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One Piece Vol. 21 (episodes 540 to 559)

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 540 to 559 of the animated series ‘One Piece’. This is volume 21 out of 26. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



194 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
葉書 【はがき】① postcard ② memo, note, card
人口 【じんこう】① population ② common talk
生じる 【しょうじる】① to produce, to yield ② to result from, to arise, to be generated
高度 【こうど】① altitude, height ② advanced, high-grade, strong
不正 【ふせい】injustice, unfairness, iniquity, impropriety, irregularity, dishonesty, illegality, fraud
空く 【すく】① to become less crowded, to thin out, to get empty ② to be hungry
指導 【しどう】① leadership, guidance, coaching ② shido (disciplinary action for a minor infringement of the rules of judo)
単に 【たんに】simply, merely, only, solely
演説 【えんぜつ】speech, address
減らす 【へらす】to abate, to decrease, to diminish, to shorten
合格 【ごうかく】success, passing (e.g. exam), eligibility
昇る 【のぼる】① to ascend, to go up, to climb ② to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun), to rise ③ to go to (the capital) ④ to be promoted ⑤ to add up to ⑥ to advance (in price) ⑦ to swim up (a river), to sail up ⑧ to come up (on the agenda)
大臣 【だいじん】cabinet minister
努力 【どりょく】great effort, exertion, endeavour, endeavor, effort
抱える 【かかえる】① to hold or carry under or in the arms ② to have (esp. problems, debts, etc.) ③ to employ, to engage, to hire
連想 【れんそう】association (of ideas), suggestion
異なる 【ことなる】to differ, to vary, to disagree
提出 【ていしゅつ】① to present, to submit (e.g. a report or a thesis), to hand in, to file, to turn in ② presentation, submission, filing
拍手 【はくしゅ】clapping hands, applause
矛盾 【むじゅん】contradiction, inconsistency
囁く 【ささやく】to whisper, to murmur
真っ白 【まっしろ】pure white
会館 【かいかん】meeting hall, assembly hall
水平 【すいへい】level, horizontality
同化 【どうか】① assimilation, absorption ② anabolism ③ adaptation
過半数 【かはんすう】majority
公共 【こうきょう】public, community, public service, society, communal
思い込む 【おもいこむ】to be under impression that, to be convinced that, to imagine that, to set one's heart on, to be bent on
測定 【そくてい】measurement
熱帯 【ねったい】tropics
片付く 【かたづく】① to be put in order, to be put to rights ② to be disposed of, to be solved ③ to be finished ④ to be married (off)
採る 【とる】① to adopt (measure, proposal) ② to pick (fruit), to catch (insects), to take (e.g. a sample) ③ to assume (attitude) ④ to take on (i.e. hire), to engage
日差し 【ひざし】sunlight, rays of the sun
跳ぶ 【とぶ】① to jump, to leap, to spring, to bound, to hop ② to fly, to soar
瞼 【まぶた】eyelid, eyelids
途 【と】way
移住 【いじゅう】migration, immigration
汚らわしい 【けがらわしい】filthy, unfair
家畜 【かちく】domestic animals, livestock, cattle
拒絶 【きょぜつ】refusal, rejection
橋渡し 【はしわたし】bridge building, mediation, go-between, intermediary, (through the) good offices (of someone)
圏 【けん】① sphere, circle, range ② category (only in the context of "category theory")
源 【みなもと】source, origin
省みる 【かえりみる】to consider (usu. used in negative), to concern oneself about
いい加減 【いいかげん】① irresponsible, perfunctory, careless ② lukewarm, half-baked, halfhearted, vague ③ reasonable, moderate (usu. in suggestions or orders) ④ considerably, quite, rather, pretty
講習 【こうしゅう】short course, training
根底 【こんてい】root, basis, foundation
災害 【さいがい】calamity, disaster, misfortune
事前 【じぜん】prior, beforehand, in advance
心細い 【こころぼそい】helpless, forlorn, hopeless, unpromising, lonely, discouraging, disheartening
身の上 【みのうえ】one's future, one's welfare, one's personal history
垂れる 【たれる】① to hang, to droop, to dangle, to sag, to lower, to pull down ② to leave behind (at death), to give, to confer ③ to drip, to ooze, to trickle, to drop
設ける 【もうける】to create, to establish
組み込む 【くみこむ】to insert, to include, to cut in (printing)
動員 【どういん】mobilization, mobilisation
導入 【どうにゅう】introduction, bringing in, leading in, installation
票 【ひょう】label, ballot, ticket, sign
病む 【やむ】to fall ill, to be ill
末期 【まっき】① closing years (period, days), last stage, end stage, end-of-life (care, decision making, etc.) ② terminal (e.g. cancer, disease, etc.), final
捲る 【まくる】① to turn up, to roll up (e.g. sleeves) ② verb suffix to indicate reckless abandon to the activity
戸惑う 【とまどう】to be bewildered, to be perplexed
年頃 【としごろ】① approximate age, apparent age ② marriageable age (esp. of a woman), age of independence, age of adulthood ③ (after modifying phrase) appropriate age (to ...), old enough (to ...)
偏る 【かたよる】to be one-sided, to incline, to be partial, to be prejudiced, to lean, to be biased, to be biassed
がくがくbody trembling, teeth clattering, something coming loose
ぐったりcompletely exhausted, dead tired, limp, senseless
ギャラ① guarantee ② fee paid to performing artists
クッキー① cookie, biscuit ② cookie (browser-related file sent from a WWW server)
スペクトルspectrum (radio, etc.), spectral, spectra
メロディー① melody ② chime
何時しか 【いつしか】before one knows, unnoticed, unawares
あだ名 【あだな】nickname
ふらつくto feel giddy, to totter, to stagger
大人びる 【おとなびる】to become grown-up, to age, to mature
うろちょろloitering, hanging around, wandering around
のうのうcareless, carefree
帰国 【きこく】return to one's country
言うまでもない 【いうまでもない】it goes without saying, there is no need to say so, but of course, it is needless to say, it need scarcely be said
口火 【くちび】fuse, spark plug, cause (of war), origin (of a quarrel)
車体 【しゃたい】body (of car), frame
口々 【くちぐち】each entrance, every mouth
地中 【ちちゅう】underground, subterranean
一線 【いっせん】line
王家 【おうけ】royal family
回線 【かいせん】circuit, line
元通り 【もとどおり】as before, as ever
原画 【げんが】original picture
室内 【しつない】indoor, inside the room
勝ち目 【かちめ】chance (of success), odds
新米 【しんまい】① new rice ② novice, beginner, tyro, newcomer, newbie
人一倍 【ひといちばい】more than others, redoubled, unusual
体感 【たいかん】bodily sensation, sense, experience
低迷 【ていめい】hanging low (over), hovering around (price level), low hanging (e.g. clouds), sluggish (e.g. economy), slump, recession
定か 【さだか】definite, sure
年取る 【としとる】to grow old, to age
鼻水 【はなみず】nasal mucus, dripping nose
平手打ち 【ひらてうち】slap, spanking
歩き回る 【あるきまわる】to walk about, to walk to and fro, to pace around
放火 【ほうか】arson, set fire to
流水 【りゅうすい】running water, stream
かっ飛ばす 【かっとばす】to knock out (a homer), to slam
一筆 【いっぴつ】a few lines, stroke of pen
顔負け 【かおまけ】embarrassed, ashamed
玉手箱 【たまてばこ】① treasure chest (in the story of Urashima Taro), Urashima's casket, Pandora's box ② important secret that is not easily revealed to others
衣 【ころも】① clothes, garment ② gown, robe ③ coating (e.g. glaze, batter, icing)
引き戻す 【ひきもどす】to bring back, to restore
押し掛ける 【おしかける】to intrude on
王座 【おうざ】throne
供える 【そなえる】to offer, to sacrifice, to dedicate
共生 【きょうせい】symbiosis, paragenesis, union
形状 【けいじょう】shape, form
後押し 【あとおし】pushing, backing, boosting, supporting
刻み 【きざみ】shredded tobacco, notch, nick
殺意 【さつい】intent to kill, intent to murder
散髪 【さんぱつ】hair-cutting, hair-dressing
産卵 【さんらん】egg-laying, spawning
識別 【しきべつ】discrimination, discernment, identification
授かる 【さずかる】① to be awarded (e.g. a prize), to be given an award, to receive (e.g. a title) ② to be gifted or endowed (e.g. with a talent) ③ to be blessed (e.g. with a child) ④ to be initiated (e.g. into a secret)
触れ回る 【ふれまわる】to cry about, to broadcast
心変わり 【こころがわり】change one's mind, inconstancy, faithlessness
震え上がる 【ふるえあがる】to tremble violently, to shudder up
戦車 【せんしゃ】tank (military vehicle)
前触れ 【まえぶれ】previous notice, herald, harbinger, portent
憎悪 【ぞうお】hatred
渡航 【とこう】voyage
当座 【とうざ】① for the time being, for the present, temporarily, for a time ② immediate, present, current ③ for some time (after) ④ current account
突き刺さる 【つきささる】to stick into, to pierce, to run into
突き破る 【つきやぶる】to break through, to penetrate, to pierce
濃厚 【のうこう】density, richness, concentration, tension
のぞき込む 【のぞきこむ】to look into, to peer in
副作用 【ふくさよう】reaction, secondary effect, side effect
分け与える 【わけあたえる】to distribute, to hand out
歩み寄る 【あゆみよる】to step up, to compromise, to meet halfway
包み込む 【つつみこむ】to wrap up
植え付ける 【うえつける】to plant
閉め出す 【しめだす】to shut out, to bar, to lock out, to exclude
わきでるto gush forth
呼び掛け 【よびかけ】call, appeal
恥知らず 【はじしらず】shameless (person)
漁民 【ぎょみん】fishermen
許 【もと】under (esp. influence or guidance)
引き付け 【ひきつけ】convulsions
恩赦 【おんしゃ】amnesty, pardon
加護 【かご】divine protection
器量 【きりょう】looks, features, personal beauty
寄り添う 【よりそう】to get close, to cuddle close together, to nestle close to, to snuggle up to
救急 【きゅうきゅう】first-aid, emergency (aid)
仰天 【ぎょうてん】being amazed, being horrified, being taken aback
空洞 【くうどう】cave, hollow, cavity
懸念 【けねん】worry, fear, anxiety, concern
光陰 【こういん】time, Father Time
沙汰 【さた】① affair, state, incident, issue, matter ② verdict, sentence ③ directions, orders, command, instructions ④ notice, information, communication, news, message, tidings, update
試行錯誤 【しこうさくご】trial and error
滋養 【じよう】nourishment
首謀 【しゅぼう】planning, plotting, ringleader
熟成 【じゅくせい】mature, ripen, cure, ferment
衝動 【しょうどう】impulse, impetus, urge
信条 【しんじょう】creed, belief, article of faith
神髄 【しんずい】true meaning, mystery, essence, quintessence, soul, core, kernel, life blood
垂らす 【たらす】① to dribble, to spill ② to suspend, to hang down, to slouch, to dangle
崇高 【すうこう】loftiness, sublimity, nobility
担保 【たんぽ】security, collateral (e.g. mortgage)
中華 【ちゅうか】Chinese (e.g. food)
踏み出す 【ふみだす】to step forward, to advance
派閥 【はばつ】clique, faction
卑屈 【ひくつ】menial, meanness, servility, abject
姫君 【ひめぎみ】daughter of a person of high rank (i.e. a king, noble, aristocrat, etc.)
暴挙 【ぼうきょ】violence, reckless action
裕福 【ゆうふく】affluence, prosperity
劣悪 【れつあく】inferiority, coarseness
連鎖 【れんさ】① chain, chaining, catena, connection ② (genetic) linkage
入江 【いりえ】inlet, cove, creek, bay
踏み付ける 【ふみつける】① to trample down, to tread on ② to ignore, to spurn
陣頭 【じんとう】head of an army
生まれ故郷 【うまれこきょう】one's birthplace
妃 【ひ】princess, consort
目視 【もくし】eyesight, seeing
苛斂 【かれん】oppression (e.g. taxation)
今頃 【いまごろ】about this time
籾 【もみ】unhulled rice
縋る 【すがる】to cling to, to rely on
敷衍 【ふえん】expatiation, amplification (upon), elaboration
吠え面 【ほえづら】tearful face
脆弱 【ぜいじゃく】frail, brittle, fragility
えぐい① harsh, acrid, pungent, astringent ② strong-minded, heartless, inconsiderate ③ nasty, gross ④ amazing
貶める 【おとしめる】① to show contempt for, to look down upon, to have a low opinion of ② to cause to fall, to make decline