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rtk 47


32 entriesCreated by Jeff H. — Last modified: 2012-07-30 09:20:45
わざ, ゴウ, ギョウbusiness, vocation, arts, performance
すけ, す.ける, たす.かる, たす.ける, ジョhelp, rescue, assist
-ぐみ, くみ, く.む, ソassociation, braid, plait, construct, assemble, unite, cooperate, grapple
みなと, コウharbor
えら.ぶ, センelect, select, choose, prefer
-ども, とも.に, とも, キョウtogether, both, neither, all, and, alike, with
-ども, とも, そな.える, グ, クウ, ク, キョウsubmit, offer, present, serve (meal), accompany
なら.びに, なら.ぶ, なら.べる, な.み, ホウ, ヘイrow, and, besides, as well as, line up, rank with, rival, equal
ancestor, pioneer, founder
湿うるお.す, うるお.う, しめ.す, しめ.る, シュウ, シツdamp, wet, moist
かさ.なる, たたみ, たた.む, チョウ, ジョウtatami mat, counter for tatami mats, fold, shut up, do away with
あまねし, あまね.く, フuniversal, wide(ly), generally, Prussia
殿-どの, との, テン, デンMr., hall, mansion, palace, temple, lord
あば.れる, あば.く, バク, ボウoutburst, rave, fret, force, violence, cruelty, outrage
は.ぜる, バクbomb, burst open, pop, split
よろ.しく, よろ.しい, ギbest regards, good
はば.む, ソthwart, separate from, prevent, obstruct, deter, impede
コウdeluge, flood, vast
うやうや.しい, キョウrespect, reverent
tariff, crop tax, borrowing
け, こと.なる, こと, イuncommon, queerness, strangeness, wonderful, curious, unusual
あら-, あら.い, ソcoarse, rough, rugged
しもべ, ボクme, I (male)
ボクslap, strike, hit, beat, tell, speak
たま, リョウ, レイspirits, soul
センslender, fine, thin kimono
つばさ, ヨクwing, plane, flank
あらわ.れる, あきらか, ケンappear, existing
musical score, music, note, staff, table, genealogy
ねら.い, ねら.う, ショ, ソaim at, sight, shadow, stalk
いただ.く, タイbe crowned with, live under (a ruler), receive