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One Piece Vol. 13 (episodes 377 to 396)

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 377 to 396 of the animated series ‘One Piece’. This is volume 13 out of 26. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



408 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
トイレtoilet, restroom, bathroom, lavatory
病院 【びょういん】hospital
醤油 【しょうゆ】soy sauce, shoyu
乗り物 【のりもの】vehicle
具合 【ぐあい】condition, state, manner, health
お土産 【おみやげ】present, souvenir
掛ける 【かける】① to hang (e.g. picture), to hoist (e.g. sail), to raise (e.g. flag) ② to sit ③ to be partway (verb), to begin (but not complete) ④ to take (time, money), to expend (money, time, etc.) ⑤ to make (a call) ⑥ to multiply ⑦ to secure (e.g. lock) ⑧ to put on (glasses, etc.) ⑨ to cover ⑩ to burden someone ⑪ to apply (insurance) ⑫ to turn on (an engine, etc.), to set (a dial, an alarm clock, etc.) ⑬ to put an effect (spell, anaesthetic, etc.) on ⑭ to hold an emotion for (pity, hope, etc.) ⑮ to bind ⑯ to pour (or sprinkle, spray, etc.) onto ⑰ to argue (in court), to deliberate (in a meeting), to present (e.g. idea to a conference, etc.) ⑱ to increase further ⑲ to catch (in a trap, etc.) ⑳ to set atop ○ to erect (a makeshift building) ○ to hold (a play, festival, etc.) ○ (after -masu stem of verb) indicates (verb) is being directed to (someone)
手袋 【てぶくろ】glove, mitten, mitt
ご存じ 【ごぞんじ】① knowing ② (an) acquaintance
田舎 【いなか】① rural area, countryside, the sticks ② hometown
訳 【やく】translation, version (e.g. "English version")
ドキドキthrob, beat (fast)
一休み 【ひとやすみ】rest
女子 【じょし】woman, girl
大して 【たいして】(not so) much, (not) very
代理 【だいり】representation, agency, proxy, deputy, agent, attorney, substitute, alternate, acting (principal, etc.)
姉妹 【しまい】sisters
お昼 【おひる】lunch, noon
横切る 【よこぎる】to cross (e.g. road), to traverse
混ぜる 【まぜる】to mix, to stir, to blend
商品 【しょうひん】commodity, article of commerce, goods, stock, merchandise
発表 【はっぴょう】announcement, publication
分類 【ぶんるい】classification, categorization, sorting
予算 【よさん】estimate, budget
様々 【さまざま】varied, various
寄越す 【よこす】① to send, to forward ② to hand over (e.g. money)
温泉 【おんせん】spa, hot spring, onsen
可愛らしい 【かわいらしい】lovely, sweet
経由 【けいゆ】go by the way, via
札 【さつ】note, paper money
伺う 【うかがう】① to visit, to ask, to inquire, to hear, to be told ② to implore (a god for an oracle), to seek direction (from your superior) ③ to visit ④ to speak to (a large crowd at a theatre, etc.)
順番 【じゅんばん】turn (in line), order of things, sequential order
達する 【たっする】to reach, to get to
夫人 【ふじん】wife, Mrs, madam
風景 【ふうけい】scenery
粉 【こな】flour, meal, powder
宝石 【ほうせき】gem, jewel
手続き 【てつづき】procedure, (legal) process, formalities
価格 【かかく】price, value, cost
筋肉 【きんにく】muscle, sinew
刑事 【けいじ】① (police) detective ② criminal matter
飼う 【かう】to keep, to raise, to feed
挙げる 【あげる】① to raise, to elevate ② to show someone (into a room) ③ to send someone (away) ④ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑤ to praise ⑥ to give (an example, etc.), to cite ⑦ to summon up (all of one's energy, etc.) ⑧ to arrest ⑨ to nominate ⑩ to conduct (a ceremony, esp. a wedding)
診る 【みる】to examine (medically)
知恵 【ちえ】① wisdom, wit, sagacity, sense, intelligence ② prajna (insight leading to enlightenment)
憧れる 【あこがれる】to long for, to yearn after, to admire, to be attracted by
特徴 【とくちょう】feature, trait, characteristic, pecularity
虹 【にじ】rainbow
無駄 【むだ】futility, uselessness, pointlessness
振る舞う 【ふるまう】① to behave, to conduct oneself ② to entertain, to treat someone (to a drink), to make tea for someone (tea ceremony)
街 【まち】① town, block, neighbourhood, neighborhood ② street, road ③ 109.09 m ④ 0.99 hectares
滅多に 【めったに】rarely (with neg. verb), seldom
下品 【げひん】vulgarity, meanness, indecency, coarseness
売買 【ばいばい】trade, buying and selling
売り上げ 【うりあげ】amount sold, proceeds
出入り口 【でいりぐち】exit and entrance
重点 【じゅうてん】important point, lay stress on, colon, emphasis
通行 【つうこう】passage, passing
的確 【てきかく】precise, accurate
飛行 【ひこう】aviation
録音 【ろくおん】(audio) recording
混じる 【まじる】to be mixed, to be blended with, to associate with, to mingle with, to interest, to join
医療 【いりょう】medical care, medical treatment
務め 【つとめ】① service, duty, business, responsibility, task ② Buddhist religious services
作法 【さほう】manners, etiquette, propriety
畳む 【たたむ】① to fold (clothes) ② to close (a shop) ③ to vacate
成分 【せいぶん】ingredient, component, composition
憎い 【にくい】① hateful, abominable, poor-looking, detestable ② (with irony) lovely, lovable, wonderful, etc.
体制 【たいせい】order, system, structure, set-up, organization, organisation
突き当たる 【つきあたる】to run into, to collide with
分布 【ぶんぷ】distribution, dissemination, allocation
捕る 【とる】to take, to catch (fish), to capture
坊や 【ぼうや】boy
用途 【ようと】use, usefulness, utility, service
続々 【ぞくぞく】successively, one after another
出掛ける 【でかける】to depart, to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing), to set out, to start, to be going out
干す 【ほす】① to air, to dry, to desiccate ② to drain (off) ③ to drink up ④ to deprive of a role, job, etc. (usu. in the passive)
道順 【みちじゅん】itinerary, route
どう致しまして 【どういたしまして】you are welcome, don't mention it, not at all, my pleasure
基盤 【きばん】foundation, basis, base, footing
謙虚 【けんきょ】modesty, humility
ご無沙汰 【ごぶさた】not writing or contacting for a while, neglecting (failing) to write (call, visit, etc.), long silence
公衆 【こうしゅう】the public, general public
司会 【しかい】chairmanship, leading a meeting
申請 【しんせい】application, request, petition
張り切る 【はりきる】to be in high spirits, to be full of vigor (vigour), to be enthusiastic, to be eager, to stretch to breaking point
統一 【とういつ】unity, consolidation, uniformity, unification, compatible
矢印 【やじるし】arrow (mark or symbol), directional marker or indicator
手帳 【てちょう】① notebook, memo pad ② certificate ③ identification card
飴 【あめ】(hard) candy, toffee
鋸 【のこぎり】saw
おおよそabout, roughly, as a rule, approximately
すまない① inexcusable, unjustifiable, unpardonable ② sorry, remorseful, apologetic, conscience-stricken, contrite ③ excuse me, (I'm) sorry, thank you
印 【いん】① seal, stamp, mark, print ② mudra (symbolic hand gesture) ③ India
付き 【つき】① furnished with, including ② attached to ③ impression, appearance ④ luck ⑤ sociality ⑥ under, assistant (e.g. to a manager) ⑦ soup base
開催 【かいさい】holding a meeting, open an exhibition
外来 【がいらい】① external origin, imported ② outpatient
観覧 【かんらん】viewing
居住 【きょじゅう】residence
共学 【きょうがく】coeducation
区 【く】ward, district, section
孤独 【こどく】isolation, loneliness, solitude
後退 【こうたい】① retreat ② backspace, BS
購入 【こうにゅう】purchase, buy
合唱 【がっしょう】chorus, singing in a chorus
主 【ぬし】① head (of a household, etc.), leader, master ② owner, proprietor, proprietress ③ subject (of a rumour, etc.), doer (of a deed) ④ guardian spirit (e.g. long-resident beast, usu. with mystical powers), long-time resident (or employee, etc.) ⑤ husband ⑥ you
手分け 【てわけ】division of labour, division of labor
首輪 【くびわ】necklace, choker
従来 【じゅうらい】up to now, so far, traditional, existing (e.g. equipment)
祝賀 【しゅくが】celebration, congratulations
出品 【しゅっぴん】exhibit, display
証人 【しょうにん】witness
譲歩 【じょうほ】concession, conciliation, compromise
心掛け 【こころがけ】intention, attention, dedication, care, prudence, readiness, mental attitude
生計 【せいけい】livelihood, living
染まる 【そまる】to be dyed
創造 【そうぞう】creation
相場 【そうば】① market price ② speculation (e.g. on stocks) ③ reputation (according to conventional wisdom), estimation, esteem
待ち合わせ 【まちあわせ】appointment
値打ち 【ねうち】value, worth, price, dignity
地元 【じもと】① home area, home town ② local
着陸 【ちゃくりく】landing, alighting, touch down
途上 【とじょう】① en route, half-way ② on the road, in the street
特技 【とくぎ】special skill
内乱 【ないらん】civil war, insurrection, rebellion, domestic conflict
売り出す 【うりだす】to put on sale, to market, to become popular
迫害 【はくがい】persecution
悲惨 【ひさん】disastrous, tragic, miserable, wretched, pitiful
非行 【ひこう】delinquency, misconduct
頻繁 【ひんぱん】frequent, incessant
噴出 【ふんしゅつ】spewing, gushing, spouting, eruption, effusion
保護 【ほご】care, protection, shelter, safeguard, guardianship, favor, favour, patronage
保養 【ほよう】health preservation, recuperation, recreation
無駄遣い 【むだづかい】wasting ... on (e.g. money), squandering, waste, frittering away
絡む 【からむ】① to entangle, to entwine ② to pick a quarrel, to find fault ③ to be involved with, to be influenced by, to develop a connection with
理性 【りせい】reason, sense
立ち寄る 【たちよる】to stop by, to drop in for a short visit
良質 【りょうしつ】good quality, superior quality
冷やかす 【ひやかす】① to banter, to make fun of, to jeer at ② to cool, to refrigerate
万能 【ばんのう】① all-purpose, utility ② almighty, omnipotent
切れ目 【きれめ】break, pause, gap, end, rift, interruption, cut, section, notch, incision, end (of a task)
手掛かり 【てがかり】① clue, key, trail, scent, track, contact ② handhold, on hand
取引 【とりひき】transactions, dealings, business
滅びる 【ほろびる】to be ruined, to go under, to perish, to be destroyed
意 【い】① feelings, thoughts ② meaning
なつくto become emotionally attached
嫉妬 【しっと】jealousy, envy
漕ぐ 【こぐ】① to row, to scull, to paddle ② to pedal (e.g. bicycle) ③ to swing (on a swing) ④ to operate a hand pump ⑤ to push through (deep snow, the jungle, etc.)
こつこつ① unflaggingly, steadily, untiringly, laboriously ② clicking, drumming
そうするとhaving done that, if that is done, if it is done in that way
どたばた① noisily (esp. the noise of heavy feet) ② slapstick
ばらばらscattered, disperse, loose, disconnected, in pieces, in drops, rustling
ひょっこりall of a sudden, suddenly, by chance, unexpectedly
べたべた① sticky ② all over ③ clinging (e.g. of a person), following around ④ cliched, hackneyed
アイスクリームice cream, icecream
ウイルス① virus ② viral
オーク① oak ② orc
ステージ① stage ② performance
センスgood taste (for music, style, tact, etc.) (from sense)
トランプplaying cards (from trump)
ハンドル① handle ② steering wheel ③ (bicycle) handlebar
ばたばた① flapping, rattling (sound), noisily, clattering noise ② commotion, kerfuffle
フルコースcomplete meal
フワフワlight, airy, fluffy
ブランド① brand ② bland
モール① mall ② maul (in rugby) ③ mole ④ Moor
一大 【いちだい】one large ..., a great ...
うり二つ 【うりふたつ】as alike as two melons (two peas in a pod)
休 【きゅう】rest, taking a day off, being finished, being absent, retire, sleep
後生 【ごしょう】afterlife
高ぶる 【たかぶる】① to be highly strung, to be proud, to be haughty ② to get excited, to get worked up
つり上げる 【つりあげる】① to raise, to lift, to hang up, to suspend ② to (artificially, deliberately) raise prices ③ to pull in (fish)
一時 【いっとき】one hour, short time, once, a time, temporarily, at one time, twelfth part of a day
分かち 【わかち】distinction, differentiation, discrimination
ピックアップpick-up, choice or selection, picking out (from a larger list)
じろじろstaringly, scrutinizing, scrutinising
かんかん① anger, flare-up ② intense heat ③ clanging noise
ゴーgo (somewhere), go (signal)
ミシミシcreaking, groaning (e.g. of something under physical stress)
マリーmallee (var. of eucalyptus)
バンド① band ② to perform in a band, to create a (pop) band ③ The Bund (Shanghai, China)
プレートplate (often as in "tectonic plate")
安らぎ 【やすらぎ】peace, tranquility, tranquillity
以ての外 【もってのほか】absurd, unreasonable
一品 【いっぴん】① item, article ② dish, course
飲食 【いんしょく】food and drink, eating and drinking
屋台 【やたい】① cart, esp. food cart ② (festival) float
開業 【かいぎょう】opening of business or practice (practise)
気質 【かたぎ】spirit, character, trait, temperament, turn of mind, disposition
口下手 【くちべた】defective speech, slowness of speech, poor talker, tongue-tied person
作り方 【つくりかた】① style of building, construction, workmanship, way of making ② recipe ③ how to grow (something)
試食 【ししょく】sampling food
手立て 【てだて】means, method
上質 【じょうしつ】fine quality
人道 【じんどう】humanity, sidewalk, footpath
水死 【すいし】drowning
注入 【ちゅうにゅう】pouring, injection
同業 【どうぎょう】same trade, same business
道のり 【みちのり】① distance, journey, itinerary ② way, process
文字通り 【もじどおり】① literal ② literally
歩行 【ほこう】walk
力仕事 【ちからしごと】physical work, manual labour (labor)
ばら色 【ばらいろ】rose-colour, rose-color
万代 【ばんだい】thousands of years, eternity, all generations
待ちわびる 【まちわびる】to be tired of waiting, to wait impatiently
待ち時間 【まちじかん】waiting time, latency, standby time (e.g. cellular phones)
その道 【そのみち】line (of business), profession, trade
売り買い 【うりかい】trade, buying and selling
意気投合 【いきとうごう】hit it off with (a person), find a kindred spirit in (a person), sympathy, mutual understanding
一部始終 【いちぶしじゅう】full particulars, the whole story, from beginning to end
引き合う 【ひきあう】① to pay, to be profitable ② to pull against each other
温水 【おんすい】warm water
音量 【おんりょう】volume (sound)
魚類 【ぎょるい】the fishes
交友 【こうゆう】friend, companion
助け出す 【たすけだす】to help out of (trouble), to extricate
心残り 【こころのこり】regret, reluctance
深み 【ふかみ】depth, deep place
人道的 【じんどうてき】humane
星空 【ほしぞら】starry sky
相乗 【そうじょう】multiplication, synergism
待ち受ける 【まちうける】to await, to expect
大目玉 【おおめだま】good scolding
入荷 【にゅうか】arrival of goods, goods received
買い取り 【かいとり】purchase, sale (transaction)
反す 【かえす】① to return (something), to restore, to put back ② to turn over, to turn upside down, to overturn ③ to pay back, to retaliate, to reciprocate ④ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to repeat ..., to do ... back
飛び起きる 【とびおきる】to jump up to one's feet
文筆 【ぶんぴつ】literary art, literary activity, writing
聞き取る 【ききとる】to catch (a person's words), to follow, to understand
無理やり 【むりやり】forcibly, against one's will
名曲 【めいきょく】famous music
立ち直り 【たちなおり】recovery, restoration
人身 【じんしん】the human body, one's person
命からがら 【いのちからがら】for dear life, barely escaping alive
満々 【まんまん】full of, brimming with
遊泳 【ゆうえい】① swimming, bathing ② conduct of life
無配 【むはい】without dividend
新茶 【しんちゃ】first tea of the season
まっさかさまhead over heels, headlong
新進 【しんしん】rising, up-and-coming
美談 【びだん】moving or impressive tale
番手 【ばんて】① (yarn) count ② n-th place (e.g. in a race), n-th in position (e.g. a starting lineup)
大当たり 【おおあたり】big hit, big prize, bumper crop, striking it rich, right on the mark, bonanza
大船 【おおぶね】large boat
軽 【けい】light
どん底 【どんぞこ】very bottom
圧勝 【あっしょう】complete victory
囲う 【かこう】to enclose
引き連れる 【ひきつれる】to take along with
押し付ける 【おしつける】to press, to push, to force
割り切る 【わりきる】① to find a clear solution, to come to a clean decision, to give a clear explanation ② to divide
干満 【かんまん】ebb and flow
寄り道 【よりみち】dropping in on the way, breaking one's journey, making a stopover, going out of one's way
急患 【きゅうかん】emergency case
競走 【きょうそう】race
境地 【きょうち】one's lot, circumstance, situation in life
極度 【きょくど】maximum, extreme, utmost, curvature
見積もる 【みつもる】to estimate
呼び寄せる 【よびよせる】to call, to summon, to send for, to call together
高値 【たかね】high price
骨休め 【ほねやすめ】relaxation, recreation, recess
散らばる 【ちらばる】to be scattered about
使い果たす 【つかいはたす】to use up, to squander
思い過ごす 【おもいすごす】to think too much of, to make too much of
祝詞 【しゅくし】① Shinto ritual prayer ② congratulatory address
諸島 【しょとう】archipelago, group of islands
除草 【じょそう】weeding
照れくさい 【てれくさい】embarrassing, awkward
探し求める 【さがしもとめる】to search for, to seek for, to look for
殿方 【とのがた】gentlemen, men
日光浴 【にっこうよく】sunbathing
爆薬 【ばくやく】explosive, blasting powder
表示 【ひょうじ】indication, representation, manifestation
付け 【づけ】dated, date, fixed, external
法外 【ほうがい】exorbitant, outrageous
法的 【ほうてき】legality
無礼講 【ぶれいこう】putting aside rank, free and easy (party)
野暮 【やぼ】① unrefinedness, uncouthness, boorishness ② tasteless, boorish, unrefined, thoughtless, dumb
余す 【あます】to save, to leave over, to spare
踊り子 【おどりこ】dancer
落札 【らくさつ】having one's bid accepted (e.g. for contract), bid award, winning a tender
裏目 【うらめ】① reverse side, opposite (of the expected), backfire ② purl stitch (knitting)
立ち並ぶ 【たちならぶ】① to stand up, to line in a row ② to be equal to
奥地 【おくち】interior, backwoods, hinterland, back regions
願望 【がんぼう】desire, wish, aspiration
前兆 【ぜんちょう】omen, portent, sign, premonition, harbinger
なだれ込む 【なだれこむ】to rush or crowd into, to surge into
掘り出し物 【ほりだしもの】(lucky) find, bargain, good buy, treasure trove
追い掛ける 【おいかける】to chase, to run after, to pursue
恐るべき 【おそるべき】dreadful, terrible, horrible, deplorable
無害 【むがい】harmlessness
気鋭 【きえい】spirited, energetic
純 【じゅん】pure, innocent, chaste
競り合い 【せりあい】competition
面識 【めんしき】acquaintance
骨折り損 【ほねおりぞん】waste of labor or energy, waste of labour, vain effort
咲かせる 【さかせる】to make bloom
空域 【くういき】airspace
比べ物 【くらべもの】worthy of comparison
買い得 【かいどく】bargain, good buy
売り値 【うりね】selling price
寝泊まり 【ねとまり】staying or lodging at
収まり 【おさまり】conclusion, end, settlement
髪形 【かみがた】hair style, coiffure, hairdo
未だしも 【まだしも】rather, better
言い過ぎ 【いいすぎ】exaggeration, overstatement
増 【ぞう】increase
お勧め 【おすすめ】recommendation, advice, suggestion, encouragement
暗黙 【あんもく】tacit, implicit
遺骨 【いこつ】remains, ashes of deceased
唄 【うた】① song ② classical Japanese poetry (esp. tanka) ③ modern poetry
懐かしむ 【なつかしむ】to yearn for (miss) someone (thing)
茅 【かや】hay, various gramineous grasses (e.g. eularies), plants used for thatching
奇しくも 【くしくも】strangely, oddly, miraculously, mysteriously
亀 【かめ】tortoise, turtle
供養 【くよう】memorial service for the dead, holding a service
繰り広げる 【くりひろげる】to unfold, to unroll, to open
鯨 【くじら】whale
撃退 【げきたい】repulse, repel (i.e. the enemy)
恒例 【こうれい】established practice, established practise, custom
控え目 【ひかえめ】moderate, reserved, conservative, humble, mild-mannered, self-effacing, unassuming, well-behaved, low-key, temperate, in small quantities
蛇 【へび】① snake ② serpent, large snake
樹脂 【じゅし】resin, rosin
終盤 【しゅうばん】endgame, final stage
正真正銘 【しょうしんしょうめい】genuine, authentic
盛り返す 【もりかえす】to rally, to make a comeback
切れ端 【きれはし】scraps, cut end, cut-off piece
折衝 【せっしょう】negotiation
繊細 【せんさい】delicate, dainty, fine, slim, sensitive, subtle
卓球 【たっきゅう】table tennis, ping-pong
脱げる 【ぬげる】to come off, to slip down, to slip off
脱落 【だつらく】① loss, dropping out, falling by the wayside ② omission, lacuna, gap, hiatus ③ desertion, defection ④ apostasy
張り 【はり】① stretch, tension ② resilience, springiness, tone ③ will-power, pluck, pride
長距離 【ちょうきょり】long distance, long haul
鎮静 【ちんせい】calm, quiet, tranquility, tranquillity, appeasement, pacification
撤退 【てったい】evacuation, withdrawal, revocation, repeal, retreat
覇気 【はき】ambition, aspiration
またとないunique, matchless, unparalleled, unparallelled, never again
密航 【みっこう】smuggling
黙認 【もくにん】connivance, tacit consent, toleration
誘拐 【ゆうかい】abduction, kidnapping, kidnaping
唄う 【うたう】① to sing ② to sing (one's praises in a poem, etc.)
興味津々 【きょうみしんしん】very interesting, of absorbing interest, having a keen interest (in), being immensely curious (about)
徐々に 【じょじょに】slowly, little by little, gradually, steadily, quietly
音痴 【おんち】① tone-deafness, amusia, having no ear for music ② tone-deaf, off-key ③ having no sense (of something), being hopeless (when it comes to something)
ばってんcross mark, demerit mark, an X
密林 【みつりん】close thicket, dense forest, jungle
雷雲 【らいうん】thunder cloud
初陣 【ういじん】first campaign, one's first battle
立ち往生 【たちおうじょう】bring to a standstill, stalling, stranding
透かさず 【すかさず】without a moment's delay
振る舞い 【ふるまい】behavior, behaviour, conduct
紬 【つむぎ】pongee (soft thin cloth woven from raw silk)
請け合い 【うけあい】assurance, guarantee
どじblunder, bungle, clumsiness
べらべら① non-stop talking, speaking indiscreetly, chattering ② thin, flimsy
詮索 【せんさく】inquiry into, enquiry into, prying (into), investigation, search, exploration
嘔吐 【おうと】vomiting
瞑想 【めいそう】meditation, contemplation
駱駝 【らくだ】camel
末裔 【まつえい】descendants
蛸 【たこ】octopus
割り箸 【わりばし】splittable (wood) chopsticks
瞥見 【べっけん】glance, glimpse, cursory view
思う壷 【おもうつぼ】① one's wishes, one's expectations ② just as expected
ここいらaround here, in this vicinity, this area