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rtk 41


32 entriesCreated by Jeff H. — Last modified: 2012-07-30 09:20:17
いま, キン, コンnow
西にし, ス, サイ, セイwest, Spain
みなみ, ナ, ナンsouth
の-, の, ショ, ヤplains, field, rustic, civilian life
あらかじ.め, シャ, ヨbeforehand, previous, myself, I
ふく.める, ふく.む, ガンinclude, bear in mind, understand, cherish
ネンwish, sense, idea, thought, feeling, desire, attention
い.る, ヨウneed, main point, essence, pivot, key to
けむ.い, けむり, けむ.る, エンsmoke
こし, ヨウloins, hips, waist, low wainscoting
あず.かる, あず.ける, ヨdeposit, custody, leave with, entrust to
ギンversify, singing, recital
ついで, つい.で, ジョpreface, beginning, order, precedence, occasion, chance, incidentally
あたい, ケ, カvalue, price
おののく, くり, リ, リツchestnut
-か.ねる, か.ねる, ケンconcurrently, and
かげ.る, かげ, インshade, yin, negative, sex organs, secret, shadow
ヒョウballot, label, ticket, sign
こと, キンharp, koto
いや, きら.い, きら.う, ゲン, ケンdislike, detest, hate
たてまつ.る, コン, ケンoffering, counter for drinks, present, offer
くすのき, くす, ネン, ゼン, ダン, ナンcamphor tree
レンbargain, reason, charge, suspicion, point, account, purity, honest, low price, cheap, rested, contented, peaceful
ただよ.う, ヒョウdrift, float (on liquid)
みやこがえ, うつ.す, うつ.る, センtransition, move, change
しるし, しるべ, ヒョウsignpost, seal, mark, stamp, imprint, symbol, emblem, trademark, evidence, souvenir, target
ケンself-effacing, humble oneself, condescend, be modest
かま, ケン, レンsickle, scythe, trick
くつがえ.る, くつがえ.す, おお.う, フクcapsize, cover, shade, mantle, be ruined
ひね.る, ひね.くる, ねじ.る, ね.じる, ジョウ, ネンtwirl, twist, play with
むさぼ.る, トン, タンcovet, indulge in
おのの.く, おそ.れる, ふる.える, リツfear