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Space Pirate Captain Harlock [‘宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック’] Vol. 3: episodes 6 to 10

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 6 to 10 of the animated series ‘Space Pirate Captain Harlock’ [‘宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック’]. This is volume 3/7. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (Vol. 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



704 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
メートルmetre, meter, meter (i.e., a gauge), gauge
安い 【やすい】① cheap, inexpensive ② calm, peaceful, quiet
空 【そら】sky, the heavens
高い 【たかい】① high, tall ② expensive
山 【やま】① mountain ② pile, heap ③ climax, critical point ④ speculated area covered by an examination
七 【なな】seven
女の子 【おんなのこ】girl
上 【うえ】① above, up, over ② top, summit ③ surface, on ④ before, previous ⑤ superiority, one's superior (i.e. one's elder) ⑥ on top of that, besides, what's more ⑦ upon (further inspection, etc.), based on (and occurring after) ⑧ matters concerning..., as concerns ... ⑨ since (i.e. "for that reason") ⑩ suffix indicating higher social standing
食べる 【たべる】to eat
先 【さき】① previous, prior, former, some time ago, preceding ② point (e.g. pencil), tip, end, nozzle ③ head (of a line), front ④ ahead, the other side ⑤ the future, hereafter ⑥ destination ⑦ the other party
足 【あし】① foot ② leg ③ gait ④ pace
百 【ひゃく】100, hundred
分 【ふん】minute
毎日 【まいにち】every day
話す 【はなす】to speak
九 【く】nine
三 【さん】three
聞く 【きく】① to hear ② to listen (e.g. to music) ③ to ask, to enquire, to query
立つ 【たつ】① to stand, to rise, to stand up ② to find oneself (e.g. in a difficult position) ③ to depart (on a plane, train, etc.)
出かける 【でかける】to depart, to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing), to set out, to start, to be going out
暗い 【くらい】① dark, gloomy ② dark (in colour), dull ③ depressed, dispirited ④ sorrowful, bitter (as in a dark past) ⑤ unclear, unfamiliar, unknown
寒い 【さむい】① cold (e.g. weather) ② dull, uninteresting, lame
強い 【つよい】① strong, powerful, mighty, potent ② resistant, resilient, durable
ご飯 【ごはん】① cooked rice ② meal
借りる 【かりる】① to borrow, to have a loan ② to rent, to hire
弱い 【よわい】weak, frail, delicate, tender, unskilled, weak (wine)
春 【はる】① spring, springtime ② new year ③ prime (of one's life, etc.) ④ adolescence, puberty ⑤ sexuality
少ない 【すくない】few, a little, scarce, insufficient, seldom
食堂 【しょくどう】① dining room, dining hall, cafeteria, messroom ② restaurant, eatery, snack bar, diner
青い 【あおい】① blue, green ② pale ③ unripe, inexperienced
洗う 【あらう】① to wash ② to investigate
体 【からだ】① body ② health
池 【いけ】pond
動物 【どうぶつ】animal
夕べ 【ゆうべ】① evening ② last night
料理 【りょうり】① cooking, cookery, cuisine ② dealing with something, handling, administration, management
歌う 【うたう】① to sing ② to sing (one's praises in a poem, etc.)
曲がる 【まがる】① to bend, to curve, to warp, to wind, to twist ② to turn ③ to be awry, to be askew, to be crooked
次 【つぎ】① next, following, subsequent ② stage, station
消える 【きえる】to go out, to vanish, to disappear
雪 【ゆき】snow
速い 【はやい】① fast, quick, hasty, brisk ② early (in the day, etc.), premature ③ (too) soon, not yet, (too) early ④ easy, simple, quick
美味しい 【おいしい】① delicious, tasty ② nice (move in sport, trick, etc., nuance of being easy or a bit lucky), sweet
辺 【へん】① area, vicinity ② side (of triangle, rectangle, etc.) ③ circumstances
緑 【みどり】① green ② greenery (esp. fresh verdure)
側 【がわ】① side (of something, or taking someone's side), part ② (watch) case
皆 【みな】① all, everyone, everybody ② everything
個 【こ】① counter for articles ② counter for military units ③ individual
厚い 【あつい】① thick, deep, heavy ② kind, cordial, hospitable, warm, faithful ③ serious (of an illness) ④ abundant
今晩は 【こんばんは】good evening
座る 【すわる】① to sit, to squat ② to assume (a position) ③ to hold steady, to hold still
咲く 【さく】to bloom
初めて 【はじめて】① for the first time ② only after ... is it ..., only when ... do you ...
辛い 【つらい】painful, bitter, heart-breaking
吹く 【ふく】① to blow (wind, etc.), to play a wind instrument ② to emit, to spout ③ to whistle
疲れる 【つかれる】① to get tired, to tire ② to be worn out (e.g. of well used objects)
封筒 【ふうとう】envelope
欲しい 【ほしい】① wanted, wished for, in need of, desired ② (after the -te form of a verb) I want (you) to
ごろ① (approximate) time, around, about, toward ② suitable time (or condition) ③ time of year, season
椅子 【いす】① chair ② post, office, position
嫌い 【きらい】① dislike, hate ② suspicion, tendency, smack (of)
沢山 【たくさん】many, a lot, much
暇 【ひま】① spare time, free time, leisure ② time off, day off, vacation, holiday, leave ③ quitting (one's job), firing someone, divorcing (one's spouse) ④ (of one's time) free, (of one's business) slow ⑤ leaving, departing
そちら① that way (direction distant from the speaker, close to the listener) ② there (place distant from the speaker, close to the listener) ③ that one (something close to the listener) ④ you, your family ⑤ that person (someone close to the listener)
いつwhen, how soon
いくつ① how many? ② how old?
それでは① well then ... ② in that situation, in which case
うるさい① noisy, loud ② fussy ③ annoying, troublesome, tiresome, importunate ④ bossy
あっち① that way (direction distant from both speaker and listener), over there, yonder ② that one (something physically distant from both speaker and listener, or something not visible but known by both speaker and listener), that ③ that person (someone physically distant from both speaker and listener, or someone not present but known by both speaker and listener) ④ there (place distant from both speaker and listener), over there, foreign country (esp. a Western nation)
まずい① unappetising, unappetizing, unpleasant (taste, appearance, situation) ② unskillful, unskilful, bungling, clumsy ③ ugly, homely, plain, unattractive ④ awkward, untimely, inopportune, unfavorable, unwise
もちろんof course, certainly, naturally
いらっしゃる① to come, to go, to be (somewhere) ② (after a -te form, or the particle "de") is (doing), are (doing)
かな① I wonder (sentence ending prt) ② should I? (question prt when thinking out loud), is it? ③ I wish that (with a negative), I hope that
すっかりall, completely, thoroughly
日本 【にっぽん】Japan
ママ① Mama ② female proprietress (of a bar, etc.)
安心 【あんしん】relief, peace of mind
以上 【いじょう】① not less than, ... and more, ... and upwards ② beyond ... (e.g. one's means), further (e.g. nothing further to say), more than ... (e.g. cannot pay more than that) ③ above-mentioned, foregoing ④ since ..., seeing that ... ⑤ this is all, that is the end, the end
員 【いん】member
火 【ひ】fire, flame, blaze
開く 【ひらく】① to open (e.g. a bank-account, festival, etc.) ② to spread out, to open up (flower bud, umbrella, etc.), to widen (gap, distance, width) ③ to hold, to give (party, conference, etc.)
間に合う 【まにあう】① to be in time for ② to serve (suit, meet) the purpose, to be good enough, to be enough
気分 【きぶん】feeling, mood
起こす 【おこす】to raise, to cause, to wake someone
空気 【くうき】air, atmosphere
思い出す 【おもいだす】to recall, to remember
上手い 【うまい】① skillful, clever, expert, wise, successful ② delicious, appetizing, appetising ③ fortunate, splendid, promising
足りる 【たりる】① to be sufficient, to be enough ② to be worth doing, to be worthy ③ to be sufficient, to answer, to do
大体 【だいたい】general, substantially, outline, main point, approximately, about
大分 【だいぶ】considerably, greatly, a lot
動く 【うごく】① to move, to stir, to shift, to shake, to swing ② to operate, to run, to go, to work ③ to be touched, to be influenced ④ to change, to vary, to fluctuate, to waver ⑤ certain, factual ⑥ to be transferred
特別 【とくべつ】special
別に 【べつに】① (not) particularly, nothing ② separately, apart
用 【よう】① task, business ② use, duty, service ③ call of nature, excretion
首 【くび】① neck ② head ③ unemployed person
仕方 【しかた】way, method, means, resource, course
代 【だい】① charge, cost, price ② generation, age, reign ③ (geological) era ④ (after someone's name or title) a representative of, on behalf of, for (someone) ⑤ used after a phone number to indicate that it is a switchboard number ⑥ counter for decades of ages, eras, etc. ⑦ counter for generations (of inheritors to a throne, etc.) ⑧ proxy application company
雲 【くも】cloud
泣く 【なく】to cry, to weep, to sob, to howl
形 【かたち】① form, shape, figure ② visage
寺 【てら】temple (Buddhist)
拾う 【ひろう】to pick up, to find, to gather
森 【もり】① forest ② shrine grove
伝える 【つたえる】to convey, to report, to transmit, to communicate, to tell, to impart, to propagate, to teach, to bequeath
島 【しま】① island ② territory (of a prostitute, organized crime gang, etc.), turf
美しい 【うつくしい】beautiful, lovely
返事 【へんじ】reply, answer, response
予定 【よてい】plans, arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate
葉 【は】leaf
落とす 【おとす】① to drop, to lose, to let fall ② to clean off (dirt, makeup, paint, etc.), to remove (e.g. stains) ③ to download
一杯 【いっぱい】① amount necessary to fill a container (e.g. a cupful, spoonful, etc.), a drink (i.e. an alcoholic beverage) ② full ③ one squid, octopus, crab, etc., one boat ④ fully, to capacity ⑤ a lot, much ⑥ all of ..., the entire ...
経験 【けいけん】experience
原因 【げんいん】cause, origin, source
最初 【さいしょ】beginning, outset, first, onset
市民 【しみん】citizen, townspeople
失礼 【しつれい】① discourtesy, impoliteness ② Excuse me, Goodbye ③ to leave ④ to be rude
準備 【じゅんび】preparation, setup, arrangements, provision, reserve
触る 【さわる】to touch, to feel
戦争 【せんそう】war
続く 【つづく】① to continue, to last, to go on ② to be unbroken ③ to occur again and again ④ to lead to, to connect to
珍しい 【めずらしい】① unusual, rare, curious ② new, novel ③ fine (e.g. gift)
怒る 【おこる】① to get angry, to get mad ② to tell someone off, to scold ③ to be angular, to be square
届ける 【とどける】to deliver, to forward, to send, to report, to file notice (to the authorities)
背中 【せなか】back (of body)
変える 【かえる】to change, to alter, to vary, to convert, to revise, to amend, to transform
優しい 【やさしい】tender, kind, gentle, graceful, affectionate, amiable, suave
歴史 【れきし】history
途中 【とちゅう】① on the way, en route ② in the middle of, midway
包む 【つつむ】① to wrap up, to tuck in, to pack, to do up, to cover with, to dress in ② to conceal, to hide, to be engulfed in, to be enveloped by
頂く 【いただく】① to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy ② to eat, to drink ③ to be crowned with, to wear (on one's head), to have (on top) ④ to have (as one's leader), to live under (a ruler), to install (a president)
怖い 【こわい】① scary, frightening, eerie, dreadful ② (I'm) afraid
治る 【なおる】to be cured, to get well, to be healed
壊す 【こわす】① to break, to destroy, to demolish ② to wreck, to ruin, to spoil, to damage ③ to break (a bill, etc.)
宜しい 【よろしい】good, OK, all right, fine, very well, will do, may, can
厳しい 【きびしい】① severe, strict, rigid, unsparing, relentless ② stern, austere, grave, solemn, majestic ③ intense (cold)
故障 【こしょう】break-down, failure, fault, accident, out of order
それにbesides, moreover
なるほどI see, That's right!, Indeed
ざっとroughly, in round numbers
たっぷりfull, in plenty, ample
どんどん① drumming (noise) ② rapidly, steadily
ぴったりexactly, neatly, sharp
外れる 【はずれる】to be disconnected, to get out of place, to be off, to be out (e.g. of gear)
外出 【がいしゅつ】outing, trip, going out
今日は 【こんにちは】hello, good day (daytime greeting)
生じる 【しょうじる】① to produce, to yield ② to result from, to arise, to be generated
行き 【いき】① bound for ... ② going (to)
食う 【くう】① to eat ② to live, to make a living, to survive ③ to bite, to sting (as insects do) ④ to tease, to torment, to taunt, to make light of, to make fun of ⑤ to encroach on, to eat into, to consume ⑥ to defeat a superior, to threaten a position ⑦ to consume time and-or resources ⑧ to have sexual relations with a woman, esp. for the first time
分かれる 【わかれる】① to branch, to fork, to diverge ② to separate, to split, to divide ③ to disperse, to scatter
みたい-like, sort of, similar to, resembling
① (sentence end) indicates emphasis, agreement, request for confirmation, etc., is it so ② hey, come on
間 【かん】① interval, period of time ② among, between, inter-
名 【めい】① counter for people (usu. seating, reservations and such) ② first name ③ famous, great
意思 【いし】intention, purpose
見事 【みごと】① splendid, magnificent, beautiful, admirable ② praiseworthy act, feat, commendable deed
作品 【さくひん】work (e.g. book, film, composition, etc.), opus, performance, production
自動 【じどう】① automatic, self-motion ② intransitive verb
親友 【しんゆう】close friend, bosom (old, intimate) friend, buddy, crony, chum
先ず 【まず】① first (of all), to start with, about, almost, anyway, well, now ② hardly (with neg. verb)
中心 【ちゅうしん】center, centre, middle, heart, core, focus, pivot, emphasis, balance
度 【たび】time (three times, each time, etc.), times
動かす 【うごかす】① to move, to shift, to operate, to set in motion, to mobilize, to mobilise ② to inspire, to rouse, to move (e.g. feeling), to influence ③ to deny, to change
年代 【ねんだい】age, era, period, date
発 【はつ】① departure, departing (from ...), departing (at time ...) ② beginning ③ issued by (e.g. document) ④ counter for gunshots, counter for blows (punches)
不足 【ふそく】insufficiency, shortage, deficiency, lack, dearth
力 【りょく】strength, power
少々 【しょうしょう】just a minute, small quantity
出会う 【であう】to meet by chance, to come across, to happen to encounter, to hold a rendezvous, to have a date
計る 【はかる】① to measure, to weigh, to survey, to time (sound, gauge, estimate) ② to conjecture, to infer, to surmise
温度 【おんど】temperature
回す 【まわす】① to turn, to rotate, to gyrate ② to circulate, to send around ③ to surround ④ to put something to a new use (e.g. leftovers) ⑤ (after the -masu stem of a verb) ... around (i.e. to chase someone around) ⑥ to dial (e.g. telephone number)
回転 【かいてん】rotation (usu. around something), revolution, turning
活動 【かつどう】action, activity
感じる 【かんじる】to feel, to sense, to experience
記録 【きろく】① record, minutes, document ② a record (e.g. in sports), results, score ③ to record, to document ④ to set a record (e.g. in sports), to show a result, to reach a value
苦しい 【くるしい】painful, difficult
向く 【むく】① to face ② to turn toward ③ to be suited to, to be fit for
今回 【こんかい】now, this time, lately
自然 【しぜん】① nature, spontaneity ② naturally, spontaneously
式 【しき】① equation, formula, expression ② ceremony ③ style
実は 【じつは】as a matter of fact, by the way, to tell you the truth, to be honest, frankly
取り消す 【とりけす】to cancel, to revoke
集中 【しゅうちゅう】concentration, convergence, centralization, integration, gathering together
勝負 【しょうぶ】victory or defeat, match, contest, game, bout
常に 【つねに】always, constantly
植物 【しょくぶつ】plant, vegetation
神 【かみ】god, deity, divinity, spirit, kami
数字 【すうじ】numeral, figure, digit, numeric character
生命 【せいめい】life, existence
全身 【ぜんしん】① whole (body), full-length (e.g. portrait) ② systemic
全体 【ぜんたい】whole, entirety, whatever (is the matter)
組み立てる 【くみたてる】to assemble, to set up, to construct
太陽 【たいよう】sun, solar
調子 【ちょうし】① tune, tone, key, pitch, time, rhythm ② vein, mood, way, manner, style, knack ③ condition, state of health ④ impetus, spur of the moment, strain ⑤ trend
都市 【とし】town, city, municipal, urban
当たり前 【あたりまえ】① natural, reasonable, obvious ② usual, common, ordinary
能力 【のうりょく】ability, faculty
番目 【ばんめ】cardinal number suffix
飛び出す 【とびだす】① to jump out, to rush out, to fly out ② to appear (suddenly) ③ to protrude, to project ④ to butt in
表面 【ひょうめん】surface, outside, face, appearance
部 【ぶ】① department (in an organization), division, bureau ② club ③ part, component, element ④ category ⑤ counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine
方向 【ほうこう】① direction, orientation, bearing, way ② course (e.g. of action)
望む 【のぞむ】to desire, to wish for, to see, to command (a view of)
防ぐ 【ふせぐ】to defend (against), to protect, to prevent
無事 【ぶじ】safety, peace, quietness
命じる 【めいじる】to order, to command, to appoint
理想 【りそう】ideal, dream
流れ 【ながれ】stream, current, flow
流れる 【ながれる】to stream, to flow (liquid, time, etc.), to run (ink), to be washed away
数 【かず】number, amount
数 【すう】① several, a number of ② number, numeral, figure ③ destiny, fate ④ law
他人 【たにん】another person, unrelated person, outsider, stranger
流行 【りゅうこう】fashion, fad, vogue, craze
表す 【あらわす】① to reveal, to show, to display ② to express ③ to represent, to signify, to stand for ④ to make widely known
囲む 【かこむ】to surround, to encircle
永遠 【えいえん】eternity, perpetuity, immortality, permanence
液体 【えきたい】liquid, fluid
奥 【おく】interior, inner part, inside
可愛らしい 【かわいらしい】lovely, sweet
可能 【かのう】possible, practicable, feasible
解く 【とく】① to solve, to answer ② to untie ③ to comb, to untangle (hair)
回復 【かいふく】recovery (from illness), improvement, rehabilitation, restoration, convalescence
害 【がい】injury, harm, evil influence, damage
割る 【わる】to divide, to cut, to break, to halve, to separate, to split, to rip, to crack, to smash, to dilute
完全 【かんぜん】perfection, completeness
恐らく 【おそらく】perhaps, likely, probably, I dare say
苦痛 【くつう】pain, agony, bitterness
備える 【そなえる】① to furnish, to provide for, to equip, to install ② to have ready, to prepare for ③ to possess, to have, to be endowed with, to be armed with
敬意 【けいい】respect, honour, honor
肩 【かた】shoulder
現れる 【あらわれる】① to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise ② to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
現在 【げんざい】now, current, present, present time, as of
現実 【げんじつ】reality
呼吸 【こきゅう】① breath, respiration ② knack, trick, secret (of doing something)
合格 【ごうかく】success, passing (e.g. exam), eligibility
混乱 【こんらん】disorder, chaos, confusion, mayhem
散歩 【さんぽ】walk, stroll
示す 【しめす】to denote, to show, to point out, to indicate, to exemplify
辞める 【やめる】to resign, to retire, to quit, to leave (one's job, etc.)
種 【たね】① seed, pip, kind, variety, quality, tone ② material, matter, subject, theme, (news) copy, leaven (bread) ③ cause, source, trick, secret, inside story
処理 【しょり】processing, dealing with, treatment, disposition, disposal
設計 【せっけい】plan, design, layout
絶対 【ぜったい】① absolutely, unconditionally ② absolute, unconditional, unmistakable ③ absoluteness
総 【そう】whole, all, general, gross
単純 【たんじゅん】simplicity
調査 【ちょうさ】investigation, examination, inquiry, enquiry, survey
底 【そこ】bottom, sole
泥 【どろ】mud
倒す 【たおす】① to throw down, to bring down, to blow down, to fell, to knock down ② to kill, to defeat, to beat ③ to overthrow, to trip up, to ruin ④ to leave unpaid, to cheat
突っ込む 【つっこむ】① to thrust something into something ② to plunge into, to go into deeply ③ to meddle, to interfere ④ to retort ⑤ to riposte
突然 【とつぜん】abrupt, sudden, unexpected, all at once
届く 【とどく】① to reach, to arrive, to get through, to get at ② to be attentive, to pay attention ③ to be delivered, to carry (e.g. sound)
任せる 【まかせる】① to entrust (e.g. a task) to another, to leave to ② to passively leave to someone else's facilities ③ to leave to take its natural course ④ to continue (something) in a natural fashion (without particular aim) ⑤ to rely fully on one's (full strength, great ability, long time taken) to get something done
爆発 【ばくはつ】explosion, detonation, eruption
抜く 【ぬく】① to extract, to omit, to surpass, to overtake, to draw out, to unplug ② to do something to the end
皮膚 【ひふ】skin
浮かぶ 【うかぶ】① to float, to be suspended ② to rise to surface ③ to come to mind, to have inspiration
変更 【へんこう】change, modification, alteration, revision, amendment
末 【すえ】end, close, future, finally, tip, top, trivialities, posterity, youngest child
冷静 【れいせい】calm, composure, coolness, serenity
永久 【えいきゅう】① eternity, perpetuity, immortality ② Eikyuu era (1113.7.13-1118.4.3)
位置 【いち】place, situation, position, location
郵便 【ゆうびん】mail, postal service
一瞬 【いっしゅん】moment, instant
一斉 【いっせい】simultaneous, all at once
隠れる 【かくれる】to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
沖 【おき】open sea
感謝 【かんしゃ】thanks, gratitude
基本 【きほん】foundation, basis, standard
奇妙 【きみょう】strange, queer, curious
既に 【すでに】already, too late
記憶 【きおく】① memory, recollection, remembrance ② storage
貴重 【きちょう】precious, valuable
鬼 【おに】① ogre, demon ② spirit of a deceased person ③ ogre-like person (i.e. fierce, relentless, merciless, etc.) ④ it (i.e. in a game of tag) ⑤ Chinese "ghost" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
狂う 【くるう】① to go mad ② to get out of order, to go amiss
酸素 【さんそ】oxygen
銃 【じゅう】gun, rifle, small arms
冗談 【じょうだん】jest, joke
侵入 【しんにゅう】penetration, invasion, raid, aggression, trespass
世紀 【せいき】century, era
粗末 【そまつ】crude, rough, plain, humble
組織 【そしき】① organization, organisation ② structure, construction ③ tissue ④ system
喪失 【そうしつ】loss, forfeit
怠る 【おこたる】to be negligent in doing something, to shirk, to be off one's guard
当然 【とうぜん】natural, as a matter of course
独特 【どくとく】peculiarity, uniqueness, characteristic
博物館 【はくぶつかん】museum
縛る 【しばる】to tie, to bind
秘密 【ひみつ】secret, secrecy
敷く 【しく】① to spread out, to lay out ② to take a position ③ to impose widely (e.g. over a city)
墓 【はか】gravesite, tomb
翼 【つばさ】① wing ② Chinese "Wings" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
覆う 【おおう】to cover, to hide, to conceal, to wrap, to disguise
丘 【おか】hill, height, knoll, rising ground
桜 【さくら】① cherry tree, cherry blossom ② decoy, fake buyer, shill ③ hired applauder
引っ張る 【ひっぱる】① to pull, to draw, to stretch, to drag ② to pull the ball (baseball)
途端 【とたん】just (now, at the moment, etc.)
くっつくto adhere to, to keep close to
ぶつかるto strike, to collide with, to bump into
溢れる 【あふれる】to overflow, to brim over, to flood
ごく① quite, very ② quindecillion (US), octillion (Europe), 10^48
たちまちat once, in a moment, suddenly, all at once
ついに① finally, at last ② (with neg) in the end
誰か 【だれか】someone, somebody
しゃべるto talk, to chat, to chatter
とにかくanyhow, at any rate, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
せっかくwith trouble, at great pains, long-awaited
おやoh!, oh?, my!
一時 【いちじ】one hour, short time, once, a time, temporarily, at one time, twelfth part of a day
はあ① yes, indeed, well ② ha! ③ what?, huh? ④ sigh
とくto do something in readiness for, to get something (needful) done
意地悪 【いじわる】malicious, ill-tempered, unkind
近づける 【ちかづける】to bring near, to put close, to let come near, to associate with
空中 【くうちゅう】sky, air
行方 【ゆくえ】① (one's) whereabouts ② course, direction
重なる 【かさなる】to be piled up, lie on top of one another, overlap each other
生意気 【なまいき】impertinent, saucy, cheeky, conceit, audacious, brazen
歩 【ほ】① step, stride ② counter for steps
館 【かん】house, hall, building
引き返す 【ひきかえす】to repeat, to send back, to bring back, to retrace one's steps
王女 【おうじょ】princess
記号 【きごう】symbol, code, sign, notation
取り入れる 【とりいれる】① to harvest, to reap ② to take in, to gather in ③ to adopt
深まる 【ふかまる】to deepen, to heighten, to intensify
進路 【しんろ】① route, course ② career, university choices, course (of future life)
早速 【さっそく】at once, immediately, without delay, promptly
地帯 【ちたい】area, zone
電波 【でんぱ】electro-magnetic wave, radio wave
同化 【どうか】① assimilation, absorption ② anabolism ③ adaptation
南米 【なんべい】South America
貨物 【かもつ】① cargo, freight ② money or assets
気圧 【きあつ】atmospheric pressure
現す 【あらわす】① to reveal, to show, to display ② to express ③ to represent, to signify, to stand for ④ to make widely known
更ける 【ふける】to get late, to advance, to wear on
散る 【ちる】① to fall (e.g. blossoms, leaves) ② to scatter, to be dispersed ③ to disappear, to dissolve, to break up ④ to spread, to run, to blur ⑤ to die a noble death
出迎え 【でむかえ】meeting, reception
信ずる 【しんずる】to believe, to believe in, to place trust in, to confide in, to have faith in
憎い 【にくい】① hateful, abominable, poor-looking, detestable ② (with irony) lovely, lovable, wonderful, etc.
探る 【さぐる】to search, to look for, to sound out
突く 【つく】① to prick, to stab ② to poke, to prod, to push, to thrust, to nudge, to hit, to strike ③ to use (a cane), to prop oneself up with, to press against (the floor, etc.) ④ to attack ⑤ to brave (the rain, etc.)
熱帯 【ねったい】tropics
破片 【はへん】fragment, splinter, broken piece
分布 【ぶんぷ】distribution, dissemination, allocation
暴れる 【あばれる】to act violently, to rage, to struggle, to be riotous
流域 【りゅういき】(river) basin
個所 【かしょ】passage, place, point, part
超える 【こえる】① to cross over, to cross, to pass through, to pass over (out of) ② to exceed
捕らえる 【とらえる】① to seize, to capture, to arrest ② to grasp, to perceive, to treat (as)
基地 【きち】base
飢える 【うえる】to starve, to thirst, to be hungry
愚か 【おろか】foolish, stupid
古典 【こてん】old book, classics, classic
攻める 【せめる】to attack, to assault
垂直 【すいちょく】vertical, perpendicular
澄む 【すむ】to clear (e.g. weather), to become transparent
惜しい 【おしい】① regrettable, disappointing ② precious, dear, valuable ③ too good for, deserving better ④ almost but not quite
素直 【すなお】① obedient, meek, docile, unaffected ② honest, frank
跳ねる 【はねる】① to jump, to leap, to prance, to spring up, to bound, to hop ② to break up, to close, to come to an end ③ to hit (e.g. to have a car hit something or someone)
展開 【てんかい】① development ② expansion (opposite of compression)
非難 【ひなん】blame, attack, criticism
潜る 【もぐる】① to dive (into or under water) ② to get under, to get into, to get in, to creep into, to crawl under, to bury oneself, to burrow into, to dig oneself into, to snuggle under ③ to hide oneself (esp. from the government), to conceal oneself, to go underground
いったん① once ② for a moment, temporarily
いきなりabruptly, suddenly, all of a sudden, without warning
なおfurthermore, still, yet, more, still more, in addition, greater, further
それならIf that's the case ..., If so ..., That being the case ...
頂戴 【ちょうだい】① receiving, reception, getting, being given ② eating, drinking, having ③ (also used after -te forms) please, please do for me
さすが① as one would expect ② still, all the same ③ even... (e.g. "even a genius...")
ややa little, partially, somewhat, a short time, a while
いよいよ① more and more, all the more, increasingly ② at last, finally, beyond doubt ③ (at the) last moment, worst possible time
めでたい① happy, auspicious, propitious, joyous ② naive
思いがけない 【おもいがけない】unexpected, contrary to expectations, by chance, casual
すばしこいnimble, smart, quick
やけにawfully, frightfully, desperately, violently
動 【どう】motion, change, confusion
仕上げ 【しあげ】end, finishing touches, being finished
一部 【いちぶ】① one part, one portion, one section, some ② one copy (e.g. of a document)
由 【よし】reason, significance, cause
遺跡 【いせき】historic ruins (remains, relics)
何だか 【なんだか】(a) little, somewhat, somehow
解除 【かいじょ】cancellation, rescinding, release, calling off, lifting (sanctions), delisting
回送 【かいそう】forwarding
慣れ 【なれ】practice, practise, experience
監視 【かんし】observation, guarding, inspection, surveillance
規模 【きぼ】scale, scope, plan, structure
犠牲 【ぎせい】victim, sacrifice, scapegoat
拒絶 【きょぜつ】refusal, rejection
拒否 【きょひ】denial, veto, rejection, refusal
強烈 【きょうれつ】strong, intense, severe
極めて 【きわめて】exceedingly, extremely, decisively
群 【ぐん】① group (of animals) ② group
警戒 【けいかい】① vigilance, precaution, watch, lookout, alertness ② to be vigilant, to be cautious, to guard (against)
固定 【こてい】fixation, fixing (e.g. salary, capital)
孤独 【こどく】isolation, loneliness, solitude
交互 【こうご】mutual, reciprocal, alternate
控える 【ひかえる】① to be temperate in, to restrain oneself from excessive ... ② to make notes ③ to hold back ④ to be in preparation for, to be in waiting for ⑤ to be soon, to be in the offing ⑥ to be in a close relationship (e.g. as a backer, etc.)
細胞 【さいぼう】cell (biology)
作用 【さよう】action, operation, effect, function
雑 【ざつ】① rough, crude, sloppy, messy ② miscellaneous
使命 【しめい】mission, errand, message
試み 【こころみ】trial, experiment
自ずから 【おのずから】naturally, as a matter of course
手元 【てもと】① (money) on hand or at home, one's purse (handbag) ② usual skill
宿命 【しゅくめい】fate, destiny, predestination
勝利 【しょうり】victory, triumph, conquest, success, win
照合 【しょうごう】collation, comparison
詳細 【しょうさい】detail, particulars
上がり 【あがり】① ascent, rise, slope ② freshly-drawn green tea (esp. in sushi shops) ③ advance income, crop yield ④ death, spinning, completion, stop, finish ⑤ after (rain), ex (official, etc.) ⑥ (end) results (e.g. of crafts like painting, pottery, etc.), how something comes out
上空 【じょうくう】sky, the skies, high-altitude sky, upper air
振動 【しんどう】oscillation, vibration
神秘 【しんぴ】mystery
推進 【すいしん】① propulsion, driving force ② implementation, promotion (e.g. of a government policy)
粋 【すい】① chic, stylish, refined, sophisticated, smart ② understanding, sympathetic ③ the best
生温い 【なまぬるい】lukewarm, halfhearted
繊維 【せんい】fibre, fiber, textile
側面 【そくめん】side, flank, sidelight, lateral
速やか 【すみやか】speedy, prompt, smooth
対決 【たいけつ】confrontation, showdown
大胆 【だいたん】bold, daring, audacious
脱出 【だっしゅつ】escape
地獄 【じごく】hell
中枢 【ちゅうすう】centre, center, pivot, mainstay, nucleus, backbone, central figure, pillar, key man
挑戦 【ちょうせん】challenge, defiance
摘む 【つむ】to pluck, to pick, to trim
途絶える 【とだえる】to stop, to cease, to come to an end
投資 【とうし】investment
踏み込む 【ふみこむ】① to step into (e.g. someone else's territory), to break into, to raid ② to come to grips with, to get to the core of
動力 【どうりょく】power, motive power, dynamic force
特有 【とくゆう】characteristic (of), peculiar (to)
任務 【にんむ】duty, function, office, mission, task
燃料 【ねんりょう】fuel
乃至 【ないし】① from ... to, between ... and ② or
脳 【のう】brain, memory
破損 【はそん】damage
比率 【ひりつ】ratio, proportion, percentage
負傷 【ふしょう】injury, wound
赴く 【おもむく】to go, to proceed, to repair to, to become
分離 【ぶんり】separation, partition, detachment, segregation, isolation, decollation
紛れる 【まぎれる】to be diverted, to slip into
捕虜 【ほりょ】prisoner (of war)
放り出す 【ほうりだす】to throw out, to fire, to expel, to give up, to abandon, to neglect
本格 【ほんかく】① original method or procedure ② serious, orthodox, classical, genuine
目覚める 【めざめる】to wake up
有する 【ゆうする】to own, to be endowed with
絡む 【からむ】① to entangle, to entwine ② to pick a quarrel, to find fault ③ to be involved with, to be influenced by, to develop a connection with
率いる 【ひきいる】to lead, to spearhead (a group), to command (troops)
立ち寄る 【たちよる】to stop by, to drop in for a short visit
了解 【りょうかい】comprehension, consent, understanding, roger (on the radio)
難い 【がたい】difficult, hard
見逃す 【みのがす】to miss, to overlook, to leave at large
漏らす 【もらす】to let leak, to reveal
もしかしてperhaps, possibly
誤魔化す 【ごまかす】to deceive, to falsify, to misrepresent
ついでopportunity, occasion
たくましいburly, strong, sturdy
斑 【ぶち】spots, speckles, mottles
麻痺 【まひ】paralysis, palsy, numbness, stupor
よってtherefore, consequently, accordingly, because of
くぐる① to drive, to pass through, to pass under ② to evade, to hide ③ to survive
うじゃうじゃin swarms
ずらすto shift, to slide (e.g., something away from something else), to move (e.g., something out of the way), to put off, to delay
ゲート① gate (for entry, boarding, etc.) ② gate ③ logic element
スポット① spot ② spot advertisement, spot advertising ③ spot news ④ spotlight
セット① set ② set meal
データdata, datum
パンジーpansy (Viola tricolor hortensis)
プラモplastic model
ベルトBelt for western clothes
ホール① hall ② hole ③ whole
ボートboat, rowing boat
ボンベcompressed gas cylinder
レバー① lever, joystick ② liver
レモンティーlemon tea
一気に 【いっきに】at once, at a breath (stroke, sitting)
何たる 【なんたる】what (e.g. "what rudeness") (an expression of surprise, anger)
大いなる 【おおいなる】big, large, great
五月 【ごがつ】May
行き先 【ゆきさき】① destination ② whereabouts, address
今や 【いまや】now
上出来 【じょうでき】good performance
東南アジアSoutheast Asia
見え 【みえ】show, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
見かける 【みかける】to (happen to) see, to notice, to catch sight of
それにしてもnevertheless, at any rate, even so
かいmarks yes-no question
アマゾン① the Amazon river ② Amazon (woman of Greek mythology)
だい① marks wh-question (what, where, who) ② strengthens one's judgment or conclusion
ちまうto do something completely;
土 【ど】① Saturday ② earth (third of the five elements)
こう言う 【こういう】such, like this
ブロック① to block (e.g. the way) ② block (lump of something (usu. square), area of town, etc.) ③ bloc ④ block, physical record (e.g. on magnetic tape)
ペット① pet ② trumpet
一味 【いちみ】clan, partisans, conspirators, gang, crew
引ける 【ひける】to close, to be over, to break up (e.g. school)
元より 【もとより】① from the beginning, from the first, all along, originally ② of course
古く 【ふるく】anciently, formerly
作動 【さどう】operation, functioning, running
使者 【ししゃ】messenger, envoy, emissary
始動 【しどう】starting (in machines), activation
思いっきり 【おもいっきり】with all one's strength, with all one's heart, resignation, resolution
自体 【じたい】itself
手動 【しゅどう】manual (operation)
真後ろ 【まうしろ】right behind
水力 【すいりょく】hydraulic power, water power
青空 【あおぞら】blue sky
大物 【おおもの】important person, big-shot, big game (animal, fish)
知力 【ちりょく】wisdom, intellectual power, mental capacity, brains
発する 【はっする】to fire (a gun), to emit, to give forth
金色 【きんいろ】golden (colour, color)
正道 【せいどう】path of righteousness, path of duty, the right track, the correct path
思い 【おもい】thought, mind, heart, feelings, emotion, sentiment, love, affection, desire, wish, hope, expectation, imagination, experience
ただ者 【ただもの】ordinary person (usu. in neg. sentences)
外洋 【がいよう】open sea, ocean
手中 【しゅちゅう】in one's hands, in one's control
休館 【きゅうかん】library or museum closure
本真 【ほんま】truth, reality
二度と 【にどと】never again (with negative verb)
お返し 【おかえし】① return gift, return favour (favor) ② revenge ③ change (in a cash transaction)
引き合う 【ひきあう】① to pay, to be profitable ② to pull against each other
音声 【おんせい】voice, (the concept of) sound
外角 【がいかく】outside corner, external angle
見当たる 【みあたる】to be found
表れる 【あらわれる】① to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise ② to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
三角 【さんかく】triangle, triangular
自動的 【じどうてき】automatic
実体 【じったい】substance, entity, object
まとも① the front ② honesty, uprightness, directness ③ decency, normality
生息 【せいそく】inhabiting, living
選別 【せんべつ】selection, classification, sorting, screening, triage
全面 【ぜんめん】whole surface, entire
打つ手 【うつて】way to do (something)
体育館 【たいいくかん】gymnasium
体調 【たいちょう】physical condition
待ち受ける 【まちうける】to await, to expect
大昔 【おおむかし】great antiquity, old-fashioned, long ago
たたき① mince (minced meat or fish) ② hard-packed dirt (clay, gravel, etc.) floor, concrete floor
直行 【ちょっこう】through, non-stop
当たり 【あたり】hit, success, reaching the mark, per ..., vicinity, neighborhood, neighbourhood
動き回る 【うごきまわる】to move around
反転 【はんてん】① rolling over ② turning around, turning from side to side, inversion, reversal ③ tonal inversion, (making a) negative image
美女 【びじょ】beautiful woman
美少女 【びしょうじょ】beautiful girl
表する 【ひょうする】to express, to show
平面 【へいめん】level surface, plane
命取り 【いのちとり】fatal
面白 【おもしろ】amusing, interesting
さ迷う 【さまよう】to loiter, to putter, to prowl, to wander about, to roam about, to knock around
花園 【かえん】flower garden
追いつく 【おいつく】to overtake, to catch up (with)
決起 【けっき】jump to one's feet, stand up against, rising to action
不幸せ 【ふしあわせ】unhappiness, misfortune, ill luck
投下 【とうか】① throwing down, dropping, airdrop ② investment
小型 【こがた】small size, tiny
迷い 【まよい】① hesitation, bewilderment, doubt, indecision ② inability to reach enlightenment
金星 【きんぼし】① dazzling victory ② win of rank-and-file sumo wrestler over the grand champion
生き残り 【いきのこり】survivor
速 【そく】gear, speed (as in 4 speed automatic transmission and such)
移管 【いかん】transfer of control
引き寄せる 【ひきよせる】to draw or pull something towards oneself (e.g. chair)
塩っぱい 【しょっぱい】① stingy ② hoarse ③ wearisome
仮 【かり】① temporary, provisional, interim ② fictitious, assumed (name), alias
解明 【かいめい】clarification, elucidation, explication
海域 【かいいき】area of ocean
海底 【かいてい】① bottom of the ocean ② undersea, submarine
掛け合う 【かけあう】to negotiate with, to talk over with
巻き込む 【まきこむ】to roll up, to involve, to enfold, to swallow up, to drag into
気掛かり 【きがかり】anxiety, concern, worry
銀河 【ぎんが】① Milky Way ② galaxy
計測 【けいそく】measurement, measure, instrumentation
見失う 【みうしなう】to lose sight of, to miss
交信 【こうしん】telecommunications, correspondence
光栄 【こうえい】honour, honor, glory, privilege
航行 【こうこう】cruise, navigation, sailing
降下 【こうか】fall, descent, (plane) landing, (atmos.) depression
降雪 【こうせつ】snowfall, snow
高官 【こうかん】high official
骨格 【こっかく】① skeleton, skeletal structure, build, frame, physique ② framework
最大 【さいだい】greatest, largest, maximum
殺意 【さつい】intent to kill, intent to murder
三枚 【さんまい】① three flat objects (e.g. tickets, pieces of cloth, etc.) ② filleting (a fish)
散布 【さんぷ】dissemination, scattering, sprinkling, spraying
若葉 【わかば】new leaves, fresh verdure
種族 【しゅぞく】race, tribe, family, species
初め 【はじめ】beginning, start, origin
将校 【しょうこう】commissioned officer
信念 【しんねん】belief, faith, conviction
精一杯 【せいいっぱい】with all one's might
戦略 【せんりゃく】strategy, tactics
断層 【だんそう】dislocation
仲良く 【なかよく】making friends with, getting along well with, on cordial terms
通報 【つうほう】① report, tip, bulletin ② message (in information and communication theory)
判明 【はんめい】establishing, proving, identifying, confirming
不可能 【ふかのう】impossible
付着 【ふちゃく】sticking to, clinging to, adhesion, cohesion, agglutination
浮上 【ふじょう】surfacing, rising to the surface
暴く 【あばく】to disclose, to divulge, to expose
暴れだす 【あばれだす】to grow restive, to begin to act violently
味付け 【あじつけ】seasoning, flavour, flavor
まだまだstill some way to go before the goal, still more to come, much more, not yet
眠り 【ねむり】sleep
無意識 【むいしき】① unconsciousness ② the unconscious
連 【れん】① (taxonomical) tribe ② quinella (quiniela) ③ party, company, group ④ two reams (i.e. 1000 sheets of paper)
いえno, nay, well
いなno, nay, well
失神 【しっしん】faint, trance, swoon, stupefaction
各々 【それぞれ】each, every, either, respectively, severally
めり込む 【めりこむ】to sink into, to cave in
比べ物 【くらべもの】worthy of comparison
戦法 【せんぽう】tactics, strategy
捜し出す 【さがしだす】to locate, to discover
単産 【たんさん】(single-industry) industrial union
慣れっこ 【なれっこ】being used to ..., getting used to ..., being accustomed to, being conditioned to, be familiar with
刻み込む 【きざみこむ】to etch (name, etc.), to carve (design)
明け暮れる 【あけくれる】to do nothing but, to spend all one's time doing
増 【ぞう】increase
もしかif, in case
してやるto do for (someone)
遺産 【いさん】inheritance, bequest, legacy, heritage
応答 【おうとう】reply, answer, response
旺盛 【おうせい】full of vim and vigor
怪しからん 【けしからん】outrageous, rude, inexcusable
核兵器 【かくへいき】nuclear weapons
艦隊 【かんたい】(naval) fleet, armada
帰還 【きかん】① repatriation, return ② (electrical) feedback
強敵 【きょうてき】formidable enemy
挟み撃ち 【はさみうち】pincer attack, attack on both sides (flanks)
激烈 【げきれつ】violent, vehement, furious, fervent
幻影 【げんえい】phantom, vision, illusion
司令 【しれい】command, control, commander
視線 【しせん】one's eyes, glance, look
次第に 【しだいに】① gradually (progress into a state) ② in sequence, in order, in turn
襲い掛かる 【おそいかかる】to rush on, to attack, to swoop down on
遂行 【すいこう】accomplishment, execution
潜む 【ひそむ】to lurk, to lie dormant, to be hidden, to be concealed, to be stashed
遭遇 【そうぐう】encounter
惰性 【だせい】inertia, habit, momentum
探索 【たんさく】search, lookup, hunt, (item of) research, exploration, investigation
弾薬 【だんやく】ammunition
塚 【つか】mound
土器 【どき】① earthenware ② unglazed (bisque-fired) earthenware
縄文 【じょうもん】Jomon period, straw-rope pattern
二酸化炭素 【にさんかたんそ】carbon dioxide
あいつhe, she, that guy
漂流 【ひょうりゅう】drifting, drift
噴射 【ふんしゃ】jet, spray, injection, jet propulsion
陛下 【へいか】your Majesty, his (or her) Majesty
無益 【むえき】useless, futile, vain
甲板 【かんぱん】(ship) deck
修行 【しゅぎょう】pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training, ascetic practice, ascetic practise, discipline
同胞 【どうほう】brethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
同胞 【はらから】brethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
拍子 【ひょうし】① (musical) time, tempo, beat, rhythm ② the moment, the instance, chance
聴く 【きく】① to hear ② to listen (e.g. to music) ③ to ask, to enquire, to query
引き揚げる 【ひきあげる】① to pull up, to drag up, to lift up ② to increase, to raise (e.g. taxes) ③ to withdraw, to leave, to pull out, to retire ④ to return home
我 【わが】my, our, one's own
魔 【ま】① demon, devil, evil spirit, evil influence ② someone who (habitually) performs some (negative) act
密林 【みつりん】close thicket, dense forest, jungle
耐え難い 【たえがたい】unbearable, intolerable, unendurable
集結 【しゅうけつ】massing (of troops), gathering
墓場 【はかば】graveyard, cemetery
受益 【じゅえき】benefitting by, benefiting by
至当 【しとう】just, fair, proper
銀河系 【ぎんがけい】galaxy, galactic system
愚か者 【おろかもの】fool
どうにもnothing can be done (to resolve it)
組織立つ 【そしきだつ】to have orderly plans, to be systematic
糧 【かて】food, provisions
器 【き】① device, instrument ② vessel, container
とてつもないextravagant, absurd, unbelievable, preposterous, unreasonable
右舷 【うげん】starboard
巷 【ちまた】① the public ② street, district, quarters ③ location (of a battle, etc.) ④ divide (e.g. between life and death) ⑤ (orig. meaning) fork (in a road), crossroads
今頃 【いまごろ】about this time
左舷 【さげん】port (left side of vessel)
残骸 【ざんがい】ruins, wreckage
戦慄 【せんりつ】shudder, shiver, tremble with fear, horrible, terrible, hair-raising
舵 【かじ】rudder, helm
復讐 【ふくしゅう】revenge
ほとんどmostly, almost
やたらat random, thoughtlessly, recklessly, excessively
慄然 【りつぜん】terrified, horrified
祟り 【たたり】curse
どさくさconfusion, turmoil
かわすto dodge, to evade, to avoid, to sidestep
東瀛 【とうえい】① the pacific side of Japan, eastern sea ② of or about Japan
輦車 【れんしゃ】wheeled palanquin (with a castle-shaped box)