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Sailor Moon [‘美少女戦士セーラームーン’] Vol. 7: episodes 41 to 50

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 41 to 50 of the animated series ‘Sailor Moon’ [‘美少女戦士セーラームーン’]. This is volume 7/10. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (Vol. 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



384 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
メートルmetre, meter, meter (i.e., a gauge), gauge
小さい 【ちいさい】small, little, tiny
暗い 【くらい】① dark, gloomy ② dark (in colour), dull ③ depressed, dispirited ④ sorrowful, bitter (as in a dark past) ⑤ unclear, unfamiliar, unknown
兄弟 【きょうだい】siblings, brothers and sisters
図書館 【としょかん】library
咲く 【さく】to bloom
辛い 【からい】① spicy, hot ② salty ③ tough (on someone), adverse, harsh
並べる 【ならべる】① to line up, to set up ② to enumerate, to itemize
鞄 【かばん】bag, satchel, briefcase, basket
賑やか 【にぎやか】bustling, busy
隣 【となり】neighbor (neighbour), next to (esp. living next door to)
かな① I wonder (sentence ending prt) ② should I? (question prt when thinking out loud), is it? ③ I wish that (with a negative), I hope that
この間 【このあいだ】① the other day, lately, recently, during this period ② meanwhile, in the meantime
世話 【せわ】looking after, help, aid, assistance
用事 【ようじ】tasks, things to do, errand, business (to take care of), affairs, engagement
港 【みなと】harbour, harbor, port
参る 【まいる】① to go, to come, to call ② to be defeated, to collapse, to die ③ to be annoyed, to be nonplussed ④ to be madly in love ⑤ to visit (shrine, grave)
鳴る 【なる】to sound, to ring, to resound, to echo, to roar, to rumble
役に立つ 【やくにたつ】to be helpful, to be useful
理由 【りゆう】reason, pretext, motive
原因 【げんいん】cause, origin, source
国際 【こくさい】international
戦争 【せんそう】war
地震 【じしん】earthquake
倒れる 【たおれる】① to fall, to collapse, to drop, to fall senseless ② to be forced to bed (by illness, etc.) ③ to die ④ to go bankrupt, to be ruined, to have a bad debt ⑤ to be defeated (in a game) ⑥ to fall (of governments, dictators, etc.)
届ける 【とどける】to deliver, to forward, to send, to report, to file notice (to the authorities)
壁 【かべ】① wall, barrier ② Chinese "Wall" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
難い 【にくい】difficult, hard
泥棒 【どろぼう】thief, burglar, robber, theft
挨拶 【あいさつ】① greeting, greetings, salutation, salute ② speech (congratulatory or appreciative), address ③ reply, response ④ a fine thing to say (used as part of a sarcastic response to a rude remark) ⑤ (orig. meaning) dialoging (with another Zen practitioner to ascertain their level of enlightenment)
為さる 【なさる】to do
故障 【こしょう】break-down, failure, fault, accident, out of order
飾る 【かざる】to decorate, to ornament, to adorn
火山 【かざん】volcano
間もなく 【まもなく】① soon, before long, in a short time ② (after verb) lacking time to ..., without time to ...
見上げる 【みあげる】to look up at, to raise one's eyes, to admire
生じる 【しょうじる】① to produce, to yield ② to result from, to arise, to be generated
生まれ 【うまれ】birth, birthplace
親しい 【したしい】intimate, close (e.g. friend)
足る 【たる】to be sufficient, to be enough, to be worthy of
度 【たび】time (three times, each time, etc.), times
注ぐ 【そそぐ】① to pour (into), to fill ② to sprinkle on from above, to shed (e.g. tears) ③ to concentrate one's spirit or strength on ④ to fall onto (of rain, snow)
王子 【おうじ】prince
加える 【くわえる】to append, to sum up, to add (up), to include, to increase, to inflict
回転 【かいてん】rotation (usu. around something), revolution, turning
額 【がく】① picture (framed) ② amount or sum (of money)
気温 【きおん】atmospheric temperature
記事 【きじ】article, news story, report, account
記者 【きしゃ】reporter
禁止 【きんし】prohibition, inhibition, ban
型 【かた】① model, type (e.g. of machine, goods, etc.) ② type, style, pattern ③ mold (mould), template, model ④ kata (standard form of a movement, posture, etc. in martial arts, sport, etc.) ⑤ form (i.e. customary procedure) ⑥ size (i.e. clothing, shoes)
語る 【かたる】to talk, to tell, to recite
上等 【じょうとう】superiority, first-class, very good
生き物 【いきもの】living thing, animal
実に 【じつに】indeed, really, absolutely, truly, actually, very, quite
全員 【ぜんいん】all members (unanimity), all hands, the whole crew, everyone, everybody
悲しむ 【かなしむ】to be sad, to mourn for, to regret
飛ばす 【とばす】① to fly, to fire, to hurl ② to skip over, to omit, to drop (e.g. stitch) ③ to run or drive fast, to gallop ④ to spread a rumour (rumor), to tell a story ⑤ to remove, to get rid of, to transfer ⑥ to attack, to jeer at
不幸 【ふこう】unhappiness, sorrow, misfortune, disaster, accident, death
流れ 【ながれ】stream, current, flow
表す 【あらわす】① to reveal, to show, to display ② to express ③ to represent, to signify, to stand for ④ to make widely known
王 【おう】① king, ruler, sovereign, monarch ② king (for senior player) (shogi)
解散 【かいさん】breakup, dissolution
関心 【かんしん】concern, interest
恐らく 【おそらく】perhaps, likely, probably, I dare say
掘る 【ほる】to dig, to excavate
枯れる 【かれる】to wither (plant), to be blasted, to die
荒れる 【あれる】to be stormy, to be rough, to lose one's temper
混乱 【こんらん】disorder, chaos, confusion, mayhem
再び 【ふたたび】again, once more, a second time
済ませる 【すませる】to finish, to make an end of, to get through with, to let end
辞める 【やめる】to resign, to retire, to quit, to leave (one's job, etc.)
種類 【しゅるい】① variety, kind, type, category ② counter for different sorts of things
犯罪 【はんざい】crime
婦人 【ふじん】woman, lady, adult female
舞台 【ぶたい】① stage (theatre, theater) ② scene or setting (e.g. of novel, play, etc.)
腹 【はら】① abdomen, belly, stomach ② one's mind, one's real intentions, one's true motive ③ loop (physics) ④ counter for hard roe
捕まる 【つかまる】① to be caught, to be arrested ② to hold on to, to grasp ③ to find (e.g. proof), to get (e.g. a taxi) ④ to be detained by
優れる 【すぐれる】to surpass, to outstrip, to excel
お互い 【おたがい】mutual, reciprocal, each other
隠れる 【かくれる】to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
栄養 【えいよう】nutrition, nourishment
堪らない 【たまらない】① intolerable, unbearable, unendurable ② cannot help (doing), cannot but do, anxious to do ③ tremendous, out of this world, irresistible
義務 【ぎむ】duty, obligation, responsibility
芝居 【しばい】play, drama
舌 【した】① tongue ② tongue-like object, clapper (of a bell), talon (of a lock)
発揮 【はっき】exhibition, demonstration, show, display, manifestation
化粧 【けしょう】make-up, cosmetics
覆う 【おおう】to cover, to hide, to conceal, to wrap, to disguise
街 【まち】① town, block, neighbourhood, neighborhood ② street, road ③ 109.09 m ④ 0.99 hectares
おしゃべりchattering, talk, idle talk, chat, chitchat, gossip, chatty, talkative, chatterbox, blabbermouth
やがてbefore long, soon, at length
溢れる 【あふれる】to overflow, to brim over, to flood
いわゆるwhat is called, as it is called, the so-called, so to speak
尻 【しり】① buttocks, behind, rump, bottom ② undersurface, bottom ③ last place, end ④ consequence
溺れる 【おぼれる】① to nearly drown, to sink below the surface (of water) ② to indulge in, to lose one's head over something
のろのろslowly, sluggishly
小学生 【しょうがくせい】elementary school student, primary school student, grade school student
日の出 【ひので】sunrise
うんと① a great deal, very much, a lot ② with a great amount of effort
言い出す 【いいだす】to start talking, to speak, to tell, to propose, to suggest, to break the ice
真っ先 【まっさき】the head, the foremost, beginning
飯 【めし】① meals, food ② cooked rice ③ one's livelihood
力強い 【ちからづよい】① powerful, strong, forceful, vigorous ② reassuring, encouraging
真っ白 【まっしろ】pure white
出入り口 【でいりぐち】exit and entrance
期 【き】① period, time ② (geological) age
水平 【すいへい】level, horizontality
通用 【つうよう】① popular use, circulation ② to pass as
通路 【つうろ】passage, pathway
解答 【かいとう】answer, solution
各地 【かくち】every place, various places
観測 【かんそく】observation
務め 【つとめ】① service, duty, business, responsibility, task ② Buddhist religious services
血液 【けつえき】blood
候補 【こうほ】① candidate, contender, prospect, pick, choice, list ② candidacy, candidature, nomination
争う 【あらそう】① to compete, to contest, to contend ② to quarrel, to argue, to dispute, to be at variance, to oppose ③ (usu. in negative form) to deny (e.g. evidence)
北極 【ほっきょく】① North Pole ② the Arctic
輸血 【ゆけつ】blood transfusion
勇ましい 【いさましい】① brave, valiant, gallant, courageous ② stirring, vigorous, rousing
頼もしい 【たのもしい】reliable, trustworthy, hopeful, promising
割引 【わりびき】discount, reduction, rebate, tenths discounted
恩 【おん】favour, favor, obligation, debt of gratitude
感激 【かんげき】deep emotion, impression, inspiration
後悔 【こうかい】regret, repentance
綱 【つな】① rope ② sumo grand champion's braided belt
砕く 【くだく】to break, to smash
寿命 【じゅみょう】life span
巡る 【めぐる】① to go around ② to return ③ to surround ④ to concern (usu. of disputes)
載る 【のる】① to get on, to ride in, to board, to mount, to get up on ② to spread (paints), to be taken in ③ to share in, to join, to feel like doing, to be mentioned in, to be in harmony with ④ to appear (in print), to be recorded, to be found in (a dictionary)
吐く 【はく】① to breathe ② to tell (lies) ③ to vomit, to disgorge
独り 【ひとり】alone, unmarried, solitary
噴火 【ふんか】eruption
暖まる 【あたたまる】to warm oneself, to sun oneself, to warm up, to get warm
納める 【おさめる】① to dedicate, to make an offering, to pay (fees) ② to supply ③ to store ④ to finish, to bring to a close ⑤ to restore (something to its place) ⑥ to achieve (e.g. a result)
塊 【かたまり】lump, mass, bundle, clump, clod, cluster
整う 【ととのう】to be prepared, to be in order, to be put in order, to be arranged
密 【みつ】① density, thickness ② secrecy ③ minute, fine
櫛 【くし】comb
みっともないshameful, indecent
爪 【つめ】① nail (e.g. fingernail, toenail), claw, talon, hoof ② plectrum, pick ③ hook, clasp
艘 【そう】counter for (small) boats
あっさりeasily, readily, quickly
一目 【ひとめ】① (a) glance, (a) look, (a) glimpse ② (a) stone (in Go) ③ complete view, bird's-eye view
忠実 【ちゅうじつ】① faithful, loyal, devoted ② hardworking, painstaking, diligent ③ healthy, fit
一連 【いちれん】① series, chain, sequence ② two reams (i.e. 1000 sheets of paper) ③ verse, stanza
英雄 【えいゆう】hero, great man
果てる 【はてる】① to end, to be finished, to be exhausted, to die, to perish ② indicates an extreme has been reached
海路 【かいろ】sea route
街道 【かいどう】highway (esp. one existing from the Edo period), main road
犠牲 【ぎせい】victim, sacrifice, scapegoat
漁船 【ぎょせん】fishing boat
禁物 【きんもつ】taboo, forbidden thing
嫌らしい 【いやらしい】unpleasant, disgusting, repulsive, detestable, disagreeable, indecent, lewd, dirty, lascivious
孤立 【こりつ】isolation, helplessness
好意 【こうい】good will, favor, favour, courtesy
根拠 【こんきょ】basis, foundation
再生 【さいせい】playback, regeneration, resuscitation, return to life, rebirth, reincarnation, refresh, narrow escape, reclamation, regrowth
災害 【さいがい】calamity, disaster, misfortune
手配 【てはい】arrangement, search (by police)
趣 【おもむき】① meaning, tenor, gist ② effect, influence ③ appearance, aspect ④ taste ⑤ grace, charm, refinement
出くわす 【でくわす】to happen to meet, to come across
出題 【しゅつだい】proposing a question
侵す 【おかす】to invade, to raid, to trespass, to violate, to intrude on
進化 【しんか】evolution, progress
尽くす 【つくす】① to exhaust, to run out ② to devote, to serve (a person), to befriend ③ to do to exhaustion
征服 【せいふく】conquest, subjugation, overcoming
総会 【そうかい】general meeting
憎しみ 【にくしみ】hatred
対等 【たいとう】equivalent
畜生 【ちくしょう】① beast (i.e. any animal other than man) ② person reborn into the animal realm ③ brute (i.e. a contemptible human being) ④ son of a bitch, for Christ's sake, damn it
蓄積 【ちくせき】accumulation, accumulate, store
同感 【どうかん】agreement, same opinion, same feeling, sympathy, concurrence
如何に 【いかに】how?, in what way?, how much?, however, whatever
熱量 【ねつりょう】calorific value, quantity of heat, calorie
破壊 【はかい】① destruction, disruption ② (application) crash
白状 【はくじょう】confession
悲鳴 【ひめい】shriek, scream
疲労 【ひろう】fatigue, weariness
不服 【ふふく】dissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
負かす 【まかす】to defeat
兵器 【へいき】arms, weapons, ordnance
返答 【へんとう】reply
保護 【ほご】care, protection, shelter, safeguard, guardianship, favor, favour, patronage
放出 【ほうしゅつ】release, emit
本音 【ほんね】real intention, motive
本格 【ほんかく】① original method or procedure ② serious, orthodox, classical, genuine
未熟 【みじゅく】inexperience, unripeness, raw, unskilled, immature, inexperienced
眠たい 【ねむたい】sleepy
無論 【むろん】of course, naturally
面目 【めんぼく】face, honour, honor, reputation, prestige, dignity, credit
予想 【よそう】expectation, anticipation, prediction, forecast, conjecture
養う 【やしなう】to rear, to maintain, to support (e.g. family), to cultivate
冷酷 【れいこく】cruelty, coldheartedness, relentless, ruthless
人目 【ひとめ】public gaze, public notice
大げさ 【おおげさ】grandiose, exaggerated
出合う 【であう】to meet by chance, to come across, to happen to encounter, to hold a rendezvous, to have a date
滅びる 【ほろびる】to be ruined, to go under, to perish, to be destroyed
増し 【まし】① better, less objectionable, preferable ② more, increase, extra
あえてdare (to do something), venture (often overcoming reluctance, or in the face of probable failure), take upon oneself, challenge, presume, (there is no) need to, (don't) go as far as, definitely (not)
慎む 【つつしむ】① to be careful, to be discreet ② to do in moderation, to refrain (from overdoing), to abstain ③ to be reverent ④ to be purified, to be chaste
ろくなsatisfactory, decent
おおい① hey!, oi! ② me
ぎりぎり① at the last moment, just barely ② grinding sound
ぞくぞくshiver, feel chilly, shudder, thrill
どっこいheigh-hoh, heave-ho, hold on!, just a minute
イエス① Jesus ② yes
キー① key ② long squealing sound
コール① call ② coal ③ cold
コンタクト① contact ② contact lens
シーズンseason (fruits and vegetables, sporting, holidays)
セット① set ② set meal
テレビ局 【てれびきょく】television station
ドラマ① drama ② TV drama, teledrama, play
ボーイ① boy ② bellboy, porter, waiter
ボディー① body ② buddy
レース① race ② lace ③ lathe
ある日 【あるひ】one day (e.g. "one day while studying, ..")
九九 【くく】multiplication table, times table
だしfestival car (float)
子女 【しじょ】child
入 【じゅ】go in
木々 【きぎ】every tree, many trees, all kinds of trees
かむto blow (one's nose)
だれる① to lose interest, to weaken, to slacken ② to lose value after a peak (e.g. stock)
ゴーgo (somewhere), go (signal)
お知らせ 【おしらせ】notice, notification
だからと言って 【だからといって】while it may be true that, just because, nevertheless, not necessarily
悪意 【あくい】① ill will, spite, evil intention ② bad meaning ③ (criminal) malice ④ mala fides (criminal intent to deceive)
安住 【あんじゅう】living peaceably
一堂 【いちどう】one building (hall, temple, shrine, room)
引き入れる 【ひきいれる】to drag into, to win over
帰国 【きこく】return to one's country
使わす 【つかわす】to send, to dispatch, to despatch
広がり 【ひろがり】spread, span
四方 【よも】every direction
食い止める 【くいとめる】to check, to hold back
ふり① pretence (pretense), show ② appearance, behaviour ③ swing, swinging ④ lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.) ⑤ unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
切り開く 【きりひらく】to clear (land), to open up, to cut through
朝飯前 【あさめしまえ】trivial matter, cinch to do, easy as pie, it's a piece of cake
正気 【しょうき】true character, true heart, true spirit, sanity, consciousness, soberness
入り口 【いりくち】entrance, entry, gate, approach, mouth
早々 【そうそう】① early, all in good time ② quickly, promptly ③ just- (opened, started, etc.)
売れっ子 【うれっこ】favorite, favourite, popular person
立ち入り 【たちいり】entering
立たす 【たたす】to help a person stand, to get someone to their feet, to raise, to rouse
度目 【どめ】(after a number N) the Nth time
ヘロヘロcompletely exhausted, dog-tired, dreadfully weary, terribly frustrated, limp, weak, flimsy
暗がり 【くらがり】darkness
加算 【かさん】addition, adding
泣かせる 【なかせる】① to make someone cry, to move someone to tears ② to let cry ③ to grieve
語り合う 【かたりあう】to talk together
黒点 【こくてん】① black spot, dark spot ② sunspot
糸車 【いとぐるま】spinning wheel
歯列 【しれつ】row of teeth
集う 【つどう】to meet, to assemble, to congregate
出直す 【でなおす】to come again, to call again, to make a fresh start
生息 【せいそく】inhabiting, living
全う 【まっとう】proper, respectable, decent, honest
たたき① mince (minced meat or fish) ② hard-packed dirt (clay, gravel, etc.) floor, concrete floor
知らん顔 【しらんかお】unconcerned air, indifference, feigned ignorance, pretending not to recognize (somebody)
的中 【てきちゅう】strike home, hit the mark, become realized, become realised
転校生 【てんこうせい】transfer student, student changing schools
当面 【とうめん】① current, urgent, pressing, impending ② to confront (an issue), to face (up to something) ③ for the meantime, at present
波長 【はちょう】wavelength
表する 【ひょうする】to express, to show
不自然 【ふしぜん】unnatural, artificial, affected, strained
風速 【ふうそく】wind speed
歩き回る 【あるきまわる】to walk about, to walk to and fro, to pace around
名乗る 【なのる】to call oneself (name, label, etc.), to give one's name (as), to impersonate or claim (to be someone)
内々 【ないない】family circle, the inside, private, informal, secret, confidential
月明かり 【つきあかり】moonlight
お手伝い 【おてつだい】① maid ② help
勝ち取る 【かちとる】to exert oneself and win, to gain (victory)
野次馬 【やじうま】curious onlookers, rubbernecks
残りすくない 【のこりすくない】scarce, few remaining
お疲れ様 【おつかれさま】① thank you, many thanks, much appreciated ② that's enough for today
気象庁 【きしょうちょう】Meteorological Agency
空き缶 【あきかん】empty can
見込む 【みこむ】to anticipate, to estimate
誌 【し】magazine
手腕 【しゅわん】ability
種族 【しゅぞく】race, tribe, family, species
週刊 【しゅうかん】published weekly
初対面 【しょたいめん】first meeting, first interview with
心境 【しんきょう】mental state
心地良い 【ここちよい】comfortable, pleasant
人殺し 【ひとごろし】murder, murderer
生き延びる 【いきのびる】to survive, to live long
積み重ねる 【つみかさねる】to pile up, to accumulate
切り刻む 【きりきざむ】to hew, to chop up, to mangle, to mince
接待 【せったい】① reception, welcome, serving (food) ② business entertainment
戦場 【せんじょう】battlefield, battleground
続行 【ぞっこう】continuation, continuance, going on, resuming
打って付け 【うってつけ】most suitable
追い払う 【おいはらう】to drive away
停泊 【ていはく】anchorage, moorings
殿方 【とのがた】gentlemen, men
度胸 【どきょう】courage, bravery, pluck, nerve, grit, guts
逃げ回る 【にげまわる】to run from place to place
逃げ込む 【にげこむ】to take refuge in, to succeed in running away
突き進む 【つきすすむ】to push on, to plunge forward, to push one's way to
かなたbeyond, across, the other side, the distance
貧血 【ひんけつ】anemia, anaemia
つけ込む 【つけこむ】to take advantage of, to impose on, to make an entry
婦長 【ふちょう】head nurse
なくす① to lose something ② to get rid of ③ to lose someone (wife, child, etc.)
勇者 【ゆうしゃ】hero, the brave, man of valour (valor)
あまりにtoo much, excessively, too
幼なじみ 【おさななじみ】childhood friend, friend from infancy, old playmate
極める 【きわめる】① to carry to extremes, to go to the end of something ② to investigate thoroughly, to master
絶つ 【たつ】to sever, to cut off, to suppress, to abstain (from)
最大限 【さいだいげん】maximum
引っ付く 【ひっつく】to stick to, to flirt with
無神経 【むしんけい】insensibility, thick-skinned
押さえ 【おさえ】weight (e.g. paperweight), rear guard, control, check, pressure
戻し 【もどし】returning, giving back
行き掛り 【ゆきがかり】(by force of) circumstances
生き抜く 【いきぬく】to live through, to survive
利かす 【きかす】to season, to enliven
杯 【はい】① sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages ② counter for cupfuls ③ counter for ships, octopuses and squid
よそうto serve, to dish up, to prepare
異変 【いへん】unusual phenomenon, unusual event, abnormal event, accident
一躍 【いちやく】(at) one bound
陰湿 【いんしつ】① malicious, spiteful, vicious ② devious, underhanded, sly ③ damp and shady
悔い 【くい】regret, repentance
堪能 【たんのう】① proficient, skillful ② satisfaction ③ fortitude
奇襲 【きしゅう】surprise attack
騎士 【きし】knight
拒む 【こばむ】to refuse, to reject, to decline
胸騒ぎ 【むなさわぎ】uneasiness, vague apprehension, premonition
幻想 【げんそう】illusions
ごめんyour pardon, declining (something), dismissal, permission
射る 【いる】to shoot
朱 【あけ】① scarlet, red ② blood
称える 【たたえる】to extol, to give praise
うねる① to wind (of a road, etc.), to meander, to twist ② to undulate, to surge, to swell, to roll
即興 【そっきょう】improvisation, improvization, impromptu, off the cuff, without a score
長寿 【ちょうじゅ】longevity
塚 【つか】mound
電撃 【でんげき】① electric shock ② blitz, lightning attack
闘争 【とうそう】strife, conflict
特製 【とくせい】special make, deluxe
廃虚 【はいきょ】ruins, abandoned building
鳩 【はと】pigeon, dove
あいつhe, she, that guy
秘める 【ひめる】to hide, to keep to oneself
まどろむto doze (off)
墓穴 【ぼけつ】grave, specifically the hole in the ground
縫い 【ぬい】embroidery, sewing
北極圏 【ほっきょくけん】Arctic Circle, the Arctic
本拠地 【ほんきょち】stronghold, inner citadel, base, headquarters
魔界 【まかい】world of spirits, hell
めちゃくちゃ① absurd, unreasonable, nonsensical, preposterous, incoherent ② extreme, senseless, reckless, wanton ③ disorder, confusion, mess, wreck
融合 【ゆうごう】agglutination, adhesion, fusion, unite
揚げ句 【あげく】in the end, finally, after all, at last
恐竜 【きょうりゅう】dinosaur
音痴 【おんち】① tone-deafness, amusia, having no ear for music ② tone-deaf, off-key ③ having no sense (of something), being hopeless (when it comes to something)
託す 【たくす】① to entrust ② to make an excuse of
墓場 【はかば】graveyard, cemetery
離ればなれ 【はなればなれ】separate, scattered, apart, atwain
巡り 【めぐり】① circumference, girth ② tour, pilgrimage ③ circulation (e.g. of blood)
ドス① dagger (esp. in yakuza slang) ② disk operating system, DOS
焼藷 【やきいも】roasted sweet potato, baked sweet potato
煎じる 【せんじる】to boil, to decoct, to infuse
美貌 【びぼう】beautiful face, good looks, beauty
虱 【しらみ】louse (esp. a sucking louse), lice
まっしぐらat full speed
黄昏 【たそがれ】dusk, twilight
徘徊 【はいかい】loitering, sauntering, wandering about
たしなむ① to have a taste for, to be fond of, to have an interest in (e.g. a hobby) ② to be modest, to be prudent
フリーライターfreelance writer