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rtk 29


43 entriesCreated by Jeff H. — Last modified: 2012-07-30 09:19:15
や, オクroof, house, shop, dealer, seller
ひる, チュウdaytime, noon
たび, リョtrip, travel
と, コdoor, counter for houses
つぼね, キョクbureau, board, office, affair, conclusion, court lady, lady-in-waiting, her apartment
やす.い, やさ.しい, イ, エキeasy, ready to, simple, fortune-telling, divination
もの-, もの, モツ, ブツthing, object, matter
あそ.ばす, あそ.ぶ, ユ, ユウplay
もど.る, もど.す, レイre-, return, revert, resume, restore, go backwards
お.る, -い, い.る, コ, キョreside, to be, exist, live with
かた, ケンshoulder
は.く, -ずり, -ず.り, す.る, サツprinting, print
どろ, ニ, デ, ナイ, デイmud, mire, adhere to, be attached to
なみだ, レイ, ルイtears, sympathy
ほ.る, クツdig, delve, excavate
やと.う, コemploy, hire
おそ.い, おく.らす, おく.れる, チslow, late, back, later
ソウstratum, social class, layer, story, floor
シャクshaku, Japanese foot, measure, scale, rule
あま, ニnun
つき, つか, ことごと.く, さかづき, つ.かす, つ.きる, -ず.く, -づ.く, -つ.く, -づ.くし, -つ.くす, つ.くす, サン, ジンexhaust, use up, run out of, deplete, befriend, serve
えら.ぶ, タクchoose, select, elect, prefer
つや, うるお.す, うるお.い, さわ, タクswamp
かが.める, かが.む, クツyield, bend, flinch, submit
ふさ, ボウtassel, tuft, fringe, bunch, lock (hair), segment (orange), house, room
いろり, ロhearth, furnace, kiln, reactor
ほどこ.す, セ, シalms, apply bandages, administer first-aid
おうぎ, センfan, folding fan
さと.す, ひら.く, ケイdisclose, open, say
す.わる, す.える, キョset, lay a foundation, install, equip, squat down, sit down
センrotation, go around
ほり, クツditch, moat, canal
わけ, ヤクtranslate, reason, circumstance, case
にぎ.る, アクgrip, hold, mould sushi, bribe
ベイ, ヘイfence, wall, (kokuji)
も.らす, も.れる, も.る, ロウleak, escape, time
たも.う, たま.う, たまわ.る, シgrant, gift, boon, results
は.く, リfootgear, shoes, boots, put on (the feet
かえり.みる, コlook back, review, examine oneself, turn around
なし, なか.れ, ボツ, ブツ, モチnot, must not, do not, be not
しり, コウbuttocks, hips, butt, rear
すそ, コ, キョcuff, hem, foot of mountain