consume ④ to use (language), to speak ⑤ to take (one's lunch), to circulate (bad money)
私 【わたし】① I, me ② private affairs, personal matter, secrecy ③ selfishness
持つ 【もつ】① to hold, to carry ② to possess
時計 【とけい】watch, clock, timepiece
自分 【じぶん】① myself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself ② I, me
手紙 【てがみ】letter
住む 【すむ】to live (of humans), to reside, to inhabit, to dwell, to abide
所 【ところ】① place, spot, scene, site ② address ③ district, area, locality ④ one's house ⑤ point ⑥ part ⑦ space, room ⑧ whereupon, as a result ⑨ (after present form of a verb) about to, on the verge of
色 【いろ】① colour, color ② complexion ③ appearance, look ④ love, lust, sensuality, love affair, lover ⑤ kind, type, variety
食堂 【しょくどう】① dining room, dining hall, cafeteria, messroom ② restaurant, eatery, snack bar, diner
切る 【きる】① to cut (usu. to cut through) ② to sever (connections, ties) ③ to turn off (i.e. the light) ④ to terminate (i.e. a conversation), to hang up (the phone), to disconnect ⑤ to punch (a ticket), to tear off (a stub) ⑥ to open (something sealed) ⑦ to start ⑧ to set (a limit) ⑨ to reduce, to decrease, to discount ⑩ to shake off (water, etc.), to let drip-dry (or drain) ⑪ to cross ⑫ to do (something noticeable) ⑬ to turn (a vehicle) ⑭ to cut (the ball) ⑮ to shuffle (cards) ⑯ to trump ⑰ (in Go) to isolate (an opponent's stone) ⑱ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to finish, to complete
知る 【しる】to know, to understand, to be acquainted with, to feel
着く 【つく】① to arrive at, to reach ② to sit on, to sit at (e.g. the table)
取る 【とる】① to take, to pick up, to harvest, to earn, to choose ② to steal ③ to eat, to have (a meal) ④ to remove (one's glasses, etc.)
結構 【けっこう】① splendid, nice, wonderful, delicious, sweet ② sufficient, fine (in the sense of "I'm fine"), (by implication) no thank you ③ well enough, OK, tolerable ④ reasonably, fairly, tolerably
個 【こ】① counter for articles ② counter for military units ③ individual
厚い 【あつい】① thick, deep, heavy ② kind, cordial, hospitable, warm, faithful ③ serious (of an illness) ④ abundant
歳 【さい】① -years-old ② ability, gift, talent, aptitude, genius
子供 【こども】child, children
吹く 【ふく】① to blow (wind, etc.), to play a wind instrument ② to emit, to spout ③ to whistle
掃除 【そうじ】cleaning, sweeping
痛い 【いたい】① painful, sore ② exceeding
彼ら 【かれら】they (usually male), them
鉛筆 【えんぴつ】pencil
する① to do ② to cause to become, to make (into), to turn (into) ③ to serve as, to act as, to work as ④ to wear (clothes, a facial expression, etc.) ⑤ to judge as being, to view as being, to think of as, to treat as, to use as ⑥ to decide on, to choose ⑦ to be sensed (of a smell, noise, etc.) ⑧ to be (in a state, condition, etc.) ⑨ to be worth, to cost ⑩ to pass (of time), to elapse ⑪ verbalizing suffix (applies to nouns noted in this dictionary with the part of speech "vs") ⑫ creates a humble verb (after a noun prefixed with "o" or "go") ⑬ to be just about to, to be just starting to, to try to, to attempt to
なる① to become, to get, to grow, to be, to reach, to attain ② to result in, to prove to be ③ to consist of, to be composed of ④ to succeed, to be complete ⑤ to change into, to be exchanged for ⑥ to play a role ⑦ to be promoted (shogi)
ベル① bell ② bel, B
意見 【いけん】opinion, view
運転 【うんてん】operation, motion, driving
運動 【うんどう】motion, exercise
火 【ひ】fire, flame, blaze
気 【き】① spirit, mind, heart ② nature, disposition ③ motivation, intention ④ mood, feelings ⑤ atmosphere, essence
気分 【きぶん】feeling, mood
合う 【あう】① to come together, to merge, to unite, to meet ② to fit, to match, to suit, to agree with, to be correct ③ to be profitable, to be equitable ④ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to do ... to each other, to do ... together
試験 【しけん】examination, test, study, trial, experiment
字 【じ】① character (i.e. kanji) ② hand-writing, penmanship ③ the ... word (i.e. "the L word" = "love")
社会 【しゃかい】society, public
小説 【しょうせつ】novel, (short) story
世界 【せかい】the world, society, the universe
西洋 【せいよう】the west, Western countries
説明 【せつめい】explanation, exposition
安全 【あんぜん】① safety ② security
科学 【かがく】science
血 【ち】blood, consanguinity
真面目 【まじめ】diligent, serious, honest, sober, grave, earnest, steady
進む 【すすむ】① to advance, to go forward ② to precede, to go ahead (of) ③ to make progress, to improve ④ to deepen, to heighten ⑤ to do of one's own free will
人形 【にんぎょう】doll, puppet, figure
生活 【せいかつ】living, life (one's daily existence), livelihood
湯 【ゆ】① hot water ② hot bath, hot spring
倍 【ばい】① twice, double ② times, -fold
番組 【ばんぐみ】program (e.g. TV), programme
関係 【かんけい】relation, connection
機械 【きかい】① machine, mechanism ② instrument, appliance, apparatus
久しぶり 【ひさしぶり】a long time (since the last time), it's been a while (since I last saw, mailed, etc., you)
競争 【きょうそう】① competition, contest ② to compete
経験 【けいけん】experience
経済 【けいざい】economics, business, finance, economy
最後 【さいご】① last, end, conclusion ② (after -tara form or -ta form followed by "ga") no sooner than, right after (often having negative consequences)
事故 【じこ】① accident, incident, trouble ② circumstances, reasons
失敗 【しっぱい】failure, mistake, blunder
習慣 【しゅうかん】custom, habit, manners
承知 【しょうち】① acknowledgment, acknowledgement, awareness ② consent, acceptance, assent, admitting, compliance, agreement
紹介 【しょうかい】introduction, referral
席 【せき】① seat ② location (of a gathering, etc.), place ③ position, post
お嬢さん 【おじょうさん】① daughter ② young lady
為 【ため】① good, advantage, benefit, welfare ② sake, purpose, objective, aim ③ consequence, result, effect ④ affecting, regarding, concerning
興味 【きょうみ】interest (in something)
邪魔 【じゃま】hindrance, intrusion
盛ん 【さかん】① popular ② prosperous ③ enthusiastic ④ energetic, vigorous
しまうto finish, to close, to do something completely, to put away, to put an end to
外出 【がいしゅつ】outing, trip, going out
金 【きん】① gold, golden (color), metaphor for (most) valuable, gold (medal, cup) ② money (written before an amount) ③ Friday ④ metal (fourth of the five elements) ⑤ Jin (dynasty of China; 1115-1234 CE) ⑥ gold general (shogi) ⑦ karat, carat
左右 【さゆう】① left and right ② influence, control, domination
上 【じょう】① from the standpoint of, as a matter of (e.g. fact), in the field of, being of the type of ② aboard (a ship or vehicle), on top of, on, above ③ first volume (e.g. book) ④ superior quality, best, top, high class ⑤ going up ⑥ governmental, imperial ⑦ presenting, showing
人間 【にんげん】① human being, man, person ② character (of a person)
生 【なま】① raw, uncooked, fresh ② natural, unedited, unprocessed, crude ③ live (i.e. not recorded) ④ inexperienced, unpolished, green ⑤ impudence, sauciness ⑥ unpasteurized beer, draft beer, draught beer ⑦ partially, somewhat, half-, semi-
生じる 【しょうじる】① to produce, to yield ② to result from, to arise, to be generated
大半 【たいはん】majority, mostly, generally
以前 【いぜん】ago, since, before, previous
以来 【いらい】since, henceforth
意外 【いがい】unexpected, surprising
意思 【いし】intention, purpose
一体 【いったい】① ...the heck (e.g. "what the heck?"), ...in the world (e.g. "why in the world?"), ...on earth (e.g. "who on earth?") ② one object, one body, unity ③ one form, one style ④ one Buddhist image (or carving, etc.) ⑤ generally, in general
一方 【いっぽう】① one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party ② on the one hand, on the other hand ③ whereas, although, but at the same time, meanwhile, in turn ④ (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing, only
会計 【かいけい】account, finance, accountant, treasurer, paymaster, reckoning, bill
学者 【がくしゃ】scholar
起こる 【おこる】to occur, to happen
国家 【こっか】state, country, nation
作品 【さくひん】work (e.g. book, film, composition, etc.), opus, performance, production
使用 【しよう】use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
思わず 【おもわず】unintentionally, reflexively, spontaneously, involuntarily, instinctively
自ら 【みずから】for one's self, personally
質 【しつ】quality
食品 【しょくひん】commodity, foodstuff
食料 【しょくりょう】food
図 【ず】figure (e.g. Fig 1), drawing, picture, illustration
代金 【だいきん】price, payment, cost, charge, the money, the bill
大家 【おおや】landlord, landlady
地 【ち】① earth, ground, land, soil ② place ③ territory ④ bottom (of a package, book, etc.) ⑤ earth (one of the five elements)
地方 【ちほう】① area, locality, district, region, province ② countryside, rural area ③ coast (esp. as seen from the water) ④ person singing ballads in Noh, person in charge of music in a Japanese dance performance
注文 【ちゅうもん】order, request
注目 【ちゅうもく】notice, attention, observation
動作 【どうさ】action, movements, motions, bearing, behaviour, behavior, execution, actuation, operation, manners
年代 【ねんだい】age, era, period, date
発行 【はっこう】① issue (publications), publishing ② raising an event (software)
安定 【あんてい】stability, equilibrium
委員 【いいん】committee member
一流 【いちりゅう】first-class, top grade, school (of art), foremost, top-notch, unique
引退 【いんたい】retire
営業 【えいぎょう】business, trade, sales, operations
横断 【おうだん】① crossing ② transverse
王様 【おうさま】king
加わる 【くわわる】to join in, to accede to, to increase, to gain in (influence)
外交 【がいこう】diplomacy
確実 【かくじつ】certainty, reliability, soundness
学期 【がっき】school term, semester
額 【がく】① picture (framed) ② amount or sum (of money)
活気 【かっき】energy, liveliness
活動 【かつどう】action, activity
活用 【かつよう】① practical use, application ② conjugation, declension, inflection
観光 【かんこう】sightseeing
期待 【きたい】expectation, anticipation, hope
記事 【きじ】article, news story, report, account
逆らう 【さからう】to go against, to oppose, to disobey, to defy
急速 【きゅうそく】rapid (e.g. progress)
求める 【もとめる】to seek, to request, to demand, to want, to wish for, to search for, to pursue (pleasure), to hunt (a job), to buy
欠ける 【かける】① to be chipped, to be damaged, to be broken ② to be lacking, to be missing ③ to be insufficient, to be short, to be deficient, to be negligent toward ④ (of the moon) to wane, to go into eclipse
語る 【かたる】to talk, to tell, to recite
公平 【こうへい】fairness, impartial, justice
向ける 【むける】to turn towards, to point
幸い 【さいわい】happiness, blessedness
高速 【こうそく】① high speed, high gear ② highway, freeway, expressway, motorway
才能 【さいのう】talent, ability
思想 【しそう】thought, idea, ideology
試す 【ためす】to attempt, to test, to try out
事実 【じじつ】fact, truth, reality
時期 【じき】time, season, period
自身 【じしん】by oneself, personally
自然 【しぜん】① nature, spontaneity ② naturally, spontaneously
式 【しき】① equation, formula, expression ② ceremony ③ style
実 【み】① fruit, nut ② seed ③ (in broth) pieces of meat, vegetable, etc. ④ content, substance
実は 【じつは】as a matter of fact, by the way, to tell you the truth, to be honest, frankly
実行 【じっこう】practice, practise, performance, execution (e.g. program) (programme), realization, realisation, implementation
取り上げる 【とりあげる】① to take up, to pick up ② to accept, to adopt, to listen to ③ to disqualify, to confiscate, to deprive ④ to adopt (child)
受け取る 【うけとる】① to receive, to get, to accept ② to take, to interpret, to understand
終える 【おえる】to finish
出身 【しゅっしん】① person's origin (town, city, country, etc.) ② institution from which one graduated ③ director in charge of employee relations
消費 【しょうひ】consumption, expenditure
章 【しょう】① chapter, section ② medal
場面 【ばめん】scene, setting (e.g. of novel)
常に 【つねに】always, constantly
新た 【あらた】① new, fresh, novel ② newly, freshly, re-
身 【み】① body ② oneself ③ one's place, one's position ④ main part, meat (as opposed to bone, skin, etc.), wood (as opposed to bark), blade (as opposed to its handle), container(as opposed to its lid)
身分 【みぶん】social position, social status
進学 【しんがく】entering a higher-level school, esp. going on to university
人物 【じんぶつ】character, personality, person, man, personage, talented man
数える 【かぞえる】to count, to enumerate
生命 【せいめい】life, existence
組む 【くむ】① to cross (legs or arms), to link (arms) ② to put together, to construct, to assemble, to produce (e.g. TV program) ③ to braid, to plait ④ to grapple, to wrestle ⑤ to unite, to link up, to form an alliance ⑥ to set (e.g. type) ⑦ to issue (e.g. money order)
相当 【そうとう】① befitting, becoming, worthy of, proportionate, in keeping with, suitable ② considerable, substantial ③ to be worthy of, to be proportionate to ④ to correspond to (in meaning, function, etc.), to be equivalent ⑤ extremely, considerably
息 【いき】① breath, breathing ② tone, mood
単語 【たんご】word, vocabulary, (usually) single-character word
地球 【ちきゅう】the earth, the globe
地面 【じめん】ground, earth's surface
長期 【ちょうき】long time period
追う 【おう】① to chase, to run after, to pursue ② to follow (i.e. a set order, a trend) ③ to drive out, to oust, to expel ④ to drive (i.e. a herd) ⑤ (in passive voice) to be pressed (for time, etc.)
通す 【とおす】to let pass, to overlook, to continue, to keep, to make way for, to persist in
的 【てき】-like, typical
鉄道 【てつどう】railroad
伝わる 【つたわる】to be handed down, to be introduced, to be transmitted, to be circulated, to go along, to walk along
当時 【とうじ】at that time, in those days
同様 【どうよう】identical, equal to, same (kind), like, similarity
道路 【どうろ】road, highway
特定 【とくてい】specific, special, particular
皮肉 【ひにく】cynicism, sarcasm, irony, satire
費 【ひ】cost, expense
以降 【いこう】on and after, as from, hereafter, thereafter, since
依頼 【いらい】① request, commission, dispatch, despatch ② dependence, trust
偉大 【いだい】greatness
移動 【いどう】① removal, migration, movement ② mobile (e.g. communications)
医師 【いし】doctor, physician
永遠 【えいえん】eternity, perpetuity, immortality, permanence
鋭い 【するどい】pointed, sharp
演劇 【えんげき】play (theatrical)
可能 【かのう】possible, practicable, feasible
回復 【かいふく】recovery (from illness), improvement, rehabilitation, restoration, convalescence
巻く 【まく】to wind, to coil, to roll
汗 【あせ】① sweat, perspiration ② moisture, condensation
管理 【かんり】control, management (e.g. of a business)
関連 【かんれん】relation, connection, relevance
疑問 【ぎもん】question, problem, doubt, guess
議論 【ぎろん】argument, discussion, dispute, controversy
詰める 【つめる】① to pack, to fill, to plug, to stop up ② to shorten (length or distance), to move over, to make room (for someone) ③ to work out (details)
巨大 【きょだい】huge, gigantic, enormous
競技 【きょうぎ】game, match, contest
共通 【きょうつう】① commonness, community ② -wide
強盗 【ごうとう】① robber, mugger ② robbery, burglary
努める 【つとめる】to endeavor (endeavour), to try, to strive, to make an effort, to exert oneself, to be diligent
備える 【そなえる】① to furnish, to provide for, to equip, to install ② to have ready, to prepare for ③ to possess, to have, to be endowed with, to be armed with
経営 【けいえい】management, administration
建設 【けんせつ】construction, establishment
賢い 【かしこい】wise, clever, smart
現象 【げんしょう】phenomenon
個人 【こじん】individual, private person, personal, private
交換 【こうかん】exchange, interchange, switching, reciprocity, barter, substitution, replacement, clearing (of checks, cheques)
光景 【こうけい】scene, spectacle
効果 【こうか】effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result
好む 【このむ】to like, to prefer
構成 【こうせい】organization, organisation, configuration, composition
刻む 【きざむ】to mince, to carve, to engrave, to cut fine, to chop up, to hash, to chisel, to notch
骨折 【こっせつ】bone fracture
困難 【こんなん】difficulty, distress
混乱 【こんらん】disorder, chaos, confusion, mayhem
差す 【さす】① to raise (e.g. hands, umbrella), to stretch out ② to be tinged ③ to wear at one's side (e.g. sword) ④ to shine ⑤ to provoke a feeling
差別 【さべつ】discrimination, distinction, differentiation
再び 【ふたたび】again, once more, a second time
財産 【ざいさん】property, fortune, assets
作成 【さくせい】framing, drawing up, making, producing, creating, creation, preparing, writing
支える 【ささえる】① to support, to prop, to sustain, to underlay, to hold up ② to hold at bay, to stem, to check
支出 【ししゅつ】expenditure, expenses
支配 【しはい】rule, control, direction
死亡 【しぼう】death, mortality
資料 【しりょう】materials, data, document
失う 【うしなう】to lose, to part with
失業 【しつぎょう】unemployment
手段 【しゅだん】means, way, measure
種類 【しゅるい】① variety, kind, type, category ② counter for different sorts of things
周辺 【しゅうへん】① circumference, outskirts, environs, around, in the area of, in the vicinity of ② (computer) peripheral
集団 【しゅうだん】group, mass
住民 【じゅうみん】citizens, inhabitants, residents, population
重要 【じゅうよう】important, momentous, essential, principal, major
出席 【しゅっせき】① attendance, presence, appearance ② to attend, to be present, to appear
諸 【しょ】various, many, several
女優 【じょゆう】actress
照らす 【てらす】to shine on, to illuminate
象 【ぞう】elephant
賞 【しょう】prize, award
上達 【じょうたつ】improvement, advance, progress
情報 【じょうほう】① news, gossip, (military) intelligence ② information (data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.)
状況 【じょうきょう】state of affairs (around you), situation, circumstances
職業 【しょくぎょう】occupation, business
信用 【しんよう】confidence, dependence, credit, faith, reliance, belief, credence
信頼 【しんらい】reliance, trust, faith, confidence
深刻 【しんこく】serious
神経 【しんけい】nerve, sensitivity
制度 【せいど】system, institution, organization, organisation
性 【せい】① nature (of a person) ② sex ③ gender ④ -ty (suffix indicating quality or condition), -ity, -ness
成長 【せいちょう】growth, grow to adulthood
精神 【せいしん】mind, soul, heart, spirit, intention
責任 【せきにん】① duty, responsibility (incl. supervision of staff) ② liability, onus
接する 【せっする】① to come in contact with, to touch, to connect (with) ② to attend (to) ③ to receive (visitors)
占める 【しめる】① to comprise (some part of the whole), to account for, to make up (of) ② to hold, to occupy
双子 【ふたご】twins, a twin
装置 【そうち】equipment, installation, apparatus, device
増加 【ぞうか】increase, increment, addition
存在 【そんざい】existence, being
単純 【たんじゅん】simplicity
団体 【だんたい】organization, organisation, association
知識 【ちしき】knowledge, information
地域 【ちいき】area, region
仲直り 【なかなおり】reconciliation, make peace with
著者 【ちょしゃ】author (usu. of a particular book, etc.), writer
調査 【ちょうさ】investigation, examination, inquiry, enquiry, survey
頂上 【ちょうじょう】top, summit, peak
通り過ぎる 【とおりすぎる】to pass, to pass through
程度 【ていど】degree, amount, grade, standard, of the order of (following a number)
適切 【てきせつ】pertinent, appropriate, adequate, relevance
適度 【てきど】moderate
得意 【とくい】① triumph, prosperity ② pride ③ one's strong point, one's forte, one's specialty ④ frequent customer (client, etc.)
毒 【どく】poison, toxicant
突然 【とつぜん】abrupt, sudden, unexpected, all at once
届く 【とどく】① to reach, to arrive, to get through, to get at ② to be attentive, to pay attention ③ to be delivered, to carry (e.g. sound)
日付 【ひづけ】date, dating
任せる 【まかせる】① to entrust (e.g. a task) to another, to leave to ② to passively leave to someone else's facilities ③ to leave to take its natural course ④ to continue (something) in a natural fashion (without particular aim) ⑤ to rely fully on one's (full strength, great ability, long time taken) to get something done
悩む 【なやむ】to be worried, to be troubled
爆発 【ばくはつ】explosion, detonation, eruption
発達 【はったつ】development, growth
抜く 【ぬく】① to extract, to omit, to surpass, to overtake, to draw out, to unplug ② to do something to the end
判断 【はんだん】judgement, judgment, decision, adjudication, conclusion, decipherment, divination
販売 【はんばい】sales, selling, marketing
被害 【ひがい】damage
扱う 【あつかう】to handle, to deal with, to treat
慰める 【なぐさめる】to comfort, to console, to amuse
異なる 【ことなる】to differ, to vary, to disagree
維持 【いじ】maintenance, preservation, improvement
一瞬 【いっしゅん】moment, instant
一致 【いっち】① coincidence, agreement, union, match ② conformity, consistency ③ cooperation
隠す 【かくす】to hide, to conceal
援助 【えんじょ】assistance, aid, support
猿 【さる】① monkey (esp. the Japanese macaque, Macaca fuscata) ② sly person ③ sliding wooden bolt (for holding a door or window shut) ④ clasp used to control the height of a pot-hook
遠慮 【えんりょ】diffidence, restraint, reserve, discretion, tact, thoughtfulness
応じる 【おうじる】to respond, to satisfy, to accept, to comply with, to apply for
温暖 【おんだん】warmth
価値 【かち】value, worth, merit
稼ぐ 【かせぐ】to earn income, to labor, to labour
我慢 【がまん】patience, endurance, perseverance, tolerance, self-control, self-denial
解釈 【かいしゃく】explanation, interpretation
改善 【かいぜん】① betterment, improvement ② kaizen (Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement)
覚悟 【かくご】resolution, resignation, readiness, preparedness
歓迎 【かんげい】welcome, reception
環境 【かんきょう】environment, circumstance
監督 【かんとく】① supervision, control, superintendence, direction ② director, superintendent, supervisor, coach, foreman, manager, overseer, controller, boss
企業 【きぎょう】enterprise, undertaking, corporation, business
器用 【きよう】skillful, handy
基礎 【きそ】foundation, basis
基本 【きほん】foundation, basis, standard
既に 【すでに】already, too late
機嫌 【きげん】humour, humor, temper, mood
貴重 【きちょう】precious, valuable
休暇 【きゅうか】holiday, day off, furlough, absence (from work)
急激 【きゅうげき】sudden, precipitous, radical
響く 【ひびく】① to resound, to be heard far away ② to reverberate, to shake, to vibrate ③ to come (home), to remain (with someone) ④ to have an affect, to make an impression
筋肉 【きんにく】muscle, sinew
金銭 【きんせん】money, cash
金属 【きんぞく】metal
契約 【けいやく】contract, compact, agreement
結ぶ 【むすぶ】① to tie, to bind, to link ② to bear (fruit)
件 【けん】matter, case, item
懸命 【けんめい】eagerness, earnestness, risking one's life
検討 【けんとう】consideration, examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, discussion
原稿 【げんこう】manuscript, copy
誇り 【ほこり】pride, boast
行儀 【ぎょうぎ】manners, behavior, behaviour
貢献 【こうけん】contribution, services
姿 【すがた】figure, shape, appearance
死 【し】death, decease
次第 【しだい】① dependent upon ② as soon as, immediately (upon) ③ circumstances ④ order, precedence, program, programme, agenda
自慢 【じまん】pride, boast
実施 【じっし】enforcement, implementation, putting into practice (practise), carrying out, operation, working (e.g. working parameters), enactment
主義 【しゅぎ】doctrine, rule, principle
主張 【しゅちょう】claim, request, insistence, assertion, advocacy, emphasis, contention, opinion, tenet
種 【しゅ】① kind, variety ② (biological) species ③ (logical) species
需要 【じゅよう】demand, request
宗教 【しゅうきょう】religion
修理 【しゅうり】repairing, mending, servicing
従う 【したがう】to abide (by the rules), to obey, to follow, to accompany
重視 【じゅうし】importance, stress, serious consideration
証明 【しょうめい】proof, verification
障害 【しょうがい】① obstacle, impediment, hindrance, difficulty, barrier ② handicap, impairment, disability, disorder, malfunction
条件 【じょうけん】condition, conditions, term, terms, requirement, requirements
状態 【じょうたい】current status, condition, situation, circumstances, state
睡眠 【すいみん】sleep
請求 【せいきゅう】claim, demand, charge, application, request, billing (for a service)
節約 【せつやく】economising, saving
説得 【せっとく】persuasion
組織 【そしき】① organization, organisation ② structure, construction ③ tissue ④ system
訴える 【うったえる】① to sue (a person), to take someone to court ② to resort to (e.g. arms, violence) ③ to appeal to, to call for ④ to raise, to bring to (someone's attention) ⑤ to complain
相撲 【すもう】① sumo wrestling ② sumo wrestler, rikishi
第 【だい】ordinal
知恵 【ちえ】① wisdom, wit, sagacity, sense, intelligence ② prajna (insight leading to enlightenment)
通訳 【つうやく】interpretation (i.e. oral translation)
提出 【ていしゅつ】① to present, to submit (e.g. a report or a thesis), to hand in, to file, to turn in ② presentation, submission, filing
伝統 【でんとう】tradition, convention
当然 【とうぜん】natural, as a matter of course
独立 【どくりつ】independence (e.g. Independence Day), self-support
納得 【なっとく】consent, assent, understanding, agreement, comprehension, grasp
拍手 【はくしゅ】clapping hands, applause
縛る 【しばる】to tie, to bind
反抗 【はんこう】opposition, resistance, insubordination, defiance, hostility, rebellion
範囲 【はんい】extent, scope, sphere, range, span
秘密 【ひみつ】secret, secrecy
ご覧 【ごらん】① (after the -te form of a verb) (please) try to ② (please) look ③ seeing, looking, watching
かく① to scratch ② to perspire ③ to shovel, to paddle
謎 【なぞ】① riddle, puzzle, enigma, mystery ② enigmatic, mysterious
鍋 【なべ】saucepan, pot
莫大 【ばくだい】enormous, vast
下水 【げすい】① drainage, ditch, gutter, sewerage ② sewage, black water
何しろ 【なにしろ】at any rate, anyhow, anyway, in any case
月日 【つきひ】time, years, days
見出し 【みだし】heading, caption, subtitle, index
生年月日 【せいねんがっぴ】birth date
中年 【ちゅうねん】middle-age, middle age, midlife, one's middle years
入社 【にゅうしゃ】entry to a company
以後 【いご】① after this, from now on, hereafter ② thereafter, since (verb) (after -te form of verb), after (time), since (then)
行事 【ぎょうじ】event, function
国立 【こくりつ】national
私立 【しりつ】private (establishment)
集まる 【あつまる】to gather, to collect, to assemble
出場 【しゅつじょう】(stage) appearance, participation, performance
切れ 【きれ】① piece, slice, strip, scrap ② cloth ③ sharpness ④ counter for scraps, pieces, etc.
題名 【だいめい】title
知人 【ちじん】friend, acquaintance
同時 【どうじ】simultaneous(ly), concurrent, same time, synchronous, together
年度 【ねんど】year, fiscal year, school year, term
売買 【ばいばい】trade, buying and selling
発売 【はつばい】sale, offering for sale, release (for sale), launch (product)
飯 【めし】① meals, food ② cooked rice ③ one's livelihood
安易 【あんい】① easy, simple ② easy-going
一定 【いってい】fixed, settled, constant, definite, uniform, regularized, regularised, defined, standardized, standardised, certain, prescribed
引き返す 【ひきかえす】to repeat, to send back, to bring back, to retrace one's steps
ひっくり返る 【ひっくりかえる】to be overturned, to be upset, to topple over, to be reversed
回答 【かいとう】reply, answer
外部 【がいぶ】① the outside ② external
角度 【かくど】angle
活力 【かつりょく】vitality, energy
感想 【かんそう】impressions, thoughts
期 【き】① period, time ② (geological) age
気配 【けはい】① indication, sign, hint, presence, trend ② quotation (esp. stock market)
空想 【くうそう】daydream, fantasy, fancy, vision
見直す 【みなおす】to look again, to get a better opinion of
見当 【けんとう】aim, mark, estimate, guess, approximation, direction
原理 【げんり】principle, theory, fundamental truth
光線 【こうせん】beam, light ray
行列 【ぎょうれつ】① line, procession ② matrix
国語 【こくご】① Japanese (language) ② national language ③ native Japanese words (as opposed to loanwords)
参考 【さんこう】reference, consultation
四季 【しき】four seasons
指定 【してい】designation, specification, assignment, appointment, pointing at
商社 【しょうしゃ】trading company, firm
図表 【ずひょう】chart, diagram, graph, figure
水準 【すいじゅん】① level, standard ② water level
退院 【たいいん】leaving hospital, discharge from hospital
直前 【ちょくぜん】just before
通勤 【つうきん】commuting to work
的確 【てきかく】precise, accurate
伝記 【でんき】biography, life story
田植え 【たうえ】rice planting
電球 【でんきゅう】light bulb
登場 【とうじょう】① entry (on stage), appearance (on screen) ② entrance, introduction (into a market)
都 【みやこ】capital, metropolis
都心 【としん】city centre (center) (esp. capital city), urban centre, heart of city a metropolis
当番 【とうばん】being on duty
童話 【どうわ】fairy-tale
日常 【にちじょう】ordinary, regular, everyday, usual
発想 【はっそう】expression (e.g. in music), idea, conception
移す 【うつす】① to change, to swap, to substitute, to transfer ② to change the object of one's interest or focus ③ to spend or take time ④ to infect ⑤ to permeate something with the smell or colour of something ⑥ to move on to the next or different stage of (a plan, etc.)
移転 【いてん】moving, transfer, demise
医療 【いりょう】medical care, medical treatment
育児 【いくじ】childcare, nursing, upbringing
延長 【えんちょう】① extension, elongation, prolongation, lengthening ② Enchou era (923.4.11-931.4.26)
解説 【かいせつ】explanation, commentary, exposition, elucidation
改める 【あらためる】① to change, to alter, to revise, to replace ② to reform, to correct, to mend, to improve ③ to examine, to check, to inspect ④ to do properly, to do formally
灰 【はい】ash, ashes
各地 【かくち】every place, various places
甘やかす 【あまやかす】to pamper, to spoil
観測 【かんそく】observation
含める 【ふくめる】to include, to instruct, to make one understand, to put in one's mouth
危うい 【あやうい】① dangerous, risky, hazardous, perilous, precarious ② in danger, in jeopardy, critical, grave, at risk ③ uncertain, unreliable, insecure, unsteady, doubtful ④ close (i.e. a close call), narrow
寄せる 【よせる】① to come near, to let someone approach ② to collect, to gather, to receive ③ to add ④ to put aside
機関 【きかん】① engine ② agency, organisation, organization, institution, organ ③ system, facility, facilities
呼びかける 【よびかける】to call out to, to accost, to address (crowd), to appeal
工夫 【くふう】① scheme, device, scheming, devising, figuring out, coming up with, solving ingeniously ② dedication to spiritual improvement (esp. through Zen meditation)
国籍 【こくせき】nationality
再 【さい】re-, again, repeated
作法 【さほう】manners, etiquette, propriety
散らかす 【ちらかす】to scatter around, to leave untidy
散る 【ちる】① to fall (e.g. blossoms, leaves) ② to scatter, to be dispersed ③ to disappear, to dissolve, to break up ④ to spread, to run, to blur ⑤ to die a noble death
思い込む 【おもいこむ】to be under impression that, to be convinced that, to imagine that, to set one's heart on, to be bent on
児童 【じどう】children, juvenile
車輪 【しゃりん】(car) wheel
食塩 【しょくえん】table salt
吹雪 【ふぶき】snow storm, blizzard
清掃 【せいそう】cleaning
掃く 【はく】to sweep, to brush, to gather up
増減 【ぞうげん】increase and decrease, fluctuation
体制 【たいせい】order, system, structure, set-up, organization, organisation
担ぐ 【かつぐ】① to shoulder, to carry on one's shoulder ② to take (someone) for a ride, to deceive, to take in
着替える 【きがえる】to change one's clothes
通信 【つうしん】correspondence, communication, transmission, news, signal
突く 【つく】① to prick, to stab ② to poke, to prod, to push, to thrust, to nudge, to hit, to strike ③ to use (a cane), to prop oneself up with, to press against (the floor, etc.) ④ to attack ⑤ to brave (the rain, etc.)
日程 【にってい】schedule, program, programme, agenda
意義 【いぎ】meaning, significance
応援 【おうえん】aid, assistance, help, reinforcement, rooting, barracking, support, cheering
応対 【おうたい】receiving, dealing with
恩恵 【おんけい】grace, favor, favour, blessing, benefit
花嫁 【はなよめ】bride
過剰 【かじょう】excess, over-
隔てる 【へだてる】to be shut out, to separate, to isolate
楽器 【がっき】musical instrument
活躍 【かつやく】① activity (esp. energetic), great efforts, conspicuous service ② to flourish, to participate actively, to play an active role
勘違い 【かんちがい】misunderstanding, wrong guess
感激 【かんげき】deep emotion, impression, inspiration
看板 【かんばん】sign, signboard, doorplate, poster, billboard, appearance, figurehead, policy, attraction, closing time
鑑賞 【かんしょう】appreciation (e.g. of art), aesthetic sense
興奮 【こうふん】excitement, stimulation, agitation, arousal
仰ぐ 【あおぐ】① to look up (at) ② to look up (to), to respect, to revere ③ to ask for, to seek ④ to turn to someone, to depend on ⑤ to drink, to take
古典 【こてん】old book, classics, classic
後悔 【こうかい】regret, repentance
後輩 【こうはい】junior (at work or school)
ご無沙汰 【ごぶさた】not writing or contacting for a while, neglecting (failing) to write (call, visit, etc.), long silence
功績 【こうせき】achievements, merit, meritorious service, meritorious deed
項目 【こうもく】(data) item, entry
削る 【けずる】① to shave (wood or leather), to sharpen, to plane, to whittle, to pare, to scrape off ② to cross out, to reduce, to curtail, to remove, to erase, to delete
姿勢 【しせい】attitude, posture
市場 【しじょう】(the) market (as a concept)
氏名 【しめい】full name, identity
執筆 【しっぴつ】writing (e.g. as a profession)
取り戻す 【とりもどす】to take back, to regain, to get back, to recover
受け入れる 【うけいれる】to accept, to receive
寿命 【じゅみょう】life span
熟語 【じゅくご】① kanji compound ② idiom, idiomatic phrase
初旬 【しょじゅん】first 10 days of the month
鐘 【かね】bell (often a large hanging bell), chime
上旬 【じょうじゅん】first 10 days of month
随筆 【ずいひつ】essays, miscellaneous writings, literary jottings
杉 【すぎ】Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica
整備 【せいび】maintenance, servicing, outfitting
製作 【せいさく】manufacture, production
宣伝 【せんでん】propaganda, publicity, advertisement, advertising
素人 【しろうと】amateur, novice
素直 【すなお】① obedient, meek, docile, unaffected ② honest, frank
創作 【そうさく】production, literary creation, work
あう① to meet, to encounter ② to have an accident, to have a bad experience
太鼓 【たいこ】drum
対策 【たいさく】counter-plan, counter-measure
滝 【たき】waterfall
調整 【ちょうせい】regulation, coordination, adjustment, tuning, modification, alteration
跳ぶ 【とぶ】① to jump, to leap, to spring, to bound, to hop ② to fly, to soar
展開 【てんかい】① development ② expansion (opposite of compression)
特殊 【とくしゅ】special, unique
能率 【のうりつ】① efficiency ② moment (i.e. magnetic moment)
俳句 【はいく】haiku poetry (17-syllable poem usually in 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables)
非難 【ひなん】blame, attack, criticism
謙遜 【けんそん】humble, humility, modesty
錆びる 【さびる】to rust, to become rusty
揃う 【そろう】① to become complete, to be all present, to be a full set, to have everything at one's disposal ② to be equal, to be uniform ③ to gather, to assemble
見方 【みかた】viewpoint
引き取る 【ひきとる】to take charge of, to take over, to retire to a private place
権 【けん】authority, right (to do something)
雇用 【こよう】employment (long term), hire
初 【はつ】first, new
忠実 【ちゅうじつ】① faithful, loyal, devoted ② hardworking, painstaking, diligent ③ healthy, fit
依然 【いぜん】still, as yet, as it has been
意図 【いと】intention, aim, design
衣装 【いしょう】clothing, costume, outfit, garment, dress
一見 【いっけん】① look, glimpse, glance ② to glance, to glimpse ③ apparently, seemingly
運賃 【うんちん】freight rates, shipping expenses, fare
映像 【えいぞう】reflection, image, picture (e.g. on a television), shot, clip
縁 【えん】① fate, destiny (esp. as a mysterious force that binds two people together) ② relationship (e.g. between two people), bond, link, connection ③ family ties, affinity ④ opportunity, chance (to meet someone and start a relationship) ⑤ pratyaya (indirect conditions, as opposed to direct causes) ⑥ narrow open-air veranda
加入 【かにゅう】becoming a member, joining, entry, admission, subscription, affiliation, adherence, signing
火星 【かせい】Mars (planet)
課題 【かだい】subject, theme, task, challenge, issue, matter
介護 【かいご】nursing
回収 【かいしゅう】collection, recovery, withdrawal, retrieval
開催 【かいさい】holding a meeting, open an exhibition
開拓 【かいたく】① reclamation (of wasteland), cultivation ② pioneering, pathfinding, trail-blazing
開発 【かいはつ】development, exploitation
核 【かく】① pit (of a fruit), stone ② core ③ nucleus, nuclear ④ nuclear weaponry
慣習 【かんしゅう】usual (historical) custom
観 【かん】① look, appearance ② spectacle, sight ③ observation meditation ④ outlook on ..., view of ...
還暦 【かんれき】60th birthday
岩石 【がんせき】rock
企画 【きかく】planning, project, plan, design
危機 【きき】crisis
喜劇 【きげき】comedy, funny show
記す 【しるす】① to write down, to note ② to remember
記述 【きじゅつ】description, descriptor
技 【わざ】technique, art
犠牲 【ぎせい】victim, sacrifice, scapegoat
議題 【ぎだい】topic of discussion, agenda
客観 【きゃっかん】object (as opposed to subject)
脚本 【きゃくほん】script, screenplay, scenario
及ぶ 【およぶ】① to reach, to amount to, to befall, to happen to, to extend ② to be up to the task, to come up to ③ to compare with, to be a match (for) ④ to commit (a crime) ⑤ to require (to do) (usu. used in the negative)
給食 【きゅうしょく】school lunch, providing a meal
拒否 【きょひ】denial, veto, rejection, refusal
共感 【きょうかん】sympathy, empathy, response
協会 【きょうかい】association, society, organization, organisation
業績 【ぎょうせき】achievement, performance, results, work, contribution
緊急 【きんきゅう】urgent, pressing, emergency
吟味 【ぎんみ】testing, scrutiny, careful investigation
愚痴 【ぐち】① idle complaint, grumble ② moha (ignorance, folly)
形態 【けいたい】form, shape, figure
掲載 【けいさい】① publication (e.g. article in paper), appearance, insertion ② to insert (e.g. an article), to run (e.g. in a newspaper)
敬具 【けいぐ】Sincerely yours
経る 【へる】to pass, to elapse, to experience
経過 【けいか】passage, expiration, progress, transition
経費 【けいひ】expenses, cost, outlay
欠く 【かく】to lack, to break, to crack, to chip
決勝 【けっしょう】decision of a contest, finals (in sports)
決断 【けつだん】decision, determination
懸賞 【けんしょう】offering prizes, winning, reward
基 【もと】base, foundation
原作 【げんさく】original work
減少 【げんしょう】decrease, reduction, decline
現地 【げんち】actual place, local
個別 【こべつ】particular case, discrete, individual, separate
古代 【こだい】ancient times
故 【こ】the late (deceased)
悟る 【さとる】① to understand, to comprehend, to realize, to perceive, to sense, to discern ② to attain enlightenment
誤る 【あやまる】① to make a mistake, to err ② to mislead, to misguide
交渉 【こうしょう】① negotiations, discussions ② connection
向上 【こうじょう】elevation, rise, improvement, advancement, progress
好意 【こうい】good will, favor, favour, courtesy
広まる 【ひろまる】to spread, to be propagated
行為 【こうい】act, deed, conduct
購入 【こうにゅう】purchase, buy
鉱山 【こうざん】mine (ore)
国連 【こくれん】UN, United Nations
根拠 【こんきょ】basis, foundation
詐欺 【さぎ】fraud, swindle, graft
再会 【さいかい】another meeting, meeting again, reunion
財政 【ざいせい】financial affairs, public finance
作 【さく】a work, a harvest
雑談 【ざつだん】chatting, idle talk
仕上げる 【しあげる】to finish up, to complete
仕立てる 【したてる】to tailor, to make, to prepare, to train, to send (a messenger)
使命 【しめい】mission, errand, message
思考 【しこう】thought, consideration, thinking
指摘 【してき】pointing out, identification
施設 【しせつ】① institution, establishment, facility ② (army) engineer
資金 【しきん】funds, capital
飼育 【しいく】breeding, raising, rearing
事項 【じこう】matter, item, facts
自己 【じこ】self, oneself
実 【じつ】① truth, reality ② sincerity, honesty, fidelity ③ content, substance ④ (good) result
実家 【じっか】(one's parents') home
実態 【じったい】true state, actual condition, reality
社交 【しゃこう】social life, social intercourse
主催 【しゅさい】organization, organisation, sponsorship
主食 【しゅしょく】staple food
主人公 【しゅじんこう】① protagonist, main character, hero(ine) (of a story) ② head of household
取り組む 【とりくむ】to tackle, to wrestle with, to engage in a bout, to come to grips with, to make effort, to strive for, to deal with
手軽 【てがる】easy, simple, informal, offhand, cheap
手元 【てもと】① (money) on hand or at home, one's purse (handbag) ② usual skill
手順 【てじゅん】process, procedure, sequence, protocol, instruction
手法 【しゅほう】technique
趣旨 【しゅし】① object, intent, aim ② meaning, point (e.g. of a statement)
受け継ぐ 【うけつぐ】to inherit, to succeed, to take over
受け止める 【うけとめる】to catch, to stop the blow, to react to, to take
襲う 【おそう】① to attack, to assail, to make an assault, to strike, to hunt down ② to succeed (someone in a post, role, etc.) ③ to make a sudden visit
充実 【じゅうじつ】① fullness, completion, perfection, substantiality, enrichment ② replenishment, repletion
出くわす 【でくわす】to happen to meet, to come across
出産 【しゅっさん】(child)birth, delivery, production (of goods)
唱える 【となえる】① to recite, to chant ② to call upon
承諾 【しょうだく】consent, acquiescence, agreement
昇進 【しょうしん】promotion
詳細 【しょうさい】detail, particulars
上昇 【じょうしょう】rising, ascending, climbing
上陸 【じょうりく】landing, disembarkation
情け 【なさけ】① pity, sympathy, compassion ② affection
織物 【おりもの】textile, fabric
心情 【しんじょう】sentiment, emotions, one's feelings, one's heart
心得 【こころえ】knowledge, information
振り返る 【ふりかえる】to turn head, to look over one's shoulder, to turn around, to look back
新婚 【しんこん】newly-wed
新人 【しんじん】① new face, newcomer ② modern humans (from Cro-Magnon man onwards)
新入生 【しんにゅうせい】freshman, first-year student
深める 【ふかめる】to deepen, to heighten, to intensify
神秘 【しんぴ】mystery
身近 【みぢか】near oneself, close to one, familiar
進行 【しんこう】advance, progress
人材 【じんざい】man of talent, capable person, talented person
刃 【は】edge (of a knife or sword)
推測 【すいそく】guess, conjecture
世帯 【せたい】household, home, family, housekeeping
政権 【せいけん】(political) administration, political power
整列 【せいれつ】standing in a row, forming a line, alignment
生き甲斐 【いきがい】something one lives for, purpose in life, raison d'etre
生涯 【しょうがい】one's lifetime (i.e. one's existence until death), one's career
生身 【なまみ】① living flesh, flesh and blood ② physical body of Buddha or a bodhisattva
赤字 【あかじ】① deficit, (being in or going into) the red ② red text, red letters
選挙 【せんきょ】election
素材 【そざい】raw materials, subject matter
創造 【そうぞう】creation
促す 【うながす】to urge, to press, to prompt, to suggest, to demand, to stimulate, to quicken, to incite, to invite (attention to)
体験 【たいけん】personal experience
待ち遠しい 【まちどおしい】looking forward to, anxiously awaited
待ち望む 【まちのぞむ】to look anxiously for, to wait eagerly for
達成 【たっせい】achievement
地元 【じもと】① home area, home town ② local
恥 【はじ】shame, embarrassment
築く 【きずく】to build, to pile up, to amass
中断 【ちゅうだん】interruption, suspension, break
著しい 【いちじるしい】remarkable, considerable
著書 【ちょしょ】literary work, book
挑戦 【ちょうせん】challenge, defiance
調理 【ちょうり】cooking, food preparation
定義 【ていぎ】definition
定年 【ていねん】retirement age
提供 【ていきょう】offer, tender, program sponsoring, programme sponsoring, furnishing, provisioning, supply
展示 【てんじ】exhibition, display
転じる 【てんじる】to turn, to shift, to alter, to distract
転換 【てんかん】convert, divert
伝説 【でんせつ】tradition, legend, folklore
登校 【とうこう】attendance (at school), going to school
土俵 【どひょう】① arena, esp. in sumo ② forum (e.g. for discussion) ③ sandbag, gabion
同士 【どうし】fellow, mutual, companion, comrade, bonding
導入 【どうにゅう】introduction, bringing in, leading in, installation
得点 【とくてん】score, points made, marks obtained, runs
特産 【とくさん】specialty, special product
独自 【どくじ】original, peculiar, characteristic, proprietary
独占 【どくせん】① monopoly ② to monopolize, to hog
独創 【どくそう】originality
内部 【ないぶ】interior, inside, internal
入手 【にゅうしゅ】obtaining, coming to hand
熱意 【ねつい】zeal, enthusiasm
年輪 【ねんりん】annual tree ring
把握 【はあく】grasp, catch, understanding
破壊 【はかい】① destruction, disruption ② (application) crash
拝啓 【はいけい】Dear (so and so)
排水 【はいすい】drainage
背景 【はいけい】background, scenery, setting, circumstance
発言 【はつげん】utterance, speech, proposal
反応 【はんのう】reaction, response
比率 【ひりつ】ratio, proportion, percentage
避難 【ひなん】taking refuge, finding shelter, evacuation, escape
慣用 【かんよう】common, customary
戸惑う 【とまどう】to be bewildered, to be perplexed
まとめsettlement, conclusion, summary
日頃 【ひごろ】normally, habitually
ぶら下がる 【ぶらさがる】to hang from, to dangle, to swing
アドレス① address ② email address
サイト① site (usu. website) ② sight ③ payable on sight
ラッシュ① rush ② rush hour ③ rush print ④ lighter aboard ship, LASH
外食 【がいしょく】eating out
今時 【いまどき】present day, today, recently, these days, nowadays, at this hour
書き入れる 【かきいれる】to write in
生み出す 【うみだす】① to create, to bring forth, to produce ② to invent, to think up and bring into being ③ to give birth to, to bear
生前 【せいぜん】while alive, during one's lifetime
長時間 【ちょうじかん】long period of time, long playing
長年 【ながねん】long time, many years
年金 【ねんきん】annuity, pension
白書 【はくしょ】white paper
半生 【はんせい】half a lifetime
一新 【いっしん】complete change, reform, restoration, remodeling, remodelling, renewal
右手 【みぎて】right hand
何者 【なにもの】who, what kind of person
業界 【ぎょうかい】industry, business
近年 【きんねん】recent years
公言 【こうげん】declaration, profession
左手 【ひだりて】left hand
作り上げる 【つくりあげる】to make up, to fabricate, to build up, to complete, to construct
三文 【さんもん】cheapness, farthing
思い切る 【おもいきる】① to give up all thoughts of, to abandon, to despair of ② to make up one's mind, to take a momentous decision
試作 【しさく】trial manufacture, experiment, test piece, prototype
持ち出す 【もちだす】① to take out, to carry out, to bring out from where it belongs ② to mention something, to broach a topic, to bring up (a subject), to raise (an issue), to mention
持ち歩く 【もちあるく】to carry
自家 【じか】own, personal, autologous
自作 【じさく】one's own work
自体 【じたい】itself
社員 【しゃいん】① company employee ② company stockholders (esp. in legal contexts), members of a corporation
社名 【しゃめい】name of company
住人 【じゅうにん】dweller, inhabitant, resident
上場 【じょうじょう】listing a stock
新作 【しんさく】new work, new production
新入 【しんにゅう】newly arrived, joined, newly-entered
真 【しん】① truth, reality, genuineness ② seriousness ③ logical TRUE ④ printed style writing ⑤ star performer
親子 【おやこ】parent and child
水族館 【すいぞくかん】aquarium
生死 【しょうし】① life and death ② samsara (cycle of death and rebirth) ③ death
切り上げる 【きりあげる】① to close, to finish ② to round up (a number) ③ to revalue (a currency)
前年度 【ぜんねんど】preceding fiscal year
早起き 【はやおき】early rising
体 【たい】① body, physique, posture ② shape, form, style ③ substance, identity, reality ④ field ⑤ counter for humanoid forms (e.g. dolls, statues, corpses, etc.)
着用 【ちゃくよう】have on, wearing
天文 【てんもん】astronomy
同社 【どうしゃ】the same firm
入会 【にゅうかい】admission, joining, enrollment, enrolment
入力 【にゅうりょく】input, (data) entry
八方 【はっぽう】all sides
遠ざける 【とおざける】to keep away, to keep at a distance
横目 【よこめ】sidelong glance
王国 【おうこく】kingdom, monarchy
下校 【げこう】coming home from school, end of school day
学費 【がくひ】tuition, school expenses
季語 【きご】seasonal word (in haiku)
玉ねぎ 【たまねぎ】onion (edible plant, Allium cepa)
金星 【きんせい】Venus (planet)
具体 【ぐたい】concrete, tangible, material
決めつける 【きめつける】① to fix upon (one-sidedly), to (ignore somebody's position and) arbitrarily decide something is the case ② to scold, to take (a person) to task
見当たる 【みあたる】to be found
言い表す 【いいあらわす】① to express (in words) ② to confess
言い返す 【いいかえす】to repeat, to talk back, to answer back
後ろ向き 【うしろむき】back facing, turning one's back to, pessimistic
子育て 【こそだて】raising children
主流 【しゅりゅう】main current (stream), mainline, mainstream
取り残す 【とりのこす】to leave behind
手放す 【てばなす】to release, to relinquish, to sell, to part with, to send away
出し合う 【だしあう】to contribute jointly
出回る 【でまわる】to appear on the market, to be moving
準決勝 【じゅんけっしょう】semifinal (in sports)
所長 【しょちょう】chief, head
書き留める 【かきとめる】to write down, to leave a note behind, to record, to chronicle
書面 【しょめん】document, letter
登り 【のぼり】① ascent, climbing, ascending (path), climb ② up-train (e.g. going to Tokyo) ③ northward (towards Tokyo)
上半身 【じょうはんしん】upper half of body, bust
上流 【じょうりゅう】upper stream, upper classes
常時 【じょうじ】usually, ordinarily
新 【しん】① new, neo- ② Gregorian calendar ③ Xin (dynasty of China)
新旧 【しんきゅう】new and old, incoming and outgoing
新型 【しんがた】new style, new model
ひな祭り 【ひなまつり】Girls' Festival (March 3rd), Dolls' Festival
昔話 【むかしばなし】folklore, legend, reminiscence
先入観 【せんにゅうかん】preconception, prejudice, preoccupation, preconceived notion
前向き 【まえむき】facing forward, front-facing, forward-looking, positive, proactive
前線 【ぜんせん】front line, (weather) front
全文 【ぜんぶん】whole passage, full text, whole sentence, full paragraph
走り回る 【はしりまわる】to run around
大型 【おおがた】large, large scale, big, jumbo
大量 【たいりょう】large quantity
断食 【だんじき】fasting
定か 【さだか】definite, sure
電化 【でんか】electrification
当たり 【あたり】hit, success, reaching the mark, per ..., vicinity, neighborhood, neighbourhood
当の 【とうの】the ... in question
動き回る 【うごきまわる】to move around
入園 【にゅうえん】enrollment in kindergarten, enrolment in kindergarten
入門 【にゅうもん】primer, manual, entering an institute, introduction to
犯行 【はんこう】crime, criminal act, offence, offense
愛犬 【あいけん】pet dog
愛好 【あいこう】love, adoration
解消 【かいしょう】cancellation, liquidation, resolution, reduction (e.g. of stress)
解読 【かいどく】deciphering, decoding
皆様 【みなさま】everyone
各国 【かっこく】① each nation ② many nations, many countries
学位 【がくい】(university) degree
甘党 【あまとう】(someone with a) sweet tooth, person fond of sweets, person who doesn't like alcohol, preferring sweets
急増 【きゅうぞう】explosion, proliferation, surge
競る 【せる】to compete, to bid, to sell at auction
共 【ども】① first-person plural (or singular) ② second or third person plural (implies speaker is of higher status than those referred to)
共生 【きょうせい】symbiosis, paragenesis, union
共有 【きょうゆう】share, joint ownership, co-ownership
極上 【ごくじょう】first-rate, finest quality, the best
銀河 【ぎんが】① Milky Way ② galaxy
空き缶 【あきかん】empty can
警察官 【けいさつかん】policemen, policeman, police officer
月刊 【げっかん】monthly publication, monthly issue
月極め 【つきぎめ】monthly (e.g. fee paid monthly for a parking lot), monthly contract
原材料 【げんざいりょう】raw materials
現時点 【げんじてん】present point (i.e. in history), at the present time
御中 【おんちゅう】and Company, Messrs, for the attention of ...
光栄 【こうえい】honour, honor, glory, privilege
口座 【こうざ】account (e.g. bank)
更新 【こうしん】renewal, update, innovation, renovation
高齢 【こうれい】advanced (old) age
左折 【させつ】turning to the left, left turn
最新 【さいしん】latest, newest, late-breaking (news)
在住 【ざいじゅう】resident
在日 【ざいにち】① in Japan ② people in Japan (esp. Koreans living in Japan, often used as a slur)
財政難 【ざいせいなん】economic difficulties
雑然 【ざつぜん】disorderliness, confusion, jumble, mess
散布 【さんぷ】dissemination, scattering, sprinkling, spraying
支社 【ししゃ】branch office
誌 【し】magazine
自信 【じしん】self-confidence
取り違える 【とりちがえる】to take by mistake
受講 【じゅこう】taking (attending) lectures
受賞 【じゅしょう】winning (a prize)
授かる 【さずかる】① to be awarded (e.g. a prize), to be given an award, to receive (e.g. a title) ② to be gifted or endowed (e.g. with a talent) ③ to be blessed (e.g. with a child) ④ to be initiated (e.g. into a secret)
週刊 【しゅうかん】published weekly
集約 【しゅうやく】① intensive ② collect(ed), summarize(d), summarise(d)
初演 【しょえん】first performance
初回 【しょかい】① first time, first innings, initial attempt ② first, initial
初心者 【しょしんしゃ】beginner
初対面 【しょたいめん】first meeting, first interview with
乗り越える 【のりこえる】to climb over, to ride across, to surmount
状 【じょう】① shape, state ② letter, correspondence
信念 【しんねん】belief, faith, conviction
辛党 【からとう】drinker, person fond of alcohol (as opposed to sweets)
人権 【じんけん】human rights, civil liberties
生まれ変わる 【うまれかわる】to be born again, to make a fresh start in life
積み重ねる 【つみかさねる】to pile up, to accumulate
積極 【せっきょく】positive, progressive
接種 【せっしゅ】inoculation, vaccination
占い 【うらない】fortune-telling, divination
しみ込む 【しみこむ】to soak into, to permeate
層 【そう】① layer, seam, bed, stream, class ② sheaf ③ storey (of a building), story, floor
送信 【そうしん】transmission, sending
担任 【たんにん】① in charge (of something) ② homeroom teacher
探査 【たんさ】probe, inquiry, enquiry, investigation
築き上げる 【きずきあげる】to build up, to establish (one's reputation)
中略 【ちゅうりゃく】omission, ellipsis
追い払う 【おいはらう】to drive away
痛む 【いたむ】to hurt, to feel a pain, to be injured
転職 【てんしょく】change of occupation
都道府県 【とどうふけん】administrative divisions of Japan: Tokyo-to, Hokkai-do, Osaka-fu, Kyoto-fu and remaining prefectures
得 【とく】① profit, advantage, benefit, gain ② rebirth in paradise, entering nirvana
特効薬 【とっこうやく】specific medicine, wonder drug, silver bullet
突っ走る 【つっぱしる】to run swiftly
難民 【なんみん】refugees
乳幼児 【にゅうようじ】infants, babies
入り込む 【はいりこむ】① to go into, to come into, to penetrate, to get in, to step in (a house) ② to become complicated
年末 【ねんまつ】end-of-year
燃え移る 【もえうつる】(of fire) to spread, to extend itself
薄汚い 【うすぎたない】filthy, dirty (looking), drab
判明 【はんめい】establishing, proving, identifying, confirming
晩婚 【ばんこん】late marriage
握り 【にぎり】grip, handle
遺憾 【いかん】regrettable, unsatisfactory
遺言 【ゆいごん】will, testament, last request
遺骨 【いこつ】remains, ashes of deceased
遺産 【いさん】inheritance, bequest, legacy, heritage
遺書 【いしょ】will, testament, testamentary letter
遺族 【いぞく】bereaved family
因縁 【いんねん】① hetu and prataya (direct causes and indirect conditions, which underlie the actions of all things) ② fate, destiny ③ connection, origin ④ pretext
引き継ぐ 【ひきつぐ】to take over, to hand over
宇宙船 【うちゅうせん】space ship
栄誉 【えいよ】honour, honor
英訳 【えいやく】English translation
往生 【おうじょう】① death, passing to the next life, dying a happy death ② giving up a struggle, submission ③ at wit's end, flummoxed
回避 【かいひ】evasion, avoidance
概要 【がいよう】outline, summary, abridgment, synopsis
割り振る 【わりふる】to assign, to allot, to divide among, to distribute, to prorate, to assess, to apportion, to allocate
滑らす 【すべらす】to let something slip, to slide, to glide
株式会社 【かぶしきがいしゃ】public company, corporation, KK, formula for an incorporated public company
堪能 【たんのう】① proficient, skillful ② satisfaction ③ fortitude
歓談 【かんだん】pleasant talk, chat
寄り添う 【よりそう】to get close, to cuddle close together, to nestle close to, to snuggle up to
旧暦 【きゅうれき】Japan's old (lunisolar) calendar
興味深い 【きょうみぶかい】very interesting, of great interest
穴埋め 【あなうめ】filling in gaps, filling in blanks (in a form, etc.)
結びつく 【むすびつく】to be connected or related, to join together
結末 【けつまつ】end, conclusion
幻覚 【げんかく】hallucination, illusion
古臭い 【ふるくさい】stale, old fashioned, hackneyed, trite
呼称 【こしょう】① naming, giving a name, designation, denomination ② nominal
呉服 【ごふく】draperies, dry-goods, piece goods
後ろ姿 【うしろすがた】retreating figure, appearance from behind
鯉 【こい】common carp, koi carp (Cyprinus carpio)
光り輝く 【ひかりかがやく】to shine, to glitter
口癖 【くちぐせ】way of saying, favorite phrase, favourite phrase
ひまわりsunflower (Helianthus annuus)
災い 【わざわい】calamity, catastrophe
遺る 【のこる】to remain, to be left
師匠 【ししょう】① master, teacher ② sumo coach who owns his stable
視線 【しせん】one's eyes, glance, look
試行錯誤 【しこうさくご】trial and error
狩猟 【しゅりょう】hunting
就労 【しゅうろう】actual work
修復 【しゅうふく】repair, mending
旬 【しゅん】season (e.g. fruit, fish)
松 【まつ】① pine tree ② highest (of a three-tier ranking system)
浄水 【じょうすい】clean water
振り込む 【ふりこむ】to make a payment via bank deposit transfer
推移 【すいい】transition, change
推察 【すいさつ】guess, conjecture, surmise
奏でる 【かなでる】to play an instrument (esp. string instruments)
奏者 【そうしゃ】instrumentalist, player
惣菜 【そうざい】side dish, daily (household) dish
即興 【そっきょう】improvisation, improvization, impromptu, off the cuff, without a score
即席 【そくせき】instant
怠け者 【なまけもの】lazy person, lazy fellow, slothful person
知ったか振り 【しったかぶり】pretending to know
帳 【ちょう】book, register
直訳 【ちょくやく】literal translation, direct translation
漬物 【つけもの】tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables)
提言 【ていげん】proposal, motion
提唱 【ていしょう】advocacy, proposal
徹底的 【てっていてき】thorough, complete
添付 【てんぷ】attachment (e.g. email), appendix (e.g. of a report, document, etc), annex, appendage, annexure
電卓 【でんたく】calculator (electronic)
唐突 【とうとつ】abrupt, sudden
豆腐 【とうふ】tofu, bean-curd
匿名 【とくめい】anonymity, pseudonym
独学 【どくがく】self-education, self-instruction, self-study
忍ぶ 【しのぶ】① to conceal oneself, to hide ② to endure
粘り強い 【ねばりづよい】tenacious, persevering, persistent, stubborn, steadfast
納豆 【なっとう】natto (fermented soybeans)
廃材 【はいざい】scrap wood
背丈 【せたけ】stature, height
伐採 【ばっさい】lumbering, felling, deforestation
帆 【ほ】sail
披露 【ひろう】announcement, show, display, introduction
疲弊 【ひへい】exhaustion, impoverishment, ruin
桶 【おけ】bucket
咳き払い 【せきばらい】clearing one's throat, cough
金儲け 【かねもうけ】money-making
惚れ込む 【ほれこむ】to be charmed by
錆び付く 【さびつく】to rust together
斬新 【ざんしん】novel, original, newness
捻挫 【ねんざ】sprain
うるさい① noisy, loud ② fussy ③ annoying, troublesome, tiresome, importunate ④ bossy