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One Piece Vol. 23 (episodes 580 to 599)

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 580 to 599 of the animated series ‘One Piece’. This is volume 23 out of 26. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



200 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
涼しい 【すずしい】cool (of weather), refreshing
撮る 【とる】to take (a photo), to make (a film)
国際 【こくさい】international
見下ろす 【みおろす】to overlook, to command a view of, to look down on something
化学 【かがく】① chemistry ② chemical company (e.g. Acme Chemical Co.)
組み立てる 【くみたてる】to assemble, to set up, to construct
物質 【ぶっしつ】material, substance
違反 【いはん】violation (of law), transgression, infringement, breach
競技 【きょうぎ】game, match, contest
好む 【このむ】to like, to prefer
適用 【てきよう】applying (e.g. a technology), adoption
皮膚 【ひふ】skin
年齢 【ねんれい】age, years
宇宙 【うちゅう】universe, cosmos, space
高価 【こうか】high price
同僚 【どうりょう】coworker, colleague, associate
塞がる 【ふさがる】① to be closed, to be blocked, to be healed (e.g. wound), to be shut up ② to be clogged, to be plugged up ③ to be occupied, to be taken (e.g. accommodation)
帰す 【かえす】to send (someone) back, to send (someone) home
発想 【はっそう】expression (e.g. in music), idea, conception
温める 【あたためる】to warm, to heat
個体 【こたい】an individual
公務 【こうむ】official business, public business
脂 【あぶら】fat, tallow, lard, grease
武道 【ぶどう】martial arts, military arts, Bushido
裂く 【さく】① to tear, to rip up ② to cut up, to cleave, to cut open (esp. the abdomen) ③ to forcibly separate (i.e. two lovers) ④ to spare (time, money, etc.), to use part of something
勤勉 【きんべん】industry, diligence
別荘 【べっそう】holiday house, villa
茂る 【しげる】to grow thickly, to be in full leaf, to be rampant, to luxuriate, to be luxurious
剥く 【むく】to peel, to skin, to pare, to hull
剥がす 【はがす】to tear off, to peel off, to rip off, to strip off, to skin, to flay, to disrobe, to deprive of, to detach, to disconnect
有 【ゆう】① existence ② possession, having ③ limited company
助 【じょ】help, rescue, assistant
存ずる 【ぞんずる】to think, feel, consider, know, etc.
回覧 【かいらん】circulation
階級 【かいきゅう】class, rank, grade
区間 【くかん】section (of track, etc.), segment, dimension
巧み 【たくみ】skill, cleverness
告白 【こくはく】① confession, acknowledgement, acknowledgment ② profession of love ③ confession of sins (e.g. the confessional)
主催 【しゅさい】organization, organisation, sponsorship
主導 【しゅどう】main leadership
淑やか 【しとやか】graceful
推進 【すいしん】① propulsion, driving force ② implementation, promotion (e.g. of a government policy)
代用 【だいよう】substitution
団扇 【うちわ】fan
適応 【てきおう】adaptation, accommodation, conformity
特有 【とくゆう】characteristic (of), peculiar (to)
乳 【ちち】① milk ② breast ③ loop ④ decorative bump (on a hanging bell)
燃焼 【ねんしょう】burning, combustion
悲観 【ひかん】pessimism, disappointment
微量 【びりょう】minuscule amount, extremely small quantity
報酬 【ほうしゅう】remuneration, recompense, reward, toll
名付ける 【なづける】to name (someone)
漏らす 【もらす】to let leak, to reveal
芸 【げい】art, craft, accomplishment, artistic skill, technique, performance
あつらえるto give an order, to place an order
おっぱいbreasts, suck (nipple), tits
アニメ① animated film, animated cartoon, anime (when referring to Japanese cartoons) ② animation
イニシャル① initial, the first ② (one's) initials
オブジェobjet d'art, item of artwork
カウンター① counter ② service counter (e.g. at a bank) ③ counter (at a bar, cafe, etc.) ④ automatically responding with an upload slot to someone who allows you to download (e.g. in P2P systems)
シャッター① camera shutter ② shutter (door, window, etc.)
シュール① surreal ② surrealism
ストライクstrike (e.g. with bowling, baseball)
デッドヒートdead heat
ハンバーガーhamburger (on a bun)
ビキニ① bikini (swimwear) ② Bikini island
フライング① flying ② false start ③ frying
モードmode, fashion
二分 【にぶん】① halving, bisection ② the two equinoxes (vernal and autumnal)
年上 【としうえ】older, senior
聞き分ける 【ききわける】to recognize (identify) by sound, to recognise by sound
鼻クソnasal discharge
ブルマ① long female underwear (from bloomers) ② shorts with elasticized cuffs (were used by women as sportswear) (elasticised), gym shorts
かりかり① crisp, crunchy ② to be crisp, to eat a crisp ③ to have a chip on one's shoulder, to be grumpy, to be irritated, to be annoyed ④ with crunching sound or effect
ヤクザ① professional gambler or ruffian (esp. a member of the Japanese mafia), yakuza (member) ② uselessness, purposelessness
後ろ足 【うしろあし】hind foot, hind-legs
後味 【あとあじ】aftertaste
広大 【こうだい】huge, very large, vast, extensive, magnificent, grand
色目 【いろめ】① amorous glance, leer, ogle ② shade (of color), tint, hue ③ ingratiation, sycophancy, toadying
親元 【おやもと】one's parents, one's parents' home, one's home
青々 【あおあお】verdant, fresh and green, bright green, lush
立てこもる 【たてこもる】to barricade oneself in, to hold (a fort, etc.), to shut oneself up, to be besieged, to dig in
大病 【たいびょう】serious illness, dangerous disease
大食漢 【たいしょくかん】great eater, glutton
場外 【じょうがい】outside the hall or stadium, off the premises
口うるさい 【くちうるさい】nagging, faultfinding, carping, captious
自ずと 【おのずと】naturally
活火山 【かっかざん】active volcano
所長 【しょちょう】chief, head
新味 【しんみ】novelty
身代金 【みのしろきん】ransom
雪だるま 【ゆきだるま】snowman
草原 【そうげん】grass-covered plain, grasslands, meadows, savannah, prairie, steppe
谷間 【たにま】① valley, ravine, chasm, dell ② cleavage
飛行船 【ひこうせん】airship, blimp
美観 【びかん】fine view, beautiful sight
木の葉 【このは】foliage, leaves of trees
薬物 【やくぶつ】medicines, drugs
流氷 【りゅうひょう】drift ice, ice floe
林道 【りんどう】path through forest, woodland path
草木 【くさき】plants, vegetation
点る 【とぼる】to burn, to be lighted, to be lit
数ヶ月 【すうかげつ】several months
落着 【らくちゃく】being settled, coming to a conclusion
退役 【たいえき】retiring from military service
息苦しい 【いきぐるしい】choking, oppressive, suffocating
水辺 【みずべ】waterside, waterfront
空耳 【そらみみ】① mishearing ② (feigned) deafness
違和感 【いわかん】① uncomfortable feeling, feeling out of place, sense of discomfort ② malaise, physical unease
奥歯 【おくば】molars, back teeth
吸い込む 【すいこむ】① to inhale, to breathe in, to suck up, to imbibe ② to absorb, to soak up
吸い取る 【すいとる】to suck up, to absorb, to squeeze (money)
居候 【いそうろう】lodger who pays nothing for room and board, freeloader, sponger
居合わせる 【いあわせる】to happen to be present
採取 【さいしゅ】picking, collecting, harvesting
造り出す 【つくりだす】① to manufacture, to produce, to raise (crops) ② to invent, to dream up
まき散らす 【まきちらす】to scatter, to spread
散布 【さんぷ】dissemination, scattering, sprinkling, spraying
蒸し返す 【むしかえす】to reheat, to steam over, to bring up again, to take up again a problem that has been dealt with
新種 【しんしゅ】new species, new variety
生け捕り 【いけどり】capturing something alive, something captured alive
雪合戦 【ゆきがっせん】snowball fight
増産 【ぞうさん】production increase
息抜き 【いきぬき】taking a breather, relaxation, vent hole
打ち解ける 【うちとける】to open one's heart, to throw off reserve, to be frank
凍て付く 【いてつく】to freeze
難関 【なんかん】barrier
難病 【なんびょう】incurable disease
宝庫 【ほうこ】treasury, treasure house
暴発 【ぼうはつ】spontaneous discharge, accidental gun discharge
満腹 【まんぷく】filling the stomach, full stomach
問題児 【もんだいじ】problem child
有毒 【ゆうどく】poisonous, toxic
河口 【かこう】mouth of river, estuary
持ち込み 【もちこみ】bring-your-own (e.g. food and drink), carry-on (e.g. luggage)
投与 【とうよ】prescribing medicine, administering (medicine)
焼け跡 【やけあと】ruins of a fire, fire-devastated area
適温 【てきおん】suitable or moderate temperature
山積み 【やまづみ】huge mound, heap, pile
入れ替わり 【いれかわり】substitution, replacement, shifting, change
疑る 【うたぐる】to doubt, to distrust, to be suspicious of, to suspect
悪臭 【あくしゅう】stink, bad odor, bad odour, stench
一筋縄 【ひとすじなわ】① (piece of) rope ② ordinary method
怪しむ 【あやしむ】to suspect
監禁 【かんきん】confinement
監察 【かんさつ】inspection, inspector
貴殿 【きでん】you (primarily used by men in letters to their male equals or superiors)
朽ち果てる 【くちはてる】to rust away, to rot away, to decay, to fall to ruins, to die in obscurity
共闘 【きょうとう】joint struggle, common (united) front
強奪 【ごうだつ】pillage, seizure, hijacking, plunder, extortion
錦 【にしき】① brocade ② fine dress, fine clothes
激動 【げきどう】terrible shock, agitation, upheaval
やり遂げる 【やりとげる】to accomplish
遣わす 【つかわす】to send, to dispatch, to despatch
殺傷 【さっしょう】killing and wounding, casualties, bloodshed
煮詰める 【につめる】to boil down, to concentrate
酒豪 【しゅごう】heavy drinker
授与 【じゅよ】award, conferment
巡回 【じゅんかい】going around, patrol, round, tour
焼却 【しょうきゃく】incineration, destroy by fire
上機嫌 【じょうきげん】good humour (humor), good mood
人為 【じんい】human work, human agency, art, artificiality
酔っ払う 【よっぱらう】to get drunk
摂氏 【せっし】Centigrade, Celsius
摂取 【せっしゅ】① intake, absorption, adoption ② assimilation
やせがまんfake stoicism, pretended endurance (for sake of pride), false courage
奪取 【だっしゅ】usurpation, taking back, dispossession
直属 【ちょくぞく】direct control, direct supervision
泥酔 【でいすい】dead drunk
鉄筋 【てっきん】rebar, (concrete) iron reinforcing bar
内密 【ないみつ】privacy, secrecy
分岐 【ぶんき】① divergence (e.g. in a road), ramification ② forking, jump, multi-drop
麿 【まろ】① (person having) thin or shaved eyebrows ② affectionate suffix for names of young men or pets
慢性 【まんせい】chronicity, chronic
裂け目 【さけめ】tear, rip, rent, slit, crack, chasm, rift
ドラッグ① drag ② drug (esp. illegal) ③ to drag ④ to highlight (e.g. by click-dragging a cursor over text)
痕跡 【こんせき】trace, traces, vestige, vestiges
鱗 【うろこ】① scale (of fish) ② serif (on kana or kanji (e.g. in Mincho font))
剽軽 【ひょうきん】facetious, droll, funny
熾烈 【しれつ】① fierce, violent, severe ② ferocity, violence, severity
たばこtobacco, cigarettes
ドロンabsconding, taking oneself off, slipping out (home) unnoticed early (e.g. from work, out of parties, etc.)
臚列 【ろれつ】lined up in a row
匏 【ひさご】gourd;