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One Piece Vol. 4 (episodes 21 to 40)

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 21 to 40 of the animated series ‘One Piece’. This is volume 4 out of 26. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.

1130 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
お母さん 【おかあさん】mother
アパート① apartment building, apartment block, apartment house ② apartment
キロkilo-, kilogram, kilogramme, kilometre, kilometer, 10^3
パン① bread, pastries (e.g. croissants), pastry-based products ② pan, frying pan ③ panning (in a film)
くらい① approximately, about, around, or so ② to (about) the extent that, (almost) enough that, so ... that ..., at least ③ as ... as ..., like
花 【はな】① flower, blossom, bloom, petal ② blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms), cherry blossom ③ ikebana ④ Japanese playing cards ⑤ beauty ⑥ (the) best
五 【ご】five
今月 【こんげつ】this month
四つ 【よっつ】four
西 【にし】west
二 【に】two
白 【しろ】① white ② good guy, 'white hat'
四 【よん】four
十 【じゅう】10, ten
六 【ろく】six
時 【じ】① hour, o'clock ② (specified) time, when ..., during ...
遠い 【とおい】far, distant
兄 【あに】older brother
建物 【たてもの】building
姉 【あね】older sister, elder sister
写真 【しゃしん】① photograph, photo ② movie
色 【いろ】① colour, color ② complexion ③ appearance, look ④ love, lust, sensuality, love affair, lover ⑤ kind, type, variety
食べ物 【たべもの】food
赤い 【あかい】① red ② Red (i.e. communist)
勉強 【べんきょう】① study ② diligence ③ discount, reduction
妹 【いもうと】younger sister
泳ぐ 【およぐ】to swim
黄色い 【きいろい】yellow
荷物 【にもつ】① luggage, baggage ② burden ③ payload (of a packet, cell, etc.)
階 【かい】① stories, storeys ② counter for storeys and floors of a building
皿 【さら】① plate, dish, platter, disc ② serving, helping, course ③ kanji radical 108 (at the bottom)
鳴く 【なく】① to sing (bird) ② to bark, to purr, to make sound (animal)
側 【がわ】① side (of something, or taking someone's side), part ② (watch) case
奥さん 【おくさん】wife, your wife, his wife, married lady, madam
机 【つくえ】desk
吸う 【すう】① to smoke, to breathe in, to inhale ② to suck, to sip, to slurp ③ to absorb, to soak up ④ to kiss
靴 【くつ】shoes, footwear
厚い 【あつい】① thick, deep, heavy ② kind, cordial, hospitable, warm, faithful ③ serious (of an illness) ④ abundant
掃除 【そうじ】cleaning, sweeping
並べる 【ならべる】① to line up, to set up ② to enumerate, to itemize
忙しい 【いそがしい】busy, hectic, occupied, engaged
浴びる 【あびる】to bathe, to bask in the sun, to shower
卵 【たまご】① eggs, egg, spawn, roe ② hen egg ③ (an expert) in the making
居る 【いる】① to be (of animate objects), to exist ② to stay ③ (after the -te form of a verb) verb indicating continuing action or state (i.e. to be ..ing, to have been ..ing)
あっち① that way (direction distant from both speaker and listener), over there, yonder ② that one (something physically distant from both speaker and listener, or something not visible but known by both speaker and listener), that ③ that person (someone physically distant from both speaker and listener, or someone not present but known by both speaker and listener) ④ there (place distant from both speaker and listener), over there, foreign country (esp. a Western nation)
まずい① unappetising, unappetizing, unpleasant (taste, appearance, situation) ② unskillful, unskilful, bungling, clumsy ③ ugly, homely, plain, unattractive ④ awkward, untimely, inopportune, unfavorable, unwise
どのwhich, what (way)
はっきりclearly, plainly, distinctly
タイプ① type, kind, sort, style ② typewriter, typing
ベル① bell ② bel, B
意見 【いけん】opinion, view
遠く 【とおく】far away, distant, at a distance, distant place, by far
下さる 【くださる】to give, to confer
楽しむ 【たのしむ】to enjoy oneself
間に合う 【まにあう】① to be in time for ② to serve (suit, meet) the purpose, to be good enough, to be enough
空気 【くうき】air, atmosphere
出発 【しゅっぱつ】departure
送る 【おくる】① to send (a thing), to dispatch, to despatch ② to take or escort (a person somewhere), to see off (a person) ③ to bid farewell (to the departed), to bury ④ to spend (time), to live one's life ⑤ to pass (down the line) ⑥ to affix okurigana
知らせる 【しらせる】to notify, to advise, to inform
都合 【つごう】circumstances, condition, convenience
一度 【いちど】① once, one time, on one occasion ② temporarily, for a moment ③ one degree, one tone, one musical interval
下りる 【おりる】① to descend (e.g. a mountain), to climb down, to go down, to come down ② to be granted, to be issued, to be given ③ to be discharged, to be passed (from the body; i.e. of a roundworm)
育てる 【そだてる】to raise, to rear, to bring up
形 【かたち】① form, shape, figure ② visage
参る 【まいる】① to go, to come, to call ② to be defeated, to collapse, to die ③ to be annoyed, to be nonplussed ④ to be madly in love ⑤ to visit (shrine, grave)
拾う 【ひろう】to pick up, to find, to gather
焼ける 【やける】① to burn, to be roasted, to be heated, to be sunburnt, to fade (in the sun), to glow red (i.e. of the sky at sunset) ② to be jealous, to be envious
深い 【ふかい】deep, profound, thick, close
石 【いし】① stone ② gem, jewel
打つ 【うつ】① to hit (something inanimate), to strike, to beat (on something) ② to type, to tap (e.g. a key) ③ to inject ④ to indulge in gambling ⑤ to visit (on a pilgrimage)
伝える 【つたえる】to convey, to report, to transmit, to communicate, to tell, to impart, to propagate, to teach, to bequeath
投げる 【なげる】① to throw, to cast away ② to face defeat, to give up
倍 【ばい】① twice, double ② times, -fold
返事 【へんじ】reply, answer, response
鳴る 【なる】to sound, to ring, to resound, to echo, to roar, to rumble
役に立つ 【やくにたつ】to be helpful, to be useful
例えば 【たとえば】for example, e.g.
選ぶ 【えらぶ】to choose, to select
割れる 【われる】① to break, to be smashed ② to split, to crack, to fissure, to be torn ③ to be divided, to cleave ④ to come to light
事務所 【じむしょ】office
召し上がる 【めしあがる】to eat
招待 【しょうたい】invitation
折れる 【おれる】to break, to be folded, to give in, to turn (a corner)
続く 【つづく】① to continue, to last, to go on ② to be unbroken ③ to occur again and again ④ to lead to, to connect to
適当 【てきとう】① suitable, adequate, relevant, appropriate, fit ② random, halfhearted, on the spot, whatever works
背中 【せなか】back (of body)
泊まる 【とまる】① to stay at (e.g. hotel) ② to be docked, to be berthed, to be moored
片付ける 【かたづける】① to tidy up, to put in order, to straighten up, to put away ② to settle (problem), to clear (dispute) ③ to finish, to bring something to an end ④ to marry off (e.g. a daughter) ⑤ to do away with someone, to bump someone off
利用 【りよう】use, utilization, utilisation, application
裏 【うら】① bottom (or another side that is hidden from view), undersurface, opposite side, reverse side ② rear, back, behind (the house) ③ lining, inside ④ out of sight, behind the scenes ⑤ proof ⑥ opposite (of a prediction, common sense, etc.) ⑦ inverse (of a hypothesis, etc.) ⑧ bottom (of an inning), last half (of an inning)
柔らかい 【やわらかい】soft, tender, limp
この頃 【このごろ】recently, nowadays, these days
挨拶 【あいさつ】① greeting, greetings, salutation, salute ② speech (congratulatory or appreciative), address ③ reply, response ④ a fine thing to say (used as part of a sarcastic response to a rude remark) ⑤ (orig. meaning) dialoging (with another Zen practitioner to ascertain their level of enlightenment)
頑張る 【がんばる】to persist, to insist on, to stand firm, to try one's best
趣味 【しゅみ】hobby, tastes, preference
駄目 【だめ】useless, no good, hopeless
それにbesides, moreover
しばらく① little while, short while, moment, instant ② a while, quite a time ③ it's been a long time
そうしてand, like that
がっかりfeel disappointed, dejected, lose heart, feel emotionally drained, feel let down
しつこいinsistent, obstinate
そっとsoftly, gently, quietly, secretly
外す 【はずす】① to unfasten, to undo ② to remove, to take off, to deinstall ③ to leave, to step out, to slip away ④ to miss (a target)
週 【しゅう】week
生 【なま】① raw, uncooked, fresh ② natural, unedited, unprocessed, crude ③ live (i.e. not recorded) ④ inexperienced, unpolished, green ⑤ impudence, sauciness ⑥ unpasteurized beer, draft beer, draught beer ⑦ partially, somewhat, half-, semi-
生える 【はえる】① to grow, to spring up ② to cut (teeth)
本来 【ほんらい】① originally, primarily ② essentially, naturally, by nature, in (and of) itself ③ proper, legal
友人 【ゆうじん】friend
来 【らい】① next (year, etc.) ② since (last month, etc.)
見つめる 【みつめる】to stare at, to gaze at, to look hard at, to watch intently, to fix one's eyes on
生まれ 【うまれ】birth, birthplace
せっせとdiligently, assiduously
見事 【みごと】① splendid, magnificent, beautiful, admirable ② praiseworthy act, feat, commendable deed
持ち上げる 【もちあげる】to raise, to lift up, to flatter
室 【しつ】① room ② Chinese "Encampment" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
出会い 【であい】meeting, rendezvous, encounter
出来事 【できごと】incident, affair, happening, event
多少 【たしょう】more or less, somewhat, a little, some
代金 【だいきん】price, payment, cost, charge, the money, the bill
中心 【ちゅうしん】center, centre, middle, heart, core, focus, pivot, emphasis, balance
注文 【ちゅうもん】order, request
度 【たび】time (three times, each time, etc.), times
動かす 【うごかす】① to move, to shift, to operate, to set in motion, to mobilize, to mobilise ② to inspire, to rouse, to move (e.g. feeling), to influence ③ to deny, to change
夕食 【ゆうしょく】evening meal, dinner
立ち上がる 【たちあがる】① to stand up, to get up ② to rise ③ to recover ④ to take action, to start ⑤ to make the initial charge (in sumo)
転ぶ 【ころぶ】to fall down, to fall over
少なくとも 【すくなくとも】at least
出会う 【であう】to meet by chance, to come across, to happen to encounter, to hold a rendezvous, to have a date
易い 【やすい】easy
屋根 【やね】roof
家具 【かぐ】furniture
回転 【かいてん】rotation (usu. around something), revolution, turning
確実 【かくじつ】certainty, reliability, soundness
感情 【かんじょう】emotion, feeling, feelings, sentiment
期待 【きたい】expectation, anticipation, hope
記録 【きろく】① record, minutes, document ② a record (e.g. in sports), results, score ③ to record, to document ④ to set a record (e.g. in sports), to show a result, to reach a value
旧 【きゅう】ex-, former, old
金額 【きんがく】amount of money
決定 【けってい】decision, determination
幸い 【さいわい】happiness, blessedness
参加 【さんか】participation
残り 【のこり】remnant, residue, remaining, left-over
試す 【ためす】to attempt, to test, to try out
式 【しき】① equation, formula, expression ② ceremony ③ style
取り上げる 【とりあげる】① to take up, to pick up ② to accept, to adopt, to listen to ③ to disqualify, to confiscate, to deprive ④ to adopt (child)
集中 【しゅうちゅう】concentration, convergence, centralization, integration, gathering together
常に 【つねに】always, constantly
進める 【すすめる】to advance, to promote, to hasten
正確 【せいかく】accurate, punctual, exact, authentic, veracious
生き物 【いきもの】living thing, animal
生物 【せいぶつ】living things, creature
対 【たい】① opposite, opposition ② versus, vs ③ to (i.e. "we won the game five to three") ④ equal footing, equal terms ⑤ against ..., anti-, toward ..., to ...
長期 【ちょうき】long time period
直ちに 【ただちに】at once, immediately, directly, in person
鉄 【てつ】iron
当てる 【あてる】① to hit ② to expose ③ to apply (e.g. patch) ④ to allot, to call on someone (e.g. in class) ⑤ to guess (an answer) ⑥ to make a hit (e.g. in a lottery)
皮 【かわ】① skin, hide, pelt, fur ② rind, peel, husk, bark ③ shell, sheath, wrapping
筆 【ふで】writing brush
表 【ひょう】table (e.g. Tab 1), chart, list
平等 【びょうどう】equality, impartiality, evenness
望み 【のぞみ】① wish, desire, hope ② prospect, expectation, (one's) hopes
望む 【のぞむ】to desire, to wish for, to see, to command (a view of)
役 【やく】① use, service, role ② post, position ③ scoring combination (e.g. in mahjong, card games, etc.), hand
有能 【ゆうのう】able, capable, efficient, skill
流れ 【ながれ】stream, current, flow
毎月 【まいつき】every month, each month, monthly
幸運 【こううん】good luck, fortune
幸せ 【しあわせ】happiness, good fortune, luck, blessing
向かい 【むかい】facing, opposite, across the street, other side
勝ち 【かち】win, victory
感 【かん】feeling, sensation, emotion, admiration, impression
両 【りょう】① both (e.g. both shoulders, etc.) ② ryo (obsolete unit of currency) ③ 41-42 g (one sixteenth of a kin) ④ 2 tan (measure of fabric size) ⑤ counter for carriages (e.g. in a train)
愛 【あい】love, affection
意識 【いしき】① consciousness ② awareness, sense ③ mano-vijnana (mental consciousness, cognizer of sensory information)
印 【しるし】① mark ② symbol ③ evidence
鋭い 【するどい】pointed, sharp
越す 【こす】① to cross over (e.g. mountain), to go across ② to go over (e.g. with audience) ③ to pass time (e.g. a winter) ④ to surpass, to be better than, to exceed ⑤ to move house ⑥ to go, to come
演技 【えんぎ】acting, performance
煙 【けむり】smoke, fumes
加減 【かげん】① addition and subtraction ② allowance for ③ degree, extent, measure ④ condition, state of health ⑤ seasoning, flavor, flavour, moderation, adjustment ⑥ influence (of the weather) ⑦ chance
可能 【かのう】possible, practicable, feasible
過去 【かこ】the past, bygone days, the previous
解決 【かいけつ】settlement, solution, resolution
覚める 【さめる】① to wake, to wake up ② to become sober, to sober up, to regain consciousness (e.g. after anaesthesia) ③ to come to one's senses, to be disillusioned
管理 【かんり】control, management (e.g. of a business)
願う 【ねがう】① to desire, to wish, to hope ② to beg, to request, to implore, to pray ③ to have something done for oneself
気候 【きこう】climate
恐らく 【おそらく】perhaps, likely, probably, I dare say
偶然 【ぐうぜん】(by) chance, unexpectedly, suddenly, accident, fortuity
賢い 【かしこい】wise, clever, smart
現実 【げんじつ】reality
現場 【げんば】actual spot, scene, scene of the crime
個人 【こじん】individual, private person, personal, private
呼吸 【こきゅう】① breath, respiration ② knack, trick, secret (of doing something)
光景 【こうけい】scene, spectacle
効果 【こうか】effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result
硬い 【かたい】① hard, solid, tough ② stiff, tight, wooden, unpolished (e.g. writing) ③ strong, firm (not viscous or easily moved) ④ safe, steady, honest, steadfast ⑤ obstinate, stubborn ⑥ bookish, formal, stuffy
荒れる 【あれる】to be stormy, to be rough, to lose one's temper
腰 【こし】① back, lower back, waist, hips, lumbar region ② body (of hair, noodle, paper, etc.), resilience, spring
混乱 【こんらん】disorder, chaos, confusion, mayhem
差 【さ】difference, variation
差す 【さす】① to raise (e.g. hands, umbrella), to stretch out ② to be tinged ③ to wear at one's side (e.g. sword) ④ to shine ⑤ to provoke a feeling
散歩 【さんぽ】walk, stroll
似合う 【にあう】to suit, to match, to become, to be like
辞める 【やめる】to resign, to retire, to quit, to leave (one's job, etc.)
手段 【しゅだん】means, way, measure
順 【じゅん】order, turn
女優 【じょゆう】actress
城 【しろ】castle
心臓 【しんぞう】heart
跡 【あと】① trace, tracks, mark, sign ② remains, ruins ③ scar
説 【せつ】theory
想像 【そうぞう】imagination, guess
総 【そう】whole, all, general, gross
増す 【ます】to increase, to grow
大層 【たいそう】very much, exaggerated, very fine
地位 【ちい】(social) position, status
直接 【ちょくせつ】direct, immediate, personal, firsthand
沈む 【しずむ】to sink, to feel depressed
怒鳴る 【どなる】to shout, to yell
毒 【どく】poison, toxicant
熱心 【ねっしん】zeal, enthusiasm
燃える 【もえる】to burn, to get fired up
泊める 【とめる】to give shelter to, to lodge
肌 【はだ】① skin ② body (in the context of intimate bodily contact) ③ surface, grain (e.g. of wood), texture ④ disposition, temperament, character, type
判断 【はんだん】judgement, judgment, decision, adjudication, conclusion, decipherment, divination
悲劇 【ひげき】tragedy, disaster
被害 【ひがい】damage
便 【びん】① flight (e.g. airline flight), trip (e.g. train trip), service ② mail, post, letter ③ opportunity, chance
暮らす 【くらす】① to live, to get along ② to spend (time)
面倒 【めんどう】trouble, difficulty, care, attention
役割 【やくわり】part, assigning (allotment of) parts, role, duties
約 【やく】① approximately, about ② promise ③ shortening, reduction, simplification ④ contraction (in phonetics)
勇気 【ゆうき】courage, bravery, valour, valor, nerve, boldness
預かる 【あずかる】① to look after, to take care of, to keep, to hold on to, to keep in custody ② to take charge of, to be entrusted with, to receive on deposit ③ to reserve (judgment), to leave undecided
恋 【こい】love, tender passion
燃やす 【もやす】to burn
痛み 【いたみ】pain, ache, sore, grief, distress
伸ばす 【のばす】① to grow long (beard, hair, etc.) ② to lengthen, to extend, to stretch ③ to reach out, to hold out ④ to straighten, to smooth out ⑤ to spread evenly (dough, cream, etc.) ⑥ to dilute, to thin out ⑦ to postpone ⑧ to prolong ⑨ to strengthen, to develop, to expand
包帯 【ほうたい】bandage, dressing
有利 【ゆうり】advantageous, better, profitable, lucrative
続き 【つづき】sequel, continuation, (also suffix) continuation (in time and space), second series, succession, spell
最 【さい】① the most, the extreme ② prime, conspicuous
意志 【いし】will, volition, intention, intent, determination
炎 【ほのお】flame, blaze
遠慮 【えんりょ】diffidence, restraint, reserve, discretion, tact, thoughtfulness
基本 【きほん】foundation, basis, standard
貴重 【きちょう】precious, valuable
急激 【きゅうげき】sudden, precipitous, radical
契約 【けいやく】contract, compact, agreement
傑作 【けっさく】① masterpiece, best work ② blunder, boner
酸素 【さんそ】oxygen
自慢 【じまん】pride, boast
収穫 【しゅうかく】harvest, crop, ingathering
侵入 【しんにゅう】penetration, invasion, raid, aggression, trespass
振る 【ふる】① to wave, to shake, to swing ② to sprinkle, to throw (dice) ③ to cast (actor), to allocate (work) ④ to turn down (somebody), to reject, to jilt, to dump ⑤ to abandon, to give up, to ruin ⑥ to add kana indicating a reading of a word ⑦ to slightly change headings, to change directions ⑧ to extract by broiling, to prepare an infusion of, to decoct ⑨ to carry with great vigor (e.g. a portable shrine) ⑩ to bring up the main topic ⑪ to replace, to substitute ⑫ to set up a joke for somebody else
節約 【せつやく】economising, saving
説得 【せっとく】persuasion
選択 【せんたく】selection, choice, option
訴える 【うったえる】① to sue (a person), to take someone to court ② to resort to (e.g. arms, violence) ③ to appeal to, to call for ④ to raise, to bring to (someone's attention) ⑤ to complain
操作 【そうさ】① operation, management, processing ② manipulating to one's benefit ③ to operate ④ to manipulate, to fiddle (e.g. the books)
眺める 【ながめる】to view, to gaze at
納得 【なっとく】consent, assent, understanding, agreement, comprehension, grasp
梅 【うめ】① plum, Japanese apricot, prunus mume ② lowest (of a three-tier ranking system)
発揮 【はっき】exhibition, demonstration, show, display, manifestation
貧乏 【びんぼう】poverty, destitute, poor
敷く 【しく】① to spread out, to lay out ② to take a position ③ to impose widely (e.g. over a city)
訪れる 【おとずれる】to visit
魅力 【みりょく】charm, fascination, glamour, glamor, attraction, appeal
霧 【きり】fog, mist
迷惑 【めいわく】trouble, bother, annoyance
唯一 【ゆいいつ】only, sole, unique
嵐 【あらし】storm, tempest
礼儀 【れいぎ】manners, courtesy, etiquette
飽きる 【あきる】to get tired of, to lose interest in, to have enough
怪しい 【あやしい】① suspicious, dubious, doubtful, dodgy ② charming, bewitching
あらゆるall, every
影 【かげ】① shadow, silhouette ② reflection, image ③ presence, sign ④ light (stars, moon)
絞る 【しぼる】to press, to wring, to squeeze, to narrow (down), to whittle (down), to tighten
引っ張る 【ひっぱる】① to pull, to draw, to stretch, to drag ② to pull the ball (baseball)
故郷 【ふるさと】home town, birthplace, old village, historic village, native place, one's old home
ますますincreasingly, more and more
氏 【し】① Mr ② clan ③ he, him ④ counter for people
ぶつかるto strike, to collide with, to bump into
やがてbefore long, soon, at length
あいにくunfortunately, Sorry, but ...
鼠 【ねずみ】① mouse, rat ② dark gray, dark grey, slate (color, colour)
そのままwithout change, as it is (i.e. now)
それでもbut (still), and yet, nevertheless, even so, notwithstanding
叩く 【たたく】① to strike, to clap, to dust, to beat ② to play drums ③ to abuse, to flame (e.g. on the Internet), to insult ④ to use up money
しゃべるto talk, to chat, to chatter
諦める 【あきらめる】to give up, to abandon
釘 【くぎ】nail (i.e. small metal spike)
謎 【なぞ】① riddle, puzzle, enigma, mystery ② enigmatic, mysterious
膝 【ひざ】knee, lap
脇 【わき】① side, aside ② armpit ③ back-burner
贅沢 【ぜいたく】① luxury, extravagance ② to live in luxury
ためらうto hesitate
かなりconsiderably, fairly, quite
がちapt to do, liable to do, tend to do (used to describe a negative tendency)
おじさん① uncle ② old man, mister (vocative)
一時 【ひととき】moment, time
上る 【のぼる】① to ascend, to go up, to climb ② to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun), to rise ③ to go to (the capital) ④ to be promoted ⑤ to add up to ⑥ to advance (in price) ⑦ to swim up (a river), to sail up ⑧ to come up (on the agenda)
一時 【いちじ】one hour, short time, once, a time, temporarily, at one time, twelfth part of a day
しんとsilent (as the grave), deadly silent
よいしょ① (expression of) effort or strain, Yo-heave-ho! ② to butter up, to suck up to
以後 【いご】① after this, from now on, hereafter ② thereafter, since (verb) (after -te form of verb), after (time), since (then)
強気 【つよき】firm, strong
とどまる① to stop, to halt ② to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place) ③ to come to a halt ④ to be limited to
真っ先 【まっさき】the head, the foremost, beginning
地味 【じみ】plain, simple, subdued, sober
転がる 【ころがる】to roll, to tumble
田んぼ 【たんぼ】paddy field, farm
代える 【かえる】① to replace ② to exchange, to interchange ③ to substitute
代わる 【かわる】to take the place of, to relieve, to be substituted for, to be exchanged, to change places with, to take turns, to be replaced
お帰り 【おかえり】① return ② welcome home
ひっくり返る 【ひっくりかえる】to be overturned, to be upset, to topple over, to be reversed
合流 【ごうりゅう】confluence, union, linking up, merge, recombining
重量 【じゅうりょう】① weight ② heavyweight boxer
組 【くみ】① set (of items) ② group (of people), class (of students), company (esp. construction), family (i.e. mafia), team ③ typesetting, composition
対立 【たいりつ】confrontation, opposition, antagonism
竹 【たけ】① bamboo ② middle (of a three-tier ranking system)
直後 【ちょくご】immediately following
天然 【てんねん】① nature, spontaneity ② natural airhead
点数 【てんすう】marks, points, score, runs, number of items, credits
日常 【にちじょう】ordinary, regular, everyday, usual
名物 【めいぶつ】famous product, special product, speciality, specialty
育児 【いくじ】childcare, nursing, upbringing
課する 【かする】to levy, to charge, to assess, to impose, to assign
改める 【あらためる】① to change, to alter, to revise, to replace ② to reform, to correct, to mend, to improve ③ to examine, to check, to inspect ④ to do properly, to do formally
幾 【いく】① some, several ② many ③ how many?, how much?
境 【さかい】border, boundary, mental state
務める 【つとめる】① to work (for), to be employed (at), to serve (in) ② to serve (as), to act (as), to fill (the position of), to play the role (of) ③ to conduct a religious service
芸能 【げいのう】public entertainment, accomplishments, attainments
険しい 【けわしい】① precipitous, rugged, inaccessible, impregnable, steep ② grim, severe, stern
現す 【あらわす】① to reveal, to show, to display ② to express ③ to represent, to signify, to stand for ④ to make widely known
再 【さい】re-, again, repeated
散る 【ちる】① to fall (e.g. blossoms, leaves) ② to scatter, to be dispersed ③ to disappear, to dissolve, to break up ④ to spread, to run, to blur ⑤ to die a noble death
治める 【おさめる】① to govern, to manage ② to subdue
接近 【せっきん】getting closer, drawing nearer, approaching
相違 【そうい】difference, discrepancy, variation
測量 【そくりょう】measurement, surveying
大戦 【たいせん】great war, great battle
宅 【たく】house, home, husband
探る 【さぐる】to search, to look for, to sound out
着替える 【きがえる】to change one's clothes
昼寝 【ひるね】nap (afternoon), siesta
追い越す 【おいこす】to pass (e.g. car), to outdistance, to outstrip
突く 【つく】① to prick, to stab ② to poke, to prod, to push, to thrust, to nudge, to hit, to strike ③ to use (a cane), to prop oneself up with, to press against (the floor, etc.) ④ to attack ⑤ to brave (the rain, etc.)
破れる 【やぶれる】to get torn, to wear out
背負う 【せおう】to be burdened with, to carry on back or shoulder
美容 【びよう】beauty of figure or form
有り難い 【ありがたい】grateful, thankful, welcome, appreciated, evoking gratitude
裏口 【うらぐち】backdoor, rear entrance
粒 【つぶ】grain, bead
値 【ね】① price, cost ② value, worth, merit ③ variable (computer programming, programing) ④ value, count, number ⑤ to have value, to have merit
抱く 【だく】① to embrace, to hold in the arms (e.g. a baby), to hug ② to harbour (e.g. grudge) (harbor), to bear (e.g. a grudge), to entertain (e.g. suspicion) ③ to sleep with ④ to sit on eggs
押さえる 【おさえる】① to pin something down, to hold something down, to hold something back, to stop, to restrain, to curb ② to seize, to grasp, to arrest ③ to gain control of something, to govern, to keep down (e.g. information), to suppress ④ to catch happening, to determine (important points), to find (proof), to understand
果たして 【はたして】① as was expected, just as one thought, sure enough, as a result ② really? (in questions), ever?
ひっくり返す 【ひっくりかえす】to turn over, to overturn, to knock over, to upset, to turn inside out
増やす 【ふやす】to increase, to add to, to augment
段 【だん】① step, stair, (flight of) steps, (row of) stitches, columns (of print) ② grade, rank, level ③ counter for breaks in written language (or speech, etc.)
老い 【おい】old age, old person, the old, the aged
辛い 【づらい】difficult to (do something)
付 【づけ】dated (e.g. a letter), date of effect (e.g. a rule change)
哀れ 【あわれ】① pity, sorrow, grief, misery, compassion, pathos ② pitiable, pitiful, pathetic, miserable ③ alack, alas
案外 【あんがい】unexpectedly
意義 【いぎ】meaning, significance
確率 【かくりつ】probability, likelihood, chances
興奮 【こうふん】excitement, stimulation, agitation, arousal
後輩 【こうはい】junior (at work or school)
寿命 【じゅみょう】life span
汁 【しる】juice, sap, soup, broth
縦 【たて】① the vertical, height ② front-to-back, length
縮む 【ちぢむ】to shrink, to contract, to diminish (in size)
巡る 【めぐる】① to go around ② to return ③ to surround ④ to concern (usu. of disputes)
素人 【しろうと】amateur, novice
鉄砲 【てっぽう】① gun ② wooden pole that sumo wrestlers strike in practice (practise)
展開 【てんかい】① development ② expansion (opposite of compression)
吐き気 【はきけ】nausea, sickness in the stomach
発射 【はっしゃ】firing, shooting, discharge, catapult, ejaculation (sl)
包丁 【ほうちょう】kitchen knife, carving knife
崩れる 【くずれる】to collapse, to crumble
納める 【おさめる】① to dedicate, to make an offering, to pay (fees) ② to supply ③ to store ④ to finish, to bring to a close ⑤ to restore (something to its place) ⑥ to achieve (e.g. a result)
潜る 【もぐる】① to dive (into or under water) ② to get under, to get into, to get in, to creep into, to crawl under, to bury oneself, to burrow into, to dig oneself into, to snuggle under ③ to hide oneself (esp. from the government), to conceal oneself, to go underground
瓦 【かわら】roof tile
そば① buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) ② soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)
糊 【のり】paste, glue, starch
でたらめ① irresponsible utterance, nonsense, bullshit, codswallop ② random, haphazard, unsystematic
なおfurthermore, still, yet, more, still more, in addition, greater, further
すなわちthat is, namely, i.e.
それならIf that's the case ..., If so ..., That being the case ...
つぶれる① to be smashed ② to become useless, to cease functioning ③ to go bankrupt
呆れる 【あきれる】to be amazed, to be shocked
溜める 【ためる】① to amass, to accumulate, to store ② to leave unpaid
こぼれる① to spill, to fall out of, to overflow ② to peek through, to become visible (although normally not) ③ to escape (of a smile, tear, etc.)
洒落 【しゃれ】① joke, pun, witticism ② smartly dressed, stylish, fashion-conscious, refined
くどい① verbose, importunate, wordy, repetitious, long-winded ② heavy (taste), gaudy, loud, greasy
いざnow, come (now), well
業 【ごう】karma (i.e. actions committed in a former life)
公開 【こうかい】open to the public, exhibit
持てる 【もてる】① to be able to possess (hold, get, etc.) ② to be well liked, to be popular, to be pampered (spoiled, doted upon, etc.), to be welcomed ③ to endure (the tests of time, the elements, etc.), to last ④ possessed ⑤ possessing riches, having wealth
風車 【かざぐるま】① windmill, pinwheel ② leather flower, Clematis patens
着 【ぎ】clothes, outfit, uniform, gi
一部 【いちぶ】① one part, one portion, one section, some ② one copy (e.g. of a document)
苦しめる 【くるしめる】to torment, to harass, to inflict pain
針路 【しんろ】course, direction, compass bearing
内臓 【ないぞう】internal organs, intestines, viscera
御負け 【おまけ】① freebie (e.g. with a purchase), something additional, bonus, an extra ② (on the spot) price reduction ③ exaggeration
熟 【つくづく】completely, really, thoroughly, deeply, severely, intently
圧迫 【あっぱく】pressure, coercion, oppression
安っぽい 【やすっぽい】cheap-looking, tawdry, insignificant
案の定 【あんのじょう】just as one thought, as usual
意地 【いじ】disposition, spirit, willpower, obstinacy, backbone, appetite
異議 【いぎ】objection, dissent, protest
違える 【ちがえる】to change
一切 【いっさい】all, everything, without exception, the whole, entirely, absolutely
一層 【いっそ】① much more, still more, all the more, (would) rather, sooner, might as well ② single layer (or storey, etc.)
一帯 【いったい】region, zone, whole place
一変 【いっぺん】complete change, about-face
引き起こす 【ひきおこす】to cause, to induce
家計 【かけい】household economy, family finances
家出 【いえで】running away from home, leaving home
怪獣 【かいじゅう】monster
核心 【かくしん】kernel, core
幹部 【かんぶ】management, (executive) staff, leaders, leadership, top brass, upper echelons
危機 【きき】crisis
記す 【しるす】① to write down, to note ② to remember
欺く 【あざむく】to deceive, to delude, to trick, to fool
犠牲 【ぎせい】victim, sacrifice, scapegoat
久しい 【ひさしい】long, long-continued, old (story)
及ぶ 【およぶ】① to reach, to amount to, to befall, to happen to, to extend ② to be up to the task, to come up to ③ to compare with, to be a match (for) ④ to commit (a crime) ⑤ to require (to do) (usu. used in the negative)
恐れ 【おそれ】fear, horror, anxiety, concern, uneasiness
脅迫 【きょうはく】threat, menace, coercion, terrorism
務まる 【つとまる】to be fit for, to be equal to, to function properly
空腹 【くうふく】hunger
掲げる 【かかげる】① to publish, to print, to carry (an article) ② to put up, to hang out, to hoist, to fly (a sail), to float (a flag), to tout ③ to set forth (provision)
決意 【けつい】decision, determination
決断 【けつだん】decision, determination
健在 【けんざい】in good health, well, going strong
懸賞 【けんしょう】offering prizes, winning, reward
見苦しい 【みぐるしい】unsightly, ugly
見落とす 【みおとす】to overlook, to fail to notice, to miss (seeing)
孤児 【こじ】orphan
交える 【まじえる】① to mix, to combine ② to exchange (words, fire, etc.) ③ to cross (e.g. swords), to join together
交渉 【こうしょう】① negotiations, discussions ② connection
公認 【こうにん】official recognition, authorization, authorisation, licence, license, accreditation
好評 【こうひょう】popularity, favorable reputation, favourable reputation
合わせ 【あわせ】joint together, opposite, facing
差し出す 【さしだす】to present, to submit, to tender, to hold out
最早 【もはや】already, now
作 【さく】a work, a harvest
作用 【さよう】action, operation, effect, function
残酷 【ざんこく】cruelty, harshness
志向 【しこう】intention, aim
施す 【ほどこす】to donate, to give, to conduct, to apply, to perform
施設 【しせつ】① institution, establishment, facility ② (army) engineer
資格 【しかく】qualifications, requirements, capabilities
資金 【しきん】funds, capital
治まる 【おさまる】to be at peace, to clamp down, to lessen (storm, terror, anger)
弱 【じゃく】weakness, the weak, little less than
手軽 【てがる】easy, simple, informal, offhand, cheap
手元 【てもと】① (money) on hand or at home, one's purse (handbag) ② usual skill
出血 【しゅっけつ】bleeding, haemorrhage, hemorrhage
出産 【しゅっさん】(child)birth, delivery, production (of goods)
出題 【しゅつだい】proposing a question
処置 【しょち】treatment, measure, step
所持 【しょじ】possession, owning
諸君 【しょくん】Gentlemen!, Ladies!
勝利 【しょうり】victory, triumph, conquest, success, win
焦る 【あせる】to be in a hurry, to be impatient
証 【あかし】① proof, evidence, testimony ② to testify (usu. Christian religious context)
上がり 【あがり】① ascent, rise, slope ② freshly-drawn green tea (esp. in sushi shops) ③ advance income, crop yield ④ death, spinning, completion, stop, finish ⑤ after (rain), ex (official, etc.) ⑥ (end) results (e.g. of crafts like painting, pottery, etc.), how something comes out
職務 【しょくむ】professional duties
辛抱 【しんぼう】patience, endurance
進化 【しんか】evolution, progress
人材 【じんざい】man of talent, capable person, talented person
刃 【は】edge (of a knife or sword)
推測 【すいそく】guess, conjecture
粋 【いき】① chic, stylish, refined, sophisticated, smart ② understanding, sympathetic ③ the best
据える 【すえる】① to place (in position), to fix, to set (e.g. table), to lay (foundation) ② to install, to seat (someone) ③ to settle (upon something), to fix (e.g. one's gaze) ④ to apply (moxa)
勢力 【せいりょく】influence, power, might, strength, potency, force, energy
正しく 【まさしく】surely, no doubt, evidently
正義 【せいぎ】justice, right, righteousness, correct meaning
正当 【せいとう】just, justifiable, right, due, proper, equitable, reasonable, legitimate, legal, lawful
生き甲斐 【いきがい】something one lives for, purpose in life, raison d'etre
生温い 【なまぬるい】lukewarm, halfhearted
盛大 【せいだい】grand, prosperous, magnificent
西日 【にしび】westering sun, setting sun
接触 【せっしょく】touch, contact
繊維 【せんい】fibre, fiber, textile
捜索 【そうさく】search (esp. for someone or something missing), investigation
相応しい 【ふさわしい】appropriate
葬る 【ほうむる】to bury, to inter, to entomb, to consign to oblivion, to shelve
打撃 【だげき】① blow, shock, strike, damage ② batting (baseball)
対応 【たいおう】① interaction, correspondence, coping with, dealing with, support ② software support, ability of a computer system to run specific software
対抗 【たいこう】opposition, antagonism
対等 【たいとう】equivalent
大胆 【だいたん】bold, daring, audacious
大方 【おおかた】perhaps, almost all, majority
恥 【はじ】shame, embarrassment
中傷 【ちゅうしょう】slander, libel, defamation
中毒 【ちゅうどく】① poisoning ② addiction
懲りる 【こりる】to learn by experience, to be disgusted with
挑む 【いどむ】① to challenge, to throw down the gauntlet, to contend for, to tackle ② to pressure someone for sex, to woo, to make love to
潮 【しお】① tide, current ② salt water ③ opportunity
調べ 【しらべ】① investigation, inspection, examination ② tune, note, melody
追い出す 【おいだす】to expel, to drive out
通常 【つうじょう】common, general, normal, usual
天 【てん】① sky ② heaven ③ svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth) ④ deva (divine being of Buddhism)
天井 【てんじょう】ceiling, ceiling price
転換 【てんかん】convert, divert
逃す 【のがす】to let loose, to set free, to let escape
同感 【どうかん】agreement, same opinion, same feeling, sympathy, concurrence
憧れ 【あこがれ】yearning, longing, aspiration
乃至 【ないし】① from ... to, between ... and ② or
脳 【のう】brain, memory
把握 【はあく】grasp, catch, understanding
排除 【はいじょ】exclusion, removal, rejection, elimination, abatement, lifting (sanctions, etc.)
敗戦 【はいせん】defeat, losing a war
敗北 【はいぼく】① defeat ② to be defeated
肺 【はい】lung
爆弾 【ばくだん】bomb
半端 【はんぱ】remnant, fragment, incomplete set, fraction, odd sum, incompleteness
反乱 【はんらん】insurrection, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, uprising
扉 【とびら】① door, gate, opening ② title page
貧弱 【ひんじゃく】poor, meagre, meager, insubstantial
不審 【ふしん】incomplete understanding, doubt, question, distrust, suspicion, strangeness, infidelity
不服 【ふふく】dissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
不良 【ふりょう】badness, inferiority, delinquency, failure, defect, blemish
浮力 【ふりょく】buoyancy, floating power
負かす 【まかす】to defeat
武力 【ぶりょく】armed might, military power, the sword, force
舞う 【まう】① to dance (orig. a whirling dance) ② to flutter about, to revolve
沸騰 【ふっとう】boiling, seething
分裂 【ぶんれつ】split, division, break up
偏見 【へんけん】prejudice, narrow view
防衛 【ぼうえい】defense, defence, protection, self-defense, self-defence
没収 【ぼっしゅう】forfeiture, seizure, confiscation, impounding
未知 【みち】not yet known
無意味 【むいみ】nonsense, no meaning, meaningless
無知 【むち】ignorance
名簿 【めいぼ】register of names
面目 【めんぼく】face, honour, honor, reputation, prestige, dignity, credit
網 【あみ】① net, netting ② web
野心 【やしん】ambition, aspiration, designs, treachery
幽霊 【ゆうれい】ghost, specter, spectre, apparition, phantom
融資 【ゆうし】financing, loan
予感 【よかん】presentiment, premonition
予想 【よそう】expectation, anticipation, prediction, forecast, conjecture
余所見 【よそみ】looking away, looking aside
用件 【ようけん】business, thing to be done, something that should be perfomed, information that should be conveyed
裸足 【はだし】① barefoot ② superior to (a professional)
落下 【らっか】fall, drop, come down
流し 【ながし】① sink ② cruising (e.g. taxi)
労力 【ろうりょく】labour, labor, effort, toil, trouble
最中 【さなか】in the middle of, height of, in course of, midst
早急 【そうきゅう】urgent
打ち込む 【うちこむ】to drive in (e.g. nail, stake), to devote oneself to, to shoot into, to smash, to throw into, to cast into
天地 【てんち】① heaven and earth, the universe, nature, top and bottom, realm, sphere, world ② top and bottom ③ gods of heaven and earth
難い 【がたい】difficult, hard
埋まる 【うまる】to be buried, to be surrounded, to overflow, to be filled
意向 【いこう】intention, idea, inclination
粉々 【こなごな】in very small pieces
心 【しん】① heart, mind ② spirit, vitality, inner strength ③ Chinese "Heart" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
添える 【そえる】① to garnish, to accompany (as a card does a gift) ② to add to as support, to prop up ③ to accompany (as an aid, guide, translator, etc.)
貴い 【とうとい】precious, valuable, priceless, noble, exalted, sacred
並 【なみ】average, medium, common, ordinary
引き上げる 【ひきあげる】① to pull up, to drag up, to lift up ② to increase, to raise (e.g. taxes) ③ to withdraw, to leave, to pull out, to retire ④ to return home
見込み 【みこみ】forecast, prospects, expectation, hope
漏れる 【もれる】to leak out, to escape, to come through, to shine through, to filter out, to be omitted
略奪 【りゃくだつ】pillage, plunder, looting, robbery
害する 【がいする】① to injure, to damage, to harm, to hurt ② to kill ③ to hinder, to obstruct
界 【かい】① (biological) kingdom ② erathem (rock layer corresponding to the era in which it was deposited) ③ partition of land ④ the world of (some category)
いかにもindeed, really, phrase meaning agreement
もろにcompletely, all the way, altogether, bodily
闇 【やみ】darkness, the dark, black-marketeering, dark, shady, illegal
引っ掻く 【ひっかく】to scratch, to claw
今更 【いまさら】now (after such a long time), at this late hour (i.e. it is too late for something)
さもreally, extremely
揃い 【そろい】set, suit, uniform
ちょうsuper-, ultra-, hyper-, very, really (conversational)
壷 【つぼ】① jar, pot, vase ② dice cup ③ depression (i.e. the basin of a waterfall) ④ (figurative) bull's-eye ⑤ key point (of a conversation, etc.) ⑥ acupuncture point, moxibustion point ⑦ fingerboard (of a shamisen, etc.)
雫 【しずく】drop (of water), drip
まとめsettlement, conclusion, summary
微塵 【みじん】particle, atom
返る 【かえる】① to return, to come back, to go back ② (after the -masu stem of a verb) (to become) extremely, (to become) completely
詫び 【わび】apology, excuse
咎める 【とがめる】to blame, to find fault, to challenge, to threaten, to take someone to task, to aggravate (an injury)
炒める 【いためる】to cook, to fry, to saute, to stir-fry
けなすto speak ill of
惚ける 【とぼける】① to play dumb, to feign ignorance, to play innocent, to have a blank facial expression ② to play the fool ③ to be in one's dotage
ろくなsatisfactory, decent
強がる 【つよがる】to cry sour grapes, to bluff, to whistle in the dark, to pretend to be tough
あしらうto arrange, to treat, to handle, to deal with
ぎゅっとhard, tight(ly)
ごちゃごちゃ① jumble, mix up ② complaining about various things
そこそこ① reasonably, fairly well ② or so, about
それらthose over there
たかがit's only ... (something), at most
ちょいちょいoften, frequently, now and then, occasionally
チンピラ(young) hoodlum, small-time yakuza, delinquent boy, delinquent girl, hooligan, punk
らっしゃるto be, to come, to go
アジトhideout, secret base of operations, safe house
イースト① east ② yeast
ウエスト① waist ② west ③ waste
エスカレートescalate, escalation
オードブルhors d'oeuvre
オール① oar ② all
オイルoil, engine oil, kerosene
オムレツomelette, omelet
クール① cool (temperature, color, etc.) ② cool (i.e. calm and collected) ③ cool (i.e. fashionable, attractive, etc.) ④ course (of medical treatment) ⑤ season (series) of a television program (usu. 13 installments over a 3-month period)
ケチャップketchup, catsup
コレクション① collection ② correction
サービス① service, support system ② goods or services without charge
シュート① shoot ② chute
ショット① shot (in films) ② shot (of alcohol) ③ hitting a ball (e.g. in tennis) ④ shoot (in basketball)
スーパー① super ② supermarket ③ superimpose ④ superheterodyne ⑤ (film with) subtitles
スタイル① style ② (female) figure
ソース① sauce (esp. Worcestershire sauce) ② source
ダイエット① diet ② losing weight by any method (e.g. exercise)
ダイヤ① diamond ② (railway) schedule ③ diagram ④ dyer
デザート① dessert ② desert
ドンDon (Spanish honorific)
ニュー① new ② newly purchased item
バイト① work (esp. part time or casual) ② byte, octet ③ bite ④ cutting tool, bit
パーセントpercent, percentage
フライパンfry pan, frying pan
ブルー① blue (colour, color) ② sad, down (in the dumps)
プリン① (custard) pudding ② purine
ボンベcompressed gas cylinder
メール① email ② mail (usu. in phrases and compound words) ③ male
メンバーmember, participant, attendee, lineup (sport)
レディー① lady ② ready
下す 【くだす】① to make (a decision), to pass (judgement, etc.), to hand down (orders, etc.) ② to let go down, to lower ③ to do oneself, to do by oneself
いつの間にか 【いつのまにか】before one knows, before one becomes aware of, unnoticed, unawares
カ月 【かげつ】(number of) months
外れ 【はずれ】① end, verge, extremity, tip, outskirts ② miss, failure
大いなる 【おおいなる】big, large, great
見せしめ 【みせしめ】lesson, example, warning
行き先 【ゆきさき】① destination ② whereabouts, address
今や 【いまや】now
時には 【ときには】at times, occasionally
上出来 【じょうでき】good performance
食後 【しょくご】after a meal
水中 【すいちゅう】underwater
日ごろ 【ひごろ】normally, habitually
年下 【としした】younger, junior
半生 【はんせい】half a lifetime
おびき出す 【おびきだす】① to lure out of, to decoy out of ② to drive to (tears, sleep, etc.), to evoke (sympathy, etc.)
入 【にゅう】go in
半年 【はんとし】half year
生む 【うむ】to give birth, to deliver, to produce
行い 【おこない】deed, act, action, conduct, behavior, behaviour, asceticism
上々 【じょうじょう】the best, great, superb
高々 【たかだか】very high, at most, at best
何もかも 【なにもかも】anything and everything, just about everything
見かけ 【みかけ】outward appearance
見せかける 【みせかける】to pretend, to feign
山々 【やまやま】① very much, great deal ② many mountains
とも① certainly, of course, to be sure, rather ② even if, no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how) ③ at the (least, earliest, etc.)
高 【たか】quantity, amount, volume, number, amount of money
高 【だか】quantity, amount, volume, number, amount of money
大人気 【だいにんき】great popularity, high favour
つまみ食い 【つまみぐい】① eating with one's fingers ② snitching food, snatched food, secret eating, food snatched and eaten without the meal starting ③ embezzlement, misappropriation, exploiting something ④ flirting
お出まし 【おでまし】appearance, presence
うようよin swarms, crawling with
食らわせる 【くらわせる】① to make someone eat ② to deal (a blow), to play (a trick)
食わす 【くわす】① to feed ② to provide ③ to inflict ④ to cheat
こってり① thickly, heavily, richly ② severely, strongly
さてはand then, besides, on top of that
もののbut, although
ですがbut, however, (and) yet, nevertheless, still, for all that
っぽい-ish, -like
かねinterrogative sentence-ending particle expressing doubt
たる(those) who are, (that) which is, often used in relation to qualifications and requirements for a position, in the capacity of
どやすto shout at
かもmay, might, perhaps, may be, possibly
下 【か】under (being in said condition or environment)
わい(sentence end, mainly male) indicates emotion
っぷりmanner, style;
時 【どき】time for -, time of -, - time, (suitable) time to -
てこずるto have much trouble, to have a hard time, to not know how to handle
ジンgin, jin
パス① path ② pass (e.g. skipping a move, passing an examination, ticket to allow entry, etc.)
ボール① ball ② bowl ③ board (e.g. cardboard, pasteboard)
メイン① main ② mane
一文 【いちぶん】(a) sentence
引ける 【ひける】to close, to be over, to break up (e.g. school)
強大 【きょうだい】mighty, powerful
建国 【けんこく】founding of a nation
元より 【もとより】① from the beginning, from the first, all along, originally ② of course
言い切る 【いいきる】to declare, to assert, to state definitively
言い分 【いいぶん】one's say, one's point, complaint, excuse
古着 【ふるぎ】old clothes, secondhand clothing
口先 【くちさき】① lip service, mere words, professions ② lips, mouth, snout, proboscis
行き着く 【ゆきつく】to arrive at, to end up
今し方 【いましがた】moment ago
自体 【じたい】itself
主力 【しゅりょく】main force, chief object, mainline
人魚 【にんぎょ】mermaid, merman
正 【せい】① (logical) true, regular ② 10^40 ③ original ④ positive, greater than zero
前方 【ぜんぽう】forward, frontward
早起き 【はやおき】early rising
足場 【あしば】scaffold, footing, foothold
多大 【ただい】heavy, much
茶 【ちゃ】① tea ② tea plant (Camellia sinensis) ③ tea preparation, making tea ④ brown
特大 【とくだい】extra-large
買い出し 【かいだし】purchase, buying in quantity
発火 【はっか】firing, ignition
不発 【ふはつ】misfire
分かれ目 【わかれめ】① fork, junction, parting of the ways ② turning point
万引き 【まんびき】shoplifting, shoplifter
味つけ 【あじつけ】seasoning, flavour, flavor
立ち 【たち】stand
止め 【とめ】① (a) stop (e.g. in a timber joint, or at the end of a kanji stroke) ② remaining (e.g. poste-restante) ③ forty-five degree angle
ひと言 【ひとこと】single word
正気 【しょうき】true character, true heart, true spirit, sanity, consciousness, soberness
店 【てん】-store, -shop
生き方 【いきかた】way of life, how to live
重み 【おもみ】importance, weight, dignity, emphasis
しでかすto make a mess, to perpetrate, to do, to finish up, to be guilty of
手がかり 【てがかり】① clue, key, trail, scent, track, contact ② handhold, on hand
引き金 【ひきがね】trigger, gunlock
ひき肉 【ひきにく】minced meat, ground meat
着地 【ちゃくち】landing
金品 【きんぴん】money and goods
新春 【しんしゅん】New Year (Spring)
物言い 【ものいい】① manner of speaking ② verbal argument ③ objection, protesting a decision (esp. that of a sumo referee) ④ rumor, rumour
一味 【ひとあじ】unique or peculiar flavor (flavour)
お待ち 【おまち】waiting, waiting time
度目 【どめ】(after a number N) the Nth time
道 【どう】① road ② way ③ Buddhist teachings ④ Taoism ⑤ modern administrative region of Japan (Hokkaido) ⑥ historical administrative region of Japan (Tokaido, Tosando, etc.) ⑦ province (Tang-era administrative region of China) ⑧ province (modern administrative region of Korea)
姉ちゃん 【ねえちゃん】elder sister, girl
お客様 【おきゃくさま】guest, visitor, customer
むきになるto become serious, to take something (joke, teasing) seriously, to become irritated or angry (usually at something trivial)
一命 【いちめい】(a) life, (a) command
横着 【おうちゃく】dishonesty, laziness, cunning
王者 【おうじゃ】king, monarch, ruler
会期 【かいき】session (of a legislature)
楽園 【らくえん】pleasure garden, paradise
活路 【かつろ】means of escape
丸焼き 【まるやき】whole roast (e.g. pig, turkey, etc.)
顔色 【かおいろ】complexion, countenance, expression
顔面 【がんめん】face (of person)
逆上 【ぎゃくじょう】frenzy, distraction
泣かす 【なかす】① to make someone cry, to move someone to tears ② to grieve
泣ける 【なける】to shed tears, to be moved to tears
君たち 【きみたち】(used colloquially by young females) you (plural), all of you, you all
型 【がた】① model, type (e.g. of machine, goods, etc.) ② type, style, pattern ③ mold (mould), template, model ④ kata (standard form of a movement, posture, etc. in martial arts, sport, etc.) ⑤ form (i.e. customary procedure) ⑥ size (i.e. clothing, shoes)
欠かす 【かかす】to miss (doing), to fail (to do)
見受ける 【みうける】to catch sight of, to see, to suppose
高額 【こうがく】large sum (money)
根っから 【ねっから】① by nature, from the very beginning, through and through, at heart ② (followed by a verb in negative form) absolutely (not), (not) at all
細やか 【ささやか】meagre, meager, modest
昨今 【さっこん】nowadays, recently
残飯 【ざんぱん】food scraps, garbage
死神 【しにがみ】god of death, Death
持ち合わせる 【もちあわせる】to happen to have on hand or in stock
時点 【じてん】point in time, occasion
弱気 【よわき】timid, faint-hearted, bearish sentiment
弱虫 【よわむし】coward, weakling
取り入る 【とりいる】to make up to
取り合う 【とりあう】① to take each other's hands, to clasp (hands) ② to compete, to scramble for ③ to pay attention (to someone), to respond
手放す 【てばなす】to release, to relinquish, to sell, to part with, to send away
集落 【しゅうらく】village, community, settlement, town, colony (animals, etc.)
出直す 【でなおす】to come again, to call again, to make a fresh start
助け合う 【たすけあう】to help each other, to cooperate
小島 【こじま】small island, islet
神業 【かみわざ】① divine work, miracle, superhuman feat ② art, technique or skill worthy of the gods (esp. sports)
まとも① the front ② honesty, uprightness, directness ③ decency, normality
生き返る 【いきかえる】to revive, to come to oneself, to be restored to life
全う 【まっとう】proper, respectable, decent, honest
打っ飛ばす 【ぶっとばす】① to strike (as to send flying), to beat, to knock ② to jump with force, to leap ③ to accomplish a task very rapidly ④ to drive at full speed (e.g. a car)
ぶっ飛ばす 【ぶっとばす】① to strike (as to send flying), to beat, to knock ② to jump with force, to leap ③ to accomplish a task very rapidly ④ to drive at full speed (e.g. a car)
様 【ざま】① mess, sorry state, plight, sad sight ② way, manner
代物 【しろもの】thing, article, goods, fellow, affair
町村 【ちょうそん】towns and villages
飛び上がる 【とびあがる】to spring, to jump up, to fly up, to skip
直下 【ちょっか】directly under, price cut, fall perpendicularly
店内 【てんない】store interior
島流し 【しまながし】exile, banishment
路 【みち】① road, street, way, path, course, route, lane ② distance, ways (e.g. "a long ways") ③ the way (of proper conduct, etc.), one's way, morals ④ teachings (esp. Confucian or Buddhist), dogma ⑤ field (of medicine, etc.), subject ⑥ way, method, means
買い取る 【かいとる】to buy, to purchase
美女 【びじょ】beautiful woman
不能 【ふのう】incompetency, inefficiency, impossibility, weak point, imbecility
本線 【ほんせん】main line
無力 【むりょく】powerlessness, helplessness, incompetent
命拾い 【いのちびろい】narrow escape from death
木の実 【このみ】nut, fruit, berry
野放し 【のばなし】leaving something to take care of itself
両者 【りょうしゃ】pair, the two, both persons, both things
両手 【りょうて】① (with) both hands ② approvingly
化す 【かす】to change into, to convert to, to transform, to be reduced, to influence, to improve (someone)
花園 【かえん】flower garden
鼻血 【はなぢ】nosebleed
北側 【きたがわ】north side, north bank
万物 【ばんぶつ】all things, all creation
面 【つら】① face (often derog. or vulg.), mug ② surface
両足 【りょうあし】① both feet ② both legs
検算 【けんざん】verification of accounts, checking figures, arithmetic check
化け物 【ばけもの】goblin, apparition, monster, ghost, phantom, spectre, specter
目の当たり 【まのあたり】in one's presence, face to face, on the spot, before one's eyes
対する 【たいする】① to face (each other), to be facing ② to be directed toward (the future, etc.), to be in response to, to be related to ③ to receive (a client, etc.) ④ to compare with, to contrast with, to be in opposition with, to be opposed to ⑤ to confront, to oppose, to compete with
その物 【そのもの】the very thing, itself
一時期 【いちじき】a period (of time)
客人 【きゃくじん】caller, visitor, company, guest
取り分 【とりぶん】one's share or portion
取り口 【とりくち】sumo techniques
血の気 【ちのけ】blood (as in hot-blooded, ruddy complexion, etc.)
逆手 【さかて】① underhand or backhand grip (e.g. in tennis) ② unexpected twist, turning the tables (on an opponent)
取り立て 【とりたて】① collection (of a debt) ② patronage, promotion ③ fresh (e.g. freshly picked)
見物 【みもの】a sight, an attraction, something worth seeing
四天王 【してんのう】① the Four Heavenly Kings (Dhrtarastra, Virudhaka, Virupaksa, and Vaisravana) ② the big four (i.e. four leaders in a given field)
満身 【まんしん】① the whole body ② all one's (strength, anger, spirit, etc.)
生き残り 【いきのこり】survivor
くべるto throw on the fire, to burn
船上 【せんじょう】on board
速 【そく】gear, speed (as in 4 speed automatic transmission and such)
米 【べい】America, American
さして(with negative sentence) not much
愛しい 【いとしい】lovely, dear, beloved, darling
悪夢 【あくむ】nightmare, bad dream
胃袋 【いぶくろ】① stomach, breadbasket, inner man ② dietary needs
一介 【いっかい】mere, only a ...
右腕 【うわん】right arm
降る 【くだる】① to descend, to go down, to come down ② to be handed down (of an order, judgment, etc.) ③ to pass (of time) ④ to surrender, to capitulate ⑤ (often in neg. form) to be less than, to be inferior to ⑥ to have the runs, to have diarrhea
仮病 【けびょう】feigned illness
海域 【かいいき】area of ocean
海難 【かいなん】shipwreck
開戦 【かいせん】outbreak of war, starting a war
かみ殺す 【かみころす】① to stifle a smile, yawn, etc. ② to bite to death
巻き 【まき】① roll (e.g. of cloth) ② winding ③ volume (of book)
巻き上げる 【まきあげる】① to roll up, to hoist, to heave up ② to take away, to rip off (e.g. money from someone) ③ to blow up (dust)
許し 【ゆるし】pardon, forgiveness, exemption, permission
掘り起こす 【ほりおこす】to reclaim, to dig up
軍人 【ぐんじん】military personnel, soldier
見込む 【みこむ】to anticipate, to estimate
見殺し 【みごろし】letting (someone) die without helping
見捨てる 【みすてる】to abandon, to fail, to desert, to forsake
呼び起こす 【よびおこす】① to wake someone (by calling for them), to awaken ② to call (to mind), to remember
公設 【こうせつ】public (institution)
口説く 【くどく】① to persuade, to coax, to solicit ② to seduce, to make advances, to make a play, to make a pass, to put the moves on, to come on to, to hit on, to court, to woo, to romance
好都合 【こうつごう】convenient, favorable, favourable, expedient, expedience
好物 【こうぶつ】favourite dish (favorite), favourite food
降下 【こうか】fall, descent, (plane) landing, (atmos.) depression
刻みつける 【きざみつける】to engrave, to carve out
差し込む 【さしこむ】① to insert, to put in, to thrust in, to plug in ② to shine in, to flow in ③ to jam a batter (with an inside pitch) (baseball)
座 【ざ】① seat, one's place, position ② attaches to the names of theatres and constellations
最適 【さいてき】optimum, the most suitable
殺し 【ころし】a murder
皿洗い 【さらあらい】washing-up, dish-washing
参戦 【さんせん】participation in a war
仕込み 【しこみ】training, stocking up, preparation
仕込む 【しこむ】① to train, to teach, to educate ② to acquire (information), to learn, to cram ③ to stock, to stock up on ④ to prepare (esp. ingredients for brewing) ⑤ to insert, to build into, to fit
支部 【しぶ】branch, subdivision
持ち込む 【もちこむ】to lodge, to take something into ..., to bring in
取り囲む 【とりかこむ】to surround, to crowd around
種族 【しゅぞく】race, tribe, family, species
消え失せる 【きえうせる】to disappear, to get out of sight, to die, (in imperative) to fuck off
上官 【じょうかん】superior officer
上段 【じょうだん】dais, raised part of floor, place of honor, place of honour, upper tier (row, step, grade, column of print, berth)
心地良い 【ここちよい】comfortable, pleasant
吹き飛ぶ 【ふきとぶ】① to be blown off, to blow off, to blow away ② to vanish, to disappear
吹き返す 【ふきかえす】to blow in the opposite direction, to revive
精一杯 【せいいっぱい】with all one's might
精鋭 【せいえい】elite, picked, powerful, efficient
絶体絶命 【ぜったいぜつめい】desperate situation, being driven into a corner, stalemate
装う 【よそおう】① to dress ② to pretend, to feign
替え 【かえ】change, alteration, substitute
大群 【たいぐん】large crowd, large herd, large flock, large school, large shoal
達人 【たつじん】master, expert
探し出す 【さがしだす】to find out, to smoke out, to ferret out, to chase up
団子 【だんご】dumpling (sweet)
仲良く 【なかよく】making friends with, getting along well with, on cordial terms
駐在 【ちゅうざい】① residence, stay ② residential police box, residential police box officer
店仕舞い 【みせじまい】closing up shop, stopping business, going out of business
渡り 【わたり】ferry
渡り合う 【わたりあう】to argue, to deal with
盗み 【ぬすみ】stealing
盗品 【とうひん】stolen goods, loot, spoils
逃げ回る 【にげまわる】to run from place to place
突き止める 【つきとめる】to make sure, to locate, to find out, to ascertain
突入 【とつにゅう】rushing, breaking into
日誌 【にっし】journal, log
倍増 【ばいぞう】double
半減 【はんげん】reduction by half, halve
浮かれる 【うかれる】to make merry, to be festive
浮上 【ふじょう】surfacing, rising to the surface
兵力 【へいりょく】military force, force of arms, strength of an army
閉ざす 【とざす】to shut, to close, to lock, to fasten, to plunge (in grief)
閉じ込める 【とじこめる】to lock up, to shut up, to imprison
別格 【べっかく】special, extraordinary
辺境 【へんきょう】remote region, frontier (district), border(land)
抱きしめる 【だきしめる】to hug someone close, to hold someone tight, to embrace closely
本性 【ほんしょう】true character, real nature
未だに 【いまだに】still, even now, until this very day
夢見る 【ゆめみる】to dream (of)
面倒くさい 【めんどうくさい】bother(some) to do, tiresome
頼り 【たより】reliance, dependence
利 【り】advantage, benefit, profit, interest
裏切り者 【うらぎりもの】betrayer, traitor, turncoat, informer
裏腹 【うらはら】opposite, reverse, contrary
陸上 【りくじょう】land, ground, shore
連 【れん】① (taxonomical) tribe ② quinella (quiniela) ③ party, company, group ④ two reams (i.e. 1000 sheets of paper)
連れ戻す 【つれもどす】to bring back
腕力 【わんりょく】physical strength, brute strength, arm strength
どれほどhow much (long, far)
関わり 【かかわり】relation, connection
利く 【きく】① to be effective, to show effect ② to do its work, to carry out its function well ③ to be possible to use
静める 【しずめる】to appease, to suppress, to calm
並外れる 【なみはずれる】to be uncommon
引き付ける 【ひきつける】① to fascinate, to attract, to charm, to pull up (at a gate) ② to have a convulsion
引き延ばす 【ひきのばす】① to stretch larger ② to enlarge (photos) ③ to delay (e.g. the end of a meeting)
余生 【よせい】one's remaining years
時機 【じき】opportunity, chance
腹一杯 【はらいっぱい】bellyful, full stomach, to one's heart's content
寝ぼける 【ねぼける】to be half asleep, to be still only half awake
見過ごす 【みすごす】to let go by, to let pass, to overlook, to miss
海戦 【かいせん】naval battle
算段 【さんだん】contriving, managing, raising (money)
白骨 【はっこつ】white (bleached) bone, skeleton
逃げ 【にげ】escape, getaway, evasion
乱れ 【みだれ】disorder, disturbance, unrest
報い 【むくい】reward, recompense, return, punishment, retribution
成り済まし 【なりすまし】① identity fraud, forgery (e.g. of email) ② a masquerade
官軍 【かんぐん】government forces, loyalist army
跡形 【あとかた】trace, vestige, evidence
手一杯 【ていっぱい】having one's hands full, not having any room to do more, at the limit
泥塗れ 【どろまみれ】muddy, mud-caked
幾夜 【いくよ】number of nights
逃げ場 【にげば】refuge, escape
逃げ切る 【にげきる】to get away, to manage to hold on
生き抜く 【いきぬく】to live through, to survive
示し 【しめし】discipline, revelation
要は 【ようは】in short, the point is
盗る 【とる】to take (nuance of stealing)
将 【しょう】commander, general, leader
お越し 【おこし】coming or leaving
戦ぐ 【そよぐ】to rustle, to stir, to flutter
取り押さえる 【とりおさえる】① to seize, to capture, to arrest ② to hold down, to subdue
荒くれ 【あらくれ】① violent, wild, rowdy ② rough fellow, rowdy person
込み 【こみ】including, inclusive of
絶好調 【ぜっこうちょう】in perfect form, going swimmingly
どこぞsomewhere (very vague), someplace (very vague)
じれったいvexing, irritating, impatient
哀れみ 【あわれみ】pity, compassion
握り 【にぎり】grip, handle
伊達 【だて】① elegance, dandyism, sophistication, having style ② affectation, showing off, putting on an air, appearances, just for show
異存 【いぞん】objection
異名 【いみょう】another name, nickname, alias
いっぱしcompetent enough, pretty good, like other people
引き離す 【ひきはなす】to pull apart, to separate
渦巻き 【うずまき】whirlpool, eddy, coil
宴 【うたげ】party, banquet, feast
艶やか 【つややか】glossy, beautiful, bewitching, fascinatingly elegant
往来 【おうらい】coming and going, road, correspondence, street traffic, highway
恩返し 【おんがえし】requital of a favour (favor), repayment (of an obligation, kindness, etc.)
暇つぶし 【ひまつぶし】waste of time, killing time
華 【はな】① flower, blossom, bloom, petal ② blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms), cherry blossom ③ ikebana ④ Japanese playing cards ⑤ beauty ⑥ (the) best
怪物 【かいぶつ】monster
くつろぐto relax, to feel at home
寛大 【かんだい】tolerance, liberality, leniency
監獄 【かんごく】prison
岩盤 【がんばん】bedrock
奇異 【きい】odd, strange, wonderful
奇襲 【きしゅう】surprise attack
騎士 【きし】knight
救い出す 【すくいだす】to rescue, to free
泣き 【なき】weeping, lamenting
拒む 【こばむ】to refuse, to reject, to decline
狂気 【きょうき】madness
狂暴 【きょうぼう】rage, frenzy
くりJapanese chestnut (Castanea crenata)
経緯 【いきさつ】① details, whole story, sequence of events, chronology, particulars, how it started, how things got this way ② complications, position
討つ 【うつ】① to shoot (at) ② to attack, to defeat, to destroy, to avenge
拳 【こぶし】fist
言い張る 【いいはる】to insist, to assert, to be obstinate in saying
古株 【ふるかぶ】old-timer, veteran, senior
ひまわりsunflower (Helianthus annuus)
鋼 【はがね】steel
鋼鉄 【こうてつ】steel
拷問 【ごうもん】torture, the rack, third degree
剤 【ざい】medicine, agent, (chemical) substance, drug, dose
残虐 【ざんぎゃく】cruelty, brutality
視界 【しかい】field of vision
狩る 【かる】to hunt (e.g. animals), to go looking for (e.g. flowers, etc.), to gather (e.g. mushrooms), to pick (e.g. fruit)
消滅 【しょうめつ】① lapse, annihilation (physics) ② extinguishment, termination (e.g. of legal representation) ③ vanishing
浸水 【しんすい】flood, inundation
尋常 【じんじょう】common, usual
衰弱 【すいじゃく】weakness, debility, breakdown, prostration
寸前 【すんぜん】on the verge, just in front of
精髄 【せいずい】essence, kernel, spirit, pith
声援 【せいえん】encouragement, cheering, support
扇 【おうぎ】folding fan
潜める 【ひそめる】① to hide, to conceal ② to lower volume (of a sound or one's voice) so as not to be heard ③ to become quiet and inconspicuous
礎 【いしずえ】foundation stone, cornerstone
霜降り 【しもふり】① speckled with white, salt and pepper (colour, color) ② (of fabric) created by intertwining white and coloured fibres ③ (of beef) marbling ④ (of fish, chicken, shellfish, etc.) blanching by exposure to boiling and then icy water
隊長 【たいちょう】commanding officer
大嫌い 【だいきらい】very dislikeable, hate, loathe, abhor
奪還 【だっかん】recovery, rescue, recapture
淡い 【あわい】light, faint, pale, fleeting
弾丸 【だんがん】bullet, shot, shell
弾道 【だんどう】ballistic
張り合う 【はりあう】to rival, to compete with
帝国 【ていこく】empire, imperial
提督 【ていとく】admiral, commodore
統括 【とうかつ】① unification, bringing together, generalization ② control, supervision
踏み入れる 【ふみいれる】to walk in on, to tread upon
逃避 【とうひ】escape, evasion, flight
特典 【とくてん】special favor, special favour, privilege
忍ぶ 【しのぶ】① to conceal oneself, to hide ② to endure
覇者 【はしゃ】supreme ruler, champion, titleholder
不滅 【ふめつ】immortal, undying, indestructible
部隊 【ぶたい】force, unit, corps, echelon, element
奮発 【ふんぱつ】① strenuous exertion, spurt ② splurge
僕ら 【ぼくら】we
魔界 【まかい】world of spirits, hell
魔女 【まじょ】witch
無為 【むい】idleness, inactivity
無傷 【むきず】unhurt, uninjured, unwounded, flawless, spotless, sound, perfect
揺らす 【ゆらす】to rock, to shake, to swing
乱闘 【らんとう】fray, fighting, brawling, scuffle
霊長 【れいちょう】leader with miraculous powers, humanity
戯言 【たわごと】nonsense, bullshit, silly things, joke
同胞 【どうほう】brethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
帆船 【はんせん】sailing ship, sailing boat, sailing vessel
入れ墨 【いれずみ】tattoo
駆け出す 【かけだす】to run off, to break into a run, to start running
かわいそうpoor, pitiable, pathetic, pitiful
凶器 【きょうき】dangerous weapon
豪勢 【ごうせい】luxury, magnificence, extravagance
失態 【しったい】mismanagement, fault, error, failure, disgrace, discredit
堪え忍ぶ 【たえしのぶ】to put up with, to endure, to bear patiently
竜巻 【たつまき】tornado, waterspout
刃向かう 【はむかう】to strike back at, to bite back, to turn on, to rise against, to oppose, to defy
独り占め 【ひとりじめ】monopoly
奮い起こす 【ふるいおこす】to muster (e.g. courage), to gather, to collect, to pluck up
漫才 【まんざい】comedian, comic dialogue
旗印 【はたじるし】(design on a) banner, slogan, emblem (on flag), insignia
脱獄 【だつごく】prison breaking, jailbreak, gaolbreak
電磁波 【でんじは】electromagnetic waves
竜 【りゅう】① dragon (esp. a Chinese dragon) ② naga (semidivine human-cobra chimera in Indian mythology) ③ promoted rook (shogi)
魂消る 【たまげる】to be astonished, to be startled, to be appalled
紛れ 【まぎれ】confusion
胸倉 【むなぐら】collar, lapels
至当 【しとう】just, fair, proper
蓄え 【たくわえ】store, reserve, stock, savings
井 【い】well
どうにもnothing can be done (to resolve it)
撃ち抜く 【うちぬく】to shoot out (lights, window, etc.)
振るう 【ふるう】① to swing, to wield (physically), to exert ② to exercise, to wield (metaphorically) ③ to flourish, to prosper, to thrive
宮 【みや】① shrine ② palace, imperial residence ③ member of the imperial family
とび① black kite (bird of prey, Milvus migrans) ② construction worker, scaffold erector, firefighter ③ Inverness cape
いかcuttlefish, squid
華僑 【かきょう】overseas Chinese merchants
牙 【きば】tusk, fang
鎧 【よろい】armor, armour
かも① duck ② easy mark, sucker, sitting duck
強靱 【きょうじん】tough, strong, stiff, tenacious
ひるむto falter, to flinch (from), to recoil (from), to quail (at)
串 【くし】spit, skewer
厨房 【ちゅうぼう】kitchen, galley
かじpaper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)
椴 【とど】Sakhalin fir (Abies sachalinensis)
復讐 【ふくしゅう】revenge
呆気 【あっけ】taken aback, dumbfounded
狼 【おおかみ】wolf (carnivore, Canis lupus)
狼煙 【のろし】beacon, skyrocket, signal fire
聾者 【ろうしゃ】deaf person
うろつく① to loiter, to putter, to prowl, to wander aimlessly, to knock around ② to be confused from not knowing what to do
擅断 【せんだん】arbitrary action
枷 【かせ】① shackles, fetters, irons, handcuffs, restraint, constraint ② bonds (e.g. family), ties, binding relationship, binding relationships, encumbrance
殲滅 【せんめつ】extermination, annihilation
絆 【きずな】① bonds, fetters, encumbrance ② tether
たこcallus, callosity, corn
なまり① accent (of one's speech) ② dialect, provincialism, patois ③ corrupted form (e.g. of word), mispronunciation
かえる① frog ② kajika frog (Buergeria buergeri)
さつりくslaughter, massacre
襁褓 【おしめ】diaper, nappy
岡 【おか】hill, height, knoll, rising ground
ここらhereabouts, around here
取り逃がす 【とりにがす】to miss (capturing), to fail to catch, to let slip
震撼 【しんかん】shake
踏み潰す 【ふみつぶす】to trample, to crush underfoot
掴み 【つかみ】grip
睨み 【にらみ】glare, sharp look
鞍 【くら】saddle
もてあそぶ① to play with (a toy, one's hair, etc.), to fiddle with ② to toy with (one's emotions, etc.), to trifle with ③ to do with something as one pleases ④ to appreciate
わしI, me (used by elderly males)
蹴り 【けり】kick
とあるa certain ...
栲 【たえ】cloth (esp. cloth made from fibers of the paper mulberry tree);
痩ける 【こける】to be come hollow (with age, illness, etc.), to be scrawny, to be thin