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Doraemon [‘ドラえもん’] Vol. 11: episodes 161 (2013/01/11) to 180 (2013/07/26)

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 161 (2013/01/11) to 180 (2013/07/26) of the animated series ‘Doraemon’ [‘ドラえもん’]. This is volume 11/13. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



334 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
土曜日 【どようび】Saturday
橋 【はし】bridge
果物 【くだもの】fruit
掛かる 【かかる】① to take ② to hang ③ to come into view, to arrive ④ to come under (a contract, a tax) ⑤ to start (engines, motors) ⑥ to attend, to deal with, to handle ⑦ to have started to, to be on the verge of ⑧ to overlap (e.g. information in a manual), to cover ⑨ to (come) at ⑩ to be fastened ⑪ to be covered (e.g. with dust, a table-cloth, etc.) ⑫ to be caught in ⑬ to get a call ⑭ to depend on
締める 【しめる】① to tie, to fasten ② to total, to sum ③ to be strict with ④ to economize (economise), to cut down on
本棚 【ほんだな】bookshelves, bookshelf, bookcase
嫌がる 【いやがる】to hate, to dislike
教会 【きょうかい】church
機会 【きかい】chance, opportunity
程 【ほど】① degree, extent, bounds, limit ② indicates approx. amount or maximum, upper limit
贈り物 【おくりもの】present, gift
ばったりwith a clash (thud), with a bang, plump, flop, suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly
引退 【いんたい】retire
会合 【かいごう】① meeting, assembly ② association ③ (astronomical) conjunction
活気 【かっき】energy, liveliness
数字 【すうじ】numeral, figure, digit, numeric character
単に 【たんに】simply, merely, only, solely
筆 【ふで】writing brush
表情 【ひょうじょう】facial expression
依頼 【いらい】① request, commission, dispatch, despatch ② dependence, trust
管理 【かんり】control, management (e.g. of a business)
建築 【けんちく】construction, architecture
申し込む 【もうしこむ】to apply for, to make an application, to propose (marriage), to offer (mediation), to make an overture (of peace), to challenge, to lodge (objections), to request (an interview), to subscribe for, to book, to reserve
双子 【ふたご】twins, a twin
存在 【そんざい】existence, being
悲劇 【ひげき】tragedy, disaster
訪問 【ほうもん】call, visit
栄養 【えいよう】nutrition, nourishment
旗 【はた】① flag ② pataka (banner)
克服 【こくふく】subjugation, conquest, victory
衝突 【しょうとつ】collision, conflict
節約 【せつやく】economising, saving
無視 【むし】disregard, ignore
火傷 【やけど】burn, scald
ことわざproverb, maxim
脇 【わき】① side, aside ② armpit ③ back-burner
あれこれone thing or another, this and that, this or that
しゃぶるto suck, to chew
ぶら下げる 【ぶらさげる】to hang, to suspend, to dangle, to swing, to carry
出来上がり 【できあがり】finish, completion, ready, made for, cut out
日々 【ひび】every day, daily, day after day, days (e.g. good old days)
下品 【げひん】vulgarity, meanness, indecency, coarseness
引き止める 【ひきとめる】to detain, to check, to restrain
局 【きょく】① channel (i.e. TV or radio), station, department ② affair, situation
受け持つ 【うけもつ】to take (be in) charge of
少数 【しょうすう】minority, few
帯 【おび】① obi (kimono sash) ② paper wrapper on books, CDs, etc.
防犯 【ぼうはん】prevention of crime
役人 【やくにん】government official
和 【わ】① sum ② harmony, peace ③ Japanese-style
夜行 【やこう】walking around at night, night train, night travel
警備 【けいび】defense, defence, guard, policing, security
値 【ね】① price, cost ② value, worth, merit ③ variable (computer programming, programing) ④ value, count, number ⑤ to have value, to have merit
ご無沙汰 【ごぶさた】not writing or contacting for a while, neglecting (failing) to write (call, visit, etc.), long silence
好き嫌い 【すききらい】likes and dislikes, taste
校舎 【こうしゃ】school building
日陰 【ひかげ】shade, shadow
文房具 【ぶんぼうぐ】stationery
望遠鏡 【ぼうえんきょう】telescope
松の木 【まつのき】pine tree
がっしりfirmly, solidly, tough
ぼやくto grumble, to complain
真に 【まことに】indeed, really, absolutely, truly, actually, very, quite
運搬 【うんぱん】transport, carriage
衛生 【えいせい】health, hygiene, sanitation, medical
演じる 【えんじる】to perform (a play), to play (a part), to act (a part), to commit (a blunder)
演出 【えんしゅつ】production (e.g. play), direction
改まる 【あらたまる】① to be renewed ② to stand on ceremony, to be formal ③ to take a turn for the worse
感無量 【かんむりょう】deep feeling, inexpressible feeling, filled with emotion
貫く 【つらぬく】to go through
警部 【けいぶ】police inspector
決意 【けつい】decision, determination
見晴らし 【みはらし】view, prospect, outlook
見渡す 【みわたす】to look out over, to survey (scene), to take an extensive view of
効率 【こうりつ】efficiency, efficacy, performance, utility factor
航海 【こうかい】sail, voyage
高原 【こうげん】tableland, plateau
根拠 【こんきょ】basis, foundation
採用 【さいよう】① use, adoption, acceptance ② appointment, employment, engagement
雑貨 【ざっか】miscellaneous goods, general goods, sundries
召す 【めす】① to call, to invite, to send for, to summon ② to eat, to drink ③ to put on, to wear ④ to ride ⑤ to catch (a cold), to take (a bath), to tickle (one's fancy), to put on (years), to commit (seppuku) ⑥ to do
沼 【ぬま】swamp, bog, pond, lake
上位 【じょうい】① superior (rank not class) ② higher order (e.g. byte) ③ host computer (of connected device)
心地 【ここち】① feeling, sensation, mood ② sensation of doing (usu. after -masu stem of verb)
盛大 【せいだい】grand, prosperous, magnificent
宣言 【せんげん】declaration, proclamation, announcement
選考 【せんこう】selection, screening
素朴 【そぼく】simplicity, artlessness, naivete
帯 【たい】band (e.g. conduction, valence), belt (e.g. Van-Allen, asteroid, etc.)
大衆 【たいしゅう】general public
達成 【たっせい】achievement
抽選 【ちゅうせん】lottery, raffle, drawing (of lots)
渡り鳥 【わたりどり】migratory bird, bird of passage
途絶える 【とだえる】to stop, to cease, to come to an end
土手 【どて】embankment, bank
同情 【どうじょう】sympathy, compassion, sympathize, sympathise, pity, feel for
特技 【とくぎ】special skill
年号 【ねんごう】name of an era, year number
梅干し 【うめぼし】dried plum
発作 【ほっさ】fit, spasm
半端 【はんぱ】remnant, fragment, incomplete set, fraction, odd sum, incompleteness
反射 【はんしゃ】① reflection, reverberation ② reflex (medical)
歩み 【あゆみ】① walking ② progress, advance
本音 【ほんね】real intention, motive
味わい 【あじわい】① flavour, flavor ② meaning, significance
問う 【とう】① to ask, to question, to inquire ② to charge (i.e. with a crime), to accuse ③ to care (about) ④ without regard to (with negative verb)
預金 【よきん】deposit, bank account
立て替える 【たてかえる】① to pay an advance, to put down money on something ② to pay for another, to pay someone else's debt as a loan to him
嫌々 【いやいや】unwillingly, grudgingly, shaking head in refusal (to children)
左利き 【ひだりきき】left-handedness, sake drinker, left-hander
密か 【ひそか】secret, private, surreptitious
碑 【いしぶみ】stone monument bearing an inscription
塗れ 【まみれ】stain, smear
宛てる 【あてる】to address
こたつtable with heater, (orig) charcoal brazier in a floor well
うぬぼれpretension, conceit, hubris
くちばしbeak, bill
うじゃうじゃin swarms
しょんぼりbeing downhearted
ちゃっかりshrewd, calculating, nervy, cheeky
つんつんaloof, morose, pointed
なら① if, in case, if it is the case that, if it is true that ② as for, on the topic of ③ if possible, if circumstances allow
ならば① if, in case, if it is the case that, if it is true that ② as for, on the topic of ③ if possible, if circumstances allow
びしょびしょsaturated, wet through
まんまとsuccessfully, fairly, artfully, nicely, thoroughly
オート① auto, automobile, automatic ② oat, oats
カール① curl ② cwm, cirque, corrie
ガードマンsecurity guard
ガレージgarage (at house)
キッチン① kitchen ② chitin
ギブアップgive up
コマーシャルcommercial (e.g. TV)
サラダオイルsalad oil
ショット① shot (in films) ② shot (of alcohol) ③ hitting a ball (e.g. in tennis) ④ shoot (in basketball)
スマート① smart, stylish ② slim
ソファsofa, couch
タイムマシーンtime machine
デッサンrough sketch
ノブ① knob ② doorknob
パンフレットbrochure, pamphlet
ブランド① brand ② bland
リンク① link, directory entry ② rink
円やか 【まろやか】① round, circular, spherical ② mild (taste), mellow (voice)
行き先 【ゆきさき】① destination ② whereabouts, address
今ごろ 【いまごろ】about this time
中小 【ちゅうしょう】small to medium
天 【あま】① sky ② heaven ③ svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth) ④ deva (divine being of Buddhism)
二月 【にがつ】February
エッフェル塔Eiffel Tower
生み 【うみ】production, bringing into the world, (physical) birth
長電話 【ながでんわ】long telephone conversation
こじつけdistortion, stretch, strained interpretation, technicality, casuistry, sophistry
チャカpistol, heat;
か国 【かこく】counter for countries
バレー① volley ② volleyball ③ valley ④ ballet
パイpie, tart
悪ふざけ 【わるふざけ】prank, practical joke, horseplay, mischievous trick
何度 【なんど】how many times?, how often?
館長 【かんちょう】superintendent, director, curator, chief librarian
思いきり 【おもいきり】with all one's strength, with all one's heart, resignation, resolution
死者 【ししゃ】casualty, deceased
手ごわい 【てごわい】difficult, tough, stubborn, redoubtable
上映 【じょうえい】① screening (a movie), showing ② to screen a movie
食用 【しょくよう】for use as food, edible
長者 【ちょうじゃ】millionaire
不人気 【ふにんき】unpopular
口々 【くちぐち】each entrance, every mouth
しでかすto make a mess, to perpetrate, to do, to finish up, to be guilty of
風味 【ふうみ】taste, flavor, flavour
味見 【あじみ】sampling, tasting
立ち会い 【たちあい】presence, session
理 【り】① reason, principle, logic ② general principle (as opposed to individual concrete phenomenon) ③ (in neo-Confucianism) the underlying principles of the cosmos
目映い 【まばゆい】dazzling, glaring, dazzlingly beautiful
手ぶら 【てぶら】empty-handed
運勢 【うんせい】fortune, luck
学園 【がくえん】academy, campus
かんづくto apprehend, to get an inkling (of something), to smell (danger)
禁断 【きんだん】① prohibition, interdiction ② forbidden, prohibited
歯ごたえ 【はごたえ】feel (consistency) of food while being chewed
人混み 【ひとごみ】crowd of people
星空 【ほしぞら】starry sky
雪国 【ゆきぐに】snow country
走り回る 【はしりまわる】to run around
投げ入れる 【なげいれる】to throw into, to dump in together
麦茶 【むぎちゃ】barley tea
犯行 【はんこう】crime, criminal act, offence, offense
鼻歌 【はなうた】humming, crooning
表通り 【おもてどおり】main street
部員 【ぶいん】staff, member
分身 【ぶんしん】parturition, delivery, one's child, branch, offshoot, one's other self
防音 【ぼうおん】soundproof(ing)
満開 【まんかい】full bloom
名門 【めいもん】noted family, noble family
路地 【ろじ】① alley, alleyway, lane ② bare earth (i.e. ground not covered by a roof) ③ teahouse garden ④ path through a gate (or through a garden, etc.)
かっ飛ばす 【かっとばす】to knock out (a homer), to slam
手当て 【てあて】① allowance, compensation ② treatment, medical care
客足 【きゃくあし】customers
よりによってof all things, expression used to criticize a poor decision
教頭 【きょうとう】deputy head teacher, vice principal
勝ち負け 【かちまけ】victory or defeat
圧勝 【あっしょう】complete victory
菓子 【かし】pastry, confectionery
改築 【かいちく】structural alteration of building, reconstruction
巻き 【まき】① roll (e.g. of cloth) ② winding ③ volume (of book)
間一髪 【かんいっぱつ】hair's breadth
詰め込む 【つめこむ】to cram, to stuff, to jam, to squeeze, to compress, to pack, to crowd
軍団 【ぐんだん】army corps
呼び寄せる 【よびよせる】to call, to summon, to send for, to call together
固め 【かため】hardening, defense, defence, fortifying, pledge
後程 【のちほど】later on, eventually, afterwards
厚着 【あつぎ】wearing thick clothes
告げ口 【つげぐち】tell-tale
歯並び 【はならび】row of teeth, set of teeth, dentition
自販機 【じはんき】vending machine
若さ 【わかさ】youth
初日 【しょにち】first or opening day
小麦粉 【こむぎこ】wheat flour
接着 【せっちゃく】fastening with glue
戦前 【せんぜん】pre-war days
探し求める 【さがしもとめる】to search for, to seek for, to look for
対戦 【たいせん】waging war, competition
大仏 【だいぶつ】large statue of Buddha
団子 【だんご】dumpling (sweet)
団長 【だんちょう】leader of a delegation (body, party)
仲間入り 【なかまいり】joining a group
調達 【ちょうたつ】supply, provision, raising
難題 【なんだい】difficult problem, challenge
難破 【なんぱ】shipwreck
認定 【にんてい】authorization, authorisation, acknowledgment, acknowledgement, certification, recognition
濃厚 【のうこう】density, richness, concentration, tension
売り込み 【うりこみ】sales promotion
反則 【はんそく】foul play (sport), transgression, default, balk, irregularity
復刻 【ふっこく】reissue of a facsimile version, striking a new print of a film
閉ざす 【とざす】to shut, to close, to lock, to fasten, to plunge (in grief)
満席 【まんせき】full house, all seats occupied, fully occupied
満腹 【まんぷく】filling the stomach, full stomach
裏通り 【うらどおり】side street (often parallel to a main street), back street, alley
腕力 【わんりょく】physical strength, brute strength, arm strength
ねころぶto lie down, to throw oneself down
引っ付く 【ひっつく】to stick to, to flirt with
座り 【すわり】① sitting ② stability
跡形 【あとかた】trace, vestige, evidence
散り散り 【ちりぢり】scattered, separated, dispersed
良薬 【りょうやく】good medicine
積み荷 【つみに】load, freight, cargo
目覚め 【めざめ】waking
格好よい 【かっこうよい】attractive, good-looking, stylish, "cool"
荒地 【あれち】① wasteland, wilderness, abandoned land, devastated land ② The Wasteland (poem by T.S. Eliot)
暗証 【あんしょう】code, cipher, password
羽撃く 【はばたく】to flap (wings)
泣き 【なき】weeping, lamenting
撃退 【げきたい】repulse, repel (i.e. the enemy)
嫌がらせ 【いやがらせ】harassment, pestering
攻略 【こうりゃく】① capture ② walkthrough or specific advice (e.g. in computer games)
拷問 【ごうもん】torture, the rack, third degree
豪快 【ごうかい】hearty, exciting, stirring, lively, heroic, largehearted, splendid
暫定 【ざんてい】tentative, temporary
勺 【しゃく】① 18 ml (one-tenth of a go) ② 0.033 meters square (one-hundredth of a tsubo) ③ dip, ladle
重症 【じゅうしょう】serious illness
心遣い 【こころづかい】solicitude, sympathy, anxiety, regard for, consideration (for others), watchfulness, care
瑞々しい 【みずみずしい】① young (and lustrous), fresh, juicy ② lively, vivacious, animated, vibrant
繊細 【せんさい】delicate, dainty, fine, slim, sensitive, subtle
銭 【せん】① hundredth of a yen ② coin made of non-precious materials
疎ら 【まばら】sparse
大砲 【たいほう】gun, cannon, artillery
濁す 【にごす】to make muddy, to prevaricate
潮時 【しおどき】① tidal hour ② the right time, favourable opportunity (favorable)
浸かる 【つかる】① to be pickled, to be well seasoned ② to be submerged, to be soaked
納豆 【なっとう】natto (fermented soybeans)
富士山 【ふじさん】Mt Fuji
布施 【ふせ】alms, offerings
返却 【へんきゃく】return of something, repayment
泡立つ 【あわだつ】to bubble, to foam, to froth
萌やし 【もやし】bean sprouts
翻す 【ひるがえす】① to turn over, to turn around ② to change (one's mind), to reverse (one's decision), to take back (one's words) ③ to fly (flag, etc.), to wave (skirt, cape, etc.)
魔王 【まおう】devil king
埋葬 【まいそう】burial
みそ汁 【みそしる】miso soup
弥生 【やよい】Yayoi period (ca. 300 BCE - 300 CE)
連覇 【れんぱ】successive championships
甲板 【かんぱん】(ship) deck
惨敗 【ざんぱい】ignominious defeat, crushing failure, utterly beaten, overwhelming defeat
入り江 【いりえ】inlet, cove, creek, bay
徐々に 【じょじょに】slowly, little by little, gradually, steadily, quietly
抜け穴 【ぬけあな】loophole
巻き添え 【まきぞえ】getting involved (entangled) in, getting mixed up in, involvement, by-blow
泡立てる 【あわだてる】to beat, to whip, to whisk, to lather
結び方 【むすびかた】way of tying a knot
展 【てん】exhibition, exhibit
ほんのりslightly, faintly
一目惚れ 【ひとめぼれ】to be taken with someone at first sight (similar to "love at first sight", but not as strong)
咳嗽 【がいそう】coughing
轟く 【とどろく】① to roar ② to be well-known, to be famous ③ to palpitate, to throb
銚子 【ちょうし】(sake) decanter
塗り潰す 【ぬりつぶす】to paint out
頭巾 【ずきん】hood, kerchief
ふちdeep pool, abyss, the depths
みなぎるto swell up, to rise, to be (brim) full of, to pervade
やせる① to become thin, to lose weight, to reduce (one's) weight, to slim ② to be barren, to be infertile, to be sterile
掴み取り 【つかみどり】grabbing, taking (as much as one can hold) by the hand
苞苴 【あらまき】salted salmon, fish wrapped in (bamboo) leaves
カチンカチン① rock hard, stiff and unyielding (personality) ② clangor
それとand then, even so, and