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rtk 46


20 entriesCreated by Jeff H. — Last modified: 2012-07-30 09:20:41
ゴ, キperiod, time, date, term
な.い, ブ, ムnothingness, none, ain't, nothing, nil, not
うま.い, あま.やかす, あま.える, あま.い, カンsweet, coax, pamper, be content, sugary
まい, -ま.う, ま.う, ブdance, flit, circle, wheel
はなは.だしい, はなは.だ, ジンtremendously, very, great, exceedingly
なにがし, それがし, ボウso-and-so, one, a certain, that person
カンintuition, perception
もとい, もと, キfundamentals, radical (chem), counter for machines, foundation
コンdark blue, navy
こた.える, こ.らえる, たま.る, た.える, タン, カンwithstand, endure, support, resist
ご, キchess piece, Japanese chess, shogi
とうと.ぶ, たっと.ぶ, とうと.い, たっと.い, キprecious, value, prize, esteem, honor
あざむ.く, ギdeceit, cheat, delude
なこうど, バイmediator, go-between
や.る, つか.わす, -づか.い, -つか.い, つか.う, ケンdispatch, despatch, send, give, donate, do, undertake
はた, キnational flag, banner, standard
のこ.す, ユイ, イbequeath, leave behind, reserve
はかりごと, たばか.る, はか.る, ム, ボウconspire, cheat, impose on, plan, devise, scheme, have in mind, deceive
つい.える, つぶ.れる, つぶ.す, エ, カイcrush, smash, break, dissipate