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Crayon Shin-chan Vol. 3 (episodes 28 to 37)

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 28 to 37 of the animated series ‘Crayon Shin-chan’. This is volume 3/25. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.

1161 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
お金 【おかね】money
お母さん 【おかあさん】mother
ではthen, well, so, well then
アパート① apartment building, apartment block, apartment house ② apartment
スポーツsport, sports
パン① bread, pastries (e.g. croissants), pastry-based products ② pan, frying pan ③ panning (in a film)
フォーク① fork ② folk, folk song ③ hawk
学校 【がっこう】school
休み 【やすみ】① rest, recess, respite ② vacation, holiday, absence, suspension ③ dormancy (of a silkworm prior to moulting)
金 【かね】① money ② metal
五 【ご】five
高い 【たかい】① high, tall ② expensive
山 【やま】① mountain ② pile, heap ③ climax, critical point ④ speculated area covered by an examination
週間 【しゅうかん】week, weekly
女の子 【おんなのこ】girl
川 【がわ】① river, stream ② the .... river, (suffix used with the names of rivers)
長い 【ながい】① long (distance) ② long (time), lengthy
道 【みち】① road, street, way, path, course, route, lane ② distance, ways (e.g. "a long ways") ③ the way (of proper conduct, etc.), one's way, morals ④ teachings (esp. Confucian or Buddhist), dogma ⑤ field (of medicine, etc.), subject ⑥ way, method, means
毎日 【まいにち】every day
話す 【はなす】to speak
一人 【ひとり】one person
魚 【さかな】fish
今年 【ことし】this year
四 【よん】four
国 【くに】① country, (the) state ② region ③ home (i.e. hometown, home country)
① indicates location of action, at, in ② indicates time of action ③ indicates means of action, cause of effect, by ④ and then, so
indicates direction or goal (e.g. "to")
山 【さん】Mt (suffix used with the names of mountains), Mount
引く 【ひく】① to pull ② to draw (attention, etc.), to attract (interest, etc.) ③ to draw back ④ to draw (a card) ⑤ to draw (plan, line, etc.) ⑥ to catch (cold) ⑦ to play (string instr.) ⑧ to look up (e.g. dictionary), to consult ⑨ to haul, to pull (vehicles) ⑩ to subtract ⑪ to ebb, to fade ⑫ to descend (from), to inherit (a characteristic) ⑬ to quote, to raise (as evidence) ⑭ to lay (a cable), to draw (a cable)
英語 【えいご】English (language)
遠い 【とおい】far, distant
家族 【かぞく】family, members of a family
歌 【うた】① song ② classical Japanese poetry (esp. tanka) ③ modern poetry
近い 【ちかい】near, close, short (distance)
近く 【ちかく】① near, neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity ② nearly (i.e. "it took nearly one year"), close to ③ shortly, soon
銀行 【ぎんこう】bank
兄さん 【にいさん】① older brother, elder brother ② brother (as older-brother figure in friendly and or work relationship) ③ (vocative) young man, buddy, fella, laddie
軽い 【かるい】① light (i.e. not heavy), feeling light (i.e. offering little resistance, moving easily) ② light (i.e. of foot), nimble, agile ③ non-serious, minor, unimportant, trivial ④ slight, small, gentle, soft ⑤ easy, simple ⑥ indiscriminate
黒 【くろ】① black ② dark ③ bad guy, 'black hat'
姉 【あね】older sister, elder sister
時計 【とけい】watch, clock, timepiece
手紙 【てがみ】letter
始め 【はじめ】beginning, start, origin
赤い 【あかい】① red ② Red (i.e. communist)
切手 【きって】stamp (postage), merchandise certificate
大好き 【だいすき】loveable, very likeable, like very much
地図 【ちず】map
昼 【ひる】① noon, midday ② daytime ③ lunch
病気 【びょうき】illness, disease, sickness
風 【かぜ】wind, breeze
勉強 【べんきょう】① study ② diligence ③ discount, reduction
妹 【いもうと】younger sister
野菜 【やさい】vegetable
夕べ 【ゆうべ】① evening ② last night
夕方 【ゆうがた】evening
旅行 【りょこう】travel, trip
今朝 【けさ】this morning
四 【し】four
易しい 【やさしい】easy, plain, simple
家庭 【かてい】home, family, household
荷物 【にもつ】① luggage, baggage ② burden ③ payload (of a packet, cell, etc.)
橋 【はし】bridge
細い 【ほそい】thin, slender, fine
皿 【さら】① plate, dish, platter, disc ② serving, helping, course ③ kanji radical 108 (at the bottom)
酒 【さけ】alcohol, sake
登る 【のぼる】① to ascend, to go up, to climb ② to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun), to rise ③ to go to (the capital) ④ to be promoted ⑤ to add up to ⑥ to advance (in price) ⑦ to swim up (a river), to sail up ⑧ to come up (on the agenda)
晴れ 【はれ】① clear weather ② public, formal ③ cleared of suspicion
無い 【ない】① nonexistent, not being (there) ② unpossessed, unowned, not had ③ unique ④ indicates negation, inexperience, unnecessariness or impossibility ⑤ (after the ren'youkei form of an adjective) not ... ⑥ (after the -te form of a verb) to not be..., to have not ...
箱 【はこ】① box ② car (of a train, etc.) ③ shamisen case, shamisen
両親 【りょうしん】parents, both parents
覚える 【おぼえる】① to remember, to recollect, to memorize, to memorise ② to feel
初めて 【はじめて】① for the first time ② only after ... is it ..., only when ... do you ...
窓 【まど】window
渡る 【わたる】① to cross over, to go across ② to extend, to cover, to range, to span
彼 【かれ】① he, him ② boyfriend
要る 【いる】to need
冷蔵庫 【れいぞうこ】refrigerator
余り 【あまり】① remainder, rest, balance, remains, scraps, residue, remnant ② not very (with negative sentence), not much ③ surplus, excess, fullness, too much ④ overjoyed, overwhelmed ⑤ more than, over
鉛筆 【えんぴつ】pencil
鍵 【かぎ】① key ② lock
撮る 【とる】to take (a photo), to make (a film)
風邪 【かぜ】cold (illness), common cold
嫌 【いや】disagreeable, detestable, unpleasant, reluctant
そちら① that way (direction distant from the speaker, close to the listener) ② there (place distant from the speaker, close to the listener) ③ that one (something close to the listener) ④ you, your family ⑤ that person (someone close to the listener)
あちら① that way (direction distant from both speaker and listener), over there, yonder ② that one (something physically distant from both speaker and listener, or something not visible but known by both speaker and listener), that ③ that person (someone physically distant from both speaker and listener, or someone not present but known by both speaker and listener) ④ there (place distant from both speaker and listener), over there, foreign country (esp. a Western nation)
きれい① pretty, lovely, beautiful, fair ② clean, clear, pure, tidy, neat ③ completely, entirely
はっきりclearly, plainly, distinctly
ベル① bell ② bel, B
以外 【いがい】with the exception of, excepting
屋上 【おくじょう】rooftop
花見 【はなみ】cherry blossom viewing, flower viewing
楽しみ 【たのしみ】① enjoyment, pleasure, diversion, amusement, hobby ② anticipation, looking forward to
楽しむ 【たのしむ】to enjoy oneself
計画 【けいかく】plan, project, schedule, scheme, program, programme
建てる 【たてる】to build, to construct
今夜 【こんや】this evening, tonight
止む 【やむ】to cease, to stop, to be over
試験 【しけん】examination, test, study, trial, experiment
社長 【しゃちょう】company president, manager, director
十分 【じゅうぶん】① plenty, enough, sufficient, satisfactory, adequate ② division into ten ③ perfectly, thoroughly, fully, in full
出来るだけ 【できるだけ】as much as one can, as much as possible, if at all possible
小学校 【しょうがっこう】primary school, elementary school, grade school
少年 【しょうねん】boys, juveniles
世界 【せかい】the world, society, the universe
正月 【しょうがつ】New Year, New Year's Day, the first month, January
赤ちゃん 【あかちゃん】baby, infant
村 【むら】village
大学生 【だいがくせい】university student, college student
知らせる 【しらせる】to notify, to advise, to inform
通る 【とおる】to pass (by), to go through, to walk along, to pass exams, to attend (e.g. school)
立てる 【たてる】① to stand (something) up, to erect (something) ② to make (a noise, a sound) ③ to put (tooth, claw, pointed object) to ④ to set (a plan, etc.), to decide (objective, schedule)
旅館 【りょかん】Japanese hotel, inn, ryokan
昼間 【ひるま】daytime, during the day
首 【くび】① neck ② head ③ unemployed person
安全 【あんぜん】① safety ② security
海岸 【かいがん】coast, beach
客 【きゃく】① guest, visitor ② customer, client, shopper, spectator, audience, tourist, sightseer, passenger
交通 【こうつう】communication, transportation, traffic, intercourse
細かい 【こまかい】① small ② fine, minute ③ minor, trivial ④ sensitive, attentive
市 【し】city
糸 【いと】thread, yarn, string
寺 【てら】temple (Buddhist)
勝つ 【かつ】to win, to gain victory
森 【もり】① forest ② shrine grove
深い 【ふかい】deep, profound, thick, close
申す 【もうす】to be called, to say
真面目 【まじめ】diligent, serious, honest, sober, grave, earnest, steady
人形 【にんぎょう】doll, puppet, figure
生活 【せいかつ】living, life (one's daily existence), livelihood
製 【せい】-made, make
相談 【そうだん】consultation, discussion
伝える 【つたえる】to convey, to report, to transmit, to communicate, to tell, to impart, to propagate, to teach, to bequeath
島 【しま】① island ② territory (of a prostitute, organized crime gang, etc.), turf
倍 【ばい】① twice, double ② times, -fold
番組 【ばんぐみ】program (e.g. TV), programme
美しい 【うつくしい】beautiful, lovely
米 【こめ】(husked grains of) rice
無くなる 【なくなる】to disappear, to get lost
毛 【け】hair, fur
予定 【よてい】plans, arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate
選ぶ 【えらぶ】to choose, to select
直る 【なおる】to get mended, to be repaired, to be fixed
船 【ふね】① ship, boat, watercraft, vessel, steamship ② tank, tub, vat, trough ③ counter for boat-shaped containers (e.g. of sashimi)
向かう 【むかう】① to face ② to go towards
お土産 【おみやげ】present, souvenir
案内 【あんない】① information, guidance, leading ② to guide, to show (around), to conduct
移る 【うつる】① to move (house), to transfer (department) ② to change the target of interest or concern ③ to elapse (passage of time) ④ to be permeated by a colour or scent ⑤ to be infected, to be contagious, to spread (as in fire)
掛ける 【かける】① to hang (e.g. picture), to hoist (e.g. sail), to raise (e.g. flag) ② to sit ③ to be partway (verb), to begin (but not complete) ④ to take (time, money), to expend (money, time, etc.) ⑤ to make (a call) ⑥ to multiply ⑦ to secure (e.g. lock) ⑧ to put on (glasses, etc.) ⑨ to cover ⑩ to burden someone ⑪ to apply (insurance) ⑫ to turn on (an engine, etc.), to set (a dial, an alarm clock, etc.) ⑬ to put an effect (spell, anaesthetic, etc.) on ⑭ to hold an emotion for (pity, hope, etc.) ⑮ to bind ⑯ to pour (or sprinkle, spray, etc.) onto ⑰ to argue (in court), to deliberate (in a meeting), to present (e.g. idea to a conference, etc.) ⑱ to increase further ⑲ to catch (in a trap, etc.) ⑳ to set atop ○ to erect (a makeshift building) ○ to hold (a play, festival, etc.) ○ (after -masu stem of verb) indicates (verb) is being directed to (someone)
危険 【きけん】① danger, peril, hazard ② dangerous, hazardous
季節 【きせつ】season
久しぶり 【ひさしぶり】a long time (since the last time), it's been a while (since I last saw, mailed, etc., you)
警察 【けいさつ】police
妻 【つま】① wife ② garnish (esp. one served with sashimi) ③ embellishment
枝 【えだ】branch, bow, bough, twig, limb
失敗 【しっぱい】failure, mistake, blunder
笑う 【わらう】① to laugh ② to smile ③ to sneer, to ridicule
紹介 【しょうかい】introduction, referral
席 【せき】① seat ② location (of a gathering, etc.), place ③ position, post
赤ん坊 【あかんぼう】baby
折る 【おる】to break, to fold, to pick flowers
続く 【つづく】① to continue, to last, to go on ② to be unbroken ③ to occur again and again ④ to lead to, to connect to
続ける 【つづける】to continue, to keep up, to keep on
珍しい 【めずらしい】① unusual, rare, curious ② new, novel ③ fine (e.g. gift)
土産 【みやげ】present, souvenir
盗む 【ぬすむ】to steal
熱 【ねつ】fever, temperature
夫 【おっと】husband
布団 【ふとん】① futon (quilted Japanese-style mattress laid out on the floor) ② round cushion used for Zen meditation (traditionally made of woven bulrush leaves)
暮れる 【くれる】to get dark, to end, to come to an end, to close, to run out
亡くなる 【なくなる】to die
眠る 【ねむる】① to sleep (not necessarily lying down) ② to die
戻る 【もどる】to turn back, to return, to go back, to recover, to rebound
冷える 【ひえる】to grow cold, to get chilly, to cool down
難い 【にくい】difficult, hard
捕まえる 【つかまえる】to catch, to arrest, to seize
値段 【ねだん】price, cost
増える 【ふえる】to increase, to multiply
周り 【まわり】① circumference, perimeter, edge ② surroundings, locality, neighborhood ③ rotation, circulation
沸く 【わく】to grow hot (of water, etc.), to boil
嘘 【うそ】lie, falsehood, incorrect fact
宜しい 【よろしい】good, OK, all right, fine, very well, will do, may, can
仰っしゃる 【おっしゃる】to say, to speak, to tell, to talk
厳しい 【きびしい】① severe, strict, rigid, unsparing, relentless ② stern, austere, grave, solemn, majestic ③ intense (cold)
是非 【ぜひ】① certainly, without fail ② right and wrong, pros and cons
駄目 【だめ】useless, no good, hopeless
丁寧 【ていねい】polite, courteous, careful, care, kind, close, thorough, conscientious
濡れる 【ぬれる】to get wet
味噌 【みそ】① miso, bean paste ② key (main) point
寂しい 【さびしい】lonely, lonesome, solitary, desolate
辞典 【じてん】dictionary
それほどto that degree, extent
ちっともnot at all (neg. verb)
もしif, in case, supposing
おかしいstrange, funny, amusing, ridiculous
しばらく① little while, short while, moment, instant ② a while, quite a time ③ it's been a long time
なるべくas much as possible, wherever practicable
とうとうfinally, at last, reaching a head
間違う 【まちがう】to make a mistake, to be incorrect, to be mistaken
そっくりall, altogether, entirely, just like, the spitting image of
のんびりcarefree, at leisure
何か 【なにか】something
何とも 【なんとも】nothing (with neg. verb), quite, not a bit
外れる 【はずれる】to be disconnected, to get out of place, to be off, to be out (e.g. of gear)
外出 【がいしゅつ】outing, trip, going out
間もなく 【まもなく】① soon, before long, in a short time ② (after verb) lacking time to ..., without time to ...
気に入る 【きにいる】to be pleased with, to suit
今後 【こんご】from now on, hereafter
人気 【にんき】popularity, popular feeling, business conditions
生 【なま】① raw, uncooked, fresh ② natural, unedited, unprocessed, crude ③ live (i.e. not recorded) ④ inexperienced, unpolished, green ⑤ impudence, sauciness ⑥ unpasteurized beer, draft beer, draught beer ⑦ partially, somewhat, half-, semi-
先日 【せんじつ】the other day, a few days ago
大した 【たいした】considerable, great, important, significant, a big deal
年間 【ねんかん】year (period of)
年生 【ねんせい】pupil in ... year, student in ... year
本人 【ほんにん】the person himself
名 【な】name, reputation
何でも 【なんでも】any, whatever one likes, by all means, anything, everything
どうかplease, somehow or other
あんなにto that extent, to that degree
生 【せい】① life, living ② I, me, myself
なんて① such as, (things) like ② exclamation
以前 【いぜん】ago, since, before, previous
意外 【いがい】unexpected, surprising
一方 【いっぽう】① one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party ② on the one hand, on the other hand ③ whereas, although, but at the same time, meanwhile, in turn ④ (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing, only
開始 【かいし】start, commencement, beginning, initiation
牛 【うし】① cattle, cow, ox, oxen ② beef ③ Chinese "Ox" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
見事 【みごと】① splendid, magnificent, beautiful, admirable ② praiseworthy act, feat, commendable deed
見送る 【みおくる】① to see off (e.g. to the station, an airport, etc.), to escort (e.g. home), to farewell ② to see out, to send off ③ to let pass, to wait and see, to continue (e.g. in legal contexts) ④ to let a pitch go by (baseball), to watch a batted ball go into the stands
使用 【しよう】use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
者 【もの】person (rarely used w.o. a qualifier)
借金 【しゃっきん】debt, loan, liabilities
出会い 【であい】meeting, rendezvous, encounter
出来事 【できごと】incident, affair, happening, event
真っ赤 【まっか】① bright red, deep red, flushed (of face) ② downright (e.g. lie), complete, utter
親友 【しんゆう】close friend, bosom (old, intimate) friend, buddy, crony, chum
足る 【たる】to be sufficient, to be enough, to be worthy of
大家 【おおや】landlord, landlady
度 【たび】time (three times, each time, etc.), times
売れる 【うれる】① to sell (well) ② to be well known, to be popular, to be famous
不運 【ふうん】unlucky, misfortune, bad luck, fate
味わう 【あじわう】to taste, to savor, to relish
旅 【たび】travel, trip, journey
一言 【ひとこと】single word
主人 【しゅじん】① head (of a household), proprietor (of a store), proprietress, landlord, landlady ② one's husband ③ (one's) employer, (one's) master ④ host, hostess
言う 【ゆう】① to say ② to call (i.e. to give a name)
思い出 【おもいで】memories, recollections, reminiscence
建つ 【たつ】to be erected, to be built
出会う 【であう】to meet by chance, to come across, to happen to encounter, to hold a rendezvous, to have a date
広がる 【ひろがる】to spread (out), to extend, to stretch, to reach to, to get around, to fill (e.g. a space)
お昼 【おひる】lunch, noon
その内 【そのうち】eventually, sooner or later, of the previously mentioned
ところがeven so, however, still, whereupon, even though, nevertheless, on the contrary, as a matter of fact, despite
安定 【あんてい】stability, equilibrium
引退 【いんたい】retire
営業 【えいぎょう】business, trade, sales, operations
回す 【まわす】① to turn, to rotate, to gyrate ② to circulate, to send around ③ to surround ④ to put something to a new use (e.g. leftovers) ⑤ (after the -masu stem of a verb) ... around (i.e. to chase someone around) ⑥ to dial (e.g. telephone number)
他 【ほか】other (esp. places and things), the rest
感情 【かんじょう】emotion, feeling, feelings, sentiment
岸 【きし】bank, coast, shore
逆 【ぎゃく】① reverse, opposite ② converse (of a hypothesis, etc.)
求める 【もとめる】to seek, to request, to demand, to want, to wish for, to search for, to pursue (pleasure), to hunt (a job), to buy
教科書 【きょうかしょ】textbook, text book
勤め 【つとめ】① service, duty, business, responsibility, task ② Buddhist religious services
決心 【けっしん】determination, resolution
決定 【けってい】decision, determination
語る 【かたる】to talk, to tell, to recite
向け 【むけ】intended for ..., oriented towards ..., aimed at ...
合図 【あいず】sign, signal
参加 【さんか】participation
指す 【さす】① to point ② to nominate, to select someone, to specify some person ③ to identify, to indicate, to point out
事実 【じじつ】fact, truth, reality
事情 【じじょう】circumstances, consideration, conditions, situation, reasons
時期 【じき】time, season, period
受け取る 【うけとる】① to receive, to get, to accept ② to take, to interpret, to understand
宿 【やど】inn, lodging
勝負 【しょうぶ】victory or defeat, match, contest, game, bout
商品 【しょうひん】commodity, article of commerce, goods, stock, merchandise
人物 【じんぶつ】character, personality, person, man, personage, talented man
数える 【かぞえる】to count, to enumerate
正直 【しょうじき】① honesty, integrity, frankness ② honestly, frankly
生物 【せいぶつ】living things, creature
全員 【ぜんいん】all members (unanimity), all hands, the whole crew, everyone, everybody
通学 【つうがく】commuting to school, school commute
伝わる 【つたわる】to be handed down, to be introduced, to be transmitted, to be circulated, to go along, to walk along
土曜 【どよう】Saturday
犯人 【はんにん】offender, criminal
皮 【かわ】① skin, hide, pelt, fur ② rind, peel, husk, bark ③ shell, sheath, wrapping
表 【ひょう】table (e.g. Tab 1), chart, list
物音 【ものおと】sounds
平気 【へいき】coolness, calmness, composure, unconcern
方向 【ほうこう】① direction, orientation, bearing, way ② course (e.g. of action)
本物 【ほんもの】genuine article
無し 【なし】without
迷子 【まいご】lost (stray) child
目指す 【めざす】to aim at, to have an eye on
有能 【ゆうのう】able, capable, efficient, skill
流れ 【ながれ】stream, current, flow
量 【りょう】quantity, amount, volume, portion (of food)
列 【れつ】queue, line, row, column, sequence, string, train
話し合う 【はなしあう】to discuss, to talk together
例 【れい】① custom, practice, habit, usual ② said, aforementioned ③ instance, example, case, illustration, usage ④ precedent ⑤ annual
協力 【きょうりょく】cooperation, collaboration
乗せる 【のせる】① to give (someone) a ride, to give a lift, to pick up, to help on board ② to deceive, to take for a ride
他 【た】other (esp. people and abstract matters)
感 【かん】feeling, sensation, emotion, admiration, impression
無 【む】① nothing, naught, nought, nil, zero ② un-, non-
色 【しょく】counter for colours
打付ける 【ぶつける】to knock, to run into, to nail on, to strike hard, to hit and attack, to try (an idea) on someone
愛 【あい】love, affection
依頼 【いらい】① request, commission, dispatch, despatch ② dependence, trust
違い 【ちがい】difference, discrepancy
演技 【えんぎ】acting, performance
課 【か】① lesson ② section (in an organization), division, department ③ counter for lessons and chapters (of a book)
解く 【とく】① to solve, to answer ② to untie ③ to comb, to untangle (hair)
割る 【わる】to divide, to cut, to break, to halve, to separate, to split, to rip, to crack, to smash, to dilute
記念 【きねん】commemoration, memory
教師 【きょうし】teacher (classroom)
胸 【むね】breast, chest
偶然 【ぐうぜん】(by) chance, unexpectedly, suddenly, accident, fortuity
迎え 【むかえ】meeting, greeting, welcome
券 【けん】ticket, coupon, bond, certificate
肩 【かた】shoulder
限り 【かぎり】① limit, limits, bounds ② degree, extent, scope ③ as far as possible, as much as possible, to the best of one's ability ④ unless (after neg. verb) ⑤ the end, the last
光景 【こうけい】scene, spectacle
好み 【このみ】liking, taste, choice
更に 【さらに】furthermore, again, after all, more and more, moreover
合格 【ごうかく】success, passing (e.g. exam), eligibility
腰 【こし】① back, lower back, waist, hips, lumbar region ② body (of hair, noodle, paper, etc.), resilience, spring
再び 【ふたたび】again, once more, a second time
最も 【もっとも】most, extremely
財産 【ざいさん】property, fortune, assets
支店 【してん】branch store (office)
失業 【しつぎょう】unemployment
実際 【じっさい】① practicality, practical ② reality, actuality, actual conditions ③ bhutakoti (limit of reality)
住民 【じゅうみん】citizens, inhabitants, residents, population
床 【ゆか】① floor ② stage (for the narrator and the shamisen player) ③ dining platform built across a river
賞 【しょう】prize, award
真似 【まね】mimicry, imitation, behavior, behaviour, pretense, pretence
装置 【そうち】equipment, installation, apparatus, device
孫 【まご】grandchild
損 【そん】loss, disadvantage
団体 【だんたい】organization, organisation, association
毒 【どく】poison, toxicant
熱心 【ねっしん】zeal, enthusiasm
悩む 【なやむ】to be worried, to be troubled
破産 【はさん】bankruptcy, insolvency
瓶 【びん】bottle
不思議 【ふしぎ】wonder, miracle, strange, mystery, marvel, curiosity
付き合い 【つきあい】association, socializing, socialising, fellowship
夫妻 【ふさい】man and wife, married couple
普段 【ふだん】usual, habitual, ordinary, everyday, always
暮らし 【くらし】living, livelihood, subsistence, circumstances
暮らす 【くらす】① to live, to get along ② to spend (time)
方法 【ほうほう】method, process, manner, way, means, technique
命令 【めいれい】① order, command, decree, directive ② (software) instruction, statement
優勝 【ゆうしょう】overall victory, championship
預ける 【あずける】① to give into custody, to leave (a child) in the care of, to entrust, to deposit ② to lean on, to put one's weight on
裏切る 【うらぎる】to betray, to turn traitor to, to double-cross
恋 【こい】love, tender passion
恋しい 【こいしい】yearned for, longed for, missed
恋人 【こいびと】lover, sweetheart
台詞 【せりふ】speech, words, one's lines, remarks
夫婦 【ふうふ】married couple, spouses, husband and wife, couple, pair
追い付く 【おいつく】to overtake, to catch up (with)
気付く 【きづく】to notice, to recognize, to recognise, to become aware of, to perceive, to realize, to realise
戦い 【たたかい】battle, fight, struggle, conflict
付き合う 【つきあう】① to associate with, to keep company with, to go out with, to go steady with, to get on with ② to go along with, to follow someone's lead, to accompany someone, to compromise
包帯 【ほうたい】bandage, dressing
雇う 【やとう】① to employ ② to hire, to charter
続き 【つづき】sequel, continuation, (also suffix) continuation (in time and space), second series, succession, spell
運命 【うんめい】fate
猿 【さる】① monkey (esp. the Japanese macaque, Macaca fuscata) ② sly person ③ sliding wooden bolt (for holding a door or window shut) ④ clasp used to control the height of a pot-hook
応募 【おうぼ】subscription, application
殴る 【なぐる】to strike, to hit
懐かしい 【なつかしい】dear, desired, missed
堪らない 【たまらない】① intolerable, unbearable, unendurable ② cannot help (doing), cannot but do, anxious to do ③ tremendous, out of this world, irresistible
環境 【かんきょう】environment, circumstance
器用 【きよう】skillful, handy
旗 【はた】① flag ② pataka (banner)
既に 【すでに】already, too late
機嫌 【きげん】humour, humor, temper, mood
休暇 【きゅうか】holiday, day off, furlough, absence (from work)
休憩 【きゅうけい】rest, break, recess, intermission
救う 【すくう】to rescue from, to help out of, to save
筋 【すじ】① muscle ② string, sinew, line, stripe ③ plot, plan ④ source (of business information) ⑤ reason, logic
穴 【あな】① hole ② deficit, shortage, missing person (in a team, meeting, etc.) ③ vacancy, opening ④ flaw ⑤ profitable place (or item, etc.) not well known by others ⑥ upset victory (with a large payoff)
結ぶ 【むすぶ】① to tie, to bind, to link ② to bear (fruit)
誇り 【ほこり】pride, boast
穀物 【こくもつ】grain, cereal, corn
出張 【しゅっちょう】official tour, business trip
詳しい 【くわしい】knowing very well, detailed, full, accurate
譲る 【ゆずる】to turn over, to assign, to hand over, to transmit, to convey, to sell, to dispose of, to yield, to surrender
申し訳 【もうしわけ】apology, excuse
真実 【しんじつ】truth, reality
清潔 【せいけつ】① clean, hygenic, sanitary ② pure, virtuous, immaculate
説得 【せっとく】persuasion
巣 【す】① nest, rookery, breeding place, hive ② den ③ haunt ④ (spider's) web
相撲 【すもう】① sumo wrestling ② sumo wrestler, rikishi
大抵 【たいてい】① mostly, ordinarily, usually, generally ② probably ③ most, almost all ④ (before a neg. form) ordinary ⑤ proper, appropriate, moderate
笛 【ふえ】flute, pipe, whistle
敷く 【しく】① to spread out, to lay out ② to take a position ③ to impose widely (e.g. over a city)
塀 【へい】wall, fence
冒険 【ぼうけん】risk, venture, adventure
無視 【むし】disregard, ignore
霧 【きり】fog, mist
迷惑 【めいわく】trouble, bother, annoyance
厄介 【やっかい】trouble, burden, care, bother, worry, dependence, support, kindness, obligation
誘う 【さそう】① to invite, to ask, to call (for) ② to tempt, to lure, to induce
率 【りつ】rate, ratio, proportion, percentage
値 【あたい】① price, cost ② value, worth, merit ③ variable (computer programming, programing) ④ value, count, number ⑤ to have value, to have merit
あらゆるall, every
途端 【とたん】just (now, at the moment, etc.)
滅多に 【めったに】rarely (with neg. verb), seldom
くっつくto adhere to, to keep close to
噂 【うわさ】rumour, rumor, report, hearsay, gossip, common talk
我が儘 【わがまま】① selfishness, egoism, self-indulgence, wilfulness, willfulness ② disobedience ③ whim
よろしく① well, properly, suitably ② best regards, please remember me, please treat me favorably (favourably), please take care of
近頃 【ちかごろ】lately, recently, nowadays
たちまちat once, in a moment, suddenly, all at once
いとこmale cousin
誰か 【だれか】someone, somebody
しゃべるto talk, to chat, to chatter
梯子 【はしご】① ladder ② stairs ③ going to several places in succession (e.g. barhopping)
釘 【くぎ】nail (i.e. small metal spike)
うさぎrabbit, hare, cony
ともかくanyhow, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case, be that as it may
謎 【なぞ】① riddle, puzzle, enigma, mystery ② enigmatic, mysterious
鍋 【なべ】saucepan, pot
しかもmoreover, furthermore, nevertheless, and yet
みょう① strange, unusual ② (something) superb, (something) excellent
曖昧 【あいまい】① vague, ambiguous, unclear ② fuzzy
痺れる 【しびれる】to become numb, to go to sleep (e.g. a limb)
塞ぐ 【ふさぐ】to stop up, to close up, to block (up), to occupy, to fill up, to take up, to stand in another's way, to plug up, to shut up
吠える 【ほえる】to bark, to bay, to howl, to bellow, to roar, to cry
おやoh!, oh?, my!
出入り 【でいり】in and out, coming and going, free association, income and expenditure, debits and credit
ヘソ 【へそ】navel, belly button
一時 【いちじ】one hour, short time, once, a time, temporarily, at one time, twelfth part of a day
一々 【いちいち】one by one, separately
何となく 【なんとなく】somehow or other, for some reason or another
日々 【ひび】every day, daily, day after day, days (e.g. good old days)
それなのにand yet, despite this, but even so, but even then, however, nevertheless, for all that, notwithstanding that
高 【こう】① High (abbreviation of "High School" following a school's name) ② high-
意地悪 【いじわる】malicious, ill-tempered, unkind
引き分け 【ひきわけ】draw (in competition), tie game
引力 【いんりょく】① attraction (e.g. magnetic, gravitation), affinity ② attractiveness, magnetism
強気 【つよき】firm, strong
言い出す 【いいだす】to start talking, to speak, to tell, to propose, to suggest, to break the ice
工事 【こうじ】construction work, construction, work (related to construction, e.g. painting, concrete-pouring, etc.)
集まる 【あつまる】to gather, to collect, to assemble
生意気 【なまいき】impertinent, saucy, cheeky, conceit, audacious, brazen
地味 【じみ】plain, simple, subdued, sober
同時 【どうじ】simultaneous(ly), concurrent, same time, synchronous, together
住まい 【すまい】dwelling, house, residence, address
気味 【ぎみ】-like, -looking, -looked
回答 【かいとう】reply, answer
局 【きょく】① channel (i.e. TV or radio), station, department ② affair, situation
祭る 【まつる】① to deify, to enshrine ② to pray, to worship
受験 【じゅけん】taking an examination
竹 【たけ】① bamboo ② middle (of a three-tier ranking system)
直後 【ちょくご】immediately following
役者 【やくしゃ】actor, actress
温まる 【あたたまる】to warm oneself, to sun oneself, to warm up, to get warm
打ち合わせ 【うちあわせ】business meeting, previous arrangement, appointment, preparatory meeting
覚ます 【さます】① to awaken ② to disabuse ③ to sober up
荒い 【あらい】rough, rude, wild
思い込む 【おもいこむ】to be under impression that, to be convinced that, to imagine that, to set one's heart on, to be bent on
自宅 【じたく】one's home
賞金 【しょうきん】prize, monetary award
先祖 【せんぞ】ancestor
浅い 【あさい】shallow, superficial
いただきますexpression of gratitude before meals
担ぐ 【かつぐ】① to shoulder, to carry on one's shoulder ② to take (someone) for a ride, to deceive, to take in
段階 【だんかい】gradation, grade, stage, steps, order, class, phase
逃がす 【にがす】to let loose, to set free, to let escape
不可 【ふか】wrong, bad, improper, unjustifiable, inadvisable
名刺 【めいし】business card
予備 【よび】preparation, preliminaries, reserve, spare
粒 【つぶ】grain, bead
冷凍 【れいとう】freezing, cold storage, refrigeration
余り 【あんまり】① remainder, rest, balance, remains, scraps, residue, remnant ② not very (with negative sentence), not much ③ surplus, excess, fullness, too much ④ overjoyed, overwhelmed ⑤ more than, over
思い付く 【おもいつく】to think of, to hit upon, to come into one's mind, to be struck with an idea
果たして 【はたして】① as was expected, just as one thought, sure enough, as a result ② really? (in questions), ever?
初めまして 【はじめまして】How do you do?, I am glad to meet you
為す 【なす】to do, to perform
応援 【おうえん】aid, assistance, help, reinforcement, rooting, barracking, support, cheering
括弧 【かっこ】parenthesis, brackets
勘 【かん】perception, intuition, the sixth sense
堅い 【かたい】① hard, solid, tough ② stiff, tight, wooden, unpolished (e.g. writing) ③ strong, firm (not viscous or easily moved) ④ safe, steady, honest, steadfast ⑤ obstinate, stubborn ⑥ bookish, formal, stuffy
撮影 【さつえい】photographing
斜め 【ななめ】① slanting, tilted, sloping, diagonal, oblique ② unusual, slanted (view of the world), bad (mood)
取り戻す 【とりもどす】to take back, to regain, to get back, to recover
小遣い 【こづかい】pocket money, spending money, pin money, allowance
酢 【す】vinegar
節 【ふし】① joint, knuckle ② tune, melody ③ knot (in wood), node in a bamboo stem ④ part, notable characteristic
太鼓 【たいこ】drum
但し 【ただし】but, however, provided that
風呂敷 【ふろしき】wrapping cloth, cloth wrapper
柄 【がら】pattern, design
武士 【ぶし】warrior, samurai
いったん① once ② for a moment, temporarily
そば① buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) ② soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)
謙遜 【けんそん】humble, humility, modesty
くれぐれもrepeatedly, sincerely, earnestly
雑巾 【ぞうきん】house-cloth, dust cloth
それならIf that's the case ..., If so ..., That being the case ...
たんすchest of drawers, bureau, cabinet, tansu, dresser
ふざけるto romp, to gambol, to frolic, to joke, to make fun of, to flirt, to mess around, to screw around, to josh
洒落 【しゃれ】① joke, pun, witticism ② smartly dressed, stylish, fashion-conscious, refined
ややa little, partially, somewhat, a short time, a while
くどい① verbose, importunate, wordy, repetitious, long-winded ② heavy (taste), gaudy, loud, greasy
さてwell, now, then
いよいよ① more and more, all the more, increasingly ② at last, finally, beyond doubt ③ (at the) last moment, worst possible time
のんきcarefree, optimistic, careless, reckless, heedless, happy-go-lucky, easygoing
きっちり① punctually, on the dot, precisely ② closely, tightly, (fits) like a glove ③ without fail
てんで(not) at all, altogether, entirely
とんだ① unthinkable, unimaginable, inconceivable, unexpected ② terrible, awful, serious
ひょっとpossibly, accidentally
ほっとfeeling relieved, (sigh of) relief
生ける 【いける】① to arrange (flowers), to plant ② living, live
同 【どう】the same, the said, ibid.
仕上げ 【しあげ】end, finishing touches, being finished
重 【じゅう】greater degree, heavy, serious
向き 【むき】direction, orientation, aspect, situation, exposure, suitability, tendency
蒸す 【むす】to steam, to poultice, to be sultry
悪 【あく】evil, wickedness
一目 【いちもく】① (a) glance, (a) look, (a) glimpse ② (a) stone (in Go) ③ complete view, bird's-eye view
映像 【えいぞう】reflection, image, picture (e.g. on a television), shot, clip
臆病 【おくびょう】cowardice, timidity
我 【われ】① I, me ② oneself
勧め 【すすめ】recommendation, advice, suggestion, encouragement
勧誘 【かんゆう】invitation, solicitation, canvassing, canvasing, inducement, persuasion, encouragement
監視 【かんし】observation, guarding, inspection, surveillance
貫く 【つらぬく】to go through
危機 【きき】crisis
幾多 【いくた】many, numerous
鞠 【まり】ball
休める 【やすめる】to rest, to suspend, to give relief
脅迫 【きょうはく】threat, menace, coercion, terrorism
驚き 【おどろき】surprise, astonishment, wonder
業務 【ぎょうむ】business, affairs, duties, work, procedure, task, action, function
極楽 【ごくらく】① Sukhavati (Amitabha's Pure Land) ② paradise
恵み 【めぐみ】blessing, grace
現地 【げんち】actual place, local
古代 【こだい】ancient times
いい加減 【いいかげん】① irresponsible, perfunctory, careless ② lukewarm, half-baked, halfhearted, vague ③ reasonable, moderate (usu. in suggestions or orders) ④ considerably, quite, rather, pretty
好意 【こうい】good will, favor, favour, courtesy
行政 【ぎょうせい】administration
告白 【こくはく】① confession, acknowledgement, acknowledgment ② profession of love ③ confession of sins (e.g. the confessional)
佐 【さ】help
作り 【つくり】① making, producing, manufacturing, building, construction, make, structure ② appearance (i.e. attire, make-up) ③ build (i.e. physique) ④ sashimi ⑤ forced (smile, etc.)
作用 【さよう】action, operation, effect, function
擦れ違い 【すれちがい】passing each other, crossing paths without meeting, being at cross purposes
仕える 【つかえる】to serve, to work for
仕掛ける 【しかける】to commence, to lay (mines), to set (traps), to wage (war), to challenge
脂肪 【しぼう】fat, grease, blubber
時差 【じさ】time difference
借り 【かり】borrowing, debt, loan
手分け 【てわけ】division of labour, division of labor
充実 【じゅうじつ】① fullness, completion, perfection, substantiality, enrichment ② replenishment, repletion
出世 【しゅっせ】promotion, successful career, eminence
勝利 【しょうり】victory, triumph, conquest, success, win
尚更 【なおさら】all the more, still less
焦る 【あせる】to be in a hurry, to be impatient
乗っ取る 【のっとる】to capture, to hijack, to commandeer, to occupy, to usurp
身の上 【みのうえ】one's future, one's welfare, one's personal history
辛抱 【しんぼう】patience, endurance
正しく 【まさしく】surely, no doubt, evidently
正義 【せいぎ】justice, right, righteousness, correct meaning
盛り上がる 【もりあがる】① to swell, to rise, to bulge, to be piled up ② to rouse, to get excited
切ない 【せつない】① painful, heartrending, trying ② oppressive, suffocating, miserable
設定 【せってい】① establishment, creation ② options or preference settings (in computer software), configuration, assignment, setup
専ら 【もっぱら】wholly, solely, entirely, exclusively, devotedly, fixedly
訴え 【うったえ】lawsuit, complaint
操る 【あやつる】to manipulate, to operate, to pull strings
総会 【そうかい】general meeting
対決 【たいけつ】confrontation, showdown
大概 【たいがい】① in general, almost all ② mainly, mostly, most likely ③ moderately, suitably
達者 【たっしゃ】skillful, in good health
脱出 【だっしゅつ】escape
旦那 【だんな】husband (informal), master (of house, shop, etc.), word used to address a male patron or customer (sir, boss, master, governor), patron of a mistress, geisha, bar or nightclub hostess
値打ち 【ねうち】value, worth, price, dignity
恥 【はじ】shame, embarrassment
挑む 【いどむ】① to challenge, to throw down the gauntlet, to contend for, to tackle ② to pressure someone for sex, to woo, to make love to
定食 【ていしょく】set meal, special (of the day)
天辺 【てっぺん】top, summit, apex, scalp
転換 【てんかん】convert, divert
当て 【あて】object, aim, end, hopes, expectations
動向 【どうこう】trend, tendency, movement, attitude
突如 【とつじょ】suddenly, all of a sudden
内緒 【ないしょ】① secrecy, confidentiality, privacy, secret ② one's circumstances (esp. fiscal) ③ inner realization, personal enlightenment ④ kitchen
馬鹿馬鹿しい 【ばかばかしい】stupid
白状 【はくじょう】confession
否決 【ひけつ】rejection, negation, voting down
眉 【まゆ】eyebrow, eyebrows
不意 【ふい】sudden, abrupt, unexpected, unforeseen
部下 【ぶか】subordinate person
紛らわしい 【まぎらわしい】confusing, misleading, equivocal, ambiguous
放出 【ほうしゅつ】release, emit
網 【あみ】① net, netting ② web
優 【ゆう】① gentle ② elegant, classy ③ superior, skilled ④ excellent (in marking, grading, etc.) ⑤ actor
優先 【ゆうせん】preference, priority, precedence
誘惑 【ゆうわく】temptation, allurement, lure, seduction
予想 【よそう】expectation, anticipation, prediction, forecast, conjecture
絡む 【からむ】① to entangle, to entwine ② to pick a quarrel, to find fault ③ to be involved with, to be influenced by, to develop a connection with
乱れる 【みだれる】① to be disordered, to be disarranged, to be disarrayed, to be disheveled, to be dishevelled ② to be discomposed, to be upset, to get confused, to be disturbed ③ to lapse into chaos (due to war, etc.)
裏返し 【うらがえし】inside out, upside down
了解 【りょうかい】comprehension, consent, understanding, roger (on the radio)
恋愛 【れんあい】love, love-making, passion, emotion, affections
連中 【れんちゅう】colleagues, company, a lot, those guys (slightly impolite)
偽物 【にせもの】spurious article, forgery, counterfeit, imitation, sham
合併 【がっぺい】combination, union, amalgamation, consolidation, merger, coalition, fusion, annexation, affiliation, incorporation
修業 【しゅぎょう】pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training, ascetic practice, ascetic practise, discipline
蔵 【くら】warehouse, cellar, magazine, granary, godown, depository, treasury, elevator
探検 【たんけん】exploration, expedition
取り替え 【とりかえ】swap, exchange
取引 【とりひき】transactions, dealings, business
見込み 【みこみ】forecast, prospects, expectation, hope
見通し 【みとおし】perspective, unobstructed view, outlook, forecast, prospect, insight, foresight, visibility
屋敷 【やしき】residence, estate, grounds, premises, mansion
恋する 【こいする】to fall in love with, to love
増し 【まし】① better, less objectionable, preferable ② more, increase, extra
決 【けつ】decision, vote
隊 【たい】party, company, body (of troops), corps
塗れ 【まみれ】stain, smear
意 【い】① feelings, thoughts ② meaning
いかにもindeed, really, phrase meaning agreement
以て 【もって】① with, by ② by means of, because, in view of
崖 【がけ】cliff
まして① still more, to say nothing of, not to mention ② still less (with neg. verb)
近付く 【ちかづく】① to approach, to draw near, to get close ② to get acquainted with, to get closer to, to get to know
渋い 【しぶい】① tasteful (clothing), cool, an aura of refined masculinity ② astringent, sullen, bitter (taste), raspy (voice) ③ grim, quiet ④ sober, stingy
かさむto pile up, to increase
唾 【つば】saliva, spit, sputum
捗る 【はかどる】to make progress, to move right ahead (with the work), to advance
諦め 【あきらめ】resignation, acceptance, consolation
むちゃくちゃconfused, jumbled, mixed up, unreasonable
ありのままthe truth, fact, as it is, frankly
和む 【なごむ】to be softened, to calm down
なめる① to lick ② to taste ③ to experience (esp. a hardship) ④ to make fun of, to make light of, to put down, to treat with contempt
たくましいburly, strong, sturdy
瞑る 【つぶる】to close the eyes
片思い 【かたおもい】unrequited love
とりあえずat once, first of all, for the time being, for now
よっぽど① very, greatly, much, to a large extent, quite ② just about to
金槌 【かなづち】① (iron) hammer ② hopeless swimmer, complete beginner at swimming
へりedge, tip, margin
あっという間に 【あっというまに】just like that (lit: in the time it takes to say "Ah!"), in the twinkling of an eye, in the blink of an eye
かしらI wonder
かみさん① (one's) wife ② (someone's) wife ③ landlady
しかonly, nothing but
しゃぶしゃぶ① shabu-shabu (thinly sliced meat boiled quickly with vegetables, and dipped in sauce) ② sound of this dish being prepared
ずかずかmaking rude entrance
チャラforgiving a debt, getting even;
つい① just (now) ② quite (near) ③ unintentionally, unconsciously, by mistake, against one's better judgement (judgment)
はっとtaken aback
ぼちぼち① little-by-little, gradually, slowly, soon ② not bad, passable, so-so
ようこそwelcome!, nice to see you!
アイス① ice ② ice cream, icecream
アイドル① idol ② idle
アップ① increasing ② uploading ③ close-up ④ finishing shooting (of a film, etc.) ⑤ up (i.e. of a woman's hair) ⑥ being up (i.e. leading in sports) ⑦ warming up ⑧ being over, being finished
アドレス① address ② email address
イブeve (esp. Christmas Eve), the night before
イン① in ② inn
エンストengine stall
キャビアcaviar, caviare
クラブ① club (e.g. golf, tennis) ② clubs (card suit) ③ crab
ケース① case (e.g. receptacle, condition, event, legal action, letter style, etc.) ② Computer-Aided Software Engineering, CASE
コンビニconvenience store
サッカー① soccer ② seersucker
シート① seat ② sheet
ショット① shot (in films) ② shot (of alcohol) ③ hitting a ball (e.g. in tennis) ④ shoot (in basketball)
スーパー① super ② supermarket ③ superimpose ④ superheterodyne ⑤ (film with) subtitles
スープ(Western) soup
センターcentre, center
ソース① sauce (esp. Worcestershire sauce) ② source
タイム① time ② thyme
チャンスchance, opportunity
トラック① truck ② track (running, CD, DVD, etc.)
トランプplaying cards (from trump)
ドライバー① driver (of a vehicle) ② screwdriver ③ driver (golf) ④ driver (device driver)
ナプキン① (table) napkin, serviette ② sanitary napkin
ハム① ham (cured pig meat) ② ham (amateur radio enthusiast) ③ hum
ハンドル① handle ② steering wheel ③ (bicycle) handlebar
バイト① work (esp. part time or casual) ② byte, octet ③ bite ④ cutting tool, bit
ファン① fan ② fun
ブルー① blue (colour, color) ② sad, down (in the dumps)
プロポーズ(marriage) proposal
マイホームone's (own) house, one's (own) home
メール① email ② mail (usu. in phrases and compound words) ③ male
モードmode, fashion
ライブ① live (esp. concert, show, etc.), live performance ② alive
ラブストーリーlove story, soap opera
リフレッシュrefresh (e.g. memory)
リモコンremote control
一人前 【いちにんまえ】① becoming adult, attaining full manhood or womanhood, coming of age ② one helping, one portion
いつの間にか 【いつのまにか】before one knows, before one becomes aware of, unnoticed, unawares
だしfestival car (float)
十二月 【じゅうにがつ】December
出し 【だし】① dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp) ② pretext, excuse, pretense (pretence), dupe, front man
女子大 【じょしだい】women's college, women's university
小食 【しょうしょく】one who generally eats little
人中 【ひとなか】society, company, the public, the world
生き 【いき】freshness, stet
先ほど 【さきほど】some time ago
川 【かわ】① river, stream ② the .... river, (suffix used with the names of rivers)
男前 【おとこまえ】handsome man
日ごろ 【ひごろ】normally, habitually
入り 【いり】① entering ② setting (of the sun) ③ containing, content, audience ④ income ⑤ beginning
入れ 【いれ】container, receptacle
年下 【としした】younger, junior
年上 【としうえ】older, senior
白む 【しらむ】to grow light, to become white, to turn grey (gray)
分かり 【わかり】understanding, comprehension
本日 【ほんじつ】today
万が一 【まんがいち】if by any chance, just in case, in the worst case, lit: 10000 to 1
友だち 【ともだち】friend, companion
もぐto pluck (usually from a tree), to pick (e.g. apples)
今日 【こんち】today, this day
十 【とお】10, ten
半年 【はんとし】half year
見かける 【みかける】to (happen to) see, to notice, to catch sight of
見せかける 【みせかける】to pretend, to feign
分け前 【わけまえ】share, portion, quota, cut
お気に入り 【おきにいり】① favorite, favourite, pet (e.g. teacher's pet) ② bookmark (in web browser)
見どころ 【みどころ】highlight, promise
きゃあEek!, Yipe!
高 【だか】quantity, amount, volume, number, amount of money
日本一 【にっぽんいち】Japan's best, number one in Japan
右左 【みぎひだり】right and left
キャッチボールplaying catch
そらlook!, look out!, look at me!
バイバイbye-bye, good-bye
とことん(to) the end, thoroughly
ジルgill, zel, zill
ぐうたらlazybones, good-for-nothing, idler
こんもりthickly, densely, luxuriantly
ばあちゃんgranny, grandma, gran, female senior-citizen (familiar form of address)
食する 【しょくする】to eat
へえoh, yes?, really?
たり① -ing and -ing (e.g. "coming and going") ② (used adverbially) doing such things as... ③ expresses a command
なり① or, whether or not ② (after dictionary form verb) as soon as, right after ③ (after past tense verb) while still, with previous state still in effect
ゴーgo (somewhere), go (signal)
ぽいtossing something out, throwing something away
かねinterrogative sentence-ending particle expressing doubt
かよsentence-ending particle expressing doubt
かもmay, might, perhaps, may be, possibly
はむ① to eat (fodder, grass, etc.) ② to receive (a salary) ③ to receive a stipend from one's lord
分の 【ぶんの】denominator bun no numerator (in writing common fractions), X Yth's (Y bun no X)
ふむhmm, I see, hrm
うーんhmm, well
カード① card ② curd
シートベルトseat belt, seatbelt
バック① back ② to go backwards, to reverse ③ to refund a customer
パイpie, tart
パラパラfalling in (large) drops, sprinkle, pattering, clattering, flipping through a book
リード① lead (in a game, dance, etc.), being in the lead ② reed ③ read, reading
医長 【いちょう】medical director, chief physician
一人物 【いちじんぶつ】man of some importance, character
右足 【みぎあし】① right foot ② right leg
何事 【なにごと】① what, something, everything ② nothing (with neg. verb)
何度 【なんど】how many times?, how often?
帰り道 【かえりみち】the way back or home, return trip
近づく 【ちかづく】to approach, to get near, to get acquainted with, to get closer
空き地 【あきち】vacant land
古く 【ふるく】anciently, formerly
古来 【こらい】from time immemorial, ancient, time-honoured, time-honored
後方 【こうほう】behind, in the rear, in back
左足 【ひだりあし】left foot
作り 【づくり】① making, forming, cultivating, growing ② form, appearance
思える 【おもえる】to seem, to appear likely
持ち出す 【もちだす】① to take out, to carry out, to bring out from where it belongs ② to mention something, to broach a topic, to bring up (a subject), to raise (an issue), to mention
色気 【いろけ】① colouring, coloring, shade of colour, shade of color ② interest in the opposite sex, sex appeal, sensuality, seductiveness, glamor, glamour, sexual passion ③ romance, poetry, charm ④ desire, interest, inclination, ambition
親方 【おやかた】① master ② coach in professional sumo
正 【せい】① (logical) true, regular ② 10^40 ③ original ④ positive, greater than zero
切らす 【きらす】to be out of, to run out of, to be short of, to be out of stock
体 【たい】① body, physique, posture ② shape, form, style ③ substance, identity, reality ④ field ⑤ counter for humanoid forms (e.g. dolls, statues, corpses, etc.)
たどり着く 【たどりつく】to struggle on to, to arrive somewhere after a struggle, to grope along to, to barely manage to reach, to finally arrive at, to finally hit on (e.g. an idea)
朝食 【ちょうしょく】breakfast
天使 【てんし】angel
店長 【てんちょう】shop manager
肉屋 【にくや】butcher
不時 【ふじ】emergency, unexpectedness
北海道 【ほっかいどう】Hokkaido (northernmost of the four main islands of Japan)
本業 【ほんぎょう】principal occupation, core business
有名人 【ゆうめいじん】celebrity
力作 【りきさく】literary or artistic masterpiece (on which much labour was spent) (labor)
川口 【かわぐち】mouth of river, estuary
少女 【おとめ】young lady, little girl, virgin, maiden, daughter
生き方 【いきかた】way of life, how to live
代わり 【がわり】① substitute, deputy, proxy, alternate, relief, compensation, second helping ② in place of, as a substitute for
切れ味 【きれあじ】sharpness (of a sword), the feel of a cutting edge
近道 【ちかみち】short way, shortcut
着 【ちゃく】① counter for suits of clothing ② arriving at ...
手作り 【てづくり】handmade, homegrown, hand-crafted, homemade
代々 【だいだい】for generations, hereditary, generation after generation
見た目 【みため】appearance
引け 【ひけ】leave, defeat, diffidence, closing price (stock market)
手つき 【てつき】manner of using one's hands
有事 【ゆうじ】emergency
地中 【ちちゅう】underground, subterranean
男手 【おとこで】man's handwriting, male help
止まれ 【とまれ】stop sign
お待ち 【おまち】waiting, waiting time
重し 【おもし】① stone weight (as used on pickle-tub covers) ② weight (as used in balances)
多目 【おおめ】somewhat larger quantity, larger portion
言 【げん】word, remark, statement
早 【はや】already, now, by this time
開き 【ひらき】① opening, gap ② dried and opened fish
この世 【このよ】this world, the present life
そんなふうにin that manner, like that
早くから 【はやくから】early on, earlier on, from early
たて① central, main, head, chief ② just (done), freshly (baked), indicates activity only just occurred ③ counter for consecutive losses
道 【どう】① road ② way ③ Buddhist teachings ④ Taoism ⑤ modern administrative region of Japan (Hokkaido) ⑥ historical administrative region of Japan (Tokaido, Tosando, etc.) ⑦ province (Tang-era administrative region of China) ⑧ province (modern administrative region of Korea)
足 【そく】counter for pairs (of socks, shoes, etc.)
お客様 【おきゃくさま】guest, visitor, customer
お守り 【おまもり】charm, amulet
お母様 【おかあさま】mother
そうそう① so long, so often, so many, so much ② oh, yes!, that's right, hmmm
育て 【そだて】bringing up, raising
一糸 【いっし】string
一石二鳥 【いっせきにちょう】killing two birds with one stone
温もり 【ぬくもり】warmth
君たち 【きみたち】(used colloquially by young females) you (plural), all of you, you all
校門 【こうもん】school gate
高額 【こうがく】large sum (money)
才気 【さいき】wisdom
社内 【しゃない】within a company, in-house
弱気 【よわき】timid, faint-hearted, bearish sentiment
手放す 【てばなす】to release, to relinquish, to sell, to part with, to send away
集う 【つどう】to meet, to assemble, to congregate
商事 【しょうじ】commercial affairs
乗り 【のり】① riding, ride ② spread (of paints) ③ (two)-seater ④ mood (as in to pick up on and join in with someone's mood)
常時 【じょうじ】usually, ordinarily
食生活 【しょくせいかつ】eating habits
前回 【ぜんかい】previous time, last time, previous installment, previous instalment, previous session
全う 【まっとう】proper, respectable, decent, honest
村長 【そんちょう】village headman
太もも 【ふともも】thigh
待ち受ける 【まちうける】to await, to expect
知り合う 【しりあう】to get to know (someone), to make acquaintance
柱 【はしら】① pillar, post ② support, prop, mainstay ③ counter for buddhas, gods, nobles, etc.
町内 【ちょうない】neighborhood, neighbourhood, street, block, town
直し 【なおし】① correction, rectification ② mending, repair
店頭 【てんとう】shop front, counter, shop, over-the-counter (financial)
当社 【とうしゃ】(this) shrine, (this) firm
頭取 【とうどり】(bank) president
すき焼き 【すきやき】thin slices of beef, cooked with various vegetables in a table-top cast-iron pan, sukiyaki
毎回 【まいかい】every time, each round
落ち 【おち】① slip, omission ② outcome, final result, the end ③ punch line (of a joke)
落ちぶれる 【おちぶれる】to be ruined, to fall low, to go under, to come to ruin
和牛 【わぎゅう】Wagyu beef, Japanese beef
円形 【えんけい】① round shape, circle ② circular form
外側 【そとがわ】exterior, outside
草木 【くさき】plants, vegetation
内々 【ないない】family circle, the inside, private, informal, secret, confidential
夏期 【かき】summer season
かき混ぜる 【かきまぜる】to mix, to stir, to scramble, to churn
数々 【かずかず】many
悲しみ 【かなしみ】sadness, sorrow, grief
気合 【きあい】scream, yell, fighting spirit
決起 【けっき】jump to one's feet, stand up against, rising to action
交代 【こうたい】alternation, change, relief, relay, shift, substitution (sports, etc.)
福引き 【ふくびき】lottery, tombola, drawing
真っ平 【まっぴら】(not) by any means, (not) for anything, humbly, sincerely
焼き肉 【やきにく】yakiniku (Japanese dish of fried meat), Korean barbecue
わが家 【わがや】our house, our home
快勝 【かいしょう】sweeping victory, easy victory
決め 【きめ】agreement, rule
交じり 【まじり】mixed, mingled
断り 【ことわり】① notice, notification, warning ② permission, consent ③ rejection, refusal, nonacceptance, declination, declining ④ excuse, plea
心温まる 【こころあたたまる】to be heart-warming
受け 【うけ】① popularity, favour, favor, reception ② defense, defence, reputation ③ agreement ④ submissive partner of a homosexual relationship ⑤ receiver of technique (e.g. in martial arts)
立ち退き 【たちのき】eviction
決まって 【きまって】always, without fail, usually, regularly
くべるto throw on the fire, to burn
常 【つね】usual state of things
船上 【せんじょう】on board
太め 【ふとめ】having girth, plumpness
米 【べい】America, American
お袋 【おふくろ】one's mother;
お疲れ様 【おつかれさま】① thank you, many thanks, much appreciated ② that's enough for today
比べ 【くらべ】contest, comparison, competition
悪党 【あくとう】scoundrel, rascal, villain
圧巻 【あっかん】highlight, best part, masterpiece
ちなみにby the way, in this connection, incidentally, in passing
演歌 【えんか】① enka, traditional-style Japanese popular ballad ② troubadour
押し 【おし】push, pressure, authority, audacity
家宝 【かほう】heirloom
皆様 【みなさま】everyone
辛子 【からし】mustard
開封 【かいふう】unsealed letter, breaking the seal
許し 【ゆるし】pardon, forgiveness, exemption, permission
共 【ども】① first-person plural (or singular) ② second or third person plural (implies speaker is of higher status than those referred to)
見抜く 【みぬく】to see through
固め 【かため】hardening, defense, defence, fortifying, pledge
最大 【さいだい】greatest, largest, maximum
財宝 【ざいほう】treasure
時限 【じげん】① (school) period ② period or division of time, time limit
状 【じょう】① shape, state ② letter, correspondence
信念 【しんねん】belief, faith, conviction
震え 【ふるえ】shivering, trembling
接待 【せったい】① reception, welcome, serving (food) ② business entertainment
超人 【ちょうじん】① superman, superwoman ② Ubermensch (e.g. Nietzsche's ideal man of the future), overman
珍 【ちん】rare, curious, strange
特訓 【とっくん】special training, intensive training, crash course
入り込む 【はいりこむ】① to go into, to come into, to penetrate, to get in, to step in (a house) ② to become complicated
配備 【はいび】deploy, deployment
売り込む 【うりこむ】to build a market for, to become well-known, to sell
比 【ひ】① ratio, proportion ② match, equal ③ explicit comparison (style of the Shi Jing) ④ Philippines
分厚い 【ぶあつい】bulky, massive, thick, heavy
辺境 【へんきょう】remote region, frontier (district), border(land)
暴く 【あばく】to disclose, to divulge, to expose
本職 【ほんしょく】① principal occupation, main job ② professional, an expert, specialist ③ I (of a government offical, etc.), me
なくす① to lose something ② to get rid of ③ to lose someone (wife, child, etc.)
有給 【ゆうきゅう】salaried, with pay
あまりにtoo much, excessively, too
溶解 【ようかい】① dissolution, solution (e.g. chemical) ② to melt, to dissolve, to liquefy
裏切り 【うらぎり】treachery, betrayal, perfidy
裏切り者 【うらぎりもの】betrayer, traitor, turncoat, informer
略 【りゃく】abbreviation, omission
了見 【りょうけん】① idea, thought, intention, design, inclination, decision, motive ② discretion ③ forgiveness, toleration
冷え 【ひえ】chilling exposure
気難しい 【きむずかしい】hard to please, moody, crusty, fastidious
いなno, nay, well
散々 【さんざん】① severely, harshly, utterly, terrible ② scattered, disconnected
各々 【それぞれ】each, every, either, respectively, severally
目白押し 【めじろおし】jostling, milling about
辛口 【からくち】① dry taste (e.g. sake, wine) ② salty (taste) ③ harsh, scathing
絶対に 【ぜったいに】absolutely, unconditionally
認め 【みとめ】approval, final seal (of approval), acceptance
触れ 【ふれ】① proclamation, official notice ② touch, contact
居場所 【いばしょ】whereabouts
越し 【ごし】across, over, beyond
戻し 【もどし】returning, giving back
庭師 【にわし】gardener
持ち逃げ 【もちにげ】① making off with (something), absconding ② stolen, absconded (with)
幾夜 【いくよ】number of nights
末永く 【すえながく】forever
達し 【たっし】official notice, notification
お越し 【おこし】coming or leaving
食材 【しょくざい】① ingredient ② foodstuff
働かせる 【はたらかせる】to put someone to work, to make someone work
込み 【こみ】including, inclusive of
小象 【こぞう】young (baby) elephant
絶好調 【ぜっこうちょう】in perfect form, going swimmingly
もしかif, in case
がけ① -clad ② in the midst of ③ tenths ④ times (i.e. multiplied by) ⑤ able-to-seat (of a chair, etc.)
お凸 【おでこ】brow, forehead
ごまかしhanky-panky, juggling, cheating, deception, smoke and mirrors
そもそもin the first place, to begin with, from the start, originally, ab initio
愛顧 【あいこ】patronage, favour, favor
握り 【にぎり】grip, handle
異端 【いたん】heresy
異母 【いぼ】different mother
遺産 【いさん】inheritance, bequest, legacy, heritage
果敢 【かかん】resolute, determined, bold
華麗 【かれい】splendor, splendour, magnificence
悔い 【くい】regret, repentance
懐 【ふところ】① bosom, bust ② (breast) pocket, purse, handbag
かっこうcommon cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)
菊 【きく】chrysanthemum, Chrysantemum morifolium
却下 【きゃっか】rejection, dismissal
泣き 【なき】weeping, lamenting
挙がる 【あがる】to be listed (as a candidate)
漁獲 【ぎょかく】fishing, catch, haul
駆動 【くどう】driving force
凹み 【へこみ】hollow, cavity, dent, depression
警護 【けいご】bodyguard, escort
見張る 【みはる】to watch, to (stand) guard, to look out, to open one's eyes wide
後継 【こうけい】successor
お節介 【おせっかい】meddling, meddlesomeness, nosiness, interference, officiousness
荒れ狂う 【あれくるう】to rage, to get angry
裁き 【さばき】judgment, judgement, decision, verdict
師匠 【ししょう】① master, teacher ② sumo coach who owns his stable
うしなうto lose, to part with
取り繕う 【とりつくろう】to temporize, to temporise, to smooth over
首筋 【くびすじ】nape of the neck, back of the neck, scruff of the neck
首謀 【しゅぼう】planning, plotting, ringleader
獣 【じゅう】beast, brute
錘 【おもり】① weight ② sinker (fishing)
慎み 【つつしみ】modesty, self-control, discretion
霜降り 【しもふり】① speckled with white, salt and pepper (colour, color) ② (of fabric) created by intertwining white and coloured fibres ③ (of beef) marbling ④ (of fish, chicken, shellfish, etc.) blanching by exposure to boiling and then icy water
即死 【そくし】instant death
怠け者 【なまけもの】lazy person, lazy fellow, slothful person
隊員 【たいいん】group members
隊長 【たいちょう】commanding officer
探偵 【たんてい】detective, sleuth, investigator
聴取 【ちょうしゅ】listening, hearing, audition, radio reception
塚 【つか】mound
熱狂 【ねっきょう】wild enthusiasm, being crazy about
班長 【はんちょう】squad leader, honcho, team leader, group leader
あいつhe, she, that guy
秘宝 【ひほう】treasure, treasured article
風呂場 【ふろば】bathroom
奮発 【ふんぱつ】① strenuous exertion, spurt ② splurge
魔法 【まほう】magic, witchcraft, sorcery
魔法使い 【まほうつかい】magician, wizard, sorcerer, witch
密室 【みっしつ】① room that cannot be entered (i.e. because it's locked from the inside) ② secret room
無為 【むい】idleness, inactivity
めったthoughtless, reckless, seldom (neg. verb), careless
目隠し 【めかくし】① something used to cover the eyes, blindfold, blinder, blinker, eye bandage ② concealing one's home such that the interior cannot be seen from outside
雄大 【ゆうだい】grandeur, magnificence, splendour, splendor
雄鳥 【おんどり】cock, rooster, chanticleer
揺れ 【ゆれ】vibration, flickering, jolting, tremor
励み 【はげみ】(act of) encouragement, stimulus, incentive
悪阻 【おそ】morning sickness
翁 【おう】old man, venerable
俊 【しゅん】excellence, genius
倉 【くら】warehouse, cellar, magazine, granary, godown, depository, treasury, elevator
豪勢 【ごうせい】luxury, magnificence, extravagance
すしsushi, anything made with vinegared rice (may also contain vegetables, spices, fish, or other delicacies)
抜け穴 【ぬけあな】loophole
遥々 【はるばる】from afar, over a great distance, all the way
またまた① again (and again), once again ② You're kidding!
源氏 【げんじ】① Genji (the character in the Genji Monogatari) ② the Minamoto family
頑張り 【がんばり】tenacity, endurance
とうにlong ago, a long time ago, already
雨露 【うろ】rain and dew
お嬢様 【おじょうさま】(term of respect for) another's daughter, daughter of a high-class family
やりがいbeing worth doing
聖者 【せいじゃ】saint
摩する 【まする】① to rub, to scrub ② to draw near, to press
つつましいmodest, reserved, quiet, humble
糧 【かて】food, provisions
忍 【にん】endurance, forbearance, patience, self-restraint;
たまるto bear (often adds emphasis), to endure
おまじない① good luck charm ② uttered when using magic, abracadabra, presto
お尻 【おしり】arse, ass, bottom, buttocks
そこらeverywhere, somewhere, approximately, that area, around there
それだけthat much, as much, to that extent, only that, that alone, no more than that
いかcuttlefish, squid
迂回 【うかい】① detour ② to detour, to circumvent ③ turning movement (mil)
碓 【うす】mill-stone, mortar
厭う 【いとう】to dislike, to hate, to grudge (doing), to spare (oneself), to be weary of, to take (good) care of
猿轡 【さるぐつわ】(mouth) gag
艷やか 【あでやか】glossy, beautiful, bewitching, fascinatingly elegant
灰燼 【かいじん】ash, embers, complete destruction
鰹 【かつお】skipjack tuna, bonito (Katsuwonus pelamis)
倦怠 【けんたい】languor, fatigue, weariness, boredom
狐 【きつね】① fox (esp. the red fox, Vulpes vulpes) ② fox (i.e. a sly person) ③ soba or udon topped with deep-fried tofu ④ light brown
ほれぼれfondly, charming
挫く 【くじく】to crush, to break, to sprain
呪文 【じゅもん】spell, charm, incantation, magic word
松茸 【まつたけ】matsutake mushroom
焼藷 【やきいも】roasted sweet potato, baked sweet potato
水溜まり 【みずたまり】puddle, pool of water
煎餅 【せんべい】rice cookie, Japanese cracker, wafer
狸 【たぬき】① raccoon dog, tanuki (Nyctereutes procyonoides) ② craftiness, sly person, someone who makes evil plans without ever breaking their poker face
洞窟 【どうくつ】cave
はえ① fly (of infraorder Muscomorpha) ② person of no worth, pisher, scrub
斧 【おの】axe, hatchet
ますtrout, sea trout
やたらat random, thoughtlessly, recklessly, excessively
佞 【ねい】flattery, insincerity;
忝い 【かたじけない】grateful, indebted
朦朧 【もうろう】dim, hazy, vague, indistinct, ambiguous, faint, obscure
かんちょう① (giving an) enema ② prank where the anal region of another person is poked with index fingers
あぶる① to warm (i.e. one's hands over a fire), to dry ② to scorch, to broil, to toast, to grill
つるto cramp, to be cramped, to contract
鰓 【えら】gills, branchia
じじ① old man ② geezer
襁褓 【おしめ】diaper, nappy
合鍵 【あいかぎ】pass key, duplicate key, master key
えらぶto choose, to select
痼り 【こり】① stiffness (in shoulders), swelling, hardening ② lingering discomfort, uneasiness, bad aftertaste, unpleasant feeling
さらう① to carry off, to run away with, to kidnap, to abduct ② to monopolize, to make one's own
不羇 【ふき】freedom, liberty, independence
藪 【やぶ】thicket, bush, grove, scrub
糠 【ぬか】rice-bran
ひさし① eaves (of roof) ② narrow aisle surrounding the core of a temple building ③ visor or peak (of cap) ④ classic Japanese women's low pompadour hairstyle
ちょい① just a minute, short time, just a little ② somewhat, easily, readily, rather
とあるa certain ...