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WaniKani Kanji Level 30

Author (public: access, edit)

WaniKani Level 30



31 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2014-11-26 01:09:53
こころよ.い, カイcheerful, pleasant, agreeable, comfortable
あそ.ばす, あそ.ぶ, ユ, ユウplay
ふ.かす, ふ.ける, さら.に, さら, コウgrow late, night watch, sit up late, of course
の.ばす, の.べ, の.べる, の.びる, エンprolong, stretching
おさ.える, お.さえる, お.っ-, お.し-, お.す, オウpush, stop, check, subdue, attach, seize, weight, shove, press, seal, do in spite of
ハンprinting block, printing plate, edition, impression, label
そむ.ける, そむ.く, せい, せ, ハイstature, height, back, behind, disobey, defy, go back on, rebel
う.かべる, む, う.かぶ, う.かれる, う.く, フfloating, float, rise to surface
ぬす.み, ぬす.む, トウsteal, rob, pilfer
まず.しい, ビン, ヒンpoverty, poor
token, sign, mark, tally, charm
ヨクthe following, next
-ご.え, こ.える, -ご.し, -こ.す, こ.す, オツ, エツsurpass, cross over, move to, exceed, Vietnam
て.れる, て.らす, て.る, ショウilluminate, shine, compare, bashful
あず.かる, あず.ける, ヨdeposit, custody, leave with, entrust to
かな.う, テキsuitable, occasional, rare, qualified, capable
とも.しい, とぼ.しい, ボウdestitution, scarce, limited
ケイlineage, system
かわ.く, カツthirst, dry up, parch
つまび.らか, くわ.しい, ショウdetailed, full, minute, accurate, well-informed
かざ.り, かざ.る, ショクdecorate, ornament, adorn, embellish
はた, キnational flag, banner, standard
も.らす, も.れる, も.る, ロウleak, escape, time
-ど.り, つま.む, と.る, サツsnapshot, take pictures
fascination, charm, bewitch
おも.う, いだ.く, なず.ける, なつ.ける, なつ.く, なつ.かしむ, なつ.かしい, ふところ, エ, カイpocket, feelings, heart, yearn, miss someone, become attached to, bosom, breast
コウsubscription, buy
み.る, ランperusal, see
さわ.がしい, うれい, さわ.ぐ, ソウboisterous, make noise, clamor, disturb, excite
まくら, シン, チンpillow