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新世界より [‘From the New World’] Vol. 2: episodes 3 to 5

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 3 to 5 of the animated series ‘新世界より’ [‘From the New World’]. This is volume 2/6. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



776 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
もしもし① hello (e.g. on phone) ② excuse me! (when calling out to someone)
ゆっくりslowly, at ease, restful
金 【かね】① money ② metal
空 【そら】sky, the heavens
見せる 【みせる】to show, to display
後ろ 【うしろ】back, behind, rear
三つ 【みっつ】three
山 【やま】① mountain ② pile, heap ③ climax, critical point ④ speculated area covered by an examination
四つ 【よっつ】four
耳 【みみ】① ear ② hearing ③ edge, crust ④ selvedge (non-fray machined edge of fabrics), selvage
上げる 【あげる】① to raise, to elevate ② to do up (one's hair) ③ to fly (a kite, etc.), to launch (fireworks, etc.), to surface (a submarine, etc.) ④ to land (a boat) ⑤ to show someone (into a room) ⑥ (uk) to summon (for geishas, etc.) ⑦ to send someone (away) ⑧ to enrol (one's child in school) (enroll) ⑨ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑩ to make (a loud sound), to raise (one's voice) ⑪ to earn (something desirable) ⑫ to praise ⑬ to give (an example, etc.), to cite ⑭ to summon up (all of one's energy, etc.) ⑮ to arrest ⑯ to nominate ⑰ to give ⑱ to offer up (incense, a prayer, etc.) to the gods (or Buddha, etc.) ⑲ to bear (a child) ⑳ to conduct (a ceremony, esp. a wedding) ○ (of the tide) to come in ○ to vomit ○ (after the -te form of a verb) to do for (the sake of someone else) ○ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to complete ○ used after the -masu stem of a humble verb to increase the level of humility
食べる 【たべる】to eat
水 【みず】water (cold, fresh)
先 【さき】① previous, prior, former, some time ago, preceding ② point (e.g. pencil), tip, end, nozzle ③ head (of a line), front ④ ahead, the other side ⑤ the future, hereafter ⑥ destination ⑦ the other party
二 【に】two
半分 【はんぶん】half
百 【ひゃく】100, hundred
今年 【ことし】this year
四 【よん】four
万 【まん】① 10,000, ten thousand ② myriads ③ everything, all
時 【じ】① hour, o'clock ② (specified) time, when ..., during ...
① indicates location of action, at, in ② indicates time of action ③ indicates means of action, cause of effect, by ④ and then, so
引く 【ひく】① to pull ② to draw (attention, etc.), to attract (interest, etc.) ③ to draw back ④ to draw (a card) ⑤ to draw (plan, line, etc.) ⑥ to catch (cold) ⑦ to play (string instr.) ⑧ to look up (e.g. dictionary), to consult ⑨ to haul, to pull (vehicles) ⑩ to subtract ⑪ to ebb, to fade ⑫ to descend (from), to inherit (a characteristic) ⑬ to quote, to raise (as evidence) ⑭ to lay (a cable), to draw (a cable)
遠い 【とおい】far, distant
海 【うみ】sea, beach
近く 【ちかく】① near, neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity ② nearly (i.e. "it took nearly one year"), close to ③ shortly, soon
軽い 【かるい】① light (i.e. not heavy), feeling light (i.e. offering little resistance, moving easily) ② light (i.e. of foot), nimble, agile ③ non-serious, minor, unimportant, trivial ④ slight, small, gentle, soft ⑤ easy, simple ⑥ indiscriminate
犬 【いぬ】① dog (Canis (lupus) familiaris) ② snoop (i.e. a detective, a spy, etc.) ③ counterfeit, inferior, useless, wasteful
仕事 【しごと】① work, job, business, occupation, employment, vocation, task ② work
質問 【しつもん】question, inquiry, enquiry
新しい 【あたらしい】new
赤い 【あかい】① red ② Red (i.e. communist)
走る 【はしる】① to run ② to travel (movement of vehicles) ③ to hurry to ④ to retreat (from battle), to take flight ⑤ to run away from home ⑥ to elope ⑦ to tend heavily toward
太い 【ふとい】① fat, thick ② deep (of a voice) ③ daring, shameless, brazen
動物 【どうぶつ】animal
歩く 【あるく】to walk
四 【し】four
色々 【いろいろ】various
勤める 【つとめる】① to work (for), to be employed (at), to serve (in) ② to serve (as), to act (as), to fill (the position of), to play the role (of) ③ to conduct a religious service
登る 【のぼる】① to ascend, to go up, to climb ② to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun), to rise ③ to go to (the capital) ④ to be promoted ⑤ to add up to ⑥ to advance (in price) ⑦ to swim up (a river), to sail up ⑧ to come up (on the agenda)
速い 【はやい】① fast, quick, hasty, brisk ② early (in the day, etc.), premature ③ (too) soon, not yet, (too) early ④ easy, simple, quick
飛ぶ 【とぶ】to fly, to soar
返す 【かえす】① to return (something), to restore, to put back ② to pay back, to retaliate, to reciprocate
昨日 【きのう】yesterday
覚える 【おぼえる】① to remember, to recollect, to memorize, to memorise ② to feel
危ない 【あぶない】① dangerous, risky, hazardous, perilous, precarious ② in danger, in jeopardy, critical, grave, at risk ③ uncertain, unreliable, insecure, unsteady, doubtful ④ close (i.e. a close call), narrow ⑤ look out!, watch out!
吸う 【すう】① to smoke, to breathe in, to inhale ② to suck, to sip, to slurp ③ to absorb, to soak up ④ to kiss
狭い 【せまい】narrow, confined, small
結構 【けっこう】① splendid, nice, wonderful, delicious, sweet ② sufficient, fine (in the sense of "I'm fine"), (by implication) no thank you ③ well enough, OK, tolerable ④ reasonably, fairly, tolerably
呼ぶ 【よぶ】① to call out (to), to call, to invoke ② to summon (a doctor, etc.) ③ to invite ④ to designate, to name, to brand ⑤ to garner (support, etc.), to gather
降る 【ふる】to precipitate, to fall (e.g. rain)
今晩 【こんばん】tonight, this evening
歳 【さい】① -years-old ② ability, gift, talent, aptitude, genius
晩 【ばん】① evening ② counter for nights
忘れる 【わすれる】to forget, to leave carelessly, to be forgetful of, to forget about, to forget (an article)
浴びる 【あびる】to bathe, to bask in the sun, to shower
卵 【たまご】① eggs, egg, spawn, roe ② hen egg ③ (an expert) in the making
塩 【しお】salt
いいえ① no, nay ② well, er, why
弁当 【べんとう】bento (Japanese box lunch)
なぜwhy, how
どっち① which way, which direction, where ② which one (esp. of two alternatives) ③ who
どれ① which (of three or more) ② whichever, any ③ well, now, let me see
いつwhen, how soon
どうしてwhy?, for what reason, how, in what way, for what purpose, what for
あっち① that way (direction distant from both speaker and listener), over there, yonder ② that one (something physically distant from both speaker and listener, or something not visible but known by both speaker and listener), that ③ that person (someone physically distant from both speaker and listener, or someone not present but known by both speaker and listener) ④ there (place distant from both speaker and listener), over there, foreign country (esp. a Western nation)
しかしhowever, but
さっきsome time ago
日本 【にっぽん】Japan
以下 【いか】① not exceeding, and downward, ... and below ② below (e.g. standard), under (e.g. a level) ③ the below-mentioned, the following, the rest
以外 【いがい】with the exception of, excepting
火 【ひ】fire, flame, blaze
気分 【きぶん】feeling, mood
起こす 【おこす】to raise, to cause, to wake someone
急ぐ 【いそぐ】to hurry, to rush, to hasten, to make something happen sooner
研究 【けんきゅう】study, research, investigation
合う 【あう】① to come together, to merge, to unite, to meet ② to fit, to match, to suit, to agree with, to be correct ③ to be profitable, to be equitable ④ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to do ... to each other, to do ... together
始める 【はじめる】① to start, to begin, to commence, to initiate, to originate ② to open (e.g. a store), to start up, to establish (business. etc.) ③ to start (doing something), to begin to ...
思い出す 【おもいだす】to recall, to remember
時代 【じだい】① period, epoch, era, age ② the times, those days ③ oldness, ancientness, antiquity ④ antique, period piece
社会 【しゃかい】society, public
十分 【じゅうぶん】① plenty, enough, sufficient, satisfactory, adequate ② division into ten ③ perfectly, thoroughly, fully, in full
人口 【じんこう】① population ② common talk
世界 【せかい】the world, society, the universe
生きる 【いきる】to live, to exist
説明 【せつめい】explanation, exposition
通う 【かよう】① to go back and forth, to ply between ② to commute, to attend (school, church, etc.)
力 【ちから】① force, strength, might, vigour (vigor), energy ② capability, ability, proficiency, capacity, faculty ③ efficacy, effect ④ effort, endeavours (endeavors), exertions ⑤ power, authority, influence, good offices, agency ⑥ support, help, aid, assistance ⑦ stress, emphasis ⑧ means, resources
音 【おと】① sound, noise, report ② note (music) ③ fame
気持ち 【きもち】feeling, sensation, mood
安全 【あんぜん】① safety ② security
科学 【かがく】science
光 【ひかり】light
光る 【ひかる】to shine, to glitter, to be bright
手伝う 【てつだう】to help, to assist, to take part in
受ける 【うける】① to receive, to accept, to get, to inherit ② to catch (e.g. a ball), to parry (e.g. a blow), to take (lesson, test, damage), to sustain (damage), to incur (loss) ③ to become popular, to be well-received, to go down well
住所 【じゅうしょ】address (e.g. of house), residence, domicile
申し上げる 【もうしあげる】① to say, to tell, to state ② to do for
神社 【じんじゃ】Shinto shrine
生活 【せいかつ】living, life (one's daily existence), livelihood
調べる 【しらべる】to examine, to investigate, to check up, to sense, to study, to inquire, to search
美しい 【うつくしい】beautiful, lovely
予定 【よてい】plans, arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate
様 【さま】① Mr, Mrs or Ms ② used (gen. in fixed expressions) to make words more polite ③ manner, kind, appearance
例えば 【たとえば】for example, e.g.
礼 【れい】thanking, expression of gratitude
確か 【たしか】① certain, sure, definite ② if I'm not mistaken, if I remember correctly
向かう 【むかう】① to face ② to go towards
乾く 【かわく】to get dry
喜ぶ 【よろこぶ】① to be delighted, to be glad, to be pleased ② to congratulate ③ to gratefully accept
機会 【きかい】chance, opportunity
機械 【きかい】① machine, mechanism ② instrument, appliance, apparatus
規則 【きそく】rules, regulations, conventions
技術 【ぎじゅつ】art, craft, technique, technology, engineering, skill
景色 【けしき】scenery, scene, landscape
経験 【けいけん】experience
最近 【さいきん】latest, most recent, nowadays
女性 【じょせい】① woman, female ② feminine gender
将来 【しょうらい】future (usually near), prospects
承知 【しょうち】① acknowledgment, acknowledgement, awareness ② consent, acceptance, assent, admitting, compliance, agreement
続く 【つづく】① to continue, to last, to go on ② to be unbroken ③ to occur again and again ④ to lead to, to connect to
逃げる 【にげる】to escape, to run away
普通 【ふつう】① general, ordinary, usual ② normally, generally, usually ③ train that stops at every station
複雑 【ふくざつ】complex, complicated
眠る 【ねむる】① to sleep (not necessarily lying down) ② to die
利用 【りよう】use, utilization, utilisation, application
裏 【うら】① bottom (or another side that is hidden from view), undersurface, opposite side, reverse side ② rear, back, behind (the house) ③ lining, inside ④ out of sight, behind the scenes ⑤ proof ⑥ opposite (of a prediction, common sense, etc.) ⑦ inverse (of a hypothesis, etc.) ⑧ bottom (of an inning), last half (of an inning)
歴史 【れきし】history
頂く 【いただく】① to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy ② to eat, to drink ③ to be crowned with, to wear (on one's head), to have (on top) ④ to have (as one's leader), to live under (a ruler), to install (a president)
遅れる 【おくれる】to be late, to be delayed, to fall behind schedule, to be overdue
格好 【かっこう】① shape, form, posture, appearance, manner ② suitability, moderateness (in price)
捕まえる 【つかまえる】to catch, to arrest, to seize
仰っしゃる 【おっしゃる】to say, to speak, to tell, to talk
厳しい 【きびしい】① severe, strict, rigid, unsparing, relentless ② stern, austere, grave, solemn, majestic ③ intense (cold)
邪魔 【じゃま】hindrance, intrusion
きっとsurely, undoubtedly, almost certainly, most likely (e.g. 90 percent)
これからafter this
やはりalso, as I thought, still, in spite of, absolutely, of course
しばらく① little while, short while, moment, instant ② a while, quite a time ③ it's been a long time
なるほどI see, That's right!, Indeed
つもり① intention, plan ② conviction, belief
きちんとprecisely, accurately, neatly
こんなにso, like this, in this way
じっと① motionlessly ② fixedly (e.g. of staring) ③ patiently ④ firmly (e.g. hold), restrained
どんどん① drumming (noise) ② rapidly, steadily
なんかthings like ..., or something like that ... (often derogatory)
週 【しゅう】week
上 【じょう】① from the standpoint of, as a matter of (e.g. fact), in the field of, being of the type of ② aboard (a ship or vehicle), on top of, on, above ③ first volume (e.g. book) ④ superior quality, best, top, high class ⑤ going up ⑥ governmental, imperial ⑦ presenting, showing
大した 【たいした】considerable, great, important, significant, a big deal
半ば 【なかば】middle, half, semi, halfway, partly
本来 【ほんらい】① originally, primarily ② essentially, naturally, by nature, in (and of) itself ③ proper, legal
一生 【いっしょう】① whole life, a lifetime, all through life, one existence, a generation, an age, the whole world, the era ② (the only, the greatest, etc.) of one's life
見つめる 【みつめる】to stare at, to gaze at, to look hard at, to watch intently, to fix one's eyes on
中 【ちゅう】① medium, average, middle ② moderation ③ middle school ④ China ⑤ in, out of (e.g. three out of ten people) ⑥ during (a certain time when one did or is doing something), under (construction, etc.), while
間 【かん】① interval, period of time ② among, between, inter-
名 【めい】① counter for people (usu. seating, reservations and such) ② first name ③ famous, great
花火 【はなび】fireworks
開始 【かいし】start, commencement, beginning, initiation
学習 【がくしゅう】study, learning, tutorial
去る 【さる】① to leave, to go away ② to pass, to elapse ③ to be distant ④ to send away, to drive off, to divorce ⑤ (after a -masu stem, esp. of a suru verb) ... completely ⑥ last ... (e.g. "last April")
強力 【きょうりょく】powerful, strong
空っぽ 【からっぽ】empty, vacant, hollow
行動 【こうどう】action, conduct, behaviour, behavior, mobilization, mobilisation
重大 【じゅうだい】serious, important, significant, grave, weighty
小屋 【こや】hut, cabin, shed, (animal) pen
先ず 【まず】① first (of all), to start with, about, almost, anyway, well, now ② hardly (with neg. verb)
中止 【ちゅうし】suspension, stoppage, discontinuance, interruption
注目 【ちゅうもく】notice, attention, observation
発見 【はっけん】discovery, detection, finding
発行 【はっこう】① issue (publications), publishing ② raising an event (software)
不安 【ふあん】anxiety, uneasiness, insecurity, suspense
風 【ふう】① method, manner, way, style ② appearance, air ③ tendency ④ folk song (genre of the Shi Jing) ⑤ wind (one of the five elements)
文字 【もじ】① letter (of alphabet), character ② literal
用心 【ようじん】care, precaution, guarding, caution
立ち上がる 【たちあがる】① to stand up, to get up ② to rise ③ to recover ④ to take action, to start ⑤ to make the initial charge (in sumo)
力 【りょく】strength, power
言う 【ゆう】① to say ② to call (i.e. to give a name)
少々 【しょうしょう】just a minute, small quantity
その内 【そのうち】eventually, sooner or later, of the previously mentioned
確かめる 【たしかめる】to ascertain, to check, to make sure
感じ 【かんじ】feeling, sense, impression
感じる 【かんじる】to feel, to sense, to experience
岸 【きし】bank, coast, shore
記録 【きろく】① record, minutes, document ② a record (e.g. in sports), results, score ③ to record, to document ④ to set a record (e.g. in sports), to show a result, to reach a value
型 【かた】① model, type (e.g. of machine, goods, etc.) ② type, style, pattern ③ mold (mould), template, model ④ kata (standard form of a movement, posture, etc. in martial arts, sport, etc.) ⑤ form (i.e. customary procedure) ⑥ size (i.e. clothing, shoes)
県 【けん】① prefecture (of Japan) ② county (of China)
合わせる 【あわせる】① to match (rhythm, speed, etc.) ② to join together, to unite, to combine, to add up ③ to face, to be opposite (someone) ④ to compare, to check with ⑤ to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate) ⑥ to place together, to connect, to overlap ⑦ to mix, to combine ⑧ to put blade to blade, to fight
思想 【しそう】thought, idea, ideology
事実 【じじつ】fact, truth, reality
時期 【じき】time, season, period
実は 【じつは】as a matter of fact, by the way, to tell you the truth, to be honest, frankly
実験 【じっけん】experiment
実行 【じっこう】practice, practise, performance, execution (e.g. program) (programme), realization, realisation, implementation
書類 【しょるい】documents, official papers
女王 【じょおう】queen
章 【しょう】① chapter, section ② medal
身 【み】① body ② oneself ③ one's place, one's position ④ main part, meat (as opposed to bone, skin, etc.), wood (as opposed to bark), blade (as opposed to its handle), container(as opposed to its lid)
数える 【かぞえる】to count, to enumerate
生き物 【いきもの】living thing, animal
生命 【せいめい】life, existence
実に 【じつに】indeed, really, absolutely, truly, actually, very, quite
全く 【まったく】① really, truly, entirely, completely, wholly, perfectly ② indeed ③ good grief (expression of exasperation)
全体 【ぜんたい】whole, entirety, whatever (is the matter)
地面 【じめん】ground, earth's surface
直ちに 【ただちに】at once, immediately, directly, in person
追う 【おう】① to chase, to run after, to pursue ② to follow (i.e. a set order, a trend) ③ to drive out, to oust, to expel ④ to drive (i.e. a herd) ⑤ (in passive voice) to be pressed (for time, etc.)
鉄 【てつ】iron
当時 【とうじ】at that time, in those days
同様 【どうよう】identical, equal to, same (kind), like, similarity
皮 【かわ】① skin, hide, pelt, fur ② rind, peel, husk, bark ③ shell, sheath, wrapping
皮肉 【ひにく】cynicism, sarcasm, irony, satire
表 【ひょう】table (e.g. Tab 1), chart, list
文明 【ぶんめい】① civilization, civilisation, culture ② Bummei era (1469.4.28-1487.7.20)
防ぐ 【ふせぐ】to defend (against), to protect, to prevent
本物 【ほんもの】genuine article
命じる 【めいじる】to order, to command, to appoint
目的 【もくてき】purpose, goal, aim, objective, intention
役 【やく】① use, service, role ② post, position ③ scoring combination (e.g. in mahjong, card games, etc.), hand
様子 【ようす】① state, state of affairs, situation, circumstances ② appearance, look, aspect ③ sign, indication
数 【かず】number, amount
王 【おう】① king, ruler, sovereign, monarch ② king (for senior player) (shogi)
他 【た】other (esp. people and abstract matters)
愛 【あい】love, affection
越す 【こす】① to cross over (e.g. mountain), to go across ② to go over (e.g. with audience) ③ to pass time (e.g. a winter) ④ to surpass, to be better than, to exceed ⑤ to move house ⑥ to go, to come
奥 【おく】interior, inner part, inside
可能 【かのう】possible, practicable, feasible
解く 【とく】① to solve, to answer ② to untie ③ to comb, to untangle (hair)
確認 【かくにん】affirmation, confirmation, validation
割る 【わる】to divide, to cut, to break, to halve, to separate, to split, to rip, to crack, to smash, to dilute
患者 【かんじゃ】(a) patient
缶 【かん】can, tin
含む 【ふくむ】① to contain, to comprise, to have, to hold, to include, to embrace ② to hold in the mouth ③ to bear in mind, to understand, to harbor (grudge, etc.), to harbour ④ to express (emotion, etc.), to imply
機能 【きのう】function, facility, faculty, feature
許す 【ゆるす】① to permit, to allow, to approve ② to exempt (from fine), to excuse (from), to pardon, to forgive, to release, to let off ③ to confide in ④ to give up, to yield
許可 【きょか】permission, approval, authorization
警告 【けいこく】warning, advice
減る 【へる】to decrease (in size or number), to diminish, to abate
現在 【げんざい】now, current, present, present time, as of
限界 【げんかい】limit, bound
呼吸 【こきゅう】① breath, respiration ② knack, trick, secret (of doing something)
効果 【こうか】effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result
更に 【さらに】furthermore, again, after all, more and more, moreover
骨 【ほね】bone
混乱 【こんらん】disorder, chaos, confusion, mayhem
差別 【さべつ】discrimination, distinction, differentiation
再び 【ふたたび】again, once more, a second time
最終 【さいしゅう】last, final, closing
最低 【さいてい】① least, lowest, worst ② nasty, disgusting, horrible, yuck!
罪 【つみ】crime, fault, indiscretion, sin
財産 【ざいさん】property, fortune, assets
殺す 【ころす】to kill
支配 【しはい】rule, control, direction
事件 【じけん】event, affair, incident, case, plot, trouble, scandal
種類 【しゅるい】① variety, kind, type, category ② counter for different sorts of things
集団 【しゅうだん】group, mass
照らす 【てらす】to shine on, to illuminate
常識 【じょうしき】common knowledge, conventional wisdom, general knowledge, common sense
情報 【じょうほう】① news, gossip, (military) intelligence ② information (data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.)
状況 【じょうきょう】state of affairs (around you), situation, circumstances
信頼 【しんらい】reliance, trust, faith, confidence
性 【せい】① nature (of a person) ② sex ③ gender ④ -ty (suffix indicating quality or condition), -ity, -ness
性格 【せいかく】character, personality
装置 【そうち】equipment, installation, apparatus, device
増加 【ぞうか】increase, increment, addition
単位 【たんい】① unit, denomination ② credit (in school)
調査 【ちょうさ】investigation, examination, inquiry, enquiry, survey
到着 【とうちゃく】arrival
働き 【はたらき】work, workings, activity, ability, talent, function, labor, labour, action, operation, movement, motion, conjugation, inflection, achievement
突然 【とつぜん】abrupt, sudden, unexpected, all at once
内容 【ないよう】subject, contents, matter, substance, detail, import
濃い 【こい】① deep (colour), dark ② strong (flavour, smell, etc.) ③ thick (consistency), dense ④ strong (possibility, etc.) ⑤ thick (i.e. "as thick as thieves"), close, deep (love, etc.)
破る 【やぶる】to tear, to violate, to defeat, to smash, to destroy, to break (e.g. password)
爆発 【ばくはつ】explosion, detonation, eruption
抜く 【ぬく】① to extract, to omit, to surpass, to overtake, to draw out, to unplug ② to do something to the end
非 【ひ】① fault, error, mistake ② going poorly, being disadvantageous, being unfavorable ③ un-, non-
腹 【はら】① abdomen, belly, stomach ② one's mind, one's real intentions, one's true motive ③ loop (physics) ④ counter for hard roe
宝 【たから】treasure
方法 【ほうほう】method, process, manner, way, means, technique
法 【ほう】① law, act, principle ② method ③ mood ④ dharma
棒 【ぼう】pole, rod, stick
有効 【ゆうこう】validity, legality, availability, effectiveness
余計 【よけい】too much, unnecessary, extraneous, abundance, surplus, excess, superfluity
得る 【える】① to get, to acquire, to obtain, to procure, to earn, to win, to gain, to secure, to attain ② (after the -masu stem of a verb) to be able to ..., can ...
収める 【おさめる】① to dedicate, to make an offering, to pay (fees) ② to supply ③ to store ④ to finish, to bring to a close ⑤ to restore (something to its place) ⑥ to achieve (e.g. a result)
効く 【きく】① to be effective, to show effect ② to do its work, to carry out its function well ③ to be possible to use
気付く 【きづく】to notice, to recognize, to recognise, to become aware of, to perceive, to realize, to realise
精々 【せいぜい】at the most, at best, to the utmost, as much (far) as possible
戦い 【たたかい】battle, fight, struggle, conflict
戦う 【たたかう】to fight, to battle, to combat, to struggle against, to wage war, to engage in contest
頼る 【たよる】to rely on, to have recourse to, to depend on
手続き 【てつづき】procedure, (legal) process, formalities
年齢 【ねんれい】age, years
悪魔 【あくま】devil, demon, fiend, Satan, evil spirit
案 【あん】① idea, plan, thought ② draft plan, motion, rough copy ③ expectation
意志 【いし】will, volition, intention, intent, determination
宇宙 【うちゅう】universe, cosmos, space
蚊 【か】mosquito
拡大 【かくだい】magnification, enlargement, expansion
歓迎 【かんげい】welcome, reception
既に 【すでに】already, too late
記憶 【きおく】① memory, recollection, remembrance ② storage
急激 【きゅうげき】sudden, precipitous, radical
救う 【すくう】to rescue from, to help out of, to save
筋 【すじ】① muscle ② string, sinew, line, stripe ③ plot, plan ④ source (of business information) ⑤ reason, logic
緊張 【きんちょう】tension, mental strain, nervousness
繰り返す 【くりかえす】to repeat, to do something over again
件 【けん】matter, case, item
検査 【けんさ】inspection (e.g. customs, factory), examination, scan (e.g. MRI, PET, etc.)
死 【し】death, decease
次第 【しだい】① dependent upon ② as soon as, immediately (upon) ③ circumstances ④ order, precedence, program, programme, agenda
瞬間 【しゅんかん】moment, second, instant
証明 【しょうめい】proof, verification
詳しい 【くわしい】knowing very well, detailed, full, accurate
侵入 【しんにゅう】penetration, invasion, raid, aggression, trespass
申し訳 【もうしわけ】apology, excuse
成功 【せいこう】success, hit
巣 【す】① nest, rookery, breeding place, hive ② den ③ haunt ④ (spider's) web
逮捕 【たいほ】arrest, apprehension, capture
誕生 【たんじょう】birth, creation, formation
知恵 【ちえ】① wisdom, wit, sagacity, sense, intelligence ② prajna (insight leading to enlightenment)
癖 【くせ】a habit (often a bad habit, i.e. vice), peculiarity
保存 【ほぞん】preservation, conservation, storage, saving (e.g., to disk), maintenance
幕 【まく】① curtain, bunting ② act (in play)
厄介 【やっかい】trouble, burden, care, bother, worry, dependence, support, kindness, obligation
唯一 【ゆいいつ】only, sole, unique
事態 【じたい】situation, (present) state of affairs, circumstances
褒める 【ほめる】to praise, to admire, to speak well
まるでquite, entirely, completely, at all, as if, as though, so to speak, just like
まさかby no means, never!, well, I never!, you don't say!
ついに① finally, at last ② (with neg) in the end
そのままwithout change, as it is (i.e. now)
それでもbut (still), and yet, nevertheless, even so, notwithstanding
しかもmoreover, furthermore, nevertheless, and yet
ほぼalmost, roughly, approximately
騙す 【だます】to trick, to cheat, to deceive
せっかくwith trouble, at great pains, long-awaited
匂い 【におい】① odour, odor, scent, smell, stench ② aura, whiff, smacks of ..., sense, flavour, flavor
ふもとthe foot, the bottom, the base (of a mountain)
多く 【おおく】many, much, largely, abundantly, mostly
おやoh!, oh?, my!
下り 【くだり】① down-train (going away from Tokyo) ② down-slope, downward going
一時 【いちじ】one hour, short time, once, a time, temporarily, at one time, twelfth part of a day
人々 【ひとびと】each person, people, men, human, everybody
がる① to feel (on adj-stem to represent a third party's apparent emotion) ② to behave as if one were
広める 【ひろめる】to broaden, to propagate
国立 【こくりつ】national
重ねる 【かさねる】to pile up, to put something on another, to heap up, to add, to repeat
心理 【しんり】mentality
歩 【ほ】① step, stride ② counter for steps
真っ黒 【まっくろ】pitch black
館 【かん】house, hall, building
引き返す 【ひきかえす】to repeat, to send back, to bring back, to retrace one's steps
加速 【かそく】① acceleration, speed up ② accelerator
期 【き】① period, time ② (geological) age
少数 【しょうすう】minority, few
深まる 【ふかまる】to deepen, to heighten, to intensify
神様 【かみさま】God
水面 【すいめん】water's surface
組 【くみ】① set (of items) ② group (of people), class (of students), company (esp. construction), family (i.e. mafia), team ③ typesetting, composition
対立 【たいりつ】confrontation, opposition, antagonism
直前 【ちょくぜん】just before
登場 【とうじょう】① entry (on stage), appearance (on screen) ② entrance, introduction (into a market)
畑 【はたけ】① field (for fruits, vegetables, etc.), cultivated land, vegetable plot, kitchen garden, plantation ② field (of specialization), sphere, area
風船 【ふうせん】balloon (esp. small, toy variety)
役目 【やくめ】duty, business, role
列島 【れっとう】archipelago, chain of islands
決まり 【きまり】① rule, regulation ② settlement, conclusion, end, agreement, arrangement ③ habit, custom
移す 【うつす】① to change, to swap, to substitute, to transfer ② to change the object of one's interest or focus ③ to spend or take time ④ to infect ⑤ to permeate something with the smell or colour of something ⑥ to move on to the next or different stage of (a plan, etc.)
各自 【かくじ】individual, each
格別 【かくべつ】exceptional
含める 【ふくめる】to include, to instruct, to make one understand, to put in one's mouth
境 【さかい】border, boundary, mental state
務める 【つとめる】① to work (for), to be employed (at), to serve (in) ② to serve (as), to act (as), to fill (the position of), to play the role (of) ③ to conduct a religious service
群れ 【むれ】group, crowd, flock, herd, bevy, school, swarm, cluster (of stars), clump
個体 【こたい】an individual
固まる 【かたまる】① to harden, to solidify ② to become firm, to become certain ③ to gather (together), to assemble, to huddle together
公共 【こうきょう】public, community, public service, society, communal
児童 【じどう】children, juvenile
書籍 【しょせき】book, publication
消毒 【しょうどく】disinfection, sterilization, sterilisation
省略 【しょうりゃく】omission, abbreviation, abridgment, abridgement
心得る 【こころえる】to be informed, to have thorough knowledge
先祖 【せんぞ】ancestor
争う 【あらそう】① to compete, to contest, to contend ② to quarrel, to argue, to dispute, to be at variance, to oppose ③ (usu. in negative form) to deny (e.g. evidence)
段階 【だんかい】gradation, grade, stage, steps, order, class, phase
停止 【ていし】suspension, interruption, stoppage, ban, standstill, halt, hang-up, deadlock, stalemate, abeyance
灯台 【とうだい】lighthouse
濃度 【のうど】① concentration, thickness, density ② cardinality
副 【ふく】① assistant, associate, vice-, sub-, deputy, substitute, auxiliary, supplementary, additional, collateral ② duplicate, copy
未 【み】not yet, un-
無限 【むげん】infinite
位 【い】① place, rank ② decimal place ③ counter for ghosts
一応 【いちおう】once, tentatively, in outline, for the time being, just in case
恩恵 【おんけい】grace, favor, favour, blessing, benefit
継続 【けいぞく】continuation
攻める 【せめる】to attack, to assault
氏名 【しめい】full name, identity
醜い 【みにくい】① ugly, unattractive ② unsightly, unseemly
推定 【すいてい】① presumption, assumption ② estimation
節 【ふし】① joint, knuckle ② tune, melody ③ knot (in wood), node in a bamboo stem ④ part, notable characteristic
文献 【ぶんけん】literature, books (reference), document
膨らむ 【ふくらむ】to expand, to swell (out), to get big, to become inflated
湧く 【わく】① to well (up), to gush forth (of water), to spring out, to surge ② to appear (esp. suddenly) (sweat, tears, etc.) ③ to hatch (esp. of parasitic insects, etc.)
とっくにlong ago, already, a long time ago
でたらめ① irresponsible utterance, nonsense, bullshit, codswallop ② random, haphazard, unsystematic
塵 【ちり】dust, dirt
すなわちthat is, namely, i.e.
剥く 【むく】to peel, to skin, to pare, to hull
いずれ① where, which, who ② anyway, anyhow, at any rate, sooner or later, eventually, at some future date or time
かつて① once, before, formerly, ever, former, ex- ② never (with negative verb)
めでたい① happy, auspicious, propitious, joyous ② naive
なるto bear fruit
でかいhuge, gargantuan
どうやらit seems like, it appears that, somehow or other
やけにawfully, frightfully, desperately, violently
間 【ま】space, room, time, pause
体 【てい】appearance, air, condition, state, form
同 【どう】the same, the said, ibid.
重 【じゅう】greater degree, heavy, serious
苦しめる 【くるしめる】to torment, to harass, to inflict pain
助 【じょ】help, rescue, assistant
固体 【こたい】solid (body), solid matter, solid-state
床 【とこ】① bed, bedding ② sickbed ③ alcove ④ riverbed ⑤ seedbed ⑥ straw "core" of a tatami mat ⑦ floor
悪 【あく】evil, wickedness
扱い 【あつかい】treatment, service
暗示 【あんじ】hint, suggestion
一見 【いっけん】① look, glimpse, glance ② to glance, to glimpse ③ apparently, seemingly
一切 【いっさい】all, everything, without exception, the whole, entirely, absolutely
営む 【いとなむ】to carry on (e.g. in ceremony), to run a business
映像 【えいぞう】reflection, image, picture (e.g. on a television), shot, clip
閲覧 【えつらん】① inspection, reading ② browsing (the WWW, internet), web browsing
遠ざかる 【とおざかる】to go far off
家畜 【かちく】domestic animals, livestock, cattle
外来 【がいらい】① external origin, imported ② outpatient
該当 【がいとう】corresponding, answering to, coming under, applying to
獲得 【かくとく】acquisition, possession
刊行 【かんこう】publication, issue
危機 【きき】crisis
機構 【きこう】mechanism, organization, organisation
記述 【きじゅつ】description, descriptor
及び 【および】and, as well as
救援 【きゅうえん】relief, rescue, reinforcement
傾ける 【かたむける】to incline, to list, to bend, to lean, to tip, to tilt, to slant, to concentrate on, to ruin (a country), to squander, to empty
見晴らし 【みはらし】view, prospect, outlook
減少 【げんしょう】decrease, reduction, decline
古代 【こだい】ancient times
いい加減 【いいかげん】① irresponsible, perfunctory, careless ② lukewarm, half-baked, halfhearted, vague ③ reasonable, moderate (usu. in suggestions or orders) ④ considerably, quite, rather, pretty
行為 【こうい】act, deed, conduct
高まる 【たかまる】to rise, to swell, to be promoted
再生 【さいせい】playback, regeneration, resuscitation, return to life, rebirth, reincarnation, refresh, narrow escape, reclamation, regrowth
作用 【さよう】action, operation, effect, function
策 【さく】plan, policy
酸化 【さんか】oxidation
指摘 【してき】pointing out, identification
雌 【めす】female (animal)
事前 【じぜん】prior, beforehand, in advance
自己 【じこ】self, oneself
自在 【じざい】freely, at will
手法 【しゅほう】technique
襲撃 【しゅうげき】attack, charge, raid
出現 【しゅつげん】appearance, arrival, make one's appearance
処分 【しょぶん】disposal, dealing, punishment
症 【しょう】illness
証人 【しょうにん】witness
上陸 【じょうりく】landing, disembarkation
進化 【しんか】evolution, progress
粋 【すい】① chic, stylish, refined, sophisticated, smart ② understanding, sympathetic ③ the best
遂げる 【とげる】to accomplish, to achieve, to carry out
成熟 【せいじゅく】maturity, ripeness
責務 【せきむ】duty, obligation
接触 【せっしょく】touch, contact
絶える 【たえる】① to die out, to peter out, to become extinct ② to cease, to be stopped, to be discontinued, to be cut off
戦闘 【せんとう】battle, fight, combat
措置 【そち】measure, measures, step
組み込む 【くみこむ】to insert, to include, to cut in (printing)
阻止 【そし】obstruction, check, hindrance, prevention, interdiction
争い 【あらそい】dispute, strife, quarrel, dissension, conflict, rivalry, contest
増強 【ぞうきょう】augment, reinforce, increase
打撃 【だげき】① blow, shock, strike, damage ② batting (baseball)
大幅 【おおはば】full width, large scale, drastic
秩序 【ちつじょ】order, regularity, system, method
窒息 【ちっそく】suffocation, choking
登録 【とうろく】registration, accession, register, entry, record
途絶える 【とだえる】to stop, to cease, to come to an end
逃れる 【のがれる】to escape
導く 【みちびく】① to guide, to lead, to show the way, to conduct ② to derive, to deduce
鈍感 【どんかん】thickheadedness, stolidity, insensitivity
内部 【ないぶ】interior, inside, internal
如何に 【いかに】how?, in what way?, how much?, however, whatever
認識 【にんしき】recognition, cognizance, cognisance
脳 【のう】brain, memory
破壊 【はかい】① destruction, disruption ② (application) crash
排除 【はいじょ】exclusion, removal, rejection, elimination, abatement, lifting (sanctions, etc.)
背く 【そむく】to run counter to, to go against, to disobey, to infringe
発作 【ほっさ】fit, spasm
発生 【はっせい】① outbreak, spring forth, occurrence, incidence, origin ② ontogeny, development of complex multicellular structures from cell(s) in a simple state
不可欠 【ふかけつ】indispensable, essential
不明 【ふめい】unknown, obscure, indistinct, uncertain, ambiguous, ignorant, lack of wisdom, anonymous, unidentified
腐敗 【ふはい】decay, depravity
復活 【ふっかつ】① revival (e.g. musical), come-back ② restoration, rebirth, resurrection
福 【ふく】good fortune
崩壊 【ほうかい】① collapse, crumbling, breaking down, caving in ② decay (physics)
放置 【ほうち】leave as is, leave to chance, leave alone, neglect
防衛 【ぼうえい】defense, defence, protection, self-defense, self-defence
無礼 【ぶれい】impolite, rude
模索 【もさく】groping (for), exploring for a solution
目覚める 【めざめる】to wake up
野生 【やせい】wild, growing wild
予め 【あらかじめ】beforehand, in advance, previously
要請 【ようせい】claim, demand, request, application
抑制 【よくせい】control, restraint, suppression, constraint, curtailment, inhibition, check, curb
類 【るい】kind, sort, class, family, genus
膨れる 【ふくれる】to get cross, to get sulky, to swell (out), to expand, to be inflated, to distend, to bulge
末期 【まっき】① closing years (period, days), last stage, end stage, end-of-life (care, decision making, etc.) ② terminal (e.g. cancer, disease, etc.), final
民族 【みんぞく】people, race, nation
略奪 【りゃくだつ】pillage, plunder, looting, robbery
共和 【きょうわ】republicanism, cooperation
著 【ちょ】① work, book ② (a book) by ③ obvious, striking
塗れ 【まみれ】stain, smear
条 【じょう】① article (in document), provision ② stripe, streak, line
いかにもindeed, really, phrase meaning agreement
漕ぐ 【こぐ】① to row, to scull, to paddle ② to pedal (e.g. bicycle) ③ to swing (on a swing) ④ to operate a hand pump ⑤ to push through (deep snow, the jungle, etc.)
ちょうsuper-, ultra-, hyper-, very, really (conversational)
諦め 【あきらめ】resignation, acceptance, consolation
庇う 【かばう】to protect someone, to take under one's wing, to plead for, to stick up for, to cover up for someone
途切れる 【とぎれる】to pause, to be interrupted
とりあえずat once, first of all, for the time being, for now
こら① interjection meant to scold or reprove someone, hey! ② interjection to call out to someone, hey!
させるto make (someone) do
せしめるto cheat someone out of, to wangle
その後 【そのご】after that, afterwards, thereafter
たったonly, merely, but, no more than
つい① just (now) ② quite (near) ③ unintentionally, unconsciously, by mistake, against one's better judgement (judgment)
ばれるto leak out (a secret), to be exposed (a lie, improper behaviour, etc.) (behavior)
ぱっとsuddenly, in a flash, rapidly, nimbly, alertly
カルシウムcalcium (Ca)
グループgroup (usu. of people)
サービス① service, support system ② goods or services without charge
チャンスchance, opportunity
テーマtopic, theme, project
テロterror, terrorism
ナイト① night ② knight
パーセントpercent, percentage
下す 【くだす】① to make (a decision), to pass (judgement, etc.), to hand down (orders, etc.) ② to let go down, to lower ③ to do oneself, to do by oneself
何とぞ 【なにとぞ】① please, kindly, I beg of you, if it pleases you ② by all means, without fail
後 【のち】① later, afterwards, since ② future ③ after one's death
後生 【ごしょう】afterlife
おいで① coming, going, being (somewhere) ② come (used as an imperative, usu. to children and one's inferiors), go, stay
今や 【いまや】now
出し 【だし】① dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp) ② pretext, excuse, pretense (pretence), dupe, front man
上げ 【あげ】rise in price, making a tuck
川 【かわ】① river, stream ② the .... river, (suffix used with the names of rivers)
東北 【とうほく】① north-east ② Northern most six prefectures of Honshu
分かり 【わかり】understanding, comprehension
たき火 【たきび】① open-air fire (e.g. for garden refuse), bonfire ② open fire (e.g. in a kitchen)
チカチカ① flickering, flashing on and off (e.g. Christmas lights) ② prickling (pain)
かねinterrogative sentence-ending particle expressing doubt
だい① marks wh-question (what, where, who) ② strengthens one's judgment or conclusion
かもmay, might, perhaps, may be, possibly
フッ① hah (derisively), pooh ② pfft (of something disappearing), poof ③ huff, puff
パス① path ② pass (e.g. skipping a move, passing an examination, ticket to allow entry, etc.)
気持ちいい 【きもちいい】good feeling, feeling good
近年 【きんねん】recent years
言うまでもない 【いうまでもない】it goes without saying, there is no need to say so, but of course, it is needless to say, it need scarcely be said
考え方 【かんがえかた】way of thinking
作り話 【つくりばなし】fiction, made-up story, fable, fabrication, myth
自白 【じはく】confession, acknowledgement, acknowledgment
手口 【てぐち】modus operandi, criminal technique, trick
終えん 【しゅうえん】demise
地上 【ちじょう】above ground
特使 【とくし】special envoy
発火 【はっか】firing, ignition
発動 【はつどう】invoke (law), put into operation
不十分 【ふじゅうぶん】insufficient, inadequate, imperfect, shortage
立ち 【たち】stand
人心 【じんしん】human nature, human heart, human spirit, kindness, sympathy
正道 【せいどう】path of righteousness, path of duty, the right track, the correct path
別名 【べつめい】alias, pseudonym, pen name, nom de plume
引き金 【ひきがね】trigger, gunlock
安く 【やすく】inexpensively
野山 【のやま】hills and fields, hill and dale
もう少し 【もうすこし】a bit more, a bit longer
早くから 【はやくから】early on, earlier on, from early
英 【えい】Britain, British
引き 【びき】-off (price reduction)
っ放し 【っぱなし】keep -ing, have been -ing, to leave
加 【か】① addition, increase ② Canada
海辺 【かいへん】beach, seashore
間断 【かんだん】break in time, interruption, pause
君たち 【きみたち】(used colloquially by young females) you (plural), all of you, you all
型 【がた】① model, type (e.g. of machine, goods, etc.) ② type, style, pattern ③ mold (mould), template, model ④ kata (standard form of a movement, posture, etc. in martial arts, sport, etc.) ⑤ form (i.e. customary procedure) ⑥ size (i.e. clothing, shoes)
決定的 【けっていてき】definite, final, decisive, conclusive
細々 【ほそぼそ】① poor (living) ② barely continuing, just scraping along ③ very narrow
細やか 【ささやか】meagre, meager, modest
さざなみripple (on water), wavelets
市中 【しちゅう】in the city
時点 【じてん】point in time, occasion
主流 【しゅりゅう】main current (stream), mainline, mainstream
術 【じゅつ】art, means, technique
生き残る 【いきのこる】to survive
石 【こく】① measure of volume (approx. 180.39 liters, 6.37 cub. ft.) ② measure of a Japanese-style boat's loading capacity (approx. 278.26 liters)
相次ぐ 【あいつぐ】to follow in succession
相乗 【そうじょう】multiplication, synergism
多数 【たすう】① great number ② countless, majority
大声 【おおごえ】large voice
大昔 【おおむかし】great antiquity, old-fashioned, long ago
大量 【たいりょう】large quantity
柱 【はしら】① pillar, post ② support, prop, mainstay ③ counter for buddhas, gods, nobles, etc.
通例 【つうれい】usually, customarily
命拾い 【いのちびろい】narrow escape from death
暗黒 【あんこく】darkness
夏季 【かき】summer season
対する 【たいする】① to face (each other), to be facing ② to be directed toward (the future, etc.), to be in response to, to be related to ③ to receive (a client, etc.) ④ to compare with, to contrast with, to be in opposition with, to be opposed to ⑤ to confront, to oppose, to compete with
客人 【きゃくじん】caller, visitor, company, guest
短期間 【たんきかん】short term, short time
鳴り 【なり】ringing, sound
分断 【ぶんだん】dividing into parts
禁 【きん】ban (e.g. on smoking), prohibition
一般人 【いっぱんじん】an ordinary person
因子 【いんし】factor, divisor, element
引き抜く 【ひきぬく】① to extract, to uproot, to pull out ② to headhunt, to lure away
煙 【けむ】smoke, fumes
王位 【おうい】the throne, the crown
解消 【かいしょう】cancellation, liquidation, resolution, reduction (e.g. of stress)
害虫 【がいちゅう】harmful insect, noxious insect
機種 【きしゅ】type of equipment, model
急増 【きゅうぞう】explosion, proliferation, surge
急務 【きゅうむ】urgent business
競る 【せる】to compete, to bid, to sell at auction
共 【ども】① first-person plural (or singular) ② second or third person plural (implies speaker is of higher status than those referred to)
互いに 【たがいに】mutually, with each other, reciprocally, together
最大 【さいだい】greatest, largest, maximum
在来 【ざいらい】pre-existing, already there, conventional
作り替える 【つくりかえる】to remake, to remold, to remould, to convert, to reconstruct, to adapt, to parody, to alter
殺害 【さつがい】killing, murder
自律 【じりつ】autonomy
収拾 【しゅうしゅう】control, settling, coping
消え失せる 【きえうせる】to disappear, to get out of sight, to die, (in imperative) to fuck off
人権 【じんけん】human rights, civil liberties
吹き込む 【ふきこむ】① to blow into, to breathe into ② to inspire, to indoctrinate ③ to record (music, video, etc.)
性的 【せいてき】① (relating to) gender ② sex, sexual
精進 【しょうじん】① concentration, diligence, devotion ② asceticism, zeal in one's quest for enlightenment ③ adherence to a vegetarian diet
絶好 【ぜっこう】best, ideal, perfect
戦火 【せんか】war
戦死 【せんし】death in action, killed in action, KIA
もぐり込む 【もぐりこむ】to slip into, to crawl into (under), to conceal oneself (under)
大群 【たいぐん】large crowd, large herd, large flock, large school, large shoal
断絶 【だんぜつ】① extinction, discontinuation, interruption ② severance, rupture ③ to become extinct, to cease to exist ④ to sever, to break off, to divide (between two things)
伝承 【でんしょう】transmission, hand down (information), legend, tradition, folklore
同種 【どうしゅ】same kind (race), homogeneousness
同性 【どうせい】same sex, homosexuality, homogeneity, congeniality
突入 【とつにゅう】rushing, breaking into
突飛 【とっぴ】erratic, offbeat, wild, extraordinary
認知 【にんち】acknowledgement, acknowledgment, recognition
発汗 【はっかん】sweating, perspiration
半減 【はんげん】reduction by half, halve
備品 【びひん】fixtures, furnishings, equipment
法令 【ほうれい】laws and ordinances, acts (of parliament, congress, etc.)
暴行 【ぼうこう】assault, outrage, act of violence
暴走 【ぼうそう】running wildly, reckless driving, runaway, rampage
無意識 【むいしき】① unconsciousness ② the unconscious
由緒 【ゆいしょ】history, pedigree, lineage
暴言 【ぼうげん】reckless remark, rash remark, abusive language, thoughtless words
仮説 【かせつ】hypothesis, supposition, fictional
疑似 【ぎじ】suspected, pseudo, sham, quasi, false, mock
願い事 【ねがいごと】wish, dream, prayer, one's desire
呼び出し 【よびだし】① call ② sumo usher who calls the names of wrestlers, sweeps the ring, etc.
恐るべき 【おそるべき】dreadful, terrible, horrible, deplorable
治世 【ちせい】rule, reign, peaceful times, regime, dynasty
浮遊 【ふゆう】floating, wandering, suspension
突っ切る 【つっきる】to cross, to go across, to go through, to cut across
逃げ腰 【にげごし】preparing to flee, being ready to run away
風前の灯 【ふうぜんのともしび】precarious situation, precarious state
死に絶える 【しにたえる】to die out, to become extinct
ついてるto be lucky, to be in luck
達し 【たっし】official notice, notification
お願い 【おねがい】① request, wish ② please
機 【き】① chance, opportunity ② machine ③ aircraft ④ counter for aircraft ⑤ counter for remaining lives (in video games)
歴 【れき】history of, experience of
お陰 【おかげ】(your) backing, assistance, thanks or owing to
威勢 【いせい】power, might, authority
遺伝子 【いでんし】gene, genetic
概要 【がいよう】outline, summary, abridgment, synopsis
喝采 【かっさい】acclamation, applause, ovation, cheers
肝 【きも】① liver, innards ② courage, spirit, pluck, guts
肝臓 【かんぞう】liver
奇想天外 【きそうてんがい】fantastic idea, bizarre
偽 【にせ】imitation, fake, phony, counterfeit, forged, bogus, sham
朽ち果てる 【くちはてる】to rust away, to rot away, to decay, to fall to ruins, to die in obscurity
脅威 【きょうい】threat, menace
近隣 【きんりん】neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity
駆使 【くし】① free use ② to use freely, to make free use of, to have good command (e.g. of a language) ③ to drive someone on
継承 【けいしょう】inheritance, succession, accession
鶏 【にわとり】① (domestic) chicken ② chicken (meat)
懸案 【けんあん】pending question, pending problem
検索 【けんさく】looking up (e.g. a word in a dictionary), retrieval (e.g. data), searching for, referring to
言い張る 【いいはる】to insist, to assert, to be obstinate in saying
言及 【げんきゅう】reference, allusion
後継 【こうけい】successor
項 【こう】① clause, paragraph, item ② term
酷使 【こくし】exploitation, overuse, abuse
根幹 【こんかん】basis, nucleus, root and branch
沙汰 【さた】① affair, state, incident, issue, matter ② verdict, sentence ③ directions, orders, command, instructions ④ notice, information, communication, news, message, tidings, update
催眠 【さいみん】hypnotism
狩猟 【しゅりょう】hunting
就寝 【しゅうしん】going to bed, retiring
襲い掛かる 【おそいかかる】to rush on, to attack, to swoop down on
処刑 【しょけい】execution
症候群 【しょうこうぐん】syndrome
錠前 【じょうまえ】lock
推計 【すいけい】estimate, estimation
随時 【ずいじ】at any time, as occasion calls
潜む 【ひそむ】to lurk, to lie dormant, to be hidden, to be concealed, to be stashed
遭遇 【そうぐう】encounter
退陣 【たいじん】retreat, withdrawal, retirement
端末 【たんまつ】computer terminal
抽出 【ちゅうしゅつ】① extraction, abstraction ② selection (from a group), sampling, eduction
徹す 【とおす】to let pass, to overlook, to continue, to keep, to make way for, to persist in
つたivy (esp. Boston ivy, Parthenocissus tricuspidata)
提唱 【ていしょう】advocacy, proposal
奴隷 【どれい】① slave, servant ② slavery
凍結 【とうけつ】freeze (e.g. program, food, etc.)
搭載 【とうさい】① loading (on board), equipping ② equipped (with), built-in
胴体 【どうたい】body, trunk, torso
認証 【にんしょう】① certification, attestation, authentication, confirmation ② Imperial attestation
破滅 【はめつ】ruin, destruction, fall
媒体 【ばいたい】media, medium
あいつhe, she, that guy
秘める 【ひめる】to hide, to keep to oneself
肥料 【ひりょう】manure, fertilizer, fertiliser
飛躍 【ひやく】① leaping, activity ② leapfrog (over a problem), making a leap (e.g. in logic) ③ makng great strides, making rapid progress ④ emerging ⑤ becoming active, playing an active part
不可侵 【ふかしん】inviolability, sacredness, nonaggression
不感症 【ふかんしょう】sexual frigidity
とるto take, to catch (fish), to capture
傍観 【ぼうかん】looking on, remaining a spectator
僕ら 【ぼくら】we
民衆 【みんしゅう】people, populace, masses
霊長 【れいちょう】leader with miraculous powers, humanity
惑わす 【まどわす】to bewilder, to perplex, to puzzle
入れ墨 【いれずみ】tattoo
脚光 【きゃっこう】footlight, limelight
脅し 【おどし】threat
余儀ない 【よぎない】unavoidable, inevitable, beyond one's control
応札 【おうさつ】bid
あんたyou (familiar form of anata)
損壊 【そんかい】damage, destruction
糧 【かて】food, provisions
振るう 【ふるう】① to swing, to wield (physically), to exert ② to exercise, to wield (metaphorically) ③ to flourish, to prosper, to thrive
かけるto suspend between two points, to build (a bridge, etc.), to put up on something (e.g. legs up on table)
あぶhorsefly, gadfly
厭う 【いとう】to dislike, to hate, to grudge (doing), to spare (oneself), to be weary of, to take (good) care of
甲状腺 【こうじょうせん】thyroid gland
呪い 【のろい】curse, spell, malediction
眞言 【しんごん】① mantra ② Shingon (Sino-Japanese esoteric Buddhism, originating in the eighth century)
斧 【おの】axe, hatchet
ふちdeep pool, abyss, the depths
膺懲 【ようちょう】punishment, chastisement
魑魅魍魎 【ちみもうりょう】evil spirits of rivers and mountains
さつりくslaughter, massacre
畏れる 【おそれる】to fear, to be afraid of
簒奪 【さんだつ】① usurpation ② to usurp
こうしてthus, in this way
一兎 【いっと】one rabbit;