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Doraemon [‘ドラえもん’] Vol. 6: episodes 61 (2006/11/10) to 80 (2007/06/22)

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 61 (2006/11/10) to 80 (2007/06/22) of the animated series ‘Doraemon’ [‘ドラえもん’]. This is volume 6/13. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



602 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
アパート① apartment building, apartment block, apartment house ② apartment
デパートdepartment store
年 【とし】① year ② age
母さん 【かあさん】mother
① indicates sentence subject (occasionally object) ② indicates possessive (esp. in literary expressions) ③ but, however, still, and
姉さん 【ねえさん】① elder sister ② (vocative) young lady ③ miss (referring to a waitress, etc.) ④ ma'am (used by geisha to refer to their superiors)
黄色い 【きいろい】yellow
一昨年 【おととし】year before last
財布 【さいふ】purse, handbag, wallet
辞書 【じしょ】dictionary, lexicon
要る 【いる】to need
椅子 【いす】① chair ② post, office, position
鍵 【かぎ】① key ② lock
弾く 【ひく】to play (piano, guitar)
眼鏡 【めがね】① spectacles, glasses ② judgement, discrimination, discernment, insight
honourable, honorable
けどbut, however, although
社長 【しゃちょう】company president, manager, director
正月 【しょうがつ】New Year, New Year's Day, the first month, January
決して 【けっして】never, by no means, decidedly, indisputably
製 【せい】-made, make
湯 【ゆ】① hot water ② hot bath, hot spring
柔道 【じゅうどう】judo
盗む 【ぬすむ】to steal
頂く 【いただく】① to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy ② to eat, to drink ③ to be crowned with, to wear (on one's head), to have (on top) ④ to have (as one's leader), to live under (a ruler), to install (a president)
ご存じ 【ごぞんじ】① knowing ② (an) acquaintance
見舞い 【みまい】① visiting ill or distressed people, writing get-well letters ② get-well gifts, get-well letters ③ expression of sympathy, expression of concern, enquiry, inquiry
揺れる 【ゆれる】to shake, to sway
降り出す 【ふりだす】to begin to rain
ぴったりexactly, neatly, sharp
何か 【なにか】something
週 【しゅう】week
生 【せい】① life, living ② I, me, myself
一方 【いっぽう】① one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party ② on the one hand, on the other hand ③ whereas, although, but at the same time, meanwhile, in turn ④ (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing, only
家事 【かじ】① housework, domestic chores ② family affairs, household matters
広場 【ひろば】plaza
食料 【しょくりょう】food
正午 【しょうご】noon, mid-day
早く 【はやく】① early, soon ② quickly, swiftly, rapidly, fast
注目 【ちゅうもく】notice, attention, observation
動作 【どうさ】action, movements, motions, bearing, behaviour, behavior, execution, actuation, operation, manners
不運 【ふうん】unlucky, misfortune, bad luck, fate
文字 【もじ】① letter (of alphabet), character ② literal
料金 【りょうきん】fee, charge, fare
空く 【すく】① to become less crowded, to thin out, to get empty ② to be hungry
向け 【むけ】intended for ..., oriented towards ..., aimed at ...
指導 【しどう】① leadership, guidance, coaching ② shido (disciplinary action for a minor infringement of the rules of judo)
事情 【じじょう】circumstances, consideration, conditions, situation, reasons
書類 【しょるい】documents, official papers
商品 【しょうひん】commodity, article of commerce, goods, stock, merchandise
地点 【ちてん】site, point on a map, spot
直ちに 【ただちに】at once, immediately, directly, in person
配る 【くばる】to distribute, to deliver, to deal (cards)
油 【あぶら】oil
他人 【たにん】another person, unrelated person, outsider, stranger
暗記 【あんき】memorization, memorisation, learning by heart
円い 【まるい】① round, circular, spherical ② harmonious, calm
加減 【かげん】① addition and subtraction ② allowance for ③ degree, extent, measure ④ condition, state of health ⑤ seasoning, flavor, flavour, moderation, adjustment ⑥ influence (of the weather) ⑦ chance
解決 【かいけつ】settlement, solution, resolution
缶 【かん】can, tin
含む 【ふくむ】① to contain, to comprise, to have, to hold, to include, to embrace ② to hold in the mouth ③ to bear in mind, to understand, to harbor (grudge, etc.), to harbour ④ to express (emotion, etc.), to imply
共に 【ともに】sharing with, participate in, both, alike, together, along with, with, including
恐らく 【おそらく】perhaps, likely, probably, I dare say
劇場 【げきじょう】theatre, theater, playhouse
現場 【げんば】actual spot, scene, scene of the crime
個人 【こじん】individual, private person, personal, private
広告 【こうこく】advertisement
差別 【さべつ】discrimination, distinction, differentiation
最終 【さいしゅう】last, final, closing
最低 【さいてい】① least, lowest, worst ② nasty, disgusting, horrible, yuck!
財産 【ざいさん】property, fortune, assets
事務 【じむ】business, office work
示す 【しめす】to denote, to show, to point out, to indicate, to exemplify
手段 【しゅだん】means, way, measure
招く 【まねく】to invite
上達 【じょうたつ】improvement, advance, progress
常識 【じょうしき】common knowledge, conventional wisdom, general knowledge, common sense
状況 【じょうきょう】state of affairs (around you), situation, circumstances
震える 【ふるえる】to shiver, to shake, to quake, to tremble, to quaver, to quiver
仲 【なか】relation, relationship
突っ込む 【つっこむ】① to thrust something into something ② to plunge into, to go into deeply ③ to meddle, to interfere ④ to retort ⑤ to riposte
南極 【なんきょく】① South Pole ② the Antarctic, Antarctica
熱心 【ねっしん】zeal, enthusiasm
犯罪 【はんざい】crime
非常 【ひじょう】emergency, extraordinary, unusual
閉じる 【とじる】to close (e.g. book, eyes, meeting, etc.), to shut
変更 【へんこう】change, modification, alteration, revision, amendment
編む 【あむ】① to knit, to plait, to braid ② to compile (anthology, dictionary, etc.), to edit
包み 【つつみ】bundle, package, parcel, bale
得る 【える】① to get, to acquire, to obtain, to procure, to earn, to win, to gain, to secure, to attain ② (after the -masu stem of a verb) to be able to ..., can ...
越える 【こえる】① to cross over, to cross, to pass through, to pass over (out of) ② to exceed
応募 【おうぼ】subscription, application
家賃 【やちん】rent
悔やむ 【くやむ】① to mourn, to lament ② to be sorry, to regret, to repent
基本 【きほん】foundation, basis, standard
儀式 【ぎしき】ceremony, rite, ritual, service
筋 【すじ】① muscle ② string, sinew, line, stripe ③ plot, plan ④ source (of business information) ⑤ reason, logic
憲法 【けんぽう】constitution
揚げる 【あげる】① to deep-fry ② to raise, to elevate ③ to fly (a kite, etc.), to launch (fireworks, etc.), to surface (a submarine, etc.) ④ to land (a boat) ⑤ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑥ to earn (something desirable) ⑦ (of the tide) to come in
真実 【しんじつ】truth, reality
専攻 【せんこう】major subject, special study
訴える 【うったえる】① to sue (a person), to take someone to court ② to resort to (e.g. arms, violence) ③ to appeal to, to call for ④ to raise, to bring to (someone's attention) ⑤ to complain
喪失 【そうしつ】loss, forfeit
奪う 【うばう】to snatch away, to dispossess, to steal
提案 【ていあん】proposal, proposition, suggestion
縛る 【しばる】to tie, to bind
批評 【ひひょう】criticism, review, commentary
微妙 【びみょう】① delicate, subtle, sensitive ② difficult, delicate (situation), complicated ③ doubtful, questionable, dicey
離婚 【りこん】divorce
おしゃべりchattering, talk, idle talk, chat, chitchat, gossip, chatty, talkative, chatterbox, blabbermouth
しきりに① frequently, repeatedly, often, incessantly, constantly ② strongly, eagerly
やかましい① noisy, boisterous ② strict, faultfinding, carping, fussy
まさに① exactly, surely, certainly ② just (about to), on the verge (of doing or happening) ③ duly, naturally
掴む 【つかむ】to seize, to catch, to grasp, to grip, to grab, to hold, to catch hold of, to lay one's hands on
痺れる 【しびれる】to become numb, to go to sleep (e.g. a limb)
そそっかしいcareless, thoughtless
何となく 【なんとなく】somehow or other, for some reason or another
下 【しも】① lower reaches (of a river) ② bottom, lower part ③ lower half (of the body, esp. the privates), feces (faeces), urine, menses ④ end, far from the imperial palace (i.e. far from Kyoto, esp. of western Japan) ⑤ dirty (e.g. dirty jokes, etc.)
高 【こう】① High (abbreviation of "High School" following a school's name) ② high-
ちぎるto cut up fine, to pick (fruit)
着せる 【きせる】① to put clothes on (someone) ② to plate, to gild, to veneer ③ to accuse (of some crime), to give (a bad name)
売り切れる 【うりきれる】to be sold out
夕日 【ゆうひ】(in) the evening sun, setting sun
館 【かん】house, hall, building
引き返す 【ひきかえす】to repeat, to send back, to bring back, to retrace one's steps
回り道 【まわりみち】detour, diversion
逆さ 【さかさ】reverse, inversion, upside down
原 【はら】field, plain, prairie, tundra, moor, wilderness
合流 【ごうりゅう】confluence, union, linking up, merge, recombining
作曲 【さっきょく】composition, setting (of music)
参考 【さんこう】reference, consultation
四角 【しかく】square
通路 【つうろ】passage, pathway
話し合い 【はなしあい】discussion, conference
移す 【うつす】① to change, to swap, to substitute, to transfer ② to change the object of one's interest or focus ③ to spend or take time ④ to infect ⑤ to permeate something with the smell or colour of something ⑥ to move on to the next or different stage of (a plan, etc.)
煙い 【けむい】smoky
解説 【かいせつ】explanation, commentary, exposition, elucidation
漁師 【りょうし】fisherman
月給 【げっきゅう】monthly salary
工夫 【くふう】① scheme, device, scheming, devising, figuring out, coming up with, solving ingeniously ② dedication to spiritual improvement (esp. through Zen meditation)
高層 【こうそう】multistory, multistoried, high-rise, high, tall
針金 【はりがね】wire
掃く 【はく】to sweep, to brush, to gather up
超過 【ちょうか】excess, being more than
破れる 【やぶれる】to get torn, to wear out
募集 【ぼしゅう】recruiting, taking applications
溶岩 【ようがん】lava
傾く 【かたむく】to incline toward, to slant, to lurch, to heel over, to be disposed to, to trend toward, to be prone to, to go down (sun), to wane, to sink, to decline
思い付く 【おもいつく】to think of, to hit upon, to come into one's mind, to be struck with an idea
出掛ける 【でかける】to depart, to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing), to set out, to start, to be going out
捕らえる 【とらえる】① to seize, to capture, to arrest ② to grasp, to perceive, to treat (as)
挟む 【はさむ】to interpose, to hold between, to insert
軟らかい 【やわらかい】soft, tender, limp
削る 【けずる】① to shave (wood or leather), to sharpen, to plane, to whittle, to pare, to scrape off ② to cross out, to reduce, to curtail, to remove, to erase, to delete
殺人 【さつじん】murder
受け入れる 【うけいれる】to accept, to receive
焦げる 【こげる】to burn, to be burned
炊事 【すいじ】cooking, culinary arts
製作 【せいさく】manufacture, production
葬式 【そうしき】funeral
太鼓 【たいこ】drum
張り切る 【はりきる】to be in high spirits, to be full of vigor (vigour), to be enthusiastic, to be eager, to stretch to breaking point
評論 【ひょうろん】criticism, critique
墨 【すみ】ink
潜る 【もぐる】① to dive (into or under water) ② to get under, to get into, to get in, to creep into, to crawl under, to bury oneself, to burrow into, to dig oneself into, to snuggle under ③ to hide oneself (esp. from the government), to conceal oneself, to go underground
草臥れる 【くたびれる】to get tired, to wear out
堪える 【こらえる】① to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with ② to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave ③ to be fit for, to be equal to
つぶれる① to be smashed ② to become useless, to cease functioning ③ to go bankrupt
かつて① once, before, formerly, ever, former, ex- ② never (with negative verb)
めでたい① happy, auspicious, propitious, joyous ② naive
すんなりpass with no objection, slim, slender
びりlast on the list, at the bottom
なんだかんだsomething or other
一目 【ひとめ】① (a) glance, (a) look, (a) glimpse ② (a) stone (in Go) ③ complete view, bird's-eye view
主 【おも】① chief, main, principal, important ② main secondary or supporting role (in kyogen)
流行 【はやり】fashion, fad, vogue, craze
安静 【あんせい】rest
遺跡 【いせき】historic ruins (remains, relics)
一見 【いっけん】① look, glimpse, glance ② to glance, to glimpse ③ apparently, seemingly
一心 【いっしん】① one mind ② wholeheartedness, one's whole heart
一部分 【いちぶぶん】part, portion, section
映写 【えいしゃ】projection
押し切る 【おしきる】① to face down the opposition, to overcome resistance, to have one's own way ② to press and cut
臆病 【おくびょう】cowardice, timidity
花びら 【はなびら】(flower) petal
我 【われ】① I, me ② oneself
解ける 【ほどける】to come untied, to come apart
開発 【かいはつ】development, exploitation
叶う 【かなう】to come true (wish)
甘える 【あまえる】① to behave like a spoiled child, to behave like a spoilt child, to fawn on ② to depend and presume upon another's benevolence
間柄 【あいだがら】relation(ship)
気軽 【きがる】① carefree, buoyant, lighthearted, sprightly ② ease
気流 【きりゅう】atmospheric current, air current, airflow
祈り 【いのり】prayer, supplication
記す 【しるす】① to write down, to note ② to remember
犠牲 【ぎせい】victim, sacrifice, scapegoat
鞠 【まり】ball
脅す 【おどす】to threaten, to menace
恵み 【めぐみ】blessing, grace
携帯 【けいたい】something carried (in the hand), handheld
結び 【むすび】ending, conclusion, union
結び付ける 【むすびつける】to combine, to join, to tie on, to attach with a knot, to bind (e.g. an address)
固定 【こてい】fixation, fixing (e.g. salary, capital)
誇る 【ほこる】to boast of, to be proud of
好意 【こうい】good will, favor, favour, courtesy
洪水 【こうずい】flood
合成 【ごうせい】synthesis, composition, synthetic, composite, mixed, combined, compound
国連 【こくれん】UN, United Nations
込める 【こめる】to include, to put into
桟橋 【さんばし】wharf, bridge, jetty, pier
仕掛ける 【しかける】to commence, to lay (mines), to set (traps), to wage (war), to challenge
資金 【しきん】funds, capital
児 【じ】child
謝絶 【しゃぜつ】refusal
弱 【じゃく】weakness, the weak, little less than
手元 【てもと】① (money) on hand or at home, one's purse (handbag) ② usual skill
襲撃 【しゅうげき】attack, charge, raid
出品 【しゅっぴん】exhibit, display
神殿 【しんでん】temple, sacred place
身の回り 【みのまわり】one's personal belongings, one's vicinity, one's daily life, everyday necessities
進出 【しんしゅつ】advance, step forward
人質 【ひとじち】hostage, prisoner
尽くす 【つくす】① to exhaust, to run out ② to devote, to serve (a person), to befriend ③ to do to exhaustion
水田 【すいでん】(water-filled) paddy field
成果 【せいか】results, fruits
正しく 【まさしく】surely, no doubt, evidently
正体 【しょうたい】natural shape, one's true colors, one's true colours, true character, consciousness, senses
赤字 【あかじ】① deficit, (being in or going into) the red ② red text, red letters
素材 【そざい】raw materials, subject matter
素早い 【すばやい】① fast, quick, prompt, nimble, agile ② quick (to understand), sharp (judgement)
阻む 【はばむ】to keep someone from doing, to stop, to prevent, to check, to hinder, to obstruct, to oppose, to thwart
相応しい 【ふさわしい】appropriate
総会 【そうかい】general meeting
遭難 【そうなん】disaster, shipwreck, accident, being stranded
大金 【たいきん】large amount of money, great cost
達者 【たっしゃ】skillful, in good health
中継 【ちゅうけい】relay, hook-up
張り紙 【はりがみ】paper patch, paper backing, poster
長編 【ちょうへん】long (e.g. novel, film)
沈める 【しずめる】to sink, to submerge
追い込む 【おいこむ】to herd, to corner, to drive
転任 【てんにん】change of post
登録 【とうろく】registration, accession, register, entry, record
同感 【どうかん】agreement, same opinion, same feeling, sympathy, concurrence
拝借 【はいしゃく】borrowing
背景 【はいけい】background, scenery, setting, circumstance
苗 【なえ】seedling
不良 【ふりょう】badness, inferiority, delinquency, failure, defect, blemish
覆面 【ふくめん】mask, veil, disguise
紛れる 【まぎれる】to be diverted, to slip into
柄 【え】① handle, grip ② stalk (of a mushroom, leaf, etc.)
本能 【ほんのう】instinct
面会 【めんかい】meeting (face-to-face), interview
余所見 【よそみ】looking away, looking aside
用品 【ようひん】articles, supplies, parts
欲 【よく】greed, craving, desire, avarice, wants
連中 【れんちゅう】colleagues, company, a lot, those guys (slightly impolite)
一筋 【ひとすじ】① one long straight object (e.g. strand of hair, beam of light) ② a single bloodline ③ earnest, resolute, intent ④ ordinary, common
威力 【いりょく】power, might, authority, influence
粉々 【こなごな】in very small pieces
引き上げる 【ひきあげる】① to pull up, to drag up, to lift up ② to increase, to raise (e.g. taxes) ③ to withdraw, to leave, to pull out, to retire ④ to return home
振り出し 【ふりだし】outset, starting point, drawing or issuing (draft, draught)
付録 【ふろく】appendix, supplement, annex
滅ぼす 【ほろぼす】to destroy, to overthrow, to wreck, to ruin
漏れる 【もれる】to leak out, to escape, to come through, to shine through, to filter out, to be omitted
亜 【あ】① sub- ② -ous (indicating a low oxidation state), -ite
汚す 【けがす】to disgrace, to dishonour, to dishonor, to defile
なつくto become emotionally attached
捲る 【めくる】to turn over, to turn pages of a book, to tear off, to strip off
今更 【いまさら】now (after such a long time), at this late hour (i.e. it is too late for something)
甘い 【うまい】① skillful, clever, expert, wise, successful ② delicious, appetizing, appetising ③ fortunate, splendid, promising
嫉妬 【しっと】jealousy, envy
漕ぐ 【こぐ】① to row, to scull, to paddle ② to pedal (e.g. bicycle) ③ to swing (on a swing) ④ to operate a hand pump ⑤ to push through (deep snow, the jungle, etc.)
頬っぺた 【ほっぺた】cheek
むちゃくちゃconfused, jumbled, mixed up, unreasonable
溜まり 【たまり】collected things, gathering place, arrears
咎める 【とがめる】to blame, to find fault, to challenge, to threaten, to take someone to task, to aggravate (an injury)
しつけhome discipline, training, upbringing, breeding
混む 【こむ】① to be crowded, to be packed ② to be complex ③ to go into, to put into, to remain (seated), to be plunged into (silence), to do thoroughly ④ to do intently ⑤ to continue in the same state
ばらまくto disseminate, to scatter, to give money freely
股 【もも】① thigh ② femoral
いざこざtrouble, quarrel, difficulties, complication, tangle
こだわり① obsession, fixation, hangup ② determination, fastidiousness, pickiness about (trait, style, etc.)
ずらすto shift, to slide (e.g., something away from something else), to move (e.g., something out of the way), to put off, to delay
そうだ① that is so, that is right, it looks to me, I am of the impression ② people say that (after plain verb, adj), it is said that, I hear that
ちょいちょいoften, frequently, now and then, occasionally
つべこべcomplaining, nitpicking
ばばshit, bullshit
アンテナ① antenna ② person who collects information or opinions
イメージダウンruining one's image
クリーニングcleaning, dry cleaning, laundry service
グランプリGrand Prix
グループgroup (usu. of people)
ゲート① gate (for entry, boarding, etc.) ② gate ③ logic element
コンドル① condor (inc. other New World vultures of family Cathartidae) ② Andean condor (Vultur gryphus)
シュート① shoot ② chute
ステージ① stage ② performance
ドラム① drum ② dram, drachm
フライング① flying ② false start ③ frying
ポイント① point ② points (of a railway), switch
ポテトチップスpotato chips, potato crisps
マイmy, one's own, personal, privately owned
マヤMaya (ancient Indian tribe in Central America)
ラウンドround (esp. in sports, negotiations, etc.), rounds (e.g. nurse, security guard, etc.)
リモコンremote control
ローラースケートroller skate
見あたる 【みあたる】to be found
時には 【ときには】at times, occasionally
水車 【すいしゃ】water wheel
分かつ 【わかつ】① to divide, to separate ② to share, to distribute ③ to distinguish
聞き出す 【ききだす】to get information out of a person, to begin listening
出しゃばる 【でしゃばる】to intrude, to butt in
高 【たか】quantity, amount, volume, number, amount of money
この先 【このさき】beyond this point, from now on, after this
食わせる 【くわせる】① to feed ② to provide ③ to inflict ④ to cheat
だからこそfor this reason
ゆったり① comfortable, easy, calm ② loose, spacious
うふふchuckling, giggling
ゴーgo (somewhere), go (signal)
セレブwealthy socialite, celebrity
たる(those) who are, (that) which is, often used in relation to qualifications and requirements for a position, in the capacity of
おっきいbig, large, great
っぷりmanner, style;
そよ風 【そよかぜ】gentle breeze, soft wind, breath of air, zephyr
ガムchewing gum
グラス① glass ② grass
コード① code ② cord ③ chord
ブロック① to block (e.g. the way) ② block (lump of something (usu. square), area of town, etc.) ③ bloc ④ block, physical record (e.g. on magnetic tape)
悪運 【あくうん】bad luck
悪事 【あくじ】evil deed, crime, wickedness
一族 【いちぞく】① family, relatives, dependents ② household
何事 【なにごと】① what, something, everything ② nothing (with neg. verb)
家電 【かでん】consumer electronics, consumer electrical appliances
急きょ 【きゅうきょ】hurriedly, in a hurry
空手 【からて】① karate ② empty handed
考え方 【かんがえかた】way of thinking
行く手 【ゆくて】one's way, one's path
試写 【ししゃ】preview, private showing
試食 【ししょく】sampling food
手先 【てさき】① fingers ② underling, stooge, subordinate, pawn
ふり① pretence (pretense), show ② appearance, behaviour ③ swing, swinging ④ lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.) ⑤ unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
真 【しん】① truth, reality, genuineness ② seriousness ③ logical TRUE ④ printed style writing ⑤ star performer
真冬 【まふゆ】midwinter
前借り 【まえがり】advance (in pay), loan
早起き 【はやおき】early rising
台木 【だいぎ】① stock (in grafting) ② wood used as a platform (or base, etc.), block (i.e. chopping block), (gun) stock, unworked block of wood
通話 【つうわ】① telephone call, talking, calling ② counter for telephone calls
動画 【どうが】① animation, motion picture, moving image, video ② in-betweening (in anime)
本心 【ほんしん】true feelings
有名人 【ゆうめいじん】celebrity
古文書 【こもんじょ】ancient documents, archives
入口 【いりぐち】entrance, entry, gate, approach, mouth
言いなり 【いいなり】doing as one is told, yes-man
楽しめる 【たのしめる】to be able to enjoy
着地 【ちゃくち】landing
引け 【ひけ】leave, defeat, diffidence, closing price (stock market)
図体 【ずうたい】body, frame
やり手 【やりて】① doer ② giver ③ skilled person, capable person, shrewd person, go-getter, hotshot ④ brothel madam
度重なる 【たびかさなる】to repeat, to be frequent
心から 【こころから】from the bottom of one's heart, heart and soul, by nature
安く 【やすく】inexpensively
キャラcharacter (e.g. in a manga, anime, game, etc.)
切に 【せつに】eagerly, earnestly, ardently
待たす 【またす】to keep (a person) waiting
ひたむきearnest, single-minded
暗号 【あんごう】code, password, cipher
一子相伝 【いっしそうでん】transmission of the secrets of an art, craft, trade or learning from father to only one child
羽子板 【はごいた】battledore (early form of badminton racket)
雲行き 【くもゆき】weather, look of the sky, situation, turn of affairs, signs
王者 【おうじゃ】king, monarch, ruler
回し 【まわし】sumo wrestler's loincloth
快調 【かいちょう】harmony, excellent condition
気球 【ききゅう】balloon, blimp
お日様 【おひさま】the sun
術 【じゅつ】art, means, technique
心残り 【こころのこり】regret, reluctance
晴らす 【はらす】to dispel, to clear away, to refresh (oneself)
まとも① the front ② honesty, uprightness, directness ③ decency, normality
たたき① mince (minced meat or fish) ② hard-packed dirt (clay, gravel, etc.) floor, concrete floor
発光 【はっこう】luminescence, radiation
半額 【はんがく】half, half amount, half fare
飛行船 【ひこうせん】airship, blimp
名乗る 【なのる】to call oneself (name, label, etc.), to give one's name (as), to impersonate or claim (to be someone)
毛虫 【けむし】① hairy caterpillar, woolly bear ② pest, nudnik (nudnick)
野原 【のはら】field
両者 【りょうしゃ】pair, the two, both persons, both things
温かい 【あったかい】warm, mild, genial
気合 【きあい】scream, yell, fighting spirit
気合い 【きあい】scream, yell, fighting spirit
決着 【けっちゃく】conclusion, decision, end, settlement
交代 【こうたい】alternation, change, relief, relay, shift, substitution (sports, etc.)
清々 【せいせい】feel refreshed, feel relieved
不意打ち 【ふいうち】surprise attack
歌声 【うたごえ】singing voice
行進曲 【こうしんきょく】a march
打ち身 【うちみ】bruise
雲の上 【くものうえ】above the clouds, the Imperial Court
岩場 【いわば】rocky area, rockface, rock wall
いがみ合う 【いがみあう】to snarl, to quarrel
悪党 【あくとう】scoundrel, rascal, villain
囲う 【かこう】to enclose
奥深い 【おくふかい】profound, deep
花束 【はなたば】bunch of flowers, bouquet
過信 【かしん】trusting too much, overestimating ability
解読 【かいどく】deciphering, decoding
各紙 【かくし】every newspaper (magazine)
寄り道 【よりみち】dropping in on the way, breaking one's journey, making a stopover, going out of one's way
気象庁 【きしょうちょう】Meteorological Agency
巨人 【きょじん】① giant, great man ② Tokyo Giants (baseball team)
共 【ども】① first-person plural (or singular) ② second or third person plural (implies speaker is of higher status than those referred to)
掘り出す 【ほりだす】to dig out, to pick up
見抜く 【みぬく】to see through
光栄 【こうえい】honour, honor, glory, privilege
好物 【こうぶつ】favourite dish (favorite), favourite food
差し当たり 【さしあたり】for the time being, at present
作詞 【さくし】(writing) song lyrics
察知 【さっち】sense, infer
雑草 【ざっそう】weed
まき散らす 【まきちらす】to scatter, to spread
刺し身 【さしみ】sashimi (sliced raw fish)
思い過ごす 【おもいすごす】to think too much of, to make too much of
守り抜く 【まもりぬく】to hold fast, to protect to the end
受信 【じゅしん】reception (e.g. radio), receipt
収録 【しゅうろく】① compilation, editing ② recording
初心 【しょしん】original intention, initial resolution
初心者 【しょしんしゃ】beginner
笑い事 【わらいごと】laughing matter
震え 【ふるえ】shivering, trembling
吹き掛ける 【ふきかける】① to blow upon, to breathe on, to spray ② to pick (a fight), to force (unreasonable terms) ③ to exaggerate, to overcharge
占い 【うらない】fortune-telling, divination
もぐり込む 【もぐりこむ】to slip into, to crawl into (under), to conceal oneself (under)
層 【そう】① layer, seam, bed, stream, class ② sheaf ③ storey (of a building), story, floor
総長 【そうちょう】(college) president, secretary-general
速報 【そくほう】prompt report, quick announcement
探り当てる 【さぐりあてる】to find out
注意報 【ちゅういほう】warning (e.g. for a storm), advisory
痛む 【いたむ】to hurt, to feel a pain, to be injured
突っ走る 【つっぱしる】to run swiftly
突飛 【とっぴ】erratic, offbeat, wild, extraordinary
売り込む 【うりこむ】to build a market for, to become well-known, to sell
髪型 【かみがた】hairdo
不完全 【ふかんぜん】imperfect, incomplete, faulty, defective
忘れっぽい 【わすれっぽい】forgetful
暴く 【あばく】to disclose, to divulge, to expose
満杯 【まんぱい】full
野暮 【やぼ】① unrefinedness, uncouthness, boorishness ② tasteless, boorish, unrefined, thoughtless, dumb
預け 【あずけ】custody, keeping
関わる 【かかわる】① to be affected, to be influenced ② to be concerned with, to have to do with ③ to stick to (opinions)
子猫 【こねこ】kitten
箱舟 【はこぶね】ark (i.e. Noah's)
久々 【ひさびさ】(in a) long time, long time (ago), while (ago), long ago, long while (ago), (in a) long while
普段着 【ふだんぎ】casual wear, ordinary clothes, everyday clothes, home wear
洗い物 【あらいもの】washing
辛口 【からくち】① dry taste (e.g. sake, wine) ② salty (taste) ③ harsh, scathing
恥知らず 【はじしらず】shameless (person)
逃げ道 【にげみち】way out, means to escape, escape route
見過ごす 【みすごす】to let go by, to let pass, to overlook, to miss
回戦 【かいせん】match, game
居場所 【いばしょ】whereabouts
比べ物 【くらべもの】worthy of comparison
解き方 【ときかた】manner of solving
怒鳴り込む 【どなりこむ】to storm in with a yell
捜し出す 【さがしだす】to locate, to discover
患い 【わずらい】illness, sickness
愛し合う 【あいしあう】to love one another
ましてやmuch less, to say nothing of
存する 【そんする】to exist
腹立つ 【はらだつ】to get angry
そそるto excite, to incite, to stimulate, to arouse, to tempt, to stir up
やりくりmaking do, getting by (somehow), managing
伊達 【だて】① elegance, dandyism, sophistication, having style ② affectation, showing off, putting on an air, appearances, just for show
遺伝 【いでん】heredity, inherent
加護 【かご】divine protection
懐 【ふところ】① bosom, bust ② (breast) pocket, purse, handbag
かっこうcommon cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)
喝采 【かっさい】acclamation, applause, ovation, cheers
奇異 【きい】odd, strange, wonderful
輝き 【かがやき】radiance
義母 【ぎぼ】mother-in-law, foster mother, step mother
救出 【きゅうしゅつ】rescue, extricate, reclaim, deliverance
胸騒ぎ 【むなさわぎ】uneasiness, vague apprehension, premonition
駆け回る 【かけまわる】to run around, to bustle about
繰る 【くる】① to reel, to wind, to spin (thread) ② to turn (pages), to flip through (a book), to leaf through (a book), to consult (a dictionary), to refer to (an encyclopedia) ③ to count (e.g. the days) ④ to open one-by-one, to close one-by-one (e.g. shutters)
兼ね備える 【かねそなえる】to have both, to possess both, to combine with
お釣り 【おつり】change (i.e. money), balance
甲斐 【かい】effect, result, worth, use, avail
祭壇 【さいだん】altar
わさびwasabi (Japanese horseradish)
取り柄 【とりえ】worth, redeeming feature, merit, gain, profit
瞬く 【またたく】① to twinkle (e.g. stars), to flicker, to waver ② to blink (one's eyes), to wink
ふやけるto become sodden, to swell up
称える 【たたえる】to extol, to give praise
揚がる 【あがる】① to rise, to go up, to come up, to ascend, to be raised ② to enter (esp. from outdoors), to come in, to go in ③ to enter (a school), to advance to the next grade ④ to get out (of water), to come ashore ⑤ to increase ⑥ to improve, to make progress ⑦ to be promoted, to advance ⑧ to be made (of profit, etc.) ⑨ to occur (esp. of a favourable result) ⑩ to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.) ⑪ to be finished, to be done, to be over ⑫ (of rain) to stop, to lift ⑬ to stop (working properly), to cut out, to give out, to die ⑭ to win (in a card game, etc.) ⑮ to be arrested ⑯ to turn up (of evidence, etc.) ⑰ to be deep fried ⑱ to be spoken loudly ⑲ to get stage fright ⑳ to be offered (to the gods, etc.) ○ to go, to visit ○ to eat, to drink ○ to be listed (as a candidate) ○ to serve (in one's master's home) ○ (in Kyoto) to go north ○ (after the -masu stem of a verb) indicates completion
浸水 【しんすい】flood, inundation
水浸し 【みずびたし】flooded out, submersion
聖域 【せいいき】sacred precincts, sanctuary, consecrated ground
潜む 【ひそむ】to lurk, to lie dormant, to be hidden, to be concealed, to be stashed
素手 【すで】unarmed, bare hands
素振り 【そぶり】behavior, behaviour, manner, attitude, bearing
増殖 【ぞうしょく】increase, multiplication, propagation
退却 【たいきゃく】retreat, withdrawal, retirement
隊員 【たいいん】group members
丁 【ちょう】① counter for sheets, pages, leaves, etc. ② counter for blocks of tofu, counter for servings in a restaurant ③ counter for long and narrow things such as guns, scissors, spades, hoes, inksticks, palanquins, candles, jinrikishas, shamisen, oars, etc. ④ even number ⑤ 109.09 m
漬物 【つけもの】tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables)
釣り上げる 【つりあげる】① to raise, to lift, to hang up, to suspend ② to (artificially, deliberately) raise prices ③ to pull in (fish)
道端 【みちばた】roadside, wayside
燃え尽きる 【もえつきる】to burn out
披露 【ひろう】announcement, show, display, introduction
碑文 【ひぶん】inscription, epitaph, epigraph
秘める 【ひめる】to hide, to keep to oneself
舞踏 【ぶとう】dancing
魔界 【まかい】world of spirits, hell
魔女 【まじょ】witch
抹殺 【まっさつ】erasure, denial, obliteration, ignoring (an opinion)
魅了 【みりょう】fascination
命懸け 【いのちがけ】① risking one's life ② life and death, risky, desperate
めったthoughtless, reckless, seldom (neg. verb), careless
只今 【ただいま】① Here I am, I'm home! ② presently, right away, right now, just now
揚げ 【あげ】fried bean curd
忌々しい 【いまいましい】annoying, provoking
大袈裟 【おおげさ】grandiose, exaggerated
凝り 【しこり】① stiffness (in shoulders), swelling, hardening ② lingering discomfort, uneasiness, bad aftertaste, unpleasant feeling
失態 【しったい】mismanagement, fault, error, failure, disgrace, discredit
渋々 【しぶしぶ】reluctantly, unwillingly
闘う 【たたかう】to fight, to battle, to combat, to struggle against, to wage war, to engage in contest
刃向かう 【はむかう】to strike back at, to bite back, to turn on, to rise against, to oppose, to defy
独り占め 【ひとりじめ】monopoly
眼 【まなこ】① eye, eyeball ② eyesight ③ look ④ experience ⑤ viewpoint ⑥ ordinal number suffix ⑦ somewhat, -ish
我ら 【われら】we, us
魔 【ま】① demon, devil, evil spirit, evil influence ② someone who (habitually) performs some (negative) act
白熊 【しろくま】polar bear (Ursus maritimus)
即 【そく】① instantly, immediately, at once ② that is (to say), namely
からかいbanter, teasing, persiflage
それなりin itself, as it is
愛嬌 【あいきょう】love and respect, charm, attractiveness, courtesy
茨 【いばら】① thorny shrub ② wild rose, briar ③ thorn ④ (architectural) cusp
牙 【きば】tusk, fang
灰燼 【かいじん】ash, embers, complete destruction
惚れる 【ほれる】to fall in love, to be in love, to be charmed with, to lose one's heart to
夙 【しゅく】outcasts (those from Kamakura period to the Edo period, common around the Kyoto region)
肉饅 【にくまん】manju (steamed bun) with meat filling
脳味噌 【のうみそ】brains, brain tissue
頬っぺ 【ほっぺ】cheek
泄れ 【もれ】omission, leakage, oversight
狼 【おおかみ】wolf (carnivore, Canis lupus)
狼煙 【のろし】beacon, skyrocket, signal fire
ろくでなしbum, good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well
罠 【わな】① snare, trap (for catching wild game, etc.) ② trap (i.e. ruse, subterfuge, etc.)
すねshin, shank, lower leg
凧 【たこ】kite
生贄 【いけにえ】sacrifice, scapegoat
眩む 【くらむ】① to be dazzled by, to be dizzied by, to be disoriented by ② to be lost in (greed, lust, etc.)
榾柮 【ほた】kindling, small bits of scrap wood used to fuel a stove;
鐶 【たまき】bracer (for the elbow of an archer)