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WaniKani Kanji Level 27

Author (public: access, edit)

WaniKani Kanji Level 27



32 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2014-11-26 01:09:53
かし-, か.し-, か.す, タイlend
退ど.く, の.ける, の.く, ひ.く, しりぞ.ける, しりぞ.く, タイretreat, withdraw, retire, resign, repel, expel, reject
まよ.う, メイastray, be perplexed, in doubt, lost, err, illusion
まね.く, ショウbeckon, invite, summon, engage
のぼ.る, ショウrise up
stomach, paunch, crop, craw
タン, ダンgrade, steps, stairs
おこ.る, いか.る, ヌ, ドangry, be offended
みち, トroute, way, road
なやみ, なや.ましい, なや.ます, なや.む, ノウtrouble, worry, in pain, distress, illness
ねむ.い, ねむ.る, ミンsleep, die, sleepy
と.う, たず.ねる, おとず.れる, ホウcall on, visit, look up, offer sympathy
-たま.え, たも.う, たま.う, キュウsalary, wage, gift, allow, grant, bestow on
いた.める, いた.ましい, いた.む, いた.い, ツウpain, hurt, damage, bruise
き.まる, -ぎ.め, き.める, きわ.み, きわ.まり, きわ.まる, きわ.める, ゴク, キョクpoles, settlement, conclusion, end, highest rank, electric poles, very, extremely, most, highly, 10**48
くつ, カshoes
はら, フクabdomen, belly, stomach
こ.い, ノウconcentrated, thick, dark, undiluted
かが.める, かが.む, クツyield, bend, flinch, submit
せま.る, ハクurge, force, imminent, spur on
おとこ, リョウ, ロウson, counter for sons
ショウsymptoms, illness
すこ.やか, ケンhealthy, health, strength, persistence
コウease, peace
つ.ける, つ.く, ジュ, シュウconcerning, settle, take position, depart, study, per
まど.う, ワクbeguile, delusion, perplexity
いとま, ひま, カspare time, rest, leisure, time, leave of absence
スイdrowsy, sleep, die
はな, -ばた, はた, は, はし, タンedge, origin, end, point, border, verge, cape
いざな.う, さそ.う, イウ, ユウentice, lead, tempt, invite, ask, call for, seduce, allure
-じ.め, -し.め, し.める, し.まり, し.まる, テイtighten, tie, shut, lock, fasten
-お.り, -おり, おり, お.り, お.る, シキ, ショクweave, fabric