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Crayon Shin-chan Vol. 13 (episodes 530 to 549)

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 530 to 549 of the animated series ‘Crayon Shin-chan’. This is volume 13/25. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



270 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
火曜日 【かようび】Tuesday
勤める 【つとめる】① to work (for), to be employed (at), to serve (in) ② to serve (as), to act (as), to fill (the position of), to play the role (of) ③ to conduct a religious service
豚肉 【ぶたにく】pork
けれどbut, however, although
テキスト① text ② text book
小鳥 【ことり】① small bird, songbird ② birdie, dickeybird, dickybird
規則 【きそく】rules, regulations, conventions
習慣 【しゅうかん】custom, habit, manners
忘れ物 【わすれもの】lost article, something forgotten
木綿 【もめん】① cotton (material) ② red silk-cotton tree (Bombax ceiba)
贈り物 【おくりもの】present, gift
為さる 【なさる】to do
噛む 【かむ】① to bite, to chew, to gnaw ② to fumble or falter with one's words
故障 【こしょう】break-down, failure, fault, accident, out of order
学習 【がくしゅう】study, learning, tutorial
書店 【しょてん】bookshop, bookstore
屋根 【やね】roof
記入 【きにゅう】entry, filling in of forms
小麦 【こむぎ】wheat
全身 【ぜんしん】① whole (body), full-length (e.g. portrait) ② systemic
吸収 【きゅうしゅう】absorption, suction, attraction
呼吸 【こきゅう】① breath, respiration ② knack, trick, secret (of doing something)
怒鳴る 【どなる】to shout, to yell
宝石 【ほうせき】gem, jewel
炎 【ほのお】flame, blaze
温暖 【おんだん】warmth
蚊 【か】mosquito
拡大 【かくだい】magnification, enlargement, expansion
筋肉 【きんにく】muscle, sinew
食卓 【しょくたく】dining table
忠告 【ちゅうこく】advice, warning
徹夜 【てつや】all night, all-night vigil, sleepless night
迫る 【せまる】to draw near, to press (someone for something)
出来上がり 【できあがり】finish, completion, ready, made for, cut out
大木 【たいぼく】large tree
学会 【がっかい】scientific society, academic meeting, academic conference
絵の具 【えのぐ】colors, colours, paints
実習 【じっしゅう】practice, practise, training (esp. practical and hands-on), drill
商社 【しょうしゃ】trading company, firm
消防 【しょうぼう】fire fighting, fire department
田植え 【たうえ】rice planting
電球 【でんきゅう】light bulb
夜行 【やこう】walking around at night, night train, night travel
区切る 【くぎる】to demarcate, to delimit, to to divide (an area), to mark off, to cut off
群れ 【むれ】group, crowd, flock, herd, bevy, school, swarm, cluster (of stars), clump
呼びかける 【よびかける】to call out to, to accost, to address (crowd), to appeal
更ける 【ふける】to get late, to advance, to wear on
終了 【しゅうりょう】end, close, termination
延びる 【のびる】① to stretch, to extend, to lengthen, to spread ② to make progress, to grow (beard, body height) ③ to grow stale (soba) ④ to be straightened, to be flattened, to be smoothed ⑤ to be exhausted ⑥ to be postponed, to be prolonged
損得 【そんとく】loss and gain, advantage and disadvantage
団地 【だんち】multi-unit apartments
銅 【どう】copper
浴衣 【ゆかた】yukata (light cotton kimono worn in the summer or used as a bathrobe)
確信 【かくしん】conviction, belief, confidence
感激 【かんげき】deep emotion, impression, inspiration
飢える 【うえる】to starve, to thirst, to be hungry
研修 【けんしゅう】training (esp. in-service), induction course
純粋 【じゅんすい】pure, true, genuine, unmixed
順序 【じゅんじょ】order, sequence, procedure
跳ぶ 【とぶ】① to jump, to leap, to spring, to bound, to hop ② to fly, to soar
漬ける 【つける】① to soak, to seep, to dip in ② to pickle
面倒臭い 【めんどうくさい】bother(some) to do, tiresome
飴 【あめ】(hard) candy, toffee
かぶせるto cover (with something), to put on (e.g. on someone else's head), to plate something (with a metal), to pour or dash a liquid (on something), to charge (a person with a guilt)
有 【ゆう】① existence ② possession, having ③ limited company
医院 【いいん】doctor's office (surgery), clinic, dispensary
下心 【したごころ】① secret intention, ulterior motive ② kanji "heart" radical at bottom
慣らす 【ならす】to accustom
甘口 【あまくち】① sweet flavour, sweet flavor, mildness ② flattery ③ stupidity
気触れる 【かぶれる】① to develop a rash or inflammation (e.g.in response to a skin irritant), to react to (something) ② to be strongly influenced (usu. negative or critical nuance)
結成 【けっせい】formation, combination
源 【みなもと】source, origin
昆虫 【こんちゅう】insect, bug
志向 【しこう】intention, aim
志望 【しぼう】wish, desire, ambition
首飾り 【くびかざり】necklace, choker
潤う 【うるおう】to be moist, to be damp, to get wet, to profit by, to be watered, to receive benefits, to favor, to favour, to charm, to steepen
寝かせる 【ねかせる】to put to bed, to lay down, to ferment
制 【せい】system, organization, organisation, imperial command, laws, regulation, control, government, suppression, restraint, holding back, establishment
生温い 【なまぬるい】lukewarm, halfhearted
西日 【にしび】westering sun, setting sun
宣言 【せんげん】declaration, proclamation, announcement
鮮やか 【あざやか】vivid, clear, brilliant
装備 【そうび】equipment
対応 【たいおう】① interaction, correspondence, coping with, dealing with, support ② software support, ability of a computer system to run specific software
帯 【たい】band (e.g. conduction, valence), belt (e.g. Van-Allen, asteroid, etc.)
大胆 【だいたん】bold, daring, audacious
摘む 【つむ】to pluck, to pick, to trim
鉄棒 【てつぼう】iron rod, crowbar, horizontal bar (gymnastics)
投資 【とうし】investment
熱意 【ねつい】zeal, enthusiasm
反射 【はんしゃ】① reflection, reverberation ② reflex (medical)
扉 【とびら】① door, gate, opening ② title page
満たす 【みたす】① to satisfy, to ingratiate, to fulfill ② to fill (e.g. a cup) ③ to reach (a certain number)
味覚 【みかく】taste, palate, sense of taste
優位 【ゆうい】predominance, ascendancy, superiority
有望 【ゆうぼう】good prospects, full of hope, promising
連休 【れんきゅう】consecutive holidays
老いる 【おいる】to age, to grow old
鈍る 【にぶる】to become less capable, to grow dull, to become blunt, to weaken
見積もり 【みつもり】estimation, quotation
竿 【さお】① rod, pole ② neck (of a shamisen, etc.), shamisen ③ beam (i.e. the crossbar of a balance) ④ single line (esp. as a flying formation for geese) ⑤ counter for flags (on poles), counter for long, thin Japanese sweets (e.g. youkan)
腫れる 【はれる】to swell (from inflammation), to become swollen
蜂蜜 【はちみつ】honey
めど① aim, goal ② prospect, outlook
すがすがしいfresh, refreshing
つぶらround, rotund
憂鬱 【ゆううつ】depression, melancholy, dejection, gloom
くよくよworry about, mope, brood over
ぐちゃぐちゃpulpy, soppy, sloppy
ぐにゃぐにゃflabby, limp, soft, flexible
ぶよぶよsoft and flabby
ぶらつくto dangle, to swing, to stroll about, to hang around, to linger
やんちゃnaughty, mischievous
アピール① appeal ② to attract, to appeal (to)
カセットテープcassette tape
ギブアップgive up
ギャラ① guarantee ② fee paid to performing artists
グラウンドsports ground, sports oval
コック① cook ② tap, spigot, faucet, cock ③ cock (male fowl) ④ cock (penis)
シック① chic ② sick ③ thick
ソファsofa, couch
ソフト① soft ② soft hat ③ software
プレー① play ② pray ③ prey
ミディアムレアmedium rare
ラベル① label (i.e. sticker) ② label (i.e. record label)
ワンワン① bow-wow (barking sound), arf arf, woof, bark ② waah-waah (crying sound) ③ clamouring, clamoring, echoing ④ a bow-wow (i.e. a dog), doggy
見下す 【みくだす】to despise, to look down on
人ごみ 【ひとごみ】crowd of people
銅メダル 【どうめだる】bronze medal
たき火 【たきび】① open-air fire (e.g. for garden refuse), bonfire ② open fire (e.g. in a kitchen)
だからこそfor this reason
しどろもどろflustered, confused, disordered, incoherent
ひょんなstrange, unexpected, (by) chance, unusual, curious
ティーセットtea set
イースト菌yeast cell
コード① code ② cord ③ chord
安らぎ 【やすらぎ】peace, tranquility, tranquillity
英国 【えいこく】Great Britain, the United Kingdom
三文 【さんもん】cheapness, farthing
出歩く 【であるく】to go out, to take a stroll, to go about
人員 【じんいん】number of persons, personnel
売り物 【うりもの】article for sale, offering, For Sale
洋楽 【ようがく】western (non-Japanese) music
売場 【うりば】place where things are sold, point of sale, POS, sales floor, counter (in shop)
手づくり 【てづくり】handmade, homegrown, hand-crafted, homemade
店屋 【みせや】store, shop
一丸 【いちがん】lump, (into) one
歯ごたえ 【はごたえ】feel (consistency) of food while being chewed
歯形 【はがた】tooth-mark, impression of the teeth, dental mold
場内 【じょうない】on the grounds
人一倍 【ひといちばい】more than others, redoubled, unusual
人参 【にんじん】① carrot ② Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng)
生き返る 【いきかえる】to revive, to come to oneself, to be restored to life
断わる 【ことわる】① to refuse, to reject, to dismiss, to turn down, to decline ② to inform, to give notice, to tell in advance ③ to ask leave, to excuse oneself (from)
内側 【うちがわ】inside, interior, inner part
入荷 【にゅうか】arrival of goods, goods received
和風 【わふう】Japanese style
かっ飛ばす 【かっとばす】to knock out (a homer), to slam
具合い 【ぐあい】condition, state, manner, health
路上 【ろじょう】(on the) road, (on the) way
家庭的 【かていてき】family-oriented, familial
愛らしい 【あいらしい】pretty, charming, lovely, adorable
圧勝 【あっしょう】complete victory
安眠 【あんみん】quiet sleep
奥歯 【おくば】molars, back teeth
仮病 【けびょう】feigned illness
関門 【かんもん】barrier, gateway
詰め 【つめ】① stuffing, packing ② end (esp. the foot of a bridge) ③ lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony ④ tea master ⑤ endgame (esp. in shogi or used figuratively) ⑥ sweet eel sauce ⑦ appointment to a particular workplace ⑧ using as the sole ground of judgement (judgment) ⑨ (after the -masu stem of a verb) continuing, keep doing for period of time
吸い込む 【すいこむ】① to inhale, to breathe in, to suck up, to imbibe ② to absorb, to soak up
旧姓 【きゅうせい】one's former (maiden) name
曲芸 【きょくげい】acrobatics
御用 【ごよう】your order, your business, official business
座 【ざ】① seat, one's place, position ② attaches to the names of theatres and constellations
雑草 【ざっそう】weed
紙袋 【かみぶくろ】paper bag
手違い 【てちがい】mistake, blunder
小麦粉 【こむぎこ】wheat flour
図解 【ずかい】schematic, schema, illustration, explanatory diagram
打ち解ける 【うちとける】to open one's heart, to throw off reserve, to be frank
背骨 【せぼね】spine, backbone
白衣 【はくい】white robe, (doctor's) white gown
返信 【へんしん】reply
枯木 【かれき】dead tree, dry wood
切り札 【きりふだ】trump card
腹一杯 【はらいっぱい】bellyful, full stomach, to one's heart's content
日増しに 【ひましに】day by day
咲かせる 【さかせる】to make bloom
戦法 【せんぽう】tactics, strategy
抱きつく 【だきつく】to cling to, to embrace
蒸し 【むし】steaming
腹立つ 【はらだつ】to get angry
採れる 【とれる】① to be collected, to be gathered (e.g. mushrooms, etc.), to be harvested, to be mined ② to be able to collect, to be able to mine
一夜漬け 【いちやづけ】① last-minute cramming, overnight cramming ② (vegetables) salted just overnight
陰険 【いんけん】tricky, wily, treacherous
隠滅 【いんめつ】destruction, suppression
悔いる 【くいる】to regret
かつお節 【かつおぶし】katsuobushi (small pieces of sliced dried bonito)
橘 【たちばな】tachibana (inedible citrus, Citrus tachibana)
魚釣り 【さかなつり】fishing
教諭 【きょうゆ】teacher
駆け込み 【かけこみ】last-minute rush, stampede
繰り出す 【くりだす】① to draw (a thread), to let out (e.g. a rope) ② to sally forth ③ to send out, to dispatch ④ to lunge, to unleash
繰る 【くる】① to reel, to wind, to spin (thread) ② to turn (pages), to flip through (a book), to leaf through (a book), to consult (a dictionary), to refer to (an encyclopedia) ③ to count (e.g. the days) ④ to open one-by-one, to close one-by-one (e.g. shutters)
研修生 【けんしゅうせい】trainee
幻滅 【げんめつ】disillusionment
玄米 【げんまい】unpolished rice, unmilled rice, brown rice
口笛 【くちぶえ】whistle
高貴 【こうき】high class, noble
煮物 【にもの】food cooked by boiling or stewing
就学 【しゅうがく】entering school, school attendance
従える 【したがえる】① to be accompanied by ② to subdue
重症 【じゅうしょう】serious illness
出陣 【しゅつじん】departure for the front
誠意 【せいい】sincerity, good faith
操 【みさお】chastity, fidelity, honour, honor, faith
大騒ぎ 【おおさわぎ】clamour, uproar, tumult
暖冬 【だんとう】mild winter, warm winter
中耳炎 【ちゅうじえん】otitis media, inflammation of the middle ear
動態 【どうたい】movement, vital (statistics)
特典 【とくてん】special favor, special favour, privilege
縄跳び 【なわとび】① skipping rope, jump rope ② skipping, rope-jumping
熱烈 【ねつれつ】ardent, passionate, vehement
浪 【なみ】wave
排気 【はいき】exhaust, ventilation
迫力 【はくりょく】force, intensity, appeal, strength
奮って 【ふるって】energetically, strenuously, heartily
ひれ伏す 【ひれふす】to prostrate oneself before
保留 【ほりゅう】① reserve, putting on hold, deferment ② hold (e.g. telephone button), pending
免じる 【めんじる】to dismiss, to exempt
木陰 【こかげ】shade of tree, bower
揚げ 【あげ】fried bean curd
倫理 【りんり】ethics, morals
墓石 【はかいし】tombstone, gravestone
揚げ句 【あげく】in the end, finally, after all, at last
失態 【しったい】mismanagement, fault, error, failure, disgrace, discredit
付き添い 【つきそい】attendance on, attendant, escort, chaperon, retinue
独り占め 【ひとりじめ】monopoly
我 【わが】my, our, one's own
空振り 【からぶり】striking (at something) and missing, in vain
登竜門 【とうりゅうもん】gateway to success, opening to honours, opening to honors
豪邸 【ごうてい】palatial residence, stately mansion
縫製 【ほうせい】sewing
逃避行 【とうひこう】flight, elopement
躍り出る 【おどりでる】to jump (e.g. to first place), to spring out
とうもろこしcorn (US), maize (UK)
拭う 【ぬぐう】to wipe
兎も有れ 【ともあれ】anyhow, in any case
棟梁 【とうりょう】① chief support, pillar (e.g. of nation), leader ② boss, master (craftsman) ③ beams and ridge supports of a roof (orig. meaning)
鬣 【たてがみ】mane (of a horse, lion, etc.)
剃る 【する】to shave
がけっぷちedge (e.g. of a cliff, precipice), critical point or moment
しがないpoor, humble
聢と 【しかと】① certainly, for sure ② distinctly, clearly, exactly ③ firmly, tightly
榾柮 【ほた】kindling, small bits of scrap wood used to fuel a stove;