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Sailor Moon [‘美少女戦士セーラームーン’] Vol. 10: episodes 71 to 79

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 71 to 79 of the animated series ‘Sailor Moon’ [‘美少女戦士セーラームーン’]. This is volume 10/10. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (Vol. 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



339 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
ノート① notebook, copy-book, exercise book ② note ③ notebook PC
五 【ご】five
西 【にし】west
六つ 【むっつ】six
① topic marker particle ② indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated) ③ adds emphasis
犬 【いぬ】① dog (Canis (lupus) familiaris) ② snoop (i.e. a detective, a spy, etc.) ③ counterfeit, inferior, useless, wasteful
薬 【くすり】① medicine, pharmaceuticals, (legal) drugs ② efficacious chemical (i.e. gunpowder, pesticide, etc.) ③ (pottery) glaze ④ small bribe
机 【つくえ】desk
狭い 【せまい】narrow, confined, small
子供 【こども】child, children
薄い 【うすい】① thin ② pale, light ③ watery, dilute, sparse ④ weak (taste, etc.) ⑤ slim (probability, etc.), small
毎晩 【まいばん】every night
テキスト① text ② text book
真ん中 【まんなか】middle, centre, center, mid-way
苦い 【にがい】bitter
焼ける 【やける】① to burn, to be roasted, to be heated, to be sunburnt, to fade (in the sun), to glow red (i.e. of the sky at sunset) ② to be jealous, to be envious
祈る 【いのる】to pray, to wish
専門 【せんもん】speciality, specialty, subject of study, expert
程 【ほど】① degree, extent, bounds, limit ② indicates approx. amount or maximum, upper limit
土産 【みやげ】present, souvenir
沸かす 【わかす】① to boil, to heat ② to excite
受付 【うけつけ】reception (desk), information desk
注射 【ちゅうしゃ】injection
ぐっすりsound asleep, fast asleep
のんびりcarefree, at leisure
ぶつぶつ① grunt, grumble, complaint, mutter ② pimples, spots, eruption, rash ③ cutting into small pieces ④ simmering
外れる 【はずれる】to be disconnected, to get out of place, to be off, to be out (e.g. of gear)
学ぶ 【まなぶ】to study (in depth), to learn, to take lessons in
間 【かん】① interval, period of time ② among, between, inter-
牛 【うし】① cattle, cow, ox, oxen ② beef ③ Chinese "Ox" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
真っ赤 【まっか】① bright red, deep red, flushed (of face) ② downright (e.g. lie), complete, utter
少々 【しょうしょう】just a minute, small quantity
活気 【かっき】energy, liveliness
玉 【たま】① ball, sphere, globe, orb ② bead (of sweat, dew, etc.), drop, droplet ③ ball (in sports) ④ pile (of noodles, etc.) ⑤ bullet ⑥ bulb (i.e. a light bulb) ⑦ ens (of glasses, etc.) ⑧ bead (of an abacus) ⑨ egg ⑩ gem, jewel (esp. spherical; sometimes used figuratively), pearl ⑪ female entertainer (e.g. a geisha) ⑫ person (when commenting on their nature), character ⑬ item, funds or person used as part of a plot ⑭ coin ⑮ precious, beautiful, excellent
欠ける 【かける】① to be chipped, to be damaged, to be broken ② to be lacking, to be missing ③ to be insufficient, to be short, to be deficient, to be negligent toward ④ (of the moon) to wane, to go into eclipse
号 【ごう】① number, edition, make, model, issue, part of that group ② sobriquet, pen-name
混ぜる 【まぜる】to mix, to stir, to blend
実 【み】① fruit, nut ② seed ③ (in broth) pieces of meat, vegetable, etc. ④ content, substance
手伝い 【てつだい】① helper, assistant ② help
正確 【せいかく】accurate, punctual, exact, authentic, veracious
全体 【ぜんたい】whole, entirety, whatever (is the matter)
全力 【ぜんりょく】all one's power, whole energy
相当 【そうとう】① befitting, becoming, worthy of, proportionate, in keeping with, suitable ② considerable, substantial ③ to be worthy of, to be proportionate to ④ to correspond to (in meaning, function, etc.), to be equivalent ⑤ extremely, considerably
電池 【でんち】battery
内 【うち】① inside, within ② while ③ among, amongst, between ④ we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.), our ⑤ my spouse ⑥ I (primarily used by women and children), me
物事 【ものごと】things, everything
流行 【りゅうこう】fashion, fad, vogue, craze
依頼 【いらい】① request, commission, dispatch, despatch ② dependence, trust
印 【しるし】① mark ② symbol ③ evidence
関連 【かんれん】relation, connection, relevance
手段 【しゅだん】means, way, measure
住民 【じゅうみん】citizens, inhabitants, residents, population
床 【ゆか】① floor ② stage (for the narrator and the shamisen player) ③ dining platform built across a river
食欲 【しょくよく】appetite (for food)
伸びる 【のびる】① to stretch, to extend, to lengthen, to spread ② to make progress, to grow (beard, body height) ③ to grow stale (soba) ④ to be straightened, to be flattened, to be smoothed ⑤ to be exhausted ⑥ to be postponed, to be prolonged
装置 【そうち】equipment, installation, apparatus, device
増す 【ます】to increase, to grow
熱心 【ねっしん】zeal, enthusiasm
宝 【たから】treasure
法 【ほう】① law, act, principle ② method ③ mood ④ dharma
余分 【よぶん】extra, excess, surplus
利口 【りこう】clever, shrewd, bright, sharp, wise, intelligent
輪 【わ】① ring, circle, loop ② hoop ③ wheel
老人 【ろうじん】the aged, old person
収める 【おさめる】① to dedicate, to make an offering, to pay (fees) ② to supply ③ to store ④ to finish, to bring to a close ⑤ to restore (something to its place) ⑥ to achieve (e.g. a result)
凍る 【こおる】to freeze, to be frozen over, to congeal
労働 【ろうどう】① manual labor, manual labour, toil, work ② Labour Party
遠慮なく 【えんりょなく】without reservation
行儀 【ぎょうぎ】manners, behavior, behaviour
至る 【いたる】① to arrive at (e.g. a decision), to reach (a stage), to attain ② to lead to (a place), to get to
診察 【しんさつ】medical examination
騒がしい 【さわがしい】noisy
抵抗 【ていこう】electrical resistance, resistance, opposition
範囲 【はんい】extent, scope, sphere, range, span
妨げる 【さまたげる】to disturb, to prevent, to obstruct, to hinder
模様 【もよう】pattern, figure, design
優秀 【ゆうしゅう】superiority, excellence
塞ぐ 【ふさぐ】to stop up, to close up, to block (up), to occupy, to fill up, to take up, to stand in another's way, to plug up, to shut up
あちこち① here and there ② to get things in the wrong order (back to front), to become muddled up
うんざりtedious, boring, being fed up with
一時 【ひととき】moment, time
生ずる 【しょうずる】to cause, to arise, to be generated
大気 【たいき】atmosphere
ヘソ 【へそ】navel, belly button
重なる 【かさなる】to be piled up, lie on top of one another, overlap each other
出場 【しゅつじょう】(stage) appearance, participation, performance
気味 【ぎみ】-like, -looking, -looked
加速 【かそく】① acceleration, speed up ② accelerator
点数 【てんすう】marks, points, score, runs, number of items, credits
電流 【でんりゅう】electric current
飛行 【ひこう】aviation
予防 【よぼう】prevention, precaution, protection against
自宅 【じたく】one's home
制作 【せいさく】work (film, book)
成分 【せいぶん】ingredient, component, composition
無限 【むげん】infinite
湾 【わん】bay, gulf, inlet
測る 【はかる】① to measure, to weigh, to survey, to time (sound, gauge, estimate) ② to conjecture, to infer, to surmise
済み 【ずみ】arranged, taken care of, settled, completed
学級 【がっきゅう】(school) class
裂く 【さく】① to tear, to rip up ② to cut up, to cleave, to cut open (esp. the abdomen) ③ to forcibly separate (i.e. two lovers) ④ to spare (time, money, etc.), to use part of something
激増 【げきぞう】sudden increase
賢明 【けんめい】wisdom, intelligence, prudence
瀬戸物 【せともの】earthenware, crockery, china
犯す 【おかす】① to commit (e.g. crime), to perpetrate ② to transgress, to contravene ③ to violate, to ravish, to rape, to deflower
はめる① to insert, to put in (such that there is a snug fit) ② to pigeonhole (into a particular category) ③ to place a ring-shaped object around something (esp. one that restricts freedom, such as handcuffs) ④ to entrap, to set someone up (i.e. frame them for a crime, etc.)
ほっとfeeling relieved, (sigh of) relief
生ける 【いける】① to arrange (flowers), to plant ② living, live
一部 【いちぶ】① one part, one portion, one section, some ② one copy (e.g. of a document)
引き取る 【ひきとる】to take charge of, to take over, to retire to a private place
期末 【きまつ】end of term
輪 【りん】counter for wheels and flowers
一層 【いっそ】① much more, still more, all the more, (would) rather, sooner, might as well ② single layer (or storey, etc.)
一息 【ひといき】① one breath, pause, rest ② one go (i.e. in a short time) ③ small amount of effort
一目 【いちもく】① (a) glance, (a) look, (a) glimpse ② (a) stone (in Go) ③ complete view, bird's-eye view
何より 【なにより】most, best, above all
家出 【いえで】running away from home, leaving home
叶える 【かなえる】to grant (request, wish)
幹部 【かんぶ】management, (executive) staff, leaders, leadership, top brass, upper echelons
逆転 【ぎゃくてん】(sudden) change, reversal, turn-around, coming from behind (baseball)
逆立ち 【さかだち】handstand, headstand
駆けっこ 【かけっこ】(foot) race, sprint
形勢 【けいせい】condition, situation, prospects
欠乏 【けつぼう】want, shortage, famine
決勝 【けっしょう】decision of a contest, finals (in sports)
構える 【かまえる】① to set up (e.g. a building) ② to prepare in advance (e.g. a meal), to prepare to use something (e.g. a camera) ③ to plan, to scheme ④ to fabricate in order to deceive ⑤ to stiffen, to become formal
合致 【がっち】agreement, concurrence, conformance, compliance
催す 【もよおす】① to hold (a meeting), to give (a dinner), to show signs of ② to feel (sensation, emotion, etc.)
治療 【ちりょう】medical treatment, cure
処置 【しょち】treatment, measure, step
情け 【なさけ】① pity, sympathy, compassion ② affection
心中 【しんじゅう】double suicide, lovers suicide
真下 【ました】right under, directly below
整える 【ととのえる】① to put in order, to arrange, to adjust ② to get ready, to prepare ③ to raise money
戦闘 【せんとう】battle, fight, combat
全快 【ぜんかい】complete recovery of health
全滅 【ぜんめつ】annihilation
築く 【きずく】to build, to pile up, to amass
挑む 【いどむ】① to challenge, to throw down the gauntlet, to contend for, to tackle ② to pressure someone for sex, to woo, to make love to
投げ出す 【なげだす】to throw down, to abandon, to sacrifice, to throw out
逃げ出す 【にげだす】to run away, to escape from
入浴 【にゅうよく】bathe, bathing
拝借 【はいしゃく】borrowing
費やす 【ついやす】to spend, to devote, to waste
負担 【ふたん】burden, charge, responsibility
物体 【ぶったい】body, object
補給 【ほきゅう】supply, supplying, replenishment
抱っこ 【だっこ】(child's) hug, carrying a baby in one's arms
暴力 【ぼうりょく】violence, mayhem
要する 【ようする】to need, to demand, to take, to require
励ます 【はげます】to encourage, to cheer, to raise (the voice)
和らげる 【やわらげる】to soften, to moderate, to relieve
打ち込む 【うちこむ】to drive in (e.g. nail, stake), to devote oneself to, to shoot into, to smash, to throw into, to cast into
威力 【いりょく】power, might, authority, influence
取り替え 【とりかえ】swap, exchange
勝る 【まさる】① to excel, to surpass, to exceed, to have an edge, to be superior, to outrival ② to outweigh, to preponderate
嘘つき 【うそつき】liar (sometimes said with not much seriousness), fibber
捲る 【まくる】① to turn up, to roll up (e.g. sleeves) ② verb suffix to indicate reckless abandon to the activity
揃い 【そろい】set, suit, uniform
黴菌 【ばいきん】something harmful (used figuratively), vermin
よっぽど① very, greatly, much, to a large extent, quite ② just about to
ぐるぐる① turning round and round, going around in circles ② wrapped around
そうだ① that is so, that is right, it looks to me, I am of the impression ② people say that (after plain verb, adj), it is said that, I hear that
ゲート① gate (for entry, boarding, etc.) ② gate ③ logic element
センスgood taste (for music, style, tact, etc.) (from sense)
チェックcheck, plaid
フロア① floor ② follower
プンプン① intense smell (hanging around) ② state of being furious or angry
ミス① mistake, error, failure ② Miss ③ myth
いつの間にか 【いつのまにか】before one knows, before one becomes aware of, unnoticed, unawares
生き 【いき】freshness, stet
鼻クソnasal discharge
本分 【ほんぶん】one's duty, one's part
つまみ食い 【つまみぐい】① eating with one's fingers ② snitching food, snatched food, secret eating, food snatched and eaten without the meal starting ③ embezzlement, misappropriation, exploiting something ④ flirting
ごみごみsqualid, messy
でないとwithout, but if
のうのうcareless, carefree
悪気 【わるぎ】ill will, malice, evil intent, ill feeling, distrust
一味 【いちみ】clan, partisans, conspirators, gang, crew
起き上がる 【おきあがる】to rise, to erect, to get up
使い切る 【つかいきる】to use up, to exhaust, to wear out
持ち出す 【もちだす】① to take out, to carry out, to bring out from where it belongs ② to mention something, to broach a topic, to bring up (a subject), to raise (an issue), to mention
出立 【しゅったつ】departure
大手 【おおて】① front castle gate ② both arms open, outstretched arms ③ major companies
知れる 【しれる】to become known, to come to light, to be discovered
転送 【てんそう】transfer, transmission, (telephone call, e-mail, etc.) forwarding
入試 【にゅうし】entrance examination
売り物 【うりもの】article for sale, offering, For Sale
売り子 【うりこ】salesboy, salesgirl
万事休す 【ばんじきゅうす】There is nothing more that can be done
女心 【おんなごころ】woman's heart, female instincts or psychology
何の道 【どのみち】anyway, anyhow, at any rate, in any case
そうそう① so long, so often, so many, so much ② oh, yes!, that's right, hmmm
英単語 【えいたんご】English word
実体 【じったい】substance, entity, object
手放す 【てばなす】to release, to relinquish, to sell, to part with, to send away
重苦しい 【おもくるしい】heavy, gloomy, awkward, cumbrous, oppressive, leaden
出向く 【でむく】to go to, to proceed to, to leave for
助け合う 【たすけあう】to help each other, to cooperate
足首 【あしくび】ankle
体温計 【たいおんけい】medical thermometer
断じて 【だんじて】absolutely, positively, decidedly
都内 【とない】metropolitan area
鼻水 【はなみず】nasal mucus, dripping nose
負け犬 【まけいぬ】① loser ② unmarried woman (with no children) over the age of 30
落ち 【おち】① slip, omission ② outcome, final result, the end ③ punch line (of a joke)
草木 【くさき】plants, vegetation
か所 【かしょ】passage, place, point, part
葉っぱ 【はっぱ】leaf
息苦しい 【いきぐるしい】choking, oppressive, suffocating
身勝手 【みがって】selfishness, egoism, egotism
開けっ放し 【あけっぱなし】① leaving open, leaving ajar ② outspoken, frank
大船 【おおぶね】large boat
追って 【おって】① later on, shortly, presently, afterwards, in due course, by and by ② P.S.
遊び回る 【あそびまわる】to jaunt around, to play around, to visit one place after another without effect
愛好 【あいこう】love, adoration
一個 【いっこ】piece, fragment, one (object)
一卵性双生児 【いちらんせいそうせいじ】identical twins
ちなみにby the way, in this connection, incidentally, in passing
温厚 【おんこう】gentle
吸い込む 【すいこむ】① to inhale, to breathe in, to suck up, to imbibe ② to absorb, to soak up
減退 【げんたい】decline, ebb, failure, decay, decrease, loss
高圧 【こうあつ】high voltage, high pressure
まき散らす 【まきちらす】to scatter, to spread
順に 【じゅんに】in order, in turn, one by one
勝ち抜く 【かちぬく】to win through
笑み 【えみ】smile
寝込む 【ねこむ】to stay in bed, to sleep, to be laid up for a long time
新規 【しんき】① new, fresh ② new customer ③ new rules or regulations
吹き込む 【ふきこむ】① to blow into, to breathe into ② to inspire, to indoctrinate ③ to record (music, video, etc.)
精鋭 【せいえい】elite, picked, powerful, efficient
二の舞 【にのまい】... all over again (repeating the same failure)
任 【にん】obligation, duty, charge, responsibility
不届き 【ふとどき】rude, insolent, nefarious
封じ込む 【ふうじこむ】to entrap
無責任 【むせきにん】irresponsibility
明示 【めいじ】specification, explicit statement
面汚し 【つらよごし】disgrace, shame
面倒くさい 【めんどうくさい】bother(some) to do, tiresome
夕刻 【ゆうこく】evening, evening hour
容体 【ようだい】condition (usually animate)
流れ込む 【ながれこむ】to flow into, to pour into, to stream into
連れ戻す 【つれもどす】to bring back
子猫 【こねこ】kitten
散々 【さんざん】① severely, harshly, utterly, terrible ② scattered, disconnected
静める 【しずめる】to appease, to suppress, to calm
使い捨て 【つかいすて】throwaway, disposable
引き渡す 【ひきわたす】to deliver, to extradite, to stretch across, to hand over
不要 【ふよう】unnecessary, unneeded
純 【じゅん】pure, innocent, chaste
抜かり 【ぬかり】blunder, miss, slip, oversight
逃げ場 【にげば】refuge, escape
生き恥 【いきはじ】living in disgrace
言い過ぎる 【いいすぎる】to talk or say too much, to go too far, to overstate, to exaggerate
末永く 【すえながく】forever
目覚め 【めざめ】waking
慣れっこ 【なれっこ】being used to ..., getting used to ..., being accustomed to, being conditioned to, be familiar with
ごまかしhanky-panky, juggling, cheating, deception, smoke and mirrors
慰め 【なぐさめ】comfort, consolation, diversion
陰口 【かげぐち】malicious gossip, backbiting, speaking ill behind someone's back
宇宙船 【うちゅうせん】space ship
渦巻く 【うずまく】to whirl, to eddy, to swirl, to curl (smoke)
ふぐpuffer fish, blow fish, fugu, globefish, swellfish
稼ぎ 【かせぎ】earnings
肝 【きも】① liver, innards ② courage, spirit, pluck, guts
拠点 【きょてん】position, location, base, point
駆動 【くどう】driving force
駒 【こま】① piece (in shogi, chess, etc.) ② bridge (of a violin, etc.)
潔白 【けっぱく】innocence (i.e. not guilty), purity, uprightness
結び目 【むすびめ】knot
攻略 【こうりゃく】① capture ② walkthrough or specific advice (e.g. in computer games)
思惑 【おもわく】① expectation, prediction, forecast ② anticipation, speculation
邪 【よこしま】wicked, evil
重症 【じゅうしょう】serious illness
処刑 【しょけい】execution
遂行 【すいこう】accomplishment, execution
瀬 【せ】① shallows, shoal ② rapids, current, torrent ③ position, place ④ chance, opportunity
成し遂げる 【なしとげる】to accomplish, to finish, to fulfill
摂取 【せっしゅ】① intake, absorption, adoption ② assimilation
善人 【ぜんにん】good people
騒ぎ立てる 【さわぎたてる】to make a fuss (outcry, uproar)
つかの間 【つかのま】moment, brief time, brief, transient
大騒ぎ 【おおさわぎ】clamour, uproar, tumult
仲裁 【ちゅうさい】arbitration, intercession, mediation
忠誠 【ちゅうせい】loyalty, sincerity
追撃 【ついげき】pursuit
天罰 【てんばつ】divine punishment, wrath of God, justice of heaven
統括 【とうかつ】① unification, bringing together, generalization ② control, supervision
不愉快 【ふゆかい】discomfort, unpleasantness, disagreeableness, unhappiness
猛威 【もうい】fury, power, menace
裂け目 【さけめ】tear, rip, rent, slit, crack, chasm, rift
隠れん坊 【かくれんぼ】hide and seek (the game)
恋敵 【こいがたき】one's rival in love
大蛇 【だいじゃ】big snake, serpent
ありがた迷惑 【ありがためいわく】unwelcome favor, unwelcome favour, mixed blessing, white elephant
振る 【ぶる】assuming the air of ..., behaving like ...
粗衣 【そい】simple clothes, humble clothes
それなりin itself, as it is
とてつもないextravagant, absurd, unbelievable, preposterous, unreasonable
所詮 【しょせん】after all
秘訣 【ひけつ】secret, mysteries, key
歪み 【ひずみ】strain, distortion, bend
くさび① wedge ② linchpin, lynchpin
穎才 【えいさい】unusual talent, gifted
晒す 【さらす】① to expose (to the air, to the public, to danger, etc.) ② to bleach, to refine
やせる① to become thin, to lose weight, to reduce (one's) weight, to slim ② to be barren, to be infertile, to be sterile
足掻き 【あがき】struggling, pawing (e.g. horses hooves)
しおらしいmeek, gentle, modest, sweet
お粥 【おかゆ】thin rice porridge, watery cooked rice, rice gruel
ポーンpawn (in chess)