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rtk 31


62 entriesCreated by Jeff H. — Last modified: 2012-07-30 09:19:28
もち.いる, ヨウutilize, business, service, use, employ
ちか.い, コン, キンnear, early, akin, tantamount
-づく.り, つく.り, つく.る, サ, サクmake, production, prepare, build
はか.る, え, ト, ズmap, drawing, plan, unexpected, accidentally
はか.る, はかりごと, かぎ.る, かく.する, えが.く, カイ, エ, カク, ガbrush-stroke, picture
つか.える, つか.う, こと, ズ, ジmatter, thing, fact, business, reason, possibly
いそ.ぎ, いそ.ぐ, キュウhurry, emergency, sudden, steep
リョウfee, materials
わりふ, もと, ただ.す, たち, チ, シチ, シツsubstance, quality, matter, temperament
ま.げる, ま.がる, キョクbend, music, melody, composition, pleasure, injustice, fault, curve, crooked, perverse, lean
まさ.にべし, まさ.に, あ.て, あ.てる, あ.たり, あ.たる, トウhit, right, appropriate, himself
ふたつ, てる, リョウboth, old Japanese coin, counter for carriages (e.g., in a train), two
-ぎみ, きみ, クンold boy, name-suffix
とこ, どころ, -ところ, ところ, ショplace
department, course, section
サクyesterday, previous
ゆき, セツsnow
さだ.める, ことわ.る, た.つ, ダンseverance, decline, refuse, apologize, warn, dismiss, prohibit, decision, judgement, cutting
よわい.する, よわ.い, は, よわい, シtooth, cog
み.たす, み.つ, み.ちる, バン, マンfull, enough, pride, satisfy
いか.でか, あらそ.う, ソウcontend, dispute, argue
お.れる, -お.り, お.り, おり, お.る, セツfold, break, fracture, bend, yield, submit
いの.る, キpray, wish
は.く, シュ, ソウsweep, brush
よめ, フlady, woman, wife, bride
つぶさ.に, そな.わる, そな.える, ビequip, provision, preparation
むら.がる, むら, む.れ, む.れる, グンflock, group, crowd, herd, swarm, cluster
や.める, みたまや, い.ぬ, ね.かす, ね.る, シンlie down, sleep, rest, bed, remain unsold
キンaxe, 1.32 lb, catty, counter for loaves of bread
トウ, トBig Dipper, 10 sho (vol), sake dipper
しりぞ.ける, セキreject, retreat, recede, withdraw, repel, repulse
かれ, イItaly, that one
セキchop, divide, tear, analyze
きよ.い, きよ.める, セイ, ジョウclean, purify, cleanse, exorcise, Manchu Dynasty
おか.す, シンencroach, invade, raid, trespass, violate
た.える, タイ-proof, enduring
ひた.る, ひた.す, シンimmersed, soak, dip, steep, moisten, wet, dunk
い.く, ゆ.く, セイdeparted, die
さば.く, し.る, あき.らか, さとい, テツphilosophy, clear
から, トウT'ang, China
コウease, peace
へや, ともがら, つかさ, ゾウ, ソウcadet, friend
タイapprehend, chase
ヨウcommonplace, ordinary, employment
いつわ.る, サlie, falsehood, deceive, pretend
ひろ, たず.ねる, ジンinquire, fathom, look for
うった.える, ソaccusation, sue, complain of pain, appeal to
ジュdemand, request, need
ちか.う, セイvow, swear, pledge
やや, ゼンsteadily, gradually advancing, finally, barely
あ.わせる, あ.う, ソウencounter, meet, party, association, interview, join
はな, -ばた, はた, は, はし, タンedge, origin, end, point, border, verge, cape
しばら.く, ザンtemporarily, a while, moment, long time
ふね, ソウvat, tub, tank
おだ.やか, オンcalm, quiet, moderation
は.がす, は.げる, は.ぐ, は.がれる, む.ける, む.く, へず.る, へ.ぐ, ホク, ハクcome off, peel, fade, discolor
き.る, ゼン, セン, サン, ザンbeheading, kill, murder
はりねずみ, イsame kind
はこ.ぶ, こ.ぐ, ソウrowing, skull, paddle