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新世界より [‘From the New World’] Vol. 6: episodes 21 to 24

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 21 to 24 of the animated series ‘新世界より’ [‘From the New World’]. This is volume 6/6. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (vol 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



529 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
雨 【あめ】rain
花 【はな】① flower, blossom, bloom, petal ② blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms), cherry blossom ③ ikebana ④ Japanese playing cards ⑤ beauty ⑥ (the) best
西 【にし】west
三 【さん】three
家族 【かぞく】family, members of a family
広い 【ひろい】spacious, vast, wide
暑い 【あつい】hot (weather, etc.), warm
色 【いろ】① colour, color ② complexion ③ appearance, look ④ love, lust, sensuality, love affair, lover ⑤ kind, type, variety
地図 【ちず】map
着る 【きる】① to wear (in modern Japanese, from the shoulders down), to put on ② to bear (guilt, etc.)
昼 【ひる】① noon, midday ② daytime ③ lunch
明るい 【あかるい】① bright, colourful ② cheerful ③ familiar (with), knowledgeable (about) ④ fair (e.g. politics), clean
泳ぐ 【およぐ】to swim
曲がる 【まがる】① to bend, to curve, to warp, to wind, to twist ② to turn ③ to be awry, to be askew, to be crooked
歯 【は】tooth
鼻 【はな】nose
鳴く 【なく】① to sing (bird) ② to bark, to purr, to make sound (animal)
箱 【はこ】① box ② car (of a train, etc.) ③ shamisen case, shamisen
階段 【かいだん】stairs, stairway, staircase
枚 【まい】counter for flat objects (e.g. sheets of paper)
要る 【いる】to need
やっとat last, at length
タイプ① type, kind, sort, style ② typewriter, typing
ビル① building ② bill
会話 【かいわ】conversation
間に合う 【まにあう】① to be in time for ② to serve (suit, meet) the purpose, to be good enough, to be enough
空気 【くうき】air, atmosphere
昼間 【ひるま】daytime, during the day
育てる 【そだてる】to raise, to rear, to bring up
海岸 【かいがん】coast, beach
星 【ほし】① star, any light-emitting (or reflecting) heavenly body (except for the sun and the moon) ② suspect (police slang)
返事 【へんじ】reply, answer, response
毛 【け】hair, fur
移る 【うつる】① to move (house), to transfer (department) ② to change the target of interest or concern ③ to elapse (passage of time) ④ to be permeated by a colour or scent ⑤ to be infected, to be contagious, to spread (as in fire)
招待 【しょうたい】invitation
席 【せき】① seat ② location (of a gathering, etc.), place ③ position, post
赤ん坊 【あかんぼう】baby
恥ずかしい 【はずかしい】shy, ashamed, embarrassed
復習 【ふくしゅう】review, revision
払う 【はらう】① to pay ② to brush, to wipe
連絡 【れんらく】① to contact, to get in touch ② contacting, getting in touch, communication, call, message ③ connection, coordination, junction ④ intercalary, intercalaris, internuncial
柔らかい 【やわらかい】soft, tender, limp
興味 【きょうみ】interest (in something)
是非 【ぜひ】① certainly, without fail ② right and wrong, pros and cons
辞典 【じてん】dictionary
そうしてand, like that
うっかりcarelessly, thoughtlessly, inadvertently
外す 【はずす】① to unfasten, to undo ② to remove, to take off, to deinstall ③ to leave, to step out, to slip away ④ to miss (a target)
間もなく 【まもなく】① soon, before long, in a short time ② (after verb) lacking time to ..., without time to ...
左右 【さゆう】① left and right ② influence, control, domination
生じる 【しょうじる】① to produce, to yield ② to result from, to arise, to be generated
電子 【でんし】① electron ② (esp. as a prefix) electronic, electronics
年間 【ねんかん】year (period of)
見送る 【みおくる】① to see off (e.g. to the station, an airport, etc.), to escort (e.g. home), to farewell ② to see out, to send off ③ to let pass, to wait and see, to continue (e.g. in legal contexts) ④ to let a pitch go by (baseball), to watch a batted ball go into the stands
手間 【てま】time, labour, labor
人工 【じんこう】artificial, manmade, human work, human skill, artificiality
地 【ち】① earth, ground, land, soil ② place ③ territory ④ bottom (of a package, book, etc.) ⑤ earth (one of the five elements)
用いる 【もちいる】to use, to make use of
主人 【しゅじん】① head (of a household), proprietor (of a store), proprietress, landlord, landlady ② one's husband ③ (one's) employer, (one's) master ④ host, hostess
注ぐ 【そそぐ】① to pour (into), to fill ② to sprinkle on from above, to shed (e.g. tears) ③ to concentrate one's spirit or strength on ④ to fall onto (of rain, snow)
足元 【あしもと】① at one's feet, underfoot ② gait, pace, step ③ you, thou
苦しい 【くるしい】painful, difficult
考え 【かんがえ】thinking, thought, ideas, intention
指す 【さす】① to point ② to nominate, to select someone, to specify some person ③ to identify, to indicate, to point out
上等 【じょうとう】superiority, first-class, very good
正確 【せいかく】accurate, punctual, exact, authentic, veracious
生物 【せいぶつ】living things, creature
全身 【ぜんしん】① whole (body), full-length (e.g. portrait) ② systemic
電池 【でんち】battery
特定 【とくてい】specific, special, particular
望む 【のぞむ】to desire, to wish for, to see, to command (a view of)
夜明け 【よあけ】dawn, daybreak
流れる 【ながれる】to stream, to flow (liquid, time, etc.), to run (ink), to be washed away
商人 【しょうにん】trader, shopkeeper, merchant
表す 【あらわす】① to reveal, to show, to display ② to express ③ to represent, to signify, to stand for ④ to make widely known
偉大 【いだい】greatness
違い 【ちがい】difference, discrepancy
煙 【けむり】smoke, fumes
解決 【かいけつ】settlement, solution, resolution
害 【がい】injury, harm, evil influence, damage
完了 【かんりょう】① completion, conclusion ② perfective (form, aspect)
希望 【きぼう】hope, wish, aspiration
共に 【ともに】sharing with, participate in, both, alike, together, along with, with, including
劇 【げき】① drama, play ② powerful drug
個人 【こじん】individual, private person, personal, private
光景 【こうけい】scene, spectacle
資料 【しりょう】materials, data, document
周辺 【しゅうへん】① circumference, outskirts, environs, around, in the area of, in the vicinity of ② (computer) peripheral
処理 【しょり】processing, dealing with, treatment, disposition, disposal
諸 【しょ】various, many, several
心臓 【しんぞう】heart
大陸 【たいりく】continent
単純 【たんじゅん】simplicity
地位 【ちい】(social) position, status
通り過ぎる 【とおりすぎる】to pass, to pass through
日付 【ひづけ】date, dating
泊める 【とめる】to give shelter to, to lodge
抜ける 【ぬける】① to come out, to fall out, to be omitted, to be missing, to escape ② to exit (a program loop)
皮膚 【ひふ】skin
浮かぶ 【うかぶ】① to float, to be suspended ② to rise to surface ③ to come to mind, to have inspiration
抱く 【いだく】① to embrace, to hold in the arms (e.g. a baby), to hug ② to harbour (e.g. grudge) (harbor), to bear (e.g. a grudge), to entertain (e.g. suspicion) ③ to sleep with ④ to sit on eggs
恐れる 【おそれる】to fear, to be afraid of
飛び込む 【とびこむ】to jump in, to leap in, to plunge into, to dive
有利 【ゆうり】advantageous, better, profitable, lucrative
悪戯 【いたずら】tease, prank, trick, practical joke, mischief
握る 【にぎる】to grasp, to seize, to mould sushi, to mold sushi
扱う 【あつかう】to handle, to deal with, to treat
異なる 【ことなる】to differ, to vary, to disagree
環境 【かんきょう】environment, circumstance
鬼 【おに】① ogre, demon ② spirit of a deceased person ③ ogre-like person (i.e. fierce, relentless, merciless, etc.) ④ it (i.e. in a game of tag) ⑤ Chinese "ghost" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
健康 【けんこう】health, sound, wholesome
誇り 【ほこり】pride, boast
裁判 【さいばん】trial, judgement, judgment
飼う 【かう】to keep, to raise, to feed
臭い 【くさい】① stinking, smelly ② suspicious, fishy ③ clumsy
銃 【じゅう】gun, rifle, small arms
障害 【しょうがい】① obstacle, impediment, hindrance, difficulty, barrier ② handicap, impairment, disability, disorder, malfunction
専攻 【せんこう】major subject, special study
組織 【そしき】① organization, organisation ② structure, construction ③ tissue ④ system
特徴 【とくちょう】feature, trait, characteristic, pecularity
発揮 【はっき】exhibition, demonstration, show, display, manifestation
比較的 【ひかくてき】comparative, relative
分析 【ぶんせき】analysis
訪れる 【おとずれる】to visit
目標 【もくひょう】mark, objective, target
劣る 【おとる】to fall behind, to be inferior to
覆う 【おおう】to cover, to hide, to conceal, to wrap, to disguise
砂漠 【さばく】desert
是非とも 【ぜひとも】by all means (with sense of not taking "no" for an answer)
噂 【うわさ】rumour, rumor, report, hearsay, gossip, common talk
餌 【えさ】feed, bait
ことわざproverb, maxim
たちまちat once, in a moment, suddenly, all at once
まさに① exactly, surely, certainly ② just (about to), on the verge (of doing or happening) ③ duly, naturally
ともかくanyhow, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case, be that as it may
嗅ぐ 【かぐ】to sniff, to smell
まれrare, seldom
すっとstraight, quickly, directly, all of a sudden, quietly, gently, softly
高 【こう】① High (abbreviation of "High School" following a school's name) ② high-
手ごろ 【てごろ】moderate, handy
地名 【ちめい】place name
通りかかる 【とおりかかる】to happen to pass by
売買 【ばいばい】trade, buying and selling
方々 【かたがた】① they (of people), gentlemen (of the ...) ② you (usu. plural) ③ various
ひっくり返る 【ひっくりかえる】to be overturned, to be upset, to topple over, to be reversed
開放 【かいほう】open, throw open, liberalization, liberalisation
漢和 【かんわ】① China and Japan ② Chinese and Japanese (languages) ③ Chinese Character-Japanese dictionary
見当 【けんとう】aim, mark, estimate, guess, approximation, direction
実感 【じっかん】feelings (actual, true)
人命 【じんめい】(human) life
短期 【たんき】short term
直線 【ちょくせん】straight line
通用 【つうよう】① popular use, circulation ② to pass as
方角 【ほうがく】direction, way, compass point
夜行 【やこう】walking around at night, night train, night travel
解放 【かいほう】① release, unleashing, liberation, emancipation, setting free ② deallocation (of computer memory)
気圧 【きあつ】atmospheric pressure
極力 【きょくりょく】to the utmost, to the best of one's ability
効力 【こうりょく】effect, efficacy, validity, potency
自治 【じち】self-government, autonomy
相違 【そうい】difference, discrepancy, variation
当初 【とうしょ】at first
破片 【はへん】fragment, splinter, broken piece
利害 【りがい】advantages and disadvantages, interest
管 【くだ】pipe, tube
傾く 【かたむく】to incline toward, to slant, to lurch, to heel over, to be disposed to, to trend toward, to be prone to, to go down (sun), to wane, to sink, to decline
交替 【こうたい】alternation, change, relief, relay, shift, substitution (sports, etc.)
住居 【じゅうきょ】dwelling, house, residence, address
捕らえる 【とらえる】① to seize, to capture, to arrest ② to grasp, to perceive, to treat (as)
為す 【なす】to do, to perform
鑑賞 【かんしょう】appreciation (e.g. of art), aesthetic sense
後悔 【こうかい】regret, repentance
砕ける 【くだける】to break, to be broken
削除 【さくじょ】elimination, cancellation, deletion, erasure, DEL (key)
あう① to meet, to encounter ② to have an accident, to have a bad experience
隙間 【すきま】crevice, crack, gap, opening
遡る 【さかのぼる】to go back, to go upstream, to make retroactive
卑怯 【ひきょう】cowardice, meanness, unfairness
巻 【まき】① roll (e.g. of cloth) ② winding ③ volume (of book)
初 【はつ】first, new
仕掛け 【しかけ】device, contrivance, trick, mechanism, gadget, (small) scale, half finished, commencement, set up, challenge, attack
悪化 【あっか】(suffer) deterioration, growing worse, aggravation, degeneration, corruption
一帯 【いったい】region, zone, whole place
引き起こす 【ひきおこす】to cause, to induce
栄える 【さかえる】to prosper, to flourish
英雄 【えいゆう】hero, great man
化ける 【ばける】① to appear in disguise, to take the form of ② to change for the worse, to corrupt
河川 【かせん】rivers
改革 【かいかく】reform, reformation, innovation
開発 【かいはつ】development, exploitation
階級 【かいきゅう】class, rank, grade
階層 【かいそう】class, level, stratum, layer, hierarchy
覚え 【おぼえ】memory, sense, experience
隔たる 【へだたる】to be distant
感染 【かんせん】infection, contagion
緩やか 【ゆるやか】① loose, slack ② gentle, easy, slow ③ lenient, liberal, lax
究極 【きゅうきょく】ultimate, extreme, final, eventual
強制 【きょうせい】obligation, coercion, compulsion, enforcement
緊急 【きんきゅう】urgent, pressing, emergency
刑 【けい】penalty, sentence, punishment
刑罰 【けいばつ】judgement, judgment, penalty, punishment
現地 【げんち】actual place, local
護衛 【ごえい】guard, convoy, escort
告げる 【つげる】to inform
根拠 【こんきょ】basis, foundation
最善 【さいぜん】the very best
採用 【さいよう】① use, adoption, acceptance ② appointment, employment, engagement
細菌 【さいきん】bacillus, bacterium, germ
仕様 【しよう】① way, method, means, resource, remedy ② (technical) specification
志 【こころざし】will, intention, motive
施設 【しせつ】① institution, establishment, facility ② (army) engineer
死刑 【しけい】death penalty, capital punishment
私有 【しゆう】private ownership
終日 【しゅうじつ】all day, for a whole day
出血 【しゅっけつ】bleeding, haemorrhage, hemorrhage
照合 【しょうごう】collation, comparison
人体 【じんたい】human body
征服 【せいふく】conquest, subjugation, overcoming
正当 【せいとう】just, justifiable, right, due, proper, equitable, reasonable, legitimate, legal, lawful
専ら 【もっぱら】wholly, solely, entirely, exclusively, devotedly, fixedly
潜水 【せんすい】diving
素早い 【すばやい】① fast, quick, prompt, nimble, agile ② quick (to understand), sharp (judgement)
組み合わせる 【くみあわせる】to join together, to combine, to join up
対抗 【たいこう】opposition, antagonism
脱出 【だっしゅつ】escape
炭素 【たんそ】carbon (C)
団結 【だんけつ】unity, union, combination
地獄 【じごく】hell
挑戦 【ちょうせん】challenge, defiance
腸 【ちょう】guts, bowels, intestines
追跡 【ついせき】pursuit, tracking (e.g. in computer graphics), keeping records on, tracing
提供 【ていきょう】offer, tender, program sponsoring, programme sponsoring, furnishing, provisioning, supply
天国 【てんごく】paradise, heaven, Kingdom of Heaven
逃す 【のがす】to let loose, to set free, to let escape
特権 【とっけん】privilege, special right
内訳 【うちわけ】the items, breakdown, classification
乃至 【ないし】① from ... to, between ... and ② or
敗北 【はいぼく】① defeat ② to be defeated
肺 【はい】lung
反応 【はんのう】reaction, response
反乱 【はんらん】insurrection, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, uprising
繁栄 【はんえい】prospering, prosperity, thriving, flourishing
漂う 【ただよう】to drift about, to float, to hang in air
負う 【おう】① to bear, to carry on one's back ② to take responsibility for, to accept a duty ③ to be injured ④ to owe
部下 【ぶか】subordinate person
粉末 【ふんまつ】fine powder
放射能 【ほうしゃのう】radioactivity
満たす 【みたす】① to satisfy, to ingratiate, to fulfill ② to fill (e.g. a cup) ③ to reach (a certain number)
無効 【むこう】invalid, no effect, unavailable, illegal
無念 【むねん】① chagrin, regret ② free from obstructive thoughts
無用 【むよう】useless, futility, needlessness, unnecessariness
無論 【むろん】of course, naturally
問う 【とう】① to ask, to question, to inquire ② to charge (i.e. with a crime), to accuse ③ to care (about) ④ without regard to (with negative verb)
誘導 【ゆうどう】guidance, leading, induction, introduction, incitement, inducement
欲 【よく】greed, craving, desire, avarice, wants
落下 【らっか】fall, drop, come down
利点 【りてん】advantage, point in favor, point in favour
良好 【りょうこう】favorable, favourable, satisfactory
良心 【りょうしん】conscience
溝 【みぞ】ditch, drain, gutter, gap
魂 【たましい】soul, spirit
伝言 【でんごん】verbal message, rumor, rumour, word
乏しい 【とぼしい】meagre, meager, scarce, limited, destitute, hard up, lacking, scanty, poor
備わる 【そなわる】① to be furnished with, to be endowed with ② to be among, to be one of, to be possessed of
探検 【たんけん】exploration, expedition
引き上げる 【ひきあげる】① to pull up, to drag up, to lift up ② to increase, to raise (e.g. taxes) ③ to withdraw, to leave, to pull out, to retire ④ to return home
滅ぼす 【ほろぼす】to destroy, to overthrow, to wreck, to ruin
見込み 【みこみ】forecast, prospects, expectation, hope
見逃す 【みのがす】to miss, to overlook, to leave at large
値する 【あたいする】to be worth, to deserve, to merit
密か 【ひそか】secret, private, surreptitious
当 【とう】this (business organisation or place)
ことごとくaltogether, entirely
奇数 【きすう】odd number
誤魔化す 【ごまかす】to deceive, to falsify, to misrepresent
たやすいeasy, simple, light
流暢 【りゅうちょう】fluent (language skill), flowing
くちばしbeak, bill
瞑る 【つぶる】to close the eyes
いやいやreluctantly, by no means, unwillingly
麻痺 【まひ】paralysis, palsy, numbness, stupor
グランド① gland ② grand ③ ground (e.g. land, electrical, base material of textiles, etc.)
データdata, datum
ピンpin, dowel
ベース① base ② bass
ベスト① best ② vest
何ら 【なんら】① whatever, what, what sort of, any kind of ② nothing whatever (with neg. verb)
子ども 【こども】child, children
水上 【すいじょう】aquatic, on the water
水中 【すいちゅう】underwater
話せる 【はなせる】to be understanding, to be sensible
見え 【みえ】show, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
来す 【きたす】to cause, to induce, to bring about a result or state, to produce
一人ぼっち 【ひとりぼっち】aloneness, loneliness, solitude
何人 【なにびと】everyone, every person, all, anyone
へえoh, yes?, really?
おめおめ① shamelessly, acting brazenly unaffected ② being resigned to (disgrace)
っ子 【っこ】someone with a liking or characteristic, a true representative of (place);
一員 【いちいん】person, member
何者 【なにもの】who, what kind of person
家名 【かめい】① family name, house name ② family honour, family honor
海中 【かいちゅう】in the sea
開口 【かいこう】① opening, aperture (e.g. camera) ② opening one's mouth, beginning to speak ③ open, broad
気力 【きりょく】willpower, energy, vitality
起動 【きどう】startup, activation, starting (e.g. engine, computer), launch
起用 【きよう】appointment (to a position, job, etc.), being used for a role, promotion
近づく 【ちかづく】to approach, to get near, to get acquainted with, to get closer
計 【けい】① plan ② meter, measuring device ③ (in) total, total (of)
作動 【さどう】operation, functioning, running
前方 【ぜんぽう】forward, frontward
たどり着く 【たどりつく】to struggle on to, to arrive somewhere after a struggle, to grope along to, to barely manage to reach, to finally arrive at, to finally hit on (e.g. an idea)
東京 【とうきょう】Tokyo (current capital of Japan)
同行 【どうこう】① accompanying, travelling together, traveling together ② same bank
同族 【どうぞく】same family (race, tribe)
肉食 【にくしょく】① meat eating, eating of meat, meat diet ② carnivorous
不注意 【ふちゅうい】carelessness, inattention, thoughtlessness
不用意 【ふようい】unpreparedness, carelessness
本堂 【ほんどう】main temple building, nave
分かれ道 【わかれみち】branch, forked road, crossroads, branch road, parting of the ways, turning point
先住 【せんじゅう】previous priest or resident
言 【げん】word, remark, statement
あんなふうにin that way, like that, that way
あっと言う間 【あっというま】a blink of time (lit: the time it takes to say "Ah!")
一丸 【いちがん】lump, (into) one
横目 【よこめ】sidelong glance
下等 【かとう】inferior, base, vulgar, low grade, lower class
感服 【かんぷく】admiration, Well done!;
岸辺 【きしべ】bank (of a river)
局面 【きょくめん】checkerboard, aspect, situation
空費 【くうひ】wastefulness
決めつける 【きめつける】① to fix upon (one-sidedly), to (ignore somebody's position and) arbitrarily decide something is the case ② to scold, to take (a person) to task
見当たる 【みあたる】to be found
実り 【みのり】① ripening (of a crop) ② crop, harvest
焼け落ちる 【やけおちる】to be burned down
数多く 【かずおおく】in great numbers
晴らす 【はらす】to dispel, to clear away, to refresh (oneself)
先決 【せんけつ】previous decision, predetermination, deciding in advance, first priority
前回 【ぜんかい】previous time, last time, previous installment, previous instalment, previous session
全土 【ぜんど】the whole nation (land, country)
足取り 【あしどり】① gait, manner of walking (swimming) ② trace (e.g. of route taken by hunted criminal)
退去 【たいきょ】① departure, leaving, going away, evacuation ② recession
中退 【ちゅうたい】leaving school during a term
すぐさまimmediately, promptly
動き回る 【うごきまわる】to move around
同類 【どうるい】the same kind, accomplice, partner
風情 【ふぜい】appearance, air, taste, elegance, entertainment, hospitality
防水 【ぼうすい】tarpaulin, make watertight, waterproof
夜道 【よみち】street at night, making a night journey
両手 【りょうて】① (with) both hands ② approvingly
万全 【ばんぜん】perfection, flawlessness
追いつく 【おいつく】to overtake, to catch up (with)
目の当たり 【まのあたり】in one's presence, face to face, on the spot, before one's eyes
決め 【きめ】agreement, rule
水深 【すいしん】depth of water
逆手 【さかて】① underhand or backhand grip (e.g. in tennis) ② unexpected twist, turning the tables (on an opponent)
身動き 【みうごき】moving about, stirring about
こぼれ落ちる 【こぼれおちる】to spill over and fall, to scatter (petals, leaves, etc.)
助く 【たすく】to help, to save, to rescue
常 【つね】usual state of things
愛らしい 【あいらしい】pretty, charming, lovely, adorable
押え込む 【おさえこむ】to pin down, to immobilize, to immobilise, to control, to suppress
丸腰 【まるごし】unarmed, without weapons
気筒 【きとう】cylinder
極東 【きょくとう】Far East
軍勢 【ぐんぜい】military forces, hosts, troops
敬遠 【けいえん】① pretending to respect someone while in fact staying distant from him ② keeping at a distance ③ kicking upstairs, giving a batter an "intentional walk"
警報 【けいほう】alarm, warning
決戦 【けっせん】decisive battle, deciding match, play-off
好機 【こうき】good opportunity, chance
再開 【さいかい】reopening, resumption, restarting
最期 【さいご】one's last moment, one's time of death
最適 【さいてき】optimum, the most suitable
作詞 【さくし】(writing) song lyrics
昨晩 【さくばん】last night
殺し 【ころし】a murder
資質 【ししつ】nature, disposition
種族 【しゅぞく】race, tribe, family, species
周知 【しゅうち】common knowledge, (something) well-known
習性 【しゅうせい】trait
焼き捨てる 【やきすてる】to burn up
状 【じょう】① shape, state ② letter, correspondence
真っ最中 【まっさいちゅう】midst, middle of, height of
精一杯 【せいいっぱい】with all one's might
精鋭 【せいえい】elite, picked, powerful, efficient
切り刻む 【きりきざむ】to hew, to chop up, to mangle, to mince
戦略 【せんりゃく】strategy, tactics
探し求める 【さがしもとめる】to search for, to seek for, to look for
走り抜ける 【はしりぬける】to run through
送り込む 【おくりこむ】to send in
追い払う 【おいはらう】to drive away
痛手 【いたで】serious wound, hard blow
通報 【つうほう】① report, tip, bulletin ② message (in information and communication theory)
停泊 【ていはく】anchorage, moorings
ほどなくsoon, before long, shortly thereafter
逃げ込む 【にげこむ】to take refuge in, to succeed in running away
得難い 【えがたい】hard to get
毒性 【どくせい】toxicity, toxic, virulence, virulent
突進 【とっしん】rush, charge
薄れる 【うすれる】to fade, to become dim
表示 【ひょうじ】indication, representation, manifestation
浮上 【ふじょう】surfacing, rising to the surface
変る 【かわる】to change, to be transformed, to vary, to be revised, to be different, to move location
包囲 【ほうい】siege, encirclement, envelopment
戻り 【もどり】① return, reaction, recovery ② return (from a procedure)
留め置く 【とめおく】to detain, to keep, to lock up, to retain, to leave (letter) till called for
河口 【かこう】mouth of river, estuary
現存 【げんそん】living, existing, Real Presence, extant
いなno, nay, well
切り札 【きりふだ】trump card
兆候 【ちょうこう】sign, indication, omen, symptom
成り立ち 【なりたち】① the way in which something came about, origin ② structure, organization, the way something is constructed
戦後 【せんご】postwar period, period after Second World War
逃げ道 【にげみち】way out, means to escape, escape route
実権 【じっけん】real power
成虫 【せいちゅう】imago, adult (insect)
戦況 【せんきょう】war situation, progress of a battle
利発 【りはつ】intelligence
渡し 【わたし】① ferry (crossing), ferry(boat) ② delivery
湾内 【わんない】inside the bay
報う 【むくう】to reward, to recompense, to repay
解き放つ 【ときはなつ】to release
ましてやmuch less, to say nothing of
刻み込む 【きざみこむ】to etch (name, etc.), to carve (design)
愚図愚図 【ぐずぐず】slowly, tardily, hesitatingly, lingering, complaining
異状 【いじょう】something wrong, accident, change, abnormality, aberration
遺物 【いぶつ】relic, momento
一案 【いちあん】idea, plan
一環 【いっかん】link (e.g. a part of a larger plan)
引き離す 【ひきはなす】to pull apart, to separate
加護 【かご】divine protection
可及的 【かきゅうてき】as ... as possible
解析 【かいせき】① analysis, analytical study ② parsing, parse
おおむね① in general, generally, mostly, roughly, largely, mainly, on the whole, by and large ② gist, point, main idea
わめくto shout, to cry, to scream, to clamour
企てる 【くわだてる】to plan, to plot, to propose, to design, to intend, to contemplate, to attempt, to undertake
貴様 【きさま】you
鬼ごっこ 【おにごっこ】game of tag
疑心暗鬼 【ぎしんあんき】Suspicion will raise bogies, Once you suspect something, everything else will look suspicious
虐殺 【ぎゃくさつ】atrocity, massive killing
求刑 【きゅうけい】prosecution
挙動 【きょどう】conduct, behavior, behaviour
激情 【げきじょう】violent emotion, passion, fury
結末 【けつまつ】end, conclusion
兼任 【けんにん】concurrent post
厳罰 【げんばつ】severe punishment, rigorous measures
鼓動 【こどう】beat, palpitation, pulsation, throbbing
広範囲 【こうはんい】extensive, vast range, wide scope
豪雨 【ごうう】heavy rain, cloudburst, downpour
剤 【ざい】medicine, agent, (chemical) substance, drug, dose
殺傷 【さっしょう】killing and wounding, casualties, bloodshed
師匠 【ししょう】① master, teacher ② sumo coach who owns his stable
式典 【しきてん】ceremony, rites
謝罪 【しゃざい】apology
勺 【しゃく】① 18 ml (one-tenth of a go) ② 0.033 meters square (one-hundredth of a tsubo) ③ dip, ladle
狩る 【かる】to hunt (e.g. animals), to go looking for (e.g. flowers, etc.), to gather (e.g. mushrooms), to pick (e.g. fruit)
充電 【じゅうでん】① charging (electrically) ② electrification
重症 【じゅうしょう】serious illness
出典 【しゅってん】source (e.g. quotation), authority
傷つける 【きずつける】① to wound, to injure ② to hurt someone's feelings (pride, etc.) ③ to damage, to chip, to scratch
陣営 【じんえい】camp (group of same ideological beliefs)
陣容 【じんよう】battle array
寸前 【すんぜん】on the verge, just in front of
摂取 【せっしゅ】① intake, absorption, adoption ② assimilation
千載一遇 【せんざいいちぐう】once in a lifetime (opportunity), (a golden opportunity that may) happen only once in a thousand years
疎ら 【まばら】sparse
尊厳 【そんげん】dignity, majesty, sanctity
太鼓判 【たいこばん】metaphorical seal of approval
第一歩 【だいいっぽ】first step
探索 【たんさく】search, lookup, hunt, (item of) research, exploration, investigation
直属 【ちょくぞく】direct control, direct supervision
追悼 【ついとう】mourning, memorial
帝国 【ていこく】empire, imperial
抵触 【ていしょく】① collision, conflict ② being contrary, being incompatible, being inconsistent, being contradictory ③ being in violation (of the law, etc.)
土壌 【どじょう】soil
悼む 【いたむ】to grieve over, to mourn, to lament
踏み入れる 【ふみいれる】to walk in on, to tread upon
覇権 【はけん】hegemony
輩出 【はいしゅつ】turning out in great numbers
分岐 【ぶんき】① divergence (e.g. in a road), ramification ② forking, jump, multi-drop
並大抵 【なみたいてい】ordinary
弁明 【べんめい】explanation, excuse, vindication, apology
墓穴 【ぼけつ】grave, specifically the hole in the ground
亡霊 【ぼうれい】ghost, the dead, departed spirits, apparition
無益 【むえき】useless, futile, vain
めったthoughtless, reckless, seldom (neg. verb), careless
悠長 【ゆうちょう】① leisurely, slow, deliberate, easygoing ② conspicuous, exceeding, deliberate
誘い 【さそい】① invitation, introduction ② temptation
落とし穴 【おとしあな】pitfall, trap, pit
麗しい 【うるわしい】beautiful, lovely
同胞 【どうほう】brethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
奇跡 【きせき】miracle, wonder, marvel
締め出す 【しめだす】to shut out, to bar, to lock out, to exclude
徐々に 【じょじょに】slowly, little by little, gradually, steadily, quietly
引き揚げる 【ひきあげる】① to pull up, to drag up, to lift up ② to increase, to raise (e.g. taxes) ③ to withdraw, to leave, to pull out, to retire ④ to return home
我 【わが】my, our, one's own
我ら 【われら】we, us
崩落 【ほうらく】collapse, break, cave-in, crash, (market) decline
とうにlong ago, a long time ago, already
陣頭 【じんとう】head of an army
道案内 【みちあんない】guidepost, guidance, guide, street map
節穴 【ふしあな】① knothole, peep-hole ② bad eyes
あくまでもto the last, persistency, thoroughness
大義 【たいぎ】great cause, moral law, justice
磯 【いそ】(rocky) beach, seashore
桶 【おけ】bucket
鎧 【よろい】armor, armour
些細 【ささい】trivial, slight
呪う 【のろう】to curse, to put a curse on, to detest intensely
狙撃 【そげき】shooting, sniping
僧侶 【そうりょ】priest, monk
叩き付ける 【たたきつける】to strike, to throw, to slap something onto
ちょうどjust, right, exactly
ますtrout, sea trout
棘 【とげ】thorn, splinter, spine, biting words
楯突く 【たてつく】to oppose, to resist, to defy
鉦 【かね】gong, handbell
思う壷 【おもうつぼ】① one's wishes, one's expectations ② just as expected
慙愧 【ざんき】(feeling of) shame
貶める 【おとしめる】① to show contempt for, to look down upon, to have a low opinion of ② to cause to fall, to make decline