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Sailor Moon [‘美少女戦士セーラームーン’] Vol. 2: episodes 3 to 5

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 3 to 5 of the animated series ‘Sailor Moon’ [‘美少女戦士セーラームーン’]. This is volume 2/10. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (Vol. 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



519 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
お金 【おかね】money
レストランrestaurant (esp. Western-style)
一 【いち】① one ② best in, the most (...) in (where an adjective follows)
下手 【へた】① unskillful, poor, awkward ② imprudent, untactful
花 【はな】① flower, blossom, bloom, petal ② blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms), cherry blossom ③ ikebana ④ Japanese playing cards ⑤ beauty ⑥ (the) best
休む 【やすむ】① to be absent, to take a day off ② to rest, to have a break ③ to go to bed, to (lie down to) sleep, to turn in, to retire ④ to stop doing some ongoing activity for a time, to suspend business
口 【くち】① mouth ② opening, hole, gap, orifice ③ mouth (of a bottle), spout, nozzle, mouthpiece ④ gate, door, entrance, exit ⑤ speaking, speech, talk (i.e. gossip) ⑥ taste, palate ⑦ mouth (to feed) ⑧ opening (i.e. vacancy), available position ⑨ invitation, summons ⑩ kind, sort, type ⑪ opening (i.e. beginning) ⑫ counter for mouthfuls, shares (of money), and swords
高い 【たかい】① high, tall ② expensive
週間 【しゅうかん】week, weekly
書く 【かく】to write
女 【おんな】woman
少し 【すこし】① small quantity, little, few, something ② little while ③ short distance
上 【うえ】① above, up, over ② top, summit ③ surface, on ④ before, previous ⑤ superiority, one's superior (i.e. one's elder) ⑥ on top of that, besides, what's more ⑦ upon (further inspection, etc.), based on (and occurring after) ⑧ matters concerning..., as concerns ... ⑨ since (i.e. "for that reason") ⑩ suffix indicating higher social standing
食べる 【たべる】to eat
読む 【よむ】to read
父 【ちち】father
分 【ふん】minute
九 【く】nine
お茶 【おちゃ】① tea (usu. green) ② tea break (at work) ③ tea ceremony
意味 【いみ】meaning, significance
音楽 【おんがく】music, musical movement
家族 【かぞく】family, members of a family
開ける 【あける】① to open (a door, etc.), to unwrap (e.g. parcel, package) ② to open (for business, etc.)
楽しい 【たのしい】enjoyable, fun
ご飯 【ごはん】① cooked rice ② meal
黒い 【くろい】① black ② dark ③ illicit, wicked, underground
仕事 【しごと】① work, job, business, occupation, employment, vocation, task ② work
使う 【つかう】① to use (a thing, method, etc.), to make use of, to put to use ② to use (a person, animal, puppet, etc.), to employ, to handle, to manage, to manipulate ③ to use (time, money, etc.), to spend, to consume ④ to use (language), to speak ⑤ to take (one's lunch), to circulate (bad money)
死ぬ 【しぬ】to die
写真 【しゃしん】① photograph, photo ② movie
手紙 【てがみ】letter
春 【はる】① spring, springtime ② new year ③ prime (of one's life, etc.) ④ adolescence, puberty ⑤ sexuality
大きな 【おおきな】big, large, great
着る 【きる】① to wear (in modern Japanese, from the shoulders down), to put on ② to bear (guilt, etc.)
売る 【うる】to sell
病院 【びょういん】hospital
病気 【びょうき】illness, disease, sickness
方 【ほう】side, direction, way
洋服 【ようふく】Western-style clothes (cf traditional Japanese clothes)
料理 【りょうり】① cooking, cookery, cuisine ② dealing with something, handling, administration, management
明日 【あした】tomorrow
色々 【いろいろ】various
作る 【つくる】① to make, to produce, to manufacture, to build, to construct ② to prepare (food), to brew (alcohol) ③ to raise, to grow, to cultivate, to train ④ to till ⑤ to draw up (a document), to make out, to prepare, to write ⑥ to create (an artistic work, etc.), to compose ⑦ to coin (a phrase), to organize, to organise, to establish, to found ⑧ to have (a child) ⑨ to make up (one's face, etc.) ⑩ to fabricate (an excuse, etc.) ⑪ to form (a line, etc.) ⑫ to set (a record) ⑬ to commit (a sin, etc.)
一番 【いちばん】① best, first, number one ② game, round, bout, fall, event (in a meet)
君 【きみ】you, buddy, pal
次 【つぎ】① next, following, subsequent ② stage, station
消える 【きえる】to go out, to vanish, to disappear
速い 【はやい】① fast, quick, hasty, brisk ② early (in the day, etc.), premature ③ (too) soon, not yet, (too) early ④ easy, simple, quick
鼻 【はな】nose
部屋 【へや】① room ② sumo stable
文章 【ぶんしょう】① sentence, article, composition ② (writing) style
本当 【ほんとう】truth, reality
本当に 【ほんとうに】really, truly
皆さん 【みなさん】all, everyone, everybody
階段 【かいだん】stairs, stairway, staircase
吸う 【すう】① to smoke, to breathe in, to inhale ② to suck, to sip, to slurp ③ to absorb, to soak up ④ to kiss
呼ぶ 【よぶ】① to call out (to), to call, to invoke ② to summon (a doctor, etc.) ③ to invite ④ to designate, to name, to brand ⑤ to garner (support, etc.), to gather
今晩は 【こんばんは】good evening
授業 【じゅぎょう】lesson, class work
初めて 【はじめて】① for the first time ② only after ... is it ..., only when ... do you ...
大変 【たいへん】① very, greatly ② immense, enormous, great ③ serious, grave, dreadful, terrible ④ difficult, hard
置く 【おく】① to put, to place ② to leave (behind) ③ to do something in advance (usu. following te-form verb)
渡す 【わたす】① to ferry across (a river, etc.), to carry across, to traverse ② to lay across, to build across ③ to hand over, to hand in, to pass, to give, to transfer
彼 【かれ】① he, him ② boyfriend
彼女 【かのじょ】① she, her ② girl friend, girlfriend, sweetheart
必要 【ひつよう】① necessary, needed, essential, indispensable ② necessity, need, requirement
浴びる 【あびる】to bathe, to bask in the sun, to shower
頼む 【たのむ】① to request, to beg, to ask ② to call, to order, to reserve ③ to entrust to ④ to rely on
可愛い 【かわいい】① cute, adorable, charming, lovely, pretty ② dear, precious, darling, pet ③ cute little, tiny
ごろ① (approximate) time, around, about, toward ② suitable time (or condition) ③ time of year, season
いいえ① no, nay ② well, er, why
匹 【ひき】① counter for small animals ② counter for rolls of cloth (two han in size) ③ roll of cloth
撮る 【とる】to take (a photo), to make (a film)
なぜwhy, how
良い 【よい】① good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable ② sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), ready, prepared ③ profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial ④ OK
こちら① this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker), this direction ② here (place close to the speaker or where the speaker is) ③ this one (something physically close to the speaker) ④ I, me ⑤ this person (someone physically close to the speaker and of equal or higher status)
こっち① this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker), this direction ② here (place close to the speaker or where the speaker is) ③ this one (something physically close to the speaker) ④ I, me ⑤ this person (someone physically close to the speaker and of equal or higher status)
いつwhen, how soon
それでは① well then ... ② in that situation, in which case
きれい① pretty, lovely, beautiful, fair ② clean, clear, pure, tidy, neat ③ completely, entirely
つけるto turn on, to switch on, to light up
あんなsuch (about something or someone distant from both speaker and listener, or about a situation unfamiliar to both speaker and listener), so, that, sort of
そろそろ① gradually, steadily, quietly, slowly ② soon, momentarily, before long, any time now
運動 【うんどう】motion, exercise
火 【ひ】fire, flame, blaze
開く 【ひらく】① to open (e.g. a bank-account, festival, etc.) ② to spread out, to open up (flower bud, umbrella, etc.), to widen (gap, distance, width) ③ to hold, to give (party, conference, etc.)
計画 【けいかく】plan, project, schedule, scheme, program, programme
見える 【みえる】① to be seen, to be in sight ② to look, to seem, to appear ③ to come
始める 【はじめる】① to start, to begin, to commence, to initiate, to originate ② to open (e.g. a store), to start up, to establish (business. etc.) ③ to start (doing something), to begin to ...
止める 【とめる】① to stop (something or someone), to turn off ② to concentrate on, to pay attention to ③ to remember, to bear in mind ④ to fix into place ⑤ to park, to leave somewhere for a time
食事 【しょくじ】① meal ② to eat
赤ちゃん 【あかちゃん】baby, infant
太る 【ふとる】to grow fat (stout, plump), to become fat, to gain weight
大事 【だいじ】important, valuable, serious matter
大体 【だいたい】general, substantially, outline, main point, approximately, about
通う 【かよう】① to go back and forth, to ply between ② to commute, to attend (school, church, etc.)
日 【ひ】① day, days ② sun, sunshine, sunlight ③ case (esp. unfortunate), event
入学 【にゅうがく】entry to school or university, matriculation
別 【べつ】distinction, difference, different, another, particular, separate, extra, exception
別に 【べつに】① (not) particularly, nothing ② separately, apart
一度 【いちど】① once, one time, on one occasion ② temporarily, for a moment ③ one degree, one tone, one musical interval
仕方 【しかた】way, method, means, resource, course
科学 【かがく】science
決して 【けっして】never, by no means, decidedly, indisputably
指 【ゆび】finger, toe, digit
受ける 【うける】① to receive, to accept, to get, to inherit ② to catch (e.g. a ball), to parry (e.g. a blow), to take (lesson, test, damage), to sustain (damage), to incur (loss) ③ to become popular, to be well-received, to go down well
心配 【しんぱい】① worry, concern, anxiety ② care, help, aid, assistance
進む 【すすむ】① to advance, to go forward ② to precede, to go ahead (of) ③ to make progress, to improve ④ to deepen, to heighten ⑤ to do of one's own free will
水泳 【すいえい】swimming
昔 【むかし】olden days, former
全然 【ぜんぜん】① not at all (with neg. verb) ② wholly, entirely, completely
相談 【そうだん】consultation, discussion
伝える 【つたえる】to convey, to report, to transmit, to communicate, to tell, to impart, to propagate, to teach, to bequeath
反対 【はんたい】opposition, resistance, antagonism, hostility, contrast, objection, dissension, reverse, opposite, vice versa
部長 【ぶちょう】① head (chief, director) of a section or department ② head of a (school) club, head of a (school) team
両方 【りょうほう】both sides, both parties
確か 【たしか】① certain, sure, definite ② if I'm not mistaken, if I remember correctly
汚れる 【よごれる】① to get dirty, to become dirty ② to become sullied
危険 【きけん】① danger, peril, hazard ② dangerous, hazardous
喜ぶ 【よろこぶ】① to be delighted, to be glad, to be pleased ② to congratulate ③ to gratefully accept
隅 【すみ】corner, nook, recess
経済 【けいざい】economics, business, finance, economy
差し上げる 【さしあげる】① to give, to offer ② to lift up, to hold up, to raise
最近 【さいきん】latest, most recent, nowadays
最初 【さいしょ】beginning, outset, first, onset
済む 【すむ】① to finish, to end, to be completed ② to merely result in something less severe than expected ③ to feel at ease ④ (neg) to feel unease or guilt for troubling someone, to be sorry
準備 【じゅんび】preparation, setup, arrangements, provision, reserve
触る 【さわる】to touch, to feel
折る 【おる】to break, to fold, to pick flowers
適当 【てきとう】① suitable, adequate, relevant, appropriate, fit ② random, halfhearted, on the spot, whatever works
怒る 【おこる】① to get angry, to get mad ② to tell someone off, to scold ③ to be angular, to be square
付く 【つく】① to be attached, to be connected with, to adhere, to stick, to cling ② to remain imprinted, to scar, to stain, to dye ③ to bear (fruit, interest, etc.) ④ to be acquired (of a habit, ability, etc.), to increase (of strength, etc.) ⑤ to take root ⑥ to accompany, to attend, to follow, to study with ⑦ to side with, to belong to ⑧ to possess, to haunt ⑨ to be lit, to be lighted ⑩ to be settled, to be resolved, to be decided ⑪ to be given (of a name, price, etc.) ⑫ to be sensed, to be perceived ⑬ to be lucky ⑭ (after -masu stems, onomatopoeic and mimetic words) to become (a state, condition, etc.)
普通 【ふつう】① general, ordinary, usual ② normally, generally, usually ③ train that stops at every station
眠る 【ねむる】① to sleep (not necessarily lying down) ② to die
娘 【むすめ】① (my) daughter ② girl (i.e. a young, unmarried woman)
戻る 【もどる】to turn back, to return, to go back, to recover, to rebound
利用 【りよう】use, utilization, utilisation, application
頂く 【いただく】① to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy ② to eat, to drink ③ to be crowned with, to wear (on one's head), to have (on top) ④ to have (as one's leader), to live under (a ruler), to install (a president)
ご存じ 【ごぞんじ】① knowing ② (an) acquaintance
治る 【なおる】to be cured, to get well, to be healed
増える 【ふえる】to increase, to multiply
為 【ため】① good, advantage, benefit, welfare ② sake, purpose, objective, aim ③ consequence, result, effect ④ affecting, regarding, concerning
壊す 【こわす】① to break, to destroy, to demolish ② to wreck, to ruin, to spoil, to damage ③ to break (a bill, etc.)
頑張る 【がんばる】to persist, to insist on, to stand firm, to try one's best
嬉しい 【うれしい】happy, glad, pleasant
仰っしゃる 【おっしゃる】to say, to speak, to tell, to talk
厳しい 【きびしい】① severe, strict, rigid, unsparing, relentless ② stern, austere, grave, solemn, majestic ③ intense (cold)
謝る 【あやまる】to apologize, to apologise
騒ぐ 【さわぐ】① to make noise, to make racket, to be noisy ② to rustle, to swoosh ③ to make merry ④ to clamor, to clamour, to make a fuss, to kick up a fuss ⑤ to lose one's cool, to panic, to act flustered ⑥ to feel tense, to be uneasy, to be excited
我々 【われわれ】we
もしif, in case, supposing
やはりalso, as I thought, still, in spite of, absolutely, of course
いじめるto tease, to torment, to persecute, to chastise
しばらく① little while, short while, moment, instant ② a while, quite a time ③ it's been a long time
はず① expectation that something took place, will take place or was in some state, it should be so, bound to be, expected to be, must be ② nock (of a bow) ③ nock (of an arrow) ④ nock-shaped grip (between thumb and forefinger) (Sumo)
わけconclusion from reasoning, judgement or calculation based on something read or heard, reason, cause, meaning, circumstances, situation
しっかりfirmly, tightly, reliable, level-headed, steady
痩せる 【やせる】① to become thin, to lose weight, to reduce (one's) weight, to slim ② to be barren, to be infertile, to be sterile
うっかりcarelessly, thoughtlessly, inadvertently
こっそりstealthily, secretly
こんなにso, like this, in this way
しつこいinsistent, obstinate
ずっと① continuously in some state (for a long time, distance), throughout, all along, the whole time, all the way ② much (better, etc.), by far, far and away ③ far away, long ago ④ direct, straight
そっくりall, altogether, entirely, just like, the spitting image of
ぴったりexactly, neatly, sharp
本の 【ほんの】mere, only, just
外す 【はずす】① to unfasten, to undo ② to remove, to take off, to deinstall ③ to leave, to step out, to slip away ④ to miss (a target)
気に入る 【きにいる】to be pleased with, to suit
金 【きん】① gold, golden (color), metaphor for (most) valuable, gold (medal, cup) ② money (written before an amount) ③ Friday ④ metal (fourth of the five elements) ⑤ Jin (dynasty of China; 1115-1234 CE) ⑥ gold general (shogi) ⑦ karat, carat
半ば 【なかば】middle, half, semi, halfway, partly
本人 【ほんにん】the person himself
話しかける 【はなしかける】to accost a person, to talk (to someone)
一生 【いっしょう】① whole life, a lifetime, all through life, one existence, a generation, an age, the whole world, the era ② (the only, the greatest, etc.) of one's life
食う 【くう】① to eat ② to live, to make a living, to survive ③ to bite, to sting (as insects do) ④ to tease, to torment, to taunt, to make light of, to make fun of ⑤ to encroach on, to eat into, to consume ⑥ to defeat a superior, to threaten a position ⑦ to consume time and-or resources ⑧ to have sexual relations with a woman, esp. for the first time
見つめる 【みつめる】to stare at, to gaze at, to look hard at, to watch intently, to fix one's eyes on
意外 【いがい】unexpected, surprising
一体 【いったい】① ...the heck (e.g. "what the heck?"), ...in the world (e.g. "why in the world?"), ...on earth (e.g. "who on earth?") ② one object, one body, unity ③ one form, one style ④ one Buddhist image (or carving, etc.) ⑤ generally, in general
使用 【しよう】use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
出来事 【できごと】incident, affair, happening, event
貸し 【かし】loan, lending
動かす 【うごかす】① to move, to shift, to operate, to set in motion, to mobilize, to mobilise ② to inspire, to rouse, to move (e.g. feeling), to influence ③ to deny, to change
病 【やまい】illness, disease
不足 【ふそく】insufficiency, shortage, deficiency, lack, dearth
風 【ふう】① method, manner, way, style ② appearance, air ③ tendency ④ folk song (genre of the Shi Jing) ⑤ wind (one of the five elements)
歩道 【ほどう】footpath, walkway, sidewalk
立ち上がる 【たちあがる】① to stand up, to get up ② to rise ③ to recover ④ to take action, to start ⑤ to make the initial charge (in sumo)
力 【りょく】strength, power
羽 【はね】① feather, plume, wing ② blade (fan, propeller, etc.)
横断 【おうだん】① crossing ② transverse
他 【ほか】other (esp. places and things), the rest
合わせる 【あわせる】① to match (rhythm, speed, etc.) ② to join together, to unite, to combine, to add up ③ to face, to be opposite (someone) ④ to compare, to check with ⑤ to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate) ⑥ to place together, to connect, to overlap ⑦ to mix, to combine ⑧ to put blade to blade, to fight
試す 【ためす】to attempt, to test, to try out
実験 【じっけん】experiment
守る 【まもる】① to protect, to guard, to defend ② to keep (i.e. a promise), to abide (by the rules), to observe, to obey, to follow
進める 【すすめる】to advance, to promote, to hasten
生命 【せいめい】life, existence
地球 【ちきゅう】the earth, the globe
調子 【ちょうし】① tune, tone, key, pitch, time, rhythm ② vein, mood, way, manner, style, knack ③ condition, state of health ④ impetus, spur of the moment, strain ⑤ trend
通 【つう】① connoisseur, authority ② counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.
当たり前 【あたりまえ】① natural, reasonable, obvious ② usual, common, ordinary
美人 【びじん】beautiful person (woman)
秒 【びょう】second (60th min)
部 【ぶ】① department (in an organization), division, bureau ② club ③ part, component, element ④ category ⑤ counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine
無料 【むりょう】free, no charge
命 【いのち】(mortal) life
陽気 【ようき】① cheerful, merry ② season, weather
理想 【りそう】ideal, dream
流す 【ながす】① to drain, to pour, to spill, to shed (blood, tears) ② to wash away ③ to distribute (e.g. electricity over wires, music over a PA system, etc.), to circulate, to broadcast, to beam ④ to cruise (e.g. taxi) ⑤ to float, to set adrift
量 【りょう】quantity, amount, volume, portion (of food)
乗客 【じょうきゃく】passenger
他人 【たにん】another person, unrelated person, outsider, stranger
様々 【さまざま】varied, various
知り合い 【しりあい】acquaintance
泳ぎ 【およぎ】swimming
他 【た】other (esp. people and abstract matters)
偉大 【いだい】greatness
囲む 【かこむ】to surround, to encircle
害 【がい】injury, harm, evil influence, damage
覚める 【さめる】① to wake, to wake up ② to become sober, to sober up, to regain consciousness (e.g. after anaesthesia) ③ to come to one's senses, to be disillusioned
汗 【あせ】① sweat, perspiration ② moisture, condensation
間違い 【まちがい】mistake
吸収 【きゅうしゅう】absorption, suction, attraction
巨大 【きょだい】huge, gigantic, enormous
許す 【ゆるす】① to permit, to allow, to approve ② to exempt (from fine), to excuse (from), to pardon, to forgive, to release, to let off ③ to confide in ④ to give up, to yield
恐怖 【きょうふ】fear, dread, dismay, terror
教師 【きょうし】teacher (classroom)
胸 【むね】breast, chest
権利 【けんり】right, privilege
賢い 【かしこい】wise, clever, smart
減る 【へる】to decrease (in size or number), to diminish, to abate
限り 【かぎり】① limit, limits, bounds ② degree, extent, scope ③ as far as possible, as much as possible, to the best of one's ability ④ unless (after neg. verb) ⑤ the end, the last
限界 【げんかい】limit, bound
効果 【こうか】effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result
腰 【こし】① back, lower back, waist, hips, lumbar region ② body (of hair, noodle, paper, etc.), resilience, spring
際 【さい】on the occasion of, circumstances
賛成 【さんせい】approval, agreement, support, favour, favor
示す 【しめす】to denote, to show, to point out, to indicate, to exemplify
出席 【しゅっせき】① attendance, presence, appearance ② to attend, to be present, to appear
順調 【じゅんちょう】favourable, favorable, doing well, OK, all right
処理 【しょり】processing, dealing with, treatment, disposition, disposal
女優 【じょゆう】actress
職業 【しょくぎょう】occupation, business
直接 【ちょくせつ】direct, immediate, personal, firsthand
適度 【てきど】moderate
届く 【とどく】① to reach, to arrive, to get through, to get at ② to be attentive, to pay attention ③ to be delivered, to carry (e.g. sound)
認める 【みとめる】① to recognize, to recognise, to appreciate ② to observe, to notice ③ to admit, to approve
爆発 【ばくはつ】explosion, detonation, eruption
報告 【ほうこく】report, information
未来 【みらい】① the future (usually distant) ② future tense ③ the world to come
与える 【あたえる】① to give (esp. to someone of lower status), to bestow, to grant, to confer, to present, to award ② to provide, to afford, to offer, to supply ③ to assign ④ to cause ⑤ to pass (a variable to a function)
理解 【りかい】understanding, comprehension, appreciation, sympathy
恋しい 【こいしい】yearned for, longed for, missed
恋人 【こいびと】lover, sweetheart
台詞 【せりふ】speech, words, one's lines, remarks
抱く 【いだく】① to embrace, to hold in the arms (e.g. a baby), to hug ② to harbour (e.g. grudge) (harbor), to bear (e.g. a grudge), to entertain (e.g. suspicion) ③ to sleep with ④ to sit on eggs
香り 【かおり】aroma, fragrance, scent, smell
頼る 【たよる】to rely on, to have recourse to, to depend on
追いかける 【おいかける】to chase, to run after, to pursue
異常 【いじょう】strangeness, abnormality, disorder
隠す 【かくす】to hide, to conceal
運命 【うんめい】fate
我慢 【がまん】patience, endurance, perseverance, tolerance, self-control, self-denial
覚悟 【かくご】resolution, resignation, readiness, preparedness
企業 【きぎょう】enterprise, undertaking, corporation, business
機嫌 【きげん】humour, humor, temper, mood
記憶 【きおく】① memory, recollection, remembrance ② storage
鬼 【おに】① ogre, demon ② spirit of a deceased person ③ ogre-like person (i.e. fierce, relentless, merciless, etc.) ④ it (i.e. in a game of tag) ⑤ Chinese "ghost" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
救う 【すくう】to rescue from, to help out of, to save
健康 【けんこう】health, sound, wholesome
嫌う 【きらう】to hate, to dislike, to loathe
死 【し】death, decease
飼う 【かう】to keep, to raise, to feed
自慢 【じまん】pride, boast
実施 【じっし】enforcement, implementation, putting into practice (practise), carrying out, operation, working (e.g. working parameters), enactment
冗談 【じょうだん】jest, joke
睡眠 【すいみん】sleep
成功 【せいこう】success, hit
奪う 【うばう】to snatch away, to dispossess, to steal
忠告 【ちゅうこく】advice, warning
当然 【とうぜん】natural, as a matter of course
秘密 【ひみつ】secret, secrecy
武器 【ぶき】weapon, arms, ordnance
目標 【もくひょう】mark, objective, target
刺激 【しげき】stimulus, impetus, incentive, encouragement, motivation, provocation
寧ろ 【むしろ】rather, better, instead
蓋 【ふた】cover, lid, cap
僅か 【わずか】only, merely, (a) little, small quantity
ごちそうさま① word used after one has been treated (esp. used after a meal) ② used after hearing something lovey-dovey
ご覧 【ごらん】① (after the -te form of a verb) (please) try to ② (please) look ③ seeing, looking, watching
しかるto scold
尻尾 【しっぽ】tail (animal)
まさかby no means, never!, well, I never!, you don't say!
かく① to scratch ② to perspire ③ to shovel, to paddle
そのままwithout change, as it is (i.e. now)
すぐ① immediately, at once, directly ② soon, before long, shortly ③ easily, without difficulty ④ right (near), nearby, just (handy)
しかもmoreover, furthermore, nevertheless, and yet
かなりconsiderably, fairly, quite
せっかくwith trouble, at great pains, long-awaited
かかるto suffer from
せいcause, reason, fault
分 【ぶん】① part, segment, share, ration ② rate ③ degree, one's lot, one's status, relation, duty, kind, lot ④ in proportion to, just as much as
広める 【ひろめる】to broaden, to propagate
国立 【こくりつ】national
自習 【じしゅう】self-study
生意気 【なまいき】impertinent, saucy, cheeky, conceit, audacious, brazen
住まい 【すまい】dwelling, house, residence, address
図々しい 【ずうずうしい】impudent, shameless
着々 【ちゃくちゃく】steadily
強化 【きょうか】strengthen, intensify, reinforce, solidify, enhancement
局 【きょく】① channel (i.e. TV or radio), station, department ② affair, situation
光線 【こうせん】beam, light ray
国語 【こくご】① Japanese (language) ② national language ③ native Japanese words (as opposed to loanwords)
留める 【とめる】① to stop (something or someone), to turn off ② to concentrate on, to pay attention to ③ to remember, to bear in mind ④ to fix into place ⑤ to park, to leave somewhere for a time
実る 【みのる】to bear fruit, to ripen
弱点 【じゃくてん】weak point, weakness
深夜 【しんや】late at night
清い 【きよい】clear, pure, noble
組 【くみ】① set (of items) ② group (of people), class (of students), company (esp. construction), family (i.e. mafia), team ③ typesetting, composition
油断 【ゆだん】negligence, unpreparedness
落ち着く 【おちつく】to calm down, to settle down, to be steady, to settle in, to take up one's residence, to harmonize with, to harmonise with, to match, to restore presence of mind
現に 【げんに】actually, really
香水 【こうすい】perfume
寝坊 【ねぼう】sleeping in late
逃がす 【にがす】to let loose, to set free, to let escape
革 【かわ】leather
募集 【ぼしゅう】recruiting, taking applications
老い 【おい】old age, old person, the old, the aged
楽器 【がっき】musical instrument
勘違い 【かんちがい】misunderstanding, wrong guess
ご無沙汰 【ごぶさた】not writing or contacting for a while, neglecting (failing) to write (call, visit, etc.), long silence
削る 【けずる】① to shave (wood or leather), to sharpen, to plane, to whittle, to pare, to scrape off ② to cross out, to reduce, to curtail, to remove, to erase, to delete
体操 【たいそう】gymnastics, physical exercises, calisthenics
滝 【たき】waterfall
臨時 【りんじ】temporary, special, extraordinary
響き 【ひびき】echo, sound, reverberation, noise
そば① buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) ② soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)
ごめんyour pardon, declining (something), dismissal, permission
狙う 【ねらう】to aim at
すなわちthat is, namely, i.e.
さすが① as one would expect ② still, all the same ③ even... (e.g. "even a genius...")
いずれ① where, which, who ② anyway, anyhow, at any rate, sooner or later, eventually, at some future date or time
さてwell, now, then
芯 【しん】① wick, marrow, staple (for stapler), (pencil) lead, stuffing, pith ② core, heart, centre, center
ひょっとpossibly, accidentally
仕上げ 【しあげ】end, finishing touches, being finished
着 【ぎ】clothes, outfit, uniform, gi
頼み 【たのみ】request, favor, favour, reliance, dependence
慣れ 【なれ】practice, practise, experience
危機 【きき】crisis
悟る 【さとる】① to understand, to comprehend, to realize, to perceive, to sense, to discern ② to attain enlightenment
控える 【ひかえる】① to be temperate in, to restrain oneself from excessive ... ② to make notes ③ to hold back ④ to be in preparation for, to be in waiting for ⑤ to be soon, to be in the offing ⑥ to be in a close relationship (e.g. as a backer, etc.)
採用 【さいよう】① use, adoption, acceptance ② appointment, employment, engagement
作戦 【さくせん】① tactics, strategy ② military or naval operations
賜る 【たまわる】to be given, to be granted, to be honored with, to be honoured with
弱る 【よわる】to weaken, to be troubled, to be downcast, to be emaciated, to be dejected, to be perplexed, to impair
主演 【しゅえん】starring, playing the leading part
塾 【じゅく】coaching school, cramming school, juku
勝手 【かって】① one's own convenience, one's way ② convenience or ease of use, knowledge of how to use ③ circumstances, situation (e.g. financial), environment ④ kitchen ⑤ arbitrary
乗り込む 【のりこむ】① to board, to embark on, to get into (a car), to ship (passengers), to man (a ship), to help (someone) into ② to march into, to enter
心掛け 【こころがけ】intention, attention, dedication, care, prudence, readiness, mental attitude
身近 【みぢか】near oneself, close to one, familiar
進行 【しんこう】advance, progress
生まれつき 【うまれつき】by nature, by birth, native
素材 【そざい】raw materials, subject matter
体験 【たいけん】personal experience
追い出す 【おいだす】to expel, to drive out
天 【てん】① sky ② heaven ③ svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth) ④ deva (divine being of Buddhism)
同士 【どうし】fellow, mutual, companion, comrade, bonding
導く 【みちびく】① to guide, to lead, to show the way, to conduct ② to derive, to deduce
反応 【はんのう】reaction, response
漂う 【ただよう】to drift about, to float, to hang in air
没収 【ぼっしゅう】forfeiture, seizure, confiscation, impounding
無意味 【むいみ】nonsense, no meaning, meaningless
恋愛 【れんあい】love, love-making, passion, emotion, affections
魂 【たましい】soul, spirit
蔵 【くら】warehouse, cellar, magazine, granary, godown, depository, treasury, elevator
恋する 【こいする】to fall in love with, to love
著 【ちょ】① work, book ② (a book) by ③ obvious, striking
蹴飛ばす 【けとばす】to kick away, to kick off, to kick (someone), to refuse, to reject
ちょうsuper-, ultra-, hyper-, very, really (conversational)
なめる① to lick ② to taste ③ to experience (esp. a hardship) ④ to make fun of, to make light of, to put down, to treat with contempt
ごっこsomething done together, game of make-believe
させるto make (someone) do
たかがit's only ... (something), at most
たったonly, merely, but, no more than
つい① just (now) ② quite (near) ③ unintentionally, unconsciously, by mistake, against one's better judgement (judgment)
やれやれexclamation of relief or disappointment
ようこそwelcome!, nice to see you!
アジトhideout, secret base of operations, safe house
サイン① autograph, signature ② sign ③ sine
サボるto be truant, to play hooky, to skip school, to skip out, to be idle, to sabotage by slowness
サロン① salon ② sarong
タオル(hand) towel
ダイエット① diet ② losing weight by any method (e.g. exercise)
チャンスchance, opportunity
ハム① ham (cured pig meat) ② ham (amateur radio enthusiast) ③ hum
ハンドバッグhandbag, purse
パーセントpercent, percentage
ファン① fan ② fun
プリン① (custard) pudding ② purine
ボートboat, rowing boat
何と 【なんと】what, how, whatever
休 【きゅう】rest, taking a day off, being finished, being absent, retire, sleep
大男 【おおおとこ】great man, giant
ばく大 【ばくだい】enormous, vast
母子 【ぼし】mother and child
半年 【はんとし】half year
むしゃくしゃ① vexed, irritated, fretful, in ill humour, in ill humor, in a temper ② shaggy, bushy, ragged, rugged
バイバイbye-bye, good-bye
何かしら 【なにかしら】somehow or other, something or other
そうねOh well
それにしてもnevertheless, at any rate, even so
じゃうto do something completely
へえoh, yes?, really?
ぽいtossing something out, throwing something away
うむyea, uh huh;
かもmay, might, perhaps, may be, possibly
ちまうto do something completely;
ウフッchuckle, chuckling
ペット① pet ② trumpet
ひと目 【ひとめ】① (a) glance, (a) look, (a) glimpse ② (a) stone (in Go) ③ complete view, bird's-eye view
何者 【なにもの】who, what kind of person
気持ちいい 【きもちいい】good feeling, feeling good
強大 【きょうだい】mighty, powerful
手立て 【てだて】means, method
茶 【ちゃ】① tea ② tea plant (Camellia sinensis) ③ tea preparation, making tea ④ brown
天使 【てんし】angel
思い 【おもい】thought, mind, heart, feelings, emotion, sentiment, love, affection, desire, wish, hope, expectation, imagination, experience
思いつく 【おもいつく】to think of, to hit upon, to come into one's mind, to be struck with an idea
使える 【つかえる】to be useful, to be serviceable
売り 【うり】① sale, selling ② selling point, gimmick
早くから 【はやくから】early on, earlier on, from early
お上手 【おじょうず】① skill, skillful, dexterity ② flattery
姉ちゃん 【ねえちゃん】elder sister, girl
お返し 【おかえし】① return gift, return favour (favor) ② revenge ③ change (in a cash transaction)
お母様 【おかあさま】mother
開局 【かいきょく】opening of post-office or telephone exchange
言語道断 【ごんごどうだん】outrageous, preposterous, scandalous, inexcusable, absurd, execrable
車内 【しゃない】inside a carriage
弱気 【よわき】timid, faint-hearted, bearish sentiment
断食 【だんじき】fasting
当店 【とうてん】this store
反 【たん】① variable measure of fabric (28.8 cm in width), for kimonos: at least 10 m in length, for haori: at least 7.27 m in length, for other clothes: at least 6.06 m in length ② 300 tsubo (991.74 meters square, 0.24506 acres) ③ six ken (10.91 m)
放つ 【はなつ】① to fire (e.g. an arrow), to hit (e.g. baseball), to break wind ② to free, to release ③ to give off (e.g. a scent), to emit (e.g. light)
立ち向かう 【たちむかう】to fight against, to oppose, to face
留め 【とめ】① (a) stop (e.g. in a timber joint, or at the end of a kanji stroke) ② remaining (e.g. poste-restante) ③ forty-five degree angle
温かい 【あったかい】warm, mild, genial
顔合わせ 【かおあわせ】meeting together, introduction
気合 【きあい】scream, yell, fighting spirit
情けない 【なさけない】miserable, pitiable, shameful, deplorable
船体 【せんたい】hull
かまけるto be too busy, to be occupied, to concentrate on single-mindedly
一戦 【いっせん】battle, game, bout
見違える 【みちがえる】to be beyond recognition, to be quite different
自業自得 【じごうじとく】paying for one's mistakes, getting one's just deserts, suffering the consequences (of one's own actions), reap what you sow
説教 【せっきょう】propound, preach, sermon
仲良く 【なかよく】making friends with, getting along well with, on cordial terms
長続き 【ながつづき】① permanence, continuation, long-lasting ② to last a long time, to continue, to keep at something for a long time
入り込む 【はいりこむ】① to go into, to come into, to penetrate, to get in, to step in (a house) ② to become complicated
必ずや 【かならずや】certainly, surely, definitely
付け根 【つけね】root, joint, base, crotch
浮かれる 【うかれる】to make merry, to be festive
変装 【へんそう】disguise, masquerade
未だに 【いまだに】still, even now, until this very day
まだまだstill some way to go before the goal, still more to come, much more, not yet
夢見る 【ゆめみる】to dream (of)
明晩 【みょうばん】tomorrow evening
利く 【きく】① to be effective, to show effect ② to do its work, to carry out its function well ③ to be possible to use
いただける① to receive (potential) ② to be pretty good, to be exquisite, to be approvable
講じる 【こうじる】① to take measures, to work out a plan ② to lecture, to read aloud ③ to confer
お願い 【おねがい】① request, wish ② please
一挙 【いっきょ】one effort, one action
討つ 【うつ】① to shoot (at) ② to attack, to defeat, to destroy, to avenge
己 【おのれ】① I (or me) ② you ③ by oneself (itself, etc.) ④ interjection expressing anger or chagrin
護る 【まもる】① to protect, to guard, to defend ② to keep (i.e. a promise), to abide (by the rules), to observe, to obey, to follow
首尾 【しゅび】issue, course of events, beginning and end
触媒 【しょくばい】catalyst
素顔 【すがお】① face with no make-up, unpainted face ② honesty, frankness
送検 【そうけん】sending the person accused to the prosecutor
彼氏 【かれし】boyfriend
猶予 【ゆうよ】postponement, deferment, extension (of time)
嫌味 【いやみ】disagreeableness, disagreeability, gaudiness, sarcasm
矢先 【やさき】① arrowhead, brunt, target ② being about to, being on the point of
かけるto suspend between two points, to build (a bridge, etc.), to put up on something (e.g. legs up on table)
デブchubby, fat
桶 【おけ】bucket
挫ける 【くじける】to be crushed, to be broken, to be sprained
踏み躙る 【ふみにじる】to trample underfoot, to tread on, to crush with a foot
肉饅 【にくまん】manju (steamed bun) with meat filling
宛て 【あて】addressed to
もてあそぶ① to play with (a toy, one's hair, etc.), to fiddle with ② to toy with (one's emotions, etc.), to trifle with ③ to do with something as one pleases ④ to appreciate
こうしてthus, in this way