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rtk 54


30 entriesCreated by Jeff H. — Last modified: 2012-07-30 09:21:21
よ.く, ノウability, talent, skill, capacity
ま, うま-, うま, バhorse
ためし, ため.す, しるし, あかし, ゲン, ケンverification, effect, testing
ゲキdrama, play
チュウstop-over, reside in, resident
はだ, フskin, body, grain, texture, disposition
とら, コtiger, drunkard
しいた.げる, ギャクtyrannize, oppress
うつ.ろ, むな.しい, コ, キョvoid, emptiness, unpreparedness, crack, fissure, untruth
鹿か, しか, ロクdeer
たの.しむ, のぞ.む, あやま.る, あざむ.く, うれ.える, はか.る, おもんぱか.る, おそれ, グexpectation, consideration, uneasiness, fear, anxiety, concern
とりく, とりこ, ロ, リョcaptive, barbarian, low epithet for the enemy
か.る, か.ける, クdrive, run, gallop, advance, inspire, impel
くま, ユウbear
タ, ダburdensome, pack horse, horse load, send by horse
わざ.と, タイattitude, condition, figure, appearance, voice (of verbs)
じゃ.れる, ざ.れる, たわむ.れる, ゲ, ギfrolic, play, sport
こま, クpony, horse, colt
よろこ.び, ケイjubilation, congratulate, rejoice, be happy
おもんぱか.る, おもんぱく.る, リョprudence, thought, concern, consider, deliberate, fear
すす.める, センrecommend, mat, advise, encourage, offer
あつ.い, トクfervent, kind, cordial, serious, deliberate
equestrian, riding on horses, counter for equestrians
さわ.がしい, うれい, さわ.ぐ, ソウboisterous, make noise, clamor, disturb, excite
うら.らか, うるわ.しい, レイlovely, companion
トウinflation, advancing, going
おどろ.かす, おどろ.く, キョウwonder, be surprised, frightened, amazed
ののし.る, バabuse, insult
ふもと, ロクfoot of a mountain