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Space Pirate Captain Harlock [‘宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック’] Vol. 4: episodes 11 to 20

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 11 to 20 of the animated series ‘Space Pirate Captain Harlock’ [‘宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック’]. This is volume 4/7. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (Vol. 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



765 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
でも① but, however, still, yet, although, even though ② even, even if ③ or something
もしもし① hello (e.g. on phone) ② excuse me! (when calling out to someone)
ゆっくりslowly, at ease, restful
ドアdoor (Western-style)
雨 【あめ】rain
下手 【へた】① unskillful, poor, awkward ② imprudent, untactful
休み 【やすみ】① rest, recess, respite ② vacation, holiday, absence, suspension ③ dormancy (of a silkworm prior to moulting)
耳 【みみ】① ear ② hearing ③ edge, crust ④ selvedge (non-fray machined edge of fabrics), selvage
週間 【しゅうかん】week, weekly
生まれる 【うまれる】to be born
西 【にし】west
天気 【てんき】① weather, the elements ② fair weather, fine weather
東 【ひがし】east
読む 【よむ】to read
南 【みなみ】south
買う 【かう】① to buy ② to value, to have a high opinion ③ to stir, to provoke
十 【じゅう】10, ten
時々 【ときどき】sometimes, at times
① indicates question (sentence end) ② indicates choice, doubt, etc.
引く 【ひく】① to pull ② to draw (attention, etc.), to attract (interest, etc.) ③ to draw back ④ to draw (a card) ⑤ to draw (plan, line, etc.) ⑥ to catch (cold) ⑦ to play (string instr.) ⑧ to look up (e.g. dictionary), to consult ⑨ to haul, to pull (vehicles) ⑩ to subtract ⑪ to ebb, to fade ⑫ to descend (from), to inherit (a characteristic) ⑬ to quote, to raise (as evidence) ⑭ to lay (a cable), to draw (a cable)
夏休み 【なつやすみ】summer vacation, summer holiday
家族 【かぞく】family, members of a family
歌 【うた】① song ② classical Japanese poetry (esp. tanka) ③ modern poetry
回 【かい】① counter for occurrences ② counter for innings (baseball)
楽しい 【たのしい】enjoyable, fun
写真 【しゃしん】① photograph, photo ② movie
秋 【あき】autumn, fall
切る 【きる】① to cut (usu. to cut through) ② to sever (connections, ties) ③ to turn off (i.e. the light) ④ to terminate (i.e. a conversation), to hang up (the phone), to disconnect ⑤ to punch (a ticket), to tear off (a stub) ⑥ to open (something sealed) ⑦ to start ⑧ to set (a limit) ⑨ to reduce, to decrease, to discount ⑩ to shake off (water, etc.), to let drip-dry (or drain) ⑪ to cross ⑫ to do (something noticeable) ⑬ to turn (a vehicle) ⑭ to cut (the ball) ⑮ to shuffle (cards) ⑯ to trump ⑰ (in Go) to isolate (an opponent's stone) ⑱ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to finish, to complete
走る 【はしる】① to run ② to travel (movement of vehicles) ③ to hurry to ④ to retreat (from battle), to take flight ⑤ to run away from home ⑥ to elope ⑦ to tend heavily toward
貸す 【かす】① to lend, to loan ② to rent out, to hire out
大きな 【おおきな】big, large, great
大好き 【だいすき】loveable, very likeable, like very much
地図 【ちず】map
着く 【つく】① to arrive at, to reach ② to sit on, to sit at (e.g. the table)
着る 【きる】① to wear (in modern Japanese, from the shoulders down), to put on ② to bear (guilt, etc.)
昼 【ひる】① noon, midday ② daytime ③ lunch
売る 【うる】to sell
病気 【びょうき】illness, disease, sickness
服 【ふく】① clothes (esp. Western clothes) ② counter for doses of medicine, gulps of tea, drags of a cigarette, etc.
妹 【いもうと】younger sister
明るい 【あかるい】① bright, colourful ② cheerful ③ familiar (with), knowledgeable (about) ④ fair (e.g. politics), clean
頭 【あたま】① head ② mind, brain, intellect ③ top ④ hair (on one's head) ⑤ bangs, fringe ⑥ top structural component of a kanji
町 【まち】① town, block, neighbourhood, neighborhood ② street, road ③ 109.09 m ④ 0.99 hectares
言葉 【ことば】① language, dialect ② word, words, phrase, term, expression, remark ③ speech, (manner of) speaking
両親 【りょうしん】parents, both parents
奥さん 【おくさん】wife, your wife, his wife, married lady, madam
ほかother (esp. places and things), the rest
覚える 【おぼえる】① to remember, to recollect, to memorize, to memorise ② to feel
結婚 【けっこん】marriage
降る 【ふる】to precipitate, to fall (e.g. rain)
痛い 【いたい】① painful, sore ② exceeding
晩 【ばん】① evening ② counter for nights
飛行機 【ひこうき】aeroplane, airplane, aircraft
閉める 【しめる】to close, to shut
枚 【まい】counter for flat objects (e.g. sheets of paper)
冷たい 【つめたい】① cold (to the touch), chilly, icy, freezing ② coldhearted, unfeeling
いいえ① no, nay ② well, er, why
幾ら 【いくら】how much?, how many?
隣 【となり】neighbor (neighbour), next to (esp. living next door to)
風邪 【かぜ】cold (illness), common cold
そっち① that way (direction distant from the speaker, close to the listener) ② there (place distant from the speaker, close to the listener) ③ that one (something close to the listener) ④ you, your family ⑤ that person (someone close to the listener)
どっち① which way, which direction, where ② which one (esp. of two alternatives) ③ who
どのwhich, what (way)
けどbut, however, although
カーテンcurtain, curtains
以下 【いか】① not exceeding, and downward, ... and below ② below (e.g. standard), under (e.g. a level) ③ the below-mentioned, the following, the rest
下さる 【くださる】to give, to confer
急 【きゅう】① urgent, sudden, abrupt ② sharp, steep, precipitous ③ rapid, swift, fast ④ emergency, crisis ⑤ hurrying, haste ⑥ (in gagaku or noh) end of a song
計画 【けいかく】plan, project, schedule, scheme, program, programme
合う 【あう】① to come together, to merge, to unite, to meet ② to fit, to match, to suit, to agree with, to be correct ③ to be profitable, to be equitable ④ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to do ... to each other, to do ... together
少年 【しょうねん】boys, juveniles
世話 【せわ】looking after, help, aid, assistance
村 【むら】village
知らせる 【しらせる】to notify, to advise, to inform
着物 【きもの】① clothing, clothes ② kimono (or other trad. Japanese clothing)
立てる 【たてる】① to stand (something) up, to erect (something) ② to make (a noise, a sound) ③ to put (tooth, claw, pointed object) to ④ to set (a plan, etc.), to decide (objective, schedule)
気持ち 【きもち】feeling, sensation, mood
引き出す 【ひきだす】to pull out, to take out, to draw out, to withdraw
見つかる 【みつかる】to be found, to be discovered
見つける 【みつける】① to discover, to find (e.g. an error in a book), to come across, to detect ② to locate, to find (e.g. something missing), to find fault ③ to be used to seeing, to be familiar with
別れる 【わかれる】to be divided, to part from, to separate, to bid farewell
育てる 【そだてる】to raise, to rear, to bring up
市 【し】city
手伝う 【てつだう】to help, to assist, to take part in
深い 【ふかい】deep, profound, thick, close
申す 【もうす】to be called, to say
生活 【せいかつ】living, life (one's daily existence), livelihood
全然 【ぜんぜん】① not at all (with neg. verb) ② wholly, entirely, completely
打つ 【うつ】① to hit (something inanimate), to strike, to beat (on something) ② to type, to tap (e.g. a key) ③ to inject ④ to indulge in gambling ⑤ to visit (on a pilgrimage)
倍 【ばい】① twice, double ② times, -fold
悲しい 【かなしい】sad, sorrowful
文化 【ぶんか】① culture, civilization, civilisation ② Bunka era (1804.2.11-1818.4.22)
役に立つ 【やくにたつ】to be helpful, to be useful
割れる 【われる】① to break, to be smashed ② to split, to crack, to fissure, to be torn ③ to be divided, to cleave ④ to come to light
乾く 【かわく】to get dry
簡単 【かんたん】simple
寄る 【よる】to visit, to drop in, to approach
機械 【きかい】① machine, mechanism ② instrument, appliance, apparatus
砂 【すな】sand, grit
妻 【つま】① wife ② garnish (esp. one served with sashimi) ③ embellishment
事務所 【じむしょ】office
失敗 【しっぱい】failure, mistake, blunder
招待 【しょうたい】invitation
笑う 【わらう】① to laugh ② to smile ③ to sneer, to ridicule
地震 【じしん】earthquake
熱 【ねつ】fever, temperature
比べる 【くらべる】① to compare, to make a comparison ② to compete, to vie
普通 【ふつう】① general, ordinary, usual ② normally, generally, usually ③ train that stops at every station
格好 【かっこう】① shape, form, posture, appearance, manner ② suitability, moderateness (in price)
込む 【こむ】① to be crowded, to be packed ② to be complex ③ to go into, to put into, to remain (seated), to be plunged into (silence), to do thoroughly ④ to do intently ⑤ to continue in the same state
探す 【さがす】to search (for something desired, needed), to look for
お嬢さん 【おじょうさん】① daughter ② young lady
興味 【きょうみ】interest (in something)
鏡 【かがみ】mirror
尋ねる 【たずねる】① to ask, to enquire, to inquire ② to search, to look for, to look into, to investigate
田舎 【いなか】① rural area, countryside, the sticks ② hometown
揺れる 【ゆれる】to shake, to sway
寂しい 【さびしい】lonely, lonesome, solitary, desolate
ご馳走 【ごちそう】① feast, treating (someone) ② to treat (someone, e.g. to a meal)
それほどto that degree, extent
ぶつto hit (a person), to strike, to beat
のど① throat ② singing voice
もうすぐvery soon
ぐっすりsound asleep, fast asleep
さっぱり① feeling refreshed, feeling relieved ② neat, trimmed ③ plain, simple ④ completely, entirely ⑤ not in the least (in sentence with negative verb), not at all ⑥ completely ignorant, not doing at all
じっと① motionlessly ② fixedly (e.g. of staring) ③ patiently ④ firmly (e.g. hold), restrained
するとthereupon, hereupon
その上 【そのうえ】① in addition, furthermore ② above (which), on top of (which)
だらけ① implying (negatively) that something is full of (e.g. mistakes) ② covered all over (e.g. with blood)
どんなにhow, how much
なんかthings like ..., or something like that ... (often derogatory)
火山 【かざん】volcano
左右 【さゆう】① left and right ② influence, control, domination
人生 【じんせい】(human) life (i.e. conception to death)
生 【なま】① raw, uncooked, fresh ② natural, unedited, unprocessed, crude ③ live (i.e. not recorded) ④ inexperienced, unpolished, green ⑤ impudence, sauciness ⑥ unpasteurized beer, draft beer, draught beer ⑦ partially, somewhat, half-, semi-
大した 【たいした】considerable, great, important, significant, a big deal
長 【ちょう】chief, head
毎 【ごと】each respectively
名 【な】name, reputation
一生 【いっしょう】① whole life, a lifetime, all through life, one existence, a generation, an age, the whole world, the era ② (the only, the greatest, etc.) of one's life
どうかplease, somehow or other
学 【がく】learning, scholarship, erudition, knowledge
だがbut, however, (and) yet, nevertheless, still, for all that
なんて① such as, (things) like ② exclamation
後 【ご】after
以前 【いぜん】ago, since, before, previous
楽 【らく】comfort, ease
去る 【さる】① to leave, to go away ② to pass, to elapse ③ to be distant ④ to send away, to drive off, to divorce ⑤ (after a -masu stem, esp. of a suru verb) ... completely ⑥ last ... (e.g. "last April")
使用 【しよう】use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
場 【ば】① place ② occasion, situation ③ field (physics)
大使 【たいし】ambassador
地 【ち】① earth, ground, land, soil ② place ③ territory ④ bottom (of a package, book, etc.) ⑤ earth (one of the five elements)
文 【ぶん】sentence, text
別れ 【わかれ】parting, separation, farewell, (lateral) branch, fork, offshoot, division, section
母親 【ははおや】mother
味方 【みかた】friend, ally, supporter
立場 【たちば】standpoint, position, situation
一家 【いっか】a house, a home, a family, a household, one's family, one's folks, a style
姉妹 【しまい】sisters
言う 【ゆう】① to say ② to call (i.e. to give a name)
育つ 【そだつ】to be raised (e.g. child), to be brought up, to grow (up)
確かめる 【たしかめる】to ascertain, to check, to make sure
岩 【いわ】rock, crag
逆 【ぎゃく】① reverse, opposite ② converse (of a hypothesis, etc.)
旧 【きゅう】ex-, former, old
向ける 【むける】to turn towards, to point
合わせる 【あわせる】① to match (rhythm, speed, etc.) ② to join together, to unite, to combine, to add up ③ to face, to be opposite (someone) ④ to compare, to check with ⑤ to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate) ⑥ to place together, to connect, to overlap ⑦ to mix, to combine ⑧ to put blade to blade, to fight
事実 【じじつ】fact, truth, reality
事情 【じじょう】circumstances, consideration, conditions, situation, reasons
自身 【じしん】by oneself, personally
実験 【じっけん】experiment
書物 【しょもつ】books
身 【み】① body ② oneself ③ one's place, one's position ④ main part, meat (as opposed to bone, skin, etc.), wood (as opposed to bark), blade (as opposed to its handle), container(as opposed to its lid)
人物 【じんぶつ】character, personality, person, man, personage, talented man
正確 【せいかく】accurate, punctual, exact, authentic, veracious
生き物 【いきもの】living thing, animal
石炭 【せきたん】coal
組む 【くむ】① to cross (legs or arms), to link (arms) ② to put together, to construct, to assemble, to produce (e.g. TV program) ③ to braid, to plait ④ to grapple, to wrestle ⑤ to unite, to link up, to form an alliance ⑥ to set (e.g. type) ⑦ to issue (e.g. money order)
地点 【ちてん】site, point on a map, spot
通じる 【つうじる】to run to, to lead to, to communicate, to understand, to be well-informed
伝わる 【つたわる】to be handed down, to be introduced, to be transmitted, to be circulated, to go along, to walk along
当たる 【あたる】① to be hit, to strike ② to touch, to be in contact, to be affixed ③ to be equivalent to, to be applicable, to apply to ④ to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.) ⑤ to be selected (in a lottery, etc.), to win ⑥ to be successful, to go well, to be a hit ⑦ to face, to confront ⑧ to lie (in the direction of) ⑨ to undertake, to be assigned ⑩ to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.), to be afflicted ⑪ to be called upon (by the teacher) ⑫ to treat (esp. harshly), to lash out at ⑬ to be unnecessary ⑭ (in baseball) to be hitting well, to be on a hitting streak ⑮ (in fishing) to feel a bite ⑯ (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised, to spoil ⑰ to feel (something) out, to probe into, to check (i.e. by comparison) ⑱ to shave
波 【なみ】wave
犯人 【はんにん】offender, criminal
美人 【びじん】beautiful person (woman)
氷 【こおり】① ice ② shaved ice (usually served with flavored simple syrup)
本物 【ほんもの】genuine article
迷う 【まよう】① to lose one's way ② to waver, to hesitate, to be of two minds over, to be puzzled, to be perplexed ③ to give into temptation, to lose control of oneself ④ to turn in one's grave
流す 【ながす】① to drain, to pour, to spill, to shed (blood, tears) ② to wash away ③ to distribute (e.g. electricity over wires, music over a PA system, etc.), to circulate, to broadcast, to beam ④ to cruise (e.g. taxi) ⑤ to float, to set adrift
面 【めん】① face ② mask, face guard ③ (in kendo) striking the head ④ surface (esp. a geometrical surface) ⑤ page ⑥ aspect, facet, side ⑦ chamfer ⑧ counter for broad, flat objects, levels or stages, e.g. in a video game
幸運 【こううん】good luck, fortune
知り合い 【しりあい】acquaintance
勝ち 【かち】win, victory
王 【おう】① king, ruler, sovereign, monarch ② king (for senior player) (shogi)
他 【た】other (esp. people and abstract matters)
化 【か】action of making something, -ification
色 【しょく】counter for colours
愛 【あい】love, affection
胃 【い】① stomach ② Chinese "stomach" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
煙 【けむり】smoke, fumes
汚す 【よごす】① to pollute, to contaminate, to soil, to make dirty, to stain ② to disgrace, to dishonour, to dishonor, to defile
過ごす 【すごす】① to pass (time), to spend ② to overdo (esp. of one's alcohol consumption), to drink (alcohol) ③ to overdo, to do too much ④ to ... without acting on it
覚める 【さめる】① to wake, to wake up ② to become sober, to sober up, to regain consciousness (e.g. after anaesthesia) ③ to come to one's senses, to be disillusioned
完成 【かんせい】① complete, completion ② perfection, accomplishment
間違い 【まちがい】mistake
関連 【かんれん】relation, connection, relevance
願い 【ねがい】desire, wish, request, prayer, petition, application
機能 【きのう】function, facility, faculty, feature
気候 【きこう】climate
議論 【ぎろん】argument, discussion, dispute, controversy
訓練 【くんれん】practice, practise, training
劇 【げき】① drama, play ② powerful drug
現象 【げんしょう】phenomenon
限る 【かぎる】to restrict, to limit, to confine
呼び出す 【よびだす】① to summon, to call (e.g. phone), to convene, to decoy, to lure ② to invoke (e.g. subroutine), to call
誤解 【ごかい】misunderstanding
刻む 【きざむ】to mince, to carve, to engrave, to cut fine, to chop up, to hash, to chisel, to notch
骨 【ほね】bone
婚約 【こんやく】engagement, betrothal
再び 【ふたたび】again, once more, a second time
最高 【さいこう】highest, supreme, the most
済みません 【すみません】sorry, excuse me, thank you
実現 【じつげん】implementation (e.g. of a system), materialization, materialisation, realization, realisation
集団 【しゅうだん】group, mass
除く 【のぞく】to remove, to exclude, to except
城 【しろ】castle
情報 【じょうほう】① news, gossip, (military) intelligence ② information (data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.)
心臓 【しんぞう】heart
震える 【ふるえる】to shiver, to shake, to quake, to tremble, to quaver, to quiver
性質 【せいしつ】nature, property, disposition
憎む 【にくむ】to hate, to detest
大陸 【たいりく】continent
仲 【なか】relation, relationship
悲劇 【ひげき】tragedy, disaster
不思議 【ふしぎ】wonder, miracle, strange, mystery, marvel, curiosity
腹 【はら】① abdomen, belly, stomach ② one's mind, one's real intentions, one's true motive ③ loop (physics) ④ counter for hard roe
変化 【へんか】① change, variation, alteration, mutation, transition, transformation, transfiguration, metamorphosis ② variety, diversity ③ inflection, declension, conjugation ④ sidestepping (sumo)
預かる 【あずかる】① to look after, to take care of, to keep, to hold on to, to keep in custody ② to take charge of, to be entrusted with, to receive on deposit ③ to reserve (judgment), to leave undecided
預ける 【あずける】① to give into custody, to leave (a child) in the care of, to entrust, to deposit ② to lean on, to put one's weight on
理解 【りかい】understanding, comprehension, appreciation, sympathy
裏切る 【うらぎる】to betray, to turn traitor to, to double-cross
恋 【こい】love, tender passion
恋人 【こいびと】lover, sweetheart
効く 【きく】① to be effective, to show effect ② to do its work, to carry out its function well ③ to be possible to use
捜す 【さがす】to search (for something lost), to seek (a suspect in a crime)
飛び込む 【とびこむ】to jump in, to leap in, to plunge into, to dive
影響 【えいきょう】influence, effect
蚊 【か】mosquito
我慢 【がまん】patience, endurance, perseverance, tolerance, self-control, self-denial
懐かしい 【なつかしい】dear, desired, missed
覚悟 【かくご】resolution, resignation, readiness, preparedness
却って 【かえって】on the contrary, rather, all the more, instead
筋肉 【きんにく】muscle, sinew
穴 【あな】① hole ② deficit, shortage, missing person (in a team, meeting, etc.) ③ vacancy, opening ④ flaw ⑤ profitable place (or item, etc.) not well known by others ⑥ upset victory (with a large payoff)
誇り 【ほこり】pride, boast
死 【し】death, decease
自慢 【じまん】pride, boast
芝居 【しばい】play, drama
主義 【しゅぎ】doctrine, rule, principle
就く 【つく】① to ascend (the throne), to accede ② to take (seat, position, course, etc.), to assume ③ to start (on a journey), to commence, to depart ④ to study (under teacher), to be an apprentice
女房 【にょうぼう】① wife ② court lady, female court attache, woman who served at the imperial palace
症状 【しょうじょう】symptoms, condition
睡眠 【すいみん】sleep
成功 【せいこう】success, hit
絶滅 【ぜつめつ】destruction, extinction
専攻 【せんこう】major subject, special study
素敵 【すてき】lovely, dreamy, beautiful, great, fantastic, superb, cool, capital
短気 【たんき】quick temper
徹夜 【てつや】all night, all-night vigil, sleepless night
憧れる 【あこがれる】to long for, to yearn after, to admire, to be attracted by
納得 【なっとく】consent, assent, understanding, agreement, comprehension, grasp
批判 【ひはん】criticism, judgement, judgment, comment
崩す 【くずす】to destroy, to pull down, to make change (money)
幕 【まく】① curtain, bunting ② act (in play)
目標 【もくひょう】mark, objective, target
唯一 【ゆいいつ】only, sole, unique
優秀 【ゆうしゅう】superiority, excellence
離す 【はなす】to part, to divide, to separate, to release
火傷 【やけど】burn, scald
傷 【きず】① wound, injury, cut, gash, bruise, scratch, scrape, scar ② chip, crack, scratch, nick ③ flaw, defect, weakness, weak point ④ stain (on one's reputation), disgrace, dishonor, dishonour ⑤ (emotional) hurt, hurt feelings
描く 【えがく】to draw, to paint, to sketch, to depict, to describe
砂漠 【さばく】desert
刺激 【しげき】stimulus, impetus, incentive, encouragement, motivation, provocation
それともor, or else
やがてbefore long, soon, at length
いつかsometime, someday, one day, some time or other, the other day, in due course, in time
近頃 【ちかごろ】lately, recently, nowadays
ことわざproverb, maxim
ご覧 【ごらん】① (after the -te form of a verb) (please) try to ② (please) look ③ seeing, looking, watching
しかるto scold
ふとsuddenly, casually, accidentally, incidentally, unexpectedly, unintentionally
ほぼalmost, roughly, approximately
匂い 【におい】① odour, odor, scent, smell, stench ② aura, whiff, smacks of ..., sense, flavour, flavor
まれrare, seldom
多く 【おおく】many, much, largely, abundantly, mostly
おじさん① uncle ② old man, mister (vocative)
がる① to feel (on adj-stem to represent a third party's apparent emotion) ② to behave as if one were
それなのにand yet, despite this, but even so, but even then, however, nevertheless, for all that, notwithstanding that
気味 【きみ】sensation, feeling
集まる 【あつまる】to gather, to collect, to assemble
心理 【しんり】mentality
切れ 【きれ】① piece, slice, strip, scrap ② cloth ③ sharpness ④ counter for scraps, pieces, etc.
着ける 【つける】① to attach, to join, to add, to append, to affix, to stick, to glue, to fasten, to sew on, to apply (ointment) ② to furnish (a house with) ③ to wear, to put on ④ to keep a diary, to make an entry ⑤ to appraise, to set (a price) ⑥ to bring alongside ⑦ to place (under guard or doctor) ⑧ to follow, to shadow ⑨ to load, to give (courage to) ⑩ to keep (an eye on) ⑪ to establish (relations or understanding) ⑫ to turn on (light)
弟子 【でし】pupil, disciple, adherent, follower, apprentice, young person, teacher's student-helper
元々 【もともと】originally, by nature, from the start
お早う 【おはよう】Good morning
羽根 【はね】① feather, plume, wing ② blade (fan, propeller, etc.)
回答 【かいとう】reply, answer
局 【きょく】① channel (i.e. TV or radio), station, department ② affair, situation
四角 【しかく】square
実感 【じっかん】feelings (actual, true)
酒場 【さかば】bar, bar-room
正面 【しょうめん】front, frontage, facade, main
直後 【ちょくご】immediately following
天然 【てんねん】① nature, spontaneity ② natural airhead
無数 【むすう】countless number, infinite number
油断 【ゆだん】negligence, unpreparedness
中身 【なかみ】contents, interior, substance, filling, (sword) blade
集まり 【あつまり】gathering, meeting, assembly, collection
官庁 【かんちょう】government office, authorities
詰まる 【つまる】① to be blocked, to be packed ② to hit the ball near the handle of the bat (baseball)
境 【さかい】border, boundary, mental state
挟まる 【はさまる】to get between, to be caught in
群れ 【むれ】group, crowd, flock, herd, bevy, school, swarm, cluster (of stars), clump
血液 【けつえき】blood
出迎える 【でむかえる】to meet, to greet
初歩 【しょほ】elements, rudiments, ABCs of ...
生存 【せいぞん】① existence, being, survival ② to exist, to live, to survive
大戦 【たいせん】great war, great battle
破れる 【やぶれる】to get torn, to wear out
北極 【ほっきょく】① North Pole ② the Arctic
亡くす 【なくす】① to lose something ② to get rid of ③ to lose someone (wife, child, etc.)
面積 【めんせき】area
乱暴 【らんぼう】rude, violent, rough, lawless, unreasonable, reckless
連れ 【つれ】companion, company
編み物 【あみもの】knitting, knitted material, crochet
果たして 【はたして】① as was expected, just as one thought, sure enough, as a result ② really? (in questions), ever?
段 【だん】① step, stair, (flight of) steps, (row of) stitches, columns (of print) ② grade, rank, level ③ counter for breaks in written language (or speech, etc.)
付 【づけ】dated (e.g. a letter), date of effect (e.g. a rule change)
殻 【から】shell, husk, hull, pod, chaff
活躍 【かつやく】① activity (esp. energetic), great efforts, conspicuous service ② to flourish, to participate actively, to play an active role
勘違い 【かんちがい】misunderstanding, wrong guess
及ぼす 【およぼす】to exert, to cause, to exercise
ご免なさい 【ごめんなさい】I beg your pardon, excuse me
巡る 【めぐる】① to go around ② to return ③ to surround ④ to concern (usu. of disputes)
推定 【すいてい】① presumption, assumption ② estimation
吐く 【はく】① to breathe ② to tell (lies) ③ to vomit, to disgorge
柄 【がら】pattern, design
矢印 【やじるし】arrow (mark or symbol), directional marker or indicator
要旨 【ようし】point, essentials, gist, summary, fundamentals
欄 【らん】① column of text (e.g. in a newspaper) ② field (in a form, web page, etc.)
鈴 【すず】bell (often globular)
武士 【ぶし】warrior, samurai
悔しい 【くやしい】regrettable, mortifying, vexing
炊く 【たく】to cook (esp. grain, pulses, etc., such as rice or beans), to boil
とっくにlong ago, already, a long time ago
狙い 【ねらい】aim
すなわちthat is, namely, i.e.
いずれ① where, which, who ② anyway, anyhow, at any rate, sooner or later, eventually, at some future date or time
かつて① once, before, formerly, ever, former, ex- ② never (with negative verb)
さてwell, now, then
とんだ① unthinkable, unimaginable, inconceivable, unexpected ② terrible, awful, serious
音 【おん】① sound, noise, report ② note (music) ③ Chinese-derived character reading
着 【ぎ】clothes, outfit, uniform, gi
指示 【しじ】indication, instruction, designation, directions
一見 【いっけん】① look, glimpse, glance ② to glance, to glimpse ③ apparently, seemingly
一帯 【いったい】region, zone, whole place
一変 【いっぺん】complete change, about-face
渦 【うず】swirl
沿岸 【えんがん】coast, shore, littoral
化石 【かせき】fossil, petrifaction, fossilization, fossilisation
何より 【なにより】most, best, above all
花粉 【かふん】pollen
開発 【かいはつ】development, exploitation
核 【かく】① pit (of a fruit), stone ② core ③ nucleus, nuclear ④ nuclear weaponry
緊急 【きんきゅう】urgent, pressing, emergency
軍艦 【ぐんかん】warship, battleship
系 【けい】① system, lineage, group ② corollary ③ (geological) system (range of strata that correspond to a particular time period) ④ (taxonomical) series
圏 【けん】① sphere, circle, range ② category (only in the context of "category theory")
見渡す 【みわたす】to look out over, to survey (scene), to take an extensive view of
高原 【こうげん】tableland, plateau
再会 【さいかい】another meeting, meeting again, reunion
酸 【さん】① acid ② sourness, sour taste
仕入れる 【しいれる】to lay in stock, to replenish stock, to procure
仕立てる 【したてる】to tailor, to make, to prepare, to train, to send (a messenger)
思考 【しこう】thought, consideration, thinking
資格 【しかく】qualifications, requirements, capabilities
自己 【じこ】self, oneself
収容 【しゅうよう】① accommodation, reception, housing ② seating ③ custody ④ admission ⑤ entering (in a dictionary)
所在 【しょざい】whereabouts
侵す 【おかす】to invade, to raid, to trespass, to violate, to intrude on
真下 【ました】right under, directly below
人体 【じんたい】human body
制 【せい】system, organization, organisation, imperial command, laws, regulation, control, government, suppression, restraint, holding back, establishment
生死 【せいし】① life and death ② samsara (cycle of death and rebirth) ③ death
潜水 【せんすい】diving
組み込む 【くみこむ】to insert, to include, to cut in (printing)
捜索 【そうさく】search (esp. for someone or something missing), investigation
操る 【あやつる】to manipulate, to operate, to pull strings
相応しい 【ふさわしい】appropriate
葬る 【ほうむる】to bury, to inter, to entomb, to consign to oblivion, to shelve
憎しみ 【にくしみ】hatred
束縛 【そくばく】restraint, shackles, restriction, confinement, binding
対面 【たいめん】interview, meeting
達者 【たっしゃ】skillful, in good health
担架 【たんか】stretcher, litter
断言 【だんげん】assertion, declaration, affirmation
調べ 【しらべ】① investigation, inspection, examination ② tune, note, melody
逃れる 【のがれる】to escape
同情 【どうじょう】sympathy, compassion, sympathize, sympathise, pity, feel for
如何に 【いかに】how?, in what way?, how much?, however, whatever
発掘 【はっくつ】① excavation, exhumation ② discovery (e.g. new talent)
反撃 【はんげき】counterattack, counteroffensive, counterblow
尾 【お】tail, ridge
不吉 【ふきつ】ominous, sinister, bad luck, ill omen, inauspiciousness
部下 【ぶか】subordinate person
兵器 【へいき】arms, weapons, ordnance
並びに 【ならびに】and (also), both ... and, as well as
片付け 【かたづけ】tidying up, finishing
放射 【ほうしゃ】radiation, emission
放出 【ほうしゅつ】release, emit
妨害 【ぼうがい】disturbance, obstruction, hindrance, jamming, interference
未だ 【いまだ】① as yet, hitherto, still ② not yet (with negative verb)
猛烈 【もうれつ】violent, vehement, rage
幽霊 【ゆうれい】ghost, specter, spectre, apparition, phantom
夕焼け 【ゆうやけ】sunset
落ち込む 【おちこむ】① to feel down (sad) ② to be in a slump (e.g. business, economy), to be in an unfavourable condition ③ to fall into (e.g. a hole)
落下 【らっか】fall, drop, come down
立体 【りったい】① solid body, three-dimensional object ② multi-storey car park
流し 【ながし】① sink ② cruising (e.g. taxi)
魂 【たましい】soul, spirit
三味線 【しゃみせん】three-stringed Japanese guitar, shamisen
埋まる 【うまる】to be buried, to be surrounded, to overflow, to be filled
免れる 【まぬかれる】to escape from, to be rescued from, to avoid, to evade, to avert, to elude, to be exempted, to be relieved from pain, to get rid of
融通 【ゆうずう】① lending (money), finance ② adaptability, versatility, flexibility, accommodation
生かす 【いかす】① to make (the best) use of, to leverage (skills, attributes, experience, etc.), to capitalise on (experience, etc) ② to let live, to keep alive ③ to revive, to resuscitate
箇所 【かしょ】passage, place, point, part
蔵 【くら】warehouse, cellar, magazine, granary, godown, depository, treasury, elevator
心 【しん】① heart, mind ② spirit, vitality, inner strength ③ Chinese "Heart" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
専用 【せんよう】① exclusive use, personal use, dedicated ② private (e.g. network)
出合う 【であう】to meet by chance, to come across, to happen to encounter, to hold a rendezvous, to have a date
取引 【とりひき】transactions, dealings, business
滅ぼす 【ほろぼす】to destroy, to overthrow, to wreck, to ruin
漏れる 【もれる】to leak out, to escape, to come through, to shine through, to filter out, to be omitted
決 【けつ】decision, vote
書 【しょ】① document, book ② penmanship, handwriting, calligraphy (esp. Chinese)
異 【い】① difference (of opinion) ② strange, odd, unusual ③ different
引っ掛ける 【ひっかける】① to hang (something) on (something), to throw on (clothes) ② to hook, to catch, to trap, to ensnare ③ to cheat, to evade payment, to jump a bill ④ to drink (alcohol) ⑤ to splash someone (with) ⑥ to hit the ball off the end of the bat (baseball)
甘い 【うまい】① skillful, clever, expert, wise, successful ② delicious, appetizing, appetising ③ fortunate, splendid, promising
頂 【いただき】crown (of head), summit (of mountain), spire
年頃 【としごろ】① approximate age, apparent age ② marriageable age (esp. of a woman), age of independence, age of adulthood ③ (after modifying phrase) appropriate age (to ...), old enough (to ...)
捧げる 【ささげる】to lift up, to give, to offer, to consecrate, to devote, to sacrifice, to dedicate
役立つ 【やくだつ】to be useful, to be helpful, to serve the purpose
詫び 【わび】apology, excuse
きしむto jar, to creak, to grate
こもる① to seclude oneself, to be confined in ② to be filled (e.g. with emotion, satire, etc.), to be heavy (with) ③ to be stuffy ④ to be implied
はまる① to fit, to get into, to go into ② to be fit for (a job, etc.), to be suited for, to satisfy (conditions) ③ to fall into, to plunge into, to get stuck, to get caught ④ to be deceived, to be taken in, to fall into a trap ⑤ to be addicted to, to be deep into, to be crazy about, to be stuck on
よっぽど① very, greatly, much, to a large extent, quite ② just about to
よほど① very, greatly, much, to a large extent, quite ② just about to
わざわざexpressly, specially, doing something especially rather than incidentally
お休みなさい 【おやすみなさい】good night
くたばるto be pooped, to be exhausted
さえeven, if only, if just, as long as, the only thing needed
そうだ① that is so, that is right, it looks to me, I am of the impression ② people say that (after plain verb, adj), it is said that, I hear that
たったonly, merely, but, no more than
ちびちびmaking something last
つい① just (now) ② quite (near) ③ unintentionally, unconsciously, by mistake, against one's better judgement (judgment)
オアシス① oasis ② OASYS (Fujitsu WP system)
クラシック① classical music ② classic, classical ③ (the) classics
スクリュー① screw ② propeller (e.g. on a ship)
スケートskate, skates, skating
タオル(hand) towel
ダイヤ① diamond ② (railway) schedule ③ diagram ④ dyer
ナイーブnaive, innocent, sensitive, uncomplicated, unpretentious, straightforward
ノブ① knob ② doorknob
パイプ① pipe, tube ② channels, official or otherwise, (business) connections ③ tobacco pipe
ポイント① point ② points (of a railway), switch
ミス① mistake, error, failure ② Miss ③ myth
リモコンremote control
ひと時 【ひととき】① moment, a (short) time, a while ② former times
何時しか 【いつしか】before one knows, unnoticed, unawares
おいで① coming, going, being (somewhere) ② come (used as an imperative, usu. to children and one's inferiors), go, stay
高ぶる 【たかぶる】① to be highly strung, to be proud, to be haughty ② to get excited, to get worked up
今さら 【いまさら】now (after such a long time), at this late hour (i.e. it is too late for something)
山中 【さんちゅう】among the mountains
出し 【だし】① dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp) ② pretext, excuse, pretense (pretence), dupe, front man
川 【かわ】① river, stream ② the .... river, (suffix used with the names of rivers)
聞き出す 【ききだす】to get information out of a person, to begin listening
北西 【ほくせい】northwest
万が一 【まんがいち】if by any chance, just in case, in the worst case, lit: 10000 to 1
気がつく 【きがつく】① to notice, to become aware, to perceive, to realize, to realise ② to recover consciousness, to come to oneself
何もかも 【なにもかも】anything and everything, just about everything
一人ぼっち 【ひとりぼっち】aloneness, loneliness, solitude
そらlook!, look out!, look at me!
お出まし 【おでまし】appearance, presence
やる気 【やるき】willingness (e.g. to do something), eagerness, motivation, inspiration, determination, high aspirations
ほっつく① to loiter ② to waste money
じゃうto do something completely
あーあoh no (used as an expression of despair or when giving up), sigh of boredom or disgust, oh boy
時 【どき】time for -, time of -, - time, (suitable) time to -
フッ① hah (derisively), pooh ② pfft (of something disappearing), poof ③ huff, puff
しめ(Shinto) rope used to cordon off consecrated areas or as a talisman against evil
ポスト① post, position ② postbox, mail box, pillar box ③ post-
安らぎ 【やすらぎ】peace, tranquility, tranquillity
一室 【いっしつ】one room
家業 【かぎょう】one's father's occupation
花屋 【はなや】florist
強大 【きょうだい】mighty, powerful
ご用 【ごよう】your order, your business, official business
仕入れ 【しいれ】stocking, buying up
ふり① pretence (pretense), show ② appearance, behaviour ③ swing, swinging ④ lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.) ⑤ unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
大海 【たいかい】① ocean, large sea ② fabric pattern
地上 【ちじょう】above ground
動転 【どうてん】① being upset, being surprised and stunned ② transition, changing, moving
同族 【どうぞく】same family (race, tribe)
ひとりでにby itself, automatically, naturally
肉 【しし】① flesh ② meat ③ the physical body (as opposed to the spirit) ④ thickness ⑤ ink pad
入力 【にゅうりょく】input, (data) entry
不発 【ふはつ】misfire
文字どおり 【もじどおり】① literal ② literally
目がける 【めがける】to aim at
止め 【とめ】① (a) stop (e.g. in a timber joint, or at the end of a kanji stroke) ② remaining (e.g. poste-restante) ③ forty-five degree angle
ひと言 【ひとこと】single word
一色 【いっしょく】one color, one colour, one article
七色 【なないろ】the seven prismatic colors (colours)
手のひら 【てのひら】the palm (of one's hand)
赤色 【あかいろ】red
映し出す 【うつしだす】to project, to reflect
あの世 【あのよ】the other world, world of the dead
待ち 【まち】waiting, waiting time
大口 【おおぐち】large amount, big mouth, tall talk
お待ち 【おまち】waiting, waiting time
言 【げん】word, remark, statement
そんなふうにin that manner, like that
たて① central, main, head, chief ② just (done), freshly (baked), indicates activity only just occurred ③ counter for consecutive losses
度目 【どめ】(after a number N) the Nth time
姉 【ねえ】① used after the name of someone who is an older sister figure ② used with various honorifics to mean (older) sister
王家 【おうけ】royal family
火薬 【かやく】gunpowder, powder
快調 【かいちょう】harmony, excellent condition
楽園 【らくえん】pleasure garden, paradise
丸焼き 【まるやき】whole roast (e.g. pig, turkey, etc.)
局地 【きょくち】municipal, limited area, locality
金星 【きんせい】Venus (planet)
決定的 【けっていてき】definite, final, decisive, conclusive
公庫 【こうこ】finance corporation
高温 【こうおん】high temperature
号室 【ごうしつ】suffix for room numbers
黒点 【こくてん】① black spot, dark spot ② sunspot
仕組む 【しくむ】to devise, to arrange, to plan, to plot
質量 【しつりょう】mass
取り返す 【とりかえす】to regain, to recover, to get back
術 【じゅつ】art, means, technique
乗り 【のり】① riding, ride ② spread (of paints) ③ (two)-seater ④ mood (as in to pick up on and join in with someone's mood)
新 【しん】① new, neo- ② Gregorian calendar ③ Xin (dynasty of China)
身代わり 【みがわり】substitute (for), sacrifice (of, to), scapegoat (for)
晴らす 【はらす】to dispel, to clear away, to refresh (oneself)
生き残る 【いきのこる】to survive
赤外線 【せきがいせん】infra-red rays
前線 【ぜんせん】front line, (weather) front
送り返す 【おくりかえす】to send back
様 【ざま】① mess, sorry state, plight, sad sight ② way, manner
大根 【だいこん】① daikon radish (Raphanus sativus) ② ham actor
追い打ち 【おいうち】final blow, attacking while pursuing, attacking the routed enemy
低空 【ていくう】low altitude, low sky
内面 【ないめん】inside, interior
反 【たん】① variable measure of fabric (28.8 cm in width), for kimonos: at least 10 m in length, for haori: at least 7.27 m in length, for other clothes: at least 6.06 m in length ② 300 tsubo (991.74 meters square, 0.24506 acres) ③ six ken (10.91 m)
飛び回る 【とびまわる】to fly about, to skip about, to bustle about
不死身 【ふじみ】invulnerability, immortality, insensibility to pain
負える 【おえる】to be able to bear, to be able to manage
分乗 【ぶんじょう】riding separately
無実 【むじつ】innocent
名乗る 【なのる】to call oneself (name, label, etc.), to give one's name (as), to impersonate or claim (to be someone)
命運 【めいうん】fate, doom
命拾い 【いのちびろい】narrow escape from death
木星 【もくせい】Jupiter (planet)
落石 【らくせき】falling rocks, fallen rocks
和歌 【わか】waka (classic Japanese poem, esp. a tanka, often 31 mora)
花園 【はなぞの】flower garden
次 【じ】① next ② hypo- (i.e. containing an element with low valence) ③ order, sequence, time, times
人数 【にんずう】the number of people
交代 【こうたい】alternation, change, relief, relay, shift, substitution (sports, etc.)
一向に 【いっこうに】(not) at all
その物 【そのもの】the very thing, itself
言い残す 【いいのこす】to leave word with (a person), to state in one's will, to leave (something) unsaid, to forget to mention
お断わり 【おことわり】declining, nonacceptance, declination, refusal, rejection, turndown
酒飲み 【さけのみ】(heavy) drinker, drunkard, tippler, boozer
身動き 【みうごき】moving about, stirring about
青雲 【せいうん】blue sky, high rank
雲の上 【くものうえ】above the clouds, the Imperial Court
追って 【おって】① later on, shortly, presently, afterwards, in due course, by and by ② P.S.
くべるto throw on the fire, to burn
海軍 【かいぐん】navy
かなう① to come true (wish) ② to be suited ③ to match (implies competition), to rival, to bear (e.g. I can't bear the heat)
極小 【きょくしょう】minimum, miniscule
減速 【げんそく】deceleration
呼び寄せる 【よびよせる】to call, to summon, to send for, to call together
好都合 【こうつごう】convenient, favorable, favourable, expedient, expedience
荒波 【あらなみ】stormy seas, raging waves
座 【ざ】① seat, one's place, position ② attaches to the names of theatres and constellations
最期 【さいご】one's last moment, one's time of death
殺し 【ころし】a murder
上官 【じょうかん】superior officer
乗り越える 【のりこえる】to climb over, to ride across, to surmount
状 【じょう】① shape, state ② letter, correspondence
のしかかる① to lean on, to weigh on ② to bend over, to lean forward
窓際 【まどぎわ】(at the) window
待ち構える 【まちかまえる】to lie in wait, to be on the watch for
待機 【たいき】alert, standby, await an opportunity, wait for orders
探査 【たんさ】probe, inquiry, enquiry, investigation
長老 【ちょうろう】eldest, senior
通り抜ける 【とおりぬける】to cut through, to go through
投げ捨てる 【なげすてる】to throw away
灯台下暗し 【とうだいもとくらし】can't see the forest for the trees
特訓 【とっくん】special training, intensive training, crash course
突き出る 【つきでる】to project, to stick out, to stand out
突き進む 【つきすすむ】to push on, to plunge forward, to push one's way to
突き抜ける 【つきぬける】to pierce through, to break through
発信 【はっしん】dispatch, despatch, transmission, submission
付け 【つけ】① fixed ② bill, bill of sale ③ tab (for later payment), credit
武者 【むしゃ】warrior
封書 【ふうしょ】sealed letter
復元 【ふくげん】restoration (to original state), reconstruction
閉じ込める 【とじこめる】to lock up, to shut up, to imprison
閉じこもる 【とじこもる】to seclude oneself, to shut oneself away
亡き 【なき】the late, the deceased
埋もれる 【うもれる】to be buried, to be covered, to be hidden
無関係 【むかんけい】unrelated
勇者 【ゆうしゃ】hero, the brave, man of valour (valor)
絡み付く 【からみつく】to twine oneself around, to coil around
連れ去る 【つれさる】to take away, to kidnap
連れ出す 【つれだす】to take out
連行 【れんこう】taking (a suspect to the police)
気難しい 【きむずかしい】hard to please, moody, crusty, fastidious
共 【とも】① both, all, and, as well as, including, with, together with ② communism ③ neither (with negative verb)
利く 【きく】① to be effective, to show effect ② to do its work, to carry out its function well ③ to be possible to use
引き換え 【ひきかえ】① exchange, conversion ② on the contrary, on the other hand
ぶっ殺す 【ぶっころす】to beat to death, to kill
幾度 【いくど】(how) many times, (how) often
思う存分 【おもうぞんぶん】to one's heart's content
海戦 【かいせん】naval battle
白骨 【はっこつ】white (bleached) bone, skeleton
降格 【こうかく】demotion
眠り込む 【ねむりこむ】to fall asleep, to sleep deeply
盗み食い 【ぬすみぐい】sneaking a bite, snitching food
生き抜く 【いきぬく】to live through, to survive
初戦 【しょせん】first match (in a series)
くぐり抜ける 【くぐりぬける】to go through, to pass through, to escape (through the cordon), to evade (the law)
移り住む 【うつりすむ】to change one's place of residence, to move house
引き付け 【ひきつけ】convulsions
城 【じょう】castle (in place names)
よそうto serve, to dish up, to prepare
署 【しょ】station (esp. a police station), office (i.e. tax office)
お陰 【おかげ】(your) backing, assistance, thanks or owing to
異状 【いじょう】something wrong, accident, change, abnormality, aberration
異端 【いたん】heresy
一撃 【いちげき】blow, hit, poke
稲穂 【いなほ】ear (head) of rice
引き離す 【ひきはなす】to pull apart, to separate
渦巻く 【うずまく】to whirl, to eddy, to swirl, to curl (smoke)
仮に 【かりに】temporarily, provisionally, for example, for argument's sake
滑走 【かっそう】glide, volplane
たくらむto scheme, to plan, to play a trick, to invent, to conspire, to frame up
偽り 【いつわり】lie, falsehood, fiction, fabrication
救出 【きゅうしゅつ】rescue, extricate, reclaim, deliverance
魚雷 【ぎょらい】torpedo
胸騒ぎ 【むなさわぎ】uneasiness, vague apprehension, premonition
刑務所 【けいむしょ】prison, penitentiary
迎撃 【げいげき】intercept, interception, counter attack
結末 【けつまつ】end, conclusion
原潜 【げんせん】nuclear submarine
己 【おのれ】① I (or me) ② you ③ by oneself (itself, etc.) ④ interjection expressing anger or chagrin
光り輝く 【ひかりかがやく】to shine, to glitter
拷問 【ごうもん】torture, the rack, third degree
砂嵐 【すなあらし】sandstorm
紫外線 【しがいせん】ultra-violet rays
傷害 【しょうがい】① wound, injury, accident, casualty ② assault
焦り 【あせり】impatience
身柄 【みがら】one's person
尋問 【じんもん】cross-examination, interrogation, questioning
潜り込む 【もぐりこむ】to slip into, to crawl into (under), to conceal oneself (under)
潜水艦 【せんすいかん】submarine
打ち砕く 【うちくだく】to smash, to crush
忠誠 【ちゅうせい】loyalty, sincerity
張り上げる 【はりあげる】to raise (one's voice)
跳ね除ける 【はねのける】to push aside, to brush or thrust aside, to remove, to get rid of
肉眼 【にくがん】① naked eye ② the physical eye
燃え尽きる 【もえつきる】to burn out
爆撃 【ばくげき】bombing (raid)
繁茂 【はんも】luxuriant growth, rankness (of weeds)
卑劣 【ひれつ】mean, foul play, cowardly, base
肥料 【ひりょう】manure, fertilizer, fertiliser
砲撃 【ほうげき】bombarding, shelling, bombardment
魔女 【まじょ】witch
命懸け 【いのちがけ】① risking one's life ② life and death, risky, desperate
盲目 【もうもく】blindness
誘拐 【ゆうかい】abduction, kidnapping, kidnaping
揺れ動く 【ゆれうごく】to tremble
惑わす 【まどわす】to bewilder, to perplex, to puzzle
磁場 【じば】magnetic field
墓参り 【はかまいり】visit to a grave
乙姫 【おとひめ】youngest princess
駆けつける 【かけつける】to run to, to come running, to rush (someplace), to hasten
華道 【かどう】flower arrangement
かわいそうpoor, pitiable, pathetic, pitiful
偽装 【ぎそう】disguise, camouflage, masquerade
遥々 【はるばる】from afar, over a great distance, all the way
古里 【ふるさと】home town, birthplace, old village, historic village, native place, one's old home
未踏 【みとう】untrodden, unexplored
託す 【たくす】① to entrust ② to make an excuse of
よくもHow dare ...
生還 【せいかん】returning alive, (baseball) reaching the home plate
電磁波 【でんじは】electromagnetic waves
竜 【りゅう】① dragon (esp. a Chinese dragon) ② naga (semidivine human-cobra chimera in Indian mythology) ③ promoted rook (shogi)
あくまでもto the last, persistency, thoroughness
第一線 【だいいっせん】the front (of a battlefield), forefront
立ち尽くす 【たちつくす】to stand stock still
酔い 【よい】drunkenness, intoxication
賊 【ぞく】① thief, robber, burglar ② rebel, insurgent, traitor
宙 【ちゅう】space, air, midair
源 【げん】source, origin
それだけthat much, as much, to that extent, only that, that alone, no more than that
うかつcareless, stupid, thoughtless, heedless, unobservant, inadvertant, incautious
灼熱 【しゃくねつ】red hot, scorching heat, incandescence
煎餅 【せんべい】rice cookie, Japanese cracker, wafer
叩き込む 【たたきこむ】to drive into, to throw into, to hit into
ちょうどjust, right, exactly
摩訶不思議 【まかふしぎ】mysterious, profound mystery
艪 【ろ】Japanese scull (oar attached to the rear of the boat by a traditional peg-in-hole oarlock)
聾者 【ろうしゃ】deaf person
嗅ぎつける 【かぎつける】to sniff out, to get wind of
罠 【わな】① snare, trap (for catching wild game, etc.) ② trap (i.e. ruse, subterfuge, etc.)
蠍 【さそり】scorpion
鉋 【かんな】plane (for working with wood)
霍乱 【かくらん】sunstroke, heatstroke
捉える 【とらえる】① to seize, to capture, to arrest ② to grasp, to perceive, to treat (as)
蹴立てる 【けたてる】to kick up
絣 【かすり】splash pattern (e.g. on a kimono), dye pattern, kasuri
もてあそぶ① to play with (a toy, one's hair, etc.), to fiddle with ② to toy with (one's emotions, etc.), to trifle with ③ to do with something as one pleases ④ to appreciate