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新完全マスター N2 漢字 第25回

New Kanzen Master N2 kanji 516-535


20 entriesCreated by #48577 — Last modified: 2014-10-02 01:35:13
の-, の, ショ, ヤplains, field, rustic, civilian life
け, モウfur, hair, feather, down
あらかじ.め, シャ, ヨbeforehand, previous, myself, I
よ.る, よし, ユイ, ユウ, ユwherefore, a reason
エキ, ヤクduty, war, campaign, drafted labor, office, service, role
いのち, ミョウ, メイfate, command, decree, destiny, life, appoint
あぶら, ユウ, ユoil, fat
つら, おもて, おも, ベン, メンmask, face, features, surface
もち, のぞ.む, モウ, ボウambition, full moon, hope, desire, aspire to, expect
あそ.ばす, あそ.ぶ, ユ, ユウplay
は, ヨウleaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece
お.とす, お.ち, お.ちる, ラクfall, drop, come down
な.らす, な.る, な.く, メイchirp, cry, bark, sound, ring, echo, honk
すえ, バツ, マツend, close, tip, powder, posterity
ひつじ, ま.だ, いま.だ, ビ, ミun-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now, sign of the ram, 1-3PM, eighth sign of Chinese zodiac
たみ, ミンpeople, nation, subjects
バイ, マイsheet of..., counter for flat thin objects or sheets
い.る, ヨウneed, main point, essence, pivot, key to
つと.める, ムtask, duties
あず.かる, あず.ける, ヨdeposit, custody, leave with, entrust to