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Crayon Shin-chan Vol. 8 (episodes 428 to 448)

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 428 to 448 of the animated series ‘Crayon Shin-chan’. This is volume 8/25. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



407 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
シャツshirt, singlet
ネクタイtie, necktie
今週 【こんしゅう】this week
毎週 【まいしゅう】every week
作文 【さくぶん】① writing (an essay, prose, etc.), composition ② formal writing with little real meaning
図書館 【としょかん】library
一昨日 【おととい】day before yesterday
一昨年 【おととし】year before last
小説 【しょうせつ】novel, (short) story
入学 【にゅうがく】entry to school or university, matriculation
不便 【ふべん】inconvenience, inexpediency, unhandiness
明日 【あす】tomorrow
産業 【さんぎょう】industry
卒業 【そつぎょう】graduation, completion (e.g. of a course)
柔らかい 【やわらかい】soft, tender, limp
滑る 【すべる】① to glide, to slide (e.g. on skis), to slip ② to bomb (when telling a joke)
汽車 【きしゃ】train (steam)
漫画 【まんが】comic, cartoon
たかる① to gather, to crowd round, to swarm, to flock ② to extort from, to sponge off
たまにoccasionally, once in a while
年中 【ねんじゅう】whole year, always, everyday
せっせとdiligently, assiduously
起こる 【おこる】to occur, to happen
持ち上げる 【もちあげる】to raise, to lift up, to flatter
手入れ 【ていれ】① repairs, maintenance, tending, trimming, grooming ② crackdown, (police) raid
手品 【てじな】sleight of hand, conjuring trick, magic, juggling
食品 【しょくひん】commodity, foodstuff
不足 【ふそく】insufficiency, shortage, deficiency, lack, dearth
料金 【りょうきん】fee, charge, fare
王様 【おうさま】king
化学 【かがく】① chemistry ② chemical company (e.g. Acme Chemical Co.)
活動 【かつどう】action, activity
休息 【きゅうそく】rest, relief, relaxation
苦しむ 【くるしむ】to suffer, to groan, to be worried
混ぜる 【まぜる】to mix, to stir, to blend
植物 【しょくぶつ】plant, vegetation
身分 【みぶん】social position, social status
組み立てる 【くみたてる】to assemble, to set up, to construct
地面 【じめん】ground, earth's surface
鉄道 【てつどう】railroad
友情 【ゆうじょう】friendship, fellowship, camaraderie
寄越す 【よこす】① to send, to forward ② to hand over (e.g. money)
可愛らしい 【かわいらしい】lovely, sweet
快適 【かいてき】pleasant, agreeable, comfortable
気の毒 【きのどく】pitiful, unfortunate, (a) pity
軍 【ぐん】army, force, troops
触れる 【ふれる】① to touch, to feel ② to experience, to come in contact with, to be emotionally moved (by), to perceive ③ to touch on a subject, to allude to ④ to be in conflict (with), to violate (law, copyright, etc.) ⑤ to proclaim
制度 【せいど】system, institution, organization, organisation
成績 【せいせき】results, record, grades
総 【そう】whole, all, general, gross
突っ込む 【つっこむ】① to thrust something into something ② to plunge into, to go into deeply ③ to meddle, to interfere ④ to retort ⑤ to riposte
内容 【ないよう】subject, contents, matter, substance, detail, import
被る 【かぶる】① to wear (on head, usu. one's own), to put on (over head, usu. one's own), to crown (oneself) ② to pour or dash water, dust, etc. (on oneself) ③ to bear (e.g. someone's debts, faults, etc.) ④ to overlap
浮かべる 【うかべる】① to float ② to express, to look (sad, glad) ③ to think, to imagine, to remember
粉 【こな】flour, meal, powder
輪 【わ】① ring, circle, loop ② hoop ③ wheel
穏やか 【おだやか】calm, gentle, quiet
貴重 【きちょう】precious, valuable
尻尾 【しっぽ】tail (animal)
行事 【ぎょうじ】event, function
赤道 【せきどう】equator
送別 【そうべつ】farewell, send-off
田んぼ 【たんぼ】paddy field, farm
売買 【ばいばい】trade, buying and selling
目安 【めやす】① criterion, standard, yardstick, reference, aim ② rough estimate, approximation
方々 【かたがた】① they (of people), gentlemen (of the ...) ② you (usu. plural) ③ various
曲 【きょく】tune, piece of music
作曲 【さっきょく】composition, setting (of music)
電流 【でんりゅう】electric current
温かい 【あたたかい】warm, mild, genial
混ざる 【まざる】to be mixed (colours, liquids, odours...), to be blended with, to associate with, to mingle with, to join
集まり 【あつまり】gathering, meeting, assembly, collection
お構いなく 【おかまいなく】please don't fuss over me
関西 【かんさい】Kansai (south-western half of Japan, including Osaka)
寄せる 【よせる】① to come near, to let someone approach ② to collect, to gather, to receive ③ to add ④ to put aside
境 【さかい】border, boundary, mental state
芸能 【げいのう】public entertainment, accomplishments, attainments
作法 【さほう】manners, etiquette, propriety
自治 【じち】self-government, autonomy
吹雪 【ふぶき】snow storm, blizzard
争う 【あらそう】① to compete, to contest, to contend ② to quarrel, to argue, to dispute, to be at variance, to oppose ③ (usu. in negative form) to deny (e.g. evidence)
灯油 【とうゆ】lamp oil, kerosene
片付く 【かたづく】① to be put in order, to be put to rights ② to be disposed of, to be solved ③ to be finished ④ to be married (off)
補う 【おぎなう】to compensate for, to supplement
目覚まし 【めざまし】① alarm clock ② opening one's eyes, keeping one's eyes open ③ type of candy given to a child after it wakes up from a nap
乗り換え 【のりかえ】transfer (trains, buses, etc.)
見慣れる 【みなれる】to become used to seeing, to be familiar with
催し 【もよおし】event, festivities, function, social gathering, auspices, opening, holding (a meeting)
災難 【さいなん】calamity, misfortune, disaster
素質 【そしつ】character, qualities, genius, the makings of
素人 【しろうと】amateur, novice
草履 【ぞうり】zori (Japanese footwear sandals)
典型 【てんけい】type, pattern, archetypal
独り言 【ひとりごと】soliloquy, monologue, speaking to oneself
包丁 【ほうちょう】kitchen knife, carving knife
手帳 【てちょう】① notebook, memo pad ② certificate ③ identification card
濡らす 【ぬらす】to wet, to soak, to dip
はさみscissors, tongs
きっぱりclearly, plainly, decisively, distinctly, flatly
なんだかんだsomething or other
際 【きわ】① edge, brink, verge, side ② time, moment of
安っぽい 【やすっぽい】cheap-looking, tawdry, insignificant
乙 【おつ】① second (party to an agreement), the B party (e.g. in a contract), the latter ② strange, quaint, stylish, chic, spicy, queer, witty, tasty, romantic
下地 【したじ】groundwork, foundation, inclination, aptitude, elementary knowledge of, grounding in, prearrangement, spadework, signs, symptoms, first coat of plastering, soy
格差 【かくさ】qualitative difference, disparity
緩める 【ゆるめる】to loosen, to slow down
究極 【きゅうきょく】ultimate, extreme, final, eventual
決意 【けつい】decision, determination
決算 【けっさん】balance sheet, settlement of accounts, reporting (of accounts)
健やか 【すこやか】vigorous, healthy, sound
検事 【けんじ】public prosecutor
合唱 【がっしょう】chorus, singing in a chorus
差し出す 【さしだす】to present, to submit, to tender, to hold out
再会 【さいかい】another meeting, meeting again, reunion
察する 【さっする】① to guess, to sense, to presume, to judge ② to sympathize with, to sympathise with
仕入れる 【しいれる】to lay in stock, to replenish stock, to procure
思い付き 【おもいつき】plan, idea, suggestion
指図 【さしず】instruction, mandate, directions
自首 【じしゅ】surrender, give oneself up
実 【じつ】① truth, reality ② sincerity, honesty, fidelity ③ content, substance ④ (good) result
取り付ける 【とりつける】to furnish, to install, to get someone's agreement
手本 【てほん】① copybook ② model, pattern
宿命 【しゅくめい】fate, destiny, predestination
称する 【しょうする】① to take the name of, to call oneself ② to pretend, to feign, to purport
情 【じょう】feelings, emotion, passion
新築 【しんちく】new building, new construction
身の回り 【みのまわり】one's personal belongings, one's vicinity, one's daily life, everyday necessities
成果 【せいか】results, fruits
整える 【ととのえる】① to put in order, to arrange, to adjust ② to get ready, to prepare ③ to raise money
設置 【せっち】establishment, institution
雪崩 【なだれ】avalanche
知的 【ちてき】intellectual
茶の間 【ちゃのま】living room (Japanese-style)
定年 【ていねん】retirement age
逃れる 【のがれる】to escape
動員 【どういん】mobilization, mobilisation
特許 【とっきょ】① patent, special permission, licence (license), concession, franchise, charter ② proprietary
独占 【どくせん】① monopoly ② to monopolize, to hog
発作 【ほっさ】fit, spasm
反響 【はんきょう】echo, reverberation, repercussion, reaction, influence
尾 【お】tail, ridge
不良 【ふりょう】badness, inferiority, delinquency, failure, defect, blemish
麻 【あさ】flax, linen, hemp
未知 【みち】not yet known
名付ける 【なづける】to name (someone)
用件 【ようけん】business, thing to be done, something that should be perfomed, information that should be conveyed
用品 【ようひん】articles, supplies, parts
一筋 【ひとすじ】① one long straight object (e.g. strand of hair, beam of light) ② a single bloodline ③ earnest, resolute, intent ④ ordinary, common
三味線 【しゃみせん】three-stringed Japanese guitar, shamisen
難い 【がたい】difficult, hard
取り締まり 【とりしまり】control, management, supervision
汚れ 【けがれ】uncleanness, impurity, disgrace
顎 【あご】chin, jaw
馴れ馴れしい 【なれなれしい】over-familiar
不便 【ふびん】pity, compassion
いそいそcheerfully, excitedly
こつこつ① unflaggingly, steadily, untiringly, laboriously ② clicking, drumming
さらけ出す 【さらけだす】to expose, to disclose, to lay bare, to confess
のみonly, nothing but
ぶら下がる 【ぶらさがる】to hang from, to dangle, to swing
アカデミーacademia, academy
アジトhideout, secret base of operations, safe house
ウイルス① virus ② viral
オアシス① oasis ② OASYS (Fujitsu WP system)
カセット① cassette (tape) ② game cartridge
ギプス① gypsum, plaster-of-paris ② plaster cast, cast
ゴールインgoal reached, make the goal, hit the goal
スチュワーデスstewardess, (female) flight attendant
タイマーtimer, clock register
ノック① knock ② fungo (baseball)
フィアンセfiance, fiancee
ボーイフレンドboy friend
ポテトチップスpotato chips, potato crisps
マイクmike, mic, microphone
マスコミmass communication, the media
マスター① to master, to learn ② proprietor, manager, bar-owner ③ master (e.g. arts, science)
ミスターmister, Mr
ヨーグルトyoghurt, yoghourt
ライバルrival, competition
ラッシュアワーrush hour
リーダー① leader ② reader
リスト① list ② wrist
レディー① lady ② ready
レンタルビデオrental video
間食 【かんしょく】eating between meals, snacking
人前 【ひとまえ】the public, company
水車 【すいしゃ】water wheel
水上 【すいじょう】aquatic, on the water
話せる 【はなせる】to be understanding, to be sensible
あだ名 【あだな】nickname
何もかも 【なにもかも】anything and everything, just about everything
水入らず 【みずいらず】(being) by oneself, with no outsiders present
見とれる 【みとれる】to be fascinated (by), to watch something in fascination, to be charmed
五十 【いそ】fifty
ありありdistinct, clear, vivid
がかる(after a noun, used as a godan verb) inclining to, leaning to
ぐるっとturning in a circle, going around, turning about, surrounding, encircling
どっさりlot of, heaps
大人びる 【おとなびる】to become grown-up, to age, to mature
読みかける 【よみかける】to begin to read, to leaf through a book
わが子 【わがこ】one's own child, one's own children
生 【うぶ】① innocent, naive, unsophisticated, inexperienced, green, wet behind the ears ② birth-
かまくらmid-January festival in northern Japan, with snow huts in which children play house
グーグー① snoring ② growling (low rumbling sound)
土 【ど】① Saturday ② earth (third of the five elements)
しみったれstinginess, miser
ハード① hard ② hardware ③ hard disk
ブロック① to block (e.g. the way) ② block (lump of something (usu. square), area of town, etc.) ③ bloc ④ block, physical record (e.g. on magnetic tape)
悪気 【わるぎ】ill will, malice, evil intent, ill feeling, distrust
一服 【いっぷく】(a) dose, (a) puff, (a) smoke, lull, short rest
京 【きょう】① imperial capital (esp. Kyoto) ② final word of an iroha-uta ③ 10^16, 10,000,000,000,000,000, ten quadrillion (American), (obs) ten thousand billion (British)
強か 【したたか】determined, stubborn, hearty, severe
見知らぬ 【みしらぬ】unknown, unacquainted, strange
行員 【こういん】bank clerk
作り上げる 【つくりあげる】to make up, to fabricate, to build up, to complete, to construct
始業 【しぎょう】start of work, commencement, opening
試写 【ししゃ】preview, private showing
始めて 【はじめて】① for the first time ② only after ... is it ..., only when ... do you ...
真夜中 【まよなか】dead of night, midnight
茶飯事 【さはんじ】commonly occurring thing, commonplace event, bread and butter item
京 【みやこ】capital, metropolis
あぜ道 【あぜみち】footpath between rice fields
病名 【びょうめい】name of a disease
北京 【ぺきん】Beijing (China), Peking
立ち話 【たちばなし】standing around talking
早々 【そうそう】① early, all in good time ② quickly, promptly ③ just- (opened, started, etc.)
新品 【しんぴん】(brand-)new article
一味 【ひとあじ】unique or peculiar flavor (flavour)
お開き 【おひらき】breakup (of a ceremony, wedding, party, meeting, etc.), closure
着こなし 【きこなし】dressing well
英単語 【えいたんご】English word
快感 【かいかん】pleasant feeling
気取る 【きどる】to affect, to put on airs
記 【き】① account, history, chronicle, annals, record ② Records of Ancient Matters
求め 【もとめ】① request, appeal, claim, demand ② purchase
見返り 【みかえり】collateral
言い回し 【いいまわし】expression, phraseology
国営 【こくえい】state management
細やか 【ささやか】meagre, meager, modest
すべway, method, means
商談 【しょうだん】business discussion, negotiation
登り 【のぼり】① ascent, climbing, ascending (path), climb ② up-train (e.g. going to Tokyo) ③ northward (towards Tokyo)
人相 【にんそう】physiognomy, looks, countenance
先入観 【せんにゅうかん】preconception, prejudice, preoccupation, preconceived notion
選曲 【せんきょく】① chosen song, choosing a song ② to choose a song
前向き 【まえむき】facing forward, front-facing, forward-looking, positive, proactive
組曲 【くみきょく】musical suite, musical selection
ぶっ飛ばす 【ぶっとばす】① to strike (as to send flying), to beat, to knock ② to jump with force, to leap ③ to accomplish a task very rapidly ④ to drive at full speed (e.g. a car)
断じて 【だんじて】absolutely, positively, decidedly
読み直す 【よみなおす】to read (a book, etc.) over again
不自然 【ふしぜん】unnatural, artificial, affected, strained
不都合 【ふつごう】inconvenience, inexpedience, trouble, harm, impropriety, wrongdoing
無人島 【むじんとう】unpopulated island
毛虫 【けむし】① hairy caterpillar, woolly bear ② pest, nudnik (nudnick)
用心深い 【ようじんぶかい】wary, watchful
落書き 【らくがき】scrawl, scribble, graffiti
両手 【りょうて】① (with) both hands ② approvingly
十八番 【おはこ】① No. 18, eighteenth ② repertoire of 18 kabuki plays ③ one's favourite stunt (favorite), one's specialty
両足 【りょうあし】① both feet ② both legs
合言葉 【あいことば】password, watchword
向かい合う 【むかいあう】to be opposite, to face each other
新橋 【しんばし】Shinbashi (section of Tokyo)
毛深い 【けぶかい】hairy, thickly haired, shaggy
練り 【ねり】kneading, gloss, tempering
山陽 【さんよう】south side of a mountain, Sanyo district
大役 【たいやく】important task or role or duty
生き様 【いきざま】form of existence, way of life
ほったらかすto let aside, to neglect
小竹 【ささ】bamboo grass
悪夢 【あくむ】nightmare, bad dream
一滴 【いってき】drop (of fluid)
塩味 【しおあじ】salty taste, saltiness
横っ腹 【よこっぱら】side, flank
横暴 【おうぼう】violence, oppression, high-handedness, tyranny, despotism
歌劇 【かげき】opera
居直る 【いなおる】① to sit up properly straight ② to become aggressive
共演 【きょうえん】appearing together, co-acting, co-starring
境地 【きょうち】one's lot, circumstance, situation in life
芸能人 【げいのうじん】performer
元気付ける 【げんきづける】to pep up, to cheer up
現役 【げんえき】active duty, active service
高圧 【こうあつ】high voltage, high pressure
最愛 【さいあい】beloved
作詞 【さくし】(writing) song lyrics
察し 【さっし】consideration, guess, conjecture, judgment, judgement
雑用 【ざつよう】odd jobs, miscellaneous, other, etc.
小判 【こばん】① koban, small former Japanese oval gold coin ② oval ③ small size (of paper)
新居 【しんきょ】new home
吹っ飛ぶ 【ふっとぶ】to blow off, to be blown off
積極 【せっきょく】positive, progressive
雪合戦 【ゆきがっせん】snowball fight
絶やす 【たやす】① to exterminate, to eradicate ② to let (fire) go out
達人 【たつじん】master, expert
断固 【だんこ】firm, determined, resolute, conclusive
軟らか 【やわらか】soft, tender, limp, subdued (colour or light) (color), gentle, meek
難破 【なんぱ】shipwreck
入団 【にゅうだん】enrollment, enrolment
発信 【はっしん】dispatch, despatch, transmission, submission
百貨店 【ひゃっかてん】(department) store, (department) stores
不法 【ふほう】lawlessness, injustice, illegality, unlawfulness
粉 【こ】flour, meal, powder
変人 【へんじん】eccentric, crank, oddball
忘れっぽい 【わすれっぽい】forgetful
無職 【むしょく】without an occupation
予告 【よこく】advance notice, previous note, preliminary announcement
見栄 【みえ】show, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
河原 【かわら】dry river bed, river beach
よい① good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable ② sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), ready, prepared ③ profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial ④ OK
無神経 【むしんけい】insensibility, thick-skinned
掛け持ち 【かけもち】holding two or more positions concurrently
非番 【ひばん】off duty
競い合う 【きそいあう】to compete with, to vie for
呼ばれる 【よばれる】① to be called (a name), to be referred to (as) ② to be treated to something (e.g. a meal), to be invited to
総動員 【そうどういん】general mobilization, general mobilisation
未だしも 【まだしも】rather, better
祖 【そ】ancestor, forefather, progenitor
老 【ろう】old age, age, old people, the old, the aged
愛し合う 【あいしあう】to love one another
働かす 【はたらかす】to put someone to work, to make someone work
もしやperhaps, possibly, by some chance, by some possibility
そそるto excite, to incite, to stimulate, to arouse, to tempt, to stir up
引っ張りだこ 【ひっぱりだこ】① being very popular, being in great demand ② octopus dried on skewers
汽笛 【きてき】steam whistle
拳骨 【げんこつ】fist
収納 【しゅうのう】crop, harvest, receipts, putting or stowing away
宿舎 【しゅくしゃ】lodging house
書房 【しょぼう】library, bookstore, bookshop
償う 【つぐなう】to make up for, to recompense, to redeem (one's faults), to compensate for, to indemnify, to atone for
あやかる① to share good luck ② to be named after
親馬鹿 【おやばか】(over) fond parents, doting parents
脱ぎ捨てる 【ぬぎすてる】to fling, to throw off (clothes), to kick off (boots)
てんぷらtempura, deep-fried fish and vegetables in a light batter
投稿 【とうこう】contribution, submission, posting (e.g. to a newsgroup or mailing list)
忍耐 【にんたい】endurance, perseverance, patience
名案 【めいあん】good idea
模擬 【もぎ】① imitation, sham, mock ② simulation
誘い 【さそい】① invitation, introduction ② temptation
昴 【すばる】Chinese "Hairy Head" constellation (one of the 28 mansions), Pleiades, Seven Sisters
栞 【しおり】① bookmark ② guidebook
桜花 【おうか】cherry blossom
生け垣 【いけがき】hedge
駆け落ち 【かけおち】defeat and flight, disappearing without a trace, eloping
補佐 【ほさ】aid, help, assistance, assistant, counselor, counsellor, adviser, advisor
邸 【やしき】residence, estate, grounds, premises, mansion
ばってんcross mark, demerit mark, an X
引き締め 【ひきしめ】tightening
左団扇 【ひだりうちわ】ease and comfort
嘶く 【いななく】to neigh
ピース① peace ② peas ③ piece
烏 【からす】crow, raven
玉の輿 【たまのこし】palanquin set with jewels
挫折 【ざせつ】frustration, setback, discouragement
苔 【こけ】① moss ② short plants resembling moss (inc. other bryophytes, lichens, very small spermatophytes, etc.)
醍醐味 【だいごみ】① the real pleasure (of something), the real thrill, the true charm ② flavour of ghee, delicious taste ③ Buddha's gracious teachings
馴染み 【なじみ】intimacy, friendship, familiarity
抜擢 【ばってき】selection (e.g. for a job position)
艪 【ろ】Japanese scull (oar attached to the rear of the boat by a traditional peg-in-hole oarlock)
けちるto be stingy, to scrimp
拉致 【らち】taking captive, carrying away, kidnapping, kidnaping, abduction
そりsleigh, sled, sledge
鰯 【いわし】pilchard (esp. the Japanese pilchard, Sardinops melanostictus), sardine (esp. the sardine of the Japanese pilchard)
滷汁 【にがり】bittern, concentrated solution of salts (esp. magnesium chloride) left over after the crystallization of seawater or brine
疚しい 【やましい】(feel) guilty, (having a) guilty conscience
いかだ① raft ② forearm protector ③ skewered baby-eel kabayaki
薯蕷 【とろろ】grated yam
けしかけるto instigate, to incite, to spur on, to set (e.g. a dog after someone)
さぞかしcertainly, surely
薤 【らっきょう】Japanese leek (edible plant, Allium bakeri, Allium chinense), sour-sweet pickle of Japanese leek
蹴り 【けり】kick