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CSN JPN 112 chp 8

Vocab from chp 8


79 entriesCreated by #50778 — Last modified: 2015-04-01 02:49:04
もっと(some) more, even more, longer, further
エレベーターelevator, lift
コート① coat ② court (i.e. tennis, basketball, etc.)
シャツshirt, singlet
セーターsweater, jumper
ネクタイtie, necktie
円 【えん】① Yen, money ② circle
金 【かね】① money ② metal
見せる 【みせる】to show, to display
少し 【すこし】① small quantity, little, few, something ② little while ③ short distance
入れる 【いれる】① to put in, to let in, to take in, to bring in, to insert, to set (a jewel, etc.) ② to admit, to accept, to employ, to hire ③ to accept, to comply, to grant, to adopt (a policy, etc.), to take (advice, etc.), to listen to, to pay attention to ④ to include ⑤ to pay (one's rent, etc.) ⑥ to cast (a vote) ⑦ to make (tea, coffee, etc.) ⑧ to turn on (a switch, etc.) ⑨ to send (a fax), to call
本 【ほん】① book, volume ② main, head, this, our, present, real ③ counter for long cylindrical things
ずつ① apiece, each ② at a time, piecemeal
教える 【おしえる】to teach, to inform, to instruct
始まる 【はじまる】to begin
売る 【うる】to sell
家庭 【かてい】home, family, household
階 【かい】① stories, storeys ② counter for storeys and floors of a building
皿 【さら】① plate, dish, platter, disc ② serving, helping, course ③ kanji radical 108 (at the bottom)
全部 【ぜんぶ】all, entire, whole, altogether
箱 【はこ】① box ② car (of a train, etc.) ③ shamisen case, shamisen
靴 【くつ】shoes, footwear
靴下 【くつした】socks, sock, stockings, stocking
財布 【さいふ】purse, handbag, wallet
冊 【さつ】counter for books
封筒 【ふうとう】envelope
帽子 【ぼうし】hat, cap
枚 【まい】counter for flat objects (e.g. sheets of paper)
欲しい 【ほしい】① wanted, wished for, in need of, desired ② (after the -te form of a verb) I want (you) to
匹 【ひき】① counter for small animals ② counter for rolls of cloth (two han in size) ③ roll of cloth
幾ら 【いくら】how much?, how many?
傘 【かさ】umbrella, parasol
沢山 【たくさん】many, a lot, much
眼鏡 【めがね】① spectacles, glasses ② judgement, discrimination, discernment, insight
いくつ① how many? ② how old?
プレゼント① present, gift ② to give a present or gift
店員 【てんいん】shop assistant, employee, clerk, salesperson
入学 【にゅうがく】entry to school or university, matriculation
売り場 【うりば】place where things are sold, point of sale, POS, sales floor, counter (in shop)
案内 【あんない】① information, guidance, leading ② to guide, to show (around), to conduct
指輪 【ゆびわ】(finger) ring
手袋 【てぶくろ】glove, mitten, mitt
卒業 【そつぎょう】graduation, completion (e.g. of a course)
受付 【うけつけ】reception (desk), information desk
贈り物 【おくりもの】present, gift
食品 【しょくひん】commodity, foodstuff
家具 【かぐ】furniture
他 【ほか】other (esp. places and things), the rest
衣服 【いふく】clothes
袋 【ふくろ】① bag, sack ② skin of an orange (and other like fruits) ③ dead end ④ plot of land surrounded by water
お待たせしました 【おまたせしました】Thank you for waiting, Have I kept you waiting?
和服 【わふく】Japanese clothes
文房具 【ぶんぼうぐ】stationery
便箋 【びんせん】writing paper, stationery
用品 【ようひん】articles, supplies, parts
いらっしゃいませwelcome (in shops, etc.)
ドル① dollar ② doll
ハンドバッグhandbag, purse
パンツ① underpants, pants, briefs, panties, shorts, knickers ② trousers (esp. women's), jodhpurs, breeches, pants, trunks (e.g. swimming)
ベルトBelt for western clothes
グラス① glass ② grass
終る 【おわる】to finish, to end, to close
少少 【しょうしょう】just a minute, small quantity
一階 【いっかい】one floor, first floor
腕時計 【うでどけい】wristwatch
化粧品 【けしょうひん】cosmetics, toilet articles
紳士服 【しんしふく】suits for gentlemen, menswear