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Space Pirate Captain Harlock [‘宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック’] Vol. 5: episodes 21 to 30

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 21 to 30 of the animated series ‘Space Pirate Captain Harlock’ [‘宇宙海賊キャプテンハーロック’]. This is volume 5/7. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (Vol. 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



629 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 1928-11-03 00:00:00
より① from, out of, since, at ② than ③ other than, except, but ④ more
エレベーターelevator, lift
口 【くち】① mouth ② opening, hole, gap, orifice ③ mouth (of a bottle), spout, nozzle, mouthpiece ④ gate, door, entrance, exit ⑤ speaking, speech, talk (i.e. gossip) ⑥ taste, palate ⑦ mouth (to feed) ⑧ opening (i.e. vacancy), available position ⑨ invitation, summons ⑩ kind, sort, type ⑪ opening (i.e. beginning) ⑫ counter for mouthfuls, shares (of money), and swords
今月 【こんげつ】this month
車 【くるま】① car, automobile, vehicle ② wheel
小さい 【ちいさい】small, little, tiny
先生 【せんせい】① teacher, master, doctor ② with names of teachers, etc. as an honorific
半分 【はんぶん】half
店 【みせ】store, shop, establishment
兄 【あに】older brother
兄さん 【にいさん】① older brother, elder brother ② brother (as older-brother figure in friendly and or work relationship) ③ (vocative) young man, buddy, fella, laddie
病院 【びょういん】hospital
風 【かぜ】wind, breeze
上着 【うわぎ】coat, tunic, jacket, outer garment
易しい 【やさしい】easy, plain, simple
泳ぐ 【およぐ】to swim
お腹 【おなか】stomach
若い 【わかい】young
並ぶ 【ならぶ】① to line up, to stand in a line ② to rival, to match, to equal
撮る 【とる】to take (a photo), to make (a film)
脱ぐ 【ぬぐ】to take off (clothes, shoes, etc.), to undress
伯父 【おじ】uncle (older than one's parent)
どれ① which (of three or more) ② whichever, any ③ well, now, let me see
遠く 【とおく】far away, distant, at a distance, distant place, by far
高校 【こうこう】senior high school
社会 【しゃかい】society, public
親 【おや】① parent, parents ② dealer (in cards) ③ founder ④ (pet) owner
注意 【ちゅうい】caution, being careful, attention (heed), warning, advice
通う 【かよう】① to go back and forth, to ply between ② to commute, to attend (school, church, etc.)
別 【べつ】distinction, difference, different, another, particular, separate, extra, exception
決して 【けっして】never, by no means, decidedly, indisputably
糸 【いと】thread, yarn, string
焼く 【やく】① to bake, to grill ② to develop (photos) ③ to suntan ④ to burn (in flames, down, CD, DVD, etc.), to scorch ⑤ to be jealous, to be envious
遊び 【あそび】① playing ② play (margin between on and off, gap before pressing button or lever has an effect)
留守 【るす】① absence, being away from home ② house-sitting, house-sitter ③ being left unattended to (of one's studies, etc.), neglecting
礼 【れい】thanking, expression of gratitude
直す 【なおす】① to cure, to heal ② to fix, to correct, to repair ③ to do over again (after -masu base of verb) ④ to replace, to put back as it was ⑤ to convert (into a different state), to transform
機会 【きかい】chance, opportunity
技術 【ぎじゅつ】art, craft, technique, technology, engineering, skill
競争 【きょうそう】① competition, contest ② to compete
差し上げる 【さしあげる】① to give, to offer ② to lift up, to hold up, to raise
最近 【さいきん】latest, most recent, nowadays
政治 【せいじ】politics, government
複雑 【ふくざつ】complex, complicated
利用 【りよう】use, utilization, utilisation, application
腕 【うで】① arm ② skill
驚く 【おどろく】to be surprised, to be astonished
趣味 【しゅみ】hobby, tastes, preference
飾る 【かざる】to decorate, to ornament, to adorn
びっくり① to be surprised, to be amazed, to be frightened, to be astonished ② surprise (e.g. surprise party) ③ surprise
とうとうfinally, at last, reaching a head
ちゃんとperfectly, properly, exactly
のんびりcarefree, at leisure
オーバー① overcoat ② over, exceeding, going beyond, exaggeration ③ ball hit over the head of an outfielder (baseball)
外す 【はずす】① to unfasten, to undo ② to remove, to take off, to deinstall ③ to leave, to step out, to slip away ④ to miss (a target)
金 【きん】① gold, golden (color), metaphor for (most) valuable, gold (medal, cup) ② money (written before an amount) ③ Friday ④ metal (fourth of the five elements) ⑤ Jin (dynasty of China; 1115-1234 CE) ⑥ gold general (shogi) ⑦ karat, carat
今後 【こんご】from now on, hereafter
大いに 【おおいに】very, much, greatly, a lot of
一方 【いっぽう】① one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party ② on the one hand, on the other hand ③ whereas, although, but at the same time, meanwhile, in turn ④ (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing, only
下がる 【さがる】to hang down, to abate, to retire, to fall, to step back
作業 【さぎょう】work, operation, manufacturing, fatigue duty
重大 【じゅうだい】serious, important, significant, grave, weighty
多少 【たしょう】more or less, somewhat, a little, some
代理 【だいり】representation, agency, proxy, deputy, agent, attorney, substitute, alternate, acting (principal, etc.)
野 【の】① plain, field ② hidden (structural) member ③ wild ④ lacking a political post
一言 【ひとこと】single word
思い出 【おもいで】memories, recollections, reminiscence
家具 【かぐ】furniture
区別 【くべつ】distinction, differentiation, classification
語る 【かたる】to talk, to tell, to recite
実 【み】① fruit, nut ② seed ③ (in broth) pieces of meat, vegetable, etc. ④ content, substance
前進 【ぜんしん】advance, drive, progress
全力 【ぜんりょく】all one's power, whole energy
速度 【そくど】speed, velocity, rate
単なる 【たんなる】mere, simple, sheer
同様 【どうよう】identical, equal to, same (kind), like, similarity
内 【うち】① inside, within ② while ③ among, amongst, between ④ we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.), our ⑤ my spouse ⑥ I (primarily used by women and children), me
皮肉 【ひにく】cynicism, sarcasm, irony, satire
不幸 【ふこう】unhappiness, sorrow, misfortune, disaster, accident, death
部分 【ぶぶん】portion, section, part
物質 【ぶっしつ】material, substance
平和 【へいわ】peace, harmony
望み 【のぞみ】① wish, desire, hope ② prospect, expectation, (one's) hopes
無し 【なし】without
明ける 【あける】① to dawn, to grow light ② to end
明らか 【あきらか】obvious, evident, clear, plain
様々 【さまざま】varied, various
引き受ける 【ひきうける】① to be responsible for ② to take over, to take up ③ to guarantee, to undertake ④ to contract (a disease)
愛情 【あいじょう】love, affection
移動 【いどう】① removal, migration, movement ② mobile (e.g. communications)
一般 【いっぱん】general, liberal, universal, ordinary, average
解ける 【とける】① to be solved ② to loosen, to come untied ③ to be removed (e.g. restrictions), to be cleared (e.g. misunderstandings), to be broken (e.g. spells, curses) ④ to melt
完了 【かんりょう】① completion, conclusion ② perfective (form, aspect)
患者 【かんじゃ】(a) patient
希望 【きぼう】hope, wish, aspiration
吸収 【きゅうしゅう】absorption, suction, attraction
偶然 【ぐうぜん】(by) chance, unexpectedly, suddenly, accident, fortuity
経つ 【たつ】to pass, to lapse
芸術 【げいじゅつ】(fine) art, the arts
権利 【けんり】right, privilege
減る 【へる】to decrease (in size or number), to diminish, to abate
限界 【げんかい】limit, bound
交換 【こうかん】exchange, interchange, switching, reciprocity, barter, substitution, replacement, clearing (of checks, cheques)
構成 【こうせい】organization, organisation, configuration, composition
骨折 【こっせつ】bone fracture
困難 【こんなん】difficulty, distress
似合う 【にあう】to suit, to match, to become, to be like
重要 【じゅうよう】important, momentous, essential, principal, major
招く 【まねく】to invite
常識 【じょうしき】common knowledge, conventional wisdom, general knowledge, common sense
状況 【じょうきょう】state of affairs (around you), situation, circumstances
食欲 【しょくよく】appetite (for food)
責める 【せめる】to condemn, to blame, to criticize, to criticise
責任 【せきにん】① duty, responsibility (incl. supervision of staff) ② liability, onus
双子 【ふたご】twins, a twin
相変わらず 【あいかわらず】as ever, as usual, the same
悩む 【なやむ】to be worried, to be troubled
疲れ 【つかれ】tiredness, fatigue
被害 【ひがい】damage
訪問 【ほうもん】call, visit
余る 【あまる】to remain, to be left over, to be in excess, to be too many
余計 【よけい】too much, unnecessary, extraneous, abundance, surplus, excess, superfluity
幼い 【おさない】① very young ② childish, immature
幼児 【ようじ】infant, baby, child
輪 【わ】① ring, circle, loop ② hoop ③ wheel
連続 【れんぞく】serial, consecutive, continuity, occurring in succession, continuing
燃やす 【もやす】to burn
乾杯 【かんぱい】① toast, drink (in celebration or in honor of something) ② drinking one's glass dry ③ cheers
喜び 【よろこび】joy, delight, rapture, pleasure, gratification, rejoicing, congratulations, felicitations
お互い 【おたがい】mutual, reciprocal, each other
案 【あん】① idea, plan, thought ② draft plan, motion, rough copy ③ expectation
炎 【ほのお】flame, blaze
殴る 【なぐる】to strike, to hit
穏やか 【おだやか】calm, gentle, quiet
価値 【かち】value, worth, merit
緊張 【きんちょう】tension, mental strain, nervousness
繰り返す 【くりかえす】to repeat, to do something over again
慌てる 【あわてる】① to become confused (disconcerted, disorganized, disorganised), to be flustered, to panic ② to be in a hurry, to rush
修理 【しゅうり】repairing, mending, servicing
臭い 【くさい】① stinking, smelly ② suspicious, fishy ③ clumsy
助け 【たすけ】assistance
衝突 【しょうとつ】collision, conflict
証明 【しょうめい】proof, verification
挙げる 【あげる】① to raise, to elevate ② to show someone (into a room) ③ to send someone (away) ④ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑤ to praise ⑥ to give (an example, etc.), to cite ⑦ to summon up (all of one's energy, etc.) ⑧ to arrest ⑨ to nominate ⑩ to conduct (a ceremony, esp. a wedding)
条件 【じょうけん】condition, conditions, term, terms, requirement, requirements
譲る 【ゆずる】to turn over, to assign, to hand over, to transmit, to convey, to sell, to dispose of, to yield, to surrender
新鮮 【しんせん】fresh
真剣 【しんけん】① seriousness, earnestness ② real sword (as opposed to unsharpened or wooden practice weapon) (practise)
操作 【そうさ】① operation, management, processing ② manipulating to one's benefit ③ to operate ④ to manipulate, to fiddle (e.g. the books)
騒ぎ 【さわぎ】uproar, disturbance
提案 【ていあん】proposal, proposition, suggestion
笛 【ふえ】flute, pipe, whistle
徹底 【てってい】thoroughness, completeness, consistency
独立 【どくりつ】independence (e.g. Independence Day), self-support
虹 【にじ】rainbow
武器 【ぶき】weapon, arms, ordnance
癖 【くせ】a habit (often a bad habit, i.e. vice), peculiarity
模様 【もよう】pattern, figure, design
抑える 【おさえる】① to pin something down, to hold something down, to hold something back, to stop, to restrain, to curb ② to seize, to grasp, to arrest ③ to gain control of something, to govern, to keep down (e.g. information), to suppress ④ to catch happening, to determine (important points), to find (proof), to understand
嵐 【あらし】storm, tempest
退屈 【たいくつ】tedium, boredom
馬鹿 【ばか】① fool, idiot, trivial matter, folly, absurdity ② foolish, stupid, dull, absurd, ridiculous
保証 【ほしょう】guarantee, security, assurance, pledge, warranty
褒める 【ほめる】to praise, to admire, to speak well
ますますincreasingly, more and more
恵まれる 【めぐまれる】to be blessed with, to be rich in, to abound in
詩 【し】poem, verse of poetry
蹴る 【ける】① to kick ② to refuse, to reject
尻尾 【しっぽ】tail (animal)
羨ましい 【うらやましい】① envious (feeling, etc.), jealous ② enviable (position, etc.)
ようやく① finally, at last ② barely, narrowly, hardly, only just ③ gradually, little by little, by degrees
叩く 【たたく】① to strike, to clap, to dust, to beat ② to play drums ③ to abuse, to flame (e.g. on the Internet), to insult ④ to use up money
じかにdirectly, in person, headlong
諦める 【あきらめる】to give up, to abandon
騙す 【だます】to trick, to cheat, to deceive
かなりconsiderably, fairly, quite
お先に 【おさきに】① before, previously ② ahead ③ Pardon me for leaving (before you)
すっきり① clearly, refreshed ② shapely, neatly, refinedly ③ cleanly, without trouble ④ clearly, plainly, distinctly ⑤ completely, thoroughly ⑥ not at all (with negative sentence), not even slightly
何しろ 【なにしろ】at any rate, anyhow, anyway, in any case
小学生 【しょうがくせい】elementary school student, primary school student, grade school student
上下 【じょうげ】high and low, up and down, unloading and loading, praising and blaming
日の出 【ひので】sunrise
下 【しも】① lower reaches (of a river) ② bottom, lower part ③ lower half (of the body, esp. the privates), feces (faeces), urine, menses ④ end, far from the imperial palace (i.e. far from Kyoto, esp. of western Japan) ⑤ dirty (e.g. dirty jokes, etc.)
以後 【いご】① after this, from now on, hereafter ② thereafter, since (verb) (after -te form of verb), after (time), since (then)
重ねる 【かさねる】to pile up, to put something on another, to heap up, to add, to repeat
持ち 【もち】① hold, charge, keep possession, in charge ② wear, durability, life, draw ③ usage
一定 【いってい】fixed, settled, constant, definite, uniform, regularized, regularised, defined, standardized, standardised, certain, prescribed
気配 【けはい】① indication, sign, hint, presence, trend ② quotation (esp. stock market)
曲 【きょく】tune, piece of music
原始 【げんし】origin, primeval
合流 【ごうりゅう】confluence, union, linking up, merge, recombining
弱点 【じゃくてん】weak point, weakness
竹 【たけ】① bamboo ② middle (of a three-tier ranking system)
反 【はん】anti-, opposite, antithesis, antagonism
部品 【ぶひん】parts, accessories, components
方角 【ほうがく】direction, way, compass point
方面 【ほうめん】① direction, district, area ② field (e.g. of study)
先頭 【せんとう】head, lead, vanguard, first
解放 【かいほう】① release, unleashing, liberation, emancipation, setting free ② deallocation (of computer memory)
幾 【いく】① some, several ② many ③ how many?, how much?
規律 【きりつ】① order, observance, discipline ② rules, law, regulations
構造 【こうぞう】structure, construction
刺さる 【ささる】to stick, to be stuck
消毒 【しょうどく】disinfection, sterilization, sterilisation
性能 【せいのう】ability, performance, efficiency
先祖 【せんぞ】ancestor
祖先 【そせん】ancestor
不可 【ふか】wrong, bad, improper, unjustifiable, inadvisable
有り難い 【ありがたい】grateful, thankful, welcome, appreciated, evoking gratitude
予備 【よび】preparation, preliminaries, reserve, spare
粒 【つぶ】grain, bead
連合 【れんごう】① union, alliance, combination ② RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation)
治す 【なおす】① to cure, to heal ② to fix, to correct, to repair ③ to do over again (after -masu base of verb) ④ to replace, to put back as it was ⑤ to convert (into a different state), to transform
測る 【はかる】① to measure, to weigh, to survey, to time (sound, gauge, estimate) ② to conjecture, to infer, to surmise
増やす 【ふやす】to increase, to add to, to augment
団 【だん】body, group, party, company, troupe
隻 【せき】counter for ships
為す 【なす】to do, to perform
恩 【おん】favour, favor, obligation, debt of gratitude
休養 【きゅうよう】rest, break, recreation
興奮 【こうふん】excitement, stimulation, agitation, arousal
系統 【けいとう】system, family line, geological formation, lineage, ancestry
煮る 【にる】to boil, to cook
縦 【たて】① the vertical, height ② front-to-back, length
縮める 【ちぢめる】to shorten, to reduce, to boil down, to shrink
整備 【せいび】maintenance, servicing, outfitting
丁目 【ちょうめ】district of a town, city block (of irregular size)
鉄砲 【てっぽう】① gun ② wooden pole that sumo wrestlers strike in practice (practise)
怒り 【いかり】anger, hatred, rage, wrath
崩れる 【くずれる】to collapse, to crumble
膨らむ 【ふくらむ】to expand, to swell (out), to get big, to become inflated
本気 【ほんき】seriousness, truth, sanctity
盆地 【ぼんち】basin (e.g. between mountains)
幼稚園 【ようちえん】kindergarten
塊 【かたまり】lump, mass, bundle, clump, clod, cluster
桁 【けた】① column, beam ② digit, decade, order of magnitude
かぶせるto cover (with something), to put on (e.g. on someone else's head), to plate something (with a metal), to pour or dash a liquid (on something), to charge (a person with a guilt)
きっかけchance, start, cue, excuse, motive, impetus, occasion
芯 【しん】① wick, marrow, staple (for stapler), (pencil) lead, stuffing, pith ② core, heart, centre, center
じっくりdeliberately, carefully
でかいhuge, gargantuan
どうにかin some way or other, one way or another
はるto do
見方 【みかた】viewpoint
加速度 【かそくど】acceleration
針路 【しんろ】course, direction, compass bearing
圧力 【あつりょく】stress, pressure
移住 【いじゅう】migration, immigration
引き起こす 【ひきおこす】to cause, to induce
英雄 【えいゆう】hero, great man
遠ざかる 【とおざかる】to go far off
家出 【いえで】running away from home, leaving home
過労 【かろう】overwork, strain
看護 【かんご】nursing, (army) nurse
貫く 【つらぬく】to go through
休める 【やすめる】to rest, to suspend, to give relief
及び 【および】and, as well as
叫び 【さけび】shout, scream, outcry
強行 【きょうこう】① forcing, enforcement ② forced, enforced
教え 【おしえ】teachings, precept, lesson, doctrine
脅迫 【きょうはく】threat, menace, coercion, terrorism
驚き 【おどろき】surprise, astonishment, wonder
空しい 【むなしい】vacant, futile, vain, void, empty, ineffective, lifeless
傾ける 【かたむける】to incline, to list, to bend, to lean, to tip, to tilt, to slant, to concentrate on, to ruin (a country), to squander, to empty
経過 【けいか】passage, expiration, progress, transition
決断 【けつだん】decision, determination
後回し 【あとまわし】putting off, postponing
後退 【こうたい】① retreat ② backspace, BS
工作 【こうさく】work, construction, handicraft, maneuvering, manoeuvering
巧み 【たくみ】skill, cleverness
鉱山 【こうざん】mine (ore)
告げる 【つげる】to inform
採掘 【さいくつ】mining
山岳 【さんがく】mountains
残酷 【ざんこく】cruelty, harshness
指令 【しれい】orders, instructions, directive, command
施す 【ほどこす】to donate, to give, to conduct, to apply, to perform
試みる 【こころみる】to try, to test
児 【じ】child
取り巻く 【とりまく】to surround, to circle, to enclose
取り組む 【とりくむ】to tackle, to wrestle with, to engage in a bout, to come to grips with, to make effort, to strive for, to deal with
守備 【しゅび】defense, defence
手分け 【てわけ】division of labour, division of labor
盾 【たて】shield, buckler, escutcheon, pretext
処置 【しょち】treatment, measure, step
焦る 【あせる】to be in a hurry, to be impatient
衝撃 【しょうげき】shock, crash, impact, ballistic
真相 【しんそう】truth, real situation
親父 【おやじ】one's father, old man, one's boss
人質 【ひとじち】hostage, prisoner
尽くす 【つくす】① to exhaust, to run out ② to devote, to serve (a person), to befriend ③ to do to exhaustion
粋 【いき】① chic, stylish, refined, sophisticated, smart ② understanding, sympathetic ③ the best
遂げる 【とげる】to accomplish, to achieve, to carry out
生涯 【しょうがい】one's lifetime (i.e. one's existence until death), one's career
青春 【せいしゅん】youth, springtime of life, adolescent
惜しむ 【おしむ】① to be frugal, to be sparing ② to value, to hold dear ③ to regret (e.g. a loss), to feel sorry (for) ④ to be unwilling, to be reluctant
戦力 【せんりょく】war potential
潜入 【せんにゅう】infiltration, sneaking in
創刊 【そうかん】launching (e.g. newspaper), first issue
打ち切る 【うちきる】to stop, to abort, to discontinue, to close
打撃 【だげき】① blow, shock, strike, damage ② batting (baseball)
対抗 【たいこう】opposition, antagonism
帯 【たい】band (e.g. conduction, valence), belt (e.g. Van-Allen, asteroid, etc.)
待遇 【たいぐう】treatment, reception
大金 【たいきん】large amount of money, great cost
鍛える 【きたえる】to forge, to drill, to temper, to train, to discipline
団結 【だんけつ】unity, union, combination
中毒 【ちゅうどく】① poisoning ② addiction
挑む 【いどむ】① to challenge, to throw down the gauntlet, to contend for, to tackle ② to pressure someone for sex, to woo, to make love to
津波 【つなみ】tsunami, tidal wave
定める 【さだめる】to decide, to establish, to determine
鉄鋼 【てっこう】iron and steel
天 【てん】① sky ② heaven ③ svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth) ④ deva (divine being of Buddhism)
天下 【てんか】the world, whole country, descent from heaven, having one's own way, the public, the ruling power
転任 【てんにん】change of post
点検 【てんけん】inspection, examination, checking
投入 【とうにゅう】① throwing (e.g. something into somewhere) ② investment, putting in (personnel, etc.) ③ release of a product ④ making (an electrical circuit)
当て 【あて】object, aim, end, hopes, expectations
統制 【とうせい】regulation, control
逃す 【のがす】to let loose, to set free, to let escape
逃走 【とうそう】flight, desertion, escape
動き 【うごき】movement, activity, trend, development, change
同感 【どうかん】agreement, same opinion, same feeling, sympathy, concurrence
同士 【どうし】fellow, mutual, companion, comrade, bonding
内部 【ないぶ】interior, inside, internal
繁栄 【はんえい】prospering, prosperity, thriving, flourishing
漂う 【ただよう】to drift about, to float, to hang in air
不良 【ふりょう】badness, inferiority, delinquency, failure, defect, blemish
腐敗 【ふはい】decay, depravity
物好き 【ものずき】(idle) curiosity
兵士 【へいし】soldier
弁 【べん】Oversight Department (division of the daijokan responsible for controlling central and provincial governmental offices)
弁解 【べんかい】justification, rationalization, pretext, explanation, exculpation, defence, defense, excuse
補給 【ほきゅう】supply, supplying, replenishment
崩壊 【ほうかい】① collapse, crumbling, breaking down, caving in ② decay (physics)
満月 【まんげつ】full moon
未練 【みれん】lingering affection, attachment, regret, regrets, reluctance
無念 【むねん】① chagrin, regret ② free from obstructive thoughts
名誉 【めいよ】honor, honour, credit, prestige
優先 【ゆうせん】preference, priority, precedence
勇敢 【ゆうかん】brave, heroic, gallant
有機 【ゆうき】organic
予想 【よそう】expectation, anticipation, prediction, forecast, conjecture
養う 【やしなう】to rear, to maintain, to support (e.g. family), to cultivate
良好 【りょうこう】favorable, favourable, satisfactory
良質 【りょうしつ】good quality, superior quality
暦 【こよみ】calendar, almanac
腕前 【うでまえ】ability, skill, facility
言い訳 【いいわけ】① excuse ② explanation
傷つく 【きずつく】① to be wounded, to get injured ② to get hurt feelings ③ to chip, to scratch, to damage
徹する 【てっする】to sink in, to penetrate, to devote oneself, to believe in, to go through, to do intently and exclusively
図る 【はかる】① to plot, to attempt, to plan, to devise, to design ② to take in, to deceive ③ to aim for, to have something in mind ④ to refer A to B
密か 【ひそか】secret, private, surreptitious
いかにもindeed, really, phrase meaning agreement
闇 【やみ】darkness, the dark, black-marketeering, dark, shady, illegal
かつyet, moreover, and
あえてdare (to do something), venture (often overcoming reluctance, or in the face of probable failure), take upon oneself, challenge, presume, (there is no) need to, (don't) go as far as, definitely (not)
捲る 【めくる】to turn over, to turn pages of a book, to tear off, to strip off
脆い 【もろい】brittle, fragile, tender-hearted
雫 【しずく】drop (of water), drip
賭ける 【かける】to wager, to bet, to risk, to stake, to gamble
庇う 【かばう】to protect someone, to take under one's wing, to plead for, to stick up for, to cover up for someone
しなやかsupple, flexible, elastic
いやいやreluctantly, by no means, unwillingly
あっという間に 【あっというまに】just like that (lit: in the time it takes to say "Ah!"), in the twinkling of an eye, in the blink of an eye
させるto make (someone) do
スイスイ(swim, work) smoothly, unhindered
やれやれexclamation of relief or disappointment
ケース① case (e.g. receptacle, condition, event, legal action, letter style, etc.) ② Computer-Aided Software Engineering, CASE
コネconnection, pull
サボるto be truant, to play hooky, to skip school, to skip out, to be idle, to sabotage by slowness
スープ(Western) soup
テロterror, terrorism
パスワード(computer) password
ピンチ① pinch, crisis ② clothespin
フロア① floor ② follower
マスター① to master, to learn ② proprietor, manager, bar-owner ③ master (e.g. arts, science)
ライト① light ② right ③ right field, right fielder
ランプ① lamp, light ② ramp ③ rump
ロス① loss ② Los Angeles
小国 【しょうこく】small country
男前 【おとこまえ】handsome man
入り 【いり】① entering ② setting (of the sun) ③ containing, content, audience ④ income ⑤ beginning
入れ 【いれ】container, receptacle
天の川 【あまのがわ】Milky Way
生々しい 【なまなましい】lively, green, fresh, raw
あっとin a surprising way
とも① certainly, of course, to be sure, rather ② even if, no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how) ③ at the (least, earliest, etc.)
高 【たか】quantity, amount, volume, number, amount of money
時として 【ときとして】in some cases, sometimes, on occasions
下 【もと】under (esp. influence or guidance)
いかれる① to be beaten, to break down ② to be crazy, to be touched ③ to be infatuated with ④ to be outdone (by someone), to be beaten (in a contest)
そうですねthat's so, isn't it
一族 【いちぞく】① family, relatives, dependents ② household
牛車 【ぎゅうしゃ】ox carriage (for Heian era nobles), oxcart
強国 【きょうこく】strong nation, powerful country
空母 【くうぼ】aircraft carrier
広大 【こうだい】huge, very large, vast, extensive, magnificent, grand
作り 【づくり】① making, forming, cultivating, growing ② form, appearance
作り出す 【つくりだす】① to manufacture, to produce, to raise (crops) ② to invent, to dream up
仕切り 【しきり】partition, division, boundary, compartment, settlement of accounts, toeing the mark
思える 【おもえる】to seem, to appear likely
持ち場 【もちば】job, station, position, post, route
手ごわい 【てごわい】difficult, tough, stubborn, redoubtable
手先 【てさき】① fingers ② underling, stooge, subordinate, pawn
小物 【こもの】accessories, small articles
早起き 【はやおき】early rising
族 【ぞく】① tribe, clan, band ② (taxonomical) tribe ③ group (of the periodic table)
長旅 【ながたび】long trip
東京 【とうきょう】Tokyo (current capital of Japan)
同じく 【おなじく】similarly, same (idea), same (name)
病人 【びょうにん】sick person, patient
不気味 【ぶきみ】weird, ominous, eerie, uncanny, ghastly
本社 【ほんじゃ】① head office, main office, headquarters ② main shrine ③ this company, this shrine
本心 【ほんしん】true feelings
目前 【もくぜん】before one's very eyes, under one's nose, imminence, close at hand
西方 【せいほう】western direction
朝飯 【あさめし】breakfast
手がかり 【てがかり】① clue, key, trail, scent, track, contact ② handhold, on hand
洋上 【ようじょう】on the sea or ocean
心から 【こころから】from the bottom of one's heart, heart and soul, by nature
早 【はや】already, now, by this time
何の道 【どのみち】anyway, anyhow, at any rate, in any case
手前 【てめえ】① you (used by young males) ② oneself
道 【どう】① road ② way ③ Buddhist teachings ④ Taoism ⑤ modern administrative region of Japan (Hokkaido) ⑥ historical administrative region of Japan (Tokaido, Tosando, etc.) ⑦ province (Tang-era administrative region of China) ⑧ province (modern administrative region of Korea)
一丸 【いちがん】lump, (into) one
一直線 【いっちょくせん】straight line
客船 【きゃくせん】passenger boat
原野 【げんや】waste land, wilderness, moor, field, plain
仕打ち 【しうち】(poor) treatment, (bad) behavior, behaviour, action, act
字形 【じけい】character style or form
時点 【じてん】point in time, occasion
自家製 【じかせい】home-made
自他 【じた】① oneself and others ② transitive and intransitive
弱虫 【よわむし】coward, weakling
すべway, method, means
助け出す 【たすけだす】to help out of (trouble), to extricate
食費 【しょくひ】food expense
神童 【しんどう】prodigy, wonder child
前面 【ぜんめん】① front part, frontage, facade ② initial pledge (e.g. election), opening slogan
全速力 【ぜんそくりょく】full speed
断じて 【だんじて】absolutely, positively, decidedly
知り合う 【しりあう】to get to know (someone), to make acquaintance
直し 【なおし】① correction, rectification ② mending, repair
追いやる 【おいやる】① to drive away, to order off, to chase away ② to force into an unpleasant situation (bankruptcy, prostitution, suicide, etc.)
当の 【とうの】the ... in question
南太平洋 【みなみたいへいよう】South Pacific
反動 【はんどう】reaction, recoil, kick, backlash
放題 【ほうだい】as much as you would like to, as much as one likes
木の葉 【このは】foliage, leaves of trees
野望 【やぼう】ambition, aspiration, designs, treachery
流れ星 【ながれぼし】shooting star, meteor
旅路 【たびじ】journey
すい星 【すいせい】comet
加重 【かじゅう】weighting (in averaging), aggravation
左側 【ひだりがわ】left, left (hand) side
悲しみ 【かなしみ】sadness, sorrow, grief
島々 【しまじま】islands
加点 【かてん】addition of points, scoring
地表 【ちひょう】surface of the earth, ground surface
消え去る 【きえさる】to disappear, to vanish
数多い 【かずおおい】many, a multiplicity of
犯 【はん】perpetrators of (some) crime, (some type of) crime
圧倒的 【あっとうてき】overwhelming
胃袋 【いぶくろ】① stomach, breadbasket, inner man ② dietary needs
一片 【いっぺん】(a) slice, (a) piece
引き連れる 【ひきつれる】to take along with
右腕 【うわん】right arm
家宝 【かほう】heirloom
疑い深い 【うたがいぶかい】doubting, distrustful, incredulous, suspicious
急性 【きゅうせい】acute (e.g. illness)
居所 【いどころ】① whereabouts, address ② place of temporary residence
苦戦 【くせん】hard fight, close game
決戦 【けっせん】decisive battle, deciding match, play-off
建造 【けんぞう】building, construction
見越す 【みこす】to anticipate, to foresee
見捨てる 【みすてる】to abandon, to fail, to desert, to forsake
現時点 【げんじてん】present point (i.e. in history), at the present time
互いに 【たがいに】mutually, with each other, reciprocally, together
いいかげん① irresponsible, perfunctory, careless ② lukewarm, half-baked, halfhearted, vague ③ reasonable, moderate (usu. in suggestions or orders) ④ considerably, quite, rather, pretty
最強 【さいきょう】strongest
最前線 【さいぜんせん】foremost line
ちらし① scattering ② leaflets
自信 【じしん】self-confidence
出航 【しゅっこう】departure, sailing, shipping out, putting out to sea, takeoff, leaving port
吹き飛ばす 【ふきとばす】① to blow away, to blow off, to blow up ② to dispel, to drive away ③ to talk big
吹っ飛ぶ 【ふっとぶ】to blow off, to be blown off
精通 【せいつう】acquaintance, having knowledge, being expert, being versed in, conversant
絶好 【ぜっこう】best, ideal, perfect
戦死 【せんし】death in action, killed in action, KIA
戦場 【せんじょう】battlefield, battleground
捜し求める 【さがしもとめる】to search for, to seek for, to look for
相棒 【あいぼう】partner, pal, accomplice
続出 【ぞくしゅつ】appearance one after another
打ち込み 【うちこみ】① driving, pounding in, shooting into, implantation, invasion ② falling badly in love ③ putting (one's heart) into ④ step recording (in electronic or computer music)
大掛かり 【おおがかり】large-scale
探り出す 【さぐりだす】to spy out, to smell out
追い払う 【おいはらう】to drive away
痛む 【いたむ】to hurt, to feel a pain, to be injured
渡り 【わたり】ferry
逃げ込む 【にげこむ】to take refuge in, to succeed in running away
特性 【とくせい】special characteristic, special quality
入り込む 【はいりこむ】① to go into, to come into, to penetrate, to get in, to step in (a house) ② to become complicated
年老いる 【としおいる】to grow old
燃え上がる 【もえあがる】to flare up, to burst into flames
敗れる 【やぶれる】to be defeated, to be unsuccessful
半減 【はんげん】reduction by half, halve
非情 【ひじょう】inanimate nature, callous, heartless
不変 【ふへん】eternal, everlasting, unchangeable, immutable, immovable, constant, permanent, indestructible
閉ざす 【とざす】to shut, to close, to lock, to fasten, to plunge (in grief)
片隅 【かたすみ】corner, nook
編成 【へんせい】composition, formation, organization, organisation, compilation
本性 【ほんしょう】true character, real nature
無比 【むひ】peerless, unparalleled, unparallelled
裏切り 【うらぎり】treachery, betrayal, perfidy
裏切り者 【うらぎりもの】betrayer, traitor, turncoat, informer
裏側 【うらがわ】the reverse, other side, lining
粒子 【りゅうし】particle, grain
歴代 【れきだい】successive generations, successive emperors
強固 【きょうこ】firmness, stability, security, strength
切り捨てる 【きりすてる】① to cut down, to slay ② to truncate, to round down, to round off ③ to omit, to discard, to cast away
極める 【きわめる】① to carry to extremes, to go to the end of something ② to investigate thoroughly, to master
子猫 【こねこ】kitten
制御 【せいぎょ】control, governing, checking, suppression, repression, restraint, mastery, management
のみ込む 【のみこむ】① to gulp down, to swallow deeply ② to understand, to take in, to catch on to, to learn, to digest
巻き起こす 【まきおこす】to create (a sensation), to give rise to (controversy)
左腕 【さわん】① left arm ② left-handed (baseball pitcher)
競い合う 【きそいあう】to compete with, to vie for
見逃し 【みのがし】overlooking, letting a good ball go by
いたずらにin vain, uselessly, aimlessly, idly
乱れ 【みだれ】disorder, disturbance, unrest
重層 【じゅうそう】multistoried, multilayered
散開 【さんかい】deployment, spreading out, dispersing, dispersal
達し 【たっし】official notice, notification
お祖父ちゃん 【おじいちゃん】grandpa, grandad;
杯 【はい】① sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages ② counter for cupfuls ③ counter for ships, octopuses and squid
兵 【へい】① (common) soldier, rank and file ② army, troops ③ warfare, strategy
一兆 【いっちょう】1,000,000,000,000, one trillion, one billion (obs. British)
もしやperhaps, possibly, by some chance, by some possibility
そもそもin the first place, to begin with, from the start, originally, ab initio
伊達 【だて】① elegance, dandyism, sophistication, having style ② affectation, showing off, putting on an air, appearances, just for show
慰め 【なぐさめ】comfort, consolation, diversion
応える 【こたえる】① to respond, to live up to, to reward ② to take its toll, to strike home
稼げる 【かせげる】to work, to earn income
壊滅 【かいめつ】destruction, annihilation, devastation, catastrophe
悔い 【くい】regret, repentance
懐 【ふところ】① bosom, bust ② (breast) pocket, purse, handbag
わめくto shout, to cry, to scream, to clamour
陥る 【おちいる】to fall, to trap, to cave in, to collapse
企てる 【くわだてる】to plan, to plot, to propose, to design, to intend, to contemplate, to attempt, to undertake
奇襲 【きしゅう】surprise attack
旗艦 【きかん】flagship
機密 【きみつ】secrecy, highly classified information
軌跡 【きせき】① locus ② wagon tracks
亀裂 【きれつ】crack, crevice, fissure, chap
驚嘆 【きょうたん】wonder, admiration
駆逐 【くちく】extermination, expulsion, destruction
撃破 【げきは】crushing
激戦 【げきせん】fierce (hard-fought) battle, hot contest
光源 【こうげん】light source
鋼鉄 【こうてつ】steel
支障 【ししょう】obstacle, hindrance, impediment, difficulty
視界 【しかい】field of vision
射程 【しゃてい】range (e.g. of a rifle, missile, etc.)
朱 【あけ】① scarlet, red ② blood
銃弾 【じゅうだん】bullet (from a rifle)
処刑 【しょけい】execution
進撃 【しんげき】advance, charge
垂れ 【たれ】① hanging, something hanging (i.e. a flap, lappet, etc.) ② sauce (for dipping, pouring over, etc.) ③ (in kendo) loin guard ④ kanji radical enclosing the top-left corner of a character ⑤ -ass (used after a noun or na-adjective indicating someone's nature), -head
随一 【ずいいち】best, greatest, first
切り離す 【きりはなす】to detach, to decapitate, to cut loose, to let loose, to dismember
前衛 【ぜんえい】① advance guard, vanguard ② avant-garde (e.g. music)
爽快 【そうかい】refreshing, exhilarating
損傷 【そんしょう】damage, injury
退却 【たいきゃく】retreat, withdrawal, retirement
奪回 【だっかい】recovery, rescue, recapture
追撃 【ついげき】pursuit
堤 【つつみ】bank, embankment, dike
提言 【ていげん】proposal, motion
提督 【ていとく】admiral, commodore
奴隷 【どれい】① slave, servant ② slavery
搭乗 【とうじょう】embarkation, boarding (an aeroplane, airplane)
踏ん張る 【ふんばる】to brace one's legs, to straddle, to stand firm, to plant oneself (somewhere), to hold out, to persist
特製 【とくせい】special make, deluxe
いかなるany kind of (with neg. verb)
熱狂 【ねっきょう】wild enthusiasm, being crazy about
縛り首 【しばりくび】(death by) hanging
秘話 【ひわ】secret story, unknown episode
弁明 【べんめい】explanation, excuse, vindication, apology
抹殺 【まっさつ】erasure, denial, obliteration, ignoring (an opinion)
盲腸 【もうちょう】cecum, caecum, blind gut
野郎 【やろう】rascal
勇士 【ゆうし】brave warrior, hero, brave man
猟師 【りょうし】hunter, huntsman
帆船 【はんせん】sailing ship, sailing boat, sailing vessel
謀る 【はかる】① to plot, to attempt, to plan, to devise, to design ② to take in, to deceive ③ to aim for, to have something in mind ④ to refer A to B
姫 【ひめ】① princess, young lady of noble birth ② girl ③ small & lovely
我が家 【わがや】our house, our home
脱走 【だっそう】desertion, escape
巻き添え 【まきぞえ】getting involved (entangled) in, getting mixed up in, involvement, by-blow
近衛 【このえ】Imperial Guards
抗戦 【こうせん】resistance
研ぎ澄ます 【とぎすます】to sharpen, to grind, to whet, to hone, to make keen
寸分 【すんぶん】tiny bit
敵陣 【てきじん】enemy camp or line
狂 【きょう】① (some type of) enthusiast ② somebody possessed of a (certain kind of) mental abnormality
猛 【もう】① greatly energetic ② ferocious ③ extreme, severe
獅子 【しし】① lion ② left-hand guardian dog at a Shinto shrine
執拗 【しつよう】persistent, obstinate, tenacious, relentless, insistent, importunate, persevering, stubborn
已む無く 【やむなく】reluctance, unwillingness, unavoidably, out of necessity
賭け 【かけ】betting, gambling, a gamble
さらう① to carry off, to run away with, to kidnap, to abduct ② to monopolize, to make one's own
仄か 【ほのか】faint, indistinct, stupid, few
蜚語 【ひご】baseless rumor, baseless rumour, gossip, false report
取り逃がす 【とりにがす】to miss (capturing), to fail to catch, to let slip
奢り 【おごり】luxury, treat, extravagance
枸櫞 【くえん】citron (Citrus medica);